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File: 1612898568022.gif (19.7 KB, 102x128, 51:64, 1579220329212.gif) ImgOps Google

Baby, it's automatic
We touch and it feels like magic
Baby, it's automatic
We touch and it feels like (woo)
Baby, it's automatic
We touch and it feels like magic
Baby, it's automatic
We touch and it feels like (woo)


File: 1612341565267.png (201.69 KB, 1024x1302, 512:651, oh wow.png) ImgOps Google

Mfw I go to bed the same old Esh and wake up an uncle
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File: 1612757702272.png (367.12 KB, 1027x767, 79:59, always happy shy.png) ImgOps Google

esh is... genghis khan's uncle!


What a twist


File: 1612830720993.png (149.68 KB, 1006x795, 1006:795, 136404152947.png) ImgOps Google

Genghis khan is the niece's uncle!


File: 1612630304858.jpg (31.33 KB, 589x663, 589:663, ct8ldacvmee61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ngl this type of weather actually effects my mood entirely at times

i dont understand the point of it being cloudy with no thunderstorms

like if its going to rain then actually you know rain...
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File: 1612671226529.jpg (92.72 KB, 867x1200, 289:400, EKp4oWDXkAEF8qu.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i like overcast skies myself, especially in summer. it's still warm, but not too warm, so you get a comfortable middle ground

nah, what i hate is freezing with snow and ice on the roads ><


File: 1612679186163.gif (76.99 KB, 184x268, 46:67, 1416114605037.gif) ImgOps Google

Come join me for snow


File: 1612801203549.png (167.12 KB, 640x443, 640:443, a13224.png) ImgOps Google

my thoughts exactly

see you guys get it

>Humidity is of the devil.
you and i know this full well

you being a couple of states away from me (well if i recall correctly)

i enjoy cold weather personal

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File: 1612735585513.png (1.47 MB, 909x2021, 909:2021, 1612069263818.png) ImgOps Google

come on by to watch da owl every pony welcome
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File: 1612742788885.png (207 KB, 248x573, 248:573, Owl go down the hooole.png) ImgOps Google

it's time for the superb owl!! hoot hoot


File: 1612761723761.jpg (463.32 KB, 824x1080, 103:135, noelle punk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i hate the chiefs and i hate tom brady, so no matter who lost, somebody i didn't win would win. so it was a wash no matter what

at least they finally put the chiefs in their place and humiliated them. it sucks that it had to be brady, but regardless this shitty season is finally done and i can go back to not thinking about football


File: 1612767167521.png (201.84 KB, 582x489, 194:163, 2434qfa.png) ImgOps Google

So... Is Tom a good guy, bad or just like to show off?

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File: 1611587437231.png (366.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, coffeesantahat.png) ImgOps Google

Well all the big and small holidays are done, and a lot of us are having to get back to full time working, or full time sitting around waiting for current issues to go away.

Anyway, let's all get together in this virtual space with virtual drinks and talk about virtually anything *ba dum tish*
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File: 1612629552877.jpg (4.21 MB, 2071x2756, 2071:2756, 2544055.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Weekend coffee?


File: 1612637576931.png (1.32 MB, 860x1024, 215:256, 1610080570512.png) ImgOps Google

Sounds good to me.


File: 1612671059710.png (245.43 KB, 758x1000, 379:500, 1003246.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1612325785114.jpg (118.1 KB, 800x966, 400:483, luna fluttershy hug.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thank you all... for being you. it is just what the soul needs sometimes, lots of wonderful friends.
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File: 1612600306154.png (108.81 KB, 1133x676, 1133:676, clipart1230105.png) ImgOps Google

Try not to scare them if you can!


File: 1612602099331.jpeg (235.43 KB, 2048x1234, 1024:617, 9B75FB4C-B0A8-4495-8BA7-D….jpeg) ImgOps Google

oh! okey doke! what should i avoid for faeries? i’ve never met them before !


File: 1612610596809.jpg (78.47 KB, 518x800, 259:400, 7b05876193bbed523b2902cfd8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Whatever you do, avoid not believing in them.


File: 1612507539917.jpg (36.63 KB, 720x715, 144:143, 143748771_2799951813550454….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"If the going gets tough, the tough get going."  Hopefully away from whatever was tough, because that's probably the wrong way.
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File: 1612570581783.jpeg (7.38 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Two negatives make one positive! If we combine we will equal one winner!
Now let's go fight some monster clowns


By literally bullying it to death!!


File: 1612580780240.jpg (85.16 KB, 900x900, 1:1, hmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Both perseverance and proper cost/benefit analysis + not falling into the sunk cost fallacy are all important skills. Falling to the sunk/cost fallacy or simply slipping into habit can look a lot like perseverance, and lackadaisicality can look a lot like flexibility. At the end of the day, it's important to distinguish what's moving you forward from what's holding you back.


File: 1612549226195.png (158.3 KB, 425x422, 425:422, huh...png) ImgOps Google

I'm curious.
If you're on Covid (or other illnesses) and your body is giving you a shitty time..

Suppose hospitals are getting crowded with current times.

When would be a sensible moment to get yourself checked in?
Ever been there?
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File: 1612551433581.png (617.34 KB, 1440x976, 90:61, 1832073__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Please do manage!
It's just, you talk quarantine and hospitals...
Don't put off calling if you think you might need to, please?


File: 1612552061371.png (212.52 KB, 454x454, 1:1, what happened here.png) ImgOps Google

For the record, no diagnosis yet.
But it's on my mind.


File: 1612554739744.png (1.22 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 363c367.png) ImgOps Google

They might benefit from going to see a doctor then. One's health isn't to be gambled with. Unless one can't afford it or there's other significant barriers, it's important to listen to that concern.

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File: 1611981278354.png (189.78 KB, 631x555, 631:555, Filly Fluttersmile.png) ImgOps Google

yay, it is finally the weekend!!!!
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File: 1612494036385.png (3.62 MB, 2695x2250, 539:450, mew heart tail.png) ImgOps Google

i love that video! and i love that oc!! thank you for sharing it, anon :amare1:


This is relevant again



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File: 1612479371709.png (198.23 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1501964450168.png) ImgOps Google

Kanna is not for lewd!  While there are pedos who unironically want to fuck her, my guess is that most people who lewd Kanna are trolls, à la "rule 34 on 404 girl" trolling.


File: 1612481131070.png (400.93 KB, 720x672, 15:14, 1547846910910.png) ImgOps Google


I think that's a pretty over-generous attitude to have about it and I honestly don't think it's something to troll about, it's fuckin creepy. The very fact there is memes that exist about not sexualizing her proves how much of a problem it is. BUT I am not saying everyone who likes the show thinks like that or anything, just saying it really put me off. I know a lot of anime has this problem and I would be a hypocrite to pretend otherwise.


Eh... Even as a grizzled hentai connoisseur who considers himself pretty damn open-minded about this sort of stuff, even i find that the show is definitely...off in the underage lewding department. The show has a running gag about how her kindergarden classmate wants to fuck her (vid related). It's creepy. The creators know exactly what they're doing and who they're trying to appeal to, they've just given themselves enough room for plausible deniability.

I think it's even worse when it really does come across as loli-bait without admitting that's what it is and trying to kind of hide behind the "lol, it's just a joke, bro" excuse. I'd honestly probably be less put off if it was just straight up loli yuri porn. At least that's honest, wouldn't hit the mainstream, and actually could have a bit of room left over to go somewhere with it. When you relegate it to a gag to do the pervert appeal + plausible deniability thing, which seems to be pretty popular these days, you're left with a big pile of mildly uncomfortable nothing. Not vanilla enough to not raise some red flags, but not committed enough to be an honest and genuine exploration of an uncomfortable topic, which are often some of the greatest works of art. You're just left in this crappy middle-ground where it's off-putting, but also totally meaningless.



File: 1612409238670.png (198.14 KB, 474x332, 237:166, oh heh.png) ImgOps Google

i... i do not get it


Looks like a certain act of penetration


File: 1611892336618.jpg (8.08 KB, 245x218, 245:218, oh my goodness.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i am scared of memes now :c
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File: 1612120238556.jpg (85.61 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, ocn431s22je61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>are memes real
sure, they have to originate somewhere at some point


File: 1612135317866.png (111.84 KB, 300x383, 300:383, happy smile.png) ImgOps Google

i have become a real connoisseur of birb memes thanks to you, andrea


File: 1612295162705.png (76.28 KB, 340x350, 34:35, Efchan_mainpage.png) ImgOps Google

>when moony is a meme

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File: 1610377671898.jpeg (644.37 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, coffee luna.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Well the holidays are done, and outside of other events that we'll not worry about here it's pretty much a calm, relaxed time where all the hustle and bustle is over, and we all chill out as the winter continues on.

So let's just relax with a cup of your favorite drink. Coffee, tea, water, soda, whatever you like. And talk about anything on our minds.
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Always room for more waifus!


she cute


File: 1612288490148.jpeg (181.47 KB, 717x960, 239:320, Darth Vader on Ponychan.jpeg) ImgOps Google

i liked her voice in the pilot better than the actual episodes... but she is a cutie


File: 1612238004208.png (17.45 KB, 607x597, 607:597, 144109__safe_rule-63_artis….png) ImgOps Google

You should always count your chickens as soon as posible, don't wait until they hatch.  You need something to motivate you, otherwise you'll never get them to hatch in the first place.  You should absolutely focus on the end results and the rewards.
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File: 1612244465253.png (64.43 KB, 580x551, 20:19, 26002__suggestive_blushing….png) ImgOps Google


Well that counts, they've been counted, at least.


Pork is severely underrated.


File: 1612246389209.jpg (236.78 KB, 1330x941, 1330:941, Screenshot_20210123-111734….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Not in Chinese food!


File: 1612249520397.png (32.26 KB, 476x476, 1:1, 131032__safe_rule-63_artis….png) ImgOps Google


That's true, they usually have it covered pretty well.


File: 1612227978397.png (270.82 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, brony_show_march___doctor_….png) ImgOps Google

The Brony Show 429 - Making a shirt for Con Season!

Hello everypony! A new year means a bunch of new conventions, and hopefully some will be physically there summer. So in preparation and anticipation of this we've decided to set up a Tee K.O. session specifically to design a shirt for all of us to wear to the conventions this year! Join in for the madness!

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/

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