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File: 1611499636272.jpg (201.36 KB, 1249x1024, 1249:1024, Rarara_cop.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


We stopped you because we got a 10-004 report:That is a non happiness friendship problem!

We have to polite ask you to empty your pockets, and if you don't have anything funny we giving you a jo-jo and a smiley sticker!

>what do you carry on you right now!


Jokes on you I don't have pants right now.

T-that's kinda funny, r-right?


File: 1611502648396.png (147.64 KB, 800x1078, 400:539, 131153979301.png) ImgOps Google

My pockets are completely empty....
But that's a good thing I suppose...?
Will you teach me a yoyo trick so it doesn't go to waste?


File: 1611503318384.png (96.37 KB, 626x637, 626:637, shining 1.png) ImgOps Google

that´s even worse crime!
Go put on some shorts, ASAP!

i can only teach you the triangle pendle.


File: 1611463487556.jpg (56.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, for_my_employers.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

A /pony/ poster in the flesh. Or rather, in a fursuit. I took the liberty of relieving you of your furryfolder; most of it were Noelle's property. As for the suit, I think you’ve earned it.

The Imageboard, /mlp/, is in our control for the time being, thanks to you. Quite a nasty piece of work you managed over there. I am impressed.

That’s why I’m here. I have recommended your services to my Admins, and they have authorized me to offer you a job as mod. They agree with me that you have limitless potential.

You’ve proved yourself a decisive poster, so I don’t expect you’ll have any trouble deciding what to do. If you’re interested, just step into the thread I will take that as a yes.

Otherwise...well...[Swallowing noises] I can offer you a rockfarm will have no chance of escaping. Rather an anticlimax, after what you’ve just survived.

Time to choose ~
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I'm more into P-06. It's a fan remake of Sonic '06 but done a whole lot right.


File: 1611501102513.gif (246.47 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1606348260342.gif) ImgOps Google

No deal then! I'm going to the rock farm.


How does one grow rocks anyway

Do you start by planting pebbles in teh ground?

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Last thread autosaged.

Share music you're currently or recently been listening to.
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It does capture some thoughts I know all too well.

Just never manages to actually be the kick in the ass I need. Nothing seems to.


That's kindof why i like that song in particular. It phrases it not in making one giant leap, but just starting from the earnest desire to, well, get better. It phrases self-improvement in a way that is easy to grasp, to me at least. Stepping back and realizing that you're not satisfied with the person you are now and wanting to do something about it.


Of course. Just saying it's not the "get up and go" inspirational song you might expect.


File: 1611404914491.png (61.84 KB, 209x237, 209:237, S2E05.png) ImgOps Google

all from tonight:

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say...
I picked up a rider for a long ride to the far outskirts of town.  a Puerto Rican guy whose family moved to town after the hurricanes a couple of years ago.  a nice guy.  pleasant ride.  really nice conversation.  but shortly after picking him up, I got pinged for another ride - a queued ride after dropping this guy off.  This tells me that Uber must have been incredibly busy, with people having a hard time getting rides, because it was going to be at least 25 minutes before I made it out, completed the first trip, and then made it back for the queued pickup.  speeding the entire way, I dropped the guy off at an apartment complex, found my way back out to the main road, and then started driving toward the queued pickup.  About 8 minutes from the pickup, I get a notification on my phone.  a text message.  "pickup instructions" I think to myself.  The message read: "hurry tf up yo".  I pondered this as I continued driving toward the pickup for another 2 minutes, back towards the center of town.  picking up a passenger who's already in a bad mood?  a guaranteed low rating with no tip?  "nah, fuck this guy" I decide, and then I cancelled the trip.  for this passenger, probably 40 minutes wasted during the busiest time of night, when it's nearly impossible to get a ride, all because of a rude comment.

Laying Down The Law:
I got a pickup at an odd location: a Catholic church a quarter mile from a popular Friday night club.  Typically this means someone started walking home, got tired, and called an Uber.  or possibly they wanted a lower surge rate away from the club.  I pass the church on the main drag and see no one walking on the sidewalk.  I pull into the side parking lot - no one there.  I send a message saying I'm at the church; where should I pick you up?  no response.  shortly thereafter, I call - straight to voicemail.  I'm close to cancelling the ride, and then the GPS indicator pops up, showing they're across the highway, on campus.  So I cross the highway, drive across a short bridge, and drive down a hill onto campus.

I see six guys stumbling down the hill.  One of the guys seems to be throwing up.  These can't possibly be my riders, I think to myself.  My rider's gotta be unde
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File: 1611426095488.png (128.1 KB, 530x475, 106:95, 1590450072395.png) ImgOps Google

>for this passenger, probably 40 minutes wasted during the busiest time of night, when it's nearly impossible to get a ride, all because of a rude comment.

absolutely love that. people don't realise that if they're rude you can literally just make their experience worse and there's nothing they can do about it. too into the idea that they are the one in charge. honestly I could read these kinda stories for hours


File: 1611455042717.png (598.58 KB, 981x625, 981:625, 2345.png) ImgOps Google

>>1072234  it has its moments.  usually not so many all at once.
>>1072240  I very rarely cancel on people unless there's just no way to find them.  Otherwise, when I do cancel, it's most often because I've called someone to verify their location, and then they were rude on the phone.  Experience has taught me that it's best to just avoid these people.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever had someone be rude to me in text out of the blue.


In the most interesting conversation of the night, two drunk guys were arguing over which of them was (metaphorically) which Jurassic Park actor, both saying that they were badass Sam Neill and the other was useless Jeff Goldblum.  In a shocking twist, one of the guys won the argument by asserting that not only was he Neill, but that his friend was in fact a lowly Vince Vaughn.


File: 1611433662187.jpg (229.33 KB, 938x1250, 469:625, Screenshot_20210123-111804….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Why are there brown coffee filters?

Why do coffee filters need to brown? What's the advantage?
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File: 1611466778082.jpg (261.62 KB, 1059x1380, 353:460, Screenshot_20210118-092804….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


naw, but you can see your own subconscious a bit and briefly feel like multiple people at once.

And oh yeah, there are chocolate digestives and even caramel digestives.


File: 1611475216277.jpg (90.73 KB, 470x338, 235:169, 6a010535647bf3970b013480b7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Apparently... Yes!


File: 1611483304205.jpg (55.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Mandalay.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

This sounds an awful lot like what I call the "haze." Where my body seems to be lagging behind where it should be, and words form of their own volition.

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File: 1610851519318.jpg (665.84 KB, 2000x1778, 1000:889, hotdogs.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

What type of sauce (or other condiments) do you put on sausages?
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they come in tin cans or jars.
usually just with hot dog water and the hotdogs.

Just like the cocktail sausages.

I was just wondering as Vinesauce (NY) once talked about hot dogs in a stream and remarked that people could catch salmonella from eating the sausages pure.


File: 1611462105118.jpg (705.76 KB, 1944x1998, 36:37, IMG_20210123_2310043.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I bought some sauerkraut to eat with sausages.  It's a great combo!

It's funny how different countries have food package differently.  I hear that in Canada, milk comes in bags!


File: 1611464680442.png (3.26 MB, 2300x2041, 2300:2041, 2533016.png) ImgOps Google

Most Americans can't conceive of eating anything but freshly made hotdogs. It makes sense that you can only get hotdogs in a can in Europe but don't be surprised if those of us who eat the real thing every day are surprised that there is any other way to eat them. Once you've had a fresh hotdog stuffed before your eyes at one of the traditional hotdog kitchens you'll have a hard time looking at food the same way again!

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File: 1610697856484.png (30.48 KB, 314x398, 157:199, 4444.PNG) ImgOps Google

Wake up, sleepyheads!

Today is the day!
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File: 1611457020896.jpg (70.95 KB, 500x512, 125:128, s_33.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1611460234501.jpeg (28.78 KB, 199x220, 199:220, CE1208A4-F2C6-424F-BBE2-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

how was your caturday?


File: 1611461356545.jpg (289.95 KB, 1787x1075, 1787:1075, cat_hiss.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Spent the day sleeping


File: 1611007404260.png (9.99 KB, 242x208, 121:104, B7DBD3C8-0D42-4BD4-B722-AC….png) ImgOps Google

Today I broke Ponychan, Ponyville, My Twitter feed, and the ghosts in my electronics.

Today was a very good day~
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File: 1611287371942.png (116.63 KB, 360x409, 360:409, Rarity flutterhug.png) ImgOps Google

waaat? how did you break?

>hugs <3


Who are you? You clearly aren't the real Starshine!


I was not being my best self, and I am learning the right way how to be my best self.
It’s good to see you!

I am becoming the real Starshine.

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File: 1611085960343.png (1.94 MB, 970x1296, 485:648, 11362232330588066743.png) ImgOps Google

I thought maybe we could do a selfie thread. Is anyone up for this? Have you taken good photos of yourself lately that you'd like to share?

It's okay if you aren't comfortable with that either, you can just hang out and enjoy some cute/handsome photos.
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File: 1611369945005.jpg (130.14 KB, 900x694, 450:347, rainbow flutter hug.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh gosh, that is true, i feel so guilty, i am sorry, insan :c

it has been a long time... it was at the con, yes?

but, i also feel like, i cannot quite recognize you as well as i thought i did, in the photo!

i feel, we must rectify this by spending more time together in person sometime c:

...hopefully, once horrible virus is over


File: 1611380886280.jpg (85.16 KB, 900x900, 1:1, hmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You might have been out there for the con. I just remember you were visiting California at the time and i had a day off, so we spent the day in SF.


File: 1611418203139.png (197.81 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, Slow poke Moony.png) ImgOps Google

oh oh oh, i remember better! let me see if i can find a photo together!! ...why was i in SF at the time?

gosh, was it for my sister?

i am sorry, for not being so good in the memory here, insan. it is frustrating.

the more i look at your photo, the more it seems too, though i still cannot remember just what we ended up doing together.

i do remember... your hair though. i am not sure why hair sticks out in my memory, of all things.  


File: 1611384052361.png (1.21 MB, 1000x800, 5:4, twilight_sparkle_by_yakovl….png) ImgOps Google

I had a dream and wrote it down as best as I can remember it.

They say when you die, your entire life flashes before your eyes. That’s true, but it doesn’t always all happen in the moment before your death. Humans have a sixth sense that can see into the metaphysical realm. It can see around corners, across vast distances, and even into the future. The day you die, sometimes, you think about your entire life—mostly your biggest successes and greatest mistakes—until it reaches up to the present, and then you die. That’s what happened today. This is the story about the day I died.

It started out like any other day. I woke up, put on my school uniform, grabbed my books, bag, key, and train pass, and headed out the door. I always hated having breakfast at home, so I stopped by a local noodle shop.

It was a popular spot for students, being right next to the train station. Well, the old train station. The new one was a few blocks down; police had discovered a set of caves leading off one of the tracks, and the station owner decided it could be a tourist attraction. The station owner also happened to own the noodle I was sitting in, so there was a wide stairway down into the station.

I ordered a bowl of noodles and wandered down the stairs while I waited. It always took about 15 minutes, and my train wasn’t for another 20. Perhaps if we were closer to the city it would be faster. My feet wandered down the old path I used to take before the noodle shop opened, carrying me away from the tracks, and toward an un-tiled section of the wall, where you could reach out and touch the bare rock, if it weren’t fenced off. Behind the fenced off area was a large crack in the wall. Though perhaps crack is a loose word. You could easily walk through it, but it was pretty much what you might imagine when thinking of a mountain cave. Jagged, sloping sides coming to a point near the top, almost as though someone had cut it with a knife.

On the wall next to the crack, but behind the fence, was a metal plate titled “Hatawete Cavern”. IT talked about a girl named Suzumi Hatawete who had died in the caverns beyond this crack in the wall, by falling to her death. Her body was lost in the caverns, and is probably still down there somewhere. I don’t know if anything lives down that far. What it didn’t say, what I knew, and most people didn’t, was where she died.

As the next train pulled out of the station, I lo
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File: 1610377671898.jpeg (644.37 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, coffee luna.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Well the holidays are done, and outside of other events that we'll not worry about here it's pretty much a calm, relaxed time where all the hustle and bustle is over, and we all chill out as the winter continues on.

So let's just relax with a cup of your favorite drink. Coffee, tea, water, soda, whatever you like. And talk about anything on our minds.
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File: 1611339072540.png (89.14 KB, 369x319, 369:319, 130480067705.png) ImgOps Google

*snuggles in blanket and sips the coffee*
Of course, I'll definitely do that.

Off, that's definitely not sounding like the best way to start a weekend. Sorry to hear you gotta play peacekeeper.
Of course you deserve it. Unfortunately it's never just given freely, or else I would give you much more. You pretty much have to make it happen.


File: 1611339485988.png (150.3 KB, 946x546, 473:273, This gunna be guud.png) ImgOps Google

you a good pone, cirku
well, shall slip back to lurks and see how this weekend behaves. you have a good one


File: 1611339592125.jpg (42.22 KB, 656x661, 656:661, 130480089412.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Okay, and try not to lurk too much. It's always nice to hear from you


i like to change it every few months, depending on my mood! this is my current one:
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Since like 2015 on my phone.

My alarm alarm clock is just set on radio.


Nocturne Op 9 No 2


Annoying standard beep beep beeps that make you get the fuck up.


File: 1611271334277.png (174.17 KB, 507x454, 507:454, buh.png) ImgOps Google

You think that should a new Corona wave hit and you catch it pretty bad, you spend your last waking moments in a hospital tent thinking that this might be the end of humanity?

I wonder how many people died due to Covid thinking the world is done for.
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File: 1611300065472.png (177.58 KB, 344x372, 86:93, oh my.png) ImgOps Google

On the flipside it's always gonna be unthinkable that as someone who barely ever gets seriously sick, that you have to realize that that's it. That there is likely no way out anymore.


File: 1611333809243.jpg (97.41 KB, 800x729, 800:729, lucy185.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Probably many. I think dying can be a psychologically shocking thing, combined with what you see on the news etc.

But we shouldn't forget that the world is a hard place. Struggle is a conditioning factor of life, even struggle against mechanical forces, which affect us regardless of whether we're "well-behaved" or not. There is always a temptation to see the world as a moral theater.

Covid is a little bit of that reaching us in the developed world, who for the most part live materially fortunate lives. We should feel great sympathy for those who have been affected by it.


If the world is done for, it might be for reasons that lead to Corona, but certainly not for the illness itself.

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File: 1608521884844.png (4.22 MB, 3200x2400, 4:3, Happy holidays 002.png) ImgOps Google

Soon hearts warming eve!
Time to meet the family's, eat good foods, sitting in front the open fireplace with hot chocolate.Having a good warm time.

So How are you, got any good gifts yet?
This is the H.A.Y thread. meet new ponies, meet old ponies. hang around and have a chit chat. talk about your days had a good one, had a bad one? lets talk bout it
Old thread:https://ponyville.us/pony/res/1066752+50.html#1068696
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File: 1611329995878.png (64.08 KB, 358x315, 358:315, Old_n_Tired.png) ImgOps Google

oh dear, those days never fun.
ooh, we might get more arts?


Well I do it weekly, I just had company over yesterday



File: 1611039132266.png (10.65 KB, 311x251, 311:251, lola13.png) ImgOps Google

If it's called a bookshelf, does that mean you can only put a single book on it?

You'd need a booksshelf if you need something to store multiple books, right?

So now that we've established that, if you had a bookshelf what single book would you put on it?
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>Chasing the fairy
No no no you're supposed to be chasing the dragon


File: 1611197557357.png (142.4 KB, 500x344, 125:86, tumblr_inline_mghjveBsOd1q….png) ImgOps Google

i'll chase whatever freakin mythical creature that i want ><


File: 1611300485174.png (191.21 KB, 453x451, 453:451, look at my dragon.png) ImgOps Google

I can relate to being chased off the gaming console by the kids.

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