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File: 1721587116819.png (90.26 KB, 423x423, 1:1, Screenshot_2024-07-21_14-3….png) ImgOps Google

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File: 1721639759869.jpg (61.83 KB, 757x618, 757:618, All the fellas drums.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It was gonna be worse if Biden was there. But yeah, Kamala is a piece of shit.


Republicans hate everybody who's not a Republican with the seething fire of a thousand suns.

Democrats don't hate anybody with very few exceptions and their primary motivation is to work on winning over Republicans because they think that the other party is full of kind and smart people who're just mistaken.

This is why Democrats are pathetic, wimpy, cowardly, spineless, hypocritical, weak, contradictory, and all around useless while the Republicans are an efficient pack of highly determined and emotionally strong fanatics with round male parts the size of watermelons.

It's hard to put into words for me as a Democrat how much psychological effort and time I've wasted as a result of me trying not to hurt the feelings of Republicans and to otherwise ruin myself on the inside trying to make nice with them.

As 'Spaceballs' put it:




..a good stopping point for those who follow politics too much. we wont hear bidens name nymore, and we all already know wat trump is about. political agnosticism is the way.


File: 1721801868514.jpg (236.23 KB, 1080x1528, 135:191, Screenshot_20240724_011221….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I could link this story but don't want to think about the circumstances any more than I already have.

I want to exercise at least a little bit of political empathy these days, since it's 2024, but I genuinely can't begin to understand why Republicans support this sort of thing and view it as just the way of tradition because of "law and order". Anybody that a police officer perceives as being in the way or otherwise a problem doesn't seem to have any freedoms in America? I guess? Maybe I should simply shut up and accept the nature of conservatism, with state power and authority being without question?

If you're in danger from criminals, should you actually call the police for assistance? Is there a point? Aren't they highly likely to hurt you, at worst, or even, at best, to refuse to actually lift a finger to defend you?

Am I being too cynical? I feel the instinct to embrace anarchism at times. Nobody will save victimized people except themselves? Perhaps? Maybe the most hardliner of the far left extremists who don't even want like, say, the ATF, CIA, FBI, etc to exist are making sense?
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policemen are subject to mental illness, too


>If You Call The Cops To Rescue You Will They Shoot You
*if you throw a pot of boiling water at them.


You mean if they imagine you throwing boiling water at them?


File: 1721755109008.jpg (310.37 KB, 1084x744, 271:186, Oh no no no no no.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>MTF trans Youtuber ends up being exposed for being a child groomer

Look that's is a bit of a cliche at this point so all I can say is simply

"If I speak I am in big trouble"
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File: 1721829579064.jpg (163.82 KB, 846x816, 141:136, bbc.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They have resigned despite claiming innocence.



I will say this Tweet did give me a chuckle though




looks like allegations were false and kris was about 2 quit, nyway

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File: 1720916019378.jpg (251.27 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, GSZqqa0WUAEi0GR.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You can see the shooting here; https://twitter.com/PicturesFoIder/status/1812252806906081350
Pretty wild fare. You hear the shots, see him touch his head. Fortunately, it seems they missed, or at least for the injury to the head, only hit the ear.

Still; Much like Bolsonaro, this is very likely to garner him greater support, and images like this one seem to've caught the internet by storm.
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Typically you're born with it.


what a bummer for this dude


File: 1721885079001.png (311.29 KB, 1080x1014, 180:169, Screenshot_20240724-211011.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1721780258050.jpeg (28.81 KB, 400x292, 100:73, guts on the roof.jpeg) ImgOps Google

I wrote a poem.. does anyone want to hear it?





5/5 based


Presidents in my life, graded:

C - Social Issues, B - Economic Issues, B - Foreign Issues [B - Overall]

>Bush Sr.<
A, C, A [A - Overall]

B, A, B [B - Overall]

>Bush Jr.<
F, F, F [F - Overall]

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Trump deserves more credit for Operation Warp Speed.


He only did what any other generic President would do in that situation. Granted, it was uncharacteristically efficient and logical for him, given that Trump is a man who's understanding of science involves detonating atomic bombs over the ocean to retarget hurricanes as well as a belief in hairspray conveying unusual sexual powers as a part of human biology. But this is sort of like having Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer as a neighbor and going over to their house for dinner only for nothing to happen but pleasant conversation over a nice steak. You don't get brownie points for something like 'not being mentally ill'.


File: 1721245655986.jpg (89.19 KB, 1080x1182, 180:197, image0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm wondering why this is something that Congressional Republicans don't have to apologize for
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Birds groom themselves and eachother.
You can groom someone into becoming your successor.

The definition is much wider than the sexual predation one and the sexual meaning is most certainly not the original definition.


Honestly... I'm just about done... emotionally...

It's now eight decades after Hitler, the Nazis, and the Holocaust.

I know that the world is full of idiots who still agree with their brainless claims that Jewish people, gay people, bisexual people, disabled people, and transgender people are inherently more likely to be child molesters.

And many of these idiots happen to decide to live in America.

At this point, I strongly believe that normal people who just want to live their regular lives should just tell those extremists to f**k off.



Obviously the word grooming in older than that, however, in the context of a post #MeToo movement consciousness of sexual groomers, especially pedophilic groomers has absolutely entered general public consciousness before the right adopted the term as a buzz word for transgender people in 2022.

This act of playing dumb about that was done first by professional opinion-havers like Ben Shapiro back then. It's not fooling anyone anymore.


File: 1719295264260.jpg (40.45 KB, 704x396, 16:9, cropped_using_insulin_on_c….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

If somebody has come down with a serious medical condition such as diabetes, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or even a form of cancer, and they simply don't have the funds to pay for treatment, then what in exact detail should happen to that person? Particularly given that those four major ailments still now kill a large number of people?

For more information about the cost of managing diabetes in particular, see: https://www.goodrx.com/conditions/diabetes/true-cost-of-diabetes
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You seem to fundamentally not understand "rights" as a concept to where I'm not sure if we even should talk anymore. Like all I can say here is that you should look up a physical history book and crack it open or maybe watch a bunch of full online documentaries showing how the very ideas were thought up in the first place.


Did you honestly think rights were a magical law of the universe that defaults such things as true?

I find it ironic you tell me to consult a history book when they'll all tell you the same as well.
Rights are not something absolute and inherent in this world. They only function as a matter of moral philosophy. Which of course is the basis for most those whom explored and examined such things.


Is it possible for you to open up a book of some kind and understand what the word "rights" means?

You seem to think that all forms of all ideas expressed throughout time are all just empty and arbitrarily found opinions that're all equivalent.

Which I guess would make sense if you're somebody who's cynical to the point of mental illness, but me and the other normal people out there don't live like that.

Stalin claiming to have the "right" to kidnap the Tatar children during the early 1900s versus the NRA claiming to have the "right" to resist an absolute state ban on handguns are not the same thing. For example. It's not just a matter that everybody has opinions and all opinions are the same. Jesus Christ. Get over yourself.


File: 1719847212960.jpg (192.15 KB, 1080x1887, 360:629, Screenshot_20240701_101820….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Last Friday night, a thirteen-year-old kid in New York State was playing outside with a realistic looking toy designed to replicate a Glock 17 type handgun. He was with another young boy outside. After nearby cops mistook the two for adults, the kid apparently appeared to pull the pellet gun as if it was a real weapon. He is now dead at the hands of the then (in my opinion, justifiably) terrified police officers.


What should be done to prevent tragedies such as these from happening? Isn't something significantly wrong when a fake firearm can be easily mistaken for a real one? Or maybe a ban just isn't workable? Perhaps it's even unethical? Even if these are decent toys for adults, well, how to deal with children using them?

Note that the screenshot here is from a hobbyist company that sells similar products.
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Yes. I agree. The OP image in particular is kind of terrible in that as somebody myself who used to work for a police department (not as a police officer) I can picture being scared to death of somebody pulling it out.


Sounds like a parenting issue, not really a toy issue.
At 13 years old, you'd have to be pretty stupid to point anything that looks like a weapon at our trigger happy modern cops.

Then again, this is New York, so for all I know they could've planted it and made up a story...




File: 1721354353447.png (354.89 KB, 1080x1115, 216:223, Screenshot_20240718-140205.png) ImgOps Google

For a while, people have been subject to "cancel culture" attacks for not complying with woke orthodoxy.  Now it seems that the shoe is on the other foot, and leftists are getting fired for expressing disappointment that the bullet missed.

What is the best strategy to restore a culture of free speech?  Should the right immediately refrain from attacks, or should a tit-for-tat strategy (i.e., defect followed by cooperate) be used?  
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>Like weird losers throughout the internet will literally spread naked pictures of their former partners plus stolen credit card numbers as well as disgusting threats of sexual abuse and even more.
I'm pretty sure all of that is blatantly illegal, and pretty much universally taken down when retorted.


It's very obviously both morally wrong and illegal. It's that American law enforcement generally being so incompetent and mediocre, especially in management terms, doesn't enforce those laws anywhere near how things should be.

It's sort of like the principle that if people rarely put any clean toilet paper into a bathroom then there might as well not even be a bathroom existing there at all.


I guess I'd agree.
American law enforcement does little well. Save maybe escalating encounters.


File: 1721286926214.jpg (61.99 KB, 768x400, 48:25, I ANIT SICK JACK.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Trump moves his head at the last second preventing his brains getting blown out on live tv
>Few days later
>Biden comes down with Covid

Who said politics is boring?
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File: 1721298796830.jpeg (24.57 KB, 555x553, 555:553, yfw.jpeg) ImgOps Google


Based centrism strikes again


File: 1721300398121.jpg (41.74 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2754021_0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The absolute truth.


I do think it's funny that Biden supposedly has covid but doesn't wear a mask.
But yeah, sure, shouldn't cheer the death of folk.


File: 1719543270619.png (678.17 KB, 961x975, 961:975, Screenshot_20240627-225210.png) ImgOps Google

Biden seems to have done poorly in the debate...
He is down 10 percentage points in the presidential predictions...
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File: 1720752539616.jpg (352.2 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, Cassidy - Bernie Sanders t….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Bernie Sanders for president!!


Looks like Biden is getting Stumped


File: 1720407558842.png (407.38 KB, 1080x772, 270:193, Screenshot_20240707-225554.png) ImgOps Google

I've seen a lot of complaints about the Electoral College in the US, but France is really taking it to the next level here!
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File: 1720744438858.png (364.74 KB, 686x909, 686:909, Literally-Hitler-And-The-L….png) ImgOps Google

Whether they're in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, or whatever other place in Europe, to be truly honest, my instinct is to just go "fuck those people".

Eight decades after World War II and the Holocaust. It's long past time to pretend that there isn't a clear moral line between good and evil. Freedom and tyranny. Love and hate. Progress and regression. Yeah.

If I'm truly, deeply honest, after reading accounts of those who participated in the Nazi oppression directly such as the excellent but haunting book 'The German War', then I kind of wish there was some way that the conflict had worked out differently so that Berlin could've gotten nuked as well as those two major cities in Japan. Because the Berliners deserved it. They seriously did. Anybody with any doubts should spend just a few minutes looking up the screenshot's aforementioned group: the SS.


With European far right, there is a clear reason why they are so popular.
It is however frustrating that you can't have a legit party that brings forth their valid points, while staying away from blatant Nazi apologizing, Putin cock sucking or diving into archaeo-conservative talking points.


I realize that an important part of maturity and getting older is recognizing that a gigantic percentage of both Americans and Europeans think that Hitler and the historical Nazis were unfairly demonized. And you just have to accept this fact. Nothing will decrease the raw total of those large numbers. Same as accepting something like losing your hair, your joints hurting, bad breath coming upon you, and the like. I guess. Still. It just fucking sucks.


File: 1719153822041.jpg (446.83 KB, 1001x808, 1001:808, chinese cough and sneeze.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looking back in at covid in hindsight what are your thoughts on how the world reacted?
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I think that you had the luxury of not having to deal with a mask on your face 45+ hours a week, unlike many of us, and that's given you a false impression of what exactly was demanded of people.

> the people who live right next door to you from people on the otherside of the world
Please, by all means, explain to me why it's okay if someone's beaten and raped in China because they're not your neighbor...


These are rather weird arguments to hear from a libertarian such as yourself who thinks that if a child's family doesn't have the money for their organ transplant than said child ought to die, because such is the will of capitalism.

If big business tells you to wear a mask or else as well as to do anything else quashing your personal choice or else, well, that's that? Right? Free markets are allowed to do anything to anyone, remember?


You like to make a lot of assumptions about me, I see.

The irony is, I actually want state-funded healthcare.
Not the broken American insurance type fare that barely functions, but state-funded clinics where treatment is simply free.

>If big business...
You confuse being able to do something without state interference with something being moral.

I can lie to my spouse about fucking another woman.
The state can't prosecute me for such an action. Or at least, I'd certainly say it shouldn't be able to.
Does that mean you can never critique that action? That anyone calling it out as an immoral thing to do is a hypocrite suddenly?
Of course not.

And this is besides leaving aside the massive issue that corporations are hardly individuals anyway.
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