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Canterlot serves as both our moderator board and a site issues board here on Ponyville. You're more than welcome to interact with our staff, and watch how we discuss and handle certain issues on site.

Unlike /cartoon/, /pony/, or any other boards that may follow, Canterlot should remain a fairly serious board. The rules will be enforced much stricter here on Canterlot.

While some generally silliness is expected and encouraged, please also try to keep posting to the other boards.

I hope we'll get to see you around /Canterlot/ now and then! I know our staff ponies will just love spending time with you here in our little staff room.


File: 1512510396706.png (100.02 KB, 1000x799, 1000:799, commission__angel_celestia….png) ImgOps Google

Hello, my little ponies! Here is a list of staff on Ponyville.us. If you have any questions or comments concerning staff members, please use the report system or /canterlot/ to contact them for the time being.

Admins -
!!Celestia - Moony
!!Coco Pommel - Starshine
!!Luna - Addy

Sysadmin -
!!Discord - Atticus

Tech admins -
!!Starswirl - Foreground
!!Thorax - Max

Moderators -
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How do I put text in a "hide" box?  I remember there being a stickied thread here on /canterlot/ with all the formatting codes but I can't find it now.  
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Oh, I found the thread: >>565.  Somehow it got unstickied and moved to /arch/.  Here is a summary of the tags:
- [b]: bold
- [i]: italic
- [u]: underline
- [s]: strikethrough
- [spoiler], [?]: spoiler
- [hide], [h]: collapse box
- [shy]: small
- [#d#]: die rolling
- >quote: greentext
- <quote: orange text
- ^quote: purple text
- [cs]: Comic Sans
- [tt]:
teletype (monospace)


So then who is President and that i get to keep my medical care is forbidden on /pony/?

Fix the lying Constitution or apologize to me and put my thread back on /pony.  

Moony, this is a direct ruling i ask of you.  Pick a path and make the rules match.  

Truth is i just wanted to put this song where i can loop play it so f u silly ponies im putting it here.  I can still play it if you ban me so idc.  Happy day silly ponies x 72hrs or so its catchy

If its fuck off lost pony whos pres is totes banned from /pony then mayb u just 2 gud 4 me here anyway so why dontcha killme luv u Moons silly pony frikkin Apple Jack appple jack apple jack aaaaaa yr welcome

edit:  like, whatev, brah.  And Biden's still prez so damn get to acceptance and relax, k.

Edit:  in conclusion, thank you for considering my request Moony.  I am very sorry to have burdened everyone.  Dont forget my perma moons.
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File: 1605567557212.png (235.2 KB, 919x899, 919:899, Screenshots_2020-11-16-14-….png) ImgOps Google

Did you get any ice cream?  I didn't get any ice cream.  I think we deserve some ice cream too, no fair.


File: 1606192810047.png (1.25 MB, 1280x989, 1280:989, 080a57fc836aafededd720e80e….png) ImgOps Google


Does this mean
1) my stated joy in something isn't an impied statement that everyone else must suffer therefore subject to censure, and
2) that i may say "yay" that we got my candidate elected without that being automatically provocative of those fragile trump qanon followers that we apparently wish to coddle here?  Who think we elected that orange stain again.  Or whatever made it "political" to mention that sleepy democrat with the sunglasses.

Asked in my own thread to not derail the official one.  I would like an answer, but only a genuine one. not a Rudy Guliani one.


The election is inherently political. Maybe the single most political thing to have happened in the last few decades. Expressing approval at your chosen candidate winning is exactly the sort of thing that initiates violent animosity and heated disagreement. The kind of disagreement you're having right now. Why is everyone who disagrees with you so bad, in your eyes? Why can't they simply have their own good reasons for not believing what you believe?

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File: 1605320216235.png (1.44 MB, 2240x3900, 112:195, Celestia shines.png) ImgOps Google

...My dear little ponies. It has been a long time since we last discussed, in earnest, the topic of politics on /pony/, and on Ponyville as a whole.

Last time we talked, the mandate of the users was that we were too lenient with politics as it created conflict which broke rules on the site.

This caused our enforcement policy to learn towards moving all politics to townhall, and being quite strict about politics on /pony/.

It seems though that many users are feeling unhappy with this policy.

As the times change, so too do opinions, and we should not hold today's policy if it's based on yesterday's opinions.

So, i think, let us discuss, and ultimately let us vote, on what direction we think the site should go in, with regards to how politics are handled.

Open discussion/total free speech? Even stricter? Censorship?

It should be, ultimately, your decision, as a community.
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File: 1606498163941.png (328.28 KB, 439x597, 439:597, VPdiscomfort.PNG) ImgOps Google

/townall/ is a board for people to engage in civil debate about heavy philosophical and moral topics. Folks like using that board. That's reason enough for it to exist, my friends


Nobodys calling for eliminating your pet 4chan on pvil.  The issue is whether its fun to shove people there for mentioning an ubiquitus current event so others can hide from reality.

Sure.  But no one actually wants to fix this.  Even Noonim doesnt show up here anymore and its real clear people liked that solution.  The only real problem here is that i havent stopped coming where im not wanted.


File: 1606501709338.png (273.5 KB, 289x518, 289:518, VPcurious.PNG) ImgOps Google

Why are you always so quick to attack people, LP? People you consider friends? You use such rude and hurtful language when anyone disagrees with you

No one wants to hurt you, or hurt anyone else, but you act like everyone's out to get you. It's really exhausting. It seems like you don't have any good faith that we're doing our best, or even any faith that maybe there's a good reason we disagree?

I think we've talked about this several times, and we've come to the same conclusion a lot...


File: 1606139636167.png (309.72 KB, 832x467, 832:467, incoming banhammer.png) ImgOps Google

Heads up that I caught the first sign of someone posting CP spam on the board.

Might want to get mods on stand-by or work on some script to deal with it, because I remember this was a huge issue on Ponychan.


and it's already gone, which is fantastic!

But I do remember this being spammed almost around the clock before.

Feel free to remove this thread if it does more harm than good.


File: 1605324032735.png (78.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, app-icons-youtube.png) ImgOps Google

Would it be easy to make the YouTube embedding feature preserve the "
" (starting time) parameter?  Currently, the parameter is discarded, and the embedded video always starts at time




File: 1605337375264.png (10.65 KB, 311x251, 311:251, lola13.png) ImgOps Google

Should be easy. I'll look into it when I get back from vacation.


File: 1605146209315.jpg (575.91 KB, 1476x2202, 246:367, 00e60fcdebe761df695198f71e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Can we just get rid of /townhall/ and have a sweeping ban on politics in general already?

In fact can we just get mods who have a spine to recognize that other users threats to be uncivil if politics are brought up at all and shifting blame for their shitty behavior is a form of abusive manipulation?
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File: 1605312882341.png (365.24 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshots_2020-11-13-16-….png) ImgOps Google


NOW how bout that.  It wasnt just me that is out of line.  What do you think chain?


File: 1605314407032.jpg (906.49 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 2fe02441a9a7f64bcab29d5f0b….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>So the problem was my stinking attitude, only.
No.  The problem (as I said in >>6948) is that your thread "invites disagreement and the sort of political animosity that the no-politics rule seeks to avoid".

Come on, you didn't really think that that thread wouldn't fall under the "no politics" rule, did you?


Of course i did.

Im stupid.


File: 1604773236778.png (72.88 KB, 362x510, 181:255, youareallweirdos.png) ImgOps Google

So I had a thread on /pony/ that has seemingly been deleted for no reason. It does not appear to have been "moved" as >>>/pony/1063225 claims. It just appears to have been obliterated with no explanation or warning. What's going on?
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No matter how happy anyone is that their candidate won and the other lost, these threads are about a political victory. There are rules, and they exist to prevent things which would certainly occur if the threads were not locked

Fighting, insults, toxic and abusive behavior

Your reaction to your thread being removed is reason enough to believe you would not be entirely reasonable if someone with an opposing viewpoint were to present themselves

/pony/ is not the place to righteously assert that your moral-political view of the world is the correct one


>/pony/ is not the place to righteously assert that your moral-political view of the world is the correct one

While i kinda did do that on /canterlot, for which i can be properly sanctioned, i dont think Manley did in his thread on /pony.

Just because i cant control myself doesnt mean others cant and i felt Manleys thread was pretty ok and no one acted out before it was cancelled.

I just cant give up the belief that we can all get along.  Even if i cant live up to that.  I cant be wrong about that.  Cant.  You guys are fucking better.

People have heard more than enuf of what i have to say.  Im just becoming redundant.  Hope this works out.  We should not have to let the new free world leader be ab elephant in the room just to get along.  We are not enemies.


File: 1605046916905.png (445.12 KB, 720x719, 720:719, tmp_14395-sg5001455-137390….png) ImgOps Google

>>6902  Actually, I was in the process of shredding Fox's arguments when the topic was locked.  The only thing I was disappointed by, was my inability to respond.  Thank you; come again.


File: 1604833369220.gif (692.52 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1218600.gif) ImgOps Google


I am not allowed to post a goddam Ya-Hoo when the electorate replaces a raving madman with a human being?

It is NOT /pol/ to say i am fucking grateful that decendants of slaves love this country enough to stand up for their rights.  And mine.

A discussion can take a little Cubans-voted-against-socialism razzing from Boat, who wasn't wrong: its important to understand the difference between socialism and totalitarianism, by stating an example how victims vote for their own oppression because of a misapplied label.

Pretty sure slapping down multiple threads celebrating democracy constitutes egregious lack of free speech.   Which is the opposite of what this Moony-owned site is about.

We're not enemies here.  Lets stop treating us like we can't act like it, shall we, Big Brother?
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File: 1604882626936.png (279.77 KB, 2307x2846, 2307:2846, dashie-bat.png) ImgOps Google

Politically charged posting might be dying off soon, now that election season is basically over.  The problem may solve itself in the next couple of weeks.


File: 1604888483144.png (75.85 KB, 870x600, 29:20, d39.png) ImgOps Google

>So it is not really fair to accuse all Trump voters of supporting racism
Since the ACA's mandate was stricken im not sure what other reason a Trump voter would have.  To be quite inflammatory about it.  Do you know any other reason?  Thats rhetorical tho, this thread is over.

>lp calling to ban
That hurts.  I remember calling to ban Manley or whoever the fuck i was on about.  But if you're sure i did that, i dunno maybe i did.  Ive done worse.  Dont be like me.  Ive always respected you and you've been kind to me even when its clear you dont agree with me.

Just the word "jungle" sounds like a sex party.  Why dint i get an invite.  Oh yeah, incompetent/unqualified.  Nvm.

>I just don't think people should be disallowed from celebrating something that actually affects their lives and the lives of their loved ones

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File: 1604890654268.png (200.36 KB, 537x468, 179:156, 643543.png) ImgOps Google

> Please lock.  
Consider it done.


File: 1579400643508.jpg (121.52 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 80a796e95bdabea6b78bb4ef0a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

New thread for discussing the issues in the transparency report.
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File: 1581182197097.png (24.87 KB, 259x189, 37:27, 1569320966696.png) ImgOps Google

I'm enjoying the lack of complaints from the few.


File: 1594097898011.png (325.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, loli-platelet.png) ImgOps Google

Maybe it is time to unsticky this thread?                                                                                 


File: 1594190166004.png (13.08 KB, 179x321, 179:321, lola96.png) ImgOps Google

The problem with that is that cute raridash image wouldn't be greeting you every time you come to canterlot.


File: 1599179216140.jpg (68.59 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 140445165011.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The animal-name feature seems to have glitched here:
(see also >>>/townhall/6647)                                                                                                                       


File: 1599230886489.png (17.37 KB, 223x299, 223:299, lola90.png) ImgOps Google

Huh, that's weird. Maybe the database lookup failed and it just assigned a new one. I bet if you edit the post and resubmit it it'll fix the name.

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File: 1596061744601.png (81.27 KB, 398x506, 199:253, A_wtf.png) ImgOps Google

Um... My other thread on Harry Potter wasn't a debate thread. Or alteast, not one worthy of /townhall/'s more stringent rules. What gives?
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File: 1597095690477.jpg (2.24 MB, 2046x1447, 2046:1447, girl-in-fishbowl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>If pointing out bad-faith argument is disparaging
Of course it is disparaging to accuse someone of (making an argument in bad faith)!  If you want to say that someone's argument is flawed, that's fine.  But if you claim that someone deliberately made a flawed argument and tried to pass it off as a good argument, yeah, that's going to make the person mad.


>I did.  You failed to.
You quite literally did not. All you've done is make accusations.

>Thats a flawed definition and every rational person knows that bigotry applies to opinions about people not objects.
You speak for everyone?
I do not agree that it does. Therefor not "everyone" agrees with you.
The definition doesn't seem to, so I presume whoever wrote it also doesn't. Again; Not "everyone".

Literally saying someone is intentionally arguing in a dishonest manner is absolutely disparaging.
>"Chain, arguing that AK47 rights are somehow equivalent to human rights makes your position deliberate bad-faith sophistry."

You said you were "done" already. If you have to announce you're leaving, you probably aren't.


File: 1597106364677.png (12.97 KB, 253x329, 253:329, lola30.png) ImgOps Google

Probably should have locked this before now. This kinda isn't the best place for this kind of discussion, I don't think.


File: 1594583463107.png (103.22 KB, 388x382, 194:191, uh.png) ImgOps Google


While I don't think we should encourage people necro-ing old threads for the fun of it, I don't think we should have an issue with it, even if it is necroing the last thread on the board, when a reply on topic is made.
At least when it is not purposely to cause trouble.

For linked reply, I see user got a warning, but I think the reply wasn't out of line.

For the record, can moderation read the final post and react only if it is out of line?
Or you can correct me if I'm wrong here.
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File: 1596145322384.jpg (74.88 KB, 960x946, 480:473, 1595350819636.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Keeping track manually has doubled your number of eyes.  Good work.

Without me making trouble for the staff, they have to find things to do.
Maybe you could post some porn or something.


File: 1596490049135.png (568.35 KB, 644x621, 28:27, time to cake up.PNG) ImgOps Google

wouldn't you like that?


We probably all would, we're just too polite to say it out loud.


File: 1595340384692.png (9.6 KB, 175x288, 175:288, images.png) ImgOps Google

Why is there no "thread watcher" ?

I can't listen to all the chan beeps to alert replies.


File: 1595415401194.gif (1.42 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 3d44e8af9271242a6c72560a64….gif) ImgOps Google

To make room for the cupcake.

For realsies, not that I would ever use it, but I suppose no-one requested one yet?


File: 1593815330880.png (74.11 KB, 801x929, 801:929, ponyville-down-2020-0703.png) ImgOps Google

requests seem to be very slow, and sometimes I get a 504.


Problem seems to have been fixed.

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