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If you could re-write the drugs laws of the United States, what changes would you make, and why?
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Filenames are a big giveaway.


U fortunately for Moony, he talks in a very specific manner and has a difficult time playing anonymous.

He would have to completely change the way he typed and spoke while doing these types of threads,

If you truly want to stay anonymous Moony ;3


I believe that soft drugs should be legalized, but hard drugs should remain illegal.

The simplest reason for this is that many, many people are stupid and irresponsible. Many people would jump at the opportunity to get themselves doped up on hard drugs, only to then either get addicted and enter a life of crime, or cause potentially lethal havoc out in the streets in a stupor.

And of course these stupid people, if they managed not to get themselves killed, would have to go through rehab to get clean. And rehab is a far from fool-proof treatment, so many addicts will have to go through numerous times unsuccessfully. Addicts can't pay for all of this, so it would have to come out of the taxpayer's pockets. And I for one do not believe the taxpayer's money should be used to fix the mistakes of stupid people.

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