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Ponyville Rules the Waves!
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[Third Degree]
Rule 1. Please keep posts generally respectful towards others;
Rule 2. Do not post in a thread for the purpose of being rude or inciting trouble;
Rule 3. Do not derail a thread intentionally. Please generally be respectful to the current topic and atmosphere of the thread. If an OP asks you to stop derailing, please do so;
Rule 4. Please do not engage in advertising or promotion of any kind without first contacting site administration. Pony fanart, stories, music are generally acceptable.

[Second Degree]
Rule 5. Please do not act with extreme hostility towards any user, this includes all manner of insults, threats, and name-calling;
Rule 6. Do not bait or goad another user into engaging in rule-breaking content. In the event of such an occurrence, the baiting user shall be found in violation of this rule. The baited user shall only be in violation of this rule if the user, after receiving warnings from staff not to engage, chooses to ignore such warnings and engage with the bait instead of reporting or informing the staff. Purposefully allowing oneself to be baited, after being given fair warning by staff, shall constitute a violation of this rule;
Rule 7. Do not post content of an aggressively, ironically, or trollishly poor quality, designed to derail discussions, or otherwise make the site unusable or intolerable to our regular community;
Rule 8. Do not post threads or posts that are deliberate provocations to certain users, or deliberate provocations concerning the topics of Race, Religion, Nationality, Political Opinion, or Membership of a Particular Social Group;  

[First Degree]
Rule 9. Malicious spamming or raiding, on and off site, are disallowed. Do not encourage spamming or raiding any other community;
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Excluding First Degree rule violations, bans shall generally escalate in this order. If a ban is given that does not escalate in this order, again excluding First Degree rule violations, that ban must be thoroughly explained by the issuing staff member such that the public can understand that reasoning.

1st Ban: 2 Hours - 4 Hours
2nd Ban: 1 Day - 3 Days
3rd Ban: 1 Week - 2 Weeks

- After Third Ban, probationary period of 3 months permitted, in which if the user commits no further offenses of any kind, the ban is reversed to 2nd Ban, allowing user to receive 3rd ban again and thus another probationary period. 4th Ban and beyond implemented only if user fails to follow terms of probation. Terms of probation are set by staff, pending evaluation of situation. -

4th Ban: 1 Month - 1 Year, or Permaban, depending on circumstances and potential discussion with user
5th Ban: 6 Months - 1 Year, or Permaban


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As per discussion on /pony/, and subsequent discussion on /canterlot/, the following clarification is being issued, pertaining to Rules 1 and 8.

Ponyville adopts the Cambridge English Dictionary definition of the word "slur", defined as follows:

SLUR noun: words intended to insult someone or injure someone's reputation.

He apologized for shouting an ethnic slur at a fan.

Slurs are prohibited on Ponyville, as per Rules 1 and 8.

Rule 1 pertains to use of slurs that is merely disrespectful (i.e., invocation of a slur outside of its generally understood offensive context for a non-scholarly purpose [newfag, oldfag] or variations on slurs used for comedic effect [nibba]).

Rule 8 pertains to use of slurs for the purpose of insulting or provoking another user.

Please note, the degree system applies as is typical to each of these rule violations.


File: 1538879533599.png (203.19 KB, 600x450, 4:3, derpy shy 3.png) ImgOps Google

Effective immediately, our policy towards fetishistic content, as per the new rule, shall treat fetish content the same as regular sexual content: don't get too explicit about it, don't derail threads with it, and know your audience.

This includes lizards on leashes and diapers and what not.

However, we expect all posts to treat this decision with respect: this doesn't mean you can spam this stuff all over, and we seriously hope you won't do that just to test boundaries.

These boundaries aren't for the staff's sake: their for your fellow users.

In addition, we'll be reorganizing our rule on advertising in the near future, to be more allowing for our userbase to share their creations without ambiguity.

Lastly, we expect that when the nsfw filter is put in, that users who post any kind of sexy stuff, be it fetish or otherwise, would kindly use the filter option: this way, we can proceed with our rolling out of the rules, hopefully, without too much further contention.

does this sound agreeable?

please let me know. And please, please, please, respect your thread op's, respect your audience, and treat this as a privilege, for the time being.

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