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File: 1498890700004.jpg (11.06 KB, 220x229, 220:229, firebrand.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Welcome to Ponyville's very own ToE OOC thread. What I intend to do is create an rpg group where we play adventures and campaigns within the Equestrian universe using the ToE ruleset made by the Riverhorse company.

Joining the Party
Right now this thread is being used to discuss if and how this will play out however don't let that stop you from making a character. If you want to join the game then you should at least have a fair idea on how ToE is played but don't worry if you don't. If you don't have your own copy of the book or are not sure how the rules are played, you can contact me on Discord and we can talk over a voice channel (Link below) if that doesn't strike your fancy then I can try to explain it by text here.

Character Sheet
Body: 1d
Mind: 1d
Charm: 1d
Cutie Mark Skill: (Make on up) 1d
Racial Skill: (Stout Heart, Telekinesis, or Flight) 1d
Quirks/Flaws: (Pick 2) (Something that your character is weak about for example Fear or Jealousy)
Place of origin:
Alignment: (Good, evil, neutral, etc)
Inventory: (Five items tops)

All of the normal rules of ToE will be applied to the campaigns as listed in the book however leveling up will be changed for the player's sake. First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have to quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

As for now this ToE thread does not exactly have a main campaign to it yet but I have written plenty of short adventures for players to get a feel for the game before I can write a main campaign to get things really started. I also am not sure if the game will be played on Ponyville.us or on Discord but as for now consider the game to be played here on this image board site unless we decide otherwise. If you have any questions about this thread or how the game is played, contact me in the Discord chat room or on this thread itself

Discord Chat Room


Here is also an example of what I would accept in a character sheet.

Name: Grim Weather
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Stamina: 10
Body: 1d6
Mind: 1d4
Charm: 1d6
Cutie Mark Skill: Sword Play 1d6
Racial Skill: Flight 1d6
Quirks/Flaws: Blunt, Bossy
Place of origin: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Former Guard to Celestia
History: Grim Weather's family has always served the royal sisters as close and personal guards much like how Grim Weather had been. One day though he decided that he would go out and protect Equestria on his own rather than stay cooped up in a castle. So now he has gone out into the world to find capable ponies to form an adventuring party with to save Equestria in ways he could not do so before.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Inventory: Leather Barding, Iron Sword, Lantern, Shovel, Rope.


File: 1498943486062.jpg (8.18 KB, 245x276, 245:276, mac47.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Stamina: 12
Body: D8
Mind: D4
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D6)
Racial Skill: Stout Heart (D6)
Quirks/Flaws: Fear (Caves), Always Hungry

Place of origin: Trottingham
Occupation: Farmer
History: Born into a family of grain farmers Summer Rye has worked on his parents’ farm for most of his life. His biggest passion beside tilling and sowing is eating – which he does many times a day. After an infestation spoiled a major part of the latest harvest he set out to gain some extra money for the family.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Inventory: Bucket, Food (extravagant meal), Kit (Cooking), Saddlebags, Spade


File: 1498968149192.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google

This one looks really nice and it also has its stats organized properly.

I don't know when I'm gonna release the official roleplaying thread but I think for now the date will be the day after tomorrow.


Alrighty. Let's see how it goes.


File: 1498995961622.png (747.71 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, Tails of Equestria.png) ImgOps Google

Hello again Critical! Was wondering when you'd be around again.

I too made a ToE sheet, but may need some tweaking.


File: 1498998582933.png (95.67 KB, 591x599, 591:599, Epic Mount.png) ImgOps Google

Aaand some other details…

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: ♂
Stamina: 12
Body: 1d6
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d8
Cutie Mark Skill: Defender 1d6
Racial Skill: Stout Heart 1d6
Quirks/Flaws: Social difficulties & Arachnophobia
Place of origin: Everfree Forest
Occupation: Adventurer, forest protector
History: http://bronies.wikia.com/wiki/Epic_Mount
Alignment: Neutral Good
Inventory: (Empty)

I hope I did it all right. He does have other talents and quirks but thas for GM to decide if he can have them.


File: 1499128516378.jpg (30.78 KB, 450x338, 225:169, It s an old meme.... how I….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Everything looks fine except for your Body, Mind, and Charm. The rules in the ToE book states that earth ponies get a boost to their body trait so upon character generation your stats should look like…

Body: 1d8
Mind: 1d4
Charm: 1d6


Body: 1d6
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d6

Other than that you should be fine, just keep all of your talents, quirks, and other details from this post since you are starting at level 1.


File: 1499129060910.jpg (60.26 KB, 736x633, 736:633, f9ddf8386aabc7aad0486b7aff….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The Roleplay thread is now open! Check on in and await for the first post to begin roleplaying.


File: 1499150154276.png (854.76 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, CritSheet.png) ImgOps Google

I guess right now I should try to schedule something down so we know when to meet up. As of now I'll often be available at 11:30pm EST for the rest of the week. I could also try to get on before 2:30 EST as well if the 11 one does not work.


File: 1499153901079.jpg (508.56 KB, 1240x1748, 310:437, First day in Everfree Fore….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So,  Ishould have all 1d6 in BMC if Stout Heart will boost my Body anyway?

And depending if it's before Twilight goes to Ponyville, perhaps Epic's teen years before he meets Twilight, Fluttershy and the others.


File: 1499154595490.gif (481.91 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Brent Worthington.gif) ImgOps Google

Hm, Epic is usually a bad@$$, so I gotta think of an excuse why he's down to Lvl1. Maybe an amnesia spell or something?

Also, what is my Stamina and other stats?


File: 1499184135750.png (338.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac28.png) ImgOps Google

I can only be on between noon and 5 p.m. EST myself - on work days that is.


File: 1499188324665.jpg (30.03 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 39a074ec4840396b6dcf8650ac….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well the thing is when a person makes a character they must choose if their character is gonna be smart (Mind 1d6) or be strong (Body 1d6). You still make that choice when playing an earth pony but you automatically get Stout Heart and a boost to your Body Trait. So that means you can end up with stats mentioned up above. >>7646

Also as for the time period, our stuff will take place at least right after Twilight gets her Tree Castle thing and has the cutie-mark map.

Being Level 1 doesn't mean he isn't badass, you just have to be creative in how you use your stats.

Yeah I think we'll just have to get together weekly when one of us are off or something. I'm not too worried, a lot of groups do that.

Also I'm not sure if you guys want to do the Pet Predicament adventure Clarity it seems like you have your own copy of ToE and would already know what would happen. If you guys would rather skip that then we can go right up to the main campaign but I do recommend doing some short adventures that I've written so you can level up.


File: 1499189587001.jpeg (589.62 KB, 1700x1100, 17:11, ToE Earth Pony rules.jpeg) ImgOps Google

But having all D6 is still fairly balanced? Having stout heart means my body is automatically D8 instead of D6, right?


No you choose what stat to boost

Body: 1d6
Mind: 1d4

Body: 1d4
Mind: 1d6

Then add your stout heart bonus.


File: 1499190238385.png (746.02 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, Tails of Equestria.png) ImgOps Google

Alright. Might as well make Epic a dummy.


File: 1499201210991.jpg (10.3 KB, 200x193, 200:193, mac21.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yes, I got a copy of the rulebook but haven't really read the adventure in detail. I only got the general gist. So, I wouldn't mind doing it.


File: 1499201343591.png (360.25 KB, 1890x2155, 378:431, Roidrage Epic by Niksie.png) ImgOps Google

I haven't got the book, but read book reviews on it with details on how to play.

I know Earth Ponies get a Body boost, but I dunno if it's because of Stout Heart or not.


Yes, it's because of Stout Hart. It upgrades your body by one die and your Stamina by 2.


So you should change your sheet there >>7657 to say Body D8 and Stamina 12.


Why can't I have all my stats as D6, with my body getting that bonus for D8? This:
Body: D8
Mind: D6
Charm: D6


Because >>7656


Well, alright. I must have missed the page on dice assigning with BMC. I figure a pony with D6 on all would be fairly balanced character.

But I guess for an Earth Pony, I have an advantage in one field, weak in another and average in the last.


File: 1499202176894.png (147.26 KB, 1024x1233, 1024:1233, mac50.png) ImgOps Google

I actually think I'll change my stats to

Body: D6
Mind: D6


Wait… that means your Body is actually D4… right?


Yeah that would be best for your character to have these stats based on your character's cutiemark at defending stuff.

Body 1d6+(Stout Heart)=1d8
Mind 1d4
Charm 1d6

Okay will keep in mind.

Okay that will be no problem for me then. Just feel free to make whatever posts you can in the actual Roleplay thread.

You can voice chat with me in the discord chat I linked.


I don't have Discord, but I do have Steam.


That's fine but I don't know if we can voice chat on there.

My ID: criticalhit11272

Anyways I just recommend your stats being.

Body: 1d8
Mind: 1d4
Charm: 1d6

Is that okay?


Yeah that is fine. And I'd rather we chat via Steam text than voicechat. The world can't handle my supre-manly voice. I'm so metimes commented that I sound like Gordon Freeman.

Anyway, all I need now is an excuse why Epic is around Ponyville. Either doing errands for Fluttershy though dunno what she can do that she can't with Epic.


File: 1499283434497.jpg (21.58 KB, 400x317, 400:317, aj133.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Do we have any starting bits (money) by the way?


Eh I didn't give you guys any money to spend which is why instead I let you guys just list off 5 items on your sheet. Reason why is that I thought that trying to buy junk and debating the prices of more unique items that are not listed in the book would take too long. Don't get me wrong though, you guys will get plenty of money to spend On strippers and hookers in the future.

As for his place in Ponyville, I just suggest that since Epic doesn't go out on adventures with the Mane 6, he joins up with Clarity to help him raise money for his farm and help Equestrian citizens along the way.


I think ToE does come with a list of common items with prices.

But yeah, thanks for introducing me to the story. I'm not the sort to go out unless I'm encouraged.


Just so you guys know, I'm usually on 9am-11pm british time.


your discord link expired


Facken really? Okay here's this link that shouldn't expire.



File: 1499884157457.gif (1.42 MB, 725x657, 725:657, 1117421__safe_solo_screenc….gif) ImgOps Google

>>7813  on second thought I think I'll pass, but thanks.  you guys do this way too early for me


File: 1500315741949.jpg (42.71 KB, 604x565, 604:565, mac4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I figure friendship tokens work by abiding to our quirks, though not entirely sure how they're used.


To level up, simple upgrade one Trait about you. Body Mind or Charm.

Then Upgrade your cutie mark skill.

Then upgrade or learn three of your other skills, in the end your character sheet would look like this.

Name: Grim Weather
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Stamina: 12
Body: 1d8
Mind: 1d4
Charm: 1d6
Cutie Mark Skill: Sword Play 1d8
Flight 1d8
Search 1d4
Healing Touch 1d4
Quirks/Flaws: Blunt, Bossy

In comparison to >>7640
Grim upgraded his body, upgraded his CMS, and upgraded his flight and learned search and Healing Touch.


They do, I just awarded them at the end of the game.


Er just not that you cannot upgrade a skill more than once per level.


So, is this acceptable:

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Friendship: 3
Level: 2
Stamina: 8/12
Body: 1d8
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d6
Cutie Mark Skill: Defender 1d6
Racial Skill: Stout Heart 1d6,
Special Skills: "Monsters" and "Fighter"
Quirks/Flaws: Social difficulties & Arachnophobia

I increased by Mind and added my wisdom with monsters and fighting, though I don't really have a third additional skill.


You would need to upgrade your CM skill and if you don't want to learn a third skill then upgrade your racial skill like Grim did.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Friendship: 3
Level: 2
Stamina: 14
Body: 1d8
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d6
Cutie Mark Skill: Defender 1d8
Racial Skill: Stout Heart 1d8,
Special Skills:
Identify(Monsters): 1d4
Martial Arts: 1d4
Quirks/Flaws: Social difficulties & Arachnophobia


Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Stamina: 14
Body: D6
Mind: D8
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D8)
Racial Skill: Stout Heart (D8)
Creative Flair: Cooking (D4)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D4)

(Is that fine?)




OK, this will work. Thanks.
(Though wouldn't call Epic's fighting styles martial arts, more like "brawling". But still would work.)


Alright goys, back to the RP page.


File: 1500316704927.png (92.17 KB, 900x675, 4:3, mac54.png) ImgOps Google

Well, thanks for hosting it. I'm looking forward to continuing it.


You're welcome, the true adventure can now begin tomorrow. I gotta take my bro to work.


So if I want to use my wisdom in combat and monsters? Would cost Friendship Tokens?
Bette rsave 'em then. :)


No you would do something like…

You see a strange monster approach

Epic: I try to examine it


The monster you see is a slime cube, it has 10 stamina, d6 body, d4 mind, and d4 charm.


Oh OK cool!

So, what are Friendship Tokens for? From what  Ifigured before, if you oblige by your quirks and flaws, you get them, at leasts thats what I figure from the rulebok.


Oh with a token of friendship, you can change the outcomes of dice rolls…

1 token can let you reroll a failed roll.

2 tokens can let you reroll a failed roll with a d20 dice

3 tokens can let you take 20 on a failed roll.

You spend tokens like you do with any currency


I see, money for fates. :)


I'll be buying some items too, I'll take the prices from the rule book.


File: 1500389415553.png (26.34 KB, 300x169, 300:169, mac51.png) ImgOps Google

I got 180 bits. I'm going to purchase:

- Barding (light): 100 bits
- Food (extravagant meal): 10 bits
- Lamp: 10 bits
- Ponybalm (5 uses): 25 bits
- Rope: 5 bits
- Spade: 20 bits

Leaves me with 10 bits. Unless I can try to barter for a better price. =P


Oh okay. I was gonna go ahead and have you guys buy your stuff in game so when you two go to the shopkeep, I'll remember this list.


We can still do that. I'm not entirely sure what I want to buy just yet. So far all I can think of is flint and maybe rope, but Epic's the sort to try and make do with little to nothing, given pizzas and cheeseburgers arn't exactly something to find in the forests.


… Uh is anyone gonna post in the RP?


(I'll ask Clarity if he wants to play.)


File: 1500438716677.png (852.17 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, CritSheet.png) ImgOps Google

And Critical Hit's Sheet. I'll have to raise him up to level two so he can be on par with Epic and Rye.

Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Stamina: 12
Body: D4
Mind: D8
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (D8)
Telekinesis (D8)
Chaos Magic (D4)
Open Lock (D4)
Quirks/Flaws: Short Fuse, Chaotic (Often likes to poke fun at those who believe in rules although he doesn't have a particular disdain towards them.)
Place of Origin: Baltimare
Occupation: Wandering Mage
History: Critical Hit was born to a unicorn father and a pegasus mother and his father's side in quite known for acting as mage's that local would consult for when facing problems of the magical orient to it. Critical had an affinity for magic when he was young but when he was placed in magic school, he did not really display any conventional magics. Instead he often played games with his fellow peers that often included gambling with dice or cards and he got his cutie mark based on gambling, repeating numbers, and plain random number generation. Crit's father was well convinced that his son's potential in magic was out there somewhere so when Crit came of age, he set out into the world on his own to study the strange and the arcane in hope to attune into his magics like his ancestors. Eventually as time went on, his true magic is starting to become apparent as he is naturally taking a liking to magic that is most similar to that of Discord's chaotic magic. For Crit this is unsurprising due to his cutiemark's association with Luck and Luck is chaotic in nature.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Weather Cloak
Saddle Bags

LOL I just noticed that I mixed up Mind and Body. Just ignore the pic.


While I know we just started, I've got rough ideas for alternate universe ideas based on the episode "The Cutie Re-mark". Such as the Dawn Rebels on Nightmare Moon timeline, Epic as a hard-as-nails combat teacher on the Chrysalis timeline and… well, we can skip Sombra's timeline on account how Fo:E like it is.


While I do appreciate the ideas, I already have a set course for this adventure campaign that will be split into three parts.

Once we are done with this campaign, we will move on into another story arc that may pertain to some foreign land or some ancient evil. For this part, it is still up in the air.

I also am planning on creating story arcs for each character to follow through on as part of their main destiny.



File: 1500802675146.png (62.08 KB, 296x327, 296:327, Epic Mounts Wolflor costum….png) ImgOps Google

My suggestions ar ejust some ideas for possible future.

I remember suggesting the idea to Clarity over Steam RPs but they never really solidified. They are basically how I imagined Epic Mount in alternate universes.

Epic didn't only got his cutie mark because of the same Sonic Rainboom that happened, but also saved his life in a fight with a manticore. So given the repurcussions of these alternate timeline,s chances are he is either dead or somewhere else.

Nightmare Moon timeline- Probably dead. That or Epic is the leader, or at least a powerful ally to the "Dawn Rebellion", a group who fight Nightmare Moon and seek powerful magic that can return Princess Celestia.
Chrysalis timeline- Epic survived his fight with the manticore when he was a foal, but ended up severely scarred, thus wears ful-body bandages. Zecora has him as combat specialist and teacher to her group.
Sombra timeline- Most likely dead.

These are just scraps of ideas, nothing to do with our RP. I even have alternate Epic Mounts for Equestria Girls, Power Ponies, anti-universe, Them's Fighting Herds and a fe wmore.
I like to be prepared.


So I've been talking with my current internet service and decided to drop them for this month so that means I may not be able to DM this game for a short time. However the reason I am dropping the service is because Comcast is entering my area and their service will be available in the earlier portion of next month. The Comcast service will be much cheaper and a shit ton faster so I'll be going with them.

What this means is that I may not be able to DM so this RP will be going into Hiatus for a short time, I predict at the max of 6 or so days. After the Hiatus I will be back on business as usual and we can continue on our way to Canterlot.


File: 1501824851966.png (249.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Aww.png) ImgOps Google

I. AM. BACK! To celebrate early, here's some cool weeb music to enjoy


Anyways to basically recap, the guy did come by today and installed xfinity so now I'm on a much faster service. I don't think the increased speed will affect our roleplaying experience all that much since this is only text and pictures.

On a much brighter note, I do have tomorrow off all day so expect to get right back in the swing of things like we have been doing before. Anyways the hiatus is officially over.


Crits level up sheet

Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level: 3
Stamina: 7/14
Body: D6
Mind: D8
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (D10)
Telekinesis (D10)
Chaos Magic (D6)
Open Lock (D6)

in comparison to… >>8164


I'd like to perk up my Charm. As for learning new skills, I don't have any in mind.


Okay, and do you just want to upgrade all of your already known skills like I did?

Your Current Skills list
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D8)
Stout Heart (D8)*
Identify(Monsters): (D4)
Martial Arts: (D4)

If you upgrade them all
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D10)
Stout Heart (D10)*
Identify(Monsters): (D6)
Martial Arts: (D6)


That be great! I'll go for the upgrade.


And my charm will be 1d8 right? Or can I only go for the upgrades?


Coolio, here is your level three character sheet.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 3
Stamina: 16/16
Body: D10
Mind: D6
Charm: D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D10)
Stout Heart (D10)*
Identify(Monsters): (D6)
Martial Arts: (D6)


Awesome, though my current Body is D8, does that become D10 also along with Charm being D8?


File: 1502214570043.png (306.86 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 1434058210747.png) ImgOps Google

Well right now it's d10 because you still have that power bangle on you. If you remove your bangle around your hoof then it will go back to it normal state of being 1d8.

I like to imagine the bangle resembles that like something Zecora would wear, it would fit your character perfectly.


Ah OK. I put +2 on those stats instead, makes the simple maths even simpler. But I thought the stats were already in effect.


Yeah that's fine, all of your equipped stuff is in effect right now. Anyways when you are ready, lets get back to the RP unless you have other questions.


I'm good. I'll ask Clarity if he wants to play.


Oh, he's offline.


We'll see how it goes.

I'm also hoping, in the long run we'll have RPs set in the alternate universes seen in the cartoon as well. Or maybe in meideval times, I tried an RPG like that once but it didn't go so well.


What do you mean like that? Set in other universes/canons.

Also can you link me this RPG or was this the Knights one?


Knights of Equestria, ages back.

And by alternate universes, like that time Starlight Glimmer messed with Twilights friend shistory and ended up with altenrate Equestrias.


Oh I see, like a what if situation then. I dunno, maybe but if I do anything like that it will be short and most likely a thread all on its own.

Here's where my character would stand in the Starlight universes

Sombra War: Crit would probably become a high rand=king member in the magic branch of the Equestrian military or he would become one of Celestia's Tacticians.

Chrysallis Takeover: Just end up being traveling hermit, much like what he is now. :)

Night Mare Moon: Maybe become Night Mare's personal court wizard and magic consultant.


File: 1502218331894.png (179.63 KB, 520x515, 104:103, Pirate Epic Mount.png) ImgOps Google

Heres how I imagine Epic Mount.

Sombra War- Epic did not survive his encounter with the manticore.

Chrysallis Takeover- A timeline where Epic barely survived his encounter with the manticore.
He bares disfiguring scars over most of his body and wears bandages and Zecora's old cloak. Zecora has him as combat tutor to her resistance. Nopony has seen what he truely looks like and no changeling willingly takes his form. Epic kills changelings.

Nightmare Moon timeline- A timeline where Epic defeated the manticore without the Rainboom.
Member, perhaps leader of the "Dawn Rebellion", a resistance group who aim to break Celestia's 1000 year banishment.

Possible Tirek timeline- Epic was never kidnapped a sa foal and lived a normal pony life.

Knights of Equestria- Set in Equestria's history. In Epic's previous life he was Squire, an earth pony who aspired to be a great and noble knight.

Power Ponies- Adam Mantium fell into a vat of mimetic polyalloy which bonded to his flesh, turning him into Iron Hoof, with near invulnerable endurance and reinforced strength.

And of course you know Epic from the Fallout: Equestria universe.


Alright then. I'm gonna head on off now and probably play some vidya. I'll see you and hopefully Clarity tomorrow, I have all day off tomorrow.

Later mate.


Okay. See you later!


Gonna visit my dentist today who works a few towns over so maybe gone for most of the day.

Gonna get my teeth scaled. While I do brush my teeth regularly, over the years some bad stuff has built up and my dentist will help be rid of it.


So this is where Summer Rye is currently standing at…

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 2
Stamina: 14/14
Body: D6
Mind: D8
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D8)
Stout Heart (D8)
Creative Flair: Cooking (D4)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D4)


Items are as follows…

Bits: 95
Friendship: 6
Kit (Cooking)
Barding (light): 100 bits
Lamp: 10 bits
Ponybalm (5 uses): 25 bits
Rope: 5 bits
Spade: 20 bits
Flint: 20bits
Grapplehook: 40 bits
Tinder Box: 3
Bard Box: Summon the bard once per day
Swords: 2



Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Stamina: 16/16
Body: D6
Mind: D8
Charm: D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D10)
Stout Heart (D10)
Creative Flair: Cooking (D4)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (D4)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (D4)

Thank you!


No problamo, for now I'm just gonna chill and relax.


Have a good time!


File: 1502306441742.png (66.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is awesome.png) ImgOps Google

I'm back! Turns out the tartar build-up was mostly around my lower jaw, especially behind the teeth. Now it feels like I got new teeth chissled from the old ones.


We can play if you lot are up for it.


You're back? Good, I already made the starting post in the RP.


yeah, I've been home since yesturdays dinner time, as said on >>8772


Oh that was yesterday? I was more or less relaxing since at the time you guys are normally done.


Yeah, I went to the dentist yesturday and came home around dinner time.

My mouth still feels new to me.


Are we continuing today?


File: 1507411430414.png (798.92 KB, 966x750, 161:125, Stare.png) ImgOps Google

Is this acceptable for >>9378 ? A level up in Charm and a new special ability.
With Stare I can interrogate ponies and intimidate monsters.

Level: 4
Stamina: 10/16+2
Body: 1d8+2
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d9
Cutie Mark Skill: Defender 1d10
Racial Skill: Stout Heart 1d10,
Special Skills:
       Identify (Monsters): 1d6
       Martial Arts: 1d6


Crit's LVL 4 sheet.

Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level: 3
Stamina: 16/16
Body: D6
Mind: D10
Charm: D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (D12)
Telekinesis (D12)
Chaos Magic (D8)
Open Lock (D8)

Quirks/Flaws: Short Fuse, Chaotic
Alignment: Chaotic Good


It looks good and all that. Just need some minor tweaks

Level: 4
Stamina: 10/16+2
Body: 1d8+2
Mind: 1d6
Charm: 1d10 (Upgraded)
Cutie Mark Skill: Defender 1d12 (Upgraded)
Racial Skill: Stout Heart 1d10,
Special Skills:
      Identify (Monsters): 1d8 (Upgraded)
      Martial Arts: 1d8 (Upgraded)
      Stare 1d4 (New Skill)


Nice! I can really kick butts with these skills!


Yep just note about the stare, sometimes you will have to pass a test in order to "stare" at someone. Sometimes it will be automatic

Test Example: If you try this out in combat or are perhaps trying to intimidate in a situation like chess.

Auto Success: If not in any sort of struggle or conflict. Success is based off of how good your stare stat is.

Stare > Enemy Mind = Success
Stare < Enemy Mind = Failure/Needs to be Tested.


I imagine I'll be mostly using it for interrogations or to prevent fights.


File: 1507444654190.png (133.48 KB, 436x340, 109:85, mac46.png) ImgOps Google

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Stamina: 16/16
Body: D8
Mind: D8
Charm: D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D12)
Stout Heart (D10)
Creative Flair: Cooking (D6)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (D4)
Special Skill: Swords (D4)


Neat this will work. Anyways I did see your post in the main RP and it's cool. We'll just start back up on Tuesday or something.


File: 1508392122054.jpg (11.6 KB, 236x279, 236:279, 5c3b12c79965f53c8f773bf318….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Time for an announcement.

The awaited Tails of Equestria character sheets are ready for use. Pre-existing and new players should email me at my G-docs in order to have their Character Sheets ready for use. The email should be composed something like "I need a character sheet."


But wait there's more. The RP now has its own place in my Discord Channel Hub which is linked here.


Side Notes

Just be sure to follow the rules and post your draft here in the OOC or possibly in our new Discord channel "tails_of_equestria"


File: 1514160980315.png (196.41 KB, 720x516, 60:43, Snuggles by 0r0ch1.png) ImgOps Google

It's a long story but basically I became "friends" with someone who had almost all of /rp/ under his thumb at the time. He was the sort of person who would enjoy an RP where his pony had all the attention such as an RP where he being interviewed. I should know, he asked me to make such an interview RP. There were posts on that RP-thread asking "whats the point of this?" and I felt embarrased to have been part of it.

For his main RP series that Epic took part in he was alright with EpicShy, but eventually Fluttershy left Epic for one of her friends. She broke up with Epic the same with a child grows out of a toy. Fluttershy's RPer didn't even consult it with me much. If she wanted to RP Fluttershy to "move on" while I would of been upset I would of complied and make more of a reasonable story around it. But Fluttershy just dumps Epic like rubbish and moved on in a few posts later.
Because of how much drama the RP had (I think later on there was a war or some like) I had to go along which had Epic ended up paranoid and crazed to the point I just didn't recognise Epic anymore.
I asked to leave the RP in which the guy accused me of it being about how Fluttershy left Epic and that how Epic's conditions was how I RPd not him, he got all the RPers to back him up as well. He had them under his hoof which along with being egotistical was not a pleasent sort of person to be around.
While I do agree with him to a degree that it's my fault how Epic ended up, there was time I tried to "be a friend" to him and let him have his way in his RP which to someone with such a huge ego made it a miserable ride for me. (He ended up this big hero of Equestria where he got to bang his fiancé Pinkie Pie before a great conflict or something.)

While I recognise him as a brony, he was the first example of a "fellow fan who don't get along with" sort of thing. As in just because we both liked MLP:FiM and RPing doesn't mean we get along. I tried to be nice to him because I figured "it's the brony thing to do". (This was back when Ponychan preached Love and Tolerance a lot.)

After a few long years I tried returning to /rp/ with the assured belief this guy moved on, but there were a few there asking why I left and it just felt awkward. There were still major-popular RPs going along with enough players to have communities over which I just struggled joining and my own RPs just didn't start out well to the point I just concentrated my interests on /oat/.

You as a gamemaster of this RP as well as our past Fallout Equestria RPs, I know I can be a bit "difficult" to RP with. Thats because I want to keep Epic in character. Yes I would like him to be his own person in the RPs than just a copy of the OC I written down but I don't want him to end up as somepony I don't recognise or want to play as anymore.

The other reason why I am reluctant to move this on Ponychan /rp/ is that I like it just being the three of us. You're both my friends and play well with you both. I know it can be slow at times with our own IRL business but if we had too many players then I'd be concerned I'd be lost in the process of the RP after a night sleep or something and find 50 posts have already passed by and I have to catch up.
If we had 5 or 7 players in total then sure, I can keep up with that. But if we end up with a dozen or more then not only would you have to keep up with what everyone is doing but I don't want any of us to be lost in the RP.
But I know more players and progress is good for RPs so I don't want my worries to hold back your decisions.


File: 1514212168689.png (155.69 KB, 603x603, 1:1, Wet mane, oh Steve.png) ImgOps Google

One particular scene I remember in this RP was after this war, he went to the hospital where all the casualties of war were recovering. He put on a concert where due to being son of a rock god*, his unicorn-bard powers were amplified that his concert miraculously healed everypony in the hospital by his music.
The music also "healed" Epic's sanity which he brought up when I chose to left, but I still wanted off.

*I kid you not, I vaguely remember a scene when he discovered he was the son of the pony equivilent of a celestial god-pony that looked like his favourate musician Lemmy Kilmister.

I'm aware I have somewhat of an ego how I RP Epic at times, but I would not go as far as to have half of all of /rp/ to cater to my personal whims.


Alright I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year and I'm sure you'll be happy to know that the RP is going to continue. Side note I also have the day off tomorrow so we should be able to get into some good RP then. Anyways post what vidya/gifts you got this year.

Serious Sam BFE
Serious Sam 2
Left for dead 2
Penumbra Series
Viscera Clean Up
Table Top Simulator
Darkest Dungeon
Dark Souls 3

I'll respond on another post.


PG1: Interview RP's? Sounds kinda lame but more importantly this guy sounded kind of full of himself and that could be a problem, especially if he was a DM at the time then he is breaking an important DM code. The story is about the players, not the DM.

PG2: Well I'm sorry the person didn't want to play the EpicShy ship but unfortunately you can't force people to do things. However I think it is totally okay to leave the RP, the point of RP is to have fun and if you're not having fun then it's a good idea to go. If the DM wanted you to stay though he could've promised to have that side conflict later on resolved better and make an arc where Epic gets stronger/wiser from the break up. Biggest point is that you shouldn't have to stay.

PG3: Every fandom has its own toxicity and you don't have to be nice to people to be a brony. FFS look at me.

PG4: Eh I don't have much to comment. See PG 2

PG4: Yeah I do sometimes get frustrated at times but I just remind myself to be a more flexible DM and allow more character decisions. I'm still learning more and more as we go on but don't feel afraid to hold yourself back on my part.

PG5: I do see your point here, I remember back when we had at least 8 people on the same RP in the FoE and I was constantly stressed out. Rushing posts before people go on a tangent or make multiple attack turns was difficult. I mostly wanted to move to the Ponychan because I was hoping to get an extra player but not 7. Seeing though our own lack of time, I would think it is best to stay here.

PG6: Oh so he didn't want to do that arc then. See PG 2

PG7/8: Rock Lobster! Anyways he just played a Mary Sue... but a lot of RP characters are Mary Sue's so I won't hold much against him. As for your concerns, I do want to expand Epic's Character which is why I'm putting in the knights arc into the RP. I also plan to do a few more arcs for each character to grow them and Epic even more however we will see more of that in the second Campaign. For now though focus on the Knights arc (Or have Epic go rogue or something I dunno.) And figure out a way to Stratus City.


File: 1514320769874.png (1.23 MB, 1748x1240, 437:310, FoE The Weeping Willow.png) ImgOps Google

Clarity got me "Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls" and my brother got me "Amazing Frog?".

I haven't decided if I should make a Let's Play of SNvSHG or not given I found out my oldest brother (who had been drunk throughout Christmas Eve and Day) will be staying a few weeks now and I feel reluctant to revamp my YouTube channel which is what I plan for January.

It's not that I wanted to force EpicShy because Fluttershy was played by another player. What I didn't like was that she had Fluttershy dumped Epic and moved on as quick as disposing the wrapper of a chocolate bar. I can't recall who played as her but they could of messaged me about it before hand we could of discussed how the two could break up. But I didn't get any heads up on it.
If Fluttershy was in any sort of close and eprsonal relationship that she wanted to leave, would it be in her character to do so harsh and abruptly? While I would of been upset for Epic to break up with Fluttershy, I would of respected that players decisions and work around it. It's just she RPd Fluttershy was getting along well with Epic for awhile, then I think it was Rainbow Dash who started to come out to her and it was a rather abrupt break-up just so Dashy can happen a few posts later.

I don't entirely blame the DM and the Fluttershy player for why I left (if anything I mostly blame the DM). I chose to put up with it longer than I should so I blame myself for putting myself through that.

I sometimes miss the Fo:E days. The wastelands, the heroics, the underground places we visited etc. I know our current RP is somewhat like that but not the same.
And I like RPing with Clarity

I might take up on being a Knight of Equestria. Heres my article on it if you want to brush up on it.


Thanks for the link, this basically had everything I had figured they would be in modern times. A sort of hidden group of heroes who serve Equestria, a nice fit for Epic Mount though I'm sure Critical wouldn't fit into this well. Summer Rye... I'm not sure, we'll have to see.

Anyways we'll go ahead and stay here on the Ponyville, I'm sure the mods would miss us if we leave. ;)


They would, can't get along without us, we're tough survivors, a dying breed.


File: 1515610415619.png (566.06 KB, 900x536, 225:134, Zombies.png) ImgOps Google

That reminds me, we should play sometime.

Normally I play with my brothers (which conveniantly I have three of) but me and my brothers haven't played in awhile.

When you played and finish the same maps over and over, feels stale.

I've had the Penumbra series for awhile but I've been too chicken to play them.


For those who do not have their current character sheets.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 4
Stamina: 9/18
Armor: 0
Body: D12
Mind: D6
Charm: D12
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D12)
Stout Heart (D10) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D8)
Stare (D4)

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 4
Stamina: 16/16
Armor: 1
Body: 1D8
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D12)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D6)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D4)
Sword Play (1D4)


And this is Critical's upgrades to level 5

Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Stamina: 8/18
Armor: 1
Body: 1D6
Mind: 1D12
Charm: 1D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (1D20)
Telekinesis (1D20)
Chaos Magic (1D8)
Open Lock (1D10)
Healing Touch (1D4) 1/1


I forgotten how we upgrade.


No prob.

1st: Upgrade your Body, Mind, or Charm by 1 dice score.

2nd: Upgrade your Cutie Mark Skill by one dice score

3rd: Upgrade or learn 3 skills, limit one upgrade per skill.


I see.

So I could +1 my Mind, Defending increase by +1 and I can increase Martial Arts?
What does that make me?


So you look like this right now.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Stamina: 9/20
Armor: 0
Body: D12
Mind: D8
Charm: D12
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20)
Stout Heart (D10) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D10)
Stare (D4)

So now you need to upgrade or learn two more skills.


File: 1516301155915.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

That looks good.


But you still need to upgrade/learn two more skills


Well, I can put one skill point into staring, but I do not know what new skills to learn.


Do you want to upgrade stout heart? It could be useful to add to you roll.


OK, I will.


Okay this is your new character sheet.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Stamina: 9/20
Armor: 0
Body: D12
Mind: D8
Charm: D12
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D10)
Stare (D6)




And now lastly, you all take on a new quirk to add to your character. You can either tell me what the quirk will be or let the dice find out for you.


A quirk? As in a new weakness? Don't I already have spiders and just being odd to worry about?


yep and now you get a new quirk for every 5 levels. Its called character progression ;)

But if you don't like it we can just scratch that off.


It's hard to think of brand new things to be afraid of or weakened by.

Fear of extreme heights comes to mind, but I can imagine Epic is the parkour sort anyway so dunno if it matters much.


That's okay we'll just forget about it. Also its time for me to go now.


OK. We play another time. Maybe Epic will develop  anew quirk later?

One of my original character ideas for fears was the fgear of extremely high falling due to a childhood trauma, but I can imagine Epic jumping around the place at times.


Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Level: 5
Stamina: 16/16
Armor: 1
Body: 1D10
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D10

Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20)

Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D8)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D4)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D4)
Special Skill: Sword Play (1D6)

Fear (Caves)
Always Hungry


Stamina: 18!


Perfect! We're just gonna omit the Messy quirk you have.


Oh? I thought you mentioned we should get a new one at level 5.


So I felt a bit nostalgic of the times where I really started to DM roleplay's on Ponychan years ago. If you guys want a blast from the past, I got some links you could explore. It just took some work was all.

1st Success Thread: The Frontier

Fallout Wasteland Stories OOC

Wasteland Stories RP

Some Minor thread that's also the earliest on record


File: 1517438757889.png (1.23 MB, 1748x1240, 437:310, FoE The Weeping Willow.png) ImgOps Google

Oh wow! I didn't know Ponychan had an archive for these things.

I remember our Fo:E adventures.

Aw it ends just before they fought the snakedogs! I wanted to read through it all.


File: 1517506929485.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Lost in Time and Space by ….png) ImgOps Google

A few ideas I had.

A "Big Bad" kidnaps Twilight and her friends and seperates them to prevent them from stopping his scheme.
Since the Mane six can't save Equestria, it's up to us to do so. Twilight's map even helps indicate where the six are being imprisoned.
Ideas for who this "big bad" is is either Tirek wanting revenge, or a character I made up named "Prince Nimbus" who seeks revenge for the death of his father, thje Storm King or Queen Chrysalis with her new brood.

Another idea of mine that I suggested to Clarity is a "universe hopping" adventure inspired by the episodes The Cutie Re-Mark which involves different versions of Epic Mount for each universe.
Though I imagine Epic Mount to be dead in the Crystal War timeline.
Maybe we could include other universes too like Power Ponies or our Fo:E RP.


File: 1519332023933.jpg (123.64 KB, 850x850, 1:1, toe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


So recently the ToE expansion Curse of the Statuettes has come into my possession. I have also ordered the expansion Festival of Lights so I was hoping we could get to those adventures within our RP group. I do not plan of starting any of them right now as seeing how our first campaign is almost done(our Season 1) and are about to get into Season 2. I was wondering about your thoughts on this seeing how we will be getting content straight from Riverhorse itself.

Note that these adventures will not be conflicting with our main story which I already have a clear set path for. These will mostly be paraglogues to our quests but will still be fun in every sense.

Also concerning the structure and where we are now. I would consider us to be close to our Season Finale and I like the idea of calling our campaigns as seasons since this RP is based directly off of the show.

What do you guys think?


Sounds good to me.


Don't mind this post, I am just testing out some of the dice rolls to see what works.

1d20 + 1d4 = 11

1d20 = 15+1d4 = 3


Okay so once we get to our new level, we won't have to make like 3 or 4 more dice rolls. Thank god some of those posts require a lot of work.


Gonna do another test roll and am also gonna post an update to Epic's pic.

For now I've done the shading part of the hair and face and will continue to do the rest of the body. After that I will be doing edge highlights and be done.

1d20 + 1d4 + 3 = 16


File: 1520483442590.png (170.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Epic Mount.png) ImgOps Google


I've notice the subtle shading! Nice!


Can "banter" be a new upgrade?


Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 26/26
Armor: 1
Body: 1D6
Mind: 1D20
Charm: 1D6
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (1D20+1D4)
Telekinesis (1D20)
Chaos Magic (1D8)
Open Lock (1D12)
Healing Touch (1D6) 1/1
Mark for Death (1d4)


Banter, so to make fun of the enemy.

Could Work like Disturb or perhaps it could be used to subtract from the enemy's dicerolls. How about we do that?

Banter will do a Charm Roll along with the Banter Roll. If it greater than their Mind Rolls then the result will subtract from their rolls due to a lack of confidence.

EX Epic Charm 1d6=6 Bant 1d4=4 VS Shmuck Mind 1d4=4


Shmuck Body 1d6-4=2


Yeah. While teasing a foe can make them more aggressive, it's that aggression that may mnake them more prone to rash decisions and mistakes. Plus a well delivered quip can be a confidence booster which can help with concentration and performance.

I learnt all that from a webcomic about a ninja who is a doctor.



Yeah I'll accept this, go ahead and post your upgraded, LVL 6, Epic Mount.


Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 10/20
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D9
Charm: D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20)
Stout Heart (D12) 0/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D10+1)
Stare (D6)

Quirks/Flaws: Awkward, Fear/Spiders
Alignment: Neutral Good
Bits: 250
Friendship: 8

Did I do it right?


Eh first we should go through the steps.

Upgrade a trait.
>I recommend Body or Charm to make Banter useful

Uprgrade Defending

Upgrade/learn 3 skills.
>One you've learned which was Banter so you need two more.


Oh, well I guess shdould be charm than mind.

As for two other skills, I do not know. I don't want Epic Mount to be too useful or else he'll just breeze through the adventure.

Like, right now I considered "detect" as in detective work, able to find clues or can tell when somepony is lying, but if he had that to begin with then Epic wouldn't be going through this little growth in character right now.


It fine to have those skills, sometimes I make action impossible for story purposes as that is in my power as GM. You can have Detect/Inspection/Search or whatever you want to call it.

Also don't worry about becoming too powerful, I auto balance the game so there will always be difficulty.

>Current standing
Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D8
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20+D4)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D10+1)
Stare (D6)
Banter (D4)

>Just need two more skill upgrade/learn


Banter to be able to encourage opponents to make wreckless actions and decisions.

I guess Detect for more thorough examinations of locations and to see through lies and illusions.

As for the last skill... I do not know... Maybe "Herbology"? from growing up in Everfree Forest.


How about a skill in Survival? You can use it when suffering in weather conditions, making and setting up camps, and resting out in the wild?


Ooooh I like that! Thats much better! Maybe trade Detect for it.


Okay so Banter and Survive. Perhaps you should upgrade Martial Arts as your last skill.


If thats allowed then yes.


Good I'll make the changes and post them here as a record.

Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D8
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20+D4)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D12+1)
Stare (D6)
Banter (D4)
Survive (D4)


File: 1520790789675.png (205.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ToE Epic by CritHit.png) ImgOps Google

Nice. Lookin' awesome.


File: 1520790911032.png (230.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Epic Mount.png) ImgOps Google

Oh and heres an update. All thats left is the mane, face and highlights.


Level: 6
Stamina: 18/18
Armor: 1
Body: 1D12
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D10

Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D4)

Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D6)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D4)
Special Skill: Sword Play (1D8)

Fear (Caves)
Always Hungry


Stamina: 20!


Hey something is wrong with your character sheet. All of the skills add up properly but your traits do not and I think I know why.

For the longest time your character has been wearing the Guard Cloak which upgrades the charm trait which may explain it being 1D10 rather than 1d8. I've traced all of your character sheet posts as best I could but here is the gap in question.


It immediately jumps up a notch even though you hadn't upgraded it. I think your sheet should look like this.

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 1
Body: 1D12
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D4)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D6)
Sword Play (1D8)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D4)

Quirks/Flaws: Fear (Caves), Always Hungry


Yeah, you're correct!


File: 1521829183304.jpg (191.07 KB, 1280x622, 640:311, _commission__travelers_at_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So with that the campaign is now over and I'm gonna prepare the next campaign for our heroes to take part in. It should be no secret that it will still be our characters

>But they died!?

This will be explained later on. Anyways I do have to go but this is what we can expect soon...

A new RP thread. A new campaign. New adventures and quests. And the such. Other than that I do have to go now and do work.


File: 1521829383089.png (251.65 KB, 800x950, 16:19, ToE Epic by CritHit.png) ImgOps Google

In many cartoons and comics about superheroes, if a body cannot be found it doesn't always confirm they are dead.

Heck sometimes remains can be found and by some sci-fi/magic macguffin they're ressurected. It happened to Superman when he fought Doomsday for first time.

My guess our heroes were magically warped elsewhere and our quest is to get home.

Also, logically, we should start a fresh new thread for it.


If anything, I'm more curious what happened to Sir Claymore. Wherever we end up will he acompany us as a fourth party member that you'll be RPing?


I know you'll need time to prepare things and we're probbaly done for tonight anyway but when abouts will Part 2 begin?


File: 1521905491822.png (207.24 KB, 508x867, 508:867, 1534643__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Okay guys here's the deal, I gotta make the new thread really quick but I'm like super hung over. I'm still gonna make the new thread today just bare with me I'm already sick with a sore throat plus my hung overness.


Cool, cool.
We don't have to start the next adventure right away if you wanna take a break. I was just wondering when about we're were gonna play again. Like if you wanted a break or something.


File: 1521905669425.png (59.07 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1524891__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Oh we're gonna continue and all, I just couldn't make the thread last night.


Clarity is not online at the mo, but I'll let him know when he's on.


I need a cool picture for the new thread. The theme this time around is cutie marks. Do you have any ideas?


Well, this picture comes to mind.
Though depends on the scope of the adventure.

If I could, I'd do a picture of the trio of us for the adventure, but that take too long.


File: 1521906296789.png (Spoiler Image, 806.84 KB, 910x879, 910:879, Tirek_by_Audrarius.png) ImgOps Google

Nice I was thinking about using this picture.


File: 1521906487139.png (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Element of Darkness 02.png) ImgOps Google

Oooooh, if he is going to be involved, I made some fan-history involving him and Epic Mount.

At least I tried to, I wanted to make a continous webomic series about it but I never got done with page 5. Making a comic on a weekly basis was hard!


Yep that's why I was gonna do him. Not only does he have history with the party but his character will fit nicely for my campaign though I wish the spoiler would hide the file name :/


File: 1521906937512.png (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Element of Darkness 03.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah that sucks.

I really wish I could of continued Ponytale. It would of taken place during Season 2 of MLP:FiM and tell stories that happened behind or around the major episodes of the series. (The prologue of the story was how Luna made a deal with the devil to become Nightmare Moon.)
I had a feeling that given time, the audience would of grown to like my story. Yes EpicShy was planned but not to be forced. After all most lovers were just friends to begin with.

Heck I invisioned to add a poll in a later story to allow my audience to vote if they want to see EpicShy happen or not in the comic. That way they can have a say in the matter than just me just making it a pleasure project.


Well now maybe we can complete this story in the RP, following the most up to date canon of course and with me in charge. Don't worry about your character history, everything will be the same with only a few minor changes.

Also new thread is up.


Also, Clarity is busy today and won't be back until Monday.

Maybe he's missing from the group and we'll have to find him?


Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 1
Body: 1D12
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D6)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D8)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D8)
Sword Play (1D8)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D6)

Quirks/Flaws: Fear (Caves), Always Hungry


Armor is 2 due to the new helmet.


Hello? I would like to join the RP.


That's all well and good mate. First we need to make your character sheet. Are you familiar with the Tails of Equestria rules, if not I can ask you a series of questions to you so we can flesh out a character sheet.

What's your character's name?

What's your character's race?

What's your character's gender?

What's does your character look like / a picture will work also

(optional) What's your character history and life goals?

What's your character's alignment?

What's your character's special talent?

Is your character strong or smart?

What does your character carry around as inventory, 5 items max


Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average Build, Pitch black mane, light black coat that is almost grey. Purple eyes. Long mane and tail.
Alignment: Neutral
Talent: Dark Magic
Smart Character
-Cloak and hood(Grey colored)
-Short Sword
-Alchemy Kit
-Metal Boot/Greaves

History & Goals: Raised by a cult of Sombra, Shadowchaser embraced the dark arts and is driven by a fear of death to extend his life or attain immortality however futile the endeavor might be.


Okay so here's what your character sheet and statistics should look like.

Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level 1
Stamina: 10/10
Body 1d4
Mind 1d6
Charm 1d6
Dark Magics: 1d6
Telekinesis: 1d6

Cloak and hood(Grey colored)
Short Sword
Alchemy Kit
Metal Boot/Greaves

Also some other things, we need to pick two quirks for your character to have as flaws. I do have some suggestions for you if you are drawing blank.

Death Knell
When your HP drops below half your Special talent and Mind trait is downgraded

[i]You suffer -1 to all charm and speech based rolls.[/?]

Lastly we have to level your character up all the way to LVL 7 so you can be on par with the rest of the party. I know this can be tough but I am willing to work with you. Just remember the level up rules.

>When a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have to quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.


File: 1522385665303.png (89.87 KB, 800x900, 8:9, ShadowChaser.png) ImgOps Google

Here you can have a picture too, I got bored and antsy.


File: 1522399843228.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

Oooh! New player?:shy1:


Okay. Thank you very much.


Okay I'm just gonna assume that you are okay with those quirks. What I need next is a list of skills from you that you want your character to know. These are minor skills and your character will not revolve around them but they can be useful.

Go ahead and make me a list of skills you want and be sure to put them in order by most important to least important, also be sure to include your telekinesis in your list as it is important for me to see how much you value it.


Do you have a list of skills I can pick from?


Really you can just make up your own skills that you may want within reason of course. I can give you a list as example but there would be much more that you can have.

Open Lock
Sword Play
Pole Arms
Animal Care


Dark Magic
Healing Magic
Buff/Status Effect Magic
Elemental Magic
Sword play


Okay so that's a good start but I think e should approach this from a different way and just level up your character.

here is your character currently so we will need to raise him up to LVL 2 for now. Here are the steps on how to do that.

1: Upgrade either you body, mind, or Charm Stats

2:Automatically upgrade your special talent.

3: Upgrade/learn 3 skills. A single skill can not be upgraded more than once per level.


Learn Skill
-Elemental Magic

Body 5
Mind 10
Charm 10

Dark Magics 11
Telikinesis 6


Er not quite. When you upgrade something you make the dice for a stat go up to the next level and there are 6 different dice for that.


For your core stats you only choose one Body Mind or Charm, not all three. Here's what your character sheet should look like and is what I recommend.

Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level 2
Stamina: 12/12
Body 1d4
Mind 1d8
Charm 1d6
Dark Magics: 1d8
Telekinesis: 1d6
Healing Touch 1d4
Evasion 1d4
Control (Do you have a preference as to what sort of element you want to control? Fire air earth water etc? Choose one.)

Also note that upgrading your Body or Mind will increase your stamina points so I recommend getting these up early on.


I'm sure this can be getting a bit frustrating for you, if you want I can set aside some time for you to talk to you in Discord. I'm usually on in the mornings 11:30+ or in the nights at 10:30+ Eastern Standard Time.

Discord Link


File: 1522995599228.jpg (161.36 KB, 850x900, 17:18, scribe-1479682830.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "Oh its you again, I haven't seen you in years!"

3,12,1,25,13,15,18,5: "18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18!? Is that really you!? I can't believe it, we haven't been together for several years. What brought you back to Equestria?"

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "Oh well father has started to bring me along since I got my Cutie Mark for politics and said that I should start learning more about the family trade rather than rely on raw talent."

3,12,1,25,13,15,18,5: "That sounds really cool. Ever since I joined the knights I got my Cutie Mark too so I imagine we will be seeing each other a lot more."

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "That's right and I'm so glad for that. A knight and his princess is so story book. Together we will keep our promise and make this world a better place."


4E4C5D 3A3C1D1D 4D3B1A4D 1A 3D5A3A2D5A4D 3A4C4A4A?

4B 2A5A4D 4E4C5D 3A1A3C’4D 4A5A3A4B5C3B5A3D 4D3B4B3D 2C5A3D3D1A2B5A.

2C4E 1B1A1E4C5D2D1A4D5A 2E4C2D4A 4B3D “5A3C4B2B2C1A”!


File: 1523027252525.png (375.69 KB, 2000x1330, 200:133, 2000px-ASCII-Table-wide.sv….png) ImgOps Google

What kind of code is this? It looks like ascii but it doesn't decode that way.


It's a fairly simple code if you know how it works. But I also threw in some HTML codes for punctuations.


File: 1523027603855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.33 KB, 446x1002, 223:501, Polybius_Arcade_1.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

My clue was to do with the Polybius Square, but actually my code uses a more simplified format that I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not.

But I want to see if you can figure it out, it's not impossible.

(I edited a spelling mistake which turned the HTML codes into their symbols, so theres that. I hope I haven't left any other spelling mistakes, I may have mixed up J with I.)


File: 1523042403289.gif (88.52 KB, 576x612, 16:17, 1625252__safe_artist-colon….gif) ImgOps Google

I need a basis for the code if you want me to decode this or else this will just be a jumble of numbers and letters to me.



Here, 5C = X

I put this in a A=1 code so that you guys can easily learn who is speaking here. Really I wanted an air of mystery while still having you understand the background story and how things came to be.

I will also do more of these.


File: 1523042526522.jpg (229.66 KB, 525x389, 525:389, secret-codes-grid.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Close enough.


Oh I just messed up the X and Y values.\

Well after decoding the first line I imagine you are chastizing me for my code method. I made it easy on purpose.


I was just teasing, not chasting.

If anything speaking in coded messages and riddles reminds me of my made-up Elevyn lore. I made up a precursor race of beings who were so advance that their language was comparable to calculus (except all the letters, numbers and human symbols replaced with their own). Their religion consist of complex rituals which are Dirth's modern day dungeon puzzles.

I named this ancient race after my favourate word.


Hey I just got back from work and I wanted to say sorry for being so aggravating with you. I've just been really stressed out from school as I learned I turned in an assignment wrong and will have to do a whole new part of it. Not only that I also had to go to work and thank about it all day with the bullshit of wal-mart.


Hey it's alright my dude. If you knew how old I really am... well let's just say School sucks no matter if attending or attend it.

Even to this day I still have dreams where I wake up paranoid over unfinished homework over 10 years a go or something.


Yeah by now you should be used to my usual vitriolic behaviour. Hell its why my character has Short Fuse / Hot Blood.

Also how old are you like 28?


File: 1523069474258.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

Eh... two years under... I wish I didn't waste my twenties.

I'm 30 years old and last night I dreamt of my primary school playground.

Still it's better than when I wake up concerned about my homework from my high school years. I remember back when I had 3-5 different homework assignments and I couldn't keep up with them all. I really didn't want to dissapoint anyone, but I recall not finishing my English homework assignments and ever since I left school over a decade a go I see get the occasional nightmare of dissapointing my teacher.
I didn't hate my english teacher... (except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying) but I didn't want to dissapoint her, which I did, which I am still conscious about.

All in all, school is no place for smart people and if I ever have children someday I'd rather practice alternate method of education than putting them through what I did.

I really hate homework.


Yeah I pretty much hate doing homework as well as I see very little incentive to do it but I went through all of school without failing a grade.

>I wish I didn't waste my twenties.
Don't feel too bad about this really, a man's peak is actually at about in his 40's as it is his peak earnings years. Really all you have to do is get a job in a college of sorts (Community college or whatever you have in britain) and get some degree in a STEM field, I recommend computer programming.

>except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying
Teachers aren't really capable to handle bullying and will often let it just slip by because they are retarded or like the bully, trust me I've had the shit bullied out of my as well as the rest of my siblings. I live in a rural area though so the worst I got it that I'm willing to share was someone choked me from behind. Anyways that's all over now and you can just look on to the future instead of the past.

>All in all, school is no place for smart people and if I ever have children someday I'd rather practice alternate method of education than putting them through what I did.
Eh really school is a miracle on human society. You got kids in their early twenties already on par with historical theorists and scientists, I can't really deny the benefits of school. The problem though is that the teachers suck and don't know how to handle bullying, its a really broken system at least here in the states.

>I really hate homework.
I really do too but I try.


>I wish I didn't waste my twenties.
I know this is a unhealthy way of thinking, but I've always been jealous of the heroes in TV shows and cartoons. They get to be heroes of their own stories or do fantastic things. I'm not talking about Spiderman, Batman or the like, but still characters that make them interesting to them their own life interesting.
And given these characters are teens or in their twenties, well I find it more difficult to relate to them.

It's one of the reasons why I like MLP:FiM because the series never specify anypony's age. Rarity acts like a teenager or young adult that tends to be whiney or immature, in yet she owns a boutique thats slowly becoming a chain business. To ponies you're either a foal, a bigger pony or an elderly.

>except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying
I rarely ever got bullied, but this one time stood out for me.
These arseholes to the right of me kept teasing me and I think bothering my work. I told my English teacher of this issue as they persist and I was told to leave. To be the victim of bullying is one thing but for the teacher to exclude you for being the victim made me felt I was taking the blames of these wankstains who had a little victory laugh as I left.

Whenever she told me to come back in or not, I don't know since I left to go back to Room 11 (Sorta like a secial aid place for certain students)... Or did I go back to class after talking about it in Room 11? I can't recall, I think I did.

But you're right, thats years a go, over and done with and I don't care whatever happened to those ass-wranglers.

>Eh really school is a miracle on human society.
I think the idea of school started off as a good concept, but what school is today just seems really reduntant. I found primary school was more pleasent era for me with more useful and interesting lessons than high school provided. Incidentally the majority of my education during my teen years was not from high school but my own natual curiosity and having internet.
To me High School just seems like an obligatory place all kids must go to whenever they legitimately enjoy it or not. High School does teach some interesting things but doesn't teach practical things like how to finance your savings, provide shelter and care for yourself, your standard legal rights as a citizen or even how to use a washing machine.

Heck even maths seems like a waste of time to me. I get by with primary school maths than the need to add and subtract large ammounts of numbers.
Maybe if I was a scientist, like an advance physicist then maths would be more relevent to me, but I'm not

>I really hate homework.
School takes up 7 or so hours of our day, Thats 35 hours of our weekdays and teachers expect us to take up OUR time to do their job for them. They can take my F for a change for that logic.


Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 23/26
Armor: 1
Body: 1D6
Mind: 1D20
Charm: 1D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Gambit (1D20+1D6)
Telekinesis (1D20)
Chaos Magic (1D10)
Open Lock (1D12)
Healing Touch (1D6) 1/1
Mark for Death (1D6)
Teleport (1d4)

Quirks/Flaws: Short Fuse, Chaotic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


I think I should update my mind-stat if possible.


Okay and what else?


I forgotten how this process works again.

Mind and Charm. Or if possible all on Mind.
I'm sure there was a Quirk I wanted to request but I forgot what it was.


You guys always forget. Anyways this is what you do.

Upgrade Body, Mind, or Charm

Upgrade/learn three skills.

Also we don't add on any new quirks.

You might also want to upgrade your Body, Rye is already naturally stronger than Epic and the only reason why you have d12 is because of your bangles.


>Upgrade Body, Mind, or Charm
>Upgrade/learn three skills.
Is it one or the other or both?

I'll upgrade my mind, or whats left of it after what we've been through.
Given Banter or Survival are my least upgraded, any of those two would do.



>Current Stats
Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D8
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20+D4)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D12+1)
Stare (D6)
Banter (D4)

Quirks/Flaws: Awkward, Fear/Spiders
Alignment: Neutral Good

>What you've upgraded
Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 22/22
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D10
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20+D6)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D12+1)
Stare (D6)
Banter (D6)

Quirks/Flaws: Awkward, Fear/Spiders
Alignment: Neutral Good

Need to upgrade / learn one more skill


There was this skill I mentioned before I'd like to learn but I forgot what it was.


Maybe you should just do an upgrade, perhaps martial arts?


Oooh! I think the new Skill I was considering was with swords or axes. After watching Avengers: Infinity Wars, maybe my hammer can be upgraded into an axe.


So uh... what kind of skill did you want?


Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 22
Body: D20
Mind: D8
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (D20+D8)

Stout Heart (D10)
Creative Flair: Cooking (D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (D10)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (D10)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (D6)
Special Skill: Sword Play (D10)

- Fear (Caves)
- Always Hungry


Woops, Farming is D20+D6.

Does it even make sense to level up our cutie mark skills in our current state?


I think I shall take up that upgrade to Martial Arts after all.

After all if Epic decides to get a sword or axe, it make no sense for him to have swordplay or weapon related talents before even touching one.


Name: Epic Mount
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 22/22
Armor: 2
Body: D12
Mind: D10
Charm: D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Defending (D20+D6)
Stout Heart (D12) 1/1
Identify(Monsters): (D8)
Martial Arts: (D20+1)
Stare (D6)
Banter (D6)

Quirks/Flaws: Awkward, Fear/Spiders
Alignment: Neutral Good

This is what you have at the end, is this okay?

Yeah the Cutie Mark skill still upgrades even though most of its powers are absent.

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 28/28
Armor: 2
Body: 1D20
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D6)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D8)
Sword Play (1D10)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D6)

Note that your sheet had you down for climbing d6 originally so you now have a d8. Also you have stamina 28/28.


Thats cool. We can settle on that.




You know, if we replaced the MLP:FiM content with original sword and sorcery stuff, our adventures would make an interesting movie or adventure series.

I'm a fan of sword and sorcery and high fantasy movies, especially of the late '80s and '90s.

It can be set in an Iron Age land, a baby is stolen from it's homelands by an overlord empowered by dark magic but the infant is lost in an enchanted forest. Baba Yaga (Or a forest witch from a far off land) finds the infant and raise it as her own. The boy grows up to be a man, but has to face the challenges of the world outside the forest.

He befriends a gambit and rogue who comes from a place a lot like the city of Zamora from Conan, probably the sort to help the barbarian learn about life outside his wild and secluded upbringing and also befriends a traveller out to save his pastoral homelands.


Yeah it sounds like it would be a cool piece of media being a book or a movie or something else. I think though with this thought I should go ahead and reveal some things I've been planning. First off though I gotta apologize for not being able to post so much. College has been a lot of work of late and it is demanding a large chunk of my life like wake up college, work, schoolwork, sleep. Anyways on to the ideas I had...

Future for the RP
Right now things are going are going pretty smoothly concerning the story I had planned. As we stand Epic Mount has reclaimed his cutie mark with Rye and Critical nearing the point where they will do the same. After that we will enter the the third part of our story and take on Tirek. After that I think I got a few things planned to continue on things and I also do plan on to do some world building for our characters to explore in a maybe part 4.

Story Record
I was also thinking of logging all of our adventures into a single story on Fimfiction.net for us to read at our leisure as well as keep a coherent story line. Now in all fairness not everything went on as planned, there are plot holes, and many some aspects fropped but I think I can work something. Just wanted on your thoughts if you guys liked or hated this idea.

Outside the RP
So was think of creating a more advanced version of our Ruleset while still following its core principals. Such as revamping the combat system, adding a much better combat list, making quirks more affecting, and adding on special moves. This will most likely be done in Google Docs as usual but I would like to do it as a pdf if possible, I'm pretty sure there is a way to upload pdf's on image board sites.


File: 1527863766948.jpg (73.09 KB, 718x540, 359:270, Tambelon.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I more have story suggestions than ideas.

Alternate reality adventures
I've got different versions of Epic that I dunno what to do with them all. EIther I start spin-off RPs from our own, which honestly I dunno if I am GM material, or somewhen after the Tirek arc we have a "The Cutie Re-Mark" adventure of our own. A story idea in mind is Epic Mount gets lost through the magic mirror while it breaks and Critial and Rye has to find him, meeting and helping different versions of him along the way.

The Cutie Map (Yeah, thats what it's called.)
MLP:FiM episodes like "Triple Threat" and "The Parent Map" it shows that friendship problems that must be solved arn't exclusively for the mane six. Perhaps the map will call of any of us to solve friendship problems on behalf of Equestria?

The CIty of Tambelon
Perhaps an October special. The City of Tambelon is ruled by a goat demon named Grogar. Like Tirek he enslaves unicorns, both to serve him due to the practical nature of magic and, like Tirek, can consume magic, making them food for him. Grogar has captured the princess of the moon (and Nightmare Night) and it's up to us to save her.
I imagine Tambelon being mysterious, creepy and perhaps haunted. We could perhaps go as far as a "Courage" or "Sanity" stat that suffers damage whenever we get severely frightened.
The episode "A Flurry of Emotions" does depict that Grogar is a fictional story character, whenever the story "Gusty the Great" is based on fact or not is unconfirmed.


File: 1528137152562.png (Spoiler Image, 25.74 KB, 649x783, 649:783, Sneak Peak Gun Stats.png) ImgOps Google

Just Gonna leave this here.


Are ponies gonna be packin' heat?

I always imagine if guns were ever introduced in the world of MLP:FiM, it be flintlocks and other old fashioned guns.


File: 1528473615536.png (15.78 KB, 641x741, 641:741, mprogress.png) ImgOps Google

Moar Leaks


Looks like it's for something more modern, like a version of Equestria where guns and grim reality is the norm.


File: 1529468770855.png (207.24 KB, 508x867, 508:867, 1534643__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Finished the 1st edition mostly but I need more ideas for Quirks. I need at least 20 and I already have 14 or so.



Unrelated to this RP, but I've updated my Elevyn world map. I've added Hebenon Woods in the Borromean Kingdom and Ebony Forest in the (yet named) Empire. Though I might rename Ebony Forest to Hebona Forest.

These woodlands are inspired by the Everfree Forest and while they're located on completely seperate continents, those who know the way can travel through both forests without even seeing the ocean between them.

The nearby villages near Hebenon Woods claimed that an evil enchantress known as the Ebony Witch lives deep in the forest. Other urban legends speak of a forest spirit who entice maidens and children into the forest to be lost forever, however some accounts claim the spirit to be a benelovent guardian of sorts who guides those lost in the forest home.

"Elevyn" is my own made-up thing I'd like to make a franchise someday. Taking place on the world of Dirth where humans, elves, dwarves and other fantasy races live. The lore blends traditional high-fantasy with some elements of post-apocalyptic sci-fi. So in short, like a cross between Elder Scrolls and Fallout worlds.

Dunno if it be my cup of tea. I mean I could make a brand new, nothing-to-do-with-Epic pony OC for it but it's hard to imaging Equestria with post-modern elements that we as humans relate to.


Not your cup of tea? Aw I would've thought you would like this since we did the whole fallout thing. Is it just the chance that you might not play as Epic in this?


When I think Cyberpunk Dystopia, I think Bladerunner, Judge Dredd or even that new Cyberpunk game coming out.

Tell me more about this world, is it any different from our Fallout RP? I'm imagining it more of a cyberpunk thing. Like Bladerunner.


File: 1530377754846.jpg (35.25 KB, 315x316, 315:316, Jetsetradiopalboxart.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I just had an idea that we could do until the world cup ends and Clarity can play with us again.

Now I am sort of scepticle at this cyberpunk approach to your Pony RP, doesn't seem my thing, but I'm still willing to give it a go once I come up with a pony, or at least a new version of Epic Mount more suitable to the world. (So far I am thinking a graffiti tagging deliquant or sort, I'm still planning it through. If I'm gonna play as somepony different from Epic, must be a role I'll enjoy.)

So what if we put Part 3 of ToE: The Shining Marks on hiatus until July 15 and you can use the hiatus to start up your Cyberpunk RP?


So with the cyber punk thing, its really a mix between the former and a wasteland dystopia sort of thing. It's gonna be dark and about a group of ponies who go out into dead zones to gather supplies and information for their colony.

I was also thinking of doing this on Ponychan.


I haven't RPd on Ponychans /rp/ in years.

Can you summerize the backstory you had in mind? So far I'm imagining it like a cross between 1995 Judge Dredd movie and The Super Mario Bros movie (which I like).

Like, are these gatherers being punished or is it volunteer work? Are their gangs of gatheres that make it competitive? (Like, maybe a gang called "Scavengers" who are rivaled to the "Recyclers" or something.)


So here's the story.

The world of Equestria at one point in time had a technological and economical boom that resulted in large corporations like Macintosh Munitions and Redheart Medicines. A lot of the history is unknown but eventually the world was polluted with poisonous gas clouds that kill all life that touches it so many ponies had to flee into large cities  to avoid the gas clouds. While they are able to keep the cities, anarchy has ensued very few groups actually trying to take control of things. One group in particular is called the Expedition Guild which hires ponies to go out into the dead zones on various missions in return for money.

Your character is a resident of New Canterlot and for whatever reason you have decided to join the Expedition Guild to make money be it for your family or perhaps for glory or maybe you want to explore the world and rediscover your lost history.

This RP is inspired by some Blade Runner Aspects, Metro 2033, Warhammer 40k, and Fallout.


Oh and I forgot that this was mostly inspired by a CYOA on 4chan


I really should watch those mentioned movies sometime. My preference of cyberpunk movies are a bit dated.

Dunno what CYOA is.

So far, a character I've come to mind is somepony loyal to the mafia but not evil. Or maybe something more urban.

From how you describe this world it sounds like Everfree Forest is long gone, unless the name "Everfree" is used elsewhere. Like maybe a borough in New Canterlot or something.


Yeah the Everfree is like arid dirt now but all the buildings and tree of harmony would be there. They may be a bit destroyed but they there. Anyways a CYOA is Create Your Own Adventure. The one in particular was about a hacker living in a modern equestria so I liked the idea and took it.

Anyways what is your thought of it being on Ponychan? We'll get more players that way.


We would, I just always found Ponychans /rp/ rather.. I dunno, "built up". Most of the ongoing RPs there are like RP guilds than just causual roleplaying that I prefer.

Not to say that your RP there will just be dead in the water, I guess I just still have a rough impression of /rp/. I don't wanna bring up my history with it all over again.

It the Castle of the Royal Sisters will stand alone on some canyon wasteland where a lucious forest once grew?


I know you had some bad times there but this time around it will be me in charge like our FoE threads. Besides we might as well try since this will be our hiatus sort of thing.

Yeah the castle would be set up on some dead canyon looking thing wouldn't it. Oof that's a pretty scary thought now that you mentioned it. I guess really I wanted to go for something more grittier and violent.


File: 1530380842767.jpg (101.57 KB, 806x537, 806:537, Logan dilapidated plant.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Maybe Epic Mount still resides in this canyon. Only instead of his forest gome, he resides in an abandoned dilapidated plant.

But I still dunno if Epic Mount, the one we're all familiar with, would have much place in the world or mesh well with the setting, which is why I am considering coming up with somepony brand new. Maybe modern and the like.

Will you be playing as Critical in this RP?


I would strongly suggest making a whole new character. Like all of the ponies in New Canterlot don't know who the Mane 6 or who Celestia and Luna are even. That much time has passed on by now.

Epic and Critical probably passed away just shortly after the start of the economic boom.


You maybe not immediately after but probably 20 years after the economic boom and die of old age probably.


That make ense. I'll still need time to come up with a new original pony though as well as backstory. So far I'm thinking of somepony with more confidence and smarts. Like if Epic Mount is strong, this guy will be charisma. And could perhaps able to charm the undies of most mares.


I would be interested in seeing what you make. Also you can go on youtube to look up how to make a good character.


Yu sayin' I can't?:bon1:
I just need time to think up his personality. I don't want him to be too much like a stik in the mud, but neither too selfish, unless a selfish p[ersonality can be for a character-arc.


Okay. Lets see what you can make. Maybe he will be like a charming rogue type character like Han Solo.


I was thinking that too, but those kind characters have been done before, but could be more acceptable depending on his backstory.
So far, three characters in mind are:
• A street deliquant, street-smarts, conficence, arrogent, somewhat selfish. The law eventgually got the better of him and as punish his community service is being draft into the Expedition Guild. My inspiration for this character is Beat from Jet Set Radio franchise.
• One of the mafia. Stern, strong, intimidating but not entirely a thug or bully sort. Just because his family business is crime doesn't mean he is a bad guy. Is willing to help others and do the right thing etc. My inspiration for him is Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, another Sega game.
• "Epic Mount 2.0". The Expedition Guild found a rare find years a go, an abandoned baby in a dilapidated factory/warehouse/somewhere industrial like. The whole guild functioned efficiently as a family to raise the baby, so this not-Epic grew up with the guild than volunteer or drafted. He likes his job but wants to do more with his life. He is not Epic Mount, but a possible decendant of him.

It's either that or maybe a pony parody of the mid-90s Cyberpunk movies I enjoyed, like Total Recall, Judge Dredd, Johnny Mnemonic, Double Dragon movie or the Cyborg movies, I liked the Cyborg trilogy, it was the right ammount of cliché and retro-cyberpunk.


Go with the first one, I like that one best and it makes sense. A character who committed crimes, incurred a debt, and now has to go to the Expedition Guild in hopes to pay it off. Sounds neat.


OK, I'll see what character I'll come up with after dinner. He'll probably be a unicorn, because levitation magic is useful to hold spray cans and such.

Help if those football drums shut up. I'm not really into hip-hop culture but I believe will suit the urban theme well.


If I have a character then he will be a pegasus hacker type who has to get some money to help feed his drug addiction. I think this will be fun.

I'll also see how to make an RP on Ponychan but if it is too hard then I'll keep it here.


A street delinquant, imprisoned for graffiti and minor disturbances and a junkie.

Will there be NPC guild members who reluctant to have them?


You'll mostly be interacting with the Guild Boss who I've already written for. His Name is Living Stone and the party should know that as the Expedition Guild is the biggest organization that they know of. Unfortunately for the party they will know nothing of outside of New Canterlot or the factions in the Dead Zones.


If Living Stone is an old guy... who has a cute daughter... Ha!

Hey gorgeous! Names Tag*, Wouldn't mind showing you why I got that name, you'll like that?

(Still haven't decided name.)


File: 1530445813325.png (158.33 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Tag WIP.png) ImgOps Google

OK, so I thought up his backstories, such as his motives why he's into graffiti.

Backstory 1 (somewhat tragic, yet fleshed out story)
His mother Montana was an aspiring artist in their bleak world. While she wanted to be a professional artist and have her pictures in galleries she and her son were happy. Until sadly she came down with a terminal illness. Tag tried selling his mothers pictures believing not only will he make money for her mothers medicine but that it will spread her reputation as an artist. But since no one wanted her art, tried to make and sell his own artwork. The manfia noticed the pony peddling pictures on the street. They purchased his art and gave him a job as a delivery pony to buy medicine for his mother. He later realise he was supplying drug peddlers and manufacturers. The mafia threatened toharm him and his mother if he quits. When his sick mother found out he was involved in the drug trade this did her heart in and died. Thus this is why he's a graffiti artist. He knows he has genuine artistic talent but knows that professional art galleries are run by upper-crust snobs and would rather make the streets of New Canterlot his own canvas and gallery for all to see.

Backstory 2 (more humble and practical.)
His father was a dead-beat dad and abusive to him, more mentally than physically, this is the cause of his delinquancy but did not adopt his fathers cruelty given he would rather spend time on the streets, where he joined a small gang of graffiti deliquants (Not a big gang there was three or four of them in total). His mother Montana died when he was young and have some faded memories of her but his mother's mother was alived and always loved and welcomed him regardless of his deliquant attire. His grandmother would tell stories of what Equestria was like before the cloud, it was a place full of colour and beauty and how she herself was an artist. She was dissapointed that her daughters husband stamped out her daughters hopes to be an artist, but these stories of Equestria's former beauty inspired Tag to be a graffiti artist. When his grandmother passed away she left him a small fortune. Not enough for comfortable living, but enough to choose never to return to his father. Tag wants to cover all of New Canterlot with his art, to make it as bright and as colourful as Equestria was to his grandmother.

Honestly, I like Backstory 2 better. Epic Mount already has some tragedy in his backstory and not all of my OCs need some tragedy in their lives to be destinct. Yeah his Dad was an arse and his mother is dead but these wern't tragic losses to him. Even when his grandmother died he said his goodbyes and at peace with his mother side of the family. Dude just wants to make New Canterlot colourful.

His physical build is lanky (like Snails from MLP:FiM) in contrast to Epic Mounts stoic form. This lankiness could also contribute to malnutrition.
His attire will consist of an unwashed hoodie stained in spray-paint. He'll wear glasses that will destinct his look and I plan to give him DJ-pon3 headphones that he traditionally wears around his neck. Though might give him DJ Pon3s glasses as well. He may also carry a messenger bag filled with his aerosol paint cans, though depends if they've been confiscated somewhere.

I want to give him a name that consist of at least three syllables, but for some reason "Tag" is sticking with me.

I've yet to design his cutie mark. I don't want it to be  a spray can. It might be an artist palett or a RGB chart.


File: 1530462743098.png (59.07 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1524891__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Okay so lets go with Backstory two. Everything is fine with it except for a few small details like his Grandmother shouldn't know what Equestria was like except through some old fables passed down from numerous generations and maybe a picture book or two. Lastly there shouldn't exactly be an art community but I can add one in.

I've still yet to ask ponychan if I  can host my RP there but I might just keep it here if things don't go well. Also did you want to continue RP or do something else?


File: 1530463035013.png (550.89 KB, 1024x431, 1024:431, Mega City.png) ImgOps Google

Well, I can't really imagine what New Canterlot looks like. I'm imaging it like a built up cyberpunk city, where snobs be on top and the rest struggle with dangerous street life.

A city thats bleak and filfthy which is why Tag wants to colour it up. His granny told him stories of how Equestira looked in the past, perhaps these stories were told to her from her Mum and so on.

Or maybe Tag just want to be an artist like her mother and grandmother were.



I can't seem to edit that page.

Plus, I still need to decide some factors for him. His CM can be Street-art (though what his actual cutie mark is I haven't decided yet)

His Talents can be Detection and Telekinesis
I'm reading over the Quirks now.May go with Dominating and Blunt
Tag is not bad, cruel or bully, but has cocky and arrogence.


Oh shoot I will email an edit version hang on.


It's been emailed to you hotmail email.


I edited it a bit. I hope it's alright so far. Haven't really made much of anything else for him.


Here check the document talk thread so we can finish up your sheet.


Still not finished yet, but heres Tag so far.
He still needs a cutie mark, bag and headphones to be added.

While not as colourful as Jet Set Radio as he is based on, his hairstyle is inspired by my most favourite of Sega games.

(I deleted file given how similar it was to the next image I posted.)


File: 1530540777890.png (681.93 KB, 1119x1418, 1119:1418, Tag.png) ImgOps Google

Might give him that saddlebag instead of messenger bag given how awkward the strap would be across the chest and how it'll disrupt the hood.


File: 1530586065688.png (1.75 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, Tag WIP.png) ImgOps Google

OK, I finished his design.
His latem mother named him Tapestry but only his grandmother and dead-beat dad calls him that. His street name is "Tag" after the act of painting graffiti onto a wall. His gran told him stories how Equestria was once a colourful and beautiful place. Living in a city of concrete, brick and dirt, he decides to take his hobby of graffiti to the next level with the desire to make New Canterlot a bright and as colourful as the stories his gran told him.

An all city artist, he has covered at least a quarter of the city with his graffiti and regarded as a king to some graffiti artists. His tags usually consist of bright red, green and blue while his pieces are more meaningful and some citizens take appreciation for his work even though he is a criminal and nuisence to others.

Even though society sees him as a street delinquant because of his graffiti and his attitude not helping his imagine, his streetsmarts and popularity with the youth made him quite the modern-charisma, even though he may over-estimate his charm.

I decided his cutie mark be a wide paintbrush with RGB colours. This is to represent him as an artist in geneal even thougj he prefers street art. He has no interest in conformity of art and even though the one thing he wants most is to be remebedered for a long time after he's gone like most famous deceased artists, he doubt snobs would ever commision a gallery for somepony like him.


So, are we continuing any of the RPs now that Clarity has returned to our fold?

Or has football killed our longrunning RP series?


File: 1534722734734.png (290.29 KB, 800x587, 800:587, 8E1E3330-5641-4A04-A68F-C7….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1534774295629.png (107.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount & Sweetie Belle.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1534820424194.png (160.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6DCD1B80-0A9F-4B25-90AD-CF….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1534820618319.jpeg (46.04 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8ED60502-A4E6-4129-B4BF-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Listen very clearly :DDDDDDDDD
I AM YOUR MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
okey, ima done :)


Did you get at Rarity's coffee again?


File: 1534825662732.jpeg (11.62 KB, 157x116, 157:116, 87DDDB1F-48FA-4C86-B554-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I don't remember Rarity putting anything in my tomato juice.


I find it strange a child that enjoy tomato juice.
Wouldn't you much rather have strawberry, orange or apple juice?


File: 1534914787480.jpeg (80.74 KB, 606x758, 303:379, appl3jack.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Ahm up all in her!
What can arre do ya for?
I gots a couple a tin cans blazing in heatz!!
jk, lol no


File: 1534962341814.jpeg (27.8 KB, 241x243, 241:243, 36FDFD80-27B3-4057-A493-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Sweetie Belle doesn't need strawberry, orange or apple juice.


Good point, she'll probably end up burning it anyway.
I'm gonna need to talk to critical now.

So is that the end of our journey together?


File: 1535043782358.jpg (132.47 KB, 1600x500, 16:5, cubejelly.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's all over now and that is the end so I'm not sure what we are gonna do next.

Do any of you feel like DMing here?


File: 1535043909017.png (293.84 KB, 759x681, 253:227, dash467.png) ImgOps Google

Well, I ran my TDE group for a while but it's not Equestria. For the time being I'll take a break from RPGing here though, I simply have too much stuff to do IRL (games and my bi-weekly RPG group I run). Or I'll only drop by now and then.


That's fine. I wasn't planning much but I was thinking about going over to Ponychan and doing a mecha RP there. I still need to make the rules and all but I think with the given time I could take my break while writing those rules.



I dunno if I'd be all that a good DMer. I do have a few stories in mind other than the paralell dimension one.

For >>15682, Epic was going to ask Tirek never to see him ever again. As a last show of faith, Tirek tells Epic where Epic came from.

As for where exactly, I do not know myself. Perhaps the same homelands as Rockhoof, or perhaps a foreign ponyland outside of Equestria. Or very least Trottingham.

Other ideas for October can be Ever Three attend a Nightmare Night party only for it to end up a Scooby Doo like mystery.

I'm gonna miss RPing with you guys.


I mean I'm not gonna stop RPing for the rest of my life here. I'm only taking a break and will be heading over to where more players are.

Ponyville is nice but this place is empty.


Yes, it is. On ther other hand for a good RPG you need players who are on regularly - and if possible at the same time.


But I like it when it's just the three of us. It's like playing a TTRP with good friends. I never been in an TTRP group before. I never had enough friends for it.

But if it's only a break then thats cool. Maybe fresh new ideas for the Ever Three by then.


Yeah. For right now I'll be here and there as I write the new rules and will be available on Steam. I do also have college still so I will probably be busy on the side as well.

I'm not expecting 20 people to jump on it, maybe an extra or two to a total of 4 players.


I dunno if Mecha's would be my thing. Mostly because the only mechas I am familiar with are Power Ranger zords.


I'm sure we can do something here again at some point. I'll send you a Steam invite.


You didn't want to do the Wasteland RP

You don't want a Mecha RP

Our main RP is done

What do you want me to do?


File: 1535045141841.png (50.58 KB, 877x911, 877:911, dash180.png) ImgOps Google

I'd be up for some Cthulhu, DnD or Shadowrun.


I'm a poorfag and I don't own any of the Rulebooks for those. Part of the reason why I'm writing my own rules, the other reason is that nobody on these sights wants to use something complicated.


File: 1535045420295.png (211.6 KB, 880x908, 220:227, dash170.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, I guess even my simplistic TDE rule were already too complicated.


As I said on >>14908 I didn't want to make another "Epic Mount" for the Wasteland RP. I figured somepony rebellious yet artistic would suit the gritty urban theme of the RP and that eventually Tag would come to accept his place in the guild and become friends with Syntax.
Tag just ended up more of an arse than I originally intended the character. My inspirations for him were various characters from Jet Set Radio.

And just because your Mecha RP may not interest me doesn't mean no one else will be interested in it. I'm sure you'll have enough players for it to work well.

All in all, I enjoyed the adventure we had together, I'll miss it but I know you want a break.


File: 1535045883623.gif (589.59 KB, 520x430, 52:43, img-1052452-5-XKJER.gif) ImgOps Google

Alright. I'm just gonna take a break and be done with it. During that time I\'ll decide on what to do next, what kind of RP and where it will be.

For now though I'll see you guys around.


Later Crit.

Maybe by Halloween or Christmas was have season-themed adventures. If you're up for it.


File: 1535046209077.png (263.94 KB, 650x650, 1:1, dash201.png) ImgOps Google

See you around, thanks again!


File: 1642839213270.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

I miss RPing with you guys.

We still got >>16595 which ahs been on hiatus for years but haven't chatted with Crit in a long while.

I do have ideas for a ToE adventure but if I am to GM I'll need to learn how the ToE gameplay works.

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