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This is the Revita Cybra RP thread used for Role Playing in the Revita Cybra canon. If you wish to apply for place in the RP then please submit a character sheet from the ToE Supplement to this email address.


For Players making a character at the beginning of the rp
Your character is a citizen of New Canterlot, a built up city protected from the outside world and free of gas clouds. You know nothing about the outside world and for reasons of your own you have accepted a work order sent out by the Expedition guild for some sort of resupply mission.


ToE Supplement


It was early in the morning and the city's weather team had just gone out on patrol to make sure the air was kept pure and clean from the contaminations of the outside world. Tall buildings where once the passages between were once filled with flying carriages and pedestrians on the street were now empty bar that of the occasional line of sompony's laundry. The Train Station was as busy as ever though as some an Expedition Squad had just come in and all of the workers were readying up to look at what they had brought in but you can not tell since you were far away.

Looking down you can see the work order you had accepted from the Guild. It had what seemed random numbers and a short description on it.

RS 104
Issued by the Expedition Guild
Report to the Guild's Headquarters in the Train Station for briefing and further instruction.
Signed Livingstone.

You wonder if volunteering was a good idea after all, you heard stories about whole squads never coming back and other horror stories of ponies being ripped apart by monsters. On the other side though regular volunteers were held up as heroes who can bring back supplies and tech to New Canterlot. Not to mention the pay was well.


File: 1530811699581.jpg (191.33 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20180705181853_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You picked a good day to start. With the Copyright Directive stalled until September, it's good to play!

Do you want Tag to start as a delinquant and eventually drafted into the guild for community service or do you want all that already happened and reluctantly a member of the guild?

>The sound of an aerosol can being shaken was heard followed by spraying.


𝒢𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉 To rp


Oh he's already got drafted and all that. The whole delinquent thing is a part of his back story.

He finishes his painting, adding it upon the already marred walls of a nearby building. At the very least his artwork was interesting to look at but the dirt and grime made adding layers to his picture.

Once he finished his art he figured now was the time to head on over to the Train Station lest they send out a force to get him and put him on a suicide mission instead. Would they do that? He wasn't sure but the work seemed dangerous as is.


File: 1530893043254.png (24.6 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Burger.png) ImgOps Google

>At least they let him keep his paints that they confiscated. Now the station looks a bit more colourful. With a giant burger greeting everypony.

Manure, what are we even doin' here?


As he wonders a passing city guard sees him and recognizes him.

Guard: "Hey its the fucking vandal. Hurry on inside already or else I'll be dragging you by the hooves already."

Tapestry had been stalling outside but at least the guard doesn't notice the new burger or perhaps he doesn't care. Still with his lolly gagging, Tapestry was making the guard a bit frustrated and it would be a good idea to go inside and find Livingstone.


>Tag wish he had fingers, 'cus he would be giving one to the guard right about now. As much as he want to cause a scene, he didn't want to give the guard a satisfactory of prooving his judge of character on him.
>So he gave the next best thing.

>Interrupts the guard during mid-ranting, turns around and just pretends he just never noticed or cares about him and leaves.


I guess he goes into the station. Please make your character do things instead of me moving him around.

He heads on inside the large station and was greeted with the atmosphere that hit his lungs with burnt old engine fuel, his ears filled with constant murmuring, and his eyes filled with the sight of many ponies moving about here.

The armored rail car he saw come in had opened its doors and a small team of mercenaries dressed from hoof to head in power armor and armed with many various weapons stepped on down.

Merc: "Last night was a good haul. With what we got a lot more ponies will have food for the winter pretty soon."

Tapestries attention was then pulled to his right and he saw a lone father talking to one of his colts while the rest of his squad waited for him.

Father: "Now you stay here and watch the house for me okay."

Son: "But I want to go fight the monsters with you."

Father: "I know but I need you to make sure everything is safe here. I promise I'll be back soon enough."

Finally after searching around for some time he can see the legendary stallion Livingstone, leader of the New Canterlot branch of the Expedition Guild. He was a rugged and old Pegasus with a grey coat and a short dark mane. Has a full beard and a cutiemark of a mountain with a flag on it. Next to him he seemed to be talking with another pegasus who was green with ragged light brown hair and had an odd symbol on his flank.

In order to learn more about his mission, Tapestry would have to go up to Livingstone.


I thought he had to go inside somewhere to find Livingstone. I'm not entirely sure where I should be going.

>Epic looked at the father and son having a normal, healthy conversation. He can tell that the two really care about each other. He was lost in thought, his memories of the behind of an armchair that stink like cigerette ash and filfth.

>His attentioned returned to the now when he saw Livingstone.
>He sighed to himself as he'd rather much rather be anywhere else here and be spraying his art. But since he was being escourted by guards to make sure he attended his meeting with the Expadition Guild, he really didn't have a choice in the matter.`

>The guards "pushed" him towards Livingstone, much to his annoyance.


Livingstone is inside the station and you were outside. >>14685


He walked on up to them and tried to listen in on what they were saying but their conversation stopped when he got close, Livingstone had a good set of eyes.

Livingstone: "Oh its the other volunteer on for the job. Great so we got some small time criminal street artist and a toked out hacker with us."

He must've been mentioning the green pegasus who was sitting atop one of the crates. Tag didn't notice it now but he saw that the hacker's eyes were a blue color but the whites of them had gone tinged with yellow.

Syntax Error: "Hey I'm only here because the group I was working with had gone under and I need the money."

Livingstone: "I bet you both need the money. Neither of you have any gear that will let you survive out there in the dead zones. Go on over to the Quarter Master on the other side of the station and tell him to get you standard issue gear. It will be free but it will be cheap."


>Livingstone: "I bet you both need the money. Neither of you have any gear that will let you survive out there in the dead zones.
I'm only here because Porky Pig and the Bacon Brigade here don't appreciate art even if it hits them in the face... or sprayed on their backs. But~ if you really don't want some sod like me on your camping trip you could just dismiss me. Technically community service would have to count that as a done deal and we can all go our seperate ways.


Livingstone: "The mission I got you pegged for is time sensitive but I will explain more of that after you get your gear from the quarter master. If you go out into the dead zone then it will be likely you will get shot or choke in a fucking gas cloud. Hurry on up now I don't got all day."

Syntax Error gets off of the crate and motions Tag to follow him. Now that he was standing Tag could see that Syntax's cutiemark looked like a ";" symbol.

Syntax: "Come on the sooner we get this job done the sooner we can come back home. Besides they're giving us free stuff."


AYE-AYE CAPPY-TAN! I can tell we'll get along well.

>Is glad to leave the escourt of the guards and smirks at them as he leaves to follow Syntax.


As they walk on over to the quarter master's office, Syntax strikes up a conversation.

Syntax: "The name's Syntax Error, I'm a hacker who used to work for some old group. You know just doing some cyber attacks here and there to take out some of the competition. Who are you?"


Tag. Just Tag.
>Epic just met the guy and didn't want to be buddy-buddies with someone who'll probably be quick to ditch him at an oppotune moment. He's not some sort of do-gooder forest earth pony like character. He's his own stallion.

So what do they want us to do? Go out and collect junk for them?


Syntax: "The order we have is called RS 104 meaning ReSupply 104 so we will be toting some weapons or ammo to some poor schmuk out there in the dead zone."

They make their way down a cramped hallway and enter a side room where there was a zebra standing in a large cage surrounded by weapons and armor. This zebra had a smell of alcohol in his breath but more notably was the fact that he was a cyborg, a Robotica Animita.

Quarter Master: "Aye ye here for some stuff. Come on up here and lets see if we can make a deal or not."

Tag remembered that he would have to show them the work order he has to get the free supply.


Hold up... We're going to be given weapons for this?

>Tag didn't seem to have any paperwork given to him when and guesses Syntax must have it on him, since he was talking with Livingstone before he arrived.


Syntax: "Yeah, expedition work is dangerous. Not only do you have the wildlife to contend with but you also gut bandits like the Rail Tie Gang out there that will kill you as soon as look at you."

Syntax holds up his copy of the work order and tells the Quarter master that Tag was with him as well.

Quarter Master: "Oh so some new ponies to this line of work. Well we can't let you go out there naked so I'm gonna take a quick look at you and see what you need."

He looks at each of them for a minute and then heads under his desk and pulls out two separate piles of stuff for each one of them.

>For Tag
G90 Pistol
9mm 20
Gas Mask
Healing Shot

>For Syntax
Macintosh Rifle
22 Rounds 20
Gas Mask
Healing Shot

Quarter Master: "There you are, each a weapon for both of you to use with some ammo as well as a gas mask to protect against toxic air, a healing shot, and a radio so you can communicate with the guild and each other if need be."

With the radio they had three channels they can look up, Squad Freq, Exped Freq, and the New Canterlot Station for music.

With all of this they were now ready to head on into the dead zone but first they will need to speak with Livingstone so they know what they need to do once they get there.


Really? you're just giving this to us?
>Takes his box and looks at the gun. He supposes a pistol works similar to his steady aim with his paintcans.
Since none of us wants to be here, I guess Livingstone rigged these in some way. I mean, I bet you had some who took a gun from you and shot you or Livingstone after just to leave.


Quarter Master: "Well we do want you to succeed in our mission so giving you some basic supplies would make actual sense but don't go firing that off in New Canterlot or else the guard will have you hanging from the old skydock ledge. Anyways that's all the free stuff that you will be getting so the rest will cost money, better take care and not waste what has been given to you."

Syntax: "An old musket is all that you can spare? Ah... come on Tag lets get back to Livingstone."


>Considers what he meant by the Skydock Ledge and wonders if he put a heavens piece on it before.

>While he wasn't the sort to actually kill somepony, the thought of putting a bullet in Livingstones head and escaping cross his mind. But he also expects that he wouldn't be the first to have actually done so and wonders if Livingstone at least took some precautions in the past.

>Still he didn't care. He'll do this one job and leave. He's not here to suck off Livingstone at his beckon call.


Please do not derail the RP

They head on back and meet up with Livingstone who was going over some logistics and records of what supplies are brought in and which squads to do so. Next to him sitting in a desk was the radio mare who seemed to have had some trouble getting her set up to work with getting connected with the Manehattan Branch.

Livingstone: "Ah you're back and you aren't naked anymore. Alright-"

Quartz Crystal: "Hoofside this is New Canterlot come in..."

Livingstone: "I'll make this simple for you. One of our expedition squads had been sent out into the Ponyville Dead Zone to check out the Macintosh Munition Museum there and acquire a power node from its halls. The node will let us power up New Canterlot's lights for a whole other year. The squad on this job though requested a resupply a day ago and we finally managed to scrape up the stuff we need to send out to them."

He puts up a small green ammo box for them to see while Quartz Crystal tried to contact Hoofside.

Livingstone: "You are to head on over to the museum and give them this ammo box. Do not take anything from it because we have it all in paper and if we find that if that anything comes up short on your part then it will come out of your pay."

Syntax: "Speaking of which, how much are we gonna get out of this?"

Livingstone: "About 25 bits for each head in your squad."

IT wasn't much but you can keep yourself fed for a week with that kind of pay.

Livingstone: "You'll be driving one of the armored railcars to the deadzone. They are all equipped with a minigun on top and they have gun slits for passengers to shoot from. Do you have any questions?"


I'm not, I'm just monologuing while we go along.
>Tag was mostly distracted by the cute mare on the radio. But his attentioned returned when he was told he'd be getting paid.

Paid? We're getting paid?

>As Syntax and Livingstone discussed payments.

For community service, nice I'd be getting some money out of it.

Admires the railcar with the minigun. He had a hard time keeping hios cool demeaner when even he thought it was somewhat impressive.

>Any questions.
Uh... yeah. How long will this all take? To get there and back again?


Getting paid was nice and it was one of the core principals of the Expedition guild, voluntary work for dangerous pay. It was why so many worked for them in the first place. As for the rail car he could see it towering over him with the gun at the very top. Whoever used it though would be exposed however.

Livingstone: "It will likely take you all day if you consider the car trip to and fro while navigating the dead zone. Oh I almost forgot, there are deadly gas clouds in the deadzones and unlike New Pegas having a weather team, you will find that some patches of air down there to be toxic. Just quickly equip your gas mask that you were issued and you will be able to enter the gas cloud."

Quartz Crystal: "Hoofside this is New Canterlot come in..."

Livingstone: "Try boosting our signal strength. Anyways Tag and Syntax, your meeting spot is just outside the Macintosh Munitions museum. Report over to there, give them the ammo, and report back here for payment."


This beast will look awesome with a facelift, we could really make it like a monster.

>To Livingstone
Alright. We'll do this one job and we'll be outta your mane. No problem.

>Gets on board the railcar.


They load up and they head on out of the station and zoomed along the rail ways. Tag can see the passing landscape as they went down the mountain, most of the ground was covered in ash while the air in some areas was thick with red odd looking clouds. Nothing out here seemed alive and was in quite contrast to New Canterlot, his home. Still though he remembered that some ponies do live out in the deadzones but he imagined that they had to live in constant fear of dying out here.

Eventually after a few hours they make it to the Ponyville deadzone. The two of them exit the railcar and find themselves at the Ponyville train station. Here they saw the place was built up in a similar manner to that of New Canterlot but a lot of the buildings looked dead as most of them were crumbled away to their very foundations. No pony was around here but atleast the air here was breathable for now.

The museum should be deeper into the town and a short walk across the cobblestone road will surely lead them there.

Syntax: "So this is what it looks like out here. A bit different from New Canterlot now is it?"

He takes rifle and looks over it, making sure it was loaded and ready to fire.

Syntax: "Come on, lets go."


>Follows Syntax.
I was told there was others living outside the city, found it hard to believe. I always figure it just be lawless killers and cannibals. Never thought I'd see such places for myself.

>Noticed Syntax loading his gun, as if preparing for a fight. While he pretended to be judging how odd this look, really he had some concern.

>He followed on.


They make their way past what looked to be some sort of old pastry shop that was once bright and colorful but now exposed to the elements it had grown dull and bland. Still though the design of it resembled that to make you think of cupcakes and even makes you slightly hungry.

Suddenly two large and scarred dogs hop out of the building's door and growled at the party. They seemed to want to fight the party as blood from a recent kill dripped from the dogs's mouths.

Syntax: "Shit! You better have your gun ready kid!"

Combat Encounter
Scrap Dog A-B
HP 8/8
B4 M4 C4
Bite 1d4
Stealth 1d4
Athletics 1d4


>Tag looked up at the pastry shop, While the colours were faded, it reminded him of stories his grandmother told him. That when she was a little girl her own mtoher told ehr stories of how Equestria was once a bright and colourful place.

>He was lost in thought until the sound of barking as dogs came bounding from the shop.

>Quickly gets his gun and in panic, tries to fire it at one of the dogs.


File: 1530901160028.jpg (260.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wasteland_2_Artwork_12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Not sure if it fits but I like it.

Tag surprised by the encounter, fires off a round from his pistol along with Syntax shooting off his rifle.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 1 VS Dog A Body 1d4 = 2

Syntax Rifle 1d4 = 3 VS Dog A Body 1d4 = 4


>Oh I forgot damage rolls but that is okay.

They both miss and Syntax looked worried now that his gun was empty but they couldn't do anything as the dogs ran up and tried to bite them.

Dog A Bite 1d4 = 4 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 4

Dog B Bite 1d4 = 3 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 2


They were both bitten which drew blood from them but they should still be okay.

Tag HP 6
Syntax HP 8

Syntax reloads his gun.


>Tag, in panic, tried to shoot at the dog biting him at point-blank range, barrel to the head.


He tries to ready his gun but this can prove difficult.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 1 VS Dog A Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d6 = 5


It shoots off wildly into some random direction as Tag struggled with the dog but with the loud noise it at least scares it away from him, leaving Dog B behind.

Dog A left combat

Now there was only one left but it didn't look like it was keen on leaving right now.

Dog B Bite 1d4 = 2 VS Syntax Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 1


>The dog that flee gave Tag at least some confidence for some composure.
>Looks over to the dog attacking Syntax and had an idea.

>Using his magic he levitated one of his aerosol cans and tried to blind the dog with bright yellow.


Syntax was dealt some minor damage which made him curse at the dog for a few seconds.

Syntax HP 7/10

Tag then tries to spray the dog in the face with his yellow paint to perhaps blind it temporarily.

Tag Art 1d6 = 3 VS Dog B Body 1d4 = 2

Syntax Rifle 1d4 = 1 VS Dog B Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d8 = 2


The dog's face was covered in a yellow paint and it cried out in pain as its eyes were coated in the chemical. Then that was followed up with Syntax's gunshot which hit the animal in the leg dealing some minor damage. This made the dog run away like its friends and left the party alone in the middle of the street.

+10 EXP

Syntax: "Well... I can see why they gave us free stuff now."

He reloads his gun and suggests that Tag should do the same.


It's time for me to go actually.


>Tag winced in pain, but tries to pretend he's cool.
Punk-ass mongrels. I would of finished them if they didn't startle me.
Hope they didn't infect us with anything.

Aw, just when I feel the ball was rolling.


Syntax: "We should be fine but perhaps we should look around this old shop for supplies to fix ourselves up with so that we don't get killed. We took some serious damage back there and I would like to see if we can find some medical supplies."

He then looks to the distance and could see the museum that they needed to go to. It wasn't much further from where they were now and they can expect the other squad waiting for them.

Syntax: "Or perhaps we should head on over to the museum now if you feel up to it."


Hm, wanna get this over and done with. I'm not as wrecked as you think.
>Is lying and actually somewhat concerned for himself.
But you look a bit worse for ware, so I guess we can find something we can use to patch ourrselves up with.


Syntax: "Yeah. Lets head on inside."


They head on inside and they can see that the building was once as colorful as it was outside. The first object they see was an old display case that had its glass busted through and was empty, they could not find out what was once held inside. To the left they could see there was a kitchen and to the right was a lobby area with tables and chairs set about it. Behind the counter was a staircase that would lead on up to the second floor.

The floor they noticed was strange as it had a very thin and harmless layer of red dust on it. So long as nothing kicked up the dust they would be able to breath without gas masks. On they counter they can see what looks to be a note.

Syntax: "That kitchen over there may have a first aid kit we could rummage through. Also if I find a doctor's bag then I can start to patch ourselves up, I know a thing or two about wounds."


Uh, OK, you do that.
>Checks out what the note reads.


It looked to be some short letter of some sort.

Pound Cake

I need you to go to the market soon so we can stock up on ingredients. We got several orders to make plus this wedding thats going on around here. For now we just need eggs, flour, milk, and wheat at the moment.

Thanks, Pumpkin Cake

Tag didn't recognize the names but it was strange to read some other pony's thoughts and messages from long ago. Was he intruding? Was it right for him to do so? It would be up to him to decide as the owners of the store were not here anymore. After that read Syntax came back with two healing shots but no doctor's bag.

Syntax: "This is all I could find. Take this and you should feel better."


>Tag looked at the paper. It was old, but he didn't know how old it was.
Hey Syntax, somepony might be living out here. Theres a message here for somepony named Pound Cake.
They'll probably be pissed if they come back and find there stuff is gone.


Syntax: "They choked on a death cloud or was eaten by the dogs we saw earlier."

He takes the one shot and uses it on himself while he gives the other one over to Tag. His motions seemed... practiced when using the medicines.

Syntax: "You're hurting anyways. Besides if somepony comes here and gets mad at taking this stuff then I'll just give them all the wealth of New Canterlot."

He was joking though in a grim tone, he knew they wouldn't find a friendly face out here with them.


You don't just stick it in... Can I drink this or something?
>Obviously city-boy Tag will need help applying his medicine.


Syntax: "Hmph."

He takes the shot from tag and stabs him with it and injects the medicines into him before he could get away. Despite the surprise Tag's wounds felt a lot less painful and they healed up some. Now they were a lot more poised to go to the museum.


OW WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING YOU CU-oh that does feel better. Uh thanks.
>Wipes where the prick went, trying to ignore the pain of needles.


Syntax: "Sorry about that but you looked like you were stalling there a moment. Not to say anything bad about you though but things are fine now."

Syntax looked a lot more wisened to the world but he too has never been out in a dead zone before.

Syntax: "I'm ready to head on out if you are."


Yeah. Yeah let's go.

>As they head on out,
So what you gonna do after all this?

>After asking that question, Tag realised it was somewhat unlike him to care to ask such things, but he was somewhat curious what this guy would do. Probably buy drugs or something.


Syntax: "After this? Well I was gonna hold up in my apartments and buy some things is all. Look for work for another small business to attack competition and all that. If I can't find work then I'll keep going around with the Expedition Guild until I can settle down."

They get closer to the museum as they moved but they had to stop as ahead of them the whole street was covered in one of those red death clouds.

Syntax: "Here get you mask on."

He didn't seem afraid to move through the cloud but Tag can figure he put a lot of faith in their masks. Syntax then shortly follows his own advice and puts on his mask.

Syntax: "What about you though? What are you gonna do?"


>Puts on the mask.
Gonna go back to the streets. An artist work is never done and I got a lot of territory to brighten up with my talent. You probably seen my pieces around the city.

I imagine he "thinks" it's just the one job. I imagine the community service he's under demands him to continue work for a specific number of jobs or days even if he's an ass about it.

I mean, if it was just the one job, be a rather short RP if Tag can just walk away afterwards.


Tag had to put away his sunglasses to make room for the mask which felt kind of suffocating at times and made it hard to focus.

Syntax: "Painting the streets? Well... I guess that's a way to go around eh?"

They enter in the death cloud and soon enough they could not see further than 5 feet in front of them. All around them they could only see red as they passed through, only hearing their heavy breathing and muffled voices.

Mind Test DC 3

Syntax Mind 1d6 - 1 = 5
Tag Mind 1d6 - 1 = 2

Well it could be the only job he has to take but I got it planned that this leads off into a story to go on here. Also I imagine Tag is pretty young, like younger than Syntax Error.


Syntax then suddenly stops the both of them and pointed out a small obstruction in their path.

Syntax: "Here look out."

Before them laid some old and rusted razor wire used to make it hard to cross the street. Who put it there though was a mystery.

Syntax: "Here we can just climb over this since we know its here now or perhaps you can use that horn to clear the way for us. I mean its not trouble because of my wings but it may prove cumbersome for some earthbound pony like you."


>Walking through the red mist was somewhat haunting. He wsn't terrified but was still aware of the history of death the red smog had, that it was not that far off from his own skin and lungs if it wern't for the standard protective covering.

>Epic decides to use his magic to pull away at the wire to make a way through. He's not gonna risk cutting his protective gear to let the smog in.


Tag tries his magic to push all the old razor wire away. As for the cloud a lot of it did touch his skin but so long as it does not get into his eyes, nose, or mouth he should be fine. As he does try to move the razor wire he could swear he can here the voices of angry sounding ponies or perhaps that was just his imagination.

Tag Tele 1d6 = 6 VS Wire DC 3


>Tag could never really tell the difference between those angry at him or not. Besides hard to be sure in this mask, So he just does his thing.


The cobble road was now clear and the party continues their way along. Despite wearing some bug like mask with a filter at the bottom, Tag could feel Syntax smiling at him.

Syntax: "An impressive display. I never understood unicorn magic myself except for working with magic technology but it looks like you got a handle on your own powers."

They soon stepped out of the cloud and were now faced with the museum itself which was a large and old looking factory with a neon sign that had a picture of a red stallion with orange hair on him. The Macintosh Munitions Museum, odd to see one of the ruling corporations in New Canterlot having their own museum in a dead zone.


I can paint with three spraycans with my magic. Five if I concentrate well.

>Looks at the museum.
So this is the place?


File: 1530986919581.png (70.43 KB, 1227x651, 409:217, manehattan_night_by_bronyv….png) ImgOps Google

Syntax: "Yeah..."

Looking around they didn't see anypony out here but they did see the door to the main entrance to go inside with.

Syntax: "I don't see them here, they are probably waiting inside of there for us. Lets get on inside and give them this ammo box."


Hopefully they ain't dead.


They head on to the entrance and goes through the door, opening it and going inside to find that they are in the main lobby that would have some passages to go deeper into the museum/factory. In the lobby area they find what looked to be a campsite but it was abandoned with no pony around. At the front of the passage into the deeper part of the museum was a scrap dog huddled over a body of a pony mercenary. Suddenly a voice comes over on the intercom.

[i]"Welcome to the Macintosh Munitions Museum. Here you are standing in the first weapons development facility ever made in Equestria that has stood the test of time in our economy and is now a bastion of business pioneering. Come and look at our achievements and learn more about your favorite weapons development company."

Even though the voice seemed friendly, the party could not help to feel more on edge given that there was a dog eating one of the mercenaries they were support to meet.


>Tag readied his weapon. If this dog will notice them, he'd rather be ready.


Syntax: "We can try to make a preemptive attack on the dog. Normally I would suggest to sneak around but we need to clear this area out to look for clues on the rest of the squad and find out more on what happened."

Syntax then took out his rifle and pointed it at the dog and waited for Tag to do the same with his pistol.



Now that they were both ready, they both took a shot and both hit the dog.

Syntax Damage 1d8 = 7 VS Dog
Tag Damage 1d6 = 2 VS Dog


>Tag decidesa on the pre-emptive attack. After all dogs have real good hearing, he maybe sneaky himself but didn't want to risk it.

>He carefully aimed at the dogs head, hoping it just be a single killing shot.



The dog had its leg and head blown off by the combined firepower and it flew across the room. Howling could be heard as another dog rushes on into the room. Deeper into the museum they can hear turret fire go off.

Syntax: "Shit there's another on in here with us! Keep it away while I reload!"

Combat Encounter
Scrap Dog A-B
HP 8/8
B4 M4 C4
Bite 1d4
Stealth 1d4
Athletics 1d4

Syntax Reloads his rifle.


>This time, Tag tried to keep his cool as he carefully keep his levitation spell steady as the dog came towards him.
>He fires.


The shot rings out loud and the room flashes bright with the muzzle flash of his pistol.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 2 VS Dog Body 1d4 = 1


Wait, am I shooting the dog we already killed or one of the live dogs coming at us?
'cus a dead dog isn't going to be giving us any trouble. Those live ones bounding after us however...


File: 1530988329848.jpg (260.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wasteland_2_Artwork_12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>I forgot the DMG Roll but I did it with a nearby dice I had.

The shot hits into the chest of the dog and it causes some serious damage to him.

Dog HP 4/8

Now it was ready to strike viciously at Tag, wanting to meet his flesh with his maw.

Dog Bite 1d4 = 2 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 4

A second one came through the hallway.


Manure! Hurry up Error! Help!
>Shoots at the dog biting him.


The dog bites down hard and deals some damage to Tag, biting through his jacket and leaving new stains on it rather than the few misfires of one of his spray cans but at least you won't be able to tell it was blood later on.

Sytnax: "By all. Hand on!"


Tag Pistol 1d4 = 4 Dog Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d6 = 2

Syntax Rifle 1d4 = 1 Dog Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d8 = 2

Bang, BANG!


Syntax misses his shot but at least Tag was able to land a hit on it but it only grazes and the bullet lands into the floor.

Dog HP 2/8

the dog then attacks wildly at Syntax seeing that it had already shown who's alpha to Tag.

Dog Bite 1d4 = 2 VS Syntax Body 1d4 = 3
DmG 1d4 = 4


Snytax deftly dodges the dog's attack and quickly reloads his gun. Ammuntion in the party was starting to get uncomfortably meager but they should still have enough to do this trip. All they could hope was the pay being worth it.

Time to go. Will the party survive this encounter?!


>Starting to panic a little.
>Tries to take another shot at it.

Dunno. Sometimes I forget if the low rolls are good or not. :P
I'm guessing our contacts are dead though.


File: 1531064623860.jpg (260.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wasteland_2_Artwork_12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


He takes another shot causing the gun to ring out loud, hopefully putting an end to the dog itself.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 1 VS Dog Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d6 = 5

Syntax: "Don't worry Tag we almost got him!"


With the final shot, the dog was hit in the chest area causing the small 9mm bullet to pierce the lungs of the beast and quickly drop it to the floor. Now there were no more dogs left and the party had managed to stay alive in this brief fire fight.

+20 EXP

So long as the attempt roll is greater than or equal to the defense roll/DC


>Tag kicked the dogs carcass.
Yeah thats right! Your bite was no match for my bark!


Syntax didn't say much but stood still to watch as he holstered his rifle onto his back once more since it was needed at the moment. He didn't watch Tag with approval nor disgust but rather his mind drifted off to more distant places. He then comes back to reality and moves up to tap on Tag's shoulder to get his attention.

Syntax: "Come lets take a look around so we can find out what happened. We'll also have to radio in the Expedition Guild and tell them that their squad was wiped out."


A'ight. Let's find these dudes, drop this off and leaves. 've had enough being bitten by dogs for awhile.


Syntax: "We need to radio in the guild first. Take your radio out that you got and call them up while I check this body for any notes or clues."

Syntax moves over to the body, half eaten and marred with dog bites. He couldn't tell who it was but it was a mare of some sort. Not only might he find some clues but he may find some gear.

Find Gear DC 4

Syntax Mind 1d6 - 1 = 0


>Epic sighed and got his radio out. He tried to call the Expedition Guild.


He tuned to the frequency they showed him to call the guild.

Bzzt.... Livingstone: "Expedition Guild, how are you guys doing out there? Have you met with the squad out there yet?"

Syntax: "All I could find was their work order and a small diary."


I dunno if we found her or not,. Kinda hard to tell with the dog bites and the corpse ripped apart. What kinda sick expedition is this?


Livingstone: "She didn't make it? Damn well there were more of them... Expeditions are always like this Tapestry. Out there in dead zones we make a living so New Canterlot can thrive but it is dangerous work. Look you found the squad but with them dead we need you to head into the museum and find its power node or else our home will go dark. If you do this for us then you will get 50 bits added onto your pay with the 25."


>His eye twitch.
Tag. The names Tag.
>Tag was going to rudely tell him they were quitting and going straight back. But if they were willing to pay more for this Power Node thing if it's so important then he'll find it and get this over and done with.
What does this Node look like?


Livingstone: "The node will look like this square piece of metal with a large emerald set in the center and small enough to fit into your saddle bags. A marvel of unicorn technology from the olden days I'm told. Thanks for this we won't forget your efforts and hope for a safe return."

Syntax: "I read over the note and it seems that it details that there main hall leading downstairs is guard be turrets. In the basement though should be the node we are after but we should look around else where to see if we can find something, maybe find another corpse of the dead squad."


I won't forget it either. Over an' out.

>To Syntax
Turrets? Why is there turrets?
Y'know, nevermind. What I want to know is, do these turrets shoot what moves or do they recognise living targets?


Snytax: "They'll recognize living things and shoot on sight. Apparently a long time ago this place went on some sort of panic mode but they don't know why."

Looking down they small hall they can see in the distance was the main area and green cone like lights moved back and forth across. In the hall though to the left they can see a small door that would lead into some other room.


Alright, I have a plan. However, we'll need to be at an advantage where we can at l;east clearly see them while not being in their range.


They get on up to the main room and they can see the room had display cases built into the walls but they were emptied a long time ago. On each of the corners of the room were turrets making a total of 4 guarding the room. The turrets green lights drifted over the corpses of the dead dogs caught in the fire but among them was another corpse of a squad member who looked to be a stallion who had cybernetics. To the right would the assembly area where the weapons would be made and to the left would lead downstairs.

To cross the room like this then it could prove difficult to avoid the lights and gunfire.

Stealth or Athletics DC 4
Avoid Gunfire if fail DC 3


>Tag wanted to attempt to test the extend of his levitation ability. He will try and spray-over the cameras that the turret use to track them.


File: 1531069849543.png (36.98 KB, 281x140, 281:140, Turret.png) ImgOps Google


Syntax: "Yeah that was what I was thinking too, either that or I find the computer to hack into."

Tag levitates his cans but he had only three in his pack so he best try to be careful while doing this.

Camera 1
Tag Tele 1d6 = 5 DC 3

Camera 2
Tag Tele 1d6 = 1 DC 3

Camera 3
Tag Tele 1d6 = 3 DC 3

Camera 4
Tag Tele1d6 = 2 DC 3


He managed to paint over two cameras but could reach the other two thus making the DC much easier than before.

Stealth/Athletics DC 2

At least things were much more manageable.

Syntax: "Maybe we can go check out that assembly area, there's a chance we can find better gear in there."


Good idea. And maybe we can find something for you to hack into.


File: 1531070314394.png (36.98 KB, 281x140, 281:140, Turret.png) ImgOps Google

To get to the other room they would have to move around the turret lights. Once they start a voice on the intercom sprang up.

Comm: "To the left you can see the first area of weapons being decveloped, here laborers and the such moved pieces of equipment and fastened them together to build all sorts of weapons that you buy from one of our many stores. To the right will head down into the R&D area where the top scientists and engineers work hard to help design the quality products that you afford."

Stealth DC 2
Tag Stealth 1d4 = 2
If Fail: Tag Body 1d4 = 1 VS Turret 1d4 = 3 DMG 1d4 = 3

Syntax Stealth 1d4 = 3
If Fail: Syntax Body 1d4 = 4 VS Turret 1d4 = 2 DMG 1d4 = 4


They both make it safely into the assembly area where they saw line after line of broken or messed up gun parts scattered about where the weapons would be made. In the center of the room was a massive computer whose wires would reach out and connect to every single other line in this room.

Syntax: "Hm..."

They head on up to the computer and find two weapons laid up against the console.

Spitfire Gun with 4 cells in it (Rifle)
Hawkfire 4 with 4 cells in it (Pistol)

The console looked to still be active and operational, awaiting some sort of password to get it started.

Syntax: "Laser weapons, pretty cheap too. these will come in handy but they are low on ammunition."


Can you hack thins thing? this looks hackable.

>Takes and examines the Hawkfire pistol.


Syntax: "Yeah let me take a look."

He holds his hoof up where his hacking interface device was strapped onto and pulled out a cord from it and connected it to the console. From his device he tapped on the key board and sent all sorts malware and data mining programs from his device to the console.

Syntax Hack 1d6 = 2 VS DC 3

Examining the pistol Tag could see that the Hawkfire pistol was an energy based weapon that some mercs and pmc's would carry around. A popular weapon back in the day and the replacement of conventional weapon types. The only problem with this gun was the fact that it was low on ammo but he could dual wield this with his G90. Dual wielding the pistols like that though will allow him to attack twice in a single turn but downgrade his skill rolls.

Syntax to the Spitfire gun and strapped it onto his back.


Tag decides, insted of duel-wielding. He will hold onto this gun. Who knows maybe Livingstone will expect them to confiscate the weapons they will be given, or perhaps a powerful laser blast will be needed/


He was able to get access but only as a guest and could not operate anything.

Syntax: "I got it... somewhat."

On the terminal it read this.

Welcome "Guest"

Assembly Line Control [Access Denied]
Turret Control [Access Denied]
R&D Logistics


Hm, what does it say?

In this part of Fallout, what I'd usually do is jut read all of the available options one by one.


Tag takes the hawkfire gun.

Syntax didn't say anything but rather clicked through all the available options by hitting the up and down arrow keys and hitting enter every so often.

Status: Emergency, lethal force allowed
Production: Halted
Museum: Closed
# Of weapons made in this year: 0
Employee Count: Unknown
Safety: Building Infested

R&D Logistics
Note from staff: "The crew has hit a rut in the late of days with the riots going on. Steel Beam quit so he could go get his family and move them away into the country which makes the work load harder on us. At least the lights are being kept on and we don't have to pay the electric company any fees with out power node but keep quiet about this as this will make us look bad."

Type here for Questions


Oh you can ask it questions> Ask how do we disable the turrets?


[i]Turret access is granted to the administrator.[/?]

Syntax: "Sorry Tag but this is the best I can do. A lot of these old computers are tricky and my malware is sometimes not enough."

They could feel though that in time they can make things work in the future with more experience under their belt.

>I forgot some EXP +5


Ask where the administrator office is.


Admin Office is located near the main lobby hall to a door on the right.

Syntax: "Oh that door we passed by before we got on up to the turrets. Well I don't know if there is much point going there now since we are headed downstairs to get a node that will cut off all power to the museum." >>14776


I just have a hunch. If my hunch is right, it'll make all this more easier. Let's go.


File: 1531072693467.png (36.98 KB, 281x140, 281:140, Turret.png) ImgOps Google

They get on up to the turret room and they have to sneak by them once more to get back into the small hallway.

Stealth DC 2
Tag Stealth 1d4 = 2
If Fail: Tag Body 1d4 = 3 VS Turret 1d4 = 2 DMG 1d4 = 4

Syntax Stealth 1d4 = 1
If Fail: Syntax Body 1d4 = 3 VS Turret 1d4 = 3 DMG 1d4 = 2


As they made their way, Syntax was caught by one of the turrets and was shot at. He quickly pushes Tag into the safety of the hall and jumps for it himself. A stray bullet catches Syntax in the wing and he gives a shout in agony.

Syntax HP 8/10

Syntax: "Augh! Damn! ...Huff You alright? Seems I got hit but I should be fine to continue."


Am I alright!? Are you alright?
>Checks his leg.
If we can find what I hope will be in the Administors office, it should be easier to get around this place.


Tag wasn't shot but he still bore the wounds of the last dog they fought off.

Syntax: "Pity isn't it? We can barely defend against some basic security and dogs."

He gets on back up and they make their way to the admin office door. There they opened in and found a small little room with a basic desktop computer and a locked filing cabinet next to it. The computer itself required password to access which Syntax got to work on immediately.

Syntax: "See if you can find something to open that cabinet with just in case I can't get this computer to work for me."

Syntax Hack 1d6 = 4 VS DC 3


Opening the main files they can see most of the computer's hardrive had corrupted long ago. The only option on the screen was for them to switch the turrets on or off.

sadj;lWmn ASkdl;wj

Turret Control
aslnd wf.


To think, I'm here just because of graffiti. I mean does my artwork ever tried to kill anypony? Why am I punished like this because of it? The legal system is messed up.

>Epic looked around, if he found a skeleton or even an aged corpse, he will check it for keycards and what not.
>But if no corpse, he will try and open that cabinet.


Syntax: "Eh we don't need it open anymore, I got the thing to work this time actually."

He clicked on the turret controls and shut off the thing. Now that area should be safe to walk through.

Syntax: "To be fair if these ponies were still alive then we would already be in our armored railcar heading home."

He got back on up from his chair, his two rifle clacking up against his gear. Still wearing their masks, he gives Tag a look that told the artist that they should get a move on.


Hm, alright then, but let';s be thorough.
>Looks around for whatever that will look interesting or useful.


He looks around but finds nothing else. You imagine whoever had to work here was either on his hooves a lot or had a really boring job. Maybe a lot of those corrupted files were computer games.

They head on out of the office and went downstairs into the R&D area. There they were in a long hallway with many siderooms design to house a certain weapon and testfire it safely. Each room was sealed with doors that were closed with thousands of pounds of pressure and they can look into each room via a bullet proof window. At the end of the hall was a door that read "Employees only."

Syntax: "Here's where they tested their guns. If we're gonna find that power node then it will most likely be on the other side of that restricted door."


Hm... maybe. If the power node was used to power this place, I imagine they would keep it in the basement or wherever they would keep the generators.


Syntax: "Yeah lets check over there."

They go past the door and find a room that had a large table overlooking some withered away and unrecognizable drawings of future weapon ideas. These would be valuable if they had never gone to be trashed over time and now illegible. They can see in the corner of the room was a generator that housed the power node in a side panel.

This is what they came for, the node that will help power New Canterlot for a whole other year and hopefully keep ponies calm and safe rather than being in the dark. Going up to the generator they would have to figure out how to cut it off to safely remove the power node.

Time for me to go now. Pretty cool how this all worked out.


Hm... is it "hackable"?

Yeah. Good we're covering ground.

I am getting used to this RP, but Clarity said the footie will end next Sunday and hope we can continue our traditional RPG by then.


Hey Syn, are we doin' this?

It's been a few days. You still up for this?


Sorry things have been extremely stressful with school. We should get back to the norm tomorrow.

They look at the generator but it does not have any computer to jack into, it looks more of an magic engineering thing but that unicorn knowledge is not known to them. Still looking over the hardware they can see an emergency shut off switch on one of the panels. The shut off switch was behind a pane of glass and flipping it should make it safe to retrieve the Power Node.

Syntax: "Hey Tag, you mind bashing that glass with your pistol?"


>Tag grins and does so, feeling somewhat a little satisfied of breaking something. He even pulled the shut off switch himself.


File: 1531497633273.jpg (58.91 KB, 710x528, 355:264, 710x528_9973898_6909829_14….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Once that had been done the generator had made a low key whining noise and shut off, killing the lights and all of the power within the entire museum. Now things were dark but they were still able to pull the Power Node out of the generator's panel.

Syntax: "We got what we came here... eh sort of I guess."

He eyes the little square with the emerald embedded in it but then pockets it into his saddle bag for safe keeping. Now though was the time to get out of the place and head back to their armored rail car so they can go home.

Syntax: "Are you ready to head on back? It could be dangerous to go from here on out."


The sooner we get back to New Canterlot, the sooner I can leave this crazy expadition. Let's go.


They quickly navigate through the darkened halls of the now dead museum, no more did any info comms sound off with their presence. Once they had gotten outside they can see that the day had turned to night as well but the surrounding areas were still dangerous. The cloud they had to pass through had thankfully cleared away by now and they were clear to head on back to the bakery store they passed by earlier.

Syntax: "Hey you seem like you aren't here by choice. Why are you on this expedition in the first place?"

Syn was clearly trying to make small talk as they made their way back but it would be up to Tapestry to keep it going.


File: 1531498556568.jpg (463.09 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, just-jet-set-radio-things-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Because New Canterlot "officials" don't appreciate fine street art when they see it. I've been painting New Canterlot for over two years, all the while evading guards, rent-a-cops and flankholes.

Before finishing a piece I got jumped by guards before I had the chance to evade. Got the cuffs on me before I had the chance to do anything. Apparently police brutality for graffiti is legit for them.

My smart mouth got me all the way here. I sprayed a dick on the shirt of one of the cop that got me, told the court I did the guy a favour given he was lacking one, and pretty much ended up here, community service with the Expedition Guild.


Syntax: "So it's more of a punishment really... well I guess its better than just beating you to near death like they do most others. Still though maybe you can put forth your efforts more to something productive than dick pics on a wall?"

It was odd, tag had been given advice from numberous ponies before but this is probably the first time from a druggie. Comptemplating this they make it to the bakery and were almost home until another pony had walked out in front of them, one of the wild ones that lives in the dead zone.

Pony: "H-hey can you help me?"

He held his side in a pained expression and waited a good distance between him and the party. Syntax stared at him and then Tag and wanted to see what Tag wanted to do.


I didn't draw a dick on the wall, I drew a dick on the cop that almost beat me to death.

>Noticed the pony.
Whats up with you? You hurt?


Pony: "Y-yeah. Some stallion shot me a while ago. I need help please."

The pony in front of them looked rough wearing torn up clothing and scrap metal bits as armor pieces. He had a 6oclock shadow like Syntax Error and he had jet black hair.

Pony: "I... I don't think I'm gonna last much longer if I don't get any help."


I can tell this is a trap. But I dunno if I should make Tag that inexperiance enough to full for it given he's a city boy.


It just depends on how you want to roleplay your character.


>Tag was somewhat suprised to see another pony out here, but kept his cool about it.
What happened to you?


Pony: "I told you..."

He then had a predatory smile grow to the sides of his face.

Pony: "I was shot like this."

From where he was holding himself he quickly pulled out a pistol and shot it at the general direction of Tag.

Syntax: "Tag Look out!"


Combat Encounter
RT Shooter
HP 10/10
B:6 M:4 C:6
Pistol 4
Athletic 4
Grenade 4

The shot rings out.

RT Shooter Pistol 1d4 = 4 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d6 = 1


DAMMIT! I'll give him something to whine about.
>Returns fire.


The bullet rings past Tag, cutting across the flesh of his cheek but leaving him relatively unharmed from the attack. The only thing he had to worry about that was the bullet may leave a benign scar.

Tag HP 5/10

Tag takes up his G90 and fires back in the hopes to deal more damage with a more practiced shot.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 1 VS RT Shooter Body 1d6 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 3

Syntax takes out his Spitfire rifle and shoots a magic energy beam of red at the enemy.

Syntax Rifle 1d4 = 3 VS RT Shooter Body 1d6 = 3
DMG 1d8 = 2


Tag misses his shot but Syntax was able to deal some minor damage to their adversary.

RT Shooter: "Fuck that was supposed to kill you!"

RT Shooter HP 8/10

The gangster then pulls the pin of one of his grenades and chucks it at the party themselves.

RT Shooter Grenade 1d4 = 4 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 4 Snytax 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d6 = 4


>Tag panicked at the site of this and tried to "bat" the grenade back.


The explosion goes off and the both of them were struck with shrapnel that shot into their hides. The pain was terrible but they were still able to continue but only barely.

Tag HP 1/10
Syntax HP 4/10

>Once it goes, it goes.

Syntax: "Augh... I wish I had some Bodigizer on me."

The pegasus pulls out the next best thing and stuck Tag with his only Healing Shot.

Tag HP 6/10

Syntax: "Quick shoot him or do something!"


>Returns fire.
We need to retreat, if we get to the turret on the train we can get 'im!


Syntax: "Fuck do we even know how to use that thing?"

Tag returns fire in the hopes to harm his opponent.

Tag Pistol 1d4 = 3 VS RT Shooter Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d6 = 3

I was gonna make it you need to have a skill to use a weapon but I guess I can make it so that we downgrade 1d4's You'll just have to wait until the next round to make your escape.


I dunno, I figure just aim and shoot. What else can we do to beat this guy?


His shot rings true as he peppered the shooter, cutting through his armor and piercing his chest area. This though did not stop him as he continued his assault.

RT Shooter: "I'm gonna pin your bodies to the walls with rail spikes when I'm done with you!"

RT Shooter Pistol 1d4 = 3 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d6 = 4

Syntax: "If we're gonna run we better do it now!"


Let's get outta here!
>Tries to escape with Syntax.


The shot whizzes past their heads and knocks into the bakeries sign. Now they were selling Cupcakes, Cakes, and now Hot Lead for the cheap price of 10 bits.

Syntax: "Right behind you."

They quickly do a 180 and start to run from the Gangster while he gave chase. The idea was to run back to the armored car by circling around and they eventually make it to the rail line.

The tracks pointed the way to the distant car and it seemed to be quite the run but they were eager to make it as gunshot roared out for them. Behind them the gangster was still after them.

Shooter HP 5/10

It also seemed that several clouds of death were closing in on them but thankfully they never took off their gas masks so they should be fine.

Syntax: "Keep your head low as we make our run!"


OK, on it.
>They run low and quick to the rail line.


The shooter stops to make a few well aimed shots at them as they quickly get on over to the car.

Shooter Pistol 1d4 = 3 VS Tag Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d6 = 5

Shooter Pistol 1d4 = 2 VS Syntax Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d6 = 5

Syntax: "FUCK!"


The shot misses Syntax and Tapestry was hit pretty hard in the back dealing massive damage to the little artist. There in that moment he can see his life flash before his eyes, the abusive father, the hopeful grandmother, all of it.

He then thinks to himself if this was worth it in the end. In exchange for his life Syntax would be able to make it back to New Canterlot and give them power for a whole year. Did Tag want this?

He then can feel himself being picked up by Syntax and he could tell because of the wings Tag was thrusted over.

Syntax: "Stay with me Tag, you can't die here and now!"

They finally make it to the rail car and Syntax closes it shut. The shooter was still firing bullet that would ping off of the exterior which made them relatively safe.

Syntax: "If you can, get on that gun and shoot him down! I'll drive us out of here."


>Was dazed at what was going on.
S-Start the train. Get us out of here.

>Tries to get up to the gun turret on top. He will shoot at the enemy while Syntax gets them out.


The car gets started and they slowly start to get out of there while tag loaded up onto the gun of the car. He then points the minigun at the shooter and lets a torrent of lead fire off.

tag Mini (1d4 = 1~1d4 = 4) (1d4 = 2~1d4 = 1)(1d4 = 2~1d4 = 4) (1d4 = 3~1d4 = 3) VS Shooter Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d6 = 3 1d6 = 4 1d6 = 3 1d6 = 6


File: 1531502940295.gif (7.25 MB, 636x411, 212:137, 1513194046017241742.gif) ImgOps Google

Oh well all of them hit.

The bullets all hit into the shooter, picking off limbs and flesh of the stallion as he screams in agony until he was no longer recognizable. There the remnants of the body laid there torn apart and stuck in a pool of blood. This was the first pony Tag killed in his life and perhaps it was not the last.

The car though reaches full speed and they make their get away with the power Node intact.


Woah... I totally wrecked that guy.
>Tag looked at what he done. The way the bullets spread from the minigun was sort of like spraying with a spraycan. The pony he murdered was now a new piece of art he made, one he was somewhat reluctant of.



Still though the day was won with their combined efforts. Tag went back down below to leave the sickening feeling of that minigun. From there he took a seat while Syntax focused on keeping the car on the tracks.

Syntax: "Won't be too long until we get back to the city. Hey drinks will be on me tonight okay?"

+10 EXP


Yeah, sure.

>As they travelled.

Are you gonna leave this Expedition hell when we get back?


Syntax: "I might stick with them for a few more rounds since there's no small company that needs some cyber attacks for now. I need the money real bad and the guild is gonna pay well."

Pay well? It must be some serious pay for Syntax to risk his life like this. Perhaps though it isn't the amount though that matters to him but rather what he can buy to keep himself alive and happy.

The clunking sound of the cars wheel's against the track did not help much as a distraction of what Tag did to that bandit, at least though the money would be good.

Syntax: "We're almost home now. Better give a look over on your equipment before we make it back to Livingstone."


I don't get all this.
I was arrested for graffiti and now I killed a guy because I'm here because of them. What the heck is wrong with this karma.

Have you ever killed somepony before?


Syntax could tell Tapestry was bothered by what had happened and wanted to think of something to say.

Syntax: "Things happen tag and sometimes you gotta do things that you might not like. In the end what really matters is that New Canterlot is gonna have power now for a whole year."

Even though he didn't answer Tag's question, how it seems that Syntax was willing to attack with his gun and justify killing that pony, Tag can assume Syntax has been in a scrape or two in his life.

Eventually they make it back to the staion and they offload the car and were now back in the Expedition's Station. There the ponies were still hard at work and Livingstone was still by the radio operator.


>Tag got off the train. He boarded arrogent yet physically well, now he was covered in bitemarks and bullet holes which were still bleeding a little and traumatised from what has happened.
>He was arrested for graffiti,a crime that gives art, not to harm anyone. And the law sends him of to kill or be killed. He opposed the government because they didn't like his art. Now he hates them for putting him through that.

Got to go out and get dinner for family. BRB.


By the time you get back I should be going to work.

They walk over to Livingstone battered, cut up, and riddled with bullets. The radio operator looked to still be having trouble with the set up.

Livingstone: "Ah you're back... barely I suppose. I know you two must be in some serious pain but I still gotta ask, did you get the power node?"


>Goes over to the radio and switches it off.
Yes we did.


Syntax watches Tag go on over and shut off the radio the operator was working on. He had a look of tiredness and didn't say anything, was it because he didn't care or perhaps he didn't like what Tag was doing. It doesn't matter.

Quartz Crystal: "Hey I was working on that!"

Livingstone: "Quartz, we got some business to talk about I imagine. Go on back home and get some rest. We'll work on the radio tomorrow."

She reluctantly leaves after giving a nod of approval. Livingstone then sits down where she was once and looks up at the two.

Livingstone: "So what happened? I lost a whole squad today so I imagine this mission was not easy."


Oh, I didn't know you were on. I was about to go out, but I'll stay and play now.

>To Quartz
You're just talking to ghosts, luv.

>To Livingstone.
We got the thing you wanted. But as for your squad stationed there, they're dog food now. There was also bandits involved, one almost killed us... I-

Just take your thing, I've done what this "Community Service" asked for, I don't have to do more of this manure.


Syntax hands over the power node and they were both awarded 75 bits as promised. Livingstone took it and gave it a look over.

Livingstone: "I don't like losing whole squads but I can't deny how much this node will help the slums. The Upper City won't do much for us so I have to keep this guild going to keep us alive."

He puts it away and looks back up at them.

Livingstone: "I may need some help in the near future though, how about you reconsider your stance for the night and talk to me about it tomorrow. I can use stallions like you who can get a job done."


You mean Stallions you can send off to get killed? Nah. I'm done with this. I only got arrested and put under your service for graffiti, because of you, that sod who tried to kill me, I had to lay him out with that gun up their. I sprayed him across the waste. How is it justice that I'm arrested for graffiti, but it's OK for ponyslaughter if I'm put under custody of it? No way. I'm out.

I just find it in character for Tag to be difficult, I plan for his character arc to be a better pony after experiancing the consequencess of his selfishness and more awareness of others.
Way I see it, the "Community Service" he is entitled by a specified ammount of time than just the one job so Tag leaving could break his arrest, with guards eager to capture and return him to Livingstone.
Other ideas is guards in the vicinity overhears him openly admit to murdering a pony and use that against him.
Or maybe Syntax can cvonvince him to stay the night out of their new found friendship.

I'm aware Tag leaving is not good for the story, just how I imagine he is in character and needs coaxing to stay on the plot.


Don't worry I will think of something.

Livingstone accepted it and the two left without Syntax saying a word, maybe it wasn't his style. Then again he did not want to be antagonistic to Tag right now since Syntax was gonna stay with the guild for the time being.

The two of them head out of the Train Station and into the dark streets that the night had claimed. It was dark and late, both badly wounded and no real place to go.

Syntax: "Hey Tag, we should celebrate our success by going over to the local pub. Get some drinks and see some mares, the usual thing. It will be my treat after all."


Y-yeah, I'd like that. Heck pretty much meeting you is the only thing I want to remember from this day.


They head on over and enter some seedy establishment called the Galloping Mare where worker ponies and some guilds ponies came by to get drinks and the such. Tag's Grandmother specifically told him to not come to this place but his father used to be quite the patron here before getting banned. Tag wonders if Syntax may have met him before assuming Syntax comes here often.

They sit on down and saw a griffon cleaning some glasses, she wore a tattered apron and had a perpetual scowl on her face.

Gloria: "Now Syntax I'm not lending you out any free drinks anymore, you gotta pay."

Syntax: "I know but I got money this time I promise."

Gloria: "That's fine but what about the kid? He looks a bit too young to be drinking like you do."

They both look over at Tag, Gloria had the look of an inquisitor while Syntax looked at him with an expression expectancy. Both waited for his response.


I've had alcohol before.

>Remembers when he was a child, when his Dad wasn't at the pub, he was sitting in his chair and at times demanded him to fetch beer from the fridge.
>He remebered the one time his curiosity of what beer tasted like, he sipped one of his fathers beers. His dad found out and was forced him to down the whole can. He wasn't sure if it was a form of punishment or if his father genuinely tried to bond with him that day over beer.

But I'd rather just have a cola.


They make their orders, Syntax a beer and Tag some cherry cola. Time goes on for a while as they sit at the counter with Syntax a touch drunk but nothing serious.

Syntax: "75... 75 bits to our names eh Tag? Wasn't so bad after all, ain't no dead zone gonna hold us back."

Takes another sip

Syntax: "You seem to be a lot more on edge though. Was killing that gangster really that bad?"

Strange how the drunk hacker talked like that. Not too many murders happen in New Canterlot but Syntax acts like it is part and parcel.


How are you not? I- I killed that pony out there!

How is it that I am arrested for graffiti, and for punishment I have to go out and kill a pony? Isn't the punishment worser than the crime?

I'm a rebel into street art, thats what I do.


Syntax: "To be fair we were only supposed to do some supply drop, the whole squad being dead and us being attacked by a gangster was unforseen. In the dead zone you learn that anything can happen out there and there is very little way to predict the future."

Takes another sip

Syntax: "If we didn't attack him then he would've killed us. Had he lived then he would've either been killed by those death clouds or gone on to terrorize other ponies. In truth we may have saved someone's life down the line but we can't be for certain."

Tag can see the hacker pegasus stare into his drink like as if he was staring into some TV. Syntax was not only talking to Tag about this but to himself as well.

Syntax: "You're some pony, a rebel in the streets. I know going into the Dead Zone may be hard the first time but you learn you can do some real good out there if you know what you are doing. Trust me when I tell you that."


>After a small pause.
Why are you really out there for? It's not because of business isn't it?


Syntax: "To get money really but other than that I don't really have any purpose to be out here or anywhere. I'm not like Livingstone who took it upon himself to make sure everypony is fed and happy. Instead I'm here to keep myself happy in my own special way..."

He smiles at Tag with those tired yellow and blue eyes.

Syntax: "I'd like for us to stick together and keep working on up for money. We work well and I'm sure you don't want to be stuck here at home with all the troubles going on. Out there is where you will be the most free."


>Tag felt something in his stomach over this conversation. While he had mates before, this new "friend" wants him to risk his neck on the line. For what? Because he doesn't want to die alone? He felt this was a choice between turning this guy down and leave, or risk his flank on the line for some guy he met only a few hours a go this day.

Uh... so that mare on the radio,who is she? She;s kinda cute.


Syntax: "Oh her? Her name I caught was Quartz Crystal, a radio pony by the looks of it. She was trying to contact Hoofside, a small settlement in the Manehattan City ruins. Coming from there I can tell you its a lot more run down than New Canterlot and everyday they gotta fight with Rail Tie Gangers as well as mutants from the city. Hoofside even has their own Expedition Guild but it seems they can't talk to one another."

He finishes his beer and sets aside the empty bottle

Syntax: "We can prolly ask to help them out in that respect if you want to catch her eye."


Well, I'm not promising to stay with this expedition. But if theres more cute mares like her then at least it be fun.


Syntax: "That's the spirit, we'll go back in tomorrow for more work around the guild."

With that said the night goes on as usual and the two stay up drinking and eventually getting a room at the pub so they can be ready in the future. After today Tag felt like he really experienced the world in his own right but this was the first steps for it all.

+100 EXP

So your character has gone up to gain a level so go on to your character sheet real quick.


Hey I didn't say I will-
>Syntax was too drunk and jolly to care.

Maybe Syntax is dissapointed to find his new friend gone by morning, but finds Livingstone talking to guardspony who brought back a bruised Tag or something.


I guess if that's what you want but we will be following tag's story, not Syntax

They rest up for the night and Tag falls into a slumber where his dreams were merged with thoughts of his family and what all he had done today. Tomorrow for him will be tough but we will have to see what will happen soon.

And its basically time for me to go now.


Is it alright if I can tweak this a little?
>Tag dreamt of his grandmother, the smell of her home and how he felt truely safe there. It was times in his life he didn't felt like a little shit to his dad or society, but a normal, loved pony.
>As his thoughts drifted to his father, his dreams turned sour as he remembers the back of the old filfthy arm chair his dad sat on watching the telly/listening to the radio. He recalls the smell of cigerette ash and his father demanding him to get that beer.
>His dream turned to the pub, seeing his dad there. He recalls how much he hated his dad, hating him so much that he was back there at the machine gun, killing his father, stringing him across the wasteland dirt and how frightening yet satisfying it was to kill his own father in such a way.

>Tag woke up from this dream, questioning if it was really a nightmare or not. This single day had been a strain on his mind. He liked going about the city tagging graffiti on buildings, he didn't sign up for this manure, he didn't wanted to kill anypony even if Syntax tried to justify his action, he still killed somepony, he was a murderer.
>He wonders how Syntax is so willing to just do what he was told from Livingstone, believing it was some sort of justified cause, how is sending ponies off in such hell justified? Syntax probably doesn't want to die alone and rather have him die out there with him. Eitherway Syntax was right about one thing about him, he was rebellious and he won't let anypony tell him what to do, not even Livingstone or the guards.

>Tag got his things together and quietly leaves the bunker, (if he shares a bunker with Syntax) he did however felt that pitiful feeling in his stomach again at the thought of Syntax finding he won't be here when he wakes up. But he knew he'd just be miserable being one of the Expeditions ponies to send out to die on a whim would be just as miserable for him.
>Not wanting to wake anypony up and goes to leave the Expedition Guild.

If he does leave, perhaps the district the guild hall is located in is one of the more well-guarded areas, which means somepony may give him a hard time.
Or maybe something compells him to go on the next mission, like despite his attutide, he already cares for Syntax and goes to hellp him at the last minute.
Eitherway I imagine Tag will end up a sorry-state eitherway.


So the guild doesn't have any barracks, its all volunteer work with pay.


Tag saw that Syntax was already out of bed... or perhaps he never went to sleep in the first place. Anyways he was outside of the pub having a smoke so Tag was able to sneak past him pretty easy and he got back to his own part of the slums. There he evaded both the guild and Syntax for a few days from there and out.

For three days later Tapestry found himself spray painting on one of the walls of some rations shop while his grandmother was inside getting groceries. The line was long and he could tell that it was gonna take some time before his grandmother came back out.


Probably forgot to mention that his grandmother was dead. But let's see where we're going with this.

>Spray painting an elderly in a hot-rod wheelchair with the message "BORN TO RIDE".


He finished up the work and he was quite proud of it, at that moment all of his troubles seem to be distant and nearly forgotten with only a subtle reminder when he can feel his G90 in its holster.

???: "Hey..."

He hears a voice as some pony looking destitute and probably drunk came up to him. He had a smile under the patchy beard, was bald and had a scar going down the left side of his face.

Beggar: "That's some nice artwork you got there. I heard some painter did some work for the guild a few days back, would you perhaps go by the name of Tag?"

Pretty soon his grandmother came back out of the ration store with a small basket filled with dry goods. She was talking with one of her usual friends and hadn't noticed Tag's company yet.


File: 1531675970208.png (5.86 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Tag mark.png) ImgOps Google

Sorry I came on late. Went to see the new Jurassic World movie.

>Tag signed the work with his mark.
Yeah, what of it?


Beggar: "I was hoping... hoping you could spare me something. You're one of us after all, not one of those holier than thou Guild Ponies and the guards won't have my time."

Would Tag be willing to give him money or some sort of valuable? He never met this beggar before but he seemed keen on asking for charity from Tag specifically.


I was arrested me for graffiti and pushed me onto the guild as punishment. I left after a horrible experiance, I did something horrible too, something worse than the crime
I hope
>Gives him a tenner (10 bits)
Sorry that this twisted up government have pushed you down. Hope things get better for you.


The beggar refuses the money but speaks instead.

Beggar: "So you really are him then. Here take this from the Rail Tie Gang, that pony you killed was my friend."

He pulls out a Crank Gun, a homemade automatic rifle and shoots at Tag and into the crowd as well.

Beggar Auto 1d6 = 5 1d6 = 3 VS Tag Body 1d6 = 6
DMG 1d4 = 2 1d4 = 2


>Goes to protect his gran.
>Pulls out his gun on the beggar


Tag was able to dodge away from the shots but he can hear the screams of several ponies being hit behind him. Before he could react one of the nearby guards takes his sniper rifle out and offs the Beggar in front of Tag, blood and chunks of brain splattered onto him and his freshly painted wheelchair.

The guard rushes over to Tag with a huff while two more attends to the citizens.

Guard: "What the hell was that about!?"


>In shock.
He, he wanted tokill me, for killing someone of him back in the waste
>Goes to check on her.


He turns around ignoring the guard's order to stay put and he looks around for his grandmother. There among the bodies he found her laying on the ground, rations scattered about her in a pool of blood. She had been shot near the heart...

What's her name or should I give her one?
Gran: "Tapestry... Tapestry is he alright?"

She doesn't see Tag standing over her but from his perspective she is badly wounded and looks frail and weak.


Go ahead and give her one. I tried coming up with a name for the father but didn't settle with anything. Didn't figure a name for the gran either.

Gran, gran I'm right here, stay with me, you're going to be arlight.


Grand Canvas: "Tapestry... you're here... are you okay?"

She had gone much paler and she can barely look up at him anymore. Tag could tell that she didn't have much longer to live and the next words he says to her will probably be his last. This was it, the one and only pony in this world to care about him and now she was dying in his arms. The fates are cruel and all this done by the Rail Tie Gang.

Grand Canvas: "Tapestry?..."


I'm here grandma.
>Takes of his glasses.
I'll alwaysd be here for you.



She remains quiet at Tag's words but she had a still and distant smile on her face.


In her final moments she was happy that she was able to part this world in the comfort of her own Grandson. Tag was not sure of it but he can assume that her passing was gentle and painless, he can take solace in that. Now left in the world for Tag was an estranged father, his spray cans, and the gun in his holster. New Canterlot bore nothing for him and he now had a massive emotional wound in his heart.

Did you want to do another time skip to the next day?


>Not long after what had happened, near the ration shop where his grandmother died, Tag found the largest heaven spot in the vicinity and took his time to make a piece of grandure sprayed across the building, depicting a mare in her younger years happily nestled in a serene woodland of flowers and trees. Written in elligable yet graffiti-styled font:
A time when Equestria was bright, colourful and happy.
>Year of birth and death.

Yeah, with Syntax about to head out on his next mission alone, or so he pressumes.


As per usual, when some pony dies they are cremated but Tag was able to instead bury his Grandmother out in his backyard not wanting to part ways with her.

He eventually learns more of the Rail Tie Gang, apparently it often harasses travelers between New Canterlot and Hoofside. It is led by a pony named Freight Train, an Earth Pony out there who is responsible for this or at least his men are.

If Tag wanted revenge for this, for his loss, the best way would be to help more with the Guild so he can have ponies backing him up in the future.


>Tags pride however would not let him go to the Guild and ask for a job. But he still had a plan.
>He knew where the station was that the Expedition Guild heads out of the city with. He plans to sneak about the train without anypony noticing him. If Syntax notice him, then he'll ask him to keep quiet about it and let him deal with his business alone. These guys killed his grandmother, it's business between him.


Holy fuck why is he so damn reluctant to work with the guild?!?!

He goes on up to the station and heads on in through the side where the rail cars would be funneled out. He would quickly notice that the guild only operates with the rail cars and it is impossible to sneak onto one without being invisible. As he pondered his next move he can hear a familiar voice call to him from the platform.

Syntax: "Tag is that you? What are you doing down there on the rails?"


Shit time for me to go now.


Because he is prideful. I'll admit I made him a bit up his arse than intended (I based his character after characters from Jet Set Radio who are more chill and friendly.) He is also a bit chavish, rather relying on his independance and street smarts over putting trust in others.
He also see's the Expedition Guild in the pocket of the government which as any healthy reb ellious youth he oppose. His experiance from his first adventure with the guild onl reinforce his belief in passive-anarchy.

The way he sees it, asking for a join with the Expeditin Guild  or even a favour would be like a feral beast or bird choosing to go into it's cage and letting it be locked inside.

>Indicates to be quiet and come closer to him without being noticed.

Ah OK, see you later.


The expedition guild is not run by the government corporations and are a voluntary force meant to get in extra supplies for the city slums. I just figured with the death of Grand Canvas, it would give Tag serious reason to at the very least co-operate with the guild so he can exact revenge on the Rail Tie leader Freight Train. He doesn't have to join the guild, just work with them for the time being.



He does so.

Syntax: "Tag are you trying to sneak onto one of the Rail Cars? You know they won't take kindly to you if you steal one of the cars. Plus going out there by yourself is a sure fire way to get killed. What's got you going?"


Ah, well it could still end up so. I do plan for Tag to end up with the Expedition Guild, he just needs to learn to swallow his pride.
I won't steal a rail car unless I have to. Besides I imagine you're here to go on some mission?
All I want is to go out there and take down the Rail Tie Gang.
Just let me stow away, thats all I want.


Well the Expedition Guild is my medium to give you quests as well as tell you how to progress through the story. If Tag doesn't interact with them then you can not progress.

Syntax: "Well I'm not quite on a mission yet but I was gonna go see Livingstone to see what to do next. He's probably got something lined up for that radio so we can communicate with Hoofside. Besides that we both should go on over to the quartermaster to buy new gear or supplies."


Well he is (sort of) interacting with them right now.
We? I quit the guild remember? I'm just not cut out for going into the wasteland and... killing...
>Realised how hypocritical he was.
Besides, I just want to go to sort the one business out, not for anypony else. You wouldn't understand and I doubt Livingstone will either after my departure.
If you don't wanna help me, I'll find some other way out to the wastelands.


Syntax: "If you're gonna take down the Rail Tie Gang then you are gonna have to do some killing. I'll help you and all but they won't let us out without a mission Tag."

If Tag doesn't get missions then how is the story supposed to go?


I was thinking either Tag sneaks aboard with Syntax while they go out to the waste. Tag is reluctant for a partner but maybe Syntax helps and by the time they come back, Tag agrees to stay with the guild.

Either that or Livingstone catches Tag trying to sneak aboard the rail car and allows him to go with Syntax.

>Tag wanted to do this alone, but if Syntax wasn't going anywhere without a mission then he wouldn't know what else to do. He's not ballsy enough to steal a rail car.




Syntax: "Stay here if you want, I need to get supplies so I don't get killed. If you don't want to die then follow me to the quarter master."

Syntax starts to walk, will Tag follow?


>Tag stayed where he was, grumbling. Eventually getting thrustraded at how he felt there was little choice in the matter.
>Tag gets up and goes after Syntax.


They make a short walk with and they enter in the Quarter Master office where the zebra cyborg stayed behind his caged desk to keep the supplies safe.

Quarter Master: "Hey how you doing?"

Syntax: "I need all this stuff."

Macintosh Rifle 55 Bits
22 Rounds 16 16 Bits

Energy Cell 30 60 Bits
Healing Shot 3 75 Bits

Syntax Bits 11


Tag tried to stay out of the way so he wouldn't get noticed. Depends on the layout of the quarter masters office whenever he will get noticed or not. He didn't want Livingstone finding out he returned. He hopes Syntax will get a mission and he'll board the car along with him. Not like Livingstone has times to see everypony off... right?



The office is in its own separate area, in fact you feel like you are in your own world secluded from the rest of the station. If he should attack the Rail Tie Gang then he will need to buy supplies from the quarter master lest he wants to reunite with his grandmother without exacting revenge.

I seriously recommend buying stuff or else your character is likely to die.



Not quite sure what you would reccomend. Also do I still have the Hawkfire pistol?

>Tag didn't know if the Quarter Master knows he quit or not, or if he cares. But if he's gonna go out in the waste, he'll need some stuff.
Um.. ammo and um...light armour, the leather one might be good.


Should still be in your character sheet.

Quarter Master: "I got the armor but what kind of ammo did you want? I got 9mm, 22, energy cells, and anything else you want."

Leather Armor 50 Bits

Time for me to go now.


Oh, was looking in the wrong place.
Yeah, leather armour and 10 energy cells.
(70bits in total I think)

OK. and again sorry for being a somewhat difficult character. I wanted to RP as somepony different to Epic Mount and didn't mean to swerve too radically off plot. I want him to be somewhat of an interesting character with a development arc along the way.


File: 1555396916151.png (2.1 MB, 3895x3929, 3895:3929, Eng_Logo_Cyber.png) ImgOps Google

Maybe i late. But here. It's foryou RP


File: 1555870880234.jpg (141.21 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 1421355792655.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Woah who went and drew this?

Whoever you are this looks really nice, thank you for the artwork!

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