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This is the Revita Cybra RP thread used for Role Playing in the Revita Cybra canon. If you wish to apply for place in the RP then please submit a character sheet from the ToE Supplement to this email address.


For Players making a character at the beginning of the rp
Your character is a citizen of New Canterlot, a built up city protected from the outside world and free of gas clouds. You know nothing about the outside world and for reasons of your own you have accepted a work order sent out by the Expedition guild for some sort of resupply mission.


ToE Supplement
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I've had alcohol before.

>Remembers when he was a child, when his Dad wasn't at the pub, he was sitting in his chair and at times demanded him to fetch beer from the fridge.
>He remebered the one time his curiosity of what beer tasted like, he sipped one of his fathers beers. His dad found out and was forced him to down the whole can. He wasn't sure if it was a form of punishment or if his father genuinely tried to bond with him that day over beer.

But I'd rather just have a cola.


They make their orders, Syntax a beer and Tag some cherry cola. Time goes on for a while as they sit at the counter with Syntax a touch drunk but nothing serious.

Syntax: "75... 75 bits to our names eh Tag? Wasn't so bad after all, ain't no dead zone gonna hold us back."

Takes another sip

Syntax: "You seem to be a lot more on edge though. Was killing that gangster really that bad?"

Strange how the drunk hacker talked like that. Not too many murders happen in New Canterlot but Syntax acts like it is part and parcel.


How are you not? I- I killed that pony out there!

How is it that I am arrested for graffiti, and for punishment I have to go out and kill a pony? Isn't the punishment worser than the crime?

I'm a rebel into street art, thats what I do.


Syntax: "To be fair we were only supposed to do some supply drop, the whole squad being dead and us being attacked by a gangster was unforseen. In the dead zone you learn that anything can happen out there and there is very little way to predict the future."

Takes another sip

Syntax: "If we didn't attack him then he would've killed us. Had he lived then he would've either been killed by those death clouds or gone on to terrorize other ponies. In truth we may have saved someone's life down the line but we can't be for certain."

Tag can see the hacker pegasus stare into his drink like as if he was staring into some TV. Syntax was not only talking to Tag about this but to himself as well.

Syntax: "You're some pony, a rebel in the streets. I know going into the Dead Zone may be hard the first time but you learn you can do some real good out there if you know what you are doing. Trust me when I tell you that."


>After a small pause.
Why are you really out there for? It's not because of business isn't it?


Syntax: "To get money really but other than that I don't really have any purpose to be out here or anywhere. I'm not like Livingstone who took it upon himself to make sure everypony is fed and happy. Instead I'm here to keep myself happy in my own special way..."

He smiles at Tag with those tired yellow and blue eyes.

Syntax: "I'd like for us to stick together and keep working on up for money. We work well and I'm sure you don't want to be stuck here at home with all the troubles going on. Out there is where you will be the most free."


>Tag felt something in his stomach over this conversation. While he had mates before, this new "friend" wants him to risk his neck on the line. For what? Because he doesn't want to die alone? He felt this was a choice between turning this guy down and leave, or risk his flank on the line for some guy he met only a few hours a go this day.

Uh... so that mare on the radio,who is she? She;s kinda cute.


Syntax: "Oh her? Her name I caught was Quartz Crystal, a radio pony by the looks of it. She was trying to contact Hoofside, a small settlement in the Manehattan City ruins. Coming from there I can tell you its a lot more run down than New Canterlot and everyday they gotta fight with Rail Tie Gangers as well as mutants from the city. Hoofside even has their own Expedition Guild but it seems they can't talk to one another."

He finishes his beer and sets aside the empty bottle

Syntax: "We can prolly ask to help them out in that respect if you want to catch her eye."


Well, I'm not promising to stay with this expedition. But if theres more cute mares like her then at least it be fun.


Syntax: "That's the spirit, we'll go back in tomorrow for more work around the guild."

With that said the night goes on as usual and the two stay up drinking and eventually getting a room at the pub so they can be ready in the future. After today Tag felt like he really experienced the world in his own right but this was the first steps for it all.

+100 EXP

So your character has gone up to gain a level so go on to your character sheet real quick.


Hey I didn't say I will-
>Syntax was too drunk and jolly to care.

Maybe Syntax is dissapointed to find his new friend gone by morning, but finds Livingstone talking to guardspony who brought back a bruised Tag or something.


I guess if that's what you want but we will be following tag's story, not Syntax

They rest up for the night and Tag falls into a slumber where his dreams were merged with thoughts of his family and what all he had done today. Tomorrow for him will be tough but we will have to see what will happen soon.

And its basically time for me to go now.


Is it alright if I can tweak this a little?
>Tag dreamt of his grandmother, the smell of her home and how he felt truely safe there. It was times in his life he didn't felt like a little shit to his dad or society, but a normal, loved pony.
>As his thoughts drifted to his father, his dreams turned sour as he remembers the back of the old filfthy arm chair his dad sat on watching the telly/listening to the radio. He recalls the smell of cigerette ash and his father demanding him to get that beer.
>His dream turned to the pub, seeing his dad there. He recalls how much he hated his dad, hating him so much that he was back there at the machine gun, killing his father, stringing him across the wasteland dirt and how frightening yet satisfying it was to kill his own father in such a way.

>Tag woke up from this dream, questioning if it was really a nightmare or not. This single day had been a strain on his mind. He liked going about the city tagging graffiti on buildings, he didn't sign up for this manure, he didn't wanted to kill anypony even if Syntax tried to justify his action, he still killed somepony, he was a murderer.
>He wonders how Syntax is so willing to just do what he was told from Livingstone, believing it was some sort of justified cause, how is sending ponies off in such hell justified? Syntax probably doesn't want to die alone and rather have him die out there with him. Eitherway Syntax was right about one thing about him, he was rebellious and he won't let anypony tell him what to do, not even Livingstone or the guards.

>Tag got his things together and quietly leaves the bunker, (if he shares a bunker with Syntax) he did however felt that pitiful feeling in his stomach again at the thought of Syntax finding he won't be here when he wakes up. But he knew he'd just be miserable being one of the Expeditions ponies to send out to die on a whim would be just as miserable for him.
>Not wanting to wake anypony up and goes to leave the Expedition Guild.

If he does leave, perhaps the district the guild hall is located in is one of the more well-guarded areas, which means somepony may give him a hard time.
Or maybe something compells him to go on the next mission, like despite his attutide, he already cares for Syntax and goes to hellp him at the last minute.
Eitherway I imagine Tag will end up a sorry-state eitherway.


So the guild doesn't have any barracks, its all volunteer work with pay.


Tag saw that Syntax was already out of bed... or perhaps he never went to sleep in the first place. Anyways he was outside of the pub having a smoke so Tag was able to sneak past him pretty easy and he got back to his own part of the slums. There he evaded both the guild and Syntax for a few days from there and out.

For three days later Tapestry found himself spray painting on one of the walls of some rations shop while his grandmother was inside getting groceries. The line was long and he could tell that it was gonna take some time before his grandmother came back out.


Probably forgot to mention that his grandmother was dead. But let's see where we're going with this.

>Spray painting an elderly in a hot-rod wheelchair with the message "BORN TO RIDE".


He finished up the work and he was quite proud of it, at that moment all of his troubles seem to be distant and nearly forgotten with only a subtle reminder when he can feel his G90 in its holster.

???: "Hey..."

He hears a voice as some pony looking destitute and probably drunk came up to him. He had a smile under the patchy beard, was bald and had a scar going down the left side of his face.

Beggar: "That's some nice artwork you got there. I heard some painter did some work for the guild a few days back, would you perhaps go by the name of Tag?"

Pretty soon his grandmother came back out of the ration store with a small basket filled with dry goods. She was talking with one of her usual friends and hadn't noticed Tag's company yet.


File: 1531675970208.png (5.86 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Tag mark.png) ImgOps Google

Sorry I came on late. Went to see the new Jurassic World movie.

>Tag signed the work with his mark.
Yeah, what of it?


Beggar: "I was hoping... hoping you could spare me something. You're one of us after all, not one of those holier than thou Guild Ponies and the guards won't have my time."

Would Tag be willing to give him money or some sort of valuable? He never met this beggar before but he seemed keen on asking for charity from Tag specifically.


I was arrested me for graffiti and pushed me onto the guild as punishment. I left after a horrible experiance, I did something horrible too, something worse than the crime
I hope
>Gives him a tenner (10 bits)
Sorry that this twisted up government have pushed you down. Hope things get better for you.


The beggar refuses the money but speaks instead.

Beggar: "So you really are him then. Here take this from the Rail Tie Gang, that pony you killed was my friend."

He pulls out a Crank Gun, a homemade automatic rifle and shoots at Tag and into the crowd as well.

Beggar Auto 1d6 = 5 1d6 = 3 VS Tag Body 1d6 = 6
DMG 1d4 = 2 1d4 = 2


>Goes to protect his gran.
>Pulls out his gun on the beggar


Tag was able to dodge away from the shots but he can hear the screams of several ponies being hit behind him. Before he could react one of the nearby guards takes his sniper rifle out and offs the Beggar in front of Tag, blood and chunks of brain splattered onto him and his freshly painted wheelchair.

The guard rushes over to Tag with a huff while two more attends to the citizens.

Guard: "What the hell was that about!?"


>In shock.
He, he wanted tokill me, for killing someone of him back in the waste
>Goes to check on her.


He turns around ignoring the guard's order to stay put and he looks around for his grandmother. There among the bodies he found her laying on the ground, rations scattered about her in a pool of blood. She had been shot near the heart...

What's her name or should I give her one?
Gran: "Tapestry... Tapestry is he alright?"

She doesn't see Tag standing over her but from his perspective she is badly wounded and looks frail and weak.


Go ahead and give her one. I tried coming up with a name for the father but didn't settle with anything. Didn't figure a name for the gran either.

Gran, gran I'm right here, stay with me, you're going to be arlight.


Grand Canvas: "Tapestry... you're here... are you okay?"

She had gone much paler and she can barely look up at him anymore. Tag could tell that she didn't have much longer to live and the next words he says to her will probably be his last. This was it, the one and only pony in this world to care about him and now she was dying in his arms. The fates are cruel and all this done by the Rail Tie Gang.

Grand Canvas: "Tapestry?..."


I'm here grandma.
>Takes of his glasses.
I'll alwaysd be here for you.



She remains quiet at Tag's words but she had a still and distant smile on her face.


In her final moments she was happy that she was able to part this world in the comfort of her own Grandson. Tag was not sure of it but he can assume that her passing was gentle and painless, he can take solace in that. Now left in the world for Tag was an estranged father, his spray cans, and the gun in his holster. New Canterlot bore nothing for him and he now had a massive emotional wound in his heart.

Did you want to do another time skip to the next day?


>Not long after what had happened, near the ration shop where his grandmother died, Tag found the largest heaven spot in the vicinity and took his time to make a piece of grandure sprayed across the building, depicting a mare in her younger years happily nestled in a serene woodland of flowers and trees. Written in elligable yet graffiti-styled font:
A time when Equestria was bright, colourful and happy.
>Year of birth and death.

Yeah, with Syntax about to head out on his next mission alone, or so he pressumes.


As per usual, when some pony dies they are cremated but Tag was able to instead bury his Grandmother out in his backyard not wanting to part ways with her.

He eventually learns more of the Rail Tie Gang, apparently it often harasses travelers between New Canterlot and Hoofside. It is led by a pony named Freight Train, an Earth Pony out there who is responsible for this or at least his men are.

If Tag wanted revenge for this, for his loss, the best way would be to help more with the Guild so he can have ponies backing him up in the future.


>Tags pride however would not let him go to the Guild and ask for a job. But he still had a plan.
>He knew where the station was that the Expedition Guild heads out of the city with. He plans to sneak about the train without anypony noticing him. If Syntax notice him, then he'll ask him to keep quiet about it and let him deal with his business alone. These guys killed his grandmother, it's business between him.


Holy fuck why is he so damn reluctant to work with the guild?!?!

He goes on up to the station and heads on in through the side where the rail cars would be funneled out. He would quickly notice that the guild only operates with the rail cars and it is impossible to sneak onto one without being invisible. As he pondered his next move he can hear a familiar voice call to him from the platform.

Syntax: "Tag is that you? What are you doing down there on the rails?"


Shit time for me to go now.


Because he is prideful. I'll admit I made him a bit up his arse than intended (I based his character after characters from Jet Set Radio who are more chill and friendly.) He is also a bit chavish, rather relying on his independance and street smarts over putting trust in others.
He also see's the Expedition Guild in the pocket of the government which as any healthy reb ellious youth he oppose. His experiance from his first adventure with the guild onl reinforce his belief in passive-anarchy.

The way he sees it, asking for a join with the Expeditin Guild  or even a favour would be like a feral beast or bird choosing to go into it's cage and letting it be locked inside.

>Indicates to be quiet and come closer to him without being noticed.

Ah OK, see you later.


The expedition guild is not run by the government corporations and are a voluntary force meant to get in extra supplies for the city slums. I just figured with the death of Grand Canvas, it would give Tag serious reason to at the very least co-operate with the guild so he can exact revenge on the Rail Tie leader Freight Train. He doesn't have to join the guild, just work with them for the time being.



He does so.

Syntax: "Tag are you trying to sneak onto one of the Rail Cars? You know they won't take kindly to you if you steal one of the cars. Plus going out there by yourself is a sure fire way to get killed. What's got you going?"


Ah, well it could still end up so. I do plan for Tag to end up with the Expedition Guild, he just needs to learn to swallow his pride.
I won't steal a rail car unless I have to. Besides I imagine you're here to go on some mission?
All I want is to go out there and take down the Rail Tie Gang.
Just let me stow away, thats all I want.


Well the Expedition Guild is my medium to give you quests as well as tell you how to progress through the story. If Tag doesn't interact with them then you can not progress.

Syntax: "Well I'm not quite on a mission yet but I was gonna go see Livingstone to see what to do next. He's probably got something lined up for that radio so we can communicate with Hoofside. Besides that we both should go on over to the quartermaster to buy new gear or supplies."


Well he is (sort of) interacting with them right now.
We? I quit the guild remember? I'm just not cut out for going into the wasteland and... killing...
>Realised how hypocritical he was.
Besides, I just want to go to sort the one business out, not for anypony else. You wouldn't understand and I doubt Livingstone will either after my departure.
If you don't wanna help me, I'll find some other way out to the wastelands.


Syntax: "If you're gonna take down the Rail Tie Gang then you are gonna have to do some killing. I'll help you and all but they won't let us out without a mission Tag."

If Tag doesn't get missions then how is the story supposed to go?


I was thinking either Tag sneaks aboard with Syntax while they go out to the waste. Tag is reluctant for a partner but maybe Syntax helps and by the time they come back, Tag agrees to stay with the guild.

Either that or Livingstone catches Tag trying to sneak aboard the rail car and allows him to go with Syntax.

>Tag wanted to do this alone, but if Syntax wasn't going anywhere without a mission then he wouldn't know what else to do. He's not ballsy enough to steal a rail car.




Syntax: "Stay here if you want, I need to get supplies so I don't get killed. If you don't want to die then follow me to the quarter master."

Syntax starts to walk, will Tag follow?


>Tag stayed where he was, grumbling. Eventually getting thrustraded at how he felt there was little choice in the matter.
>Tag gets up and goes after Syntax.


They make a short walk with and they enter in the Quarter Master office where the zebra cyborg stayed behind his caged desk to keep the supplies safe.

Quarter Master: "Hey how you doing?"

Syntax: "I need all this stuff."

Macintosh Rifle 55 Bits
22 Rounds 16 16 Bits

Energy Cell 30 60 Bits
Healing Shot 3 75 Bits

Syntax Bits 11


Tag tried to stay out of the way so he wouldn't get noticed. Depends on the layout of the quarter masters office whenever he will get noticed or not. He didn't want Livingstone finding out he returned. He hopes Syntax will get a mission and he'll board the car along with him. Not like Livingstone has times to see everypony off... right?



The office is in its own separate area, in fact you feel like you are in your own world secluded from the rest of the station. If he should attack the Rail Tie Gang then he will need to buy supplies from the quarter master lest he wants to reunite with his grandmother without exacting revenge.

I seriously recommend buying stuff or else your character is likely to die.



Not quite sure what you would reccomend. Also do I still have the Hawkfire pistol?

>Tag didn't know if the Quarter Master knows he quit or not, or if he cares. But if he's gonna go out in the waste, he'll need some stuff.
Um.. ammo and um...light armour, the leather one might be good.


Should still be in your character sheet.

Quarter Master: "I got the armor but what kind of ammo did you want? I got 9mm, 22, energy cells, and anything else you want."

Leather Armor 50 Bits

Time for me to go now.


Oh, was looking in the wrong place.
Yeah, leather armour and 10 energy cells.
(70bits in total I think)

OK. and again sorry for being a somewhat difficult character. I wanted to RP as somepony different to Epic Mount and didn't mean to swerve too radically off plot. I want him to be somewhat of an interesting character with a development arc along the way.


File: 1555396916151.png (2.1 MB, 3895x3929, 3895:3929, Eng_Logo_Cyber.png) ImgOps Google

Maybe i late. But here. It's foryou RP


File: 1555870880234.jpg (141.21 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 1421355792655.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Woah who went and drew this?

Whoever you are this looks really nice, thank you for the artwork!

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