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[Dark] [Violence] [Pen and Paper] [ToE] [Canon] [Party Formation] [Story Based]

Years after tragedy had struck all of Equestria and three heroes reclaimed the cutie marks stolen from them and their kinsman, Equestria had entered a short era of relative peace which many of its citizens enjoyed. Now a days a new generation has taken up the mantle of being adventurers and some even making a success from it. Others though will soon find that their destiny are deeper than being sime simple hired blade and and their journey in life will take them to the darkest parts of this world. Danger will be around ever corner while Death looms over our intrepid heroes, causing to make Feats of Desperation.


House Rules

Character Records

Story So Far

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday Subject to Change


It is another normal day early in the morning as you approach your academy, Hill Feather School. Here students learn and study a variety of subjects like the Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics and so on so that they can expand upon their worldly knowledge beyond that of discovering their place in the world with their cutie marks. The school itself sat upon a brown terracotta plaza which the wandering students inhabited as they went to their morning classes. The sun beat down onto the multi storied building, brightening its Pegasi styled architecture giving it a radiant look.

As you mind is buzzed with a sense of drowsiness and the murmurs of morning chat among the students, you realize that you should be heading off to class soon. Eh what class was that... you look down to your schedule and notice that it is Equestrian History taught by a lecturer name Scripture Scroll. From what you hear he is a well enough teacher if not eccentric, no problem for you though you are sure.


File: 1543761245521.png (82.35 KB, 425x425, 1:1, Tudor Rose.png) ImgOps Google

>As the Baltimare bus stops by the the academy, a young mare steps off.

>Looks up to the Acadamy.
Hopefully I can find my answers here.

>As she walks into the building she looks at her schedule.
"Scripture Scroll"? Sounds like somepony aunt Twilight would know.


Bong bong bing bong~... Bung bung Beeng Bung~...


The school bells rang out signaling the classes were about to start and the day was ready to begin. Tudor Rose should know where the class she was in, she was a regular in this school though that was a bout to change since it was her last year in the school.

You gonna have to move your character into the building or else you will be late.


Sorry, got distracted
>As she goers to class, it's hard to believe it's her last day in this school. She remember how somewhat reluctant her parents were when she first asked to go to this school especially her aunt twilight Sparkle who hoped she would attend the School For Gifted Unicorns, but she knew she never had the aptitude that qualified her for such schools and she did not want hoof-outs for it.

>But the reason why she came to Baltimare was because  this was the city not too far from where she was found by her father Epic Mount. She hoped coming to baltimare would help her find out more of her past, but throughout her years in baltimare nothing of the like or any recognition was founded. She might as well go back to Ponyville once she gets her degree with her parents after she gets her degree.

I thought it was going to be mid-term or something.


Mystery surrounded Tudor Rose and that caused some slight intrigue among the students that Rose would notice. Though most of the students on the campus would know her as the child of the famous parents Epic Mount and Fluttershy.

As her mind does continue to ponder and drift, she realizes that she needs to get onto to class. Making sure she had her bags, Tudor Rose made way through the halls of the school building and got to Scripture Scroll's class. Tudor Rose was a touch late seeing that the students had already been seated and ready for the lecture.

Script Scroll: "Ah Tudor Rose, the last of my students to show up today. How are you doing this morning? Go ahead and have a seat down somewhere and we'll begin."

Most of the seating was filled except for a lone desk closest to the door. The most convenient of desks for tardy students.

Make sure to control your character instead of just having them think about stuff. Remember there would be no point to Roleplay if I control your character.


I'm doing very well Mrs. Scroll. Sorry I'm a tad late.
>Sits down.


Scripture Scroll is male.

Rudor Rose takes her seat and the teacher addresses his class.

Scrip Scroll: "Remember students at the end of the week we will be having our school field trip into the local forests to study the local wildlife and natural magics in this world..."

After that he starts to begin his lesson talking about the early years of Celestia's and Luna's rule in Equestria and the eventual Night Mare Moon incident. Tudor Rose started to feel tired and was tempted to doze off in class since it was so early in the day

She can stay awake for the lesson or rest up a bit.


>She staves off her tiredness. Although most of what Sciprture Scroll is already well familiar to her. History lessons around royalty was pretty much her bed time stories whenever Aunt Twilight babysat her. And her father and grandmother Zecora taught her a lot of things forest fauna and flora.


So to show she is going to resist Tiredness by using her will power. Think of the school as a sort of tutorial of all the new rules.

She tries to resist the urge to sleep.

Rose Mind 1d6 = 4 VS DC 2


Scripture Scroll: "And so after the Princess Luna was banished to the moon, Princess Celestia had to rely on her own citizens for protection since she could no longer use the Elements of Harmony. Now then lets see.... Rose!"

Him calling out your name catches your immediate attention. Good thing you stayed up.

Scripture Scroll: "Do you know what the military force was called during this time? I'll give you a hint, it had something to do with the pony races."


Yes Sir.

Not wanting further conflict or war in Equestria, Princess Celestia dismantled her military and made them the EUP, each letter after the three pony kinds. The EUP serve as royal guards to her majesty Princess Celestia as well as Capital Guards who protect the ponies and uphold the law of various cities such as Canterlot and Cloudsdale.


Scripture Scroll: "Masterfully answered Tudor Rose. I see you are still caught up in your studies despite your schooling years nearly over."

The teacher seemed pleased at Rose being his student and the class beams at her with some respect and awe. The day then drags on, not changing pace from the slow march through the class time. Eventually it got close to the end and Scripture Scroll was going to show something off...

Script Scroll: "...And that's how Equestria was made. Anyways class I have a special treat for you, I was able to get in touch with the local museum and they have loaned me a replica of a knight helmet from ancient times."

He looks behind his desk and suddenly looked shocked.

Script Scroll: "Ah... I see they hadn't delivered it to my classroom yet. Eh it is probably still in the Principal's office... Tudor Rose can you go there and see if the helmet is there? Be sure to take the hall pass next to my door."


Yes sir.
>Takes the hall pass and ges off.

>Thinking to herself.
I wonder if it's the kind of helmet my father talks about with the Knights of Equestria?


The halls were empty as she imagined what the helmet would look like... even though it was just a replica it was a curiosity of hers. Rose's hoofsteps clacked and echoed as she made her walk noticing that the floors had been waxed recently, probably by the janitors last night. Eventually with every twist and turn of the walls lined with lockers she is stopped with a stern voice calling out to her.

???: "Hey you, do you have your hallpass?"

Rose could see that it was the Soothing Light, the most driven and passionate hall monitor in the school. She was known to lay down the law in the halls, every year when the school asked for volunteers, Soothing light would be the first to join.


>Rose didn't flinch at all from such a startling character and simply presented her hall pass.
Yes, I'm going to the princicpals office for Mr. Scipture Scrolls class.


BRB, need to go out.

A few days a go we received an unknown package and today one of our neighbours came asking for it and I got a bit of a mess to sort out.


She takes a look at the pass and gives Rose a nod.

Soothing Light: "It checks out. Sorry to be a bother but the rules of the halls must be kept."

The dedicated hallmonitor was dressed up in the bright orange slash like normal and kept a first aid kit with her. Unlike many of the monitors, Soothing Light's was kept in pristine condition free of scratches and cute little stickers that would typically be on it. More strangely enough was the fact that on her sash she had a box of pencils pinned to it.

Soothing Light: "Hey you're that Tudor Rose pony that goes here. The one that is the Child to that hero Epic Mount and the friend of Princess Twilight, Fluttershy. A lot of ponies know you, you know?"



Sorry, it'll take me a bit longer to join but I'll definitely be ready by the end of the week.


Hopefully the postal package problem is sorted now.

>:While tudor Rose has seen a few hall monitor ponies, to her Soothing Light looks like she was on stand for some upcoming crisis, she must take her duties as hall monitor seriously, if perhaps too seriously.

Yes, I am the daughter of Epic Mount. Fluttershy is my mother.


Soothing Light: "It is true then... you are the daughter of those prominent ponies..."

Suddenly her ear twitches at something and she gives pause. At first there is only silence but soon even Tudor Rose can here what sounds to be like some sort of conflict deeper into the hallways.

"Now hand over what all you got in your saddle bags."

"Yeah you don't want to get hurt now do ya?"

After hearing that Soothing Light had a fierce look about her.

SL: "Somepony is being bullied by some ruffians. I shall not let this stand, I bet they don't even have their own hallpasses! Even though I am alone I must face them..."

She eyes you up.

SL: "I can't ask you to join me but I will most certainly appreciate the help."

This could be dangerous, dealing with the school bullies always is. Rose did have to go to the Principal's office but her morality would make it hard to ignore this, especially if the perpetrators could get away.


File: 1543859870188.png (78.37 KB, 200x242, 100:121, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

Yes, I am the adopt-

>See's Soothing Light have some sort of hysteria and was somewhat confused by her sudden burst of enthusiastic duty.
U-um what?
Might consider making a folder of Antimony Carver mfw, just because she's simialr to Rose.


SL: "There's somepony being bullied, possibly injured right now. As hallmonitor it is my duty to see that pony's protection and apprehension of those perpetrating the crime. Sadly I can not wait any longer here, if you want to help me now is the time."

And with that Rose now had to make a decision. Help Soothing Light or continue her way to the Principal's office.

Note that since Rose is Good Natured, she will have to make a Mind Test for going against her morals


>Rose considered to go and get the lemet for her class, but she was somewhat suprised to be directly asked to help to stop some dispute. She really shouldn't get involved... but it is something her parents would do... do they?

>Given it is just a replica of a knights helmet and not an actual one, perhaps if she helps with this dispute and then immediately get the knights helmet for class before the school bell rings.

>She follows the Hall Monitor.


They make a quick approach to where the voices were echoing from and there they spied the confrontation. Two bullies had cornered off a rather young Stallion and had him pressed against the wall, his books and papers scattered onto the floor. The first bully they noticed was a Male pegasus who was using his strength to intimidate the stallion while the other bully was a Female unicorn who did the talking.

Bully Evoker: "Now then, you'll be handing over what you owe us remember? Or else I'll have to get my friend here to convince you otherwise."

Student: "I-I swear I don't have it right now."

Soothing Light did not like the sight of things and she looks down at her pencil box, then up to Rose.

[Over Confident]
SL: "There's two of them but with the law on our side we can most certainly take them on blindfolded. What say you?"


But we do not know why they're fvighting to begin with. Shouldn't we break up the conflict than make more conflict?


SL: "They have broken the rules already for being here at this hour without passes and they are bullying a student. I say that is enough for a call to action."

Soothing Light seems to be a bit... overzealous when it comes to rules and will take personal grudges against those who break them. When you think she is about to go in for combat though, Soothing Light stops and addresses you with some pause.

Soothing Light: "... but you're right now that I think about it. We'll try talking to them before any sort of fight breaks out but be on guard."

She awaits Tudor Rose to confront the bullies with words of poison.


>Awkward pause, she wonders why the pony put in charge to monitor the halls was looking at her as if she was now in charge of the situation.
W-why are you looking at me like that?


SL: "What? I mean its just that you have some ties to royalty and the knighthood so I just assumed that you would..."

She looks confused at you, as if she was expecting something like a child would expect out of a fantasy but then have the story end very much differently.

SL: "Ah muck it all."

She steps out into the open and calls out the bullies, telling them that they were scum for breaking the rules of the school.

Bully Striker: "Hey now this ain't none of your business. This runt needs to pay what he owes us."

Bully Evoker: "Yeah, this pony owes us big time so be on your way."

The two ruffians glare out you in a threatening manner but seeing Soothing Light's official sash made them pause from combat for now. You can imagine though using the wrong words here will be the difference between a peaceful resolution or a trip to the Nurse's Office.


>Tudor spoke up.
What exactly does this boy "owe" you?


Bully Evoker: "He owes us because he had us go get him some supplies and ingredients for his Chemistry Project in class. He couldn't afford the stuff at the time so he took out a loan with our boss Blue Plum. Now that since he got an A on that project he owes Blue Plum what was loaned plus some interest for the high grade it got him."

Student: "B-but I don't have that kind of money though. You just raised the price at the last minute so you could pocket the cash for yourselves."

Soothing Light: "I cannot not believe my ears! First word of intimidation and now there is talk of blackmarket deals!"


>To Sooth
Helps to talk things out.

>To the bullies.
So who exactly is your boss? What makes him so special?


Bully Evoker: "Blue Plum is her name, she's our boss. Look I don't have time for this now. Go ahead and leave us to collect our payment and then some or else we'll have to teach you a lesson."

The pegasus steps up between your party and his friend.

Bully Striker: "That's right. Is there gonna be any trouble with you two? Any sort thing you like to get off of your chest?"


>Interrupts the bully.
Well what you are doing does sound like extortion.

He requested items needed rfor his chemistry project and he paid back what was due owed. His grade from the project doesn't sound like it was accounted for in this agreement. It does sound like you;re extorting this guy for additional cash.

I'm curious, does your boss Blue Plum know you've been shaking money from her clients? I think it would be of her interest if someone was to tell her.


Her words didn't hold too much weight with them, Tudor Rose didn't know anything about the skills of Persuasion or Intimidation. A quick think about it though does remind her that she is a pretty good source of leadership and inspiration, perhaps she could work that angle.

Bully Evoker: "What that? Doesn't matter if we're extorting him or not. This is your last chance to leave or else you'll have to be at the business end of our punishment onto you."

The two bullies ready up for a fight. How will this end? Tudor Rose will ultimately decide.


>Tudor Rose did not flinch at the intimidation. She spone with her logic instead of Persuasion or Intimidation and hoped hard facts alone would be the intimidation matter. Plus, she would rather resolve the issue with the best of her abilities than exploit the reputation of her parents.

Let me tell you in words more of your intelligence to understand.

You're extorting money from your bosses clients without her knowledge. If not any of the clients you shake down behind her back will eventually let her know of this then I certainly will take up the matter of it to her myself.

Heck what you're doing is against all manner of school policies. If the whole school realise what you're doing then they will warn their students not to do business with Blue Plum in the future. A loss of business that your boss will not be happy about.

It's your own matter to decide if you're more afraid of me or your own boss.

Sorry for taking awhile to reply, was picking her words carefully.


You really ought to use your skills that you have assigned your character or else you will automatically fail. I'll give you a break this one time but it will be the only one time after this you will need what skills you have. If you want her to use logic then learn a Logic Skill.

Rose LD 1d6 = 2 VS BE Mind 1d6 = 2
Rose LD 1d6 = 1 VS BS Mind 1d4 = 1
(You'll only need one to succeed.)


I figured it's more common sense.

Also, do you have my character doc ready?


The two step back after hearing her words and decide that this wasn't worth the trouble anymore and they leave you with the student alone. He gets up, gathers his belongings, and thanks you.

Student: "You really saved me back there, thanks for that. Why did you even decide to help me out anyways?"

You need the appropriate charm skill in order to make words with your adversaries. That is the rule.

As for your sheet, you can find it in the original post under the character records tab. Here is your sheet anyways.



Thanks. And sorry.

Because it shouldn't really be happening. Plus she asked me to help her while I was-
>Remembers something.
THE HELMET! I got to go!


She rushes away and goes to the Principal's office and she so far makes it on time. Inside the atmosphere was gentle as the stiff brown carpet scratched up against your hooves. Polished furniture dotted the room while the Principal sat behind her desk, going over files until you entered. She looks up and gives a warm and inviting smile to you.

Principal: "Ah Tudor Rose, what brings you here to me today? I would've thought that you would be in class with..."

She looks down at some papers

Principal: "Scripture Scroll for History."


Yes sir.
>Presents her hall pass.
Mr. Scroll asked for me to bring the knights helmet replica for his class.


Principal: "Oh he didn't come for that yet? He's absent minded from time to time."

She goes over to the closet in the room and sifts through the the interior and objects inside. Eventually she pulls out a box about the size of an adult pony head carefully wrapped up and printed with the Museum symbol on one of its sides.

Principal: "Here it is. Try to be careful, it isn't an artifact but I'm sure your teacher would be disappointed if it was broken before it got there. Then again... it would be his fault in the end for not picking it up himself."


I will be carefuly with it. Thank you Miss.

>Carefully takes the wrapped helmet and carries it back to class.


She makes the trip back and is met with her teacher once more, thanking her for the safe retrieval of the helmet. Rose would then sit back down as Scripture Scroll held the helm up high for the whole class to see. Even though it was made of plastic, its surface shined a metallic silver color with fake jewels encrusted on the sides to signify that it would belong to a Knight Captain. Scripture Scroll would then go more into detail until finally the class was over and they were all excused.

As any typical class would, everypony stormed out with the teacher's words echoing to them, reminding them that the school trip would be taking place soon and to get ready for it.

I think right here is a good spot to do a small time jump to the school trip or do you want to stop for the day and pick it up tomorrow?


We can continue if you want to. I'm not doing much. I'll be off to bed in about 5 hours. But if you want to stop thats fine.


I guess we can keep going for an hour or two.

A few days would pass until eventually the day would come where the entire school would go onto its field trip into the woods to study natural magics in the wild. Tudor Rose would arrive at the school courtyard where all of the students gathered with their classes. A lot of them looked excited to go out into the woods trail all the while their teachers looked over them.

Scripture Scroll could be seen here with the rest of Rose's class. She would need to go speak to him in order to go.


>Tudor Rose was hoping no one will ask her questions on the forest. While her adopted father and her adopted-adopted grandmother taught her a lot of forest-things, she wasn't an absolute expert on the subject.

We're ready sir.



Script Scroll: "Ah Tudor Rose, I'm glad one of my top students could make it on this trip. Anyways we will be hiking on a woodland trail up north of the city pretty soon. Be sure to stay with the class"

The gentle breeze was cool on this average pre-summer day. Tudor Rose along with her class set out onto the buses and they were driven off to the north side of the city. As she sat down onto the crowded bus, she would make a familiar acquaintance.

Soothing Light: "Hey its Tudor Rose again."

The white mare with golden hair sat down next to Rose. Strangely she was still wearing her sash and gear she had on the day they met despite there would be no halls to tend to in the woods.

Soothing Light: "It's been a while since I last saw you. Heck I couldn't even thank you for saving that student with me."


O-oh! Hello Again. Smooth Lighting was it?


Soothing Light: "It's Soothing Light! My parent's named me after the sun which is protected by the Princess Celestia!"

She seemed upset at Rose not getting her name right, almost as if about to cry. Instead though she calms down a bit and explains.

Soothing Light: "Both of my parents serve as Baltimare Guards here in the city so they would give me a name like that. One day I hope to join the Royal Guard instead of the city ones. Then rise up in the ranks until I am Celestia's personal bodyguard. I would be glad to serve my princess with my life!"

Now she seems entranced with thoughts of her dream of guardianship of the highest royalty. You can see why she takes her hallmonitoring seriously.


I see, thats why you're a hall monitor
>Noticed the stash.
And still on duty?


SL: "Crime never sleeps so neither do I!"

You hope that was figurative and not literal.

SL: "I will be watching over Mr. Scripture Scroll's class to make sure everypony stays in the group and gets along. I doubt there would be any bullying today since there will be plenty to look at but I gotta be on my hooves with ponies who like to wander off."

Eventually they reach their destination and all of the students get off of the buses and move about in their groups. Scripture Scroll took the longest as he decided to lecture about how the early settlers had to go through these same woods before Baltimare was founded. Soon enough they stood at the entrance of the woods trail, an old white sign with black letters read Tall Oaks Trail.

Scripture Scroll: "Now everypony stay together. You don't want to wander into danger now."

You doubt you would find any monsters in these woods but rather face the wrath and zeal of Soothing Light if she caught you away from the group.


>As she and Soothing Light stroll along the woodland trail, she can't help but be reminded of pleasent memories of foalhood where her father took her on trips through Everfree Forest and not telling mother about their little adventures. Of course it was later on in life she learned that Everfree Forest was supposidly dangerous and Mum did not want her in dangerous forest.



The class would eventually stop in a clearing in the woods, the sounds and smells of the breeze in the trees was surely relaxing and many of the students were enjoying themselves here. Scripture Scroll was talking about something but for Rose it was impossible to listen to him as she became too in tune with the forest around her. Looking up at the bright blue sky she could soon see what looked to be a butterfly that could fit onto her hoof.

There it fluttered well above her face, it wings feathery with red and white designs and patterns. As it floated, Rose felt like the Butterfly beckoned her to reach up and let it land on her hoof...

Will she reach out to the small creature?


>Tudor Rose does so and allow the butterfly to land on her hoof.


It lands and you bring it down to eye level, the specimen draws in all of your attention. Your eyes are lost in the patterns in its slowly flapping wings as if you can actually find something there. Before you could though a shaking feeling brings you back and you find that Soothing Light had given your shoulder a light rapping.

SL: "Hey what are you doing? The class is leaving the clearing."

You look back to your hoof and see that the butterfly wasn't there anymore having flown off due to Soothing Light's presence.


-oh, sorry, I was... talking to a butterfly.

>Gets up and follows Soothing Light.


The class continues to wind along the trail, looking at notable spots like a babbling crook and majestic trees that Scripture Scroll claimed to be thousands of years old. Some students scoff at this and other look a bit bored, you however remain focused as you feel a part of you is invigorated.

Once again though you end up lagging behind but this time around Soothing Light wasn't with you to make sure you kept up. From here you could see a few students from a different class had separated themselves and gone on a very narrow and overgrown path deeper into the woods. This worries you as you know they shouldn't be on their own like this and no-pony else in your class has spotted them.


H-hey wait up!
>Not really thinking, goes after the other students, for some reason pressuming they were part of the group.


[High Class]
You give chase after them but you find it difficult to run through such thick bramble and plant life to the point you completely lose the wandering students and your classmates. Quickly you realize that you are alone in the woods with possible danger lurking about... wait that was just the stories of fantasy right? Surely nothing would happen here like in the tales your adoptive father would tell you about him and his friends.

You could go deeper into the woods and try to find those wandering ponies or you can turn around and get back on the main path and wait for somepony there.


>As she thumbled through the thicket.
Manure, this was more easier when I was a foal with dad.

>Realise she is lost.
Wait? Where did they go?
>Tries to find the other ponies she was looking for.


Rose goes further into the woods with no avail and after about 5 minutes she is surely lost now with no immediate way to go back. When all hope is lost though she hears some pony nearby who shouts in a stern tone towards her, it was Soothing Light.

SL: "There you are! Don't you know you aren't supposed to leave the group!?"

She looks quite upset with you with a glare reminiscent of that of your mothers when you had done something bad in your more younger years. She walks up to you and bonks you on the head as a sort of punishment for what you did. In her eyes you did something comparable to robbing a bank.

SL: "What are you doing out all they way here?"


I saw-

I saw other ponies out here. I thought it was part of our group and tried to catch up to them.

>Looks around
Where are they?


Soothing Light gives you a quizzical look to your question.

SL: "Other ponies from our group? No everypony in Scripture Scroll is accounted for except for you so the ponies you saw was most likely from a different class."

She looks deep into the woods and gives a nod.

[Over Confident]
SL: "If they are out there then we need to go in and find them before any of them get hurt. If we hurry we can get them out and back at the entrance so those ponies can get a suitable punishment."


>Was a bit confused and was now doubting her senses if she even saw other ponies to begin with.
W-well, alright.


And there the two went for the first time as an adventuring group, little did they know that they what kind of future laid ahead of them. Still they focused on going through the bramble until they reached a likely spot where some wanderlust ponies would end up.

In front of them they found what looked to be some sort of cave entrance. No light emanated from it but they could tell it had been recently traveled through as there was a backpack hanging on a nearby tree close to the entrance. Aside from that though they can smell and odd smell from the cave that made their noses tingle a bit though they don't know what caused it.

SL: "There! That cave is likely where they are hiding! Even in a place like this you can not hide from the long hooves of justice for I am its servant!"


LEt's not- I mean they're probably just campers in there or perhaps schoolmates who are lost.


SL: "There are no campers up here since the school rented out the trails for this one day. There are students in that cave and they must be driven out and back to the buses."

She peered into the cave but until they enter it they can't get a good feel of what was inside.

This should act as the first dungeon and I drew a map so I hope this works out better than the other dungeons we've done in the past.


I still haven't decided Tudor Roses new origin story other than Critical and Epic Mount found or rescued her when she was just a baby. I dunno if a cave or "this" cave was involved or not. Either that or she just won't remember.

You sound like we're looking for wanted criminals. Unless who we're looking for are hiding stolen treasure or a dead body I don't think they're all that guilty.


File: 1543874678703.png (17.58 KB, 502x482, 251:241, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Don't worry I got it covered. Go ahead and play as if she is an amnesiac character. It would be better anyways if you didn't know yourself.

SL: "They have broken the rules and now I'm here to take them back to the rest of the classes. In my eyes they are criminals."

They go ahead and step into the cave and found that they were in a short sort of tunnel that would lead into a smaller room. In that smaller room they can hear something moving with a sound like rubbery flesh. Perhaps they could spy on it.

Green is Tudor Rose, Orange is Shining Light.


I won't say amnesiac, just too young to remember at the time.

Just because someone break rules doesn't mean they're bad ponies. Kinda like The Theif and the Stolen Bread concept.


SL: "That doesn't matter, if the law is broken too many times society will eventually fall apart. The law must be upheld at all times."

She then pats you on the back so you can focus what is at hand.

SL: "Anyways something is up in that room. We need to be careful. It might be those lost students."


>As the walk on into the cave.
Even if the law does more harm to some ponies than to good? Or if the ruler who laid down the laws is a tyrant?

Not saying that Celestia's laws are bad, just that people may have their reasons to push them.


She looks at you like you are unaware of what is going on right now.

SL: "Can we focus on finding the students? I would debate with you right now but we need to go find them."


>She didn't think SL really needed to be this "in the zone" with such a matter but obliged and followed thropugh the cave up until the rock/pillar where they can see through the main cavern.


They make their way and find that there was indeed a small room and the sounds that they were hearing was coming from this short brown mushroom that seemed to spit out this dust on occasion. It's one gleaming eye looks up at the intruders and screeched into attack mode!

SL: "AH it's a Sporedust Shroom!"


Combat Encounter
Sporedust Shroom
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Turn Order
1: Soothing Light
2: Tudor Rose
3: SD Shroom

Soothing Light takes out one of her pencils and chucks it at the little monster

SL Throw 1d4 = 4 VS SD Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 2


>Was suprised by this mushroom and quickly defended herself. When she realised what it is, she decided to use her telekinesis to rip it from it's roots.


File: 1543876811204.png (13.62 KB, 314x365, 314:365, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

SD Shroom HP 6/8

The shroom itself walk on two small feet so it wasn't rooted to anything in particular. Still though the Telekinesis was used.

TR Tele 1d6 = 5 VS SD Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
Hold Target on Success

Irregardless of success the shroom shoots out a ball of spore dust at the party and it explodes on them.

SD Shroom Spore 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 = 1 TR Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 3


>See's the ball of dust and quickly projects a shield, even if it drops her subject.


The shroom couldn't move so hits were now auto successful until its next move.

SL HP 11/12
TR HP 9/10

Soothing Light throws another pencil at the little beast.

SL: "Take this! Justice comes for you!"

SL Throw 1d4 = 3 VS SD Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 3


>Tries to generate a barrier and use it to push against the shroom in a ramming motion.


Too late to make that kind of move and I forgot about the auto hit.

The Shroom was hit and looked to almost drop.

SD Shroom 3/8

You create a barrier and apply a force on it to move it to the Shroom

Auto Hit
DMG Halved 1d4 = 3


The shroom is even more damaged now but it breaks free from its bindings. It attacks once more.

SD Shroom HP 2/8

SD Shroom Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 2 TR Body 1d4 = 1
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


Soothing Light was able to resist the attack but Tudor Rose breathed in the spores and felt increasingly tired.

TR HP 8/10

SL: "You okay there Tudor Rose?"

She attacks once more, now losing a total of three pencils.

SL Throw 1d4 = 4 VS Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 2


The last pencil stuck itself into the Shroom and it finally dies, collapsing into the dirt of the ground.

[Over Confident]
SL: "Whew that looks like that's it. Not bad for a Hall Monitor."


>She was coughing up a lot.

I-ll be *cough* I'm fine.


They were both scraped up some but at least for now they were safe. Tudor Rose's imaginations of her father's tales had now come to real life. Despite it being mundane mushrooms in a cave and not swarms of traitorous knights or shadows of cutie mark ponies, Tudor Rose could still feel the presence of danger.

SL: "There may be more ahead so we have to be careful."

The room to the north would be the next way to go. Through the naturally made doorway they can hear the flow of water so it is impossible to listen in for enemies.


>After clearing the crap out of her throat.
Sooth, if there are other ponies in here, they may need our help.

>Goes forward.
C'mon, but becareful.


File: 1543878068101.png (17.88 KB, 252x209, 252:209, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

They move ahead to the north and find themselves in the main cavern of the cave complex. Here a large river flowed from the rocks and down a stream deeper into the cave. On the western back you can see scuff marks as if someponies had jumped and barely made it across. There was a Tunnel that they could take as well to the West. Across the room to the East was another tunnel they could take but they would have to cross the river first.

SL: "Seems like we could go either West or East from here... or North if you don't mind a dip. Careful though that water looks like it has a strong current. It'll sweep us away if we accidentally fall in."


We should go.
But... whats beyond that cave there? Shouldn't we investigate?


SL: "To the North? I dunno I've never been in here before. We'll have to pick in a direction in where to go."

Look around Soothing Light noticed it was dark and her fear of the dark was setting in. She didn't say anything but her eyes were starting to widen.


On second thoughts, going in the water maybe a bad idea.

But we should get across if we can... Perhaps I can levitate you over? As for me... I dunno. Aunt tWilight claim she could acomplished self-levitation before she got her wings but I never tried it before.


I had to look back in the original rule book and it says that levitating a pony is DC 7 but I will let it be 6 since both of them are not fully grown yet

SL: "Well if you think that is will work then you may try, just be careful okay... I don't wanna get lost in here with the dark... and absolute absence of Celestia's wondrous light."


OK here we go...
>Tries to levitate Soothing Light over.


She envelopes Soothing Light in her magic aura and lifts her above the cave river. Will she get across?

TR Tele 1d6 = 1 VS DC 6


>While she ws rather lop-sided in the air, she did her best.


She suddenly falls straight into the water and Soothing Light is immediately taken by the current and taken deeper into the cave. Tudor Rose can only hear her scream until there is a large splashing noise like someone diving into water.



>Tries to create a barrier around her strong enough to keep off the water and goes in after her.


File: 1543879854079.png (19.15 KB, 180x378, 10:21, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

It's too late to save her with a barrier but she does hear Soothing Light down the river.

Soothing Light: "Tudor Rose?! Can you hear me? Please!"




Ah bugger, Ponyville.us forgot who I was.



SL: "I ended up in this pool down here, I'm fine but... the darkness claws at my mind!"

She seemed physically okay but now in distress. The two would have to get back together again or else the shrooms will have them for sure. What will Rose do?


Claws at your mind? She must be in shock.



SL: "Y-Yeah there is some ground here."

Tudor Rose would have to assume that Soothing Light got back up on dry land. With now they are separated they would have to work to reunite. Perhaps the tunnel to the West will be the route to get to where Soothing Light was. Perhaps though Tudor Rose could jump into the river as well. >>16255


Stay there, I'm coming to get you.

>Decides to try and jump the river with all her might.


She jumps into the river and she is automatically reunited with a terrified looking Soothing Light. Apart from that there seemed to be a number of wooden planks here on the shore. Perhaps they can use these as a sort of makeshift bridge.

SL: "Y-you're here, good."

You weren't sure if she was stuttering because it was cold or the fact she was scared of the dark.


File: 1543881020569.png (17.03 KB, 327x201, 109:67, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Forgot pic


Are you alright?
>Tries to generate some light from her horn.


Being in the presence of Light did make her feel a bit better.

SL: "Yeah I'm okay, I'm not injured from the fall so all is good. Now though there is no way back up stream so we're gonna have to take that tunnel to the South West there."

She looks at the planks at her feet.

SL: "We should take and carry one or two of these back to the main room so that we can use them to bridge the river."



>Looks around the room.
Is there anypony else here?


File: 1543881782853.png (34.59 KB, 436x354, 218:177, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

There was still no sign of any pony here so the party lifts up a plank of wood per pony and they make their way back up into the main chamber. Along the way they encounter a den to find an old and ragged look Timberwolf who had made the place its home. Because the party lacked any stealth skills among them, the Timberwolf was immediately alerted to their presence and it growled at the party.

It didn't attack them though so if they keep their distance they should be safe. Then again finding a Timberwolf here by itself is a curious sight to be had.

SL: "Oh... A timberwolf. We better keep our distance, these things are something fierce."


Let's just walk by slowly, a lone timberwolf can still be dangerous but won't attack unless it must.

>Tudor Rose did not inherit his fathers understanding or management of monsters, but as they reach the other side of the tunnel she looks back at the timberwolf just to see if anythingt was wrong. Her curiosity asked what the timebrwolf was doing there given timberwolves are pack animals.


You wanna replace your cautious quirk with curiosity?

The Timberwolf snarled at the party as they left them but if Tudor Rose felt like it she could probably show some dominance and become its new Alpha of sorts.


I forgot about that.

I'm sorry, I'd like us to stop if thats OK. Not only is it bed time but my relative called me and I can't tell if he's drunk or in pain and he said he will call back later and dunno what to do about that.


File: 1543882593444.jpg (79.17 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ea1833ec69cd527fc8177c56ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yeah I was thinking about stopping too. Ayways good luck with your relative I suppose, hope he's okay.

Also I really liked how this dungeon has played out so far. It doesn't feel linear and its been a lot of fun.


Thanks. I may trade Cautious for Curiosity after all. She suppose to be like the comic lady.

Whenever he calls I'm usually worried sick about him, but now I feel pissed off because I'm worried, if that makes sense.


I suppose that makes sense. I hope everything works out for you though. I'll go ahead and let you get this sorted out.


Thaks gnight.


Hoping today won't be any family drama. As much as it goes against my nature, I decided to switch my phone of. I'm not the kind of person attached to their phone (I hate phones really) I usually leave it on for emergencies but clearly there is none.

But damn, I never felt so pathetic and angry at him like this before. I should feel ashamed for my feelings but I'm not.

Anyway back on tropic.

>After Tudor Rose escourted Soothing Light to the other side of the cavern, she looked back on the timber wolf and began to approach it with caution.


File: 1544028847558.jpg (85.62 KB, 1057x755, 7:5, timberwolf_by_gonedreamer-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Quick thing to address, Sorry I wasn't on yesterday I accidentally slept in and I also had work. I've also updated your char sheet and some of the Story so far

As the forest green pony approaches the beast, she could tell it was rather old but still fierce as it growled loudly. If she gets too close she can count on the wolf to attack her. Of course she could try and dominate the animal with either her stare or leadership ability. In the end what she does is up to her.


>She decided to let the beast alone. It does not seem troubles or harmed and just want to be left alone.


Soothing Light would follow with Tudor rose back into the main cavern with the planks over their shoulders, she didn't really want have anything to do with such a wild creature anyways.

Once they got back they could see that nothing much here has changed in the room except that there was a puddle or two on the floor from them falling/jumping into the stream. Now with the wooden planks they should be able to make a impromptu bridge to cross the stream safely.


>As she begins putting together a bridge, a thought crossed her mind.
Those bags we found outside the caves, who did they belong to? I thought we would find ponies in this cave needing our help but we haven't found anypony else.


File: 1544029635834.png (31.43 KB, 652x432, 163:108, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

SL: "They were definitely school bags belonging to some students but I do not know who they are specifically. Other than that the ponies must be further into the cave so we must keep pressing forward."

She look down at the bank across from them to examine those scuff marks. They were there before the two got to this room and fell into the water so the students must've gotten further themselves.

SL: "I don't think we have much left to go so let's see if we can find them. If we clear the cave and can't find the students then we'll just head on back to the buses ourselves."


OK, let's press on, they maybe hurt.


When they crossed over to the other side of the river, three shroom monsters dropped down from the ceiling and landed upright, blocking their way from continuing. Two of the shrooms were the plain regular brown like they've seen with the other one they fought but the third one had a blue ominous look about it.

SL: "There's more monsters to fight! Be careful Tudor Rose!"


Combat Encounter
Sporedust Shroom A B
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Poison Shroom
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Poison Attack 1d4

Turn Order
1: Soothing Light
2: SD Shroom A
3: Poison Shroom
4: Tudor Rose
5: SD Shroom B

Soothing Light quickly attacks with one of her many pencils in her box.

SL Throw 1d4 = 4 VS Poison Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 2

The other shrooms attack as well.

SD Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 = 1 TR Body 1d4 = 1
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 2

Poison Shroom Poison 1d4 = 4 VS Body Tudor Rose 1d4 = 1
Inflict Poison -1hp for three turns


>Used levitation to throw a heavy rock at posion shroom.


File: 1544031264888.png (25.05 KB, 493x416, 493:416, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Soothing light sticks in another well made attack this time against the poison shroom but it does little to stop their barrage of attacks.

P Shroom 6/8
SL HP 10/12
TR HP 7/10 *Poisoned*

In a sickly attack, you concentrate on your spell hoping that what Twilight has taught you on the side has paid off.

TR Tele 1d6 = 1 VS P Shroom Body 1d4 = 1
DMG Halved 1d6 = 2

TR HP 6/10 *Poisoned-2charges left*

The last Spore Dust shroom attacks shortly after.

SP Shroom Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 6 TR Body 1d4 = 2
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 2


The poison shroom was hit up with a rock but it kept moving. The other shroon's attack thankfully missed the party.

P Shroom HP 5/8

Soothing Light takes out her first aid kit and used it on Tudor Rose so that she could get over her poisoning much easier and quicker.

SL Heal 1d6 = 3 -> Tudor Rose
Auto Cure Poison

The other shrooms make their attacks.

P Shroom Poison 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 2
Inflict Poison

SP Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 2 TR Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


Both of the monsterous shrooms miss their attacks and Tudor Rose is healed with her poison being cured.

SL: "You can thank me later. Let's go ahead and wipe these things out!"

TR HP 9/10


Thank you.

>Tudor rose goes to pick up rocks and lob them at the poisonous mushroom.

How many of those pencils you got?


[High Class]
Tudor Rose has to keep lobbing rocks by means of telekinesis since her own front hooves are too weak and uncoordinated, plus the rocks are dirty and Tudor Rose doesn't like to get dirty.

TR Tele 1d6 = 4 VS P Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Halved 1d6 = 4

SL: "I got plenty! A hallmonitor must be prepared to lend a pencil to those who may need it."

What? You're not sure if that really is a hallmonitor responsibility...

The Spore Dust Shroom B attacks with no mercy, worrying about the quirks of your allies is too much a luxury right now.

SP Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 2 SL 1d6 = 6
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 2


With my levitation and forcefields, I can perhaps shoot those pencils with more precision.


TR Rose was deathly accurate with her attack but it only does so much damage against the little beast.

P Shroom HP 3/8

TR HP 8/10

SL: "Eh it takes a bit of practice to actually throw one of these like I do. Try to make a shield to protect us or hold one of those buggers down with your magic." Damage, throwing a pencil with your telekinesis will still do a half amount of damage of 1d4. You can try what was suggested or use your leadership skill to give your allies a bonus to their dice rolls.

SL Throw 1d4 = 3 VS P Shroom Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 4

P Shroom Poison 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 4
DMG Halved 1d4 = 1

SP Shroom Spore 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 = 1 TR Body 1d4 = 3
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


OK, I will protect us, you finish these buggers off, you can do it!
>Does some leadering while protecting.


File: 1544032810628.png (25.05 KB, 493x416, 493:416, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Soothing Light's pencil whizzes past its target and so does the shroom's poison attack, plopping into the water behind them. The other Spore Dust Shroom attacks with a thick cloud that is straight up unavoidable and chokes the party's lungs with violence. This was starting to become intense but slowly the party was winning.

Tudor Rose encourages her party

TR Lead 1d6 = 2 Quartered -> SL (Until Tudor Rose's next turn)
And it should add to their saving dice as well but I can't predict what the enemies will roll.

SP Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 = 2 TR Body 1d4 = 2
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


They are choked up even more and their bodies start to go weak. Soon they will faint if they can't get their actions together and work more strategically. Thus is life in the wilds of Equestria.

TR HP 6/10
SL HP 8/10

Soothing Light takes out another pencil and she throws it as hard as she can with a hearty war cry.

SL: "HRAAAAAaaaaagh!"

SL Throw 1d4 + 1 = 5 VS P Shroom Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d4 = 1

P Shroom Poison 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 3
Inflict Poison

SP SHroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS SL Body 1d6 + 1 = 4 TR Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 2


>Coughing up while still maintaining a shield.
We got to keep trying! We can do this.



Soothing Light makes her hit but it does little to stave off this fortuitous bastard.

P Shroom HP 2/8

Tudor Rose *Poisoned*

Tudor Rose Brings up a Shield up around herself and her friend. -1 per extra party member. Note you can still attack from it with no problems, it also makes you immune to air effect and block out water but you have about 1 ingame hour worth of air so watch out.

TR Barrier 1d6 - 1 = 1 -> Soothing Light and Rose

I'm sorry but some important financial stuff just came up and I have to go. We'll prolly continue this tomorrow. I'm sorry.


Ah so I can attack while maintaining a shield? Good. I don't have to worry about multitasking.

And OK, we play again sometime.


Been away agains as school had been a bit tough of late but manageable, I've just be exhausted is all.

Also I guess I should specify the rule with shielding. When a shield is made it will last around you and or multiple targets. Every extra object held in the shield will incur a -1 to your dice roll, targets being entrapped forcibly will be allowed to make a saving roll with their body trait. The shield in question will last until it is broken with some sort of attack against a DC equal to the Shield's Dice value but the shield will disappear after three rounds automatically.

The second Spore Dust Mushroom readies itself an attack against the shield to try and destroy it.

SD Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 2 VS Shield DC 1



The shield does its job to protect Tudor Rose and her eccentric friend but it shatters into tiny pieces that instantaneously fizzle away like dust to nothingness. Sadly with the shield gone the party did not have their buffer zone that they did have.

Soothing Light takes the time to rear up one of her pencils and aims for the Poison Shroom, throwing her weapon off choice with some skilled practice that Rose can assume that Soothing Light acquired during her time as a Hallmonitor.

SL Throw 1d4 VS P Shroom Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d4 = 1

After this the other beast's attack to try and stop the invading ponies.

SD Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS SL Body 1d6 = 3 TR Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4

(If not dead) P Shroom Poison 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 = 4
Inflict Poison


>Tudor Rose see's if she can hoist up another shield to protect them with.


Somehow I forgot brackets

The pencil hits but the Poison Shroom is probably the most resistant early level mob in the existence of Equestria, quite the sight really. Sure though one more hit will take the thing down.

After this Tudor Rose is able to keep away from the attacks of the other shrooms but Soothing Light was not as lucky as she could be. In fact she was hit with the cloud of spores and was shot up with some poison from her target, inflicting some serious damage.

P Shroom HP 1/8
SL HP 7/12


M-Manure! I got to finish this!

>Throws another rock at the poison mushroom.

We may have to fall back.


Not wanting to incur any more damage, Tudor Rose shines her horn over her and the party. This causes an orb like structure made of hexagons to surround them. She is still though inflicted with poison and takes damage.

TR Barrier 1d4 - 1 = 2 -> Soothing Light, Tudor Rose.

TR HP 5/10

[Over Confident]
SL: "No we still got a handle on this. When you get an opportunity, try to hold one of them down so I can get a better shot at them."

She is cut off as the second shroom attacks them.

SD Shroom Spore 1d4 = 2 VS SL Body 1d6 = 1 TR Body 1d4 = 4
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


>Drops the rock and trusts her, using her barrier magic to confine one of the Shrooms.


The attack lands but not on Soothing Light but rather the shield which the spore cause the spell to break and fade again. The Shrooms were determined to not allow the Ponies to protect themselves in this endeavor.

SL HP 6/12 2 Poison left


She takes up all the force in her body into a singular attack against her foe.

SL Throw 1d4 = 2 Stout Heart 1d6 = 6 VS P Shroom Body 1d6 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 1 + (1d6 = 6 Halved)

The Shrooms retaliate

SD Shroom Spore 1d4 = 2 TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 = 6
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 2

The Poison Shroom waits since all ponies are poisoned.


I seem to be going a bit too fast for you. Sorry.

Following up with Soothing's plan, she use her telekinesis/barrier magic to hold down one of the shrooms.


Soothing Light's breathing is ragged but pleased as she took down her enemy. With the death of the Poison Shroom, the tides of battle have turned and now they had the edge they needed to win.

It's okay since I will still go by turn order. Also just to let you know turn order is done randomly based on your body dice since its your bodily reaction to danger

Tudor Rose focuses randomly on the targets for one to be caught up in her magic.

TR HP 3/10 1 Poison Left

TR Tele 1d6 = 4 VS Target 1d2 = 2

1: Shroom A Body 1d4 = 2
2: Shroom B Body 1d4 = 1

Irregardless of what happens the Second shroom makes its ranged attack.

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 2 SL Body 1d6 = 1


The ponies are damaged and are on their last legs.

TR HP 1/10
SL HP 4/10

[Over Confident]
Soothing Light: "We... we need to retreat? No we can't with the law on our side!"

You can fall back but Soothing Light will have a -1 penalty in the next battle.


We're not fighting ponies, we're fighting monsters.

Fall back across the river, they shouldn't be able to follow us... I hope.

>Erects another barrier in hopes it would make an escape more possible... that is, if Soothing Light chooses to flee with her.


Outrunning the shrooms is easy to the point that it was certain but crossing the bridge would prove to be tricky. There would be a chance they fall off.

Fall DC 2
SL Body 1d6 = 6 Acrobatics 1d4 = 2
TR Body 1d4 = 3


File: 1544360729261.png (30.14 KB, 741x647, 741:647, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

They make it across safely and the remaining Shrooms fall back into the darkness seeing that the ponies had fled.

Due to Tudor Rose's poisoning, she collapses from her injuries.


Camp Rest (Uncomfortable) 1d4 = 4
TR Survival Quarterd 1d4 = 3

Eventually she reawakens to find that she had been laying next to a fire on the stone cave floor. She can only see the ceiling right now and her ears are filled with the sounds of the river next to her.


>She tries to get up and look for Soothing Light.


File: 1544361226006.gif (199.01 KB, 500x381, 500:381, 28ce0d25de3c2adc0e2c96ff59….gif) ImgOps Google


Dizzied and dazed, your eyes strain as you first scan what your eyes can see but when that yielded nothing you were forced to lean back up. There you see Soothing Light keeping watch at the bridge away from the fire.

While you were asleep, Soothing Light had kept watch to make sure that you weren't ambushed though she had quite a disturbed look about her. Seems like the battle did a number on her than it should've

Sensing you were awake, Soothing Light turns to you and her golden eyes met with yours.

SL: "Oh you're awake. Our poisoning... had finally worn off."

You can probably use your leadership to encourage her, she seems to like authority and stuff.


I remember we ran across the bridge, but not much after that. What happened?


Soothing Light: "After that you fell to your wounds and poisoning. Thankfully the mushroom monsters are known for being non-lethal and are typically the safest monsters you can go up against even the poisonous ones. The ones that survived our encounter had stayed on the other side of the bankment and has so far not tried to follow us though I imagine they are still somewhere on that side of the cave. As for the lost students I have not seen any but I am certain that they are still inside of here."

She breathes a sigh, still determined the rescue the students and uphold her duty. She seems tired though.

Soothing Light: "So we shall continue onwards so that we can get them to safety."

I know I said character death is possible but this is the first dungeon and I won't kill you on what is supposed to be the tutorial.


Character death? Does that mean I may need to make some back-up characters and consequences if Tudor Rose dies?

If we're going to pass the mushrooms we need a plan.

Maybe if we.. I dunno, I uproot them and lob them into the water?


File: 1544361829396.png (788.11 KB, 1266x720, 211:120, Pizzelle_firing_ice_arrows….png) ImgOps Google

They have feet and can walk around, just slowly since their legs are basically nubs

Soothing Light: "That... could work so long as you are accurate about it. If it doesn't we should be able to hold up for the battle to come."


Throwing them into the water might be ideal.

BUt given we've recovered, we can perhaps take them on now that we took down the poisonous one.


Soothing Light: "Yes that is a good idea."

With them rested up, the party was now clear to cross their bridge once more.

TR HP 5/10
SL HP 7/12


Alright let's do this, but this time, with more care and precision.


They get back over and find the two shrooms again, having backed up further than last time. The corpse of the poison shroom laid off to the side dead and well out of the way. This time the battle will end differently.

Combat Encounter


Sporedust Shroom A B
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Turn Order

Soothing Light
Spore Dust Shroom B
Spore Dust Shroom A
Tudor Rose

Soothing Light rushes in and makes the first attack.

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 2 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 4

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 2 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 3


>Tudor Rose throws up a barrier to protect them from spores.


A critical strike made against her target, she deals the maximum damage that pencil can possibly do. Unfortunately they are hit up with the spore clouds and they both take 2 damage.

TR HP 3/10
SL HP 5/12

Tudor Rose focuses on creating a barrier to protect themselves with, hopefully it will not be for nothing.

TR Barrier 1d4 - 1 = 0 -> Tudor Rose, Soothing Light.


Tudor Rose Creates a barrier at the value of 1.

SL: "I thought you were gonna toss them into the drink? Okay then I'll follow your lead then."

Soothing Light makes another attack against the enemies.

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 0 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 4

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS Barrier DC 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 2 VS TR Body 1d4 = 3 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 5
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


Only if it comes to that.

>Attacks the other mushroom by throwing a large rock.


The barrier breaks but fortunately no pony was injured this round, the same could be said for the shrooms as well. As darkness surrounds them, the sounds of battle clash on and it demands the utmost attention you can give. The slightest lapse of judgement will be your end.

You are at 3 HP and can only survive three more hits while you still potentially have more battles in the near future before this dungeon is over. I would seriously toss these guys into the river so you can save on HP.

This RP is gonna demand a lot from you and if your character doesn't have their A game then they are gonna have a short adventure career.

Tudor Rose lobs another rock at her enemies.

TR Tele 1d6 = 3 VS Shroom Body 1d4 = 2
DMG Halved 1d6 = 3


On second thoughts, this could be it... here we go;..

>Tries to grab the shrooms with a levitation spell in order to toss them in the water.


The rock hits the enemy just shy of its eye dealing severe damage but it still stands.

Shroom B HP 1/8

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 0 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d4 = 2

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR 1d4 = 2 SL 1d6 - 1 = 1
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 2

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR 1d4 = 1 SL 1d6 - 1 = 3
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 3


Soothing Light misses her mark and they are caught up in more Spore Dust Smoke, dealing 2 more damage.

TR HP 1/10
SL HP 3/10

Tudor Rose attempts to encapsulate one of the shrooms in her magic.

TR Tele 1d6 = 4 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 2


Tudor Rose has a grasp on it and won't let go. Soothing Light focuses and tries to throw one of her pencils in a desperate attempt to kill.

SL: "Come one Celestia, I need this to work!"

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 3 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 1

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR Body 1d4 = 4 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 1
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 2 VS TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 2
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 1


>While Soothing Light tries to dispatch the one, Tudor Rose tries to toss the other into the water behind them.


The party is hit once more with spore dust and Tudor Rose succumbs to her injuries once more, falling down into a deep sleep. Had the Shrooms been lethal then she would be at death's door right now with now way to heal her in this moment.

TR HP 0/10
SL HP 1/10

Soothing Light scoops up Tudor Rose and books it again across the bridge. This was their last option

Bridge DC 2
Soothing Light Body 1d6 - 2 = -1 Acro 1d4 - 2 = -1


File: 1544364601002.png (21.24 KB, 579x409, 579:409, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Soothing Light trips up causing her and her friend to drift back down stream back into the far room of the cave complex.

Eventually when they came too, they were washed up on the the bank of the pool, half of their bodies submerged in water.

SL HP 1/10
TR HP 1/10


I'm sorry, I thought we could still take them and that the tossing plan was for if it went hairy.

>The water sort of helped Tudor Rose wake up. She was in shock where she was but tries to grab onto the edge to stablise themselves.

S-Soothing, where are you?

>Tries to create some light with her horn.


I mean its fine but there is gonna be little room for mistake. Every turn matters this time around and how you spend it will determine the outcome.

Tudor Rose doesn't seem like the offensive type to me but rather a supporting control wizard type. Try to focus her on supporting Soothing Light's attacks rather than making Tudor Rose attack herself. She does have a nifty cutie mark skill of Leadership. Use that to buff Soothing Light then try to hold the enemies down with telekinesis.

When our characters get back to the shroom do try to toss them around though that will take 2 turns so heads up if you try that.

Soothing Light is to your left and you can see her pulling herself back up onto shore like you are. Dripping wet, you finally get out of the water and onto damp cave floor. The party's spirit's are doused with more than just water, 2 defeats were surely something.

Soothing Light: "We... should've stuck with the plan."

[High Class]
Both of you were severely injured, likely gonna take a week to fully recover. This was not how you planned the school trip would be like, you expected to be in the warm surrounded by nature not soaked at the bottom of some dank cave.


>Tudor Rose felt ashamed at all this, she knew that by now if anypony was lost down here they would probably be dead by now.
>She wonders what her father would do in such a situation. He would probably storm through the caves and not let any mushroom stop him.
>He would probably have saved the day by now.
>He would most likely be dissapointed at his daughters choices and actions that lead up to this moment.
S-Soothing... we should... we should go back... Find others who are more capable of this... than us.


Soothing Light gives a pat on Tudor Rose's back along with a weak smile. She doesn't seem to be getting worse in terms of her emotional state but you are not sure if that is her overconfidence or her near religious devotion to Celestia and the law.

SL: "We are capable of this, we just didn't go in as prepared as we should've. If we just get our spirits together we can do this."


With what?
This isn't the halls of the academy, you're not dealing with somepony without a hall pass where you tell them off and thats it.
Those ponies we're looking for, they could be dead by now, dead because I thought we could take them on. They would probably be saved by now if we just turned around from the cave and get help from ponies who know what the damn to do.
If it wern't for my selfish decisions we wouldn't be in this mess.


Soothing Light's smile fades and she gets up onto her hooves and starts to move to the tunnel.

SL: "Both of my parent's are Baltimare Guard ponies. Everyday they go out on patrol to protect ponies like you and me. They've always taught me that I should uphold the law and stay committed to that path and so I have."

She points to the rose on your flank.

SL: "That Cutie Mark brands you as a leader now and leaders always make the choices that us guard ponies follow. Sometimes its not the best choices but at the end of the day you must stay committed no matter what. Prove yourself a leader today and lets save those students."


>Tudor Rose was somewhat surprised Soothing Light had some understanding what her cutie mark means, given no one in Ponyville really knew what it means.

>Starts wiping her face as she tries to hold back ehr tears.
W-Wait, you know what my cutie mark means?


SL: "I know the leaders when I see and you are one."

She then scoffs.

SL: "I mean you're no Princess Celestia though, now she is some royalty I would like to serve one day! Still though you gotta own up to your Cutie Mark, it makes you who you are. Let's pull ourselves together."

I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret but Soothing Light would be able to tell who has authority given her extreme affinity for the law. Of course you might want to roleplay Tudor Rose more as a leader than some aloof pony like Epic Mount. This is the time after all to try something new, you can see I'm playing someone the exact opposite of Critical Hit.

You've also ignored times where I told you you could use your Leadership skill.

>You can probably use your leadership to encourage her, she seems to like authority and stuff.

>Of course she could try and dominate the animal with either her stare or leadership ability.


Me? A leader? So far, all I lead us to is cold, wet and barely holding together.

I always figured Epic Mount became more leadership like in our adventure together as he rised up to become a knight and quickly became respected amonst his peers and such. But I also imagine Epic Mount more courageous to a fault.

While cutie marks usually appear when a pony discover their talent, Tudor Rose is different, when her cutie mark appeared she was not sure of it's meaning. She knew that she was adopted and wondered if it had something to do with that. The Cutie Mark Crusaders was not sure how to help her (Definately not a florists cutie mark) and suggested it's meaning could be due to her adoption, thus inadvertedly making her more conscious of where she came from.

Epic Mount wanted her to be an Everfree pony, or become a knight. Fluttershy who doted on her wanted her to live a safe and secured life. Despite being of average magic, her Aunt Twilight wanted her to attend Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns, however Twilight was also aware that like herself when she started out, she was more of a shut-in and perhaps would be best at her school of friendship.

So Tudor Rose had peers who advice her different future while she felt she had little understanding of who she is. Perhaps she found out that her cutie mark bared resemblence to a symbol found in Baltimare, or maybe Twilight's table gave her a friendship mission in Baltimare, but eitherway she figured she would find her answers in Baltimare. However this decision goes against all the ideal choices from her peers and to topple it all the reputation of her aunt and parents make her feel very overshadowed in her self worth which has made her doubt her choices leading up the Baltimare. Especially taken up education in hopes to find answers about herself only to find nothing.

As I said when I chosen the cutie mark, even I wasn't entirely sure of it's meaning, you suggested she be a leader. I can imagine her being more like her father later on but you understand how much baggage she is carrying around, but I can see Soothing Light is being a good influence on her to become more of her own hero than what others expected of her.

>Wiping her tears away.
D-do you really think we have a chance?


Sure enough that's fine but Soothing Slight should still be justified in sniffing that she's a leader type.

SL: "Sure we can so long as we are much more careful. Now lets set up camp before we head on out."

The party takes about 10 minutes to dry off and rest up whatever health they can.

Rest Uncomfortable 1d4 = 4
TR Survival 1/2 1d4 = 3

We can call it here for the day. I kinda didn't sleep last night at all.


We can stop if you want. I figured the girls will chat and get to know one another more. Maybe Soothing Light has questions for her... which honestly would be more ideal for her backstory now than previous post.


I can go a little bit more

Staying by the fire light, the ponies caught their breath and were able to relax as much as they could given the circumstance.

SL: "So what's it like being the adoptive daughter of not only Fluttershy but Epic Mount as well. I've heard the stories about them and their adventures across Equestria in the service of Princess Celestia."


I do not really want to talk about it. Not because I don't like my parents, I love them and the support they've given me even though at times, especially now, I feel undeserving of it.

It's just whenever someone compares me to my parents I do not know how to talk about it.


Soothing Light puckers her lips and blows a breath of air up into her own hair in disappointment.

SL: "Booo. You should be a bit more enthusiastic at having parents who are friends with Celestia..."

Suddenly her eyes widens and she jumps across the room over to you where she is now poking you in your side like a young energetic child.

SL: "HAVE YOU EVER TALKED TO THE PRINCESS CELESTIA!?!?! You gotta tell me if you have come on!"


>Sighs and decided to change the subject to her friends questions.
Yes, I have met the Princesses a few times. Though not as often as you may think.

She's like... an aunt who lives far away and only rarely visit on some occasions. Honestly my parents saw her more often than me.

I think she may have babysat me once, I can't recall. I remember being in the palace at a young age... unless that memory is just a dream I had long a go.

I once had an Aunt Peg. Now that I think about it I'm not entirely sure of ehr relation. Maybe a great aunt? I think I only met her three times before her end.

Also, UI do have memories from my times as a baby which I am not sure if genuine or were just dreams.


SL: "B-babysitting? The Princess babysitting?"

She looks at you stunned as if you told her that fish can survive in water. You can't exactly pinpoint the reason for this though.

SL: "She probably never did babysit you and those are just made up memories and all that. No... she has a lot of important business to be concerned with extra-familial matters."

She laughs to herself uncomfortably.

SL: "Now then if you don't mind me asking can you tell me how you came into the care of Madame Fluttershy?"


Sorry I just gotta go, I'm pretty tired right now and I've probably threw my sleep clock irrevocably.


It could be false memories, not that I would lie. I remember being very little and seeing stain glass windows, just like the throne room.

I was gonna leave this backstory in case it may contradict with yours but heres what I figured so far.

Oh... well, my father told me that he and his best friend, my uncle Critical Hit, they were adventuring somewhere near mountains, I can't rememeber where exactly where. They heard foal crying and went investigate.
They found a cave where the crying came from and found a small group of trolls preparing a meal, with... me on the menu.

They fought the trolls and rescued me. Then there was the matter of where I came from. Dad said not even Twilight or Celestia's political influence could find who my real parents were. And no one in all of Equestria called up and claimed a baby foalnapped by trolls.

My Dad himself said he too was taken away from his parents at a very young age and had to adapt into a hostile new life, but was eventually adopted by my grandmother Zecora. While Fluttershy was not adopted or ever had such hardships, she already had made a place for me in her heart while everypony else searched for my parents.
Over time the search became pointless as nopony claimed me as their own. Nopony other than Fluttershy and Epic who took care of me long enough to be my new parents.

But as I grew older and got my cutie mark, how I got my cutie mark... well I'm not sure. Most ponies realise their own talent first before their cutie marks but me.. it just showed up one evening when I decided to go into Everfree Forest alone. But I wasn't doing anything related to flowers, if anything I was defying my better judgement not to go in Everfree Forest alone.

I asked my older cousins, who sort of specialise in cutie marks, they didn't know what it meant either. Scootaloo suggested maybe it had something to do with the fact I was adopted.
Now I've always knew I was adopted, but it was around then I started to wonder, how "related" are we to one another? My aunt Twilight was not my mothers sister, why do I call her aunt? My uncle Critical was not my fathers brother, why did he want me to call him uncle? It left me questioning a lot of things, especially question myself. Who is my real family? Why was I taken away? And why didn't they want me back?

Despite my parents and aunts wishes for a more higher, prestigious education, I decided to come to Baltimare because I heard that a long time a go a family of ponies living in Baltimare had a family crest of a white petaled flower in the center of a red petaled flower forming a rose.

>After a pause.

But if you ask my mother she will say I am a gift from a stork.

OK, we continue another time.


File: 1544628097638.png (21.24 KB, 579x409, 579:409, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

I really need to get back to focusing on this and keep a steady attendance. I'm gonna create a schedule for us to work off of so we can have some structure to this. Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday sound good?

As for Soothing Light's, I'm not saying lowkey that Tudor Rose is unlikey to have interact with Celestia. Instead as a part of Soothing Light's character, she holds such reverence for Celestia to the point where she is near godlike for our little hall monitor. What this means is that Soothing Light can't conceptualize Celestia acting like a normal pony and spend time with commoners in such a casual fashion.

Soothing Light looks about the cave and gives off a sigh to mentally prepare herself for what is to come. The students still must be found and they needed to be ready to go.

SL: "We'll have to continue this conversation for another time I'm afraid. We need to hurry as quick as we can."

The only way out of the room that they were in was to go through the hallway to the left that would pass through that timberwolf den. They would have to be careful.


I'm likging how the two contrast one another. Soothing sees Celestia as some sort of Goddess on Earth and Tudor claims she may have changed her nappies once.

If only there was someway to befriend the TImberwolf, but I can't do what my mother does to befriend animals.


SL: "Timberwolves will respect shows of power and strength. Perhaps if you show off how strong of a leader you are then maybe it will join us and help us temporarily."

How you roleplay that is up to you. I mean you can just say you use your leadership ability on the wolf but it is okay to be flashy and creative at times.


Um... I guess I can try. Timberwolves have sort of "served" my dad on occasions. He said that even if you break down timberwolves into splinters they can still reform themselves and that they only fear fire.


File: 1544629139363.png (33.31 KB, 993x562, 993:562, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

They enter the hallway and turn down to the south and continue on their way until they got back into the den like they did before. The timberwolf still laid upon its pile of junk, growling at the party with its teeth. Soothing Light looks to you expectantly to see what you will do and how you will dominate the Timber wolf.


>She gulps and perks up her courage and approaches. She will sweet talk it like mother or demand like father only if she has to.

TImberwolf, you want to be left alone but we need your help. Together we'll be stronger. WIll you help us?


Pretty weak attempt but I will just attribute that to her leadership being 1d6. Eventually I hope she will be on par with Alexander the Great.

The Timber Wolf looks up at you to and ponders your words.

Tudor Rose Leadership 1d6 = 1 VS DC 3


>She stood poise, trying not to indicate any weakness or pleading to the Timberwolf.


File: 1544629877473.jpg (85.62 KB, 1057x755, 7:5, timberwolf_by_gonedreamer-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It snarls and snaps at Tudor Rose, causing to get back over to Soothing Light before she could get hurt.

SL: "Well those things are pretty tough and rough than the average pony. You can try to again but after a second attempt we should go ahead and leave it alone before we make it mad."


>She was dissapointed at first but turns back. and tries to sound more like her father.
We can't get through this without you and I can tell you don't really want to be here either.

>With a bit of her mothers kindess.
That is, if you can help us please. We can't do it alone.


Once more you try to sway it to your favor to help you in your quest in this cave. Will it work or is the beast un-tameable as many of its other kin.

Tudor Rose Leadership 1d6 = 3 DC 3


This time it was much quieter and was more accepting to Tudor Rose though it still did not let her pet it. Instead it welcomed the party to its nest and what was whatever valuable they saw...

Timber Wolf joined the party as a guest

2 Healing Potions

SL: "Nice work Tudor Rose! The dog and these potions will help out a lot."


He's not a dog. It's best not to pet him. Though we could really use those potions.

A-and maybe we'll call him Twig... because I wasn't allowed to have a Timberwolf pup for Hearth's Warming that one year.


File: 1544630954618.png (47.66 KB, 850x642, 425:321, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

SL: "Y-you would want a wild pet in your home? Sometimes you make no sense to me but I won't deny its help."

Each of the ponies take one potion and adds it to their inventory for later use which they will need in the future they are sure of. Then they head on out of the den and enter back into the river room where they had bridged the gap for easy travel. Across the bankment they were to encounter those mushrooms again but with the added help they were sure to claim victory this third time around.

SL: "Beyond this point will be dangerous. Are you ready for what lies ahead or do you have any questions on what to do?"


>SL: "Y-you would want a wild pet in your home? Sometimes you make no sense to me but I won't deny its help."
My dad grew up surrounded by monsters and wild animals. he told me how he fought those that tried to kill him in his youth.
Heck my mothers house is always filled with animals, most of them wild. Ranging from bunny rabbits to grizzly bears.
Besides, Timberwolf pups are cute.

>SL: "Beyond this point will be dangerous. Are you ready for what lies ahead or do you have any questions on what to do?"
We got some muscle helping us and we're more recovered. We should be able to manage.

BRB a mo.


They cross the bridge and they soon find that they were now encountered back with the shrooms they had fought earlier. Seems like the shrooms themselves haven't fully recovered either.


Combat Encounter
Sporedust Shroom A
B: 1d4    HP 4/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Sporedust Shroom B
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Turn Order
1: Soothing Light
2: Timber Wolf
3: Shroom B
4: Tudor Rose
5: Shroom A

Soothing Light and Twiggy reared up and attacked the shrooms first.

SL Throw 1d4 = 2 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 3

TWolf Bite 1d8 = 1 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 3
DMG Halved 1d4 = 4


Both of them miss their targets and Spore Dust Shroom B retaliates against them.

SD Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 6 TR Body 1d4 = 1 TWolf Body 1d8 = 7


Tudor Rose was hit with minor damage but thankfully Soothing Light and Twiggy were fine from the attack.

TR HP 5/10

Alright, take your time.


I'm back.

>Raises shield for the party.

Alright lets do this.


Tudor Rose focuses her shield but now with their newfound friend Twiggy, it was somewhat harder for her to cover up her friends.

TR Barrier 1d4 - 2 = 0 -> TR, SL, Twiggy.

After this the Spore Dust Shroom A attacked the party with its malign dust attack.

SD Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 3 SL Body 1d6 = 2 Twig Body 1d8 = 4
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 1


Tudor Rose's shield was brought up with a strength value of 1 so when the shroom dust hit it did not hurt the party but destroy the shield. Thankfully they were not hurt though.

Soothing Light: "Take heart and do not give up! We will have our day!"

SL Throw 1d4 = 3 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 1

Twiggy Bite 1d8 = 2 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1/2 1d4 = 3

SD Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 6 TR Body 1d4 = 2 TWolf Body 1d8 = 5
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 4


The hallmonitor and the abandoned dog made their attacks and struck with minor damage, pencils flying and shroomy flesh bitten. The Mushrooms lurch back at the new display of courage these ponies have.

Shroom B HP 2/8

Soothing Light: "Tudor Rose, see if you can't get a hold of that strong one there and toss it into the drink! We'll keep you covered."

She points at Shroom A, that must be the one she wants Rose to target.


>Calls out to her team with valor and leadership.

>Starting to realise she sounds like her father from his old stories.


Her leadership inspires her friends for their next turn.

TR Lead 1/2 1d6 = 3 -> SL, TWolf.

Shroom A readies itself and exudes a bunch of spores and toxins into the air that when breathed, makes the victim more tired. Seems like the Shrooms are unhindered by Rose's mid-battle speech.

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 2 VS SL Body 1d6 = 5 TR Body 1d4 = 3 TWolf Body 1d8 = 1


Only the wolf seemed to be injured by the attack but it remains unflinching at the spores. Given its appearance and the fact its home is this cave, it should be unsurprising that there is some immunity the wolf may have picked up if not being outright tough.

TWolf HP 11/12

SL Throw 1d4 + 1 = 2 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 1

Twolf Bite 1d8 + 1 = 8 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 3

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS SL Body 1d6 + 1 = 3 TR Body 1d4 = 2 TWolf Body 1d8 + 1 = 2
DMg 1/4 1d4 = 3


Finally after much effort the second Shroom dies out of three and only one remains, Spore Dust Shroom A. Unfortunately for the party it is at full health.

SL: "I don't often put my weight with those who lead but could you atleast hold down the monster so we can have little trouble hitting the thing? It would make this go by faster!"


I could try holding it by generating a barrier around it that holds it in.

>Does so.


Tudor Rose focuses her magic's into the cantrip spell of Telekinesis. Usually as a child she would use this spell to get a hold of the Cookie Jar when Fluttershy wasn't looking. Can't believe now such a childish spell will save her life, ought to believe more of Twilight's stories like the one with the Ursa Minor.

TR Tele 1d6 = 4 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 1
Hold Target


The Shroom is held up in the field and panicks, attacking with the spores it can instantaneously create.

SD Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 = 5 TWolf Body 1d8 = 8

After this, Rose's friends take the opportunity to pummel the little beastie.

SL Throw [Auto] VS SD Shroom A Body [Auto]
DMG 1d4 = 3

Twolf Bite [Auto] VS SD Shroom A Body [Auto]
DMG 1/2 1d8 = 2


Awesome work you guys! Good boy Twiggy!


Tudor Rose is hit with sporedust but she is able to continue in this battle. Though she will likely want to hit the dayspa after all of this.

TR HP 4/10
SD A HP 4/8

The Shroom was still being held so if Tudor Rose does something else it will be set free automatically. Rose could instead choose to keep focusing on the spell or do something else and let the monster go.


>Tudor Rose decided to keep the monster hovering... but tries to turn it upside down in hopes this confuses it.


You spin and sway it, trying to get it motion sickness. Poor thing has to suffer.

TR Tele 1d6 = 1 VS Shroom Mind 1d4 = 1
-1 To Rolls

[Good Natured]
TR Mind VS DC (Tele Roll Above)
-1 To Rolls I feel like this is where your Good Natured quirk would act against you. Killing in self defense is fine for you but Rose should object to torturing creatures.


Messed up a little bit but Rose would've passed her own mind test.

The monster became a bit sick and Rose was able to keep herself mentally stable through this act. The shroom then tries to break free from the telekinetic grasp

SD Shroom A Body 1d4 - 1 = 1 VS TR Tele 1d6 = 6


>Gets odd looks from SL.
I'm not torturing it, I'm confusing it. Heck maybe it will leave us alone if it's confused.


She is able to keep her telekinetic grasp and allows her friends to attack.

SL Throw [Auto] DMG 1d4 = 4

TWolf Bite [Auto] DMG 1/2 1d8 = 2

It's okay for you to act out of character and everything, I've no problem with it but sometimes it might cost you. For example Soothing Light might not be of sound mind if she steal's bread for orphans. It may be a good cause but it violates her principles.


File: 1545220611940.png (11.11 KB, 396x325, 396:325, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

It finally dies and the Shrooms are defeated, allowing access to the the deeper parts of the cave for the party to explore. With a loud sigh of relief, Soothing Light sits down seeming pleased with herself.

SL: "We got them good this time and not have to take a cold water bath!"

Looking to the Western Hallway. They can already see that it splits off into two directions, North and South. Tudor Rose can hear the faint whistling sound of wind coming the the southern section of the hallway.


YES! I mean.. good work everypony!

>As they go to the hallway.

Twiggy, can you smell any other ponies?


It gives a low gruff at her request and you can not understand it as you never learned how to handle animals like Fluttershy. You do see though it shakes its head no at your question which is odd since it should detect any strange smells.

SL: "Hm... seems the dog isn't of much help right now..."

Soothing Light looks at the hall ahead of them and notices something.

SL: "Hey did you notice the hall here infront of us is strangely smooth?"

She was right, the texture of the walls and floors in the hall was much smoother than the rest of the cave. You do notice as well that the northern part of the hall is smoother than the southern section of the hall. Was this carved or something else?


Hm, if you're curious about this as much as I am, then so may the ponies we're looking for. Let's investigate.


Okay but which direction do you want the party to go in? North or South?>>16401


Oh, I thought the smooth texture was down a specific tunnel.

Um.. let's go... South.


File: 1545222765653.png (19.27 KB, 404x603, 404:603, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

It gets smoother as it goes further north. The southern part is smooth as well but not as much so as the northern part.

The party turns to its right and heads south, immediately finding themselves in a roundish room with a pillar in the center. There is some greenery here as some sections of the ceiling in this room were caved in to reveal bits of sunlight pouring in. Leaning against the pillar in the room was that of a pony skeleton consumed by the plant life, having its one boney hoof laying over that of a wooden chest.

The chest itself looked old and ancient like the skeleton and remained close but you can smell something strange from inside.

SL: "T-that pony... died here. Judging by its state it passed away a long time ago... I wonder how it came to be here. Should we open the chest?"


I think we should. Let's see whats inside.


It wasn't locked or anything but the spindly vines gave you some trouble. Thankfully they weren't too much of a challenge and inside you find two things. One was that of a paper note worn to a yellow tinge but still legible and the other was a red stained burlap bag, about the size of a fist sitting next to the note. If you put your muzzle too close to the bag, your nostrils will flare up and your eyes water almost to tears.

The note reads this
Trade between the settlements have gotten much easier since the Sisters took charge and got rid of Discord's rule. Not sure why the nobility in Canterlot want this sort of spice though, it burns you to the very soul. Oh well the money is good even though their tastes are weird.

Fell into this cave and got injured during my travels, broke a leg and now have to wait for help. Hopefully that will be soon.

Given the contents of the note, this pony died more than a 1,000 years ago.


Looks like some sort of exotic spice.
I think we should we take it and find out what it is at the school.


You take the spice into your school bag and safely store it though you imagine you will have a time washing the smell out at a later time. Still though after looking around there wasn't much else to go off of except for to go up north. The last place they have yet to check.

Soothing Light: "We should be careful and be ready for what lies ahead. Things have been a bit quiet but I'm certain there is trouble. Are we ready to head on out?"


Yeah, let's head north.


File: 1545224193409.png (27.22 KB, 639x585, 71:65, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

The party heads north until they find a quite large room completely smoothed over to the point where the most mastered of architects wouldn't be able to mirror the perfection but that was not of the biggest concern. Instead they can now see what made the area like it is for in the center was a large gelatinous blue cube sloshing about in the center. It had no discernible features except for what was inside and what they saw inside shocked them. Three, count them three, students seemed to be floating inside of the jelly cube and they looked unconscious but hopefully alive.

The Jelly cube had absorbed the runaway students and was now slowly digesting them, thankfully there was still time to save them.

SL: This is bad, we need to be careful about how we approach this."

So far they have the element of surprise


>Had a thought, what if she threw the spice into the cube? After all, why would the cube avoid the spice at all for so long?


You take up the Spice, oof your eyes water up some, and you loosen the draw string sealing the bag. Then you throw it across the room as the rest of the party get into formation.

Boss Encounter
Gelatinous Cube
Body 1d6 Mind 1d4 Charm 1d6
HP 10/10
Absorb 1d4
Regenerate 1d4
Acidic - When absorb, it will deal 1 damage per round

The bag and spice hit the cube causing it excruciating pain as its soft surface quivers about in agony though it cannot scream.

DMG 1d4 + 3 = 6
GC Mind 1d4 = 2 VS DC (Base DMG Roll)
If fail, Body will be downgraded for rest of combat


Ha! Suck on that!

>The sack of spice landed stuck on the cubes surface.
>Uses her barrier/telekinesis to push the bag and it's content further into the cube, forcing it to "digest" it.


File: 1545224957649.png (21.68 KB, 628x440, 157:110, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google


It has already absorbed the spice

GC HP 4/10

Soothing Light: "Nice that will make taking this thing down much easier!"

SL Throw 1d4 = 3 VS GC Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d4 = 2

Twolf Bite 1d8 = 8 VS GC Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1/2 1d4 = 2

[Melee Absorb Check]
Twold Body 1d8 = 2 VS GC Absorb 1d4 = 4

The GC Cube tries to regenerate

GC Regenerate 1d4 = 4 HP


We have to fight hard and fast.
>Uses her telekinesis to rip up the cube.


File: 1545225426518.png (426.67 KB, 686x819, 98:117, slime.png) ImgOps Google

Looking at the turns that took in order, the wolf killed the cube before it was absorbed and before the cube regenerated.

The cube splatters apart and frees up the students that now lay on the floor. You seem to recognize them from yesterday as the ones who you and Soothing Light caught extorting from that one student. The third was a more heavy set but tough looking blue pony.

Blue Plum: "W-what... happened to us?"


You were captured by a gelatinous cube. A jelly variation of slime creature.

>Noticed digestion burns along their body. Turns to SL.
Should we take them to the river to wash their wounds?


SL: "We need to get them back to the buses. I would offer my healing skills but I used up all the resources to heal you earlier. And though I finally caught Blue Plum, the ringleader of the school bullies, my duty is the safety of all students. Even the... rule breakers such as Blue Plum. Do note though your parents will certain know of this."

The students were saved and were very much alive. Their mission was complete and now they need to get out of the cave which should be easy enough.


We will get them back to the buses. But is perhaps best to get the digestive acid off them first.

I do have a potion left, perhaps they can pass it around and apply it to the wounds.

Unless you want to hurry it up and the school tutors will deal with any injuries,


SL: "Nah we'll just have them wash off in the cave river."

They go on back to the main room and Soothing Light guides to bullies to clean up using the river water. As they do so, the rest of the party have time to talk about what had happened.

Soothing Light: "Well it may not have gone off as easy as we hoped but in the end it all worked out. Heh maybe when I sign up for the Royal Guards I can tell them about this story."


>TR decides to tease her a bit.
About a hall monitor who coaxed her friend into a cave to fight monsters when she should of alerted the authorities?


She seemed to get flustered and upset

SL: "I carry the best ideals of the law with me and it is my duty to protect those who may be in danger and there was not enough time to go back and alert the teachers. We barely saved them in time ourselves."

She sighs a little bit after calming down.

SL: "Anyways, what sort of career path do you see yourself in the future? Our school lives are nearly over."


>Tudor slightly giggles as her friend gets flustered a bit.

My career path? I haven't really thought of it. For now I need to figure out what my cutie mark means and maybe my biological parents as well.


SL: "Oh well I'm sure you'll get a hold of things pretty soon."

I think we're really at the end of this adventure and are ready for a timeskip. Unless you feel like you need to do something.


We can timeskip. I dunno what else they can do. Unless the school wants to talk to them about what happened.


Nah talking to them at this point wouldn't yield anything narratively.

They finish up and they head out of the cave and back into the forest with Tudor Rose and Soothing Light at the lead. The timberwolf stayed behind in his cave not wanting to go with them due to the fact he wanted to be alone and feral, the party obliged. Eventually they reunite with their classes back at the buses and were given a stern talking to and some first air help. The rest of the day goes on as normal on their trip back to the schools and such.

Some days go by and everypony graduates and go off to live out their lives. Tudor Rose goes back to Ponyville to live with her parents seeing that she never found what she was looking for back in Baltimare but at least the education was somewhat worth it. Soothing Light would try to sign on with the Canterlot Royal Guard but was turned down as well as the Baltimare City guard so she decided to make her mark in Ponyville with Tudor Rose instead to get her reputation up. Soothing Light never explained why she was rejected.

The two stick together doing odd jobs around the town while trying to find out what to do with their lives. This last a couple of months really until they were in the more wintery season of the year. One day Tudor Rose woke up her house that she had managed to save up for being and independent after all.

She could guess that Soothing Light was waiting for her at the Town Statue just near the Townhall. Prolly be a good idea to look at the job board for missions to earn some gold.

First things first though, she should get ready and get her saddle bags at the foot of her bed.


If it's Winter time, maybe Hearth's Warming is near? Which means presents for one another?

It looks rather cold out, if the pegasi are planning snow I best wrap up warm.
>Bundles herself up.


She gets a scarf on and puts on her saddle bags. Inside was her belongings, one potion and a total of 200 bits she managed to save from her living expenses. Turns out adventure lifestyle wasn't as fabled as it was. Despite this she doesn't have much else going on in life so sticking with Soothing Light was for now the best option.


Stepping outside she can see heartwarming decor dressing the buildings and cobble streets of Ponville. The cold crunching feeling could be felt with each step and you swear you can hear everyone talking, kids running, and gentle music and fireplaces indoors.

You reach the statue and find that Soothing Light was not there yet which is odd for such a law abiding pony. Seems like you ought to wait.

I forgot that you are supposed to level up your character. Meet me in OOC.


>She sits down and ponders about her time in Baltimare. She felt it was mostly a waste of her time there. She found out nothing about herself.
>But, she did made a friend, a friend who chose to come back with her when she could of stayed in Baltimare. She wonders what she could get for her for Hearth's Warming.

Hm... I wonder if I can ask Aunt Twilight Sparkle for a VIP ticket to the next Grand Galloping Gala? Or if Princess Celestia is hosting any Hearth's Warming soirée?


A few minutes pass and she is greeted by her friend who looked eager to get ready for the day. Though usually it is to run a delivery or get a cat out of a tree, Soothing Light was always enthusiastic about helping ponies and upholding the law as she put it.

Soothing Light: "Hellooooo! Are you ready to head on into the Townhall and see their job listing? Hopefully there's none that say to bring back firewood from the Everfree, that job was difficult last time we did it."


It wasn't that difficult. My dad often took me out to the forest. Though all that snow and ice made it rather... slippery.

But yeah. Let's go... *sigh* [High Class] job looking.


They head inside and quickly avoid the crowd that was there to pick up and send packages and letters, instead out two intrepid heroes head over to the job board to the right. There you stand waiting as Soothing Light skims over the requests and tries to see if there was anything there that they could do. Unfortunately the board was bare and empty of requests.

Soothing Light: "Eh it doesn't look good... I hope you weren't planning on buying your folks some gifts this year."

???: "Tudor Rose, Soothing Light. We were looking for you."

They turn around and see that it was one of the mayor's aides that had approached. She wore a cute outfit and was brimming with a warming smile that made you forget the cold.

Aide: "The mayor says its something important and requested you by name."

SL: "That's strange, we don't get requested like this before."


I do, whenever the Aides can't find my father.

>Talks to the Mayor.
My Dads probably at the Crystal Empire shopping for HEarth's Warming. He will be back in a few days.


They hadn't moved to the Mayor's office yet.

Aide: "Don't worry, though it may be important we do not think it will be dangerous. Here please follow me."

The party is lead in back and through some hallways they awkwardly enter the Mayor's Office where Madame Mayor waited for them. Over the years she had gotten older, face wrinkled and she no longer needed to dye her hair gray. You can see on her desk about some logistics concerning movement between the Galloping Horse Outpost to the North of here and Ponyville.

Madame Mayor: "Tudor Rose, Soothing Light. Please have a seat. I need your help with a matter that must be resolved."


I gotta go now. Christmas shopping and the such. See you around.


>As they sit, she talked with Soothing.
Usually when the Mayor asks me for something important, it's usually because she can't find my father.

Yeah my brother is her and we're doing some Christmas stuff also. May make more pomanders.


File: 1545562788336.jpg (1.02 MB, 1400x860, 70:43, 1532713511518.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

And we're on

Madame Mayor: "Well the thing is... as well accomplished your father, Epic Mount, is I think this matter is beyond him given his older age. No this requires somepony who is of adventurous spirit and has the youthful vigor to back it up."

She was right, Epic Mount had gotten a bit older in his years, even got a few grey hairs in his bright brown mane.

Madame Mayor: "I don't know if you are aware of this but there has been word of trouble in the southern reaches of Equestria. Between our town and Appleloosa, the local tribes of Diamond Dogs have become increasingly more bold and have ramped up their slave trade in the region. Whole caravans go missing with no sight of the victims so we believe they are being captured for enforced labor."


My father always complained about the Diamond Dogs. I'm sure he would still be quick to take care of it if he was here.

But I understand the aituation. I suppose I could go and see them for myself. Surely they cannot be as terrible as my fathers stories of them depicts.


File: 1545563457363.png (Spoiler Image, 101.55 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Shroom Cave.png) ImgOps Google

Oh and I forgot to post this if you were interested in what the Mushroom Cave looked like as a whole.

Soothing Light: "Open Slave Trade in Equestria? I shall bring those dogs to heel with justice and no mercy."

Madame Mayor: "Thank you to the both of you. We believe that there is a central operating point that the dogs are using somwhere in the hills near Appleloosa. Our information isn't the best here but I'm sure the locals to the south will know more. Now for the reward, we are willing to pay 1,000 bits if you can stop this Diamond Dog camp so that will be 500 to each of you."

Soothing Light: "I don't need gold to do this but it sure does help. Before we go Tudor Rose we ought to go visit the shops to gear up for the hardships ahead."

And since your characters can die and you have 200 gold each, spare literally no expenses here.


I forgot about character death. I'm reluctant on dying given how well the first adventure went, that and I like our characters and don't want to build a new one again over it. maybe we can buy some Phoenix Downs somewhere.

Alright, we can do this. Let's go.


Don't worry, so long as you keep Soothing Light going and stocked with Healing Kits, your character should be fine. Just make sure they don't lose all three Death Points.

The two head on out of the office after promising to go out into the Diamond Dog Den and rescuing the slaves but first they would need to buy gear. Ponyville was thankfully filled with shrewd business ponies and traders that sell various wares. There were three that they should go to if they wanted to buy things relevant to their cause...

The Blacksmith

The Supply Store

And the Pharmacy at the Ponyville Hospital.

Soothing Light: "As much as Justice needs proper weapons and armor, we ought to make sure we buy necessary healing items as well. Which store do you think we should visit first?"


I hope I can buy edath points. I have a feeling I'll need all the health and points I can scrounge.

Probably head to the pharmacy. As my Mum always said, better safe than sorry.


Death Points can be restored by resting a day or two in a town or village, camping in the wilds will not restore them.

Soothing Light gives a nod of approval and they head on over to the Ponyville Hospital. Once inside they see that they are in the waiting area which was actually empty of any patients, Ponyville was peaceful like that. On one side of the room was the receptionist that gave you a curious and expecting look from her window in the wall. On the other side was a secluded area that looked like a gift shop of sorts that was named by a sign to be the [i]Pharmacy[/?].

Receptionist: "Anything I can help you with? Or perhaps you came here for our Pharmacy."


The Pharmacy. We need to pick up some supplies for the field.


Receptionist: "No problem, just head on over there and speak with the clerk."

She goes back to her usual thing and you all head over to the pharmacy. There you are surrounded by a wide array of the over the counter stuff for fevers, colds, minor cuts, headaches, and any other ailments. Behind the counter was a cute looking mare that had been hired on recently.

Clerk: "Helloooo! Welcome to the pharmacy. I got plenty in stock so feel free to browse."

She gives you a paper list of the items you can buy from here.

Healing Potion / [3+1d3] / 20 Bits
Hyper Potion / [6+1d6] / 50 Bits
Healing Kit / 70 Bits
Panacea / 40 Bits


We should probably buy 3 healing potions and a kit.


Clerk: "Is that so..."

She pulls out what was requested and sets it onto the counter. Three bottles of a bright green liquid and supplies that will treat various injuries and illnesses, even revive those on the brink of death.

Clerk: "That will come to a total of 130 Bits."

Soothing Light: "I can cover the kit and one potion if you want to take care of the other two potions. It will end up being you pay 40 Bits and I pay 90."

Do note that both character have the potions they got from the cave in their school year.


I know. Better safe than sorry.
OK, thank you.


They make the transactions and the items were traded.

-> Tudor Rose
2 Healing Potions
-40 Bits

-> Soothing Light
Healing Kit
Healin Potion
-90 Bits

Clerk: "There you are, anything else I can get you? Or perhaps you are interested in a little mission, I'll reward you handsomely."


Um... we're already assigned a mission from the mayor.
What sort of mission is it?


Clerk: "Nothing serious, we ordered some herbs to make medicines and they need to be picked up from the supply shop. Smooth Waves has yet to give us the package so if you can drop it off here that would be very much so appreciated. I'll even give you each a Healing Potion for free as a reward."


That would be fine. We need to go to the supply store ourselves.


Clerk: "Thanks, just be sure to bring it here when you are done."

The two leave the hospital and head on outside. It was still morning but business was booming at this hour. May want to hurry if they want to score those deals.

Soothing Light: "Where to next? I would like to buy some weapons and armor from the Blacksmith."


Let's go to the supply store first. We'll need spelunking gear.


SL: "... Okay but be sure to save up for some serious gear."

They head on over to the Supply Store name, Groovy Gears owned by a pony that Epic Mount described as... cool. From what you heard he used to sell your father and his friends top of the line stuff during their adventures so you are sure to get a good deal.

Once you enter you can see a reddish old stallion with slicked back hair and old leather jacket sitting on a stool behind a counter. He gives you a nod and a smile.

Smooth Wave: "Hey the kiddies came to shop around, alright! I got plenty around and if you need anything specific then let me know."

Rope / 10 Bits
Oil Flask / 20 Bits
Torch / 20 Bits
Sturdy String / 10 Bits
Lock Picks / 40 Bits
Repair Kit / 40 Bits


>Picks up rope.
Excuse me, do you have any spelunking gear?


Smooth Waves: "Diving into some dank caves? Well aside from the rope you got, a torch will go a long ways too. Hm... perhaps maybe you could do well with a pole to poke at stuff with but I'm not entirely sure what you will need."

Pole / 10 Bits


Hm OK.
So, you knew my father? What sort of things did he buy for missions?


Smooth Wave: "That's right, your that cool cat's kid. I don't really eh... see the resemblence but that's cool. Anyways he'd always buy stuff like weapons and junk... Oh he did like have a flint steel to start fires with. Perhaps you would like that?

Flint Steel / 40 Bits

SL: "Well I'm gonna go ahead and buy a rope and a torch, then save the rest on the blacksmith."

-> Soothing Light
Rope 10 Bits
Torch 20 Bits
-30 Bits


>To SL

>To SW
Hm, I can see the practicality of flint steel, OK, I'll buy one.

I wonder if I can ask Mum if I can "borrow" any of Dads old things?
Or would that be cheating or too off-course?

Oh yes! I've been ask to deliver something to the pharmacy that you have, will it be alright if I do so?


You buy one
I really would prefer that you didn't because I do want everyone to start with a blank slate rather than give a lvl 1 character end game gear.

Smooth Waves: "There you are, just be sure to have something to light in the first place. Anything else you may need?"


[spoielr]OK. I figure sooner or later though Epic will send her the Golem Rod if she neds it.[/spoiler]

Um... I think thats everyting.

oh yeah! I forgot. The phamrasist said you had a package for them and asked if I can deliver it for them.


Smooth Waves: "Oof, how very uncool of me. I forgot I had that."

He looks under his counter and gives you a package in white cardboard that had warning's and fragile's written across it. He then hands it over to you.

Smooth Waves: "Do tell the Clerk my apologies when you go and see her."


OK, we'll take it to her now.


You leave the store and head on back up to the Ponyville Hospital. It has already been about an hour since you promised the package to the clerk, time sure does fly fast when walking around town. This time around in the waiting area there was a mother and her sickly child who looked to have caught some cold. The Pharmacy thankfully looked clear.


>Tudor Rose waited her turn for the pharmacy after the mother and child.

(Forgot to click "Post")


The pharmacy and the receptionist were two seperate bodies of the hospital and the mother was just waiting on the doctor was all. So with that said the party heads on into the pharmacy and returns the package on over to the Clerk.

Clerk: "Look at that and the items are intact. Here is what I promised for the package retrieval."

-> Tudor Rose
Healing Potion

-> Soothing Light
Healing Potion


THank you. Soothing Wave said he's sorry it was late.

>Takes potions.

Thank you.


Why is it you always get the character names wrong?

Soothing Light: "Well then the last place to go would be the Blacksmith. After that we better set off and make contact with the Appleloosans so we can learn more about those Diamond Dogs."



Hold on a moment... Soothing Light... Soothing Wave.. Are you two related perchance?

>Heads off to the blacksmith.


They head on over to the blacksmith who appeared to be a young and aspiring Griffon who enjoyed his craft. There he sat outside eying the bow he was working on while some blades sat in the fire to heat up. He looks up to you and gives you a nod.

Anvil: "Sup. You come here looking for gear and weapons? I'm your griffon. What I got will keep you alive and make your enemies dead."

Short Sword / 50 Bits
Rapier / 60 Bits
Work Hammer / 60 Bits
Club / 40 Bits
Short Bow / 80 Bits
Light Cross Bow / 80 Bits
Arrow / 1 Bits
Bolt / 1 Bits
Dart / 1 Bits
Gambeson / 50 Bits
Leather Armor / 80 Bits
Skull Cap / 50 Bits
Sword of Scorching / Does 1d4 Fire Damage once a day / 100 Bits


Wow! I never knew there were different kinds of weapons. Father only showed me his thunder hammer and his sword.

I never properly used a weapon before, I do not know which to choose.

>Her fancytook interest in a Gambeson.


Eh, a Gambeson is a type of armor

Anvil: "Yeah I got a variety here but nothing quite like what you would find up in say Canterlot I'm afraid. Still this stuff is of good quality and it is worth every bit I assure you."

The Gambeson feels light and coushony if a bit restrictive. Many would prefer a better armor over this given that a gambeson is just padding but you once heard that these things can stop arrows on a good day.

SL: "Looks like they got a club for sale, just what you need in order to make some decent attacks."


File: 1545569917999.jpg (57.36 KB, 480x600, 4:5, diana_gambeson_collage5a71….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Forgot pic


>Tudor found the gamberson ratyher eligant and image herself wearing one, especially the red one matching her fur.
Do you have one of those in my size?

>Looks at the clubs
It looks like a bat. The only kind of weapon I really know how to use. Dad taught me how to wield basic weapons but Mum refused him to teach me how to use something sharper.


Anvil: "Both items would come to a total of 90 Bits for you, 40 for the club and 50 for the gambeson. Does that sound like a deal?"

SL: "I'll get a Gambeson too and 30 darts to clean out the rest of my coin purse.

-> Soothing Light
Gambeson 50 Bits
30XDarts 30Bits
-80 Bits


Yes, thank you.

>To SL
What colour will you be getting? I'll be getting red.


-> Tudor Rose
Club 40 Bits
Gambeson 50 Bits
-90 Bits

Soothing Light puts on a blue gambeson tat was not very well saturated but played well with her milky coat and golden hair. Both gambesons were clean and fresh though you can expect that to change after their first fray into combat.

Soothing Light: "I got something blue. Anyways that's my 200 Bits spent. I hope I have what I need."


I got 30 bits left.
>Looks for something around the price range.
Not really sure what to spend it on that could be of any help.


It doesn't look like the store here has anything that she could use and afford unfortunately. Better to just cut the loss and move on.

Soothing Light: "Perhaps you should hold onto it just incase you see something in Appleloosa when we get there."

Anvil: "Thanks for your patronage, hopefully you two will be back from your journey. I could use the business."


You're right.

Thank you Anvil.

Let's head off to Apploosa. Hopefully it will be an issue we can resolve cleanly. Perhaps my father will be pleased if we acomplish the task!


The two head away from the smithy and walked back to the center of town, surrounded by a swirl of ponies both young and old.

Soothing Light: "Before we go, you might have folks that you need to go say goodbye to. I'm sure we will be gone for a while and they might worry about you while on our travels."

Gonna get something to eat really quick. BRB


Oh... I-I dunno if... I should... I mean... I guess I should tell... my mother... But I dunno if I should.




SL: "You might want to. I mean... you respect your parents right?"

I don't particular care if Rose does speak with Fluttershy, I'm just saying what Soothing Light would at the moment.


I do... it's just... my mother never really wanted me to follow my dads habbits.

B-but it's not exactly an adventure, we're just doing a diplomatic mission. The club is just self defence right? We probably won't even need it.

Yes, I'll tell her.


SL: "Eh sure, that sounds about right."

The party leaves the town and heads on over to Fluttershy's cottage on the edge of Ponyville. It was still the vibrant, peaceful haven for animals all around sat atop a babbling brook. The farthest they got so far was the tiny bridge.

SL: "I'll wait here while you take care of things."

I'm not sure how you want to RP this. Just do what feels right and I will follow along.


I have nothing in mind myself. I imagine Fluttershy as loving towards her like she was in our Fo:E RP.

>Knocks on the door.
Hello? Mum? It's me Rosie.


Okay so your gonna make me RP as Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: "Oh Rosie, come on in."

You step inside and see your mother, old and frail but not too old. She was sitting down with her Angel Bunny as she knitted what looked to be some throw over blanket.

Fluttershy: "It's been a while since you last visited. Come sit down and relax a little and I will make some tea for us and Angel."


Oh, sorry. But it would be an awkward textwall if I did it myself.

Oh hello Mum. Actually, I can't stay long.
>Noticed her "brrother" is still alive all these years. Thats no ordinary rabbit.

I came by to let you know where I'll be going.  Mayor Mare asked me for a diplomatic... "meeting", down at Apploosa.


She eyes you curiously, stopping the knitting and laying her creation down onto her lap.

Fluttershy: "She having you go to do... diplomacy? What exactly is going on down in Appleloosa Tudor Rose?"


>Is thankful she left the weapon at the door, but hopes Fluttershy doesn't know what a Gambeson is.

Oh well, the Mayor wanted Dad to do it. She said herself that Dads a bit over the hill, hehe can you believe it? But she found me and asked me and Soothing to go about to do it.

Y'know, just sort some political stuff out at Apploosa, with... dummanddogs...


Fluttershy: "Diamond Dogs?!"

She looks shocked.

Fluttershy: "They've been acting a lot violently of late. It's too dangerous for you to go, Soothing Light will have to find somepony else to take."


But Muuuuuuuum I promised them I would do it.
And it would be a job, I'm getting paid for it. It wouldn't be like one of Dads old wreckless adventures where he risk his neck out just for gratitude.


Fluttershy: "It seems that despite my efforts, you still took after your father. Tudor Rose, it doesn't matter if you're being paid or you are just helping ponies. The mission is still very much dangerous."

She looks around for a second and picks up her blanket.

Fluttershy: "Wouldn't you rather just stay here in Ponyville where it is safe? First you want to go to that school and now that you're done with that you want to go into some adventurer life."


I went to that school because I wanted to find answers. You all believed it was a mistake for me to go their to begin with... and you were all right.

I do not know if I want to become an "adventurer" mum, honestly I don't know what I want to do with my life. I don't even know where my life began. But I know that staying still and living a privlege life of hero parents and princess aunts won't get me anywhere.

I'm also told that these Diamond Dogs have been enslaving ponies. I dunno where abouts Dad is in the Crystal Empire or where Uncle Critical and Rye live to ask them for help. I was asked to help, should I at least try?


She thinks about and then she reluctantly agrees, knowing its best for Rose to figure out what she needs in the world rather than coddle her here in Ponyville.

Fluttershy: "Alright... you can go. You just have to be very careful though when you go and stay close with Soothing Light at all times. And if you ever get a sense that there is danger than you are to run away every time unconditionally. Do you understand?"


Yes Mum.
>Kisses her on the cheek andf hugs her.
I'll b alright. I'm sure it will turn out more of a matter of diplomacy than an actual adventure.

Besides, Dads stories are in the past. Nopony really "adventures" anymore. Everything has been discovered.


You both say your goodbyes and you head on back out and rejoin with Soothing Light who had been waiting and picking at the buttons on her gambeson. Soothing looks at you expectantly.

Soothing Light: "Done? ...Okay then we should head on out then."

Gonna call it in here and have the party head out next session. The question though I have is do we take tomorrow off for the Holiday season? Christmas is given but what about the Christmas Eve?


Y-yes. I'm done. Let's go.

I'm pretty much having time-off almost all the time. I imagine Christmas won't be so busy for me. BUt if you want to take time-off for the next two days thats fine.


If that's the case then I can go for tomorrow. Christmas is off but I will try to be on tomorrow, the 24th. See you then.


OK, hope you have fun.


Actually Christmas and Boxing Day "might" be busy for me, I'm not entirely sure. Last year the whole family was together. Not this year as my brothers got their own lives.

But Christmas Eve is fine.


I hope you and everyone reading this had a merry christmas and since that has passed, we will be continuing the RP in earnest.

Soothing Light: "The first order of business then would be to head down to the train station and buy tickets to Appleloosa. Should be cheap to by a fair to there but we might get a free ride if we mention we are on official business... or that you are the adoptive daughter of Fluttershy."

She was right, the party would need to get some form of travel to Appleloosa to investigate the Diamond Dogs in the area there. Trains were not their only option though, there is the possibility of air travel or old fashioned walking though that may leave them with sore hooves.


Good timing! I wouldn't of felt like playing much last few days due to my cold, whioch I've kicked around yesturday.

Yes, let's go by train. Even if they end up late due to the weather it's more safer to go by train than by air.


File: 1546169025571.png (187.7 KB, 900x1169, 900:1169, Conductor.png) ImgOps Google

They leave the place they were standing in and head on over to the train station. The smell of burnt coal was thick in the air as their ears were rang with the sounds of ponies coming off of the train that just came in, happy to see their relatives. The two intrepid ponies head on up to the service desk and they were greeted by one of the workers.

Conductor: "Hello there. Did you want to purchase tickets for a train ride?"


Yes please. Two returns for Apploosa please.


File: 1546169406780.png (378.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Conductor_pony_and_train_d….png) ImgOps Google

Conductor: "The prices are 5 bits a ticket for a ride to Appleloosa. Is this okay?"

Soothing Light looked pale to find her purse was now empty of bits but Tudor Rose still had 30 so it should be enough to cover the trip and back.


Thats fine.
>Gives the conductor 10 bits.


Tudor Rose pays the fair and they were given passage to Appleloosa. The Conductor let out a call to let everyone know the train was leaving. All aboard was what the party heard as they got onto the train, thoughts of home laying deep in their hearts but the determination to free the enslaved ponies burned away any regrets.

The chunking and clunking noises start soon after they have a seat and the train was off. It will take about an hour before they arrive to their destination.

~30 Minutes Later~

Soothing Light: "It won't be long before we get there so if there was anything you wanted to talk about, now is the time. Strategies, plans, or anything you need to get off your chest in particular."


So, this will be a diplomatic mission, right? We're just going to talk it over and get those ponies freed. Not an actual "quest" or "adventure" or anything?


File: 1546170469175.jpg (20.91 KB, 236x226, 118:113, 1a59418627d213eee483912b39….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Soothing Light: "That is... unlikely. Diamond Dogs are territorial and can be quite fierce. No doubt if they decide to let us live it will only be for the case they want us as slaves as their own. No this will likely end in violence but fear not for they break the law and should not be spared anyways."

Hopes of a diplomatic solution are nil and the by the end of this quest there will be bloodshed to be had. Still it can be seen that the cost in the lives of the dogs will be worth it to bring home the captured ponies to their families.

Soothing Light: "Is something the matter? You're not going to hesitate when things get rough now are you?"


No, it's just *Sigh* I feel like I'm gonna end up like my dad regardless if I want to or not. And I feel bad about Mum given she didn't want me to go.

It's not that I want to be an adventurer like my Dad, just I don't want to go down my own path in life than follow his. Which I can't do if I go by Mums way of staying home and staying safe.


Soothing Light: "We've been doing adventure-esque stuff after getting out of school so perhaps it is something that you are meant to do. If not then maybe it is something you gotta keep up at until a new door opens."

She sighs and looks out the window, the pssing desert and rocky mountains dotted across the glass pane.

Soothing Light: "It does still stand though that there are ponies that need our help so we can't back out now. We gotta go out and try at least to save them."

It does seem like this won't lead to anywhere but I promise this will progress the narrative. Of course if Tudor Rose is not the pony who has a good reason to go on adventures then perhaps make a new character?


Nah I've yet decide on what kind of ponie she will be. She's like somepony with a lot of potential and little direction and wants her own sense of identidy than just being the "Daughter of hero". I'm hoping she will grow and develop as a character throughout the adventure. Plus I don't want to roll for new character, I like her.

Yeah, you're right. My Dad would be proud if we did. Heck he my Dad likes you for encouraging me to be more like him.


File: 1546172110609.png (560.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dodge_Junction_Station_S2E….png) ImgOps Google

Soothing Light: "Oh well I just fight for justice is all. I don't do it for attention or glory... unless it would be Celestia who notices me. Oh happy days it would be if I met my wonderful Sun Princess."

Time goes on until finally they reach the town of Appleloosa. The gritty sand and country tones of this place gave the party and abrasive yet homely feeling as the smell of apples coated the streets. Right now they stood in the center of town and in front of them would be the mayor's office. This would be the best place to go to learn more about the dogs but there was also the market are to exlpore as well.


>Seeing her friend really wants to meet Celestia makes her tink exploting her family's royal privileges for Soothing Light to meet Celestia maybe a good idea. However she may need to ask Spike to send a letter asking about it first. She will do that when she ges back home to Ponyville.

I wonder how they enjoy Hearth's Warming around here? Theres no snow.

>Notice the mayors office.
Let's go there and ask the Mayor for directions.


They head on in and they immediately find the distressed grey maned mayor talking to his assistant as they were going over some papers. You can notice the papers were all missing signs with pony faces on them.

Mayor Greenfield: "I know Hayseed, things are getting much worse with these dogs attacking our caravans and trains, abducting the our citizens. Thankfully I did send word to our neighbors in Ponyville so we can expect help soon if they send Epic Mount..."

They both notice and address you.

Hayseed: "Hello I am the Mayor's assistant, Hayseed. I apologize if we aren't in the best of affairs but we are happy to help you if we can."

Greenfield: "Yes we have been a bit strained. Welcome to Appleloosa."


Mayor Greenfield: "I know Hayseed, things are getting much worse with these dogs attacking our caravans and trains, abducting the our citizens. Thankfully I did send word to our neighbors in Ponyville so we can expect help soon if they send Epic Mount..."

Tudor Rose: ¬_¬

Hayseed: "Hello I am the Mayor's assistant, Hayseed. I apologize if we aren't in the best of affairs but we are happy to help you if we can."
Greenfield: "Yes we have been a bit strained. Welcome to Appleloosa."

Tudor Rose: We're from Ponyville to help with your mongrel problem.


File: 1546173368216.jpg (1.02 MB, 1400x860, 70:43, 1532713511518.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Greenfield: "Really now?..."

He looks both of you over.

Greenfield: "You both look the part, armed and armored to the teeth. Well if you are here to help then you are most welcome here. You see the dogs have been periodically attacking our citizens who venture out of our town limits. We believe the dogs are held up in a cave or den in the hills to the west of here. If you go there you should find the nest and the captured ponies."


OK. If I may ask, have the Diamond Dogs also been harassing your buffalo neighbours?


Greenfield: "I think there was a few reports of a few buffalo being captured as well but you can expect that the majority of slaves you find will be ponies. Buffalo are typically strong so it will require the dogs to have guts of steel to have the bravery for such a capture. The buffalo also work as a herd so that will make things more difficult for the dogs in that respect."


>Her Dad would probably go in alone and solve the problem by himself. But if she is to be more of her own pony then she needs to make more creative decisions.
Soothing, perhaps before we go gung-ho into the lions pit.. or dogs pit in this case, perhaps we should seek allies before we venture through? Strength in numbers and all.


Uh... I really don't want to put in another character of my creation into the party since Soothing is already there. The RP would end up just being me typing up a massive wall of text to just myself. There is also that nobody is signing up for this RP so I don't really expect any new players coming in soon.

Soothing Light: "Well can create a plan off attack and see if we can use it."

Greenfield: "Here it's not much but take this voucher. It's a government note that allows you to buy one item from our market area, the price of said item is paid through taxes so make sure it was worth it. Also it is only good for one item and expect the merchant to take that note from you after the purchase."


Oh, thank you.

Well the natives could perhaps have their own reasons not to be involved.

I 'll ask Clarity if he wants to join again.


I mean I do plan on making more "companion" characters in the future but only one ally from me at a time I'm afraid. Of course don't be afraid to rally the local populace to help you storm the cave if you so choose to do so. They'll just act as a crowd rather than a bunch of individuals.

Soothing Light: "Any plans with that? We ought to make good use of that if it is coming out of the taxpayer's wallet.:

Soothing Light then gives you a menacing stare.

Soothing Light: "You wouldn't after all... waste it on frivolous things right?"


Perhaps a talk with the chief could help, if a rally is needed.

Also I asked Clarity and he said he;s too busy with other stuff to get involved.

Tudor Rose: Let's hold onto it until a wise choice of investment.

Soothing Light: "You wouldn't after all... waste it on frivolous things right?"

>Felt somewhat a bit bothered by this accusation.
Tudor RosE: N-no, I do not have such habits.


She smiles after being reassured and puts her hoof around Tudor Rose.

Soothing Light: "Ah that's a relief. The law must always be upheld!"

Greenfield: "Is she always like this?"

Soothing Light: "Alright lets go to market and see if we can find anything of use."

That's fine.


>As Tudor and Sooth walked.
I think perhaps it's best to talk to the Buffalo cheif on related matters. They may also have a say in the matters regarding the Diamond Dogs. And rather check as much available perspectives as offered.



They arrive shortly after into the market area, here they would be able to use that voucher. There was the standard supply shop, Smithy, Pharmacy, but this time there was a magic shop where staves and scrolls to be sold. Many adventurers have used scrolls in their travels to save them though what they chose was ultimately up to Tudor Rose Cause she's the player character

Soothing Light: "So what do you think we need? A weapon, gear, medicines, or something magical?"


File: 1546176207834.jpg (102.05 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, confused math lady.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well we're pretty stocked up from Ponyville.
I think we should get something local that can really help us. Maybe something that can help us around Apploosas underground or deserts more efficiently or maybe something we can use asw a barganing chip if things get dicey.


Soothing Light: "I guess what we need to do is ask ourselves how we want to approach this and then ask what we need to get so that the plan will work.

How are we gonna do this anyways? Go in for full violence or perhaps we should get something to rally the bulls. Maybe use them as a surprise attack with a horn or instrument to signal them?"


I think we should ask them if they even want to be involved first. If the DIamond Dogs have taken their own they may have their own political system. we can ask if they will be interested to help us in anyway.

>Turns to Greendield whom I pressume is with them, if not then continues talking to Soothing

And not just the buffalos but the locals here as well. We're here to help you with the mongrels but being united for the common cause would be good.


I assumed they left as you wrote
>As Tudor and Sooth walked Implying they left.

Soothing Light: "The buffaloes should be out in the plains area to the south though they may not like the idea at first. Then again if the dogs do have some of their kin then they may in fact actually be more open to the idea of helping us raid the cave. Anyways when you are ready we can head out to the cave."


Alright. Let's save this coupon for later in case something especially crucial catches our eye.

Where abouts are the plains?


Soothing Light: "To the south >>16552 we'll head over there now."

The party hoofs it out of town going south to hopefully reach the buffalo tribe, leaving past the town of Appleloosa. 10 or so minutes go by walking in this direction until they see a plume a smoke in the distance. It was a camp they had found but who inhabited was unknown to them. The party will have to get closer to see if it were dogs, ponies, or buffaloes.


Over there! Is that them? Let's go see.


When they got up close to the camp they found it was populated by a small band of Buffaloes dressed up in some ritualistic paints and carrying spears and bows. They looked alert but were resting for some time.

Buffalo Scout: "Halt, who goes there? Friend or foe?"

It seems they caught onto your presence but if you explain yourselves you will find a much warmer welcome by the fire.


Friends! We're ponies here to learn more on the Diamond Dogs who have kidnapped foals from Apploosa. We understand that it isn't just ponies they have been taking and we would like to learn of your side of whats been going on.


I'm gonna call it in for me today, it's getting too hard to focus now. I'm sorry.

Scout: "We've been sent out here to find the dogs as well by they are elusive devils who favor tunneling the dirt like cowards rather than stand and fight on open ground. We welcome you to our small camp but we are about to travel back to the rest of the tribe so I hope you will join us if you are fit to travel."

Soothing Light: "I've never worked with buffalo before being that I grew up in Baltimare so this should be interesting."


Thats alright. I've kicked this cold but it still lingers and getting a bit of a migrain.

Yes, let's join them.

Perhaps we can learn some new clues and put the piecves together.


File: 1546251715193.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

Round two.

The buffalo took themselves up and packed up their scouting camp so that they can take their new found allies. Soon they found that the party had come up to a very much thriving but ready to move camp stronghold where many tents and teepees which many buffalo tended to.

The party noticed that they got plenty of stares, more than usual at home and some were cold enough to freeze their souls. You figure that they don't often see too many ponies outside of doing diplomacy with Appleloosa. Eventually they are taken to the chieften known as Little Strong Heart who had to take over after the passing of her father.

Strong Heart: "My scouts reported that we had found some ponies who hunt the dogs as we do. Welcome to my tribe, I am Little Strong Heart."


Hello, I am Tudor Rose and this is my friend Soothing Heart. We came on half of Apploosa to investigate Diamond Dog sightings and rescue ponies who were enslaved by them.

We were told buffalos have also been targetted by Diamond Dogs?


Strong Heart: "A few of our tribe fellows have been taken of recent yes but we've also heard that the ponies have had their kin taken as well. Long ago I learned that we must work together to overcome our troubles so I will always welcome your kind among us so long as you are willing to show the same kindness."

All of the buffaloes seem to agree but that does not remove the dour mood among them with some of their family gone.

Soothing Light: "Well with us on the same page, I figure that we should come up with some sort of plan of attack then."

Alright I'm here. Hopefully this will go well.


I agree, but I wanna ask a few more questions first.

>To Strong Heart
Other than your kin being taken, has there anything else been suspicious happening around these lands? Anything that can relate? Perhaps the Diamond Dogs hideout for example.


File: 1547992472963.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Not that I would know of other than the dogs, they have been increasingly dangerous. It used to be that you wouldn't hardly see one for months on end but this year they have gotten more bold as their numbers grow. Typically they keep to themselves and enslave those who are foolhardy enough to venture into their caves and tunnels but this is beyond their normal capabilities. As for their hideout we have some clue as to where it is, some location east of here in the hills and mountains. A prime location for them to burrow in and make it more difficult for the ponies and my scouts to find them. Easily defensible too if we are not careful."


>To Shning.
What do you think is the best course of action then? And do you think negotiation is possible?


File: 1547992885131.jpg (53.9 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 47b4cfac0e29a1516f346689ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Soothing Light: "Well during times of conflicts, smart and cunning generals would scout out the enemy first to gather information before any sort of attack. Perhaps we should first find their cave and figure out how strong they are then come back here and prepare something to help us win in a fight. As for diplomacy, I don't know, the dogs are a bit of an unknown element."


>A rough idea was forming in her head.
Yes, let's go scout out the Diamond Dogs territory and see what we can learn.


File: 1547993237476.png (392.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Little_Strongheart_Whistle….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Keep safe and out of sight then ponies, I wish no harm to come your way. If you need help then know you are welcome here and we will fend of any dogs that may chase you here or heal any wounds that you incurred."


Thank you.

Let's head out Light!


File: 1547994233853.jpg (378 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, Chartist-Cave-Entrance.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The party gathers up their things and they all head out into the wilderness to go find the dog cave out to the east. Their travel was unhindered except for the arid terrain and the invasive heat. Fortunately after about 40 minutes to an hour of walking they would eventually come across an area that looked to have been pretty good hideout. The air was thick with sickly smell of smoke and wet dog so it was likely.

Dug into the wall of a mountain looked to be a tunnel of some sort that had tracks going in and out.

Soothing Light: "It looks like the place but there are no guards so the dogs must be inside."


Oh theres bound to be guards. Diamond Dogs maybe mongrels but they're still dogs. They have excellent hearing and smell. I bet they would hear the slightest unfamiliar sound in any cavern and they will hear it.


With no guards at the entrance, the two are able to get up to the side of the opening and try to listen in with out being sighted though this can prove difficult.

Listen DC 4

Tudor Rose Mind 1d8 = 1
Soothing Light Mind 1d8 = 8


The two can hear inside what sounds like laughing and barking noises while other voices are sounds of orders being made.

Voice 1: "We've been having plenty of luck lately with the ponies."

Voice 2: "Yes our numbers have been high up of late, we can get many ponies to help us mine up those special gems."

Voice 3: "Grab up those wood boards and bring them up to the dam. We need to reinforce the damaged and warped boards"

Voice 1: "Yeah those gems are something else though, they are pretty but can be explosive when you put oil on them."

It sounds like there are more than three dogs in the cave right now, 2 having a talk and one giving orders to an unknown amount of work dogs or pony slaves.


Oil huh? I bet that can give an explosive distraction if done right.

Let's creep in and see what we can observe, but be as quiet as you can possibly be.


File: 1547996078856.png (38.45 KB, 451x474, 451:474, 1DDogcave.png) ImgOps Google

You creep in as close as you can get before you would have to start making stealth checks (Which you would likely fail since you have a survival of 1d4 at best). Inside you can see a small cavern with a table set to the side with two dogs sitting there drinking ale and having a break. On the northern part was another dog who was giving orders to a pony slave who was hauling some boards on his back. You shouldn't catch the slave's attention as the Dog would notice your presence. To the north east of the cave looked to be a wide tunnel that the slave was headed up to now. To the east was a wooden door built into the cave wall, presumably leading into another room. There may be more dogs in this room or in the other tunnel.


>Motions to Soothing Light toback out of the cave and to a safer distance.

OK, so we need a plan. I was thinking we could get the buffalos to help scout around the area but I no longer see the practicality of it.

However if we can free the trapped ponies and kidnap their leader then the diamond dogs would be more negotiable if we have the advantage over them.


They head back out of the cave and into the open sunlight.

Soothing Light: "It could work but we would need to get past all of the dogs and slave in order to reach the master of this place. Hopefully if we go that route we can think of something up. Do you want to head back to the buffaloes or to the town or would you want to try and get something done here and now?"


Hm... we need to purchase some oil... and after that we need to go to the buffalos to discuss their stampeding route.


File: 1547997428339.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

She agrees and the party heads back as the sun sets across the desert vista, the grass patches glow with an oranges yellow color while their hooves kicked up tiny dust clouds of red. Eventually they make it back to the buffalo camp and were quickly met with their leader Strong Heart.

Strong Heart: "You're back! Did you stop the dogs?"

Soothing Light: "Not quite, we need to make some preparations first."

Strong Heart: "Really? Okay what is it that you all need?"


Well heres my plan so far.

1. We would like for your buffalos to stampeded close to the Diamond Dogs den. Far enough to be out of trouble, but close enough tos care them into thinking it's a quake and make them investigate the noise.

2. While they're distracted, we'll go in and rescue the ponies that are trapped.

3. Once we're sure everypony, dog and buffalo has evacuated, we will douse the combustive gems with oil and have the caves destroyed.

4. With the Diamond Dogs forced onto the surface, they will be at th disadvantage of both the ponies of Apploosa and your bufflalos finest warriors where we will capture their leader and enforce negotiations and/or punishment by the Equestrian legal system.


Though we will need to head to Apploosa and get enough oil for this chain reaction to work.


Strong Heart: "That we can do, we'll keep to the outside while you and your friend venture forth. You have to be careful though, if there are gems that can explode, it can lead to you getting severely injured."

Soothing Light: "I'm pretty sure we still have that free item voucher from the Appleloosan Mayor. I think one casket of oil will do."


>To the buffalo
If you can stampede around their layer, enough to draw them to the surface and to make sure they will keep an eye on you long enough that be great.

>To Soothing Light
Had a feeling holding onto this coupon would come in handy. The Applosa's money is going to help free them buffalos and ponies! Let's go!


The party would make it to the town again and they were now at the center of the market area. The dry goods seller would be the best bet to find the oil that they would need but there were also magic and weapons shop. What they would get would be up to them but by the time they get back to the buffaloes, it would probably be late.


Probably should of scheduled a time when the buffalos start buffaloing.

Bu let's get that oil and go to the buffalos as quick as we can.


After some time they visit the trader and they get what they needed, a small barrel of oil with about 3 gallons of oil inside of it that was lugged around by Soothing Light on her back seeing she was the strongest. They would bring the cask over to the buffalo camp that had been getting ready to make their run around the surrounding area but they were also ready for battle in case of things getting out of hand.

Strong Heart: "We are ready to make our run and give you and opening to reach their leader. It is likely they will keep the slaves locked up in a singular room in case of emergency so if you find one slave, you are likely to find all of them. If you find them then you should bring them out immediately but you should be careful incase you do find their alpha diamond dog."


I'm hoping the Buffalos will draw out the majority of the Diamond Dogs which should make our job easier. Not only would they be a visual distraction but also a noisy distraction which would cover any noise we will make.

We will need someplace to secure the escapees.
>Turns to Strong Heart.
Once we leave with the prisoners, will it be possible for them to pass through the stampede unharmed?


File: 1548000855056.png (639.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Little_Strongheart_On_Buff….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Yes, to you ponies a stampede may seem something chaotic and destructive but in reality it is actually a traditional and defensive strategy that we have practiced for millennia. We'll cut the dogs off from the escaped slaves and keep them safe but you will need to bring them out safely first."

I'm pretty hungry right now so I figure right now would be a good time to stop before we delve into this dungeon.


OK, I don't mind the break.
Excellent. This plan may work well.

>To Soothing.
We may still have to deal with guard ponies and straglers, but at least we don't have to deal with all of them. And nopony, not even the dogs, should get severely harmed if we're careful. I'd rather keep casualties to a minimum and that nopony, bufflo or dog should be killed.


File: 1548249337400.jpg (100.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, b322f449430952bf7e4f16ec6f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Soothing: "Okay. Are you ready to go? Once we start, we will have to commit to the plan fully and not look back or else we could suffer consequences."


Yes. I'm ready. Let's execute plan... uh "Rumble".


>Awkward silence for a week.
Is "rumble" not a good name? We're not doing this?


File: 1555996694083.png (1.29 MB, 5293x2793, 5293:2793, Eng_Logo_Advanced.png) ImgOps Google


Hey, I like these house rules.
Here, i make some.


And here I thought there was gonna be a new ToE ulebook out for more advance players.

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