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[Dark] [Violence] [Pen and Paper] [ToE] [Canon] [Party Formation] [Story Based]

Years after tragedy had struck all of Equestria and three heroes reclaimed the cutie marks stolen from them and their kinsman, Equestria had entered a short era of relative peace which many of its citizens enjoyed. Now a days a new generation has taken up the mantle of being adventurers and some even making a success from it. Others though will soon find that their destiny are deeper than being sime simple hired blade and and their journey in life will take them to the darkest parts of this world. Danger will be around ever corner while Death looms over our intrepid heroes, causing to make Feats of Desperation.


House Rules

Character Records

Story So Far

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Perhaps a talk with the chief could help, if a rally is needed.

Also I asked Clarity and he said he;s too busy with other stuff to get involved.

Tudor Rose: Let's hold onto it until a wise choice of investment.

Soothing Light: "You wouldn't after all... waste it on frivolous things right?"

>Felt somewhat a bit bothered by this accusation.
Tudor RosE: N-no, I do not have such habits.


She smiles after being reassured and puts her hoof around Tudor Rose.

Soothing Light: "Ah that's a relief. The law must always be upheld!"

Greenfield: "Is she always like this?"

Soothing Light: "Alright lets go to market and see if we can find anything of use."

That's fine.


>As Tudor and Sooth walked.
I think perhaps it's best to talk to the Buffalo cheif on related matters. They may also have a say in the matters regarding the Diamond Dogs. And rather check as much available perspectives as offered.



They arrive shortly after into the market area, here they would be able to use that voucher. There was the standard supply shop, Smithy, Pharmacy, but this time there was a magic shop where staves and scrolls to be sold. Many adventurers have used scrolls in their travels to save them though what they chose was ultimately up to Tudor Rose Cause she's the player character

Soothing Light: "So what do you think we need? A weapon, gear, medicines, or something magical?"


File: 1546176207834.jpg (102.05 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, confused math lady.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well we're pretty stocked up from Ponyville.
I think we should get something local that can really help us. Maybe something that can help us around Apploosas underground or deserts more efficiently or maybe something we can use asw a barganing chip if things get dicey.


Soothing Light: "I guess what we need to do is ask ourselves how we want to approach this and then ask what we need to get so that the plan will work.

How are we gonna do this anyways? Go in for full violence or perhaps we should get something to rally the bulls. Maybe use them as a surprise attack with a horn or instrument to signal them?"


I think we should ask them if they even want to be involved first. If the DIamond Dogs have taken their own they may have their own political system. we can ask if they will be interested to help us in anyway.

>Turns to Greendield whom I pressume is with them, if not then continues talking to Soothing

And not just the buffalos but the locals here as well. We're here to help you with the mongrels but being united for the common cause would be good.


I assumed they left as you wrote
>As Tudor and Sooth walked Implying they left.

Soothing Light: "The buffaloes should be out in the plains area to the south though they may not like the idea at first. Then again if the dogs do have some of their kin then they may in fact actually be more open to the idea of helping us raid the cave. Anyways when you are ready we can head out to the cave."


Alright. Let's save this coupon for later in case something especially crucial catches our eye.

Where abouts are the plains?


Soothing Light: "To the south >>16552 we'll head over there now."

The party hoofs it out of town going south to hopefully reach the buffalo tribe, leaving past the town of Appleloosa. 10 or so minutes go by walking in this direction until they see a plume a smoke in the distance. It was a camp they had found but who inhabited was unknown to them. The party will have to get closer to see if it were dogs, ponies, or buffaloes.


Over there! Is that them? Let's go see.


When they got up close to the camp they found it was populated by a small band of Buffaloes dressed up in some ritualistic paints and carrying spears and bows. They looked alert but were resting for some time.

Buffalo Scout: "Halt, who goes there? Friend or foe?"

It seems they caught onto your presence but if you explain yourselves you will find a much warmer welcome by the fire.


Friends! We're ponies here to learn more on the Diamond Dogs who have kidnapped foals from Apploosa. We understand that it isn't just ponies they have been taking and we would like to learn of your side of whats been going on.


I'm gonna call it in for me today, it's getting too hard to focus now. I'm sorry.

Scout: "We've been sent out here to find the dogs as well by they are elusive devils who favor tunneling the dirt like cowards rather than stand and fight on open ground. We welcome you to our small camp but we are about to travel back to the rest of the tribe so I hope you will join us if you are fit to travel."

Soothing Light: "I've never worked with buffalo before being that I grew up in Baltimare so this should be interesting."


Thats alright. I've kicked this cold but it still lingers and getting a bit of a migrain.

Yes, let's join them.

Perhaps we can learn some new clues and put the piecves together.


File: 1546251715193.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

Round two.

The buffalo took themselves up and packed up their scouting camp so that they can take their new found allies. Soon they found that the party had come up to a very much thriving but ready to move camp stronghold where many tents and teepees which many buffalo tended to.

The party noticed that they got plenty of stares, more than usual at home and some were cold enough to freeze their souls. You figure that they don't often see too many ponies outside of doing diplomacy with Appleloosa. Eventually they are taken to the chieften known as Little Strong Heart who had to take over after the passing of her father.

Strong Heart: "My scouts reported that we had found some ponies who hunt the dogs as we do. Welcome to my tribe, I am Little Strong Heart."


Hello, I am Tudor Rose and this is my friend Soothing Heart. We came on half of Apploosa to investigate Diamond Dog sightings and rescue ponies who were enslaved by them.

We were told buffalos have also been targetted by Diamond Dogs?


Strong Heart: "A few of our tribe fellows have been taken of recent yes but we've also heard that the ponies have had their kin taken as well. Long ago I learned that we must work together to overcome our troubles so I will always welcome your kind among us so long as you are willing to show the same kindness."

All of the buffaloes seem to agree but that does not remove the dour mood among them with some of their family gone.

Soothing Light: "Well with us on the same page, I figure that we should come up with some sort of plan of attack then."

Alright I'm here. Hopefully this will go well.


I agree, but I wanna ask a few more questions first.

>To Strong Heart
Other than your kin being taken, has there anything else been suspicious happening around these lands? Anything that can relate? Perhaps the Diamond Dogs hideout for example.


File: 1547992472963.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Not that I would know of other than the dogs, they have been increasingly dangerous. It used to be that you wouldn't hardly see one for months on end but this year they have gotten more bold as their numbers grow. Typically they keep to themselves and enslave those who are foolhardy enough to venture into their caves and tunnels but this is beyond their normal capabilities. As for their hideout we have some clue as to where it is, some location east of here in the hills and mountains. A prime location for them to burrow in and make it more difficult for the ponies and my scouts to find them. Easily defensible too if we are not careful."


>To Shning.
What do you think is the best course of action then? And do you think negotiation is possible?


File: 1547992885131.jpg (53.9 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 47b4cfac0e29a1516f346689ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Soothing Light: "Well during times of conflicts, smart and cunning generals would scout out the enemy first to gather information before any sort of attack. Perhaps we should first find their cave and figure out how strong they are then come back here and prepare something to help us win in a fight. As for diplomacy, I don't know, the dogs are a bit of an unknown element."


>A rough idea was forming in her head.
Yes, let's go scout out the Diamond Dogs territory and see what we can learn.


File: 1547993237476.png (392.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Little_Strongheart_Whistle….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Keep safe and out of sight then ponies, I wish no harm to come your way. If you need help then know you are welcome here and we will fend of any dogs that may chase you here or heal any wounds that you incurred."


Thank you.

Let's head out Light!


File: 1547994233853.jpg (378 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, Chartist-Cave-Entrance.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The party gathers up their things and they all head out into the wilderness to go find the dog cave out to the east. Their travel was unhindered except for the arid terrain and the invasive heat. Fortunately after about 40 minutes to an hour of walking they would eventually come across an area that looked to have been pretty good hideout. The air was thick with sickly smell of smoke and wet dog so it was likely.

Dug into the wall of a mountain looked to be a tunnel of some sort that had tracks going in and out.

Soothing Light: "It looks like the place but there are no guards so the dogs must be inside."


Oh theres bound to be guards. Diamond Dogs maybe mongrels but they're still dogs. They have excellent hearing and smell. I bet they would hear the slightest unfamiliar sound in any cavern and they will hear it.


With no guards at the entrance, the two are able to get up to the side of the opening and try to listen in with out being sighted though this can prove difficult.

Listen DC 4

Tudor Rose Mind 1d8 = 1
Soothing Light Mind 1d8 = 8


The two can hear inside what sounds like laughing and barking noises while other voices are sounds of orders being made.

Voice 1: "We've been having plenty of luck lately with the ponies."

Voice 2: "Yes our numbers have been high up of late, we can get many ponies to help us mine up those special gems."

Voice 3: "Grab up those wood boards and bring them up to the dam. We need to reinforce the damaged and warped boards"

Voice 1: "Yeah those gems are something else though, they are pretty but can be explosive when you put oil on them."

It sounds like there are more than three dogs in the cave right now, 2 having a talk and one giving orders to an unknown amount of work dogs or pony slaves.


Oil huh? I bet that can give an explosive distraction if done right.

Let's creep in and see what we can observe, but be as quiet as you can possibly be.


File: 1547996078856.png (38.45 KB, 451x474, 451:474, 1DDogcave.png) ImgOps Google

You creep in as close as you can get before you would have to start making stealth checks (Which you would likely fail since you have a survival of 1d4 at best). Inside you can see a small cavern with a table set to the side with two dogs sitting there drinking ale and having a break. On the northern part was another dog who was giving orders to a pony slave who was hauling some boards on his back. You shouldn't catch the slave's attention as the Dog would notice your presence. To the north east of the cave looked to be a wide tunnel that the slave was headed up to now. To the east was a wooden door built into the cave wall, presumably leading into another room. There may be more dogs in this room or in the other tunnel.


>Motions to Soothing Light toback out of the cave and to a safer distance.

OK, so we need a plan. I was thinking we could get the buffalos to help scout around the area but I no longer see the practicality of it.

However if we can free the trapped ponies and kidnap their leader then the diamond dogs would be more negotiable if we have the advantage over them.


They head back out of the cave and into the open sunlight.

Soothing Light: "It could work but we would need to get past all of the dogs and slave in order to reach the master of this place. Hopefully if we go that route we can think of something up. Do you want to head back to the buffaloes or to the town or would you want to try and get something done here and now?"


Hm... we need to purchase some oil... and after that we need to go to the buffalos to discuss their stampeding route.


File: 1547997428339.png (228.7 KB, 540x770, 54:77, Little_Strongheart_ID_S1E2….png) ImgOps Google

She agrees and the party heads back as the sun sets across the desert vista, the grass patches glow with an oranges yellow color while their hooves kicked up tiny dust clouds of red. Eventually they make it back to the buffalo camp and were quickly met with their leader Strong Heart.

Strong Heart: "You're back! Did you stop the dogs?"

Soothing Light: "Not quite, we need to make some preparations first."

Strong Heart: "Really? Okay what is it that you all need?"


Well heres my plan so far.

1. We would like for your buffalos to stampeded close to the Diamond Dogs den. Far enough to be out of trouble, but close enough tos care them into thinking it's a quake and make them investigate the noise.

2. While they're distracted, we'll go in and rescue the ponies that are trapped.

3. Once we're sure everypony, dog and buffalo has evacuated, we will douse the combustive gems with oil and have the caves destroyed.

4. With the Diamond Dogs forced onto the surface, they will be at th disadvantage of both the ponies of Apploosa and your bufflalos finest warriors where we will capture their leader and enforce negotiations and/or punishment by the Equestrian legal system.


Though we will need to head to Apploosa and get enough oil for this chain reaction to work.


Strong Heart: "That we can do, we'll keep to the outside while you and your friend venture forth. You have to be careful though, if there are gems that can explode, it can lead to you getting severely injured."

Soothing Light: "I'm pretty sure we still have that free item voucher from the Appleloosan Mayor. I think one casket of oil will do."


>To the buffalo
If you can stampede around their layer, enough to draw them to the surface and to make sure they will keep an eye on you long enough that be great.

>To Soothing Light
Had a feeling holding onto this coupon would come in handy. The Applosa's money is going to help free them buffalos and ponies! Let's go!


The party would make it to the town again and they were now at the center of the market area. The dry goods seller would be the best bet to find the oil that they would need but there were also magic and weapons shop. What they would get would be up to them but by the time they get back to the buffaloes, it would probably be late.


Probably should of scheduled a time when the buffalos start buffaloing.

Bu let's get that oil and go to the buffalos as quick as we can.


After some time they visit the trader and they get what they needed, a small barrel of oil with about 3 gallons of oil inside of it that was lugged around by Soothing Light on her back seeing she was the strongest. They would bring the cask over to the buffalo camp that had been getting ready to make their run around the surrounding area but they were also ready for battle in case of things getting out of hand.

Strong Heart: "We are ready to make our run and give you and opening to reach their leader. It is likely they will keep the slaves locked up in a singular room in case of emergency so if you find one slave, you are likely to find all of them. If you find them then you should bring them out immediately but you should be careful incase you do find their alpha diamond dog."


I'm hoping the Buffalos will draw out the majority of the Diamond Dogs which should make our job easier. Not only would they be a visual distraction but also a noisy distraction which would cover any noise we will make.

We will need someplace to secure the escapees.
>Turns to Strong Heart.
Once we leave with the prisoners, will it be possible for them to pass through the stampede unharmed?


File: 1548000855056.png (639.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Little_Strongheart_On_Buff….png) ImgOps Google

Strong Heart: "Yes, to you ponies a stampede may seem something chaotic and destructive but in reality it is actually a traditional and defensive strategy that we have practiced for millennia. We'll cut the dogs off from the escaped slaves and keep them safe but you will need to bring them out safely first."

I'm pretty hungry right now so I figure right now would be a good time to stop before we delve into this dungeon.


OK, I don't mind the break.
Excellent. This plan may work well.

>To Soothing.
We may still have to deal with guard ponies and straglers, but at least we don't have to deal with all of them. And nopony, not even the dogs, should get severely harmed if we're careful. I'd rather keep casualties to a minimum and that nopony, bufflo or dog should be killed.


File: 1548249337400.jpg (100.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, b322f449430952bf7e4f16ec6f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Soothing: "Okay. Are you ready to go? Once we start, we will have to commit to the plan fully and not look back or else we could suffer consequences."


Yes. I'm ready. Let's execute plan... uh "Rumble".


>Awkward silence for a week.
Is "rumble" not a good name? We're not doing this?


File: 1555996694083.png (1.29 MB, 5293x2793, 5293:2793, Eng_Logo_Advanced.png) ImgOps Google


Hey, I like these house rules.
Here, i make some.


And here I thought there was gonna be a new ToE ulebook out for more advance players.

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