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Roll up a hero if you want to join, you find the rules here: >>5083 (OP)

You find yourself in the city of Trallop, a large town in the northern parts of the Middlerealm. Nestled at the southern coast of huge Nine-Eyes Lake it is usually the last friendly and civilized place those travelling north get to visit for many days or weeks.

You were looking for work in the hopes of earning a few coins when you were contacted by George Coalblazer whom many just call “Trallop George”. He is a well-known merchant who dominates the trade in the northern parts of the world. He had heard of your past endeavors and seeks bold and competent men and women. That sounds just like you, doesn't it? But will you be up for the task?
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>Vin encouraged some singing along with the drinking.


File: 1537907332728.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The orcs laughed and drank... the chieftain approached Vin to join them as well, handing him a large tankard.


>Vin quickly picked up one of the empty bottles left lkying around to pretend he's already drinking.


Vin rolls for Dexterity 1d20 = 9
Orc chieftain rolls for Intelligence 1d20 + 4 = 13


The orc gives Vin a smack on the shoulder, laughing as he see the elf already emptying a bottle and drinks the tankard himself.


>Vin keeps pretending to drink and encourages others to sing, drink and such.


File: 1537908689965.png (128.04 KB, 322x375, 322:375, twi192.png) ImgOps Google

At last, the orcs are done drinking; some are too drunk to still stand and they fall to the ground, falling asleep, snoring loudly.

A few who can take the most alcohol are still standing or sitting, including the chieftain.

He bids Vin farewell as he soon has to continue his search for the ancient cult place.


>Regardless if the spell he put on him is still in effect or not, he asks the Cheftan what it is this Ancent Cult Place they're looking for.

What is this ancient cult place you're looking for? And why you're taking guff from the guy with the stick?


File: 1537997958863.jpg (28.24 KB, 467x350, 467:350, dwarf_by_art_anon-d51gpjf.….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>takes stock of the camp


File: 1538059363202.png (125 KB, 900x629, 900:629, twi205.png) ImgOps Google

The orc chief rubbed his head... "It's ancient place of great power... shaman can make great miracles to honor gods... We make decisions together, orc tribe always lead by two orcs, chieftain and shaman."

The orcs have used up all the wine and beer they had stolen earlier. Four were asleep, the rest sat assembled around the small fire.


>Pretends to slur his speech to sound drunk but still with words Orcs can understand.
Really? I always thought Orc cheifs were the toughest and most dependable leaders of the tribe. "Doa s I say, not as I do sorts."
>Takes a swig from his empty bottle.
Guess I was wrong.

But surely with a shaman who should know where such an ancient and sacred place is, you've already found it right?


"Chieftain and shaman work hand in hand, serve the two mightiest gods!"

He gives a loud burp.

"Shamans of orcs have long memory - but knowledge of sacred place location was lost... need to search entire swamp. But if we find it, great blessing from gods!"


>Vinifera figured even in their drunken state, to get them to turn on each other would be more difficult than he considered. Who knew Orcs had a bro-code.
Hm, well, if I was an ancient sacred place, maybe I'd be located at the most dangerous, most harrowing location in all the swamp. The more dangerous the more protected it is against thos who are unworthy.

Maybe you all should check there?


>joins the orcs by the fire and listens to their conversation


File: 1538166251052.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The orc laughs. "Elf listens, entire swamp deadly! Orcs brave, orcs venture further west, deeper into swamp!"

Some of the orcs grumble, not having much liking for dwarfs (but no less than elfs) but they were drunk and not in the mood to fight.


What will you do if you find it?
I mean... surely no actual human or such sacrifices?

>Takes a swig of the empty bottle.


File: 1538251456114.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

"Sacrifice animal... human too if we find. You lucky we not at cultic site!"


You would sacrifice friends?
>VInifera gulped, didn't ment to imply a friendship so casually.
>Orc Cheif thought he choked on some of his drink.


(the spell has ended a while ago)


(Yeah but the orc is still drunk and they're having casual conversation.

Unless orcs get over drunkness faster than any other race I should be worried about.)


The orc scratched his head, giving him a toothy grin "Only if necessary..."


>Vinifera decides that trying to get the orcs too drunk to defend themselves was not going to work nor turn on each other. So perhaps best leave the Orcs to themselvesd. After all their hangover and temporary camp means they will not be of any further trouble to the caravan so they were pretty much done here.

Well, it's been nice drinking with you. I best drag my dwarf friend back with me.
>Bows politely.
It was nice talking to you.
>Remebers he was suppose to pretend to be drunk and swaggers.


Vin rolls for Dexterity 1d20 - 3 = 14
Naz rolls for Dexterity 1d20 - 3 = 10


Orc rolls for Intelligence 1d20 + 2 = 16


Even though Vin didn't do such a great job acting drunk as he staggered back to the camp the orce didn't notice anything suspicious.


>As they were out of range and returning to the caravan.
Phew, well, it appears that problem sort it self out... sorta.
Hopefully the orcs will be gone one way or another.

>Vinifera can't help but feel he struck some sort of friendship with the orc, but given the friendship was founded on mind-control and alcohol he imagined that such a friendship would be nothing more than a hangover by tommorow.


File: 1538351895411.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>15913  I can't believe that worked!


Yeah, To be honest, I figured it result to slitting their throats while they were passed out. But given how drunken they are and what they're doing, they probably won't be anyone elses problem.


File: 1538503824060.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The caravan group was already getting worried when they sighed in relieve upon seeing the two return. They inquired what had happened and after thinking things over they thought it best to just continue their journey and not risking tangling with the orcs.

Still, the orc-encounter took so long that they would need to spend another night in the swamp.


It'll be alright. The Orcs campment won't be here for long and even if they found this sacred land of theirs, well perhaps we'll come back to that on a later date.


Parel Notgelf, the leader of the group gave a nod. "And we are heading east anyway while they plan to head west - so we will not get into their way at all."

After a final short rest you continue your path through the swamp as evening slowly draws nearer.

The fading light doesn't make looking for a path any easier.

Vin rolls for Intuition 1d20 + 5 = 10
Naz rolls for Intuition 1d20 + 5 = 22


File: 1538676470075.jpg (89.64 KB, 376x336, 47:42, twi194.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

While Naz is unable to find any decent path where the large carriages could safely traverse, Vin has more luck.


>VInifera looks ahead while the caravan gets ready to continue.


The convoy took a southern turn for a while before heading east once more, the treacherous swamp getting easier to navigate with every mile.

As night set they found a clear space next to the bubbling swamp, foul odours were in the air but the ground was dry.


>Vinifera went to check on the guy drawing on the map.
How is it going? I'm guessing we're nearly out given theres less vegitation around here.


File: 1538754445417.jpg (175.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, doc1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The man drawing the map who was riding along on the second cart gave a nod.

"We're about 8 miles west of the soreline if my calculations are correct. Of course, we won't be able to head there in a straight line due to the floodings. But hopefully we can find the old coastal street tomorrow and then we're clear."


And given that millitary camp back there, well I imagine after a few short years you lot will have a paved road, bridges and other means to secure the way for caravans and travellers in the future.


File: 1539091865177.jpg (278.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 33826879.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Well, building a paved road is a bit too much. What they are doing is repair works on the old log causeway that was destroyed by the flood. It's the best you can hope for in this area."


File: 1539132611933.jpg (103.97 KB, 720x450, 8:5, goldshire-724954.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I was thinking more of a well-managed dirt road. Perhaps with weooden boundaries and lamps. Maybe the occasional guard. The log causeway could still be apart of that road.


"That's not quite possible in this dangerous area. The swamp is huge and the area not under any realm's power."


But you've been making a map securing a reliable road for future caravans right? Surely the road will be maintained to prevent it being lost to the swamp.


File: 1539191729501.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"What we are doing is finding a safe way through the swamp until the old roads can be repaired - which might take another year."


I see, well we're nearly there right?


"Yes, just one more day... unless we run into more orcs or other trouble."


Should be easy sailing from here on in.


As they did the previous night, the wagons were parked to build a fort in case any more orcs would show up.

Luckily though the night passed without any interferences and the heroes were well refreshed.

Vin: 1d6 - 1 = 0 health recovery;  1d6 = 2 magic recovery
Naz: full health


File: 1539444356613.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Unfortunately, the refreshed sleep does not reflect itself in health gain.


>Vin slept terribly given the conditions.:shy5:


File: 1539893734337.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>awakens fully refreshed after sleeping like a baby
>>15937  packed earth not to your liking!?


>Noticed ⛵ on /pony/.
>Wondering why he hasn't replied to our RP.
>It's been all day. Surely he will reply to it.

>Realise I haven't even clicked on the thread, just the preview of it.

I do not find lying on an assortment of roots and stones reccomended by most osteopathist.

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