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Your heroes have six Abilities:

Roll a d6 and add 7 for each of the Abilities (giving each Ability a value of between 8 and 13)! The higher the better!

You can roll up your Abilities here or just use a d6 at home! But don’t return with every Ability being a 13, you cheater!

If you have a Dexterity of 13 you may increase your Attack OR Defense by 1 point.

If you have a Strength of 13 you do 1 additional point of damage with any weapon.

The same is true once your Dexterity or Strength reaches 15 and then every two points thereafter.

The starting money you have is (1d6+6)*10 Silver pieces, thus 70 - 120!

The currency is: 1 Gold Piece = 10 Silver Pieces = 100 Copper Pieces.

All heroes start with a basic set of clothes (boots, socks, loin cloth, pants, and vest) and a backpack. A wizard also his staff, robe and hat (see 'WIZARDS').

Come up with a nice name for your hero. And your character should have a gender too! You can play as a human, a dwarf, an elf or a wizard (which is a ‘special’ human)!

Depending on your race/class you will start with 20 to 35 hit points (HP), don’t lose them all! When you reach 0 you fall unconscious and will died within a few minutes unless someone helps you. If you reach -5 you’re totally dead.

Humans start with 30 hit points (HP). They cannot use magic (unless they are wizards).

Every Human starts a simple Adventurer – but if he is skilled enough he can enroll at one of the many Warrior Academies or Schools and become a full-fledged Warrior. Becoming a warrior is expensive, costing 500 gold pieces, and requires certain abilities, i.e. the warrior-to be needs to have Courage and Strength of at least 13 and has to be at least at level 5 (1000 exp.).
After a year of hard training he receives his “diploma”, proof that he is a warrior. This gives him the privilege to carry his arms in any town, participate in all knightly tournament sports and is allowed to wear plate armor.
Due to the hard training the new Warrior can raise both his Attack and Defense by 1 point and can raise either his Courage or Strength by 1 point. All attack and defense maluses when wielding two-handed weapons are also reduced by 1 point for a Warrior.

Dwarfs start with 35 hit points (HP). They cannot use magic.
Dwarfs have a natural ability to see better in the darkness than any human could.

Elves start with 25 hit points (HP) and 25 magic points (MP).  Elves also start with the ‘SPELLS for ELVES’.
Elves have a natural ability to see better in the darkness than any human could.

Wizards are humans who (like all elves) have the ability to cast magic. They have studied for many years at an Academy of the Arcane Arts. After passing the final exam on their Academy they receive permanent sign stamped (magically) onto their left hand.
They start with 20 hit points (HP) and 30 magic points (MP).  Wizards start with the ‘SPELLS for ELVES’ AND the ‘SPELLS for WIZARDS’!
A wizard also starts with his Staff (think Gandalf’s staff) which is indestructible! The Wizard’s Staff does 1d6+1 Damage and cannot be bought or sold. A wizard also starts with a traditional wizard’s robe and a tall pointy hat without brim.
A wizard is only allowed to either you use his Staff or a Dagger in combat. Also, a wizard may not use armor better than a Padded vest. He may not use a shield or helmet.
In closing, a wizard is by law not allowed to disguise himself in any way. People must be able to tell he is a wizard, meaning he usually wears the traditional cloak and pointy hat and his Staff.

In order to make a successful Ability check (or roll for attack/defense) you roll a d20. To be successful your die roll (which might get modified by the DM, i.e. me) must not be higher than your Ability (or attack/defense value).
Example: You have a Courage of 13. In order to make a successful (unmodified) Courage check your d20-roll must not be higher than 13!
A 1 is a critical success, a 20 a critical failure!

Sometimes checks can be modified for various reasons. If something is particularly easy you will get a – (minus) modifier. If something is super difficult you might get a + (plus) modifier. You roll your d20 as usual but subtract/add the modifier after rolling and still must not be higher than your Ability (or attack/defense value).
Example: You have Courage of 13 and must roll a check +5 because you are facing a particularly ugly demon! You roll your d20, then add the +5. The result must not be higher than you 13 in order to be successful.

Example 2: You are in combat against a bandit. Your Attack is 12 and have the high ground, making it easier for you to hit your foe. Your attack gets a -2 modifier. To attack you roll the d20, then subtract the –2. If you are not higher than your 12 the attack was successful!

If you are an elf or wizard you have Magic Points (MP) with which to cast spells! Casting spells is easy, you just do what it says under “Use” at the spell information and pay how the amount of MP it mentions. No skill checks are required to use a spell!


Use: It transforms the caster’s MP into HP for the injured person.
How to: Place your hand on the forehead of an injured person and speak the magic word.
Costs: 1 MP per 1 HP

Use: A small light sphere appears above your head (following around as you walk), illuminating the area as a good lantern would.
How to: Say the magic words and snip your fingers.
Costs: 1 MP per 5 minutes

Use: Magically opens locks.
How to: Touch a lock three times with your hand while saying the magic word. In order to counter a CLAUDIBUS you have to pay an additional 6 MP.
Costs: 8 MP

Use: Creates invisible (skin-tight) armor of 4 Armor Class around you, only useful against physical attacks.
How to: Touch your breast and say the magic word.
Costs: 2 MP per battle round

Use: Makes your body invisible (not your clothes, armor etc.!). Can also be used on others!
How to: Say the magic word and wink.
Costs: 2 MP per 5 minutes (You can only make yourself invisible for [Character’s Level x 5 minutes] max.; 15 minutes have to pass before using the spell again)

Use: Invisible lightning bolt against (living) targets.
How to: Point at the target and say the magic word.
Range: 7 meters
Costs: 1 MP per 1 Damage

Use: Makes the target think you’re his best friend. Roll [Character’s Level + 1] d6 and add your Charisma. The spell only succeeds if your result is higher than the opponent’s Monster Class (the equivalent to how dangerous he/she is) plus 3d6.
How to: Look the target in the eye and say the magic word.
Range: 5 meters
Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 8 MP per target
Example: An elf (level 3) wants to enchant a weak goblin (Monster Class 5). The elf rolls 4d6 (3 cause he is level 3 plus 1) and adds his Charisma. The goblin rolls 3d6 + 5 (his Monster Class). The spell works if the elf’s result is higher than the goblin’s.

Other spells exist but only the wisest and most responsible elves are taught them by the elders of their race.


Use: Increases an Ability of your choice by 4 points for a short time. Only one Attribute may be increased at a time!
How to: Touch a body part related to the Ability (e.g. your head for Intelligence) and say the magic word. Can also be used on friends.
Duration: See costs
Costs: 7 MP per minute

Use: Strengthens locks or makes doors harder to break down. Doors get an additional +6 modifier if someone tries to forcefully open them. A FORAMEN costs an additional 6 MP to open a lock.
How to: Touch a lock three times with your hand while saying the magic word.
Duration: see Costs
Costs: 6 MP + 1 MP per hour duration

Use: The spell casts immense fear into your opponent, making him flee in terror before the wizard. The opponent is allowed to roll a Courage-check (+ wizard’s level) in order to counter the effect.
How to: Shake your fist at the foe and scream the magic word!
Duration: Your Level x 5 minutes
Range: 7 meters
Costs: 20 MP

Use: A fire bolt flies straight at the opponent. If he sees it in time he can evade it with a successful (modified) Dexterity check. The fire bolt does up to Xd6 damage where X is the Wizard’s level +2. The fire bolt can ignite materials like wood easily.
How to: Point at the target with your index and middle finger and say the magic word.
Range: 10 meters
Costs: 1 MP per 1 Damage

Use: In order to see if the spell is successful the wizard has to roll 2d6 at level 1, 3d6 at level 2 etc.
If the roll is higher than the opponent’s Monster Class it was successful.
The opponent gets coated in a magical field that is as hard as stone. He cannot move a muscle anymore (he can still see if he had his eyes open – though cannot turn his eyeballs). The field cannot be penetrated, meaning the foe cannot be harmed in any way. The opponent also does not need to breathe anymore while under the spell, thus throwing him in deep water while under the spell won’t kill him. His weight does not change.
How to: Say the magic word while looking at your foe and hit your right hand fist into your left hand palm.
Duration: Your Level x 5 minutes
Range: 5 meters
Costs: 13 MP

Use: You can look through walls.
How to: Lean your forehead against the wall you wish to see through and speak the magic word.
Duration: Your Level x 5 seconds
Costs: 4 MP plus 2 MP per 30 cm (one foot) thickness of the wall.

Other spells exist but only the wisest and most powerful wizards can learn them eventually if they visit their Academy or find old scrolls and books teaching the magic arts.

Every new hero starts with an Attack (AT) of 10 and a Defense (DEF) of 8! Combat is fought in Combat Rounds. In ever round you can attack once and defend once!  A Combat round takes 5 seconds.

Those with the highest Courage go first!

If you hit and your opponent cannot defend you roll your damage, e.g. with a sword you roll a d6 and add 4. Let’s say you rolled 4, thus make 4+4 = 8 damage. From that damage the opponent deducts his Armor Class, e.g. 3 if he wears Leather Armor. He receives 8-3 = 5 damage which he deducts from his 30 Hit Points.  
In order to speed things up please add a ‘potential damage roll’ right away whenever you Attack. So when you make a successful hit I can subtract the damage from the foes right away.

Chose any one you want!

Two-handed Sword: 1d6+6 damage, Attack malus of -3, Defense malus of -4; costs 160 silver pieces
Bastard Sword (2-handed): 1d6+5 damage; Attack malus of -2, Defense malus of -3; costs 100 silver pieces
Sword: 1d6+4 Damage; costs 80 silver pieces
Saber: 1d6+3 Damage; costs 60 silver pieces
Short Sword: 1d6+2 Damage; costs 40 silver pieces
Dagger: 1d6+1 Damage; Defense malus of -4; costs 20 silver pieces
Fists: 1d6 Damage; free

NOTE: If you Attack with your Fists and the opponent defends successfully with a weapon you'll get half that weapons damage. If you successfully defend a weapon with your bare fists you'll still get half the weapon damage.

To attack with a Range Weapon you roll with your Dexterity Ability. The roll gets modified (by me) based on how big the target is and how well you can see it (light, cover etc.).

Throwing Knife: 1d6+1 Damage, Range: 10 meters; Costs 20 silver pieces
Throwing Spear: 1d6+2 Damage, Range: 20 meters; Costs 15 silver pieces
Throwing Axe: 1d6+3 Damage, Range: 20 meters; costs 45 silver pieces
Bow: 1d6+3 Damage, Range: 40 meters; costs 5 silver pieces
Long Bow: 1d6+4 damage, Range: 60 meters; costs 50 silver pieces
Cross Bow: 1d6+5 damage, Range 60 meters; costs 125 silver pieces

Each arrow costs 2 silver pieces.
Each crossbow bolt costs 4 silver pieces.

Chose any one you want!

Chain mail: 4 Armor Class; Dexterity malus of -1; costs 200 silver pieces
Leather armor: 3 Armor Class; costs 80 silver pieces
Padded vest: 2 Armor Class; costs 40 silver pieces
Normal clothes: 1 Armor class; costs 20 silver pieces
Leather helmet: 1 Armor Class; costs 30 silver pieces
Shield: 1 Armor Class; costs 25 silver pieces (not usable with 2-handed weapons)

You can buy other stuff too, like rope, torches… just ask for it and I'll tell you the price.

Every hero starts at level 1. You gain experience at the end of each completed adventure. Once you gain 100 experience points you reach level 2, level 3 at 300, level 4 at 600, level 5 at 1000 etc.
Once you reach a new level you can increase an Ability of your choosing by 1, increase either Attack or Defense by 1 and gain 1d6 permanent HP (dwarfs and humans) or 1d6+2 HP and/or MP that you can freely divide between the two (elves, wizards).

Just drop me a line!
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File: 1483307380873.png (88.73 KB, 322x322, 1:1, dash450.png) ImgOps Google

Sounds good. I don't use discord but I'm on Steam pretty much daily. My handle is Clarity (got a little Rainbow Dash image as icon). Feel free to send me an friend request.


File: 1483308250115.png (241.22 KB, 1024x1377, 1024:1377, cute_starlight_glimmer__by….png) ImgOps Google

>>6225  Apparently there are 2117 results for Clarity.  Mine's Gakumerasara if you'd like to add me instead.


File: 1483372837641.png (274.95 KB, 960x715, 192:143, dash229.png) ImgOps Google

It used to be a rare name! I added you.


BIt too late for me to start playing.

But Clarity knows where to boop me if he wants to let me know we're playing.


Still haven't finished drawing that picture of Vitis Vinifera and Naz.

I haven't decided if I should make it cartoon, western, anime-ish or a blend of the last two.

Plus, I can visualise Vitis Vinifera's clothes in my mind, the details, the creases, the trim, but whenever I try to draw them they end up cheaply done.


File: 1535218597755.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Update of combat rules

To speed up combat in the future the attack VS. peree fighting style will be removed. Instead the attack value plus weapon value will be added and instantly tested against the opponent's peree plus AC value.

For example:
Waldemar has an Attack of 12 and carries a sword doing 1d6+4 potential damage.
Alrik has a Peree of 10 and wears armor worth 5 AC.

Waldemar attacks first, rolling 1d12+1d6+4 VS. Alrik's 1d10+5. If Waldemar rolls higher than Alrik the difference will be instantly deducted as damange from Alrik's health. If Alrik rolls equal or higher, the attack has failed.


File: 1535321744915.jpg (56.57 KB, 480x340, 24:17, Treehouse village.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As we discussed on Steam, I'd like to change the name of my elf.
No longer Vitis Vinifera, his name will be "Vinifera Grapevine".

Since TDE elves have surnames based on matter of things than traditional surnames.

From the city of Andergast there is a dirt road that is popular amongst caravans that lead through the forest. On the other side of the forest, between the outskirt and the woodland itself, is the small town of Holzmund (which I believe is german for "Wood mouth", as in the Mouth of the Woods. Though I'll probably forget the name.).

Here is where the meadow elf VInifera Grapevine lived, so named because his family (all named after latin words for grapes) own a popular grapevine orchard where wine makers in Andergast favour.

However elves have gone missing from Holzmund and there has been rumours of Feylamia lurking the woodlands. Eventually Holzmund became a ghost town. With his own family missing, Vinifera sets off to the world in hopes to find a means to save his family and the other elves from the Feylamia that ruined Holzmund.

If it turns out there is a canon place like Holzmund in the world of Aventura, then sure let's go with that instead.


That's a nice background story, all fine for me!


I hear there's talk of a new campaign!  any idea when it might be taking place?


I figure we'd be finishing off the last one given the caravan through swamp campaign was nearly finished where we left off.


File: 1536071257922.png (125 KB, 900x629, 900:629, twi205.png) ImgOps Google

We had almost finished the last adventure before we had to stop. So I want to finalize it first (which should only take about one or two sessions) before starting a new one.

As for when, when do you normally have time nowadays?


File: 1536274751798.png (74.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is reading.png) ImgOps Google

So when will we continue?


I was waiting for a reply by ⛵ regarding his available times!


Oh wow! It's a little boat! I can see that little boat now!


File: 1536648337080.png (Spoiler Image, 121.73 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, IMP Title.png) ImgOps Google

So after balancing things in my life and working on the new RP, I am now basically ready to launch The Iron Mecha Poni. A story centered on a futuristic Equestrian empire set out on the home planet and three colonies.

Any thoughts?


1 Pre-generated Character


oops!  sorry
>>15713  sounds good!
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons are best.  Friday and Saturday afternoons are worst.  Mornings and nights are bad all around.
>>15749  woo!
>>15751  looks interesting, though I will probably be sitting this one out as well  :pinkie9:


File: 1536764366505.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Neat, care to give me your Steam handle so we can set up stuff again in the future?

Hi Crit. Sorry but I'll have to pass for the time being. For now I want to focus on my own RPG again and with my "real life" RPG campaings I simply have no time to focus on yet another game.

Sorry to disappoint you. The concept looks pretty good though, reminds me a little of Shadowrun.


File: 1536777469588.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Poni Luna Model.png) ImgOps Google

Two pass ups? Cripes I might be putting this on Ponychan after all and thats fine and all. If both Ponyville and Ponychan won't do this on I'll just go write this as a fic on fimfiction


File: 1536779448064.png (141.94 KB, 1024x698, 512:349, luna33.png) ImgOps Google

Sounds good. I think Ponychan's RPG community is still pretty strong. Those guys there never post outside their games I think.


>>15753  it's Gakumerasara
>>15754  if you do write it up as a fic, post some links for us!


File: 1536862733598.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

Thanks, I sent you an invite.


File: 1536891028220.jpg (101.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A dwarf flagellates an elf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So Naz, I made a recently reply on >>15759 so we can continue when you feel like it.

Also, Vitis name is Vinifera Grapevine now. See it as a minor, soft-reboot of his character.


>>15760  I won't be able to actively participate until Sunday at the earliest.  Monday would be better.  (assuming we're still doing it actively)


Good old Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat. Love that game.

Monday is perfect for me as well.


I've only seen the Warhammer: Ravandils Quest videos.


>Waits 'til Sunday, no show.
>Monday now.
We doin' this?


>>15766  I'm here :fluf3:


>>15767 And I am down here >>15759:shy3:


>>15768  oh, I didn't think anyone was around so I left  :twi2:


Hey hey. Sorry but that's pretty late for me, close to midnight. ~_~


But we agreed we we're going to continue from that given it's only a stretch away from finishing.

I had a tab open to that thread all day.:shy4:


Well, I'll try to be on for a bit longer.


are you two around today?  I just got home and need to sleep for a while, but I can continue this afternoon if you two are available  :twi6:


File: 1537376973822.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

I'm always around.


File: 1537389299974.png (33.42 KB, 1024x1311, 1024:1311, glimlurk.png) ImgOps Google


Wanna continue from >>15759 ?:shy1:


>>15777  I'm really tired, but sure  :twi7:


If you're not up for it thats fine.

Plus I think our game master is absent.


And for some reason, Ponyville.us forgot who I was... again.


>>15779  I wish I'd seen your post earlier, but I missed it.  yeah I'm probably going to take a nap before heading back out tonight.


OK thats fine.

Hopefully my computer will be up and propper soon so we can all play together. The Swamp RP was nearly finished where we left it.


>>15782  I'll check back again tomorrow.  my schedule is kind of stupid.




Is the party ready?


File: 1537457004985.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Well, I'm ready. ^^



I'm here


File: 1537477104373.jpg (51.81 KB, 244x294, 122:147, twi201.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hey hey.


I'm still waiting from >>15884


I will be out of town for most of this week.

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