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A small glimpse of the town where the next adventure will start: Lowangen. Capital of the Svellt League of Cities. A bustling trading town of 10,000.


Vinifera was tired and weary from the long travels they had just to reach Lowangen.

"We're here! Finally! Feel like it was two years since we left Donnerbach, but we finally made it!"


File: 1608023111264.png (782.59 KB, 1920x1073, 1920:1073, guard5.png) ImgOps Google

"Halt! Who goes there? What business do you have in town?" the guards asked as they approached the northern city gate.


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"I come all the way from Donnerbach." (and maybe some other side-quests and filler from the hiatus.) "I have business at the Academy of Transformation in Lowangen. That and I just need to rest from my travels."


File: 1608102647059.png (493.67 KB, 771x569, 771:569, guard24.png) ImgOps Google

They examine you. "The Academy is at the market square. Fancy white building with high windows."

They examine what you carry with you to see if there is anything taxable there but don't find anything.

"No entering the town armed." adds one of the guards. "You'll have to leave your weapon at the store house. You can pick it up again when you leave."

"Fee is one Silver per week." adds the other.


File: 1608132654404.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

Weapons at the gate? What if I need to defend myself if someone tries to mug me and no guards around?


File: 1608135807498.png (44.87 KB, 180x174, 30:29, guard23.png) ImgOps Google

He gave a sigh and turned to his comrade. "Elves... always the same."

"Listen, this is a safe town. If you get in trouble, call for a guard. There's always one close by. You're an elf, so you'd be allowed to carry your bow in town. But it seems you only got a big scimitar. And that has to go into the guard house for safekeeping. No entry otherwise."


Vinifera felt a pang of racism against him but pushed it asside.

"Alright, if you insist. I'll place my sword at the guard house. And if I do end up mugged without help I won't hold charges. You're only human after all."


File: 1608138984443.png (419.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, guard17.png) ImgOps Google

Taking a silver piece as fee the guards put the scimitar in the guard house, handing him a wooden piece with a number on so he could pick it up again at a later time.

Then the guards turned their attention on some farmers trying to enter to sell their goods.

Vinifera was free to enter the city.


Vinifera entered the city. He knew where the Academy is from the Guards dfirection but he figured getting a city map would perhaps be a good idea or else he'll get lost quickly.


As he crossed through the door he found himself in the big, bustling city. It was significantly larger than Donnerbach or Trallop that he had recently visited.

Large walls surrounded the town that was built on small island in the river Svellt and on the river's eastern shore, connected by two bridges.

Among the humans he also noticed several dwarfs going about their daily business and even an elf or two.


He tried to get someones attention.
"'scuse me, do you know where I can find the tourist center?"


File: 1608144906815.png (192.51 KB, 510x520, 51:52, bg40.png) ImgOps Google

It took him some explaining what a 'tourist' was and to his disappointment he learned that there was no such thing.

Only nobility had the money to travel for leisure at times.

"What exactly are you looking for?"


"I just arrived and need a map. I know where the Academy of Transformation is, just don't wanna get lost afterwards."


"I see... The Academy is at the market place but it's at the other side of the town. Well, I think you can buy a map at one of the local stores. We have many in town. There's one just over there." He points in the direction and wishes him good luck.


File: 1608145406449.png (66.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is awesome.png) ImgOps Google

"Thank you very much."

He goes in to buy a map.


File: 1608146646791.png (660.39 KB, 1280x723, 1280:723, bg32.png) ImgOps Google

He had to wait a bit for there were a few customers there. The store was filled with various wares: Ropes, lanterns, food, nails, hammers and other tools, buttons, simple clothing, tinder boxes, cutlery, glasses; even a ladder could be bought and outside a big coach wheel was leaning against the wall.

"G'day, Sir, what can I get you today?" the fat owner asked with a toothy smile.


"Hello. Just came into town. I was wondering if you had any town maps?"


"A town map? Hmm... I think I might had one somewhere. Not recent, a good ten years old I'd say, but still up to date really." He disappeared in the back room and after a good minute returned with a rolled up map of the town, blowing off some dust.

"It's not cheap though... maps always are. Cause they are rare, as you certainly know." He thinks for a moment. "50 Silver pieces."


"Really? Is a bit expensive, especially for those who are new. If you just print copies on cheap paper and hand them out for free you could get more customers who are just as new to the city as I am."

Vinifera weigh his option. Does he really need to spend that much on a map to a city he is just visiting?


He gives a hearty laugh. "Maps are hand drawn, Sir. There is no 'printing'. I heard in the Horasian Empire to the west they invented book printing not long ago but maps, oh no."


You can buy the map, try to haggle for a better price or just try your luck (and probably get lost in a dark corner and get mugged). :P


"If the written word can be printed I don't see why not other things."

He still ponders if he should.
"Sure I can't convince you to part with it cheaper?"

((I was gonna ask, how do I haggle again?))


He shrugs. "I'm no expert and know only little about it. You'd have to travel to Horasia and ask there"

"Cheaper you say? It's a rare piece this map. True craftmanship! I'm already losing money by giving it away for 50 silver!"

>You'd need to test your Charisma


Vinifera remembered how his father used to do business with tavern owners and visitors who seek to buy wine from their family.
1d20 = 11

"Yeah but my idea for making maps through printing, that could lead to some profit if you're able to give maps to all visitors to this fair city. If you get a map printing press you'll make quite a fortune back even if you give cheap-made maps for free. And tell you what I'm only visiting this town for a few days, if you'd like you could personally rent the map to me for a cheaper price. While I understand renting a valuble item to a complete stranger would be a questionable decision which is why I am willing to give you a ducat on hold. If I fail to return the map I get the dunat back. If not then it's fair to keep it for the troubles."


File: 1608148888339.png (660.39 KB, 1280x723, 1280:723, bg32.png) ImgOps Google

He listens to the proposal, rubbing his chin. "Rent it, eh? What guarantee do I have that you're not just making off with it. Or lose it. Or spill wine on it."

He shakes his head.

"No, 3 dukats and the map is yours."


File: 1608149599771.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

"If you rent the map to me for... about 20 silver pieces, I'll give you 20 silver and perhaps 2 dukats.
When my business is done in Lowangen I'll promise to return the map and you can give me the dukat back.
If I fail to return the map or it is a mess or damaged, you keep the dukats.
After all, I am but a visitor to your town. I do need the map to know my where abouts but what use will it be to me after I leave? Plus if you do decide to go with my idea of making cheaper, easy-to-make maps, you'll need a master copy."

But if you do not wish to part with the map I'll quietly leave with respect.


He groans, rubbing his head. The map had been sitting in his store for quite a few years.

"Ah well... alright. Deal."


"Thank you."

He pays 20 silver and puts a oentalty fee of 2 dukats for if he fails to return the map.


File: 1608149989255.jpg (2.18 MB, 2477x3500, 2477:3500, Karte Lowangen.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Vinifera tries to read the map. But it was in a language he struggled to understand and while there was numbers there was no table of content.

He decided to make his way to the Academy to deliver that note he's been carrying all this time.


Reading the map Vinifera walked along the major roads of 'Eydal'. The district was home to most of the craftsmen of the town. Many dwarfs lived here as well but they didn't pay him much attention.

He passed the temple of Peraine, goddess of harvest and healing, a big tavern and a small hotel. Then he reached the big Eydal Bridge crossing the river.

>let me know if you want to stop somewhere and check something out or if you just want to go on


VInifera felt more like a tourist than an adventurer. It was a nice feeling.

"Oh hey Naz! Look at- oh..."

He forgot that his friend was no longer with him, and that Naz returned to his people. Given Vinifera had no family to return to he had to press on.

((Was gonna suggest Naz returned home for the "holidays" but I dunno what Dark Eyes equivilent to Christmas is. What I do know is there seem to be a holiday for each god.))


File: 1608234406128.jpg (642.75 KB, 1679x1026, 1679:1026, Akademie_der_Verformungen.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

((Like I mentioned, there is no Christmas per se. There's just some ritualistic feasts to 'shoo away' the winter.))

As he walked across the bridge he reached 'Old Lowangen', the original city settlement on the small island in the river. Here were the most important buildings of town, many temples, city administration, the garrison and one of the two Acadmies of magic.

Following 'Zollweg' (Customs Road) he reached the Market Place, biggest square of the town. There was the building of the magistrate - the heads of town -, the market hall, a bank, the temples of Phex (god of thieves and trade), Travia (goddess of the family) and Hesinde (goddess of wisdom) and many taverns, inss and hotels.

And there was the massive building of the Academy of Transformations.


"That kinda looks like it."

He goes to enter what he pressumes to be the Academy of Transformations.


File: 1608296433518.png (358.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, glim34.png) ImgOps Google

You enter the academy through a magnificently decorated double portal. The entrance hall is laid out with marble and sunlight comes in through a colorful glass window.

You see a reception desk to your right where a sorceress in the typical wizard's getup (long point hat, long robe) is seated.

"Welcome to the Academy of Transformations. How can we be of service?"


((I forgot if Salix Horrigan  was the one who gave me the note, or if I am looking for someone named Salix Horrigan .))


((you were supposed to give the letter you got to him))


He kindly asked at the reception desk.

"Hello, I'm looking for a Salix Horrigan? I have a note for him on a pressing matter I wish to address."

He shows her the note.


File: 1608365037147.png (332.18 KB, 645x723, 215:241, glim32.png) ImgOps Google

She examines the daily teaching schedules for a moment.

"I'm afraid, Master Horrigan will not be available until the evening hours. Do you want me to arrange a meeting with him?"


File: 1608388383169.png (66.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is awesome.png) ImgOps Google

"Yes please."


After asking your name and what you came here to do she notes down your name.

"Please return at 5 in the evening. Master Horrigan will be notified accordingly."

She bids you goodbye unless you require anything else. It is barely noon and you have five hours to spend in the city.


"Oh uh thanks."

He leaves to the exit and checks his map to see if there was anything interesting he could get up to in the city. Given how old the map was and the olde common it was written in he struggled a bit to read it.

"Maybe getting a map was a bad idea if I could just ask for directions."


File: 1608747713780.jpg (51.81 KB, 244x294, 122:147, twi201.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

What will Epic do while he waits?

Going to explore the town? Visiting one of the many taverns, inns or hotels? Visiting the market hall, the magistrate or the two museum? Or one of the ten temples?


He looks at the map, as if hard of reading.
"What is a magistrate? I don't know what that is."


File: 1608749196458.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The Magistrate of the town was only a few buildings away from the Academy so he found it easily.

And turned out that the Magistrate was the local city council.


"I'm guessing it's some sort of town hall? After all I've been through I'm not here for needless distractions. I'll find a humble B&B to get a room for the night, then I suppose I'll kill some time before returning to the Academy."


There was an inn going by the innovative name "The Inn". It seemed very humble indeed. Extremely cheap and with few bugs in the bed. But no meals were offered.

Another humble location though significantly more pricey was the tavern "Hammer and Anvil". One of the oldest establishments in town with a colorful crowd of guests.


He thought The Inn was too humble, given he had enough bed bug bites through his travels and goes to see the Hammer and Anvil.

"I wonder what Naz would of thought of a place with such a name? Hopes he's doing well."

He missed his friend.


File: 1608752628642.png (133.69 KB, 300x285, 20:19, aj150.png) ImgOps Google

"Greetings, my good Sir" the innkeeper greeted him while carrying a large table with several mugs and food.

"What can I get you?"


File: 1608752689232.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

"Hello, I was wondering what are your rates for a room for the night and a breakfast in the morning?"


File: 1608752784329.png (490.93 KB, 845x627, 845:627, aj9.png) ImgOps Google

"One moment..." he said before disappearing in the crowd with the table.

A good five minute he came back again, cleaning his hands in his apron.

"That'd be 1 silver coin by day. Can I get you anything to eat and drink now?"


File: 1608752968530.png (53.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is very happy.png) ImgOps Google

"A room for the night would be great. What would you reocmmend on the menu?"


File: 1608753105848.png (762.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aj19.png) ImgOps Google

"We have bacon and beans. Or a stewpot of meat and root vegetables if that's more your fancy."


File: 1608753202225.png (124.45 KB, 300x362, 150:181, IRL Epic Mount.png) ImgOps Google

"Ha, whatevers in the pot sounds great!"

Vinifera doesn't know if elves are vegans by nature and by heck doesn't want to find out now.


File: 1608753414354.gif (841.42 KB, 538x391, 538:391, aj15.gif) ImgOps Google

((They eat everything, including meat. Only priests of the Goddess Tsa are sometimes vegans for a couple of months or years before they give up. She's the Goddess of Life so they are usually against taking a life, animals included.))

Soon enough he had his steaming food in front of him, including a mug of beer. His purse was lighter by 4 Hellers.


"Thank you."
Gets his wallet out to pay that silver penny.
"Is the meal covered with the room?"


The innkeeper shakes his head. "No, only breakfast is included. Dinners are separate, Sir."

He holds out his hand to get another 4 Hellers for the food.


"Ah, Okay."
Gives him two silver coins.
"I don't have any change on me."


The innkeeper returns 6 copper coins before wishing a pleasant meal and being on his way; his name had already been shouted by half a dozen other patrons who required food.


He sits and eats his meal, all the while making sure his belongings are close and to give any would-be pickpocketers a hardtime if anyone tries to rob him. While he is sure this is a friendly place, he's more of a small-town kind of guy than for the city and rather not be taken as a rube.

While keeping his belongings in check he looks around at the colourful people in the tavern.


File: 1608754804425.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

As Vinifera examined the crowd - a good one hundred patrons - he saw pretty much every person of any trade he could imagine.

There were four dwarves sitting a table, speaking in their own rumbling tongue that sounded like small stones rolling down the mountain side.

There was a sorceress wearing a large turban and a gaudy robe. He sniffed at a glass of wine, making a sour face.

There was also a group of adventurers, consisting of four humans and an elf. They seemed to discuss travelling to the west to the border of the orc lands.


Overhearing the adventurers taking about travelling west he mumbled to himself.
"Wait, didn't me and Naz came from there?"
He remembered the orcs from the swamp.


>roll for Intelligence -2


File: 1608755317052.png (451.6 KB, 1890x2155, 378:431, Epic Mount herpa-derp by N….png) ImgOps Google

d20 - 1 = 7


File: 1608755434663.jpg (51.81 KB, 244x294, 122:147, twi201.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

After thinking hard about directions he recalled that their last adventure in the swamp was to the east. So the adventuring group was heading in the opposite direction.


File: 1608755525705.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

He shrugged. Given it was none of his business he decided not to disturb anyone and just observed his surroundings.


People came and went in the tavern. The innkeeper and waiters were busy serving food and drinks. Luckily it seemed that his money pouch was safe and no one tried to take anything from him.

The adventurer lobby up and left and soon others took their table. In a remote corner a shady looking man with a large hat and a whip at his side had taken a seat, wolfing down some roasted meat.


VInifera looked over to him, and wondered what's his story is. Looking at how he eats and his attire. He wonders if he is the bad sort or not.


He ate with haste or much hunger.

>roll for Intuition


d20 = 20


>oh, critical failure

You gaze at him and have not the slightest clue what his story could be. You stare at him so intently that he actually notices it and gives you a glance, pulling the hat a bit more into his face.


Vinifera to let his business stay his business and checks the time to see if it was time to go back to the Academy. Or if not he suppose he could go out on the town for a bit.


Vinifera had no means to check the time except looking outside how the sun stood. He guessed he might have another hour or two to kill.


He finishes up his meal and heads out. Though he is not entirely sure where to go even with the map. He decided to wander a bit.


>and which direction?


To the left I suppose, as long as it's no where dodgy, Vinifera will look around where he pressumes safe parts of the city.


As he wondered left he soon reached the western end of town, the massive town wall before him. There, at the end of the huge market place were the temple of the Goddess Travia, the town's guild house and what seemed to be a brothel called "Wonderland".


He was curious about this "onderland" place, but was also curious about the temple. He tries to remember who the Goddess Travia was given his knowledge on the pantheon was flakey at best.


>roll for Intelligence -4


d20 - 4 = 2


File: 1609103064354.jpg (73.89 KB, 426x600, 71:100, travia.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Travia was the goddess of home, hearth, family and hospitality. As such temples and shrines dedicated for her could be found across all the lands and were maybe most plentiful of all. Her symbol animal was the goose.

It was quite strange to find a brother next to her temple as in general the priests of Travia found such establishments a danger to the 'family' aspect of her teachings.


"Goddess of Family..."
While Vinifera was not a praying man, he missed his family dearly, the smell of the grapes, the smell of fresh wine being brewed ((I dunno how wine is made)) and he missed his parents and elders, his neighbours, the elves and people around him growing up.

He decides to visit Travia's temple.


He entered what was the oldest temple in town. Showing again the importance of the goddess. The priests traditionally wore orange robes. A warm fire was lit in a big fire place in the middle of the temple. A well crafted wooden statue of the goddess was smiling down at Vinifera from behind the altar.

A handful of other people were gathered in the hall. Praying or talking to the priests or novices.


He didn't have anything to give as an offering. He wish he had the first most freshest grapes of harvest season, or the finest vintage wine from his family's winery. He kneels down and pray, and wish, to save the people of Aumond. Or if his family were beyond saving, to avenge them.


File: 1609274100126.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

There were also several altars for and statues of some of Travia's saints.

There was Badilak, patron saint of the poor; Masha, patron saint of fugitives; Lamea, patron saint of those who wish for a happy homecoming; and finally Dythlind, patron saint of the bakers.

There were smaller and bigger bowls filled with coins. Donations for the goddess and her saints.


He didn't know how much would be a welcoming offering for. So he gave 10 slvers to Travia and 10 more silver to Lamea, and offered pray to them and his loved ones absolvation.
(-20 silvers)

I found this on TDE gods.


Any offering was welcome. A novice noticing it gave a gentle bow, thanking Vinifera in the name of the goddess.

((That's a great summary.))


Vinifera did not know what else to do and checked the time.


It was time for his meeting!


He heads of back to the Academy to meet with Master Horrigan.


File: 1609351870168.png (262.39 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, bg157.png) ImgOps Google

As you return to the Academy you are led into a comfortable meeting room laid out with thick carpets.

There was a low table with some water and wine and a bowl with light refreshments. Near a fireplace sat a wizard in his 60s, sporting the typical long beard, pointy hat and robe. His long staff was resting next to him.

"You wanted to talk to me, master Elf? I am Salix Horrigan, Master extraordinarius at this school."


File: 1609352919899.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

"Hello Master Salix Horrigan."
He gave a polite bow.
"My name is Vinifera Grapevine. I travelled far from Aumond to Lowngen because I was recommended to you by an assosiate of yours named Morena.


File: 1609353995773.png (660.65 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, star9.png) ImgOps Google

"I see. And in what matter did she recommend me to you?"


File: 1609354805848.jpg (53.83 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 64573938.cms.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"A matter, to save my home of Aumond."
He tells his tale.

"I don't know if you're familiar with our brand of wines but I come from a family of elves who produce the finest alto wine in all of Aventuria. While it was mostly just me, my brother and my parents we still had cousins around  Aumond and other places... At least... we did. That was when elves started to go missing. It was the one elf at first, then another not long after but when more elves began to go missing then that's when things got... quiet and unsure amongst the elves of Aumond. I was the first to witness the feylamia at the edge of our forest and the first to realise the missing elves had something to do with the feylamia. But it was too late, by the time there were less elves."

He drink some of the wine.

"I think the feylamia knew that I knew. My family was gone when I woke up that day. It was all silent, I didn't know where my brother or my parents were. I thought they decided to work early on the vineyards or the winery but everyone was gone. Everyone. Either I was last because the feylamia forgotten me, or they wanted to pick me off last. So I took whatever supplies I could carry and leave. I couldn't deal with the problem myself, no one in Aumond could. So I went out to find answers on what happened to Aumond. I don't know if my friends or family are dead, but if I can't rescue them then I will avenge them by ridding Aumond of the feylamia."


File: 1609355342335.png (722.51 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, star10.png) ImgOps Google

Salix Horrigan had to ponder the words and thought long about the few things he knew about Feylamia. They were an elven kind of vampire, that little was known. There were a few tales that elven clans were troubled by one and were almost wiped out until they finally recognized the danger and their foe.

"Hm, well, that is a troublesome tale. I'm afraid we are no experts when it comes to elvish lore. Hm... but I know of someone who might be able to help you."


"Y-yes? Any help would be appreciated."


File: 1609355859939.png (696.69 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, star8.png) ImgOps Google

"In the city of Gashok, a good three days northeast of here, lives an elf. His name is Artherion. He used to assist the Academy a few times in the past. He is pretty old and might know a thing or two. I think he's a miller there, odd as that may sound.

Here, I'll give you a note from me, asking him to help you."


File: 1609356170823.png (71.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is blushing.png) ImgOps Google

"Thank you very much."
He bows respectfully.
"It brings me hope that I'll be able to save Aumond soon!"


File: 1609356380377.png (638.63 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, star18.png) ImgOps Google

"Good luck to you. And hopefully Artherion will be able to help you."


File: 1609356466503.png (66.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is awesome.png) ImgOps Google

"Thank you."

He leaves the academy, with the feeling that Travia is smiling onto him.


>it was evening, what will you do now?


File: 1609356693389.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

He wasn't sure, so he consulted the map for likely and progressive options.


Beside the usual merriment in taverns the town offered a museum in the eastern parts of town. Unfortunately it was already closed this late in the evening.


I guess I'll head back to the tavern for the night and get ready to head out in the morning. Must remember to return this map before I leave and get my deposit back.


The next day came soon enough, bringing with it light rain and a cold wind. It was still  early in the month of Travia (October) but this far in the north and close to the mountains snow often came early.


Vinfiera looked out the window.
"It will almost be harvest time at the vineyard."


File: 1609621265139.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



((Look who it is! Will you be eventually joining the RP?))


((I'll have time to go on tomorrow.))


>>17436  ((maybe, we'll see))
>>17437  ((I'll be around}}


Shortly thereafter he was given his breakfast while in town the daily life of its inhabitants slowly started.


File: 1609699696427.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

He asked the tavern owner.
"What do you know of the city of Gashok?"


File: 1609699977818.png (268.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, aj70.png) ImgOps Google

"Gashok, eh? Small compared to Lowangen. Maybe 800 or 900 souls dwell there. Haven't been down there in quite a while. Important trading town though as it lies at the crossroad of five big roads.

The folk living there are a bit... odd though. Not all mind you but quite a few. Dualists if that rings a bell."


"Dualist? Like, "YOU DISHONOURED ME SIR!", slap you with a glove and fight with fancy thin swords duelists?"
He sips his drink.
"Or the kind that can summon demons and monsters from childrens playing cards?"


File: 1609700477308.jpg (122.42 KB, 632x324, 158:81, aj58.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"By the Gods, no. Dual, not duel. As in duality. They pray only to two of the Twelve Gods, Praios and Boron. Praios standing for all that is good and Boron for all the evil. They can be glad the inquisition never found their way till Gashok yet.

Anyway, most of the Dualists are farmer folk. Standing dressed all in black with big hats and long beards in the summer heat. Men and women. Women without the beards, mind you. When a man or woman only shows a bare ankle they will chase them with their forks and flails. So mind what you wear around them."

((The Dualists are pretty much modelled after the Amish.))


"Oh I see. ... How do Duelist feel about non-humans? I need to go there and don't want to cause trouble just for the length of my ears."


File: 1609700811856.png (145.92 KB, 900x772, 225:193, aj40.png) ImgOps Google

"Well, they have no ill feelings towards non-humans from all that I know."


"Well if it's safe for me to go then I should be fine. I have to head there next for... business."


File: 1609700979943.jpg (30.34 KB, 640x360, 16:9, aj72.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"No one goes there except for business. Or if it lies just on the road to somewhere else. There's really nothing to do in Gashok."


"With how you describe these duelists I'm not surprised."


File: 1609701224207.gif (583.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, aj73.gif) ImgOps Google

"Heh, right. Well, in Gashok other folk live as well. But just half a day away from Lowangen is New Lowangen. There's nothing but Dualists there. You'll have to pass it on the way to Gashok."


"Half a day? I thought it was a three day trek northeast of here? So I was told from a wizard at the academy."


"Gashok is three days away, New Lowangen is half a day away on the same road."


"New Lowangen? What's wrong with the old one?"


File: 1609701652202.png (418.72 KB, 540x715, 108:143, aj143.png) ImgOps Google

"Nothing. The Dualists founded it and gave it that name."


((This is sounding familiar to some sort of history... New Amsterdam I think which was founded by puritans.))

"Ah, so more of what's wrong with the new one then."


"Nothing wrong with it either. Just lots of weirdo Dualists there."


"Thank you very much for the hospitality. I best prepare to be heading off."


File: 1609702302216.png (490.93 KB, 845x627, 845:627, aj9.png) ImgOps Google

"Thank you, and good luck on your journey."


Vinifera leaves and makes sure he has everything. He then heads to the market to return the map.


File: 1609703221824.png (660.39 KB, 1280x723, 1280:723, bg32.png) ImgOps Google

Vinifera received 2 Dukats for returning the map after the store owner triple checked if there were any grease spots on it or an edge a bit torn.


"See, told you I'd give it back. Heck I was over-paranoid fearing I'd be pick-pocketed given I never been to this city before."


"Oh, Lowangen is a save town. Not that there are any scoundrels here too but you'd really have to wander down the wrong streets to meet any of those. Good thing you had my map."


"Yep. Having a map for newcomers was sure handy."


File: 1609708267716.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Vinifera makes sure he has everything and sets of.

"Other than the temple of Travia and meeting Professor Horrigan that was rather uneventful. But it was nice. I be off."
He ventures forth.


File: 1609880213688.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The street was broad and well maintained, making the first leg of the trip to Gashok rather enjoyable. The broad mountain range to his right the street passed through many fields that supplied the town with essentials.

Around noon Vinifera started to feel his stomach grumbling. Did he pack any supplies?


HE had no food. DIdn't figure to buy supplies. But no worries, he'll forage for whatevers available.


In the Middle Realm there would have certainly been a wayside tavern somewhere nearby but the City State region was a more rugged and wild area so he was out of luck in that regard.

>roll once for Intuition and once for Intelligence


Intutition d20 = 14
Intelligence d20 = 9


Luck roll d20 = 15.


Vinifera spent an hour foraging the wayside areas until he finally came up with some edible roots and a few dented apples. Not a great haul but better than nothing.


He rubbed one of the apples on his shirt and bite into it.

((What's my total items for inventory?))


There were no worms in the apples but as he moved on his stomach wasn't really well filled.

You're carrying:
Oil lamp (12 hours)
Small box (leer)
Letter for Artherion (Gashok)
Boltan cards
Ripped cloth
Cloak (grey, for rainy weather)
4 x bandages (simple; 1d6-1 Health back)
1 x Tarnela Ointment
Muddy Stick
Brooch with Grapevine (worth a few Silver)


File: 1609881659393.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Worse than having no food was having no water. Without a water skin or bottle Vinifera was feeling pretty thirsty after his long walk.


File: 1609881856370.png (59.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is not amused.png) ImgOps Google

"Aw heck."

He turns around and head sback to Lowengen, given he apparently can't live off the wild long enough.


He was already a good 15 kilometers away from Lowangen, half the distance to the next village.

As he just wanted to turn around he noticed something in the distance... a small well at the roadside.


If he was already that far ahead, he might as well stomach his hunger and progress to the next village.

But the small well caught his interest and goes to investigate.


The small walled and roofed well looked welcoming. A bucket could be lowered with a pulley. Moss grew on the old bricks. There was even a crooked, old bench next to where he could sit down and rest.


"Is this... a magic well?"
He asked, out-loud, on the off chance the well could be home to some sort of spirit or fairy?
"AmI allowed to drink from this well?"


As he asked there was no reply.

Then as if through the magic the bucket rattled down into the well. A loud splash could be heard.


He moved closer to observe this magic. It was as if in asking permission to drink from the well the well itself was getting him water.


There was - of course - a rope that connected the pulley and the bucket. The well was not very deep, maybe 4 meters. The water seemed fresh and clean.

>roll for Intelligence +3


d20 + 3 = 12
He called out to the well.
"Thank you for dropping your bucket to share the water. Would you like me to help pull the rope up for the water?"
Given he asked nicely to begin with. No point stopping now. Besides he think good manners are a good thing.


He checked the pulley, just to be sure. It was old but there was no sign that it just accidently broke or that the bucket wasn't properly secured.

No one stopped him from pulling the bucket back up.


He reached for the pulley and starts pulling at it. He figured the well was somewhat magical and was offering him a drink of water. That or there was will be something else in the bucket. Who knows. He won't find out until he hauls the bucket of water up.


File: 1609883453343.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As he pulled the bucket up he noticed that there was something in the water, it looked like a cloth of sorts.


He dipped his hand in and pulled out the wet cloth to examine it.


He pulled out a an old, soggy waterskin. Though old it seemed it was still holding water and had no holes.


He was especially surprised by this.
"Aw thank you very much!"
Given it was at the bottom of the well, it was at it's fullest.

((I added to the inventory))

"You are a special well. I'm not sure exactly how, but you are."


The waterskin held a litre of water (or anything else he'd pour in).

The water itself was clear, cool and refreshing like rain after a long draught.


Before heading off, he examines the stones of the well, the wooden shelter, anything that may explain the nature of the well.
It could simply be a series of coincidences and luck but he wanted to make sure.


File: 1609958329397.jpg (89.64 KB, 376x336, 47:42, twi194.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As it is necessary to often necessary to examine something (visually or acoustically) and there is no proper attribute to do so I introduce the 'Perception' skill.

Every character has this automatically.

Your Perception start value is [the sum of Intelligence + Intuition + Intuition and then divided by 3].

>roll for Perception to examine the well again


d20 = 11 for looking, hearing, smelling and other senses.


As you examine the well once more you notice the faintest carvings in the bricks, worn by time. It looks like there is a face or figure engraved but it's so old you cannot properly identify it.

>roll for Intelligence +2


d20 = 3 for brains.


+2 makes 5

You glance at engraving and realize it's a figure. It appears the be a goose, the symbol of the goddess Travia.


Realising this, Vinifera put his hands together and let out a prayer and thanks for this.
The gods work in mysterious ways.


File: 1609968504151.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Refreshed Vinifera moves on. As the shadows grow longer and the sun begins to set he can see a small village in the distance. A town wall surrounds it.


He approaches the town gate, hoping the night guard will allow him i for the night.


Lucky for him the gate was still open.

A lonely town watch leaned rather bored at the gate and looked up as the elf approached.

"Ho, traveler!" she called as he approached. "Just in time before the gates are closed."


"Wonderful! What it the name of this humble hamlet? Perchance an Inn? Or a B&B?"


"This is New Lowangen. And there is only one inn, the 'Sun'. Now mind your manners in town, this is a civil place. And be dressed appropriately."


He tried to look as presentable as one can be after  a long travel.
"Thank you."


File: 1609969336234.jpg (463.52 KB, 876x762, 146:127, Karte Neulowangen.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The guard stepped aside after wishing him a good night. The gate was being closed.

New Lowangen was a small, humble town. Maybe 450 souls lived there, the only inn located pretty much in the middle of town next to the temple of Praios.

The streets were clean, the buildings well taken care of. The few people on the streets were mostly Dualists, wearing tight black suits and dresses. They gazed at the elf, whispering to each other.


Whenever he thinks the dualists were suspicious of him he gave a polite bow as he heads towards the Sun Inn.


They gave polite and rather stiff nods in return before moving aside. It was obvious that outlandish folk did not often come to this hamlet.

As he entered the inn he saw a hand full of locals sitting together, drinking water and milk. No alcohol could be seen.

Except for the mug of brew standing in front of a lonely dwarf sitting at a nearby table. It was Nåzom Ishëmvîr whom Vinifera knew well.


((I would give him a hearty greeting, but is he around?))


File: 1609969868204.png (106.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Dwarf_94666d_5693223.png) ImgOps Google

>enjoys his ale


File: 1609969927012.jpg (101.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A dwarf flagellates an elf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Nazom? NAZOM! How are you? I didn't figure you'd be back from visiting your folks so soon. What are you doing in a place like this?"
He looks around at all the prudish duelists who he guess did not like his outburst of friendship as much. A rugged dwarf seems out of place amongst these people.
"What are you doing in a place like this."


File: 1609970186712.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17508  Vin!  How long has it been!  It's good to see a familiar face.
((what am I doing in a place like this?))
How did you end up in this dwarf-forsaken den of abstinence and misery?


((You've returned from a visit to the dwarves living in the mountains to the east - a good three days march away. After visiting some distant cousins there you've decided it was time to earn some more gold and returned to the human lands. There's an old road you followed leading you to this hamlet.)


He sits down t talk to his friend.

"I'm just staying the night, passing through. I'm on my way to Gashok to see an elf named Artherion who can help me save my hmetown from the feylamia."


((For some reason Ponyville forgot who I was.))


File: 1609970852931.png (981.82 KB, 1024x918, 512:459, dwarf_fortress__the_father….png) ImgOps Google

>>17511  Perhaps some good old fashioned dwarven muscle could help you with this "femlayma".  How do you expect Artherion is going to help you?


They feylamia is some sort of... vampire elf monster. I doubt a punch in the jaw would be enough to save my people.


"Good evening, can I bring you something to drink? We also have rabbit stew tonight." Said the innkeeper.


"Rabbit stew sounds nice. Also, do you have any rooms available for tonight?"


"Yes, we have a room. It's 1 silver per night. The stew is 6 copper pieces"


"Thank you very much sir."
He pays the full price for dinner and room.


>>17514  you never know.  :trixie6:


If you want to come with me to meet Artherion we'll see what he says. Though I do agree with you, it would feel great ot punch that bi-"

He almost forgot the surrounding company he was in.

"...That monster for the plague she put on my home."


The waiter brought the stew. Luckily no one seemed to have heard the 'outburst'.


"Thank you."
Vinifera enjoyed his rabbit stew as he got to catch up with his friend.

"So what about you? You went back to visit your folks. Any gale of adventures since we part ways?"


File: 1609972147496.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17520  Aye.  with any luck, she's easy on the eyes and knows how to cook, too.  Elven women, eh?
>>17522  It was quite the homecoming!  Many a flagon was downed.  Many a toast was made.  Many a boar was roasted.  They know how to throw a party.


"Sounds fun. When elves party we usually drink, dance and outdoor merriment.


>>17520  three more ales!


"Three more ales? Coming right up!"

The innkeeper brought three more pints of brew and collected 3 copper coins.


((Want to skip forward to the next day?))


"I missed you around. It's been boring."


>>17528  It's fortunate you passed through this way!  Aye, it's good seeing you again, and I'll rip the vampire's teeth out for ya.
>hands one of the ales to Vin
>downs the second
>savors the third
>>17527  ((up to you two))


Vinifera knocks tankard with his friend and drinks up.


The evening moved on and one after another the patrons headed home.

"Gentlemen, it's closing time." the innkeeper said, taking the empty mugs.


"Time for bed. Tommorow we head out to Gashok."


>>17532  I can't wait, anything would be an improvement over this place! (he yells the last part loudly)


He was hesitant that he was upset the resident dualists of the town.

"I-it's not that bad of a place. It's a humble hamlet. I'm greatful we get to stay here for the night." ;^_^


File: 1609973662121.jpg (62.49 KB, 352x325, 352:325, twi199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The innkeeper gave the dwarf an upset look but thought better than quarreling with a paying customer. He hoped both the dwarf and the elf would move on the next day.

((Gotta stop there for today, getting late I'm afraid. I hope we can continue soon.))


((wb to the RP ⛵.)


File: 1609973834486.jpg (80.19 KB, 709x625, 709:625, Dwarf_35541c_5698177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

((alright; have a good night!
also I need to know what's in my inventory at some point))
>>17536  ((thanks!))


- Hammer
- 5 assorted chisels
- Ceramic goblet
- Rope (9.8 meters)
- Rain-Roof (umbrella; 3 kg)
- Scimitar (1d6+3; rusty)
- Flask with potion (refreshing smell; 2d6 HP)
- Old glass bottle


File: 1610221453730.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The sun was rising on a cold autumn day. Vinifera and Nazom set out in the morning, following the road towards Gashok. They would reach the town within two days if all things went according to plan.

If you wanted to purchase any rations or other supplies, now's your last chance.


"Let's pick up some stuff!"
Goes to check the farmers market for provisions.


Provisions for a day is 1 Silver.


VInifera browse to see what kind of provisions they have for the road.


They had all sorts of of foodstuff but for travelers they provided finished "packages" of dried beans, meat, herbs, some salt, bread and cheese, enough for a day. No water though.


"Do you have the beef jerky that rugged travellers eat?"
He buys about two days worth of provisions of beef jerky, bread and cheese.


The foodstuff he purchased also was 1 Silver per piece.


((I know, I paid 2 silver for two days worth of provisions.))




File: 1610223458514.png (57.11 KB, 232x202, 116:101, df_yay.png) ImgOps Google

>Nazom buys a couple of days worth of supplies and looks to see what other things might be available for sale.


He politely said thank you to the market stall owner and packs his stuff, ready to head out. He was eager to meet Artheron and didn't want anything to stop or distract him along the way.


Nazom receives his provisions, they should last him until Gashok.

"You're welcome. Good luck on your journey. And be careful, there is no lodgings to be found until Gashok."


"Really? What's Gashok like?"


"About three times the size of New Lowangen. Lots of Dualists there, not as many as here though. Still, a save town if you behave yourself well."


"Oh, I'm always on my best behavior."


File: 1610224254948.png (25.63 KB, 131x159, 131:159, dwarf8.png) ImgOps Google

>is prepared


As the duo begins its journey with ample provisions at their disposal they find the road getting worse only miles after leaving town.

At around noon they were walking through a forest when...

>roll for Perception


d20 = 20


>>17556  1d20 = 12  :aj2:


File: 1610224725753.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Vinifera was blissfully unaware of his surroundings...

... though Nazom had thought for a moment that he had heard voices up ahead though no one could be seen anywhere in the vicinity.

What will you do?


>>17557  Hey!  did you hear that?


"Here what? I didn't hear anything."


>>17561  I think there's someone ahead.
>carefully sneaks forward in dwarven fashion


He crouches down low and follows Naz quietly, trusting him.


File: 1610226490691.jpg (62.49 KB, 352x325, 352:325, twi199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Roll for Dexterity.


Dex. d20 = 15


>>17564  1d20 = 10  :rara4:


>Perception d20 - 2 = 18


As the two friends slowly move closer they see two people with short bows sitting in trees, gazing at the street ahead.

They hear whispering voices of certainly another five or six men and women hiding in bushes or behind trees up ahead.


He whispers quietly to Naz.

He tries to perk his ears to hear what they were saying.
(If this requires another perception roll then d20 = 8)


He saw rugged men and women, unkempt, badly armored and armed. Highwaymen indeed.


Vinifers stayed quiet as he needed about a minute or so to cook up a plan.


>>17569  What do you think?  go around?  distract them?


He was still thinking up a plan and quietly consults it with Naz.

"What if... we lead them into a trap? Make them think someone is coming along for them to rob then we somehow trap them?"

He looked over the situation carefully and what was on him on person at the time.

"Or convince them to turn on one another."

"To avoid them might be the better option. If there's too many to take on and we can't trick 'em then perhaps best to go around them."


You could try to sneak around them.

You'd need to roll for Dexterity twice in that case. The better the roll the better the chance of success of course.


File: 1610227945784.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

Vinifera be's as sneaky as he can.
d20 = 10d20 = 1


File: 1610228116900.jpg (4.95 KB, 257x163, 257:163, smells_like_dwarf_fortress.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>sneaks 1d20 = 16


>>17576  sneaks again 1d20 = 7


>outstanding sneaking

>average sneaking

>Perception d20 + 4 = 22


File: 1610228222978.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The duo was able to cut through the wood in a wide bow and moved around the bandits. They did not seem to notice them at all and after a good fifteen minutes they were back on the road on their way to Gashok.


"Phew, that was close."


Nobody said anything about bandits this way, did they?  :dash7:


Um, I can't recall. Though I suppose either them or some wild monster instead. Who knows what we'll encounter out in the open.


>>17582  let's continue!


File: 1610228775976.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They met no fellow travelers as they marched towards their goal. The had a short meal and used up some of their rations, then continued on until the shadows grew longer again.

It was shortly before nightfall when they reached a river (a good 50 meters broad) crossing their path. There was no bridge anywhere in sight but a lonely raft was tied to pole on their side of the stream.


((By some of my rations do you mean one of my provisions?))

He saw the lonely raft and thought was a bit odd someone left it there. Surely there was a ferryman or at least a sign saying "Put this back when you're done with it." or something.


((yes, one))


It was a big raft, big enough to carry even large vehicles across the stream. But no ferryman was in sight, nor was there a sign. There was just the raft.


"I see. I guess we have to use that to get across."

He turns to Naz

"Do you know how to use a raft to sail across? I dunno why but you strike me more of a ⛵ person."


>searches the area for any clues about who might have used it last


>>17588  Fah!  I'd sooner dig under the river! :twi7:


>roll for Perception +3 (because it was getting dark)


He looks at the river, wondering how fast it's going or how difficult the current would be if the boat caught up in it.

d20 + 3 = 5


>>17591  1d20 + 3 = 6


>roll for Intelligence +2

You see a few tracks that were still rather fresh. Footsteps, leading towards a small forest nearby.


Brains. d20 + 2 = 18


>>17595  look!
>point to the tracks
>starts to follow the tracks


Alas, Vinifera had no idea what it would take to get the raft safely across the stream.

Make another roll for Perception.
If you want to sneak, roll for Dexterity too.


"Huh? It could belong to the bandits."


((They met the bandits a good five hours earlier. But yes, it could be bandits, of course.))


File: 1610229845500.png (50.65 KB, 266x285, 14:15, batdwarf.png) ImgOps Google

>>17597  1d20 = 15
>Nazom goes boldly into the twilight forest!
>>17598  I'm ready for a fight  :pinkie4:


Vin sighs and follows Naz.


File: 1610230043144.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

They followed the tracks for a good five minutes and finally stood before the small forest. There, the tracks were no longer visible.

But up ahead, a small fire could be seen, glimmering through the thicket.


File: 1610230099434.png (25.63 KB, 131x159, 131:159, dwarf8.png) ImgOps Google

>>17601  go on!  I'm right behind you


"Well, I guess the boat belongs to whoever made that camp. We could either be louts and steal the boat or we can go see who it is. Now that we know someone may own the boat I think we should see who it is."


VInifera approaches the camp, but tries to be discreet as he doesn't know if whoever owns the camp is friendly or not. He doesn't want to make introductions unless he is sure he won't die over it.


Make a discreet roll for Charisma.


d20 = 14


File: 1610230770305.png (214.53 KB, 486x546, 81:91, spike14.png) ImgOps Google

As they move closer they see a campfire in front of which sits man in his mid 40s. He wore clothes in brown and green,  a bow was leaning next to him against a tree. He was roasting some meat and had apparently settled down to have supper.

He looked up at she saw Vinifera who gave him an awkward smile (Charisma roll).

"Well... hello there. Be you friend or foe?" he asked with a gruff voice, a hand slowly moving to a short sword at his side.


File: 1610230953756.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17608  Greetings.  Are you the ferryman?


File: 1610231056584.png (88.59 KB, 283x423, 283:423, spike18.png) ImgOps Google

He gave a chuckle. "Ah, do you need a passage across the stream? Yes, I'm the ferryman. There's usually not much to do at this time of day."


File: 1610231060901.png (63.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sincere.png) ImgOps Google

"I'd say friend, though to be honest I would say whichever answer not to get an arrow in my throat."


"Ah, so that boat is yours. I thought it was peculiar for a boat to be tied there for no reason."


File: 1610231240403.png (205.25 KB, 446x459, 446:459, spike33.png) ImgOps Google

He looked at the elf a bit puzzled. "Well, call it what you want, but it's raft. A ferry, if you like."

He slowly got up, stretching himself.

"Well, I can bring you across. It will cost you, of course."


"How much?"


What's the fare?  And have you had much traffic lately?  There were some likely bandits on the way here that we managed to avoid.


File: 1610231629858.png (151.16 KB, 463x475, 463:475, spike12.png) ImgOps Google

"Six copper per foot, twelve per wheel."

He shook his head. "There's not much traffic in general. Not this close to Boron (November). There's barely any trade at this time of year and harvest season is already over. It's busy especially in the summer months."

"As for the bandits... I think I know who you mean. A group of travelers was accompanied by a bunch of odd folk a couple of days ago. They called themselves 'swords of hire' and 'guardians'. They didn't cross though, returned back the way towards Lowangen."


So it be... 12 copper each from me and my friend to cross?


"If it's only you two, you're right."


"Any chance for a discount"?

((Haggle? d20 = 5))


d20 + 5 = 15


File: 1610232091274.png (181.23 KB, 640x360, 16:9, spike35.png) ImgOps Google

"Alright, make it 11 per person."


>>17616  How much further is it to Gashok?
>>17621  how sturdy is your raft?


"Nice... I only have silver on me though. Got change for a silver?"


"One day across the plains. It's easy walking.

The raft's more than sturdy. Can easily carry a large covered wagon across, plus the horses. Or a dozen people."

He returns the change.


He paid for his crossing, just waiting for Naz to pay for his.


>pays for the ride


File: 1610232902854.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The ferrymen guided them back to his raft and brought them safely across.

Wishing them a good night and safe travels he then returned to the other side of the stream.


File: 1610233357659.png (1019 B, 320x416, 10:13, happy_dwarf.png) ImgOps Google

>>17625  should we rest here for the night?


"If it's alright with our friend sure. Then we can set off tommorow."


The night was uneventful, as was the trip on the next day. The duo met a track of two wagons. Traders, heading towards Lowangen, at around noon. As they came from Gashok, Vinifera and Nazom probably had some question for them...


"Ho! We're travellinh to Gashok. Any news from there?"


The two wagons come to a halt next to the travelling duo.

As they noticed that they were an elf and a dwarf they murmured.

"Be careful in Gashok, travels. I don't know what happened there since we last came through but it seems like they have grown a dislike for anyone... non-human, beg your pardon. We come from Riva and did not stay long."

A dwarf travelling with them, his beard fire-red grunted angrily.

"They wouldn't even let me enter the tavern, curse them. They weren't like that last year." He cursed in dwarfish.


"Why what caused them a change of attitude? Was there anything different from the last time you were there?"


They shrugged. "We have no idea. And frankly, we did not ask around either. We just stayed for the night and then moved on. Anyway, keep your guard up."


Vinifera had to press on. Artherion was the only one who can help him. He can cover his ears and use his mind control if need be.

"Tell me, what news you have of an elf named Artherion?"


"Artherion? Who is that?" They asked. Gashok was a town of 900 or so people.


"An elf who lives in Gashok. If you're from Gashok and this amdness have beseeched it's people then I hope he is well."


>roll for Intelligence


d20 = 5


You recall a detail you were told at the Academy. Artherion was supposedly working as a miller in Gashok.

At that the traders fell quiet.

"Fear for the worst then... We saw the mill, it was burnt to the ground."


He felt a pit in his stomach as his heart sank through it.

"Th-thank you."


The traders wished them good luck before they continued their journey.


Vinifera and Naz continue to Gashok. He wonders where exactly this mill is. If it'sat the edge of town he'd rather go around the town and find the mill.


File: 1611080460065.jpg (527.55 KB, 742x748, 371:374, Karte Gashok bis 1010.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The heroes reach the small town of Gashok as the night falls. Barely 900 people live there but it is situated at an important crossroad.

A sturdy, well maintained wall surrounds the town, large fields are to its south and east where the last harvests of the year have already been finished. Winter will come soon.

As the heroes approach a single guard is on the lookout, holding a simple spear.


((Has the guard noticed me yet? Also, where exactly on the map are we? Given I count four town gates.))


((Most likely as there's plane fields on the way to the town. Of course you can duck into one of the fields if you don't want to be seen.

You're coming from the road on the bottom)).


((Bottom left or bottom right?))

((Should I roll for chance he already noticed me or roll for chance to avoid being noticed?))


((Bottom left. If you want to duck into one of the fields you don't have to roll.))


File: 1611080975074.jpg (22.56 KB, 188x309, 188:309, dwarf2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17647  what are you doing?


File: 1611081163711.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

Given the forboding warnings from those two travellers from before, he'd rather not get noticed by the guard. He would rather try to find out what happened to Artherion without alerting the yokel locals.

"You recall what those travellers said before?" >>17632
"They warned us the locals of Gashok have taken a strong disliking to non-humans. They said they burnt down the mill where Artherion resided. And I doubt they'll let us walk over there to investigate."


File: 1611081418986.png (948.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, guard33.png) ImgOps Google

You duck into one of the fields, unseen of the guard ahead who seems to have sat down to enjoy some cheese and sausage for supper.


File: 1611081461213.png (18.11 KB, 105x157, 105:157, dwarf4.png) ImgOps Google

>>17650  you really believe that?  well ok then, let's do it your way!


All is quiet, the sun is setting fast.


"I don't know the people of Gashok. I never been here. I'd rather be a cautious fool hiding in a field from harmless farm folk than a fool with a slit throat for under-estimating them. But if you want to say hello to him I won't stop you."


File: 1611081749636.png (1.35 KB, 128x128, 1:1, dwarf6.png) ImgOps Google



Hopefully not too fast given if the mill burning down was rather recent then maybe there was still some smoke he could see in the air which may indicate where he could investigate.


Alas, he saw no smoke in the air. But with a decent roll for Perception...


👁️d20 = 6


He noticed the remains of a burnt building inside town, near the southern wall.


"Look Naz, over there! That might be it. Let's check it out."

((Is it inside the town wall or outside of it? Because even if I scored a Nat1 I dunno how I could see through walls.))


((It's inside town. And you can see it cause the wall isn't that high and the building inside is clearly higher.))


File: 1611082290167.png (58.78 KB, 196x224, 7:8, 12.png) ImgOps Google

>>17660  are we going under the wall?


I didn'th thought of going under. I figured going over it. I mean, if you think you can go under it then sure. I dunno how deep these walls foundations are though.


>>17661  ((what kind of wall is it?))


>roll for 2x Intelligence -5


File: 1611082679194.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17665  1d20 - 5 = 6 1d20 - 5 = 6


File: 1611082791834.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

First of all, you have no tools - neither pickaxe or shovel.

The town wall seems old but well maintained.

Digging under the wall by yourself (or together with Vinifera) - starting from a distance where you wouldn't be seen - would be a task taking many weeks.


>>17667  ((how about through it, with hammer and chisels?))


Do you have any rope on you? Though I dunno if there is anything to lasso it to.


>>17669  I've got some rope!


Also a task of several days, the wall is easily two meters thick, if not more. Also, it would certainly be heard by the guards.


Vinifera looks up to the top of the wall, hoping that perhaps there is something to lasso the rope to. Or, given he doesn't know how to do a cowboy lasso trick, make a makeshift grappling hook for it.


The wall has battlements so you could try to 'lasso' onto it.

Would need a Dexterity test +4 though.


>>17672  here, you try
>hands over the rope


"Hey Naz, can I borrow your rope?"

d20 + 4 = 14
"Yippee-ki-yay! I guess."


File: 1611083454126.jpg (24.09 KB, 338x310, 169:155, twi202.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The rope lands on the battlement but as you give the rope a tug it falls down to the ground.


File: 1611083535509.jpeg (128.65 KB, 590x285, 118:57, dwarf7.jpeg) ImgOps Google

try again!


"I dunno, I never lasso'd before."

d20 + 4 = 11

"Maybe if we had something to tie on the end to be used as a grappling hook."


File: 1611083699370.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

The sling slips over the battlement and as you pull it's tight. You could climb up now.

It'd require a test of Strength.


"Oh wow! I got it!"
He tries to climb it.
d20 = 13


You can barely climb a meter before falling back to the ground, your hands burning.


He quietly "owowow" under his breath as he shakes his hands to cool down.


File: 1611083952263.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

let me try...
1d20 = 12


And up Nazom goes and indeed he manages to climb up the 5 meter high wall. It seems there's no guards on the battlements whatsoever.



Observing how NAz did it, he tries again. d20 = 7


Taking the dwarf as an example Vinifera manages it on the second try.


"Yus!  We're in!"
He looks around to see what's up.


File: 1611084230651.png (1.1 KB, 50x50, 1:1, dwarf9.png) ImgOps Google

>pulls up the rope and secures it to climb down the inside of the wall


The rope is smartly used to get down the other side. You're inside the town.

It has to be around 8 p.m., the lights are on in many buildings, the streets are dark and mostly deserted though.

>roll for Intelligence -3


d20 - 3 = 12
Vin wants to explore the burnt building without being noticed.


>>17689 1d20 - 3 = -1


You recall that it is not allowed to walk in towns at night without a light. Only thieves and other shady people are and if you are caught you'd be suspected (and likely found guilty) to be just that.

So if you try to sneak to the mill, you better be careful.

The mill is just one Dexterity roll away.


sneaks toward the mill 1d20 = 15


Vinifera decides not to use his Lantern given that he wasn't suppose to be in town to begin with and doesn't want any guards coming to ask his business. But he does go with Naz to the mill.
👞d20 = 6


d20 = 3
d20 - 4 = 16


File: 1611084844213.jpg (112.42 KB, 627x350, 627:350, other75.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Even though the dwarf is far from quiet the duo manages to reach the broken, burnt ruins of the mill unseen, its charred remains reaching into the sky.


"Well. Here we are. Hopefully Artherion is alright. Though we should probably investigate the area and see if we can find any clues what happened."


>>17697  sounds good


File: 1611085158074.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Roll for Dexterity to not hurt yourselves in the crumbling building, and Perception to maybe find something.


File: 1611085215627.png (57.11 KB, 232x202, 116:101, df_yay.png) ImgOps Google

1d20 = 15 1d20 = 4


Dex.d20 = 19
Perc.d20 = 10


File: 1611085423455.jpg (89.64 KB, 376x336, 47:42, twi194.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

1d3 = 2 damage as the darf hurts himself in the debris.

1d3 = 1 damage as the elf almost breaks through the floor.

You search for a good hour in the burnt mill and you find remains of torches and what might have been oil jars.

The mill was deliberately set on fire it seems. No valuables remain.

Also, you're both black from grime and smut after the search. Your Charisma sinks by 3 till you have cleaned yourselves.


"OW! Crap." Luckily was just a scrape. Given he already broken through the floor he decided to pull up hat's left of the floorboards in case there's any clues why they started the fire. Maybe there was some sort of journal or something that survived the flames.


>>17703  any ideas?  should we wait for daylight?


"Hold on. Let's see if there is anything we missed out."
He checked under the floorboards for any clues.

"If I can't find anything though we may need to "pursuade" someone to tell us what happened and where to look."


Alas, there was nothing there, just splinters and grime. If there was ever a  journal it is not here anymore (or burnt).


"Hm, alright. I guess I'll have to go for Plan B. B for Bannbaladinn."

He takes his lantern out and lights it.

"C'mon. We might as well see if we can find a town hall, church or guard station or the likes."


>>17707  can't be any worse than this pile of rubble


"True. Hopefully we'll find someone who can tell us what has happened. Either a guard, or if we're lucky, we're not the only non-humans hiding in this town."


File: 1611086344925.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

There were three temples to be found in town, the Dualists temples of Praios and Boron which were very different to how they were in all other parts of the world. Praios standing for all that's good while Boron standing for all that's ill. And there was a temple of Phex, god of thieves and of trade.

There was a town hall for certain but it was also close as it was late at night by now.

The town also had a couple of taverns and inns.


He looks around to see if there was any guards on patrol. Or the very least people out and about.


File: 1611086531574.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17711  Any idea where the taverns are?  I'm parched.


At this hour, only a guard or two might be on patrol or a tavern patron on his way home.

It would not be hard to guess that some would be in town center at the main square.


"I think I see a few... but I dunno if it's a good idea to waltz in for a pint. Gashok is on lockdown against non-humans so who knows how many tavern locals will welcome you let alone serve you a drink. I can persuade individuals but I can't persuade a mob."


Vinifera decides to keep his eye-out for drunks. Loose lips may save in use of magic. Though if a guard approaches him asking for his business he can work with that."


He had to wait for a bit but then he saw a lone man in his 40s heading home, his seemed tipsy and his nose was reddish


"Alright Naz. Watch and follow my lead."

He goes over to the tipsy lone man and observed him struggling to keep steady. When his balance was most off he "accidentally" bumped into him.


"Hey... watch it!" he muttered and almost fell but caught himself with a hand against a wall.


>follows behind Vin


"Oh I'm terribly sorry friend! Here, let me help you."
He tried to help his friend keep steady.
"You alright?"

((Oh, and he made sure he had his hood up, so his ears were not visable.))


"'salright... just lend me a hand for a moment..." he mumbled and straightened himself.

d20 + 6 = 12


He squeezed his eyes, glancing at Vinifera. "Hey... you're an elf, aren't you... your eyes... better be careful in town."


Does so.
"You're out a bit late friend. Had a good day?"


"Ah, yes. I am an elf."
Given there was no more need for pretenses and he hasn't called the guards on him for noticing, he decided to get straight to the point.
"I was hoping to ask someone, why is the town on lockdown from non-humans? And what has happened to the mill?"


He also noticed Nazom standing there... there was not mistaking him for anything but a dwarf.

"There's no lockdown... it's just that some people don't take too kindly to elves and dwarves. It's gotten worse over the last year... They burnt down Artherion's mill a good week ago. Dunno who, cloaked men, a good dozen. I dunno what happened, think he escaped."


((Got any questions too, Nazom?))


"Oh thank goodness. Though where would Artherion go? Unless there is somewhere where non-humans can go in Gashon."


File: 1611087976030.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17726  who serves the best ale in town?


He thinks for a moment, then his eyes light up...

"The tavern 'Day and Night'... it's the only place in town where you can get something to drink in this town. Most people in town are dualists and they practice prohibition... meaning no drinks! Madmen! Tell the innkeeper I sent you... the name's Alrik."

"I doubt anyone would take him in. Nah, he's left town I bet... ask old Sabrina. Sells herbs at the market. She'll be there tomorrow."


"I see, thank you very much."

"I guess if Day and Night won't linch us then we could stay the night there and head off in the morning."


excellent plan


The drunkard waves as he moves on, heading home.


We head off to the Day and Night. For something to drink, maybe food if we're hungry and for rooms.


"Day and Night" was situated near the town wall. The tavern was situated in the basement of an old brick building. From the street narrow steps led down to the entrance.

Inside the light was dim and only a few guests remained. Everyone looked up as the two entered, murmuring at the strange guests... strangers.

The innkeeper was a woman in her early 50s, nodding at them.

"Welcome, strangers. We only serve milk and water here I'm afraid. There's a rest of stew left as well."


He turned off his lantern.
"Stew sounds nice. Though I dunno how my friend will take kindly to a sobre tavern."


File: 1611088974024.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17734  You...  don't serve ale?  Alrik said we might be served here.


"Stew's four copper coins."

"You know Alrik? Well, in that case..." she places a mug with beer on the bar. "Five copper coins."


File: 1611089212124.jpg (80.19 KB, 709x625, 709:625, Dwarf_35541c_5698177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17737  Now you're talking!
>hands over some coins and a tip


"Wonderful. And um, is there any rooms available for the night? We travelled along way to find Artherion."


She looks at the two and nods "Yes, rooms are a available. Two silver per night. And you should really take a bath, you look right you come straight out of a coalmine. That'd be an extra silver."


"Ah, yeah. Might be good idea."

So that's -4 copper for the stew, -4 silvers for a room and -1 silver with bath?


"4 copper for the stew, 2 silvers for the bed and 1 silver for the bath for you."


File: 1611089657678.gif (2.25 KB, 180x180, 1:1, avatar78425_1.gif) ImgOps Google

>sniffs clothing
It's not that bad.  I'll take another beer though.


She rolls her eyes. "Well, have it your way. Here's another pint."


Given what he was told of what's happening in Gashok, he was surprised to be offered a comfortable place to eat, sleep and wash up. But still he had to look for Artherion.

"Do you know of an elf named Artherion? Or a herb seller named Sabrina?"


"Artherion? He's not here anymore... as for Sabrina, yes, she sells herbs. Is out of time often to gather them. But she should be in town tomorrow. Has her tent at market square usually."


"you knew Artherion? What's he like?"


"No, I didn't know him well. He was working hard and his flour was good. Never made any problems."


"Really? He was just a miller?"

He imagined Artherion to be like some sort of all powerful sorcerer-like elf wizard... than just humbly grinding grain into flour.


File: 1611090292094.png (902 B, 16x17, 16:17, dwarf3.png) ImgOps Google

>>17748  any idea what happened to the mill?


"Well... it was a good week ago I think, there was a turmoil of some sort. I only heard it, didn't see it. A bunch of cloaked people supposedly burned it down. It's been getting worse over the past months. The hatred towards elves and dwarves."

She shakes her head.

"Anyway, better not talk about it. You never know who's listening."


>>17751  nice place


"Yeesh. While we trust the safety of your lodging, probably be best if we sleep with one eye open."


"I don't know exactly when it started... Supposedly over a hundred years ago a bunch of strangers came from the north and settled in town. I think... the elves destroyed their village or something. I think that's what sparked the dislike way back when. And the dwarves... well, they are stiff competition to local craftmanship."


"I see, some leftover animosity."


"Yes... but something changed over the past months. Those cloaked guys meeting every once in a while around bonfires in the middle of night. Traveling dwarves shot at. And now the mill."


((Sounds a bit KKKish))
"Jeeze... or whatever this world equivilent to Jesus is. If it's such an issue, why haven't the people of Gashok run them out?"


"Them who? No one knows who they are. Could be the guards, the magistrate, your neighbor. And they are armed. And most don't care about the elves and dwarves."


>And most don't care about the elves and dwarves."


File: 1611091627655.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

((Gotta stop for today, bed time for me.))


>harumphs approvingly
>>17759  seems like Artherion was lucky to make it out alive
>>17760  ((alright, good night))


"Yes. Good to know he is safe. He's the only one who can help me."


File: 1611601842122.png (50.65 KB, 266x285, 14:15, batdwarf.png) ImgOps Google

>>17758 "any idea where Artherion ran off to?"


File: 1611601982250.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"No, not really. Maybe back to his own kind up north? I think..." her voice turns into a whisper... "I think that Sabrina the herbalist might know more. I think she was the closest to a friend he had in town. But be careful, some say she's a witch."


"We don't mind witches as long as they're not the bad sort. If Artherion trusted her she must be good-hearted."


She shrugs. "Listen, I have to close, it's getting late. Be careful out there."


"Wait, were'nt we staying the night? Did I pay for lodging?"


File: 1611602450610.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17767  "Yeah, you should really take a bath, too."


File: 1611602454725.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

She slaps her forehead. "Oh yes, you did, didn't you. I'm starting to get forgetful."


She raises an eye at the dwarf who clearly looked like he was the one in dire need of a bath, being full of smudge from the mill.


"It's OK. We know a lot been happening of late."

"A warm bath and a warm bed would be nice."


>>17770  "any chance I could get one more beer before you close for the night?"
>slides over the necessary copper/silver


She nods and fills up a last glass of ale for the dwarf, taking his five copper coins.

"Here you are, the last one."


File: 1611602960612.jpg (80.19 KB, 709x625, 709:625, Dwarf_35541c_5698177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17773  "sustenance!  thank you."
>drinks it down and prepares for bed


Wishing the dwarf a good night she finishes her day preparing the bath for Vinifera before she locks up and heads to bed herself.


He gets undress and sinks into th water


File: 1611603482418.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The next morning comes. It was refreshing to sleep in a proper bed again after the long time on the road. Vinifera's bath was also quite relaxing and comfortable.

Vinifera recovers 1d6 = 6 LeP, Nazom recovers 1d6 = 3 LeP.


File: 1611603594018.jpg (137 KB, 800x1071, 800:1071, hammer_dwarf_by_wulfgarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Daylight!  Finally, let's go find Sabrina, the teenage witch"



He asks the bartender from last night.
"Where aouts can we find Ms. Sabrina?"


((Sorry, Health... I used the German abbreviation))

"At the market square."


The scrape from yesturday seemed to have healed up nicely.

"Thank you. We'll head off there."
"You ready to go Naz?"


File: 1611604007155.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17781  "aye, after you"


File: 1611604106988.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It was still early as they marched through the town. Barely anyone as around and no one seemed to pay them any attention.

The market square was deserted. There were several stands but they were empty, showing that market day was only once a week or so.

It was empty with the exception of a single tent in a corner.


>checks out the tent


There was a strong herbal scent in the air, the tent was full with small bottles, small bags and sacks with various leaves and ground up powders. Some bottles had liquids of various colors in them.

A woman in her 60s was busy sorting through them as she noticed the dwarf entering.

"Um... excuse me, I'm still setting up shop."


"You'd think there be more activity for a market like this one."

Goes with him.

"I have a feeling this is the place."

"Um... are you Sabrina? A friend of Artherios?"


File: 1611604710360.png (25.63 KB, 131x159, 131:159, dwarf8.png) ImgOps Google

>>17785  "Oh!  We're not really here to shop.  We're looking for Sabrina."


File: 1611604838575.png (449.25 KB, 720x720, 1:1, zec26.png) ImgOps Google

She raises up properly, eying the two with interest.

"I am Sabrina... And a friend. Well, I wouldn't say friends but we got along well enough. More than with the rest of the town I'd say."


"Yeah, we came to ask about that. I came all the way from the Academy in Lowangen to see him, noyl to find out about the fire. We're told that he made it out though and we'relooking for him."


File: 1611605170087.png (273.59 KB, 836x720, 209:180, zec10.png) ImgOps Google

"Yes, it was a bad night, that night. I saw him leave that night, towards the east. I'm not sure exactly where to but I know he talked to a place he went to to find some peace and quiet now and then. He might went there... the Gashok Forest."


"Gashon forest. Thanks. Do you know who or why his residence was burned? It sounds like it was more than just local racism."


File: 1611605296453.png (1019 B, 320x416, 10:13, happy_dwarf.png) ImgOps Google

>>17790  "He just wanders around the forest?"
>>17789  "Elves are strange..."


"Elves in a forest is no stranger than dwarves under the earth."


File: 1611605439227.jpg (48.01 KB, 821x671, 821:671, zec22.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"I only know that all of this mess started when those strangers moved here a year ago."

"He mentioned he had a small hut there. But don't ask me where exactly. A small path off the road leads there. You have to keep your eyes open..."


>>17793  "One can't help but admire rock formations.  Trees though?  ..."
>>17794  "We'll find it.  but what strangers?"


"The strangers?"
He ponders this for awhile.
"Well, sounds like if it's going to be a problem, our first priority is to find Artherion first."

"Even trees can have beauty to them."


File: 1611605671615.png (315.69 KB, 731x765, 43:45, zec9.png) ImgOps Google

She hesitates for a moment, then looks outside the tent as if she feared someone was listening.

"Deregorn... and that V. H. of Kuslik. Strange fellows, both of them."


"Deregorn? V. H of Kuslik? Who are they?"


File: 1611605876554.png (343 KB, 550x650, 11:13, zec13.png) ImgOps Google

"Deregorn... I think he's with the Anathemian's, a fanatics order of Praios, the sun god. They hate magic.

Of Kuslik is a trader, I think... I've only seen him two or three times all year. Never leaves his home I guess."


"So thos Kuslik guy may have sold him out to Deregorn?"


File: 1611606055717.png (32.05 KB, 192x195, 64:65, zec1.png) ImgOps Google

"Beats me. And I don't plan to stick around town for too long. The priests of Praios are bad enough but there's been plenty of witches and wizards the Anathemians have burnt on the stake.

Not that I'm a witch but I know what they say about me."


"I ain't judgin' if you are. We just wanna meet up with Artherion."


((Any questions, Nazom?))


File: 1611606226361.png (30.91 KB, 195x181, 195:181, at_your_service.png) ImgOps Google

>>17802  lets go find him while we still have daylight.
>>17803  ((mmm, nope))


"Thanks for letting us know."

"It's morning, but yes. Let's head off to the forest."


You are heading to the eastern gate of town when suddenly.

>Both please roll Intuition +4


Int.d20 + 4 = 21


>>17806  1d20 + 4 = 8


Suddenly Vinifera feels a sharp pain in his side... 1d6 + 6 = 7 damage!


Looks around to see who is attacking.

((BRB, I need to catch the shops before they close.))


File: 1611606851986.jpeg (128.65 KB, 590x285, 118:57, dwarf7.jpeg) ImgOps Google

>>17810  "What happened?"
>looks around


You feel blood dripping down your side. Your armor has decreased the impact but there's a crossbow bolt stuck in your side.

Roll for Perception +3!


>>17812  1d20 + 3 = 6


"Who the bloody hell did that?"
d20 + 3 = 15

((Going out now. BRB))


File: 1611607178412.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

You are too distracted...

From the corner of the eye Nazom notices a shadow figure disappearing in an alley, a good 100 feet away.


File: 1611607259901.jpg (164.09 KB, 500x739, 500:739, dwarf-fortress-strange-moo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17815  "hey!  over there!"
>gives chase, in dwarven fashion


Roll for Dexterity!


>>17817  1d20 = 20  


File: 1611607538617.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oh no! Nazom stumbles over his own legs and just in time catches himself not landing in the mud. As he looks into the alley there's no sign of anyone being there.


File: 1611607688771.png (1.1 KB, 50x50, 1:1, dwarf9.png) ImgOps Google

>gets back up
"Vin, are you alright?"
(waits for Vin)


((Time to drink a beer.))



"Ah, Bleeding, but alright."
He inspects the wound to see how bad it is.


It's only superficial and not deep. You lost 4 Health.


((I thought I lost 7 from >>17809?))

"Who ever done it, we need to makre sure they're not following us to Arthurion."


"Let's get out of here."


((Yes, but you have 3 Armor, so it's 4 Health.))


((Ah OK. Rather a cut than a gaping wound.))

"To the forest, quick!"
He rushes to the woods.


You leave town and walk for a good two hours until you reach the outskirt of the woods. It's a rather large forest, many square miles big. You're only chance to find Artherion in there - if he's in it at all - is busy searching for that path.

Roll 3 x for Perception+2.


1d20 + 2 = 14 1d20 + 2 = 16 1d20 + 2 = 9  :aj2:


Vinifera will search for the path, but his eyes are more on his surroundings. If his assailint is following him he wants to make sure he will deal with them first before leading them to Arttherion. He has a plan but he does need to find the path first.

d20 + 2 = 20d20 + 2 = 3d20 + 2 = 20


An hour passes and still you have found nothing. The sun is slowly climbing and it'll be noon soon. And you brought neither water nor food with you, having used up the last on your way to Gashok.

Roll 3 x for Perception +2.


((Don't I have 1 provision and a full waterskin?))

He couldn't find the path, so he'll have to mae do with his plan.

He tries to find a clearing and, with the wound still fresh from his attack, tries to make a small puddle of his blood. ((Which will probably cost 1HP for him to do so.))


((You did before the final day on your way to Gashok. You used it up there.))


>>17831  1d20 + 2 = 17 1d20 + 2 = 5 1d20 + 2 = 6


File: 1611609737467.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

Nazom finds something... a small dirt track leading deep into the forest.


"Good work Naz. But Before we proceed. there is a chance we're being followed. I have a plan."

He kneels down, open his wound and gives up at least 1HP worth of blood on the ground.



File: 1611609861612.png (57.11 KB, 232x202, 116:101, df_yay.png) ImgOps Google

>>17835  "this might be it!"
>>17836  "oh?"

>looks for footprints on the track


He winces in pain, but after making the blood splatter on the ground he quickly covers his wound.

"Ooouch, that'll have to do. C'mon, we need to hide and we need to wait."

He chose a tree directly off the path and attempts to climb up it to get an advantage point over the path where he can clearly see the blood puddle.


That sure hurt... there's a small puddle of blood on the ground now.

You examine for tracks... alas, it was quite a while ago that Artherion could have been here...

Roll for Perception +8.


>>17839  1d20 + 8 = 25
>and then hides with Vin


Unfortunately you find no tracks.

For how long do you wish to wait?


About 2-3 hours.


File: 1611610272342.jpg (4.95 KB, 257x163, 257:163, smells_like_dwarf_fortress.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17842  "you really think we're being followed?"


An hour passes. No one is on the road.


"Remember when we got to Gashok, the mill was burned down because someone was after Artherion. When we left town someone was after me. Chances are my assailant is from the same people who are after Artherion. They could be tracking us. If I am right then I'm hoping their tracking will lead them to my blood first. I don't want to lead them to Asherion."

"Let's wait a bit longer."


>grumbles and waits


Another hour of waiting... at one point a small caravan of traders rumbles by from the other direction. But nothing else can be seen.


"Hmm... maybe I've been over-thinking all this."


>grumbles more


Do you want to wait longer? It's past noon now.


After a long and pointless wait.
"Alright. I guess if there was anyone after us they would of been gone by now."

Tries to get down from the tree.


File: 1611610844419.png (1.35 KB, 128x128, 1:1, dwarf6.png) ImgOps Google

>>17851  "yeah, let's go"
>follows the trail


As you make your way into the Forest you find the dirt track to be hard to follow but you manage for a good hour. The trees and underbrush slowly creep closer to the track. Then... the track is gone...?

Roll for Perception +3


"With these suppose enemies he has I just couldn't be too careful."

He follows te path along with Naz.


1d20 + 3 = 8


... no there, it is!

You follow the track for another 30 minutes as you suddenly happen upon a clearing! There's a small wooden hut under trees, and an elf glaring at you, bow in hand, aimed at you!


File: 1611611274195.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17856  Artherion?


"That is my name. Who are you, what do you want?"


Artherion noticed the other elf.
"We mean you no harm. I came all the way from the Academy just to meet you."


He lowers his bow as he sees another elf. "The Academy? How did you find me here?"


"It's a long story. Even longer if you have time to know my story along with it."


He finally puts his bow down, leaning it against a wall. "Well... you're certainly not with them. So, welcome. What is your story?"


File: 1611611997467.png (125 KB, 900x629, 900:629, twi205.png) ImgOps Google

((I'm afraid it's late and I gotta go. Hope we can continue soon.))


"Well, I was reccomended to you from Salix Horrigan. In fact, I have a note from him to give to you."
He gave Artherion the note from >>17425



((good night))


File: 1612289356830.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Artherion takes the letter and reads it, nodding. "I see. Well, if Master Horrigan vouches for you, I will try to help you. What did you need?"

He gives the dwarf a look, covered in smudges and coal stains.

"Goodness, you really should take a bath."


File: 1612289469354.png (63.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sincere.png) ImgOps Google

"Can we come in to talk about it. It's a long, long story."


File: 1612289585395.jpg (24.09 KB, 338x310, 169:155, twi202.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"I'd ask you inside but my hut is barely big enough for me alone. We'll have to sit around the bonfire."


File: 1612289631360.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>sniffs clothing
it's fine


((Should I wait for ⛵?))


File: 1612289744789.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The elf gives a grin as if he had half expected the reply.

"Very well then. So, what did you need my help with?"


File: 1612289901825.png (1.98 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf_lurk.png) ImgOps Google

>>17871  It's probably best if Vin here fills you in on the details.
>gestures to Vin


((Ah, hello.))

He sits down by the fire and tells his story.

"Aumond, a small town west of the Salamander Stones mountain range..."

He tells him of his childhood as the son of a winemaking and grape-growing family of elves. He tells them of the mysterious happenings of Aumond and he tells of what happened to the elves of his hometown and of the feylamia.

He also tells him the adventures he's been going on since thehn as well as the adventures he had with Naz, leading into the two regailing the adventures they had in the past.

"And that's why I am here. after months of travelling to find Salix he told me to come and see you, that you can help my family and all of Aumond."


File: 1612290310941.jpg (45.55 KB, 199x342, 199:342, twi196.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The elf's ears would prick up - if they could - as you mention Aumond. As you continue your tail he seems to only listen with on ears, his mind apparently drifting off. Only now and then he looks at you, his face grim. As you end your tale he remains silent for a long time.

"Aumond... I know it well. I once lived there, a very long time ago."

He then stands up and takes his bow.

"Go and sleep, I need some time to think your tale over. We will leave in the morning. There's food in my hut, take as much as you need."

With that he leaves into the forest without another word or explanation.


VIn did feel tired from regailing his story and lied down to rest.


File: 1612290401347.jpeg (128.65 KB, 590x285, 118:57, dwarf7.jpeg) ImgOps Google

>>17873  ((good morning!))
Huh, well that was weird...
think he's got any ale in there?


>looks through the hut


You find white bread, butter, cheese, pickled vegetables and a few slices of dried meat. But no ale or wine.


Let's make a meal with what we got here.


File: 1612290645717.jpg (59.25 KB, 670x509, 670:509, Dwarf_Fortress__Cheese_Art….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>shows stuff to Vin
want some?
>grumbles and munches


I am hungry.


File: 1612290861512.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

After your supper you rest, feeling safe in the clearing. Late at night Artherion returns and sits quietly by the fire which he tends to.

He wakes you early in the morning, the sun was not yet up.

"It is time, we have a long road ahead."


>makes ready


As Vinifera got ready to head out, feeling hopeful that his town will finally be saved.


Artherion has packed enough provisions for all three of you. He seemed to travel light beside that, only brining his trusty elven bow and quiver. A sheathed sword was at his side.

He led you out of the forest to small stream were you could fill your water skins; then he followed a path north which met the street once more in the evening.

Six days you travel with him, the large mountain range to the north and the vast forests were many elves still dwelled coming closer and closer until the road disappeared under the lush green trees.

>you can ask him some questions if you want... I'd say a max. of four each


>>17885  What happened between you and the locals in [village]?


I fill my water skins.

"So, were you chased out of Gashok? We found what was left of the mill when we arrived. I was afraid you died."


File: 1612291621082.jpg (62.49 KB, 352x325, 352:325, twi199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Yes, I fled, what else can you do when some cloaked figures try to burn down your home. I tried to flee but they attempted to push me back inside. They didn't just want to drive me away. They wanted to murder me! Burn my sinful body in Praios' holy flames, no doubt!

After I worked in Gashok for so long. I even stopped using my magic so I wouldn't scare them. But that I night I did use it, so much that it hurt myself. But not as much as their leader! In the commotion I turned into an eagle and escaped the town."

He sighs.

"I will not return, that is for sure."

He looks at the dwarf.

"It all started when strangers arrived about a year ago. They seemed to bear a grudge against anyone none-human. And their poison spread through the town."


"Oh, should we have helped the town or something?"


>>17888  How did you end up there in the first place?


"It is water under the bridge now."

He seemed hesitant to answer. "Chance... I guess. I wandered for many years. It was close to home, in a way..."


"So um, when we get to Aumond, is there a plan to defeat the feylamia?"


>>17891  where have you traveled?


File: 1612292097400.png (125 KB, 900x629, 900:629, twi205.png) ImgOps Google

He looked at you with a glint in his eyes. "No, we will not got to Aumond... he is not there... but I have a pretty good idea where he is."

"The planes and mountains to the southeast until the edge of the orc lands. Far to the north until I reached the cold ocean. And west into the lands of the humans, with their knights and big towns. I traveled for decades."


"W-who? The feylamia?"

((I forgot to choose a gender for it. I always pressumed feylamias were like elven banshee-like maidens.))


>>17894  why travel for so long?


"Yes... When he or she was in Aumond..." He fell silent for a long time. "Too close for a coincidence."

"To forget." He said and it was clear he would say no more to the matter.




>one final question if you like, then I'll fast forward


File: 1612292550098.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

Naz known Vinifera the longest and can tell Vinifera's spirits are more lifted. While he has known him as a rather positive elf he never seen him quite so relieved and determined before.

While Artherion hasn't known Vinifera that long at all, he can tell that Vinifera was driven by this.

"I can finnaly avenge them. Not just everyone in Aumond, my family, all those that horrible nightmare took away from me.."


File: 1612292746653.jpg (137 KB, 800x1071, 800:1071, hammer_dwarf_by_wulfgarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17900  it won't stand a chance against us!


"Yes. I'm ready to face my demons."


File: 1612292806253.jpg (111.33 KB, 517x342, 517:342, twi195.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"We shall see. There is no easy way to kill him. They hate silver and the light of the moon is their bane... but their powers are many." Again he fell silent. "And got more lives than a cat." He muttered to himself.

"Maybe a sharp axe will succeed where so much else failed..."


He ponders what he said about the weaknesses. Thinking about reflecting the light off a full moon from a silver axe. Then again he was reminded of werewolves and how werewolves change and grow in strength from moonlight.

He wonders if feylamia are undead or not.


>takes stock of his silver coins


Only 3 silver coins... but so much gold.


Five days passed. The closer the mountain and the forests came the more silent Artherion got. At times he walked for hours without saying a word.

Then, at last you reached a small hamlet next to the road. The first since you started your journey with Artherion.

Hillhouse was its name, less than 200 souls dwelled there.


>takes stock of the village


"Shall we rest there for the night? Find an inn or tavern?"


180 inhabitants, a small temple of the goddess Travia (family and community her domain), a tavern by the ominous name "The well filled Wineskin" and a small store... that's Hillhouse.


File: 1612293438020.jpg (89.64 KB, 376x336, 47:42, twi194.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"We might as well. A bed would be a welcome change."


File: 1612293497348.png (71.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is blushing.png) ImgOps Google

Vinifera smiled. He had a really good feeling about this place.

"We'll be fine here lads."

Goes to visit Travia's temple to give thanks and 10 silvers.


some ale would be a welcome change  :fluf2:


File: 1612293748540.png (262.53 KB, 630x646, 315:323, twi253.png) ImgOps Google

The priest of Travia was a round man with a wrinkled face from many a laugh and a reddish nose from many a visit to the "Wineskin". He bowed and gave his blessings.

Nazom and Artherion went to the inn in the meantime. It was small and not many guests were there yet. The innkeep wore an eyepatch and seemed to be a rugged man from the north.

"Greetings, strangers. Welcome to the Wineskin! What can I get you?"


Vinifera gave his thanks to Travia for helping him find Artherion and that he believes he will soon save Aumond thanks to her.

He returns to the tavern to meet up with his friends.


File: 1612293934193.png (1.1 KB, 50x50, 1:1, dwarf9.png) ImgOps Google

>>17914  5 ales please, kind sir!


And beds for tonight, if any available.


>under his breath
and maybe run a bath, too


"Five?" He looked a bit perplexed, but then gave a nod and quickly brought the beer and one glass of wine for Artherion.

"Yes, say, we only have one room with all the beds in it."


He looks over to Naz.
"It's good that you're getting to terms with your hygene."
He pats him on the back.
And a bath for my friend.

"I'm alright with that if you guys are alright with it."
He looks over to Naz and Artherion for their approval.


File: 1612294240413.jpg (80.19 KB, 709x625, 709:625, Dwarf_35541c_5698177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>17919  Thank you!
>goes to hand Atherion a beer, but then sees the wine, and so keeps it himself
>hands onetwo beers to Vin
>chugs two of the beers
>>17920  works for me!


Drinks the beer. While not really for beer, he was in a jolly mood, feeling with Artherion things will get better for him.

"Want me to buy you a drink Artherion?"


File: 1612294319698.jpg (131.3 KB, 733x767, 733:767, twi256.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The innkeeper laughs and asks his wife to prepare a bath as well. It would do everyone good after so many days on the dusty road.


>roll for Strength +1


File: 1612294381881.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

He lifted his glass with wine. "I already got myself a drink but if you're paying, I say thank you."


>>17924  1d20 + 1 = 6


The dwarf shows his ability to drink. Five beers and not even tipsy.


>>17927  (oh, I gave 2 away, but I could keep going  :fluf2:)


(You can drink two more at least!)


"I would really like to treat you to my family's finest wine... But given no one has attended the vneyards or the wineries abandoned, I imagine it's in short supply or no one serves it anymore."

He sighed. He would very proud of the family business before the feylamia showed up.

"I dunno why that feylamia came to Aumond, I don't know what it done to my family but it will relief me with my sword through it's throat."

He drinks his beer.

"Wait, what did the feylamia do to my family? Can they be saved?"


Artherion drank the wine, looking a bit surprised at Vinifera.

"He comes because he feasts on elves. The Feylamia is fey and yet not fey. (fey meaning elf in the elven tongue)."

He sighs.

"Do not hope for your family."


"If they were at all alive, I've been on the road for too long... their bones must be scattered in the forest..."

It was probably the alcohol getting to him, but thinking about it did start to upset him.


File: 1612294913661.png (902 B, 16x17, 16:17, dwarf3.png) ImgOps Google

>drinks his last beer and makes for the bath


File: 1612294998206.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

"Be wary... The Feylamia can walk in the shape of those he kills. That is one of their chief feats."

The innkeeper leads you to a separate room next to the dorm. Warm water was ready and a piece of soap and towels.


"They can?"
He sips his drink, thinking about seeing his mother potentially harm him as the feylamia.
"How do you know so much on feylamias?"




File: 1612295229491.jpg (111.33 KB, 517x342, 517:342, twi195.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Artherion just patted Vinifera on the shoulder as he got up. He excused himself, saying he needed some fresh air.

Your Charisma is back to its starting value of 10. It's very refreshing.


File: 1612295321228.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

He nodded. thinking about his family made him feel miserable and started sobbing a little while he was alone.


>roll for Perception


>>17939  1d20 = 7


As you relax in your bath you thought you heard something outside... something like muffled groan.


>>17941  hmmmm?
>wraps towel around self and peeks out door


The groan came from outside the building, you heard it through the small window that was open a crack.


>looks out the window!


Night has fallen, you see the few lights from nearby buildings... nothing else.

>roll Perception +3


>>17945  1d20 + 3 = 14


File: 1612295796302.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You peer into the darkness but you cannot see anything. Maybe it was just the wind.


>harumph  :trixie8:


File: 1612295938944.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

An hour passes... still Artherion has not returned. By now the inn was filled with a few guests, a smoking pot with lentil stew was being prepared.


Vinifera was still at the table, lamenting his past losses.


"Um... would you like some stew or another beer?" The innkeeper asks.

"Everything alright in there? The water must be getting cold" The innkeeper's wife asks through the door.


File: 1612296158223.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

"Y-yeah, stew would be nice, thanks."


He places a bowl with stew on the table, collecting 3 copper pieces.


File: 1612296301206.png (18.11 KB, 105x157, 105:157, dwarf4.png) ImgOps Google

>gets dressed and heads back out
>>17951  oh, right.
>>17952  I thought I heard something outside


"Oh, it's probably Artherion. He said he stepped out for some fresh air."


"Some stew, Sir?" the innkeeper asked.


>>17955  How long ago was that?
>>17956  maybe in a bit


"I don't really know. Half an hour or so? Let's check on him."


File: 1612296770686.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

As you step outside Artherion was nowhere to be seen. And well over an hour had passed since he had left.


>looks around outside by the window



He checks the outside of the tavern and looks around, concern that whoever was after him from Gashok must have caught up with them.


>roll for Perception -2 (if you brought a light, if you didn't, +5)


>>17962  1d20 + 5 = 7  :rara5:


He quickly turns his lantern on and looks around in the vicinity.
d20 + 5 = 19


The dwarf sees well in the dark...

I'm taking a -2 roll for you (with lantern), so you - barely - passed.

You see footsteps on the ground, two pairs. One came from the tavern. Light soles, the sort elves wore. The others seemed heavier.

>another roll -2 for both of you


d20 - 2 = 8


1d20 - 2 = 2


File: 1612297409875.jpg (45.55 KB, 199x342, 199:342, twi196.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The steps overlap, lead a bit away behind the building where the room was where Nazom had bathed.

Then there was only one pair of feet... and what seemed to be drag marks on the ground... leading towards the east, out of town.


Another Perception roll, +1 now.


"Here! Tracks! Let's follow."

d20 + 1 = 3


1d20 + 1 = 8


The tracks were more difficult to see now but still clear. There was only one track now, no more dragging marks. But the footsteps were heavier.

>one more roll +3


>>17972  1d20 + 3 = 14


Tried to keep on the trail as best he could.
d20 + 3 = 10


Nazom saw no more tracks...

... but Vinifera did.

They could still follow them, leading to the edge of the forest, due east.

>one last roll +5


>>17975  1d20 + 5 = 13  :bell1:


d20 + 5 = 21


File: 1612297946185.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

And then the tracks seemed to disappear. The underbrush was too thick or one light simply too little...


File: 1612298006408.jpg (164.09 KB, 500x739, 500:739, dwarf-fortress-strange-moo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>lights up!


Vinifera knew what he had to do and push through the underbrush to look for Artherion.


Unfortunately, you don't seem to own any light sources! =P

5 assorted chisels
Ceramic goblet
Rope (9,8 m)
Rain-Roof (Regenschirm; 3 kg)
Scimitar (1d6+3; rusty)
Flask with potion (refreshing smell; 2d6 HP)
old glass bottle


I need a Dexterity roll +3 there.


d20 + 3 = 7


>follows Vin


File: 1612298198973.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

While Nazom was still searching in vain through his backpack you stumble into the pitch black night. With elvish skill you evade the thickets and roofs that could trip you.


>Dexterity +3 please


Vinifera still had his lantern so it wasn't entirely black for him. But he needed to find Artherion. Not because of what he wanted in the long run, but because it was the right thing to do.


1d20 + 3 = 9


File: 1612298483264.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nazom followed Vinifera on nimble dwarven feet.

Off they went. There was a broken branch here. Then Vinifera noticed a torn piece of cloth in the brush, the same color and material Artherion had worn!

Deeper into the forest they went... minutes turned into half an hour... then another.

Then suddenly, they felt the ground change. It became firmer. Old cobblestones, broken and covered by grass and leaves long ago.

They were on an old road.


"An old road? Where could they went?"
He use the lantern to light up the cobblestone to see if he can find the trail again.


Any idea what other towns and villages are nearby?


>roll for Perception +0

As for Nazom's question, as Vinifera is from this general region, he can roll Intelligence.


1d20 = 12


Vinifera looked up to the sky. It was dark but maybe he could spot Salamander Stones mountain rage.

d20 = 11


>Intelligence roll
d20 = 20


File: 1612298918554.png (152.2 KB, 800x800, 1:1, derpy17.png) ImgOps Google

Tracks! Maybe an hour old, barely visible on the stone but the grass is well trodden down by something heavy.

>Vinifera's face as he tried to think of any other towns or villages nearby.


File: 1612299045645.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

He couldn't think of any from the top of his head ((which is true, I dunno TDE as much as you do.))
But he saw the tracks.
"Look!", he quickly continued to follow the trail.


>follows the trail


File: 1612299257929.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

The tracks seem to follow the old path. At times it seemed to disappear altogether in the underbrush, but after some searching you always found it again.

An hour passed, and another... midnight came can went. The moon wasn't out or if it was it was hiding behind thick clouds.

>Do you wish to go on or return to Hillhouse?


Vinifera calls out.


There was no reply... only the rustling of the wind.


((you guys mind if we stop for the day?))


((Not at all, wanted to suggest the same. Bed time for me soon.))


He was so angry he fell down in rage.

((It's fine, we stop.

Shallw e continue from the tavern or from right here?))


>>18004  ((I'll leave that up to you))
((good night!))


That depends whether you keep following the tracks or decide to return to Hillhouse.

Night night!


Continuing where we left off. The trail turned cold and it was too dark to see anything else. Defeated from this endeavour we saw no choice but to return to the Hillhouse and try to get some rest.

Because Vinifera was dissapointed he couldn't help Artherion and blamed himself for it. He had trouble to get to sleep with all the anger and guilt on him.
>Strength d20 = 13


File: 1612446954326.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I want to see 2 x Perception +3 to determine whether you even find your way back to the village.


1d20 + 3 = 17 1d20 + 3 = 19 :fluf4:


👀d20 + 3 = 21d20 + 3 = 14


"Shit, are we lost? It's hard to get my barings in the dark."


File: 1612447121278.gif (2.25 KB, 180x180, 1:1, avatar78425_1.gif) ImgOps Google

>>18012  You've got the light.  I'm just following you!


File: 1612447142788.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

For as short time you manage to head in the right direction, following the old path. But then it disappears under grass, fern and bush.

You try to keep your heading but always there's trees in the way or thick underbrush that forces you to change your way.

Then... you stand in the forest, lost. Midnight has come.


"Dammit, I hate the fact I spent money on beds we're not gonna lie in. I guess we got to hunker down here for the night."


File: 1612447271982.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18015  can we start a fire from your lantern?


"Good idea."

Try to gather up some dead wood and branches to make a campfire.


File: 1612447346113.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

If you find some dry wood with a Perception roll.


>>18018  1d20 = 11


Nazom finds some dry wood, well suited for a fire.


>>18017  here, use these!
>hands over the wood :fluf6:


He tries to start a bonfire with the flame from his lantern.


You sue some of the precious oil and it works. A crackling fire.

You still have enough oil for 8 hours of light in the lantern now.


Vinifera turned off the lantern and sit by the fire with Nazom.

"Sorry to have got you into this Naz."


File: 1612447858868.png (276.84 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Oggez Rashas.png) ImgOps Google

>>18024  could be worse!


As he sit there for a few quiet minutes he recalled the question he was about to ask Nazom in Hillhouse.

"Hey Nazom, something I've been wanting to ask."


>>18026  hrrmm?


File: 1612448152062.jpg (600.98 KB, 1920x2977, 1920:2977, Elf and dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"I'm curious. Why did you start adventuring? Why choose to travel with someone like me? I mean, you know why I am out here. To avenge my family, to save what's left of Aumond. What motivates me to go forward, what I see at the end of all this. What is it that pushed you out the door? That driven you along all this time? Hell to put up with me all this time."


File: 1612448567290.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18028  Hrmm.  I was never one for the sedentary life, so there's no real place for me in the mountainhome.  I decided long ago to make my name elsewhere and then return home.  And if I can help you along the way, so much the better!  You're an honorary dwarf as far as I'm concerned, and I think of you as a brother.


He felt very touched by being called his brother.

"I dunno what I'll be doing after all this. Maybe I'll continue to adventure or try to get Aumond and my family business back on it's feet. There's room for you if you want to stay in Aumond. I know fine wine isn't your taste but perhaps we could start a brewery or something. I dunno anything about making beer though."


File: 1612448918027.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

It was a good thing you had made a fire. You can see some animal eyes spying at you from a distance, glimmering in the darkness. Wolves, no doubt, but they do not dare to come closer.


File: 1612448967898.jpg (217.41 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, dwarf__s_liquor_makes_me_l….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18030  I don't know much about making beer - but I'm an expert at drinking it!  Anyway, we'll have to see once Aumond is secured.
>throws another log on the fire


((afk a short while))


Given you gave chase to Artherion and their kidnapper, you were not foolish to leave your weapon behind and kept it by you in case these wolves tried anything.

He grins "Thanks".

Vinifera pondered for a while. He was so caught up over the family he lost he never figured he'd end up with someone who regarded him as a brother along the way.



File: 1612449263992.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

Eventually the two went to sleep, in turns, in order to tend to the fire and keep any beasts at bay.

It was a cold night as winter was slowly approaching, not comfortable with only your clothes on and no blanket to keep you warm. But then at last the rays of the sun came twinkling through the leafy roof of the forest.


File: 1612449616706.png (1.98 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf_lurk.png) ImgOps Google

>>18034  so, any idea where we are?


Now that it was light out. He tried to get his barings and see if he can find town, or the very least if by luck a clue to what happened to Artherion to continue the trail.


Roll Intelligence +1 to get your bearing.. roll Perception +2 for a trail.


🧠d20 + 1 = 10
👀d20 + 2 = 9


Both succeed. You have a good idea in which direction the village Hillhouse lies.

But you also find the tracks again you followed the day before. Heavy tracks.

>roll for Intelligence once more (Nazom can roll too)


1d20 = 7


d20 + 1 = 20


File: 1612450434621.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nazom remembers two tracks were at the inn... then one track and dragging marks... now just one track but it's heavier.

Someone was carrying something heavy. Perhaps Artherion?


"Let's follow them. Now we have daylight we can pursuit."


the tracks!  let's go


File: 1612450625481.png (125 KB, 900x629, 900:629, twi205.png) ImgOps Google

I require a Perception roll -1 and one +1 from both of you.


File: 1612450684126.jpg (164.09 KB, 500x739, 500:739, dwarf-fortress-strange-moo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

1d20 - 1 = 12 1d20 + 1 = 15


d20 - 1 = 10d20 + 1 = 2


File: 1612450809943.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Good enough... You follow the tracks for an hour, the another. The forest get deeper at first, then lighter again. Then, after two long hours you hear crude voices, just up ahead, but too far away to clearly make out.


>>18048  what in the world could that be?  :trixie9:


Vinifera ducks down and approaches the source of the noise quietly as he can.


Roll for Dexterity!


d20 = 6


((Just a heads up, I need to head out in 30 minutes or so.))

Slowly Vinifera sneaks closer towards the voices.

What will Nazom do?


>readies his weapon and hangs back slightly


Tries to eavesdrop into the conversation.



A roll for Intuition... just to be sure.


d20 = 15Intuition


File: 1612451624813.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

You have to listen closely. At first you are not sure what language they are speaking, then you realize it is a crude for of Common Tongue. Two men are talking about breakfast.


Whispers to Naz.
"Maybe they're friendly?"

He looks over to the men. See if he can judge them by their attire. Maybe they're raiders, bandits, or maybe trappers or honest hunters.


File: 1612451831400.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Orcs! Or... you're not quite sure on second sight...


what do you see?  want me to come up?


File: 1612451922141.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

"I dunno, they're rather hairy fellows. Possibly orcs."


we can take 'em!  let's go...


"Let's approach them in an intimidating way, but not too intimidating that they might be friendly."


File: 1612452143371.jpg (3.1 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18065  right!  after you!


File: 1612452297674.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

He gets up and approaches the orcs. He sttod tall and kept a calm yet stern face, but his hand on the hilt of his sword in case things quickly turn awry. He puffed up his chest a little to look as intimidating as he could.

"Hello friends?"


>walks briskly over next to Vin


File: 1612452585184.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As the two step out of the forest they now clearly see what appear to be burnt ruins of a town in the distance. Sticking out among them were a big white building made of marble and a tower.

As the two orcs (two fellows with thick, brown fur, pointy - almost elvish - ears and the typical tusks and prominent jaw of the orcish race) saw them, they seemed shocked for a moment, slowly backing off.

"Who are? What want?" barked one of them.


He calls a bluff.
"The elven wizard. Where is he?"


((Drat, gotta stop there, sorry. Having a visitor.))


>>18071  ((no worries, have a good one!))
>>18070  ((see you later!))


File: 1612802865361.png (61.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount grin.png) ImgOps Google

((Y'all ready?))

He calls a bluff of the orcs he was confronting.
"The elven wizard. Where is he?"


The two orcs (?) stare at the duo, blinking, looking dumbstruck.

They were dressed in tattered clothing, not at all like the furs and cured leather orcs usually wore.

"Weezard? No weezard here."


"Huh? You guys haven't seen an elf wizard around here? About yay-big?"
He gives a rough description of Artherions description.


>>18074  what are you two doing here?  :aj2:


File: 1612803184140.jpg (111.33 KB, 517x342, 517:342, twi195.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

One of the two shook his head. The other gulped as he saw the dwarf with his grim face, turned and ran towards the ruins.

"No... no weezard elf."


"Live... we live here!" he points towards the ruins.


((Did the orc tried to escape?))


>>18078  what is this place?


File: 1612803364738.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

((He didn't just try, he ran away. The other one's still there.))

"Home... Toona. We live here. Came long ago."


>>18081  have you seen anyone else pass through this area?  :sky1:


File: 1612803582096.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"No... no stranger here. Not in while."


Vinifera had a suspicion these orcs know something. In fact, from his experiance of orcs from their swamp adventure he was sure of it given if orcs are around then they have reasons to be around here and know what's happening in the area

"Is your cheif around? Or shaman we can chat to?"


"You come town... talk chief. Name Edsel, speak better."


Vinifera is surpsied how welcoming these orcs are. He figured they would be to a degree distrusting and hostile but he guess he doesn't have to use his friend-making spell... unless he has to.

You follow the Orc guard.




File: 1612804049125.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The orc lead the two towards what once was the center of town. There the ruins had been made habitable in one way or another. Burn roofs replaced with large beams of wood, planks placed before holes in the wall, windows sealed with fur. But all in all it was crude, shoddy work.

There were at least four dozen of the orcs there, men, women and children. Talking and pointing at the elf and the dwarf.

The orc leading them was heading through the square and continued on towards the tall, whitish tower. With the pointy roof. It was old and had half sunken in (the roof). Ivy was growing on the side of the tower.

"Here Edsel live."


>>18088  could you tell him we wish to speak with him?  :trixie6:


File: 1612804230258.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

"Shall we go in? Or do you need to tell him we're here before coming in? I do not wish to be rude."


File: 1612804297608.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The orc gave a nod and used the old handle on the oaken door to give a good, loud knock. After a good minute of silence the door was unlocked from the inside and a rather jolly looking orc with brown-blackish fur, wearing a long bluish dress and a funny, pointy hat looked at them.

"OH... Guests! Welcome, welcome!" he said.

>roll for Intelligence -2


1d20 - 2 = -1


Critical success there! The dress and the pointy hat were actually an old wizard's robe and hat. And given the cut it used to belong to a female one.


>>18093  You must be Edsel...  We're looking for an elf wizard who might have passed through this area.  Speaking of wizards, where did you get the outfit?


Vinifera was surprised how warm and welcoming the orc was.
d20 = 19


File: 1612804914481.png (94.89 KB, 341x311, 341:311, trixie8.png) ImgOps Google

Vinifera didn't recognize the robe and hat for what they were...

"Yes, I am Edsel. I am the head of this town." he said very slowly, tryin to get all the words and grammar right.

"Um... elf? Elves life to the East." he pointed in the direction the two friends came from. "But they visit once in a while. Just look, rarely talk. But not recently."

He seemed very proud that the dwarf addressed his outfit and brushed it down. "I found it here, in a chest. It was old and dusty but it's nice."


>>18096  How long ago did you arrive here?  Also we're worried that the wizard we're looking for was attacked.  Has this village been attacked lately?  Have any orcs gone missing?  


((Are we inside the Orc leaders dwelling or are we outside?))

"Speaking of elves, I was wondering if you could help us look for an elderly elf. A wizard."


File: 1612805315816.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

((You were outside the tower, Edsel standing in the door frame pretty much.))

"Oh... we have lived here for a long time. Very long... great grand father already lived here. Not sure how long ago. Many, may years.

My parents lived in this tower. Now me. Um... Now I do." he corrected.

"Uh... do you want to come inside? You seem to have a lot of questions."


what do you think?  


"Many years you say?"

Vinifera looked at the town around them, how it appears in ruins.

((Should I roll if Vinifera recognises any elven architecture or not?))


((You can always roll if you like, Intelligence is the one.))

"Yes..." he shrugged. "100 years, maybe more?"


he seems nice enough
>>18099  sure we'll join you inside


"Hundred years?"

He looks at the ruins and the makeshift homes.

"I dunno much about orc buildings but wouldn't it made sense to make more proper homes from the ruins by now?"

d20 = 19 intel


He whispers back. careful for Edsel not to overhear.
"He seems alright, but I don't really trust him. He claims his people have been here for over a hundred years but they look like recent squatters to these ruins to me."


File: 1612805830776.png (193.77 KB, 472x533, 472:533, trixie50.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel stepped aside and let the two enter.

The town looked old and badly damaged. You don't recognize anything elvish.

"We do what we can. We are no builders." He said. "We live in the buildings that were stable and needed little repair."




He decided to risk his suspicion.
"Yeah but you never hired a contractor to help with buldings? I mean I know that reputation between orcs and other races haven't always been favourable but you're pretty cool guys so far."


File: 1612806271300.png (237.02 KB, 900x900, 1:1, trixie14.png) ImgOps Google

The basement of the tower had a spiral staircase made of stone that led upstairs. It seemed to be the living room.

On the floor and on the arm chairs lied many old, tattered books, old clothes and and dirty crockery.

A low table, book shelves and tow small cabinets made it look more homely.

"Sit, sit!" he said while gathering some books and clothes from the chairs, placing them on the floor.

"Con... trac..? What's that?" he seemed puzzled. "And we are not orcs. We are Holbercs."


Vinifera can roll Intelligence -5.


>sits down
thank you!  holberc?


"I mean get others to make buildings for you. Contracts being agreement of business."

d20 - 5 = 2


File: 1612806751128.png (292.67 KB, 600x720, 5:6, trixie23.png) ImgOps Google

"Yes, that's what we are. You are... a... dwarf?" Edsel seemed to half-guess.

"Busi-ness? We are very busy, yes. We hunt and gather. But not too far from town, the elves do not like it. No one comes here really... every."

Now you remember what you could not at night. In Aumond the tale of the town of Thuna was still recalled. Humans lived there but they fell to evil so the elves destroyed the town and chased off the humans. Many years later a tribe of strange creatures settled there. They came from the South. Some moved on to the North, some remained behind in the ruins of Thuna. Guarded by another elven tribe. The Holbercs... half elf, half orc.


((sorry but I'm not feeling well, so I'm gonna go))


((Okay, rest well and get better soon!))


"Toona... wait, is this Thuna? The town where humans lived but fell to evil so the elves destroyed the town and chased off the humans?

And Holbercs, I recall that from my studies (looking at a wikipedia article), half-orcs, half elves.

((Get well soon.))


File: 1612974368455.png (108.75 KB, 300x420, 5:7, trixie6.png) ImgOps Google

The Holberc looked a bit flustered at that tale. "I... don't know?" he said at last, apparently not knowing anything about the history.

"But this is Toona... our ancestors came here, found the town like this."


((So the orc chief is the Holberc of the settlement Thuna is at?))

Well, you're somewhat of a legend, friend.


>>18117  how long have you been here?


File: 1612974652988.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

"A legend? Huh. I don't understand."

"Oh... the parents of my grandparents lived here already. Why is it important?"


"As facinating the hitory of your tribe is as well as the myth around you guys, we're getting off track. We need to find Artherion."


File: 1612974878845.png (193.77 KB, 472x533, 472:533, trixie50.png) ImgOps Google

"Well, I would help you but I don't know how. I do not know this Artherion.

Would you like something to drink though?"


((Given Vinifera and Naz haven't had breakfast, how hungry are we?))

"Your people have been around these forests for a long time. Has there been any strange goings on recently? Raiders, or news of lost people?"


File: 1612975021362.jpg (5.77 KB, 108x142, 54:71, dwarf1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18122  I could go for a drink!


((Quite a bit I guess?))

"No... no raiders have come here, ever, I think. I think the elves would keep them away. And no, we have not missed anyone. Sometimes Holbercs leave and head North, but not often."

He beams. "Good, good. Wait here!" He heads upstairs, leaving you by yourself while you can hear rummaging and creaking upstairs.


>>18123  must be the good stuff!


As Edsel rummages around at back, Vinifera asks Naz
"How far away you think those elves are?"


>>18127  don't know.  sounds like it's been many years.  I don't imagine they're anywhere close or Edsel would know about them.


"It does sound like he and his people have been cooped up for so long."


>>18129  what did the legends say?


File: 1612975486400.jpg (55.54 KB, 526x657, 526:657, trixie39.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Edsel returned soon enough, lifting the hem of his 'robe' while walking down the spiral staircase. In the other he held what looked like a green glass bottle, very old.

He placed it on the desk and pulled out the cork, then hurried up again, having forgotten the glasses.


Vinifera examines the bottle.


>also examines the bottle


I just said from before. >>18116
We're in the ruins of Thuma. Once a human settlement until they turned evil and were chased off by elves. Now the Holbercs reside here. It's a story told where I'm from.


It has a very spicy smell to it. It is likely some kind of brandy.


VInifera was very glad he was the kind of elf not poisonly disgusted by alcohol, and waits for Edsel to return.


>>18134  yeah, but where did the elves go in the legend?


"... I dunno. All I know is the Holbercs look after the place. Given Holbercs are half orcs maybe they're the decendants."


File: 1612975810513.gif (3.29 MB, 960x540, 16:9, trixie43.gif) ImgOps Google

Edsel returned with three glasses, walking slowly not to trip over his robe. With a toothy smile he placed them on the table and began filling them.

"Good firewater. It still tastes good!"


>>18139  well, thank you very much!


Thank you.


Edsel lifted his glass as a sort of toast and took a deep swig. He took a deep breath, sucking in the air... it was strong spirits indeed.


Vinifera wasn't too good with the spice-of-life but he didn't want to be rude and chugged down his drink.


File: 1612976094317.jpg (56.07 KB, 225x249, 75:83, want some rye courshya do.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>toasts toward Edsel and Vin, and takes a swig


Vinifera gave a long gaspy cough.


File: 1612976276951.png (193.77 KB, 472x533, 472:533, trixie50.png) ImgOps Google

The brandy did not taste bad at all but it was very potent. Edsel filled his glass once more and motioned whether Nazom and Vinifera wanted some more as well.


"N-no thanks. This isn't really a time for celebration. We need to find Artherion. He is the only one who can help Aumond."


>finishes off his drink and places his glass back on the table
very nice!  sure, I'll take another.  thanks.


File: 1612976682265.png (175.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trixie33.png) ImgOps Google

He filled the glass to the brim, then slowly emptied his glass...

... he seemed in thought, scratching his head. His wizard's hat almost fell off.

"Well... I do not know anything about your Artherion. But we might have some missing people after all. I'm not sure. Maybe they left but so many in such a short time..."


"I guess, we could ask around your tribe. How well is everyones commontongue?"

((Can VInifera speak "elf" if that's a option?))


>sips his drink, savoring the flavor
how long ago was that?


File: 1612976981903.png (237.02 KB, 900x900, 1:1, trixie14.png) ImgOps Google

((It's not helping here, they don't speak elf.))

"Oh, good, we speak it all the time." he said with pride though what was likely the truth was that they all spoke like the guards.

"Four... four left over the past two months. That's a lot. Usually one leaves a year at best."


"I'll ask around. VInifera if you want you can help Edsel finish the bottle."

He gets up to leave.


>>18152  did they say they were leaving?


"Good luck, let me know if you need anything else!"

He thought for a while. "Well, one of them did, yes. The others, no, not really."


Vinifera left the hut and figured to just randomly go up to someone and ask around.

Which he did.

"'scuse me Ms, where might I inquire about missing the residents?"


>>18155  why did the one decide to leave?  where did they go?


File: 1612977520100.png (217.93 KB, 570x720, 19:24, trixie21.png) ImgOps Google

The female's eyes widened and muttering to herself she quickly headed to what seemed to be her husband. In general the Holbercs were either curious or wary of Vinifera.

"What want?" barked her husband.

"Well, he wanted to see the world. Wanted to see the Holbercs who live up north in the big city. Two weeks away from here or so.

I don't know where they went. They were just... gone. Still there in the evening, gone in the morning."


"Hey sir, I mean no trouble. Your cheif Edsel told me there were residents that went missing, four of them, in the last month. I came to inquire about them."


File: 1612977689842.png (1.1 KB, 50x50, 1:1, dwarf9.png) ImgOps Google

>>18158  It's possible that three of them were attacked and dragged off during the night, much like the wizard we're looking for.


Some of the Holbercs gathered around him, talking over each other. They were more interested in where Vinifera was coming from. Whether he was a trader or a traveler. Whether he saw any other Holbercs on his travels.

"But we looked and looked. We found no traces. Footprints yes, but no signs of a struggle!"


>>18161  was there anything odd about the footprints or where they led?


File: 1612977946563.png (150.2 KB, 425x425, 1:1, trixie13.png) ImgOps Google

The glasses were filled for a third time.

"Hmmm ... no. Except. Well, two times we found two traces of footprints."


"Guys- guys one at a time..."

Vinifera and Edsen may have heard this from outside.

He hoped that got their silence.

He cleared his throat. "I'm just trying to find my friend Artherion who was taken off in the night. From what I understand in the last month, four of your residence have also mysteriously dissapeared. Please I just want to takl to the families and those who have seen them last."


File: 1612978151416.png (1.35 KB, 128x128, 1:1, dwarf6.png) ImgOps Google

>>18163  two sets of foot prints?  that sounds a lot like what happened with the wizard we're looking for.  and then it was one set of footprints, and someone or something being dragged.
>sips his drink
and thank you for the hospitality


File: 1612978358954.gif (2.7 MB, 431x360, 431:360, trixie53.gif) ImgOps Google

The Holbercs had quieted down for a moment. But then they began to talk only louder - to each other and to Vinifera. They discussed where the four Holbercs might have gone. Whether they had left or whether a wild animal had taken them. They had looked but found no traces of blood or anything else suspicious. Some of the kin of the Holbercs thought they might have gone on a journey, or eloped wither a potential partner.

"We followed the tracks for as long as we could but at some point they were just gone."

Edsel poured the last content of the bottle into their glasses.

"You're welcome. It's no fun drinking alone."


>>18166  which direction did the tracks go?


Vinifera tried to cut in with his questions and tried to get the answers he need.
"Did they say anything last before they went missing? Places? People or the likes?"
"Where do they usually go when they leave the village?"
"Where they last seen in or out of the village?"


"Always toward the forest. And there's forest all around us... Well, no, hold on. Once the tracks returned back towards the village. That was weird."

>"Did they say anything last before they went missing? Places? People or the likes?"
Some claimed they wanted to head to Riva, the town up north. Others claimed one wanted to return back South to Ohort where their ancestors had come from... In the end it was apparent none of those who disappeared had mentioned anything.

>"Where do they usually go when they leave the village?"
"We hunt in the vicinity around the village. We don't leave really."

>"Where they last seen in or out of the village?"
They agreed on one thing for a change. They were last seen inside the village.


"Hm... so the kidnappings happened inside the village. Pressumably at night. Did anyone else perhcnace witness any of the kidnapping? Or the least were awake the night anyone was taken away?"


For once all the Holbercs had fallen silent. Then they all talked over each other again, once more discussing whether they left, an animal had taken them, or whether it was the ghost from the townhall.


"Surely, if these kidnappings happened in your village, there must have been someone at least awake at the hour who may have heard peculiar noises or seen something. on any of those four nights. Anything at all."




File: 1612979298552.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


They thought hard as some new Holbercs arrived and others left to discuss things at home. Some just stood around and listened, apparently excited that something unusual was happening.

But in the end... no one seemed to have heard or seen anything.


"Really? None of you guys? I find that hard to believe. Practically the whole village come out to meet me like I was some sort of phenomenon yet when it comes to news of missing holbercs it's not worth the attention?"

He sighs, figure he didn't get much leads... other than whoever kidnapped them had no qualms doing so within the village itself, just as Artherion was kidnapped just outide the tavern.


>roll for Intelligence


d20 = 11


>>18169  where did they go after turning back?


File: 1612979774932.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You recall that Artherion mentioned that a Feylamia could take on the form of his victims. If no one had seen or heard anything, the supposed victims likely had no reason to call for help. There was just another Holberc approaching them.

And when Artherion had disappeared, no one had heard anything either. Except for the lucky Nazom whose bathroom window just happened to be right there.


File: 1612979843315.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

"Just back towards the town? There's lots of old cobblestone in the town itself. We lost the track quickly."


"Could it be?"

He shuddered. He still has haunting flashbacks of seeing the ghostly woman at the edge of the woodland just outside the vineyards.

He recomposed himself and returned to Esdsel's hut.

Vinifera poked his head into Edsels doorway.
"I'm back."


d20 + 4 = 9


d20 + 4 = 20


>sips the drink
>>18180  they just went out, and back?  strange.
>>18181  find out anything?


Edsel had emptied his glass again but he seemed to be little effected by the spirits.

>roll Strength +2

"Yes... very strange."


>>18185  1d20 + 2 = 19


"From what I understand, it could be possible that my past has returned to haunt me. Artherion, your four missing residents ((I think VInifera left before you mentioned the one who returned so he doesn't know.)), it could be the work of a "Feylamia". I dunno if it's the same one from my past or not."


File: 1612980340176.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

Oh no, Nazom seems to have had too many drinks! You feel a thumping head ache.


File: 1612980503459.gif (2.25 KB, 180x180, 1:1, avatar78425_1.gif) ImgOps Google

>>18188  that's some...  good drink, Edsel.  I can really feel it.
>>18187  he says the footprints of the missing led toward the forest, except for one that turned back toward town


"Wait... one was regarded missing and returned to town?"


Edsel gave a big grin. "No more, no more. It is almost time for food, too. I will cook something up..."


>>18190  apparently.  how could one come back into town, yet still be missing?
>>18191  you're too kind!


He ask Edsel.
"Who was the one who came back? Do you know his or her name?"


File: 1612980939870.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel looked up. "Uh... I don't know? We saw no one come back. We only saw footprints. They could belong to anyone."


He had a chill and looked back out the door towards the village where he just been.

Could the Feylamia be somewhere in Thuna?


File: 1612981072067.png (108.75 KB, 300x420, 5:7, trixie6.png) ImgOps Google

"Fey... la... mia. That's familiar somehow. Where have I heard that before..."


File: 1612981655309.png (538.41 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Ghostly lady.png) ImgOps Google

He tried to keep cam, but Edsel can detect a hint of fear in Vinifera tone of voice.

"Edsel, you need to know why I am looking for Artherion, why he is the only elf that can help me, he can help me save my home."

Vinifera tells him about what happened to Aumond. That one or two elves ended up lost now and again, until the number of dissapearing residence and the regular occurance was so high that residence either ran away or vanished.

"I was the last. I remember the day I walked over to my family's vineyards and realised I was all alone. Then I saw her at the edge of the fields, standing at the foot of the woodlands. She just stood there, silently looking at me, skin pale as death and hair like winters mist. While she was far away I remember her eyes, her while blank eyes looking into me, freezing my spirit. She knew I was the last. artherion said they could disguise themselves as our loved ones to fool us but no, either I saw her first or she wanted me to see her."


File: 1612981918269.png (175.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trixie33.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel seemed to only listen with half an ear, he was in thought. As Vinifera mentioned the 'disguise' Edsel looked up.

"The City Lord!" he said, then ran upstairs. You could hear more rummaging and the sound of drawers being opened and the rustling of paper.


((You still on ⛵? We can take a break for now if you want to rest.))

He was curious who this "City Lord" is and wait to see what Edsel come up with.


((I think we will stop for now!))


((sorry, but yeah this might be a good place to stop))


File: 1612982253795.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

((OK. 'til next time then.))


Edsel seemed to be busy looking for something upstairs, muttering about his bad memory.


Vinifera waited patiently, surely he knew something about the feylamia.


>sips what remains of his drink


File: 1613411596240.png (185.92 KB, 680x745, 136:149, trixie22.png) ImgOps Google

At least Edsel returned, carrying a tattered old book... "I knew I had remembered something... this is the book of Regina, she lived here, long ago. I still remembered her from grandpa's stories."


>>18206  left behind by those who lived here long ago?
>>18204  know of any Reginas?


"Regina? Who?"
Looks at the old book.
"Was she the City Lord you mentioned?"


Edsel hands over the diary... "No... she was a wizard lady."


Vinifera held the old tattered book, opened it and read the firt page. Given how lengthy and long the book he read journal entries that appear to be the most relevent.


12. EFF 851
The construction of the tower is finished at last. Far from the turmoil of the Empire I can now conduct my research in peace. Strangely enough, High Priest Kairon has spoken out publicly against letting me use the land for the tower. One should expect hospitality from him of all people. But it doesn't matter, the council was convinced by my hard gold.

7. BOR 851
... a decisive breakthrough, Yanis survived the passage. I have become so used to the dog's company that I wouldn't want to miss it anymore. The poles were only five meters apart, and yet the animal would have been torn apart between the dimensions if there had been a mistake...

4. TRA 856
Today someone threw a stone at me! I am slowly starting to worry about the citizens hostilities. I only leave the tower at night and have all the groceries secretly delivered to my house. Even the priests of Travia insult me in the street. But my research and my friendship with Artherion bind me to this place.

9. FIR 856
Artherion has finally arrived. I have rarely missed him as much as I did during those difficult days. It would have been tight for two to sleep in my small tower. Fortunately, the priests invited him to spend the night in the temple. It seems that the general hatred applies only to magicians and otherwise the commandments of hospitality are obeyed.

10. FIR 856
... but now Artherion has also disappeared without a trace. Kairon claims he left early that morning, but I don't believe him. I know Artherion well enough to know he would have said goodbye or left me a message. Hopefully nothing happened to him.

11. FIR 856
The citizens, and especially the priests, react extremely hostile to my questions about Artherion. I am now sure that Kairon is behind it. I have sent Yanis on guard duty, she will wake me up if the priest leaves the temple ...

12. FIR 856
I've seen and heard a lot, but the kind of magic Kairon practices is completely unknown to me. How is that possible?

13. FIR 856
... and I was shaking like never before during the break-in. Artherion has a bad wound on his neck and has lost a lot of blood, I will keep him hidden with me until he regains consciousness. I wonder who Kairon really is and what his actions are supposed to mean - and what he does when he realizes that his victim has escaped.

15. FIR 856
Today a wandering elf arrived in Thuna. He will spend the night in the temple. I will follow him invisibly to see what happens.

16. FIR 856
How terrible! The priests overpowered the elf and sacrificed him in a nightly ceremony in the temple. Many respected citizens were present.
I was able to secretly examine Kairon using the magica clarobservantia - he's an elf himself!
I escaped at the last moment.

18. FIR 856
... Artherion has awakened at last and we have to decide what to do about this beast that feeds on elven blood ...

20. FIR 856
... the preparations are finally complete. We have armed ourselves with silver weapons and Artherion knows a remedy for the Feylamia's hypnotic gaze. May the Twelve Gods have mercy on us should it not work! - Let's hope Kairon doesn't get suspicious at the last moment. The time ist at hand tonight ...

1. TSA 856
... ten days have passed since Kairon's death. The city council renovated the collapsed crypt for the burial of the “high priest” ... and yet I can't help but feel uneasy, it was far too easy ... Artherion read the last entry and laughs, but there is no joy in it, just bitterness. He's not comfortable either.

8. PER 856
... Artherion is back with his people. Not forever, thank Hesinde, I couldn't bear the thought of bein without him, I am expecting his child...
City residents‘ hatred has only grown worse since Kairon's death ...

13. ING 856
... tonight I wandered in the light of the new moon. Kairon actually deceived us, I saw him! Either he hypnotized the city lord Belgor or took his place - probably before the funeral! I'll find out, and when Artherion gets back we will destroy the monster for good ! …

15. RAH 856
Artherion has brought a crystal that can capture and preserve the light of Mada. Her light is powerful against Feylamia, as he told me. Artherion and I will wait until the full moon. Thus we have just under a week to prepare ...

5. TRA 857
... and after more than three months I finally find the strength to face life again. The price we had to pay to defeat Feylamia was way too high:
I lost our child that night, and for a long time it seemed as if my life had lost all meaning along with it. We did not even use the wood elves' moon lantern. It sounds ridiculous, but my silver dagger could only find its mark because he overlooked me.

One of the residents noticed us and soon we had to face a furious mob.
We holed up in the tower when a miracle happened! The wood elves from nearby Aumond came to our aid. They killed those who stood in their way and drove out the rest of the population ... the city is on fire.

Thanks to Artherion, Rallion Lilac-in-the-Rain allowed me to stay in Thuna and I sought consolation and oblivion in my research. I'm working on the transport magic again. I hid the poles in large mirrors. Not ideal because it takes a magical presence to stabilize the mirrors.

We found out what happened to the Feylamia only days later. He had hidden himself badly wounded in the old crypt, and wailed in his misery when we found him. Artherion wanted to finish him off with the lantern but I stopped him. He should suffer for all that he did. What he did to me! We magically sealed the coffin and the tomb; the amulets should do the rest.

14. PER 857
Artherion left today and I know he won't return. It was all too much for him ... for both of us. I should have him have his will regarding the Feylamia. Does he also blame me for the death of our child?

10. TRA 863
I have become like an old hermit in Thuna. I had almost forgotten this diary. I found Kairon's hiding place shortly after the recent events. It lies deep under the temple and, contrary to expectations, is not a dirty hole, but rather carefully built and comfortably furnished.

18. PER 863
Strange orcs arrived in Thuna today, at least I think they are orcs, because they are very hairy and have strong jaws and tusks. But they are more delicate than the few orcs I have seen before and they have pointed ears like elves. It must be a whole clan.
The creatuers set up camp in the ruins of the city and pay little attention to me. I will keep watching them.

20. PER 863
One of the Holbercs, as they call themselves, is very inquisitive and friendly. I manage to communicate with them reasonably well because they speak a strange mix of Common Tongue and the rough language of the orcs. His name is Shed. They seem to come from far to the south, from beyond the Thasch Mountains, from a town they call Ohort.

4. PRA 864
There almost was an accident. The locking charms on the crypt had lost their effect years ago, but luckily the amulets are still doing their job. One of the Holbercs had opened the crypt and I got there just in time before anything worse might have happened. The Feylamia is still vegetating in the coffin. I have to tell the Holbercs to avoid the old graveyard. A few ghost stories and supporting spells should do the trick.

3. PHE 864
After Yanis‘ passing I will say farewell to Shed and spend the final days before the completion of my masterpiece down here. It is almost done: a hall of mirrors that can open gates to strange worlds. Perhaps I will find a better world among them ...


>is a slow reader


((Sorry it's such a long read.))


>>18210  anything useful?


Edsel walks upstairs and returns with another bottle and proceeds to fill Nazom's cup.


File: 1613412821468.jpg (80.19 KB, 709x625, 709:625, Dwarf_35541c_5698177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18215  a gentleman and a scholar.  cheers!


File: 1613412890626.png (94.89 KB, 341x311, 341:311, trixie8.png) ImgOps Google

"Oh, not a scholar, I just remembered reading about something a long time ago..."

He watches the elf being busy with the diary.


File: 1613413008675.png (1.98 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf_lurk.png) ImgOps Google

>>18217  have you searched around the place for secret rooms and wizardly stuff?


File: 1613413071624.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

"I think there is no wizard stuff left. I mean, some of the books are in a language I cannot read, so maybe they are... but I never found any magic items or secret places here."


((That's fine. I appreciate the time you took to write all this.))

"Oh my gods."
He mutters as he reads through the journal.
"If I think this is what I think it is, the same feylamia that ruined Aumond was the same one mentioned in this journal.
A priest known as Kairon used to live here in Thuna when it was a town. He rallied the people against wizards, kinda similar to what Gashok is going through with non-humans, only this priest Kairon sacrificed elves to the Feylamia which he had under his control.

He reread some of the entries.
I think Artherion and Regina defeated the feylamia however, or so they thought and a group from Aumond heard their plight and come to aid them by attacking the people of Thuna, just as the stories go of elves driving away wicked people who lived here, I'd never thought it would be elves from Aumond."

He looks over some more.
"Either they believed to have killed the feylamia or they did ad Kairon eventually became a feylamia himself... but Artherion didn't kill him and instead sealed him up somewhere in the graveyard."

He looks up from the journal and ponders.
"They feylamia I remember looked like a woman, it might have been they thought she dead... or Kairon decided to take the form of a woman after his transformation."

He continues reading tidbits.
"I think Regina may have sealed the feylamia somewhere in Thuna's graveyard. The seals may have worn off but the amulets are still holding it. Regina might have added something else down there. Some sort of masterpiece involving a hall of mirrors, maybe a safe guard?"


>>18220  Why would the Feylamia drag [whatshisface] out this way, then?


"You mean Artherion? Revenge most likely. Would explain why he... or she... it killed off most of Aumond."


File: 1613413505472.png (237.02 KB, 900x900, 1:1, trixie14.png) ImgOps Google

"I hope the book was helpful to you..."


"Very much so, thanks."
He hands the book back to him.


>>18222  I mean is its home here somewhere?  Why not just kill him there?
>>18223  very, thank you
>sips drink


"It appears that the crypt where the feylamia was sealed is somewhere in a graveyard in Thuna. Though it might no longer be there. But Regina claims she was working on something elaborate and that if whatever she was working on is there then it maybe a lead. We might even find this lantern that maybe needed to vanquish the feylamia"

He turns to Edsel.
"Edsel, do you know if there is any graveyards here in Thuna? graveyards older than before your people settled here?"


File: 1613413961552.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel nods, explaining that there is a graveyard indeed, very old. They still use it themselves though there are still stories that part of it was haunted.


"I wouldn't be surprise if actual spooks and ghost have taken residence in the graveyard since that journal was written but I ain't afraid of no ghosts."

Turns to Naz.
"I know what we're gonna do today."


((Still there, ⛵?))


File: 1613414357514.jpg (164.09 KB, 500x739, 500:739, dwarf-fortress-strange-moo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

let's do this


"We're heading out Edsel. Thanks for all your help... and for th drinks."


File: 1613414582464.png (193.77 KB, 472x533, 472:533, trixie50.png) ImgOps Google

"You are welcome. Drop by if you need anything else."


File: 1613414585864.png (1.35 KB, 128x128, 1:1, dwarf6.png) ImgOps Google

>>18227  are there any guards who might be willing to accompany us?


File: 1613414691599.gif (1.01 MB, 305x474, 305:474, trixie24.gif) ImgOps Google

"Uh... we have only a few hunters... nothing you could call 'guards'. But the graveyard is just north of the old town hall if that is where you are headed. There is always someone not too far away from there."


>>18234  good enough, thank you  :aj1:


"We'll gladly invite anyone who'll be voluntarily wish to come with us. But I'm sure there's nothing we can't handle ourselves."


>follows Vin out the door


Vin and Naz head on outside to the town square of Thuna.

"So, you ready to head straight to the graveyard? Or you wanna ask around if anyone wants to help our cause?"


>>18238  let's check it out first and assess the situation


They head over to what they deem the creepiest place in all the ruins.


File: 1613415504639.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They went through the ruins which in town center have been made relatively homely. Beside the white temple made of marble the townhall was the biggest building in town and apparently home to many families.

Many of the Holbercs pointed and them in surprise, some children even running after them for a bit.

Due north of the town hall was the old cemetery. Some old signs were still there but most of it was overgrown and has not been used in a long time. An entrance to an old, crumbling crypt, closed by a metal lattice door its entrance.

The Holberc's own burial grounds were close by but in a separate lot as if they did not want to approach the graveyard.


"Here it is."

Vinifera approaches the crumbling crypt and inspects the entrace.


>examines the door


A good tug would be enough to open it...

>roll for Strength +3


1d20 + 3 = 17  :bell1:


The alcohol seems to have weakened Nazom!


"Woah hey! Let's take a look at it first before we yank it off it's hinges."

He wanted to check for any of the seals or amulets mentioned in the journal.


>roll for Perception


>>18247  of course, I was just checking to see how strongly it's attached  :townie1:


He grins, "sure".
He then examines the bars, the hinges, the lock and the stones the bars were fixed into.

👀d20 = 1


File: 1613416218418.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

Oh, natural success.

Vinifera notices that the lock to the door has been forcefully broken - likely not too long ago, given that the rust was scraped off doing so.

Afterwards the door was with much forced 'pushed' into it's current position, making it hard to open even in its unlocked case.


"The mystery deepens. What if the feylamia did not escape on it's own accord?"

He then proceed to pull open the door, trying to do so in the opposite way it was jammed shut.
d20 + 3 = 11


File: 1613416443150.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

While having the right idea, Vinifera couldn't open it either.

Maybe you should try it together...

>both roll Strength -2


1d20 - 2 = 0  :trixie6:


d20 - 2 = 3


File: 1613416611320.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

With a loud creak the door comes loose and falls into your direction. You jump out of the way in time. The way lies now open.


"Heh, There we go!"


>>18257  got a light?


"Oh right"
Turns his lantern on.


Old steps lead down into the crypt, the light of the lantern can barely reach the bottom.


>>18259  after you  :rara5:


Hw looks down into the darkness and feel a compulsion to go down as he takes the first few steps ahead.
He had to know...


File: 1613417584721.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Step after step the duo descended into the darkness, the lamp illuminating the old walls, then after a few meters the bottom of the crypt.

It seemed well built, surely it was made for a wealthy person at the time. Symbols and pictures of Travia, the Goddess of Family and Home were carved into many stones. But the paint seemed to have scraped off long ago.

Then before their eyes was a big coffin - open. It's lid lying on the floor. Inside it was padded with velvet.


>examines the coffin, the walls, and the surroundings  :dash1:


Vinifera looked at the coffin.
"Well. Ifigured much... but what about Regina's mention of mirrors? Could it be around here somewhere?"

Also looks around thoroughly for clues.


File: 1613417956175.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As you examine close you find two old silver amulets lying close to the coffin. They show depictions of a fox.

The walls are old and crumbling, the bare earth visible in many spots where the bricks have come lose. In a few decades the whole crypt will likely have collapsed.

For a moment... you thought there was something moving further back...


Pick up one of the silver fox amulets.
"Maybe we should both hold onto these?"
He pockets the one he had picked up.
>Added to ivnentory.

He looked at the further back of the crypt.


>>18267  sounds good.
>grabs the other amulet


Suddenly a large isopod, a good two meters long, burst through the loose earth in the very back of the crypt... it smelled tasty meat and charged!


File: 1613418415073.png (50.65 KB, 266x285, 14:15, batdwarf.png) ImgOps Google

>swings with his axe


He was startled and was taken aback.
"What is that thing!?"
He hurridly draws his sword to defend himself.


Attack Nazom: 1d20 = 7 1d6 + 5 = 11 damage
Isopod defends: 1d20 = 5
Isopod attacks: 1d20 = 16 1d6 + 3 = 9 damage
Parry Nazom: 1d20 = 12


The isopod evades Nazom's attack and itself misses!


It's a large isopod, the sort sometimes found in crypts and old basements. They are always hungry...

>roll for Intelligence unless you want to attack


>>18271  don't know!  kill it!  :aj6:


((Can you post a picture? Or is it as google image shows me it is some sort of shelled bug))

I try to attack it in panic!


File: 1613418881596.png (54.01 KB, 300x184, 75:46, Gruftassel-300x184.png) ImgOps Google


Attack Nazom: 1d20 = 20 1d6 + 5 = 7 damage
Isopod defends: 1d20 = 18
Isopod attacks: 1d20 = 7 1d6 + 3 = 5 damage
Parry Nazom: 1d20 = 3
Attack Vinifera: 1d20 = 19 1d6 + 6 = 11 damage


File: 1613419022204.png (398.93 KB, 993x559, 993:559, twi193.png) ImgOps Google

Nazom stumbled during his attack and drops his axe!

Luckily he can still evade the isopod's attack.

Vinifera, too, misses!


>attempts to lift the lid of the coffin and drop it on the creature :trixie10:


The lid is big and heavy! Strength+4 required!


1d20 + 4 = 5


Now that the fright has passed, Vinifera tries to get smart.

"Good idea!"
While Naz attempts that, he tries to flip the creature on it's backside and stab it's underbelly.


File: 1613419186170.png (246.36 KB, 618x496, 309:248, twi203.png) ImgOps Google

You hurl the lid at the isopod! It didn't see that coming and cannot evade the large piece of wood.

1d6 + 6 = 11 damage


Even though it has a thick 'skin', the lid sure hurt.

Strength+2 and Dexterity +4 required!


d20 + 2 = 5d20 + 4 = 23


While having the strength to flip it over, the many-legged isopod escapes your grip and its pincers are close!

Isopod attacks: 1d20 = 12 1d6 + 3 = 9 damage




File: 1613419426316.png (55.64 KB, 507x276, 169:92, batdwarf vs zombies.png) ImgOps Google

>grabs his axe and attacks again!


If it's still on it's back I try to stab it's underbelly!


Attack Nazom: 1d20 = 3 1d6 + 5 = 7 damage
Isopod defends: 1d20 = 10
Isopod attacks: 1d20 = 18 1d6 + 3 = 8 damage
Parry Nazom: 1d20 = 13

No, it wobbled away before you could roll it over!


Nazom hits it with the axe but it's just a scratch! The isopod misses once more.


"I'll roll it over, you strike it's underbelly!"


>>18293  alright!


Strength+2 and Dexterity +4 required!


d20 + 2 = 11d20 + 4 = 8


Alas, Vinifera lacks the strength!

Isopod attacks: 1d20 = 2 1d6 + 3 = 9 damage


File: 1613419791444.jpg (24.09 KB, 338x310, 169:155, twi202.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ouch, that hurt! 6 damage! Luckily Vinifera has some armor.


File: 1613419828963.jpeg (128.65 KB, 590x285, 118:57, dwarf7.jpeg) ImgOps Google

>>18296  stop getting hit!

>flips the lid back at the isopod


Strength +4 again!


26/32 HP?

Kicks it as hard as he can.
d20 + 4 = 21


>>18300  1d20 + 4 = 11



Vinifera's kick has no effect.

There comes the lid... 1d6 + 6 = 11 damage.


File: 1613420011781.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

The large isopod gives a shriek and scuttles away in pain, one leg limping. As quick as a weasel it disappears in the loose earth.


>>18301  you ok?


"Ooof, just my pride, but I'll be fine."


>examines the wall where the isopod entered/exited


"I don't see anything that looks like a mirror down here, let alone a hall of mirror. Maybe I missed something in the journal?"


The wall was at the very back, few of the bricks remained, most had fall to the floor and were broken. A narrow hole remained where the isopod had disappeared into.


Peers down the hole, but keeps his sword pointed towards it in case of any nasty surprises.


File: 1613420735860.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

All was quiet once more.


He kneels down and looks into the hole. 👀


File: 1613420883479.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

Darkness. There was no sign of the isopod nor was there any sign of e.g. other rooms being back there. Just a natural, animal-made hole.


Stick my lantern down there. Careful not to drop it, just dangle it deep enough for some illumination.


((it's not a hole down but more of a small cavern/hole straight ahead))


I still stick my lantern ahead. Check for stable footing or hazards and what not.


((I think it's time for a break... getting late for me.))


>>18316  you think you can fit?
>>18317  ((ok, good night!))


"I dunno if I should. I can't see anything."

((Okay, see you later.))


It was certainly big enough for him to fit, but..

>test for Intelligence -2


He gave a moment to think about it.
d20 - 2 = 10


File: 1613497082940.jpg (83.98 KB, 488x347, 488:347, twi205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Vinifera would have to crawl into the narrow hole on all fours, he'd be at the mercy of the isopod if it attacks, unable to really attack or defend... you'd be on its turf. So following it is not a prudent idea.


"Mmmmh, I'd rather not."
He turns around.
"Let's get out of here, Naz."


>>18323  we didn't get much time to search the place.  maybe we should take another look around?


"Oh, uh yeah, good call."
He searched the place with Naz.


>roll for Perception, both of you


File: 1613497590390.jpg (276.96 KB, 738x550, 369:275, DF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

1d20 = 8


As you examine the crypt more closely you notice one thing in particular: the velvet in the coffin is quite worn. Whoever was resting in there must have done so for a long time.


d20 = 12


No further things can be found in the crypt you think... you examined it thoroughly.


VInifera shrugged and waited for Naz.


>>18329  whatever was here, was here for a long time!  let's get out of here


"Yeah, I figured feylamia are the long-lasting kind of undead."

They leave the tomb.


File: 1613497995515.jpg (82.72 KB, 398x343, 398:343, twi198.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As you return from the crypt you notice no Holbercs anywhere in the vicinity... you're pretty much alone.


File: 1613498036244.png (50.65 KB, 266x285, 14:15, batdwarf.png) ImgOps Google

sure seems quiet.  back to the tower?


"The tower? Yeah... Good idea."
He had a suspicion and they head back to the tower.


File: 1613498345636.jpg (79.68 KB, 384x346, 192:173, twi197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As they came closer to the old town again and walked through the broken streets they found that the Holbercs were in fact not gone... only gone into hiding. They seem scared and look out of the windows or from behind doors.


He approaches one of the doors with a Holberc peeking out.
"What's wrong? Why is everyone inside?"
He looked up at the sky to roughly see the time of day.


>goes up to one of the windows and whispers through it,
"What's going on?"


File: 1613498478593.jpg (91.12 KB, 427x342, 427:342, twi204.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They explain they had heard weird sounds coming from the old haunted graveyard... they thought there were ghosts and quickly went into hiding.


"Songs? Uh... I was in agony from being attacked by a large bug but I didn't hear any sing-song voice while we were down there."


>>18338  are feylamia known to sing?


((Sorry, was meant to read sounds.))


>>18341  let's check it out  :aj7:


"They probably heard me screaming in fear- I mean pain from being attacked by that bug."


File: 1613498787158.jpg (51.81 KB, 244x294, 122:147, twi201.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They heard it might have just been Vinifera but decided to stay indoors a bit longer, just to be sure.


>>18345  oh!  probably.  let's go to the tower, then.


"Yeah, they're probably better off staying in doors. With "it" still out there they're better off."

They head to the tower.


File: 1613499043925.png (108.75 KB, 300x420, 5:7, trixie6.png) ImgOps Google

As you reach the tower they find Edsel still in his robe and wearing the wizard hat. He wiped his hands in the robe after opening, apparently having started to prepare supper.

"Oh, you're back! Are you hurt?"


Vinifera gave a long "Eeeh...", not wanting to admit the wounds he sustained was from a bug he found in the crypt.


File: 1613499189241.png (209.86 KB, 437x482, 437:482, trixie48.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel blinked but asked no further questions in that regard and let them enter.

"So, did you find anything interesting?"


>>18349  The crypt needs an exterminator!  But we did find the coffin where the creature probably slept.  No vampire though.


"We found the tomb mentioned in the journal. And possibly the amulets ment to kept it's resident in place. There were two of them so me and Naz decided to keep one each."


File: 1613499365786.png (193.77 KB, 472x533, 472:533, trixie50.png) ImgOps Google

"The crypt? Well, we never go down there... nor that old part of the cemetery really. It's haunted! I remember my grandfather telling me about it."

He listened to their story.

"So... it's gone, whatever's been there. That's good, hopefully it won't return."


File: 1613499489672.png (1.98 KB, 168x182, 12:13, dwarf_lurk.png) ImgOps Google

>subtly looks to see if anything seems off in the tower or about Edsel


He gives a groan.
"Actually... you're better off wit hthe opposite. You see, you knew it was down there, and now it is not. So it could be awake and anywhere."

His wounds ache.
"Say you don't have anything for this don't you?"


File: 1613499688184.png (131.06 KB, 420x555, 28:37, trixie16.png) ImgOps Google

You don't notice anything out of the ordinary for the time being.

"Well, I didn't really know what was down there. I only remembered the diary when you mentioned some things. I've ready it so long ago and only understood half of it..."

"So... what will you do next?"


He ponders for a moment.
"I was wondering, this tower, did it once belong to Regina?"


>>18357  we searched the crypt but didn't find any mirrors or anything similar.  does this tower have a basement or storage underneath?


File: 1613499988544.png (150.2 KB, 425x425, 1:1, trixie13.png) ImgOps Google

"Oh, so you hurt yourself after all? Well... I have some ointment. Let met get it!"

"Mirrors? Uh... why would mirrors be down there? I've never been down in the crypt really. Only Seto went to the haunted graveyard sometimes."


"Actually, I think Naz wa asking if your tower here has a basement. Or the very least loose floor boards. That is, if this is the same tower Regina once lived in."


>>18360  Who's that?  what was he doing?


>>18361  yeah, that


"Wait Seto? Who is Seto"?


"Oh! The tower? No, it doesn't have a basement, sorry, I misheard you there. And... yes, this was Regina's tower. She gave it to great-grandfather. I think she went away afterwards... grandpa told stories about her sometimes but it's been so long"

"Seto? A young Holberc, headstrong and rather bold, as youths tends to be."

Edsel went upstairs to get the ointment, leaving the two friends alone for a moment.


>>18364  want to see if we can find Seto and see what he was doing?


While Edsel was upstairs, he talked to Naz.
"This Seto guy. You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"So you are thinking what I am thinking. Yeah... but let's see how this ointment works. Then there is the matter of finding the hall of mirrors which could be over this tower."


>>18367  How many mirrors are we talking about?  How hard is it to find a bunch of mirrors?


>examines the floor boards


He watches Naz snoop around on the floors.
"I imagine if you find a gap in the floors and see yourself looking up at you through the gap then you're on the right track."


File: 1613500618639.jpg (62.49 KB, 352x325, 352:325, twi199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The diary did not go into detail but it must have been over a dozen, man-high at least.

>roll for Perception


>>18370  har har.  or maybe I'll just see another roach looking back up at me
>>18371  1d20 = 9


File: 1613500717357.png (711.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, twi204.png) ImgOps Google

You notice one thing soon enough (and as a dwarf you have a keen sense for that), there's solid rock under the tower. No basement or hall underneath.


>>18370  no basements here  :pinkie11:


"Hm... maybe there is some sort of... sewer or underground passageway that may lead under this tower? Still we should investigate Seto as well. While it would perhaps make sense to split up on the off chance Seto if the feylamia neither of us should face them alone."


>>18375  yeah, strange


File: 1613501093796.png (1.02 MB, 1328x1307, 1328:1307, trixie44.png) ImgOps Google

Edsel returns with the ointment which has a very unpleasant smell and looks just as bad. He dips two fingers into it... "Here we go, hold still!"


>>18375  Edsel's been gone a while...  should we check on him?


File: 1613501131319.jpg (22.56 KB, 188x309, 188:309, dwarf2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>>18377  wow, what is that!!  looks...  effective


"Old family recipe... smells good and heals just as well!"


"Well, I see two options here."
He winces as Edsel applies the ointment to his wounds. But still goes over the options for both Naz and Edsel to hear.

1. We need some sort of silver lantern to defeat the feylamia for good. It's located somewhere under Thuna and I pressume Regina set up some safeguards to protect it, a hall of mirrors be one of them. If we go and try to find the labyrinth first then if Seto was the feylamia then  who knows what he'll get up to while we're underground. It could result in further deaths.

2. We go to investigate Sato. He could be the feylamia. However we wouldn't be able to defeat him without the silver lantern underground so we probably won't be able to efficiently kill him. Maybe we could try and ward him away from the town or trap him somewhere with the amulets we got but that would be difficult.

"Ouch! -anyway, those are the two options. From what we know feylamia are weak against silver. I dunno if it needs to be regular silver or holy silver."


>roll Strength +2