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File: 1551313602246.png (1.34 MB, 652x1059, 652:1059, SonicGamebook MetalCityMay….png) ImgOps Google

A Sonic the Hedgehog RP set in the (Sega games) world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our adventure begins in the coastal city on South Island, a mobian town neighbouring the Springyard Zone and not far off from Green Hill Zone.

A stranger is visiting the city, a monkey carrying around a sword. He has been around South Island before but it's been awhile since he returned to South Island.


In the South Island's city area, Gadget Wainright, a lowlevel member of the GUN had been stationed here for several months going about keeping maintanence for their operations. It has been a slow employment for our parakeet but it is honest work for a good cause and it paid well as his 46 rings jingled in his coin pouch. Today though he managed to have some free time from the base and was out roaming the streets.

Gadget: "Finally a break. I wonder what kind of shops I can go to so I can resupply."

So right here I would either introduce your character to mine or start to list out some places I could go or things of interest. Or perhaps you can jumpstart the story with some inciting action.


File: 1551314749136.png (937.91 KB, 1920x1015, 384:203, Sonic_Forces_PlayStation_B….png) ImgOps Google

>Gadget walks through the streets of the city. The city was in shambles ever since Dr. Eggmans war that has happened a few months back but the city was recovering and so were the residents as they had relative peace for the time being.
Yeah I'm basic this after Sonic Forces which was a mediocre game but whatever, it still makes a good set up.
>In the distance the sound of construction can be heard but there were still the occasional sounds of quakes heard from far away and rumours of giant robots around the rural areas of the island has made the people of the city unease, but given theres no real actual sightings it's believe to be post-war fear.

>As Gadget goes down to Sunset Avenue he see's someone he is not familiar with. A monkey. He would think nothing of him as another refugee from the battles but he was carrying something, a sword, rather peculiar.


Seeing the civillian with such a weapon was off putting and as a member of GUN, Gadget felt obligated to inquire about this sword. With some practiced steps, he approaches this monkey.

Gadget: "Er hello there citizen. Do not be alarmed I am just a member of the GUN organization that is protecting this town. Might I ask how your day is going?"

A GUN member protecting the town, Gadget wasn't really equipped to fight anything besides and empty sling he kept in his pack and out of sight.

I might get the game for shits and giggles so I can make Gadget. I dunno, maybe if it goes on sale.



File: 1551315404876.jpg (137.49 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Sonic Forces me to look li….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>The monkey was somewhat surprised to be talked to and spoke in a slight british accent.

Oh uh it's doing well thanks. it's quite alright. GUN you say?


Gadget: "Yeah I'm a member of GUN but I'm not a soldier, I just fix stuff around their base."

He didn't really needed to explain that, the grease stains and smells of metals and gasoline gave away his profession.

Gadget: "What about you, you seem a bit odd with your... sword there. I don't see many civillians carrying weapons around like that and the very few do have authority in GUN."


Oh no, I'm not with GUN. I'm more with the Resist- uh I'm more of a... well I help people. I go about trying to do what I can. I would like to say I was with the resistance but looking around it appears I was too late to be of any help.

But I am still here to help with all I can. The sword is just for self defence.


He looked at the monkey with a quizzical stare, unsure of whether or not to trust him. He doesn't look intimidating and the general rule of thumb is that all baddies look like they got a bone to pick with ya.

Gadget: "Alright then, well my name is Gadget Wainright. If you need any sort of help then let me know. In fact I was able to go down to the local supply shops if that is where you need to be pointed to."


Actually yes. I was trying to find the supply shop myself.

I wanted to head out to Green Hill Zone. I wanted to investigate to see if those giant robot sightings are true.


Gadget: "Robot sightings?"

He's heard about those before but he hasn't seen anyone rearing up to go explore those stories. Only folk he would know who would do something like that would be Sonic or some of his friends.

Gadget: "Okay then go ahead and just follow me on down there."

The two make their way through the streets in search of the supply shop. In truth Gadget had been stuck up in the GUN base that he has barely any time to explore the city himself. Hopefully they can find it though.


File: 1551317029778.png (2.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SUNHEIGHTS7.png) ImgOps Google

>They go down the streets. From all the construction going on the people were still upbeat and getting on with their lives. They eventually find a supply shop run by one of the Resistance members.

"Hey, what can I do for you. Food? Supplies?"

>He had an array of items and luxuries brought in from the mainlands for the restoration efforts. Various tools, equipment and everyday items. In a locked glass counter he also had various weapons, some peculiar, briighly coloured weapons as well.

>And in a display to his left were a collection of peculiar objects. They looked like capsules but with familiar symbols inside.



Gadget had pulled out a list of what he had written down prior to leaving the base. It contained objects of practicality and peculiarity.

Oil Flask (Full)
Basic Tool Kit (Should include anything I need to craft stuff.)
Bundle of Rope
Fishing Wire
3 foot Iron Rod
Pouch of Sling Ammo (50 Shots)
Solar Powered Flashlight
Bag of Gunpowder
Bag of Marbles
Casting Net (A fish net you throw off a side of a boat but much smaller so I can throw it.)

Gadget: "I have 46 rings to spend. Will it afford all of this?"


"Sling ammo? Can't you just use rocks or something?
But if you insist."

>Checks the crates he has nearby for various objects.

"Lets see, All this stuff usually cost about 5 rings. You can buy some of these items but not all of them."

>Mystic Monkey looks over, wondering what Gadget will buy or if he'll ask the shop guy for a favour.


Gadget: "I guess I don't need an oil flask. If every item on my list costs 5 each then I will get every item except for the oil flask and keep one ring."

There goes his weeks pay but it will be worth it.


>Prepares to bundle the items for him.

"You sure? These gold rings maybe currency to us, but they still hold some protective power in case you ever get into trouble."

>Mystic chimes in.
But usually rings are found mostly everywhere. We could always find some around zones.

"Well yeah, if you can run through 'em well enough. But I won't say no to how you spend your rings, we need all the rings we can have to repair the city."


>With at least one ring I can still take a hit and still be alive and with my jump I should be fine.

Gadget: "I'm sure about it."

He takes the stuff and pays 45 rings, putting and strapping the new equipment to himself. He looks over to Mystic and waits to see what he will buy. Probably something that will help him fight around with Eggmans goons.


Alright, here you are. Hope it all helps.

>Mystic Monkey noticed the display of small objects next to him. They looked like Item Boxes found throughout zones but were too small to be them.

What are those?

"These? Oh these are brand new and very useful for adventurers, zone-runners and the like. They are small, portable vertsions of Item Boxes. Simply called "capsules". I dunno who really makes them, but then again no one really knows who goes out and put useful power-ups in monitors everywhere but we have them for sale now.

How much are they?

"They're vary, minimum price is 20 rings."

Ah... Well they're cool. I'll certainly buy a few when I get the rings.

>As they left the store, Mystic talks to Gadget.
I think I'm ready to head off to Green Hill Zone now. Couldn't really find anything I need, but heroes usually make to with the bare minimum so I'm sure I'll be fine.


Gadget: "You're gonna go out into the zone all by yourself? Look that's dangerous work you got yourself going, perhaps it would be best to settle down here with some construction work, the city really needs it."

Speaking of duties and responsibilities, he takes out his PDA and see if he has gotten any messages and whether or not it was time to head on back so he can continue his work.


File: 1551320137473.jpg (109.55 KB, 554x800, 277:400, Mystic Monkey by puritylf4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I know they're just rumours, but what if there were giant robots left. If they come towards the city and trample everything then the reconstruction effort would be effortless.

>Strikes a pose.
I want to be a hero like Sonic and have my own adventures. Can't exactly do that if I stand still.


A hero he thought to himself, wasn't the reason he joined GUN was to make this a better world. Fight along with Sonic and save the world from Eggman and make his home safe once more.

Gadget stood there silently thinking about his place in the world. Then with a nod he looks back up to Mystic.

Gadget: "Well then... it's dangerous out there so I figure I can get some legwork if it means making sure you come back safe. Besides I spent all of my rings so I could use the opportunity to gather some while we are out there. That is if you are willing to have a GUN engineer with you."


File: 1551320584066.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RedGateBridgeProfile.png) ImgOps Google

I'm willing to have a friend with me.

Let's go to Red Gate Bridge and head out to Green Hill Zone.

Unless you need to pick up something from your place, in which case I'll wait at the bridge for you.


Gadget: "Nah if I go back I'll get saddled with more work and won't be able to leave."

They head on over to the bridge together and they go out of the city gates and venture forth into the. For now he lets Mystic take lead since he doesn't know where the robot sighting are.


I could go for one good combat encounter but if you want to stop.


File: 1551321765996.png (1.54 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, GreenHill classic ResultA.png) ImgOps Google

>They eventually leave the city limits and pass into the tropical, more rural parts of the island. The morning sun was now risen and shone brightly on the rolling hill and the vast lakes that make up Green Hill Zone.

>However not all of it was green hills, the land was still arid and industrialised by Dr. Eggmans takeover. But on the bright side it was less like "Sand Hill" than it once was. A particular ugly sight was a wide pit of mud that was dug into the hillside

>Mystic took a deep breath and surveyed the hills.
Famous Green HIll Zone. Made famous because of a blue hero that started it all.

We could check over the ruins left over from his invasion, though that weird pit over there looks wierd. I doubt thats natural to the environment around here.



Mystic was fast but he would have to slow down on occasion so that Gadget could catch up. When they stopped and looked to the pit, Gadget was intrigued.

Gadget: "Ya think that's important? Well we can go take a look but let me take lead now, I can usually look at things without making too much noise."

They head on over to the pit with Gadget in lead so that they were less likely to be caught. From there Gadget looked around to see what made it so strange.

>I wanna use my stealth skill and my Perception ability.


Well, alright, but the gamebook doesn't really have a need for it, but I'll RP it in anyway.

>Gadget had his suspicion and decided to investigate the pit without causing any trouble.
>Difficulty 5
d6 + 6 = 10

While sneaking around he kept on the lookout for anything in particular.
>Difficulty 7
d6 + 6 = 12


Always pays to be careful incase of enemies. If I stay out of sight it will give me time to plan out a surprise attack


File: 1551322919639.jpg (362.93 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Giant_Gootprint.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Gadget quietly jumped down in the pit. Looking around the pit was emprty and no one there. The dirt seeped in with underground water but other than the rocks and mud he was able to keep his footing.

The pit was just half a meter deep but it was very wide, about a few meters in width and even more so in length. He also noticed the mud of the pit formed ridges, these ridges were too well shaped to be natural. If he didn't know any better he would suspect he is standing in a large shoeprint.

His keen eye also picks up something round and glolden in the mud, glinting in the sunlight. He pulls out d10 = 10 rings. Usually rings just float about in the air so some sort of force must have stomped them into the earth.

Says 1 ring, but I'll decide to be generous via rolls when I see fit.


>Ah I didn't hear it sound off

Gadget: "Hm... Looks like it was left here by one of Robotnik's larger robots but I can't really tell how long ago since it is too large."

He then pockets the rings for himself and thinks for a moment. They were well equipped but not able to handle a large robot like this. Well... even if was still around it is doubtful it will sneak up on them given its size.

Gadget: "Anyways this looks like something that the GUN will want to know. Lets go ahead and check out the ruins battlefield and see what we can find there. Perhaps some scrap I can use to help fix that ventilation shaft problem we've been having."


File: 1551324041019.jpg (190.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GuardianRockPromo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Mystic and Gadget head off to the abandon parts of Guardian Rock, the remnants of Dr. Eggmans takeover of Green Hill Zone awhile back.

Maybe if we split up and look around for anything of interest?

>Exploring the industrial relics would be (Difficulty 5) for the both of them but given no immediate danger may roll double.

>Mystic Monkeys perception rolls.
d6 + 2 = 7 d6 + 2 = 7

>Gadgets perception rolls.

The book doesn't really have a roll requirement, but I have a feeling it's a good oppotunity for perception rolls.


He didn't feel too comfortable with him going alone given that he only had one ring and not knowing what Mystic is capable of.

Gadget: "Nah we should stick together even if it means we find less things around here. It'll be safer for us and less chance of something sneaking up on us."

He ventures forth into the ruins and starts combing the metal pathways for whatever he could find.

Gadget Perception 5
Perc 1d6 + 5 = 8 VS DC 5
Perc 1d6 + 5 = 8


File: 1551325339403.png (6.64 KB, 86x87, 86:87, Monitor.png) ImgOps Google

>This established refinery, if thats even what it is, was a botch establishment from Dr. Eggman. Any defence it had was either destroyed by Sonic or the Resistance or was not that well defended to begin with.

>Outside the small facility both Mystic and Gadget could see that someone fitted a large spring onto the tree. The spring had a flat bumper-like roundel on it. These springs were actually fairly common around zones and if a mobian jumps on them can be catapulted to incredibly far places with little to no injury.

>Still the two entered the small building only to find scrap. The only thing of interest in the room was an old fashioned item box.
>...is what Mystic and most others call the old 90s item boxes that cam still be found throughout South Island.

>However Gadget also noticed that this item box had wires fitted into it and a keyboard laid out. It's as if this particular item box was modified for some other use.

Should we just smash it and take whats inside?


File: 1551325698996.gif (1003.24 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 5bb.gif) ImgOps Google

Gadget takes out his PDA and tries to hook it up into the computer so that he can download any of the files from the computer onto his device. Cause I figure you are tired and don't want to go through computer entries..

Gadget: "Let me get all of the files for review and then we can take what's inside. Strange that anyone would use an item box for a computer. Maybe it was required due to dire straits."


>Gadget plugs in his PDA and attempt to download what was on the computer.

>The monitor then started to flicker and make a buzzing noise


>The computer starred to make a louder whirring noise. the flash of sparking is seen directly from the monitor as the smell of molten circuitboard can be smelt.

>Given the PDA was connected to the computer and in close vicinity to this malfunctioning monitor, Gadget will have to be quick to yank the USB and clear away from the monitor.

>Difficulty 7
>Speed roll


>Ah fuck it.

He yanks it and tries to get away.

Gadget Speed 2
Sped 1d6 + 2 = 6 VS DC 7


File: 1551327070525.gif (604.84 KB, 350x200, 7:4, Ring loser.gif) ImgOps Google

>You yank it free at the precise moment the monitor blows up in your face. While it did sting as you expect from having a computer monitor blow up in your face, your own rings leaped out to protect you and began to scatter around the room.


>You're shaken up but if you hurry you can still recover your lost rings. (roll d11 for each ring) or get Mystic to help you (roll D5 for both you and Mystic. Mystic gets to keep what he can get.)

>The dispersed protective energy of the rings cause your lost rings to jump about the place. Soon they will loose their energy and literally vanish.


Gadget: "Yeah Help me gather them up."

Gather Gadget 1d5 = 3 Mystic 1d5 = 5


>Mystic manage to grab half of Gadgets lost rings while Gadget only got three of them. the remaining four rings flicker from existance and vanished. Only one ring remained that was found in what was left in the monitor that blew up.

>Gadget could ask for those five rings from Mystic. he's a cool guy, he would understand.

I'm gonna go bed now.


>Mystic gives back the rings he helped collect.
You alright man?


Yeah I'll see you around.

He recovers all of his rings from Mystic and takes the final ring from the now destroyed monitor totaling him at 9 rings total in his inventory.

Gadget: "Well that didn't go as well as I would have hoped."


File: 1551362475232.png (16.46 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Digitalchoke.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah... But you got your PDA in one piece. Did it download anything from it?


File: 1551640909644.png (347.36 KB, 811x608, 811:608, 1506516311169071243.png) ImgOps Google

Gadget: "It is fortunately but I;m not sure that it will have anything I can use on it."

He detaches the cord dangling from the PDA's socket and lights on the screen. From there he checks the files to see if he had gotten anything from his attempt.


The file was corrupted but was able to open it as a .txt file.
It was a list, a rather long list but it was mostly illegible due to corruption. Gadget could roughly make out at least 6 steps that looks somewhat legible to read.

52.T¦KE ¦VE¦ TH¦ WO¦LD
71.CR¦¦H RE¦IST¦¦CE WI¦H ¦H¦ E¦G-C¦¦O¦¦¦S
78.¦¦¦¦¦¦ ¦¦¦

The rest of it was too jarbled to make out. Something about Evil Ham and Big Laundry which isn't important given it seem to be a jarbled domestic chore list mixed with world conquering plans.


Gadget: "Establish control over south island. Destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. Take over the world. Crush resistance with.... uh I can't read that part. Profit."

He slips his PDA back into a side pocket in his tool belt and looks over to Mystic.

Gadget: "Whoever owned this computer was a bit... eccentric I believe. We should try to head deeper into the facility though. Perhaps we can find out where the power supply room is and see if we can salvage anything from it. The city could use more generators to keep whole blocks up in power."


The facility itself was actually a rather small base consisting of a few rooms that were mostly scrap and junk.

However there was seem to be some power given to this facility but where this power is from is uncertain on the inside.

While I know good GMs keep in mind the creative decisions of the players, keep in mind I'm following a gamebook with a set of preset decisions. But I will try to embolish what I read and make it as open for creative options as I can.


Oh okay. Well go ahead and do what the game book says next or is it something that I need to do?

He goes into the room and tries to scrounge up whatever useful bits he could find for the city. Won't be much he was certain but it could fetch him a few rings if he was successful.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 9


"I wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with Dr. Eggman. But with Sonic not around that is concering.".

I'll give you a freebie given you're low on rings.

In his scrounging for scrap he turned over and found yet another item box monitor. This monitor was not rigged up to anything. The monitor suddently turned on and other than minor static what appears to be the image of a green orb is displayed on the screen.

"Found anything Gadget?"


Gadget took out his 3foot iron rod and readies it.

Gadget: "I think I might have something."

He then rests it on his shoulder like a baseball player would just before making a swing. After of which he then strikes the monitor's screen and takes the item inside.


File: 1551642806775.jpeg (175.1 KB, 620x350, 62:35, master-chief-force-field-….jpeg) ImgOps Google

As he strikes the monitor with a single smash, he saw a surge of energy start to envelope around him.

He was surrounded by a spherical force field made of faint green energy.

Mystic went over to Gadget and touched at his shield. His hand was met with some resistance but with a push was able to push through the shield without breaking it.

"Cool! You found a barrier shield. With how your luck went it might be handy.."

The barrier shield seems sturdy to take a hit, but is virtually weighless and doesn't encumber you or restrict your movement or other interactions.
(In short, next time you get hurt, you'll lose the shield instead of your rings.)

((I ☑ your stat sheet for you.))


At first, gadget was surprised at this turn of events so much so that he let out a squawking noise, flapped his wings, and lost 1d3 = 2 feathers. It took him a half a second though to realize what had happened.

Gadget: "Oh I never had one of these before since I usually stay cooped up with GUN but I heard about shields from the field agents.:

Seeing that he has exhausted all that they could find here in the refinery, Gadget decides to himself that it is time to go and search elsewhere within the ruins. He motions Mystic to follow him and they head out, climbing onto the roof of the facility (If they can) and look about for any other place they can go to to see if they can find anything.

Gadget: "You wanted to find those robots right? So far we haven't seen any so perhaps they aren't even here."

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 7


File: 1551643793380.jpg (1.55 MB, 4337x2228, 4337:2228, SFPyramidConceptArt.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looking out over the facility you do see what looks like an industrial city in the distance which you were sure was not there a few days a go. Looking down you see that there is power cable from the facility leading all the way towards this industrial place.
And while you're not sure, you think you can see something moving towards the city but they;'re too small to tell.

While on top of the facility you're in more ideal range to reach that spring mentioned before >>16640
However it would require a steady jump (Difficulty 5, Jump roll) in order to land on it just right.


Gadget: "Odd... that city wasn't there before."

He doesn't bother to ask if Mystic though that if the city was new since he just came to South Island.

Gadget: "Let's scout it out for now and see what we can find. GUN will likely want to know that it is here and could be a result of the invasion that happened a while ago."

He jumps down for the platform with some precision and hopes that he would make it.

Jump 1d6 + 4 = 7


Mystic observes you jump onto the spring and catapult off like a pro.
He too follows through by jumping on the spring after you.
d6 + 3 = 5
(If he fails then Gadget will have to arrive at his destination alone.)

Gadget jumped for the spring and landed on it easily. And almost as quickly he was catapulted into the air.

While he was born a bird, not all bird mobians are gifted with flight so this was like flying for him as he soar through the sky northwards towards the direction of the citidel.

What mobians do have however is strong legs that there is no such thing as fall-damage for them so he lightly landed on his feet a great distance from the facility.

The specs he could see from the facility were now not as far away. He could see two menacing robots wrestling with some sort of cage and could see something inside the cage trying to get out.


Seeing that the robots were doing something, Gadget motioned at Mystic to not engage with them right now.

Gadget: "Keep quiet and be careful. Those robots can pose some fierce danger."

He looks through his bag and knew he couldn't use his gundpowder given that the robots have some sort of captive. Instead he takes out his net, balls it up, and readies it into his sling for him to throw. Next he throws the bag of marbles onto the ground in between him and the robots, shouting to catch their attention and to give Mystic orders.

Gadget: "Mystic, ready your sword but do not charge."


The robots appear to be stuffing squirrels, birds and other little animals in a cage-like box. These robots have no decency for other lifeforms and the sound of screaming animals can be heard from the box.
After one of the robots finishing making sure the box was locked despite over capacity they were preparing to leave.

The robots were alerted to Gadgets call and turned their attention towards him and his compadre

The robots approach, unaware of the marbles scattered on the ground
>[(roll two Luck rolls, DC 7)


Gadget: "When you see an opportunity Mystic, jump onto an enemy with your sword rather than run at them."

Hopefully Mystic understood what he meant so that he wouldn't trip up like the robots were about to.

Luck DC 7
1d6 + 4 = 8
1d6 + 4 = 8

Gadget then spins his sling around quickly and launches the net at the left most robot so as to entangle him.

Gadget: "Mystic, attack the one I don't get."

Sling Tech 1d6 + 6 = 12


File: 1551646091345.png (1.49 MB, 2560x1546, 1280:773, Egg Pawn.png) ImgOps Google

The robots in particular were Egg Pawns.
Difficulty 5
Hits 2
Skill: Soldier (3)

As the Egg Pawns approach them they trod over the marbles which, in Home Alone fashion, made the robots lose their footing and tumble on the ground.

This allowed for Mystic to take a free hit at the now exposed robot and dealth d3 = 3 damage to it.

Gadget manage to land the net over on the other robot which traps it.



Gadget runs for the cage with the animals inside to hopefully steal them away from the robots.

Gadget: "Mystic, take out the other robot!"

>Runs through marble field.
Luck DC 7
Gadge 1d6 + 4 = 5

Robots can get smoked


>Due to the tumble and bound robot, Mystic was able to attack the other robot without difficulty. and did d3 = 2 of damage to it.
However if he was foolish to cut the rope...
Luck DC 7
d6 + 5 = 11
...and if the robot was still active, it will be quick to fight back against Mystic.


Mystic didn't quite finish it off, but given the robot was still bound, Mystic could simply strike it again to finish it.

"Dude! We did it! Yes! Now we can release the aminals."


I thought he did 2 damage and the robot's only have 2 HP a piece. Oh well a victory and none of us took damage.

Gadget gets himself back and retrieves the cage. He then hands it over to Mystic so that he can start working on releasing them.

Gadget: "You're right we did it and we were very careful about it."

Even though Mystic couldn't see it, Gadget's heart was beating so hard that it was nearly about to jump out of his chest. Despite that though he goes around their own little battlefield so that Gadget could recollect his net and scattered marbles.


File: 1551647205276.jpg (231.4 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Mystic_Monkey.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oh yeah, was reading the wrong stat sheet for reinforced robots.

Thing about Dr. Eggmans imprisoning devices is that there is usually a big button that opens them. Mystic easily hopened the box and lots of small animals that were stuffed in there: birds, squirrels, bunnies and so on, were quick to make their escape to freedom.

The place was littered with the two broken robots and the box was now empty.

"At this rate, maybe we can be the ones to save the day if Sonic is not here."


Gadget: "I dunno about that. I'm not really any sort of hero, I'm just the guy who runs regular maintenance."

He then looks over at the two robots they trashed, their burned and smoking bodies a testament to what he and Mystic accomplished.

Gadget: "We better keep having a look around here and see what are the origins of this place. GUN needs to know more, especially if we are about to be attacked."

They then take the closest street and start their way directionless, hoping to get to the center of the new city.


File: 1551648149052.png (869.38 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Gates_of_Eggmanland.png) ImgOps Google

Instead of entering the city they could not given the whole city was surrounded by a great wall plated with metal and big forboding doors with large girders keeping the door locked. There was no way in for them.

Mystic who was a good at parkour observed how neat and flat the walls are. Other than some pipes protruding from the walls they were out of reach for him.

There were also these particular protrudes from the walls that look suspicious but other than that there was no other trouble for them approaching the door.

Couldn't find the picture I wanted from the Judge Dredd movie, so this'll have to do.

If there was anything in particular, would require a Perception roll of 8 to find.


Seeing that the door was barred from entry, he decided the only way in was to climb up the wall via the pipes. Of course given Gadget's history, he was no stranger to climbing onto pipes and catwalks.

Gadget: "Come on now we gotta scale the wall."

The mystery of this city appearing out of nowhere still lingered in Gadgets mind but for now he focused on the task at hand. He needed to find out what is going on around here, hopefully someone on the inside will shed some light on this matter.


Mystic looked up at the pipes. They were big enough for mobians to get through but they were barred. Not only that but they were too high up for him to reach.

"How do you propose we get up there?"

Mystic took a look around to see if there was anything they can use.
>Perception DC 7
d6 + 2 = 8


*I meant DC 8.

Mystic couldn't really find anything of use other than robot parts. But he did notice one thing.

"Hey look!"
Points to next to the door.
"Theres something here, something like a USB port or something. Perhaps used to open the door?"


Gadget: "Well I'm no computer hacker... I think you know that already but I can give my PDA a try again at the door. If that doesn't work then we will have to fashion a lasso out of my rope and try to climb up that way."

He goes over to the USB port and gets his PDA out. He looks down at the cable he was about to insert and breathes in. Last time this sort of thing blew up in his face. Hopefully this time it will not cause him injury, he would like to keep his barrier intact for until they really needed it.


Gadget jacked in his PDA to the terminal on the door.

Luckily, it went better than the last time it did as his PDA started running some DOS-like boot-up program.

The DOS-jargon finally came to an end with it saying...

PASSWORD: _ _ _ _ _ _


Gadget: "A 6 digit passcode... Er..."

He sits there and thinks about it. Finally he decides to type in the name eggman.

Gadget: "Hey Mystic do you know anything about hacking computers?"


File: 1551649880864.jpg (258.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EGGMAN password.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


The city walls start to whirr as the girders started to slide away. When the girders were clear the doors began to open allowing entrance into the metal city.

"Wow" said Mystic. "That easy huh? If this was some sort of puzzle I bet whoever made this door easy to do would be kicking himself."


Gadget: "Hm... I just figured that since Eggman is so egotistical that he would use his name as a password. TBH though I was confused at what to guess for a minute."

After the door completely opens, the two head on inside to what was beyond these gates of cold metal. Gadget had gotten out his sling and loaded it with a single bullet while he instructed Mystic to take out his sword.

~There could be more robots sure but they will not catch this party off guard~


As they entered they were taken a back by the architecture of the place. It was hard to identifty what they were observing if it was machine or building given everything looks so mechanical.

They also see lots of robots, not just two or three, but LOTS. Most of the robots were construction and maintanace while other robots were patroling.

The doors behind them were automatically closing and they have some time to quickly leave the city and find some other means of entry, or do something else.

Whatever they should do, they should decide quick as some of the patrol robots have noticed them and were organising themselves and approaching you. You can tell it was going to be a rather hot welcoming.


File: 1551651245108.jpg (53.13 KB, 855x377, 855:377, 02b.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Gadget: "It's. All. Fucking. Robots"

He reaches into his pack and gets out his bag of gunpowder and replaces his bullet in his sling. He also makes sure that he had his flashlight close incase any of the robots got near.

Gadget: "Mystic look around to see if you can find an entryway into the sewers or some way out of these robots' view."

He then turns his attention back at the patrol and if they got close enough to where the robots to shoot them, Gadget would sling the bag at them.

If done right it should cause the powder to fly out into the air near the robots, exploding them if they shoot us.


Mystic quickly looked around for anything that looked like they can get them underground.
>Perception, DC 6
d6 + 2 = 8

At least four Egg Pawns were approaching Gadget and unlike the ones they dealt with outside, these guys looked a bit tougher, some armed with laser blasters.


Gadget throws the bag at them before they could take their shots.

Sling Tech 1d6 + 6 = 12 I dunno if there should be a DC because the powder will spread regardless if I hit one or not. It's an AOE


File: 1551651609805.jpg (74.55 KB, 840x556, 210:139, City steam.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mystic noticed some form of steam cloud and suspected that it be where the sewers are. He never knew why some old Empire City movies have steaming manholes, just that they do, so that means sewer entrance.

"There! Hurry!"

>If they are going to run to the open manhole: Speed, DC 6


Despite wasting the gunpowder, he goes ahead and jumps down into the sewer.

Speed DC 6

Gadge 1d6 + 2 = 5


File: 1551652614942.png (442.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, SonicAdventure_StationSqua….png) ImgOps Google

The gunpowder he threw was shot by a quick-drawin' egg pawn. This caused a bang that distracted the robots long enough for Mystic and Gadget to make their escape.

Mystic was first in the hole given he was closest (That and being a Speed-type made him automatically succeed the roll).

However because Gadget fumbled, a stray shot from one of the badniks got him before he slipped into the hole.
LUCKILY hovever, this only took his shield which dispersed leaving stunned but alright.

>The Sewer
It was dark, damp and have a horrible smell of rotten eggs. Luckily Gadget's flashlight was still on so what was going to be a Perception 6 roll can now be 4.

"I guess this is the "sewer level". Let's hurry, i can't stand the smell."

Either try to see what was avilable for them, or perhaps wait it out until the heat dies down before trying to get out where they came from.


He was disappointed in losing the shield but no matter the cost they had to keep moving so that they can learn more about this place.

Gadget: "Well we weren't hurt at least so we won't have to stop for anything. For now lets just keep moving."


The two moved along the sewer until their way was barricaded by iron bars and wooden boards nailed in for good measure.

However it appears that someone cut a fairly large hole into the corner and can perhaps slide through it.

Our heroes could try to fit through it but there may be no turning back once they pass through.


Gadget: "Some sort of passage?"

He goes up to the semi-barricaded wall if you could call it and examines it. Curious that this was here likely that it was built by the robot guards but the hole indicates that there was some foreign element within the sewers besides themselves.

Gadget: "Here watch my back while a I take down some of the boards."

He takes out his 3 foot iron rod and starts to pry off the boards so that they could pass through by walking instead of crawling.


File: 1551896690933.png (204.48 KB, 1021x541, 1021:541, Beating the heat.png) ImgOps Google

"You know, you could pass through this hole right here."
>However it appears that someone cut a fairly large hole into the corner and can perhaps slide through it.

Mystic ducks under and gets to the other side.


But if you think we should break down the barrier then I'll help you.


File: 1551896928305.jpg (20.91 KB, 236x226, 118:113, 1a59418627d213eee483912b39….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Gadget: "I don't need the whole barrier down but I need the hole big enough so that we can run through in case we run into some trouble. It will also make for a good spot to lay a trap as well"

He knew that he wasn't good in a fight and would likely hold Mystic Monkey back when it came to tough scrapes. The best thing they can do is prepare and ready themselves as best they can.


Mystic looked around the sewer, it doesn't look like there was anyone else down here.

"Well OK, what do you have in mind for this trap?"


After get the hole large enough, he takes out his fishin wire and took out 4 long pieces and twined them together like a tiny hard to see rope. Still thin though, he ties both ends on the remaining iron bars of the gate so that there was a tripping trap near the ground.

Gadget: "With it being so dark down here, the enemy won't be able to see this trap if they were chasing us. We just have to make sure we jump over the line if we do run back here."

He puts up the remaining spool of fishing line in his pack and was ready to head out.

Gadget: "Come on, time's a wasting. Also stay on guard I think there is something down here with us."

With flashlight in hand, they proceed deeper into the sewers while Gadget kept an ear out and tried to listen to what was ahead of them.


File: 1551897875751.jpg (305.09 KB, 1065x1300, 213:260, sewers.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As you pry the boards off with your 3ft iron rod you notice that the rod is begining to bend a little.
You recall this is the second time using this rod since smashing that item box back at >>16657
You suspect that this rod will roughly last d6 + 3 = 7 more times before it breaks.

Mystic watch as Gadget weaves his fishing wire and makes an extricate trap.

"I doubt theres anyone else down here, but if you're sure."

Once Gadget was done with his trap the two continued on down the sewer until eventually it ended with a dead end, save for the even sturdier iron bars where the sewer water continues.

The water was murky, filled with filth and who knows whats down there if anything worth checking out.
However there was a "service door" found next to the dead end so it was possible to continue on.


When the service door came into view, Gadget naturally gravitated towards without speaking a word. The door knob was cold to the touch as he twisted it in his hand and slowly pushed the door open. Revealing what was behind it he would look around the service room to see what he could find.

~If it was just a staircase then he would immediately go up to climb it.


File: 1551898427849.jpg (189.7 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Tunnels.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Before he touched the door handle a horrid sound echoed throughout the sewer. The sound of the echo sounded like it came from far away but it was still a frightful sound. A mixture of rumbling and "angry moo-ing". The two paused, the sound running fear throughout them.

The sound eventually stopped and the two worked up their courage to continue on.

The door lead to a small narrow corridor that leads to another door which opened up into a brand new set of tunnels. These tunnels were still damp with sewer water. The smell of rotten eggs was less but the smell of sewage was still present. These tunnels look somewhat forgotten by the robotic residence but the tunnel lights were still good so they could see clearly. So with plenty of lighting and no robots to worry about the two can proceed with no problems.

Even in the horrid bowels of this mechanical metropolis rings still appear down here. No one really knows where these rings come from or why they appear in such places, they just do. There were various rows of rings floating about a meter and a half from the ground. Throughout the tunnel there were 20 rings in total floating about and "leading the way" so to speak.

Mystic was about to grab some, it was instinctual for any adventurer. But considering his friends ring-count and loss of shield...

"Do you want them?"


Gadget: "You take 10 and I will take 10 so that way we can have a much better chance at survival."

He takes his fair share of rings and pondered to himself if there was a way to create a magnet to pull rings back to him if he ever got hit by an enemy. The rings were made of gold he guessed... was gold magnetic?

Mystic could see that his friend was in deep thought and wasn't bothered at all by the tunnels which was a bit strange given that Gadget was a bird. Normally they would be claustrophobic in these situations, wanting to taste the breeze under their wings but not this parakeet. He could surmise that this was a result of Gadget's profession and inability to fly.

Gadget: "Well then lets keep moving on. We ought to find a way back up to the surface so that we can escape from the city. I'm not getting near to be in a dire situation but my gear is starting to run out or break some."

His mind teetered over to the loss and waste of his gunpowder bag and the damaging of his iron rod. Still he had a good bit of stuff left as he turned off his flashlight and put back into the rest of his belongings.


File: 1551899044301.jpg (123.61 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Tunnels dead end.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The two run down the tunnels, all the while collecting their share of rings.

The tunnel was about a kilometre in length with about 3 corners.
"I wonder how long this tunnel goes for?"
After turning the last corner they met with a depressing cave in which closed off the rest of the tunnel.

But it wasn't all of a dead end as they thought because a single strobe light that was dangling by a cable from the ceiling was still shining light to reveal on the opposite sides of the tunnel large holes of broken brick and wall. These two holes lead off into seperate smaller tunnels.

Mystic looked at both tunnels which were both covered in darkness due to lack of lightning and no visable light can be seen with in. He was somewhat hesitant going in these tunnels by himself.
"Let's just pick one. I'd rather we don't split up."
Gadget can tell Mystic did not want to explore dark, dingy, spooky tunnels by himself.

Have you ever seen this before?
It will make describing these upcoming tunnels a bit more easier if you have.


Oh I remember you showing that to me a long time ago. Just a long build up for a spooky end. I think they were caught and suspended into the air by their feet.

Gadget: "This is just getting worse."

He pulls out his flashlight once more having come to terms that he wasn't about to be given a moment of respite from the encroachment of the underground. He then takes out his bundle of rope and hands one end to Mystic Monkey.

Gadget: "Here, tie this end to your waist so that we don't get split up. In case of emergency Mystic, you do have permission to cut the rope if you need to."

After they were now bound together and had about 8 feet of length between them, they continued down the tunnels. Gadget took to the right tunnel, keeping his left hand of the flashlight and his right hand dragged gently on the wall.


File: 1551899555160.png (405.83 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Tunnels.png) ImgOps Google

Ah goo, then it be easy to describe these dark tunnels then.

You decided to go throw the broken wall on the right. Mystic has doubts on proceeding through somewhere darker and dingier than where they were but it's not like they have much choice so he follows.
Unlike the well lit and wide maintanance tunnels, these tunnels were more like corridors. Branching from the corridor were what appear to be freshly dug mineshafts with construction equipment littered by it. Such as drum cement mixtures, cement bags, canisters and other various construction tools. Other than these construction tools there doesn't appear to be any heavy machinary or anything used for drilling.

You could look around or continue exploring the tunnels, but it depends how much power is left on your solar powered flashlight.
>Luck roll, DC 6


Gadget: "Hm... I don't think we have enough time to look around here for stuff I'm afraid. Besides most of it will be dead of any power or of no use to us."

He tapped the top of the flashlight hoping it won't go out. Worst comes to worse he could wire it to his PDA or use the PDA as a source of light.

And so they continue on through the tunnels hoping to find an exit.


As you tapped the now dimming flashlight...
d6 + 4 = 8


File: 1551900289612.png (76.64 KB, 202x247, 202:247, Sa2_item_box_shield_magnet….png) ImgOps Google

The flashlight still had some juice left and you both continued to explore the tunnels. Particular things found scattered throughout these tunnels are:

• Sledge hammers (Attack w/ Power, -2 Speed, Damage [ d4+1 ])
Theres a few lying about, but you should take one.

• Steel rods (Endurance [ d6+3 ] per rod)
Can be used with crafting if needed or as a bludgeoning weapon before the break.
Can take about 3 with you.

• Some sort of yellow cabinet with the word =+=SAFETY=+= in large green letters.

Mystic opens up the cabinet to find:
• 4 Safety helmets (Enemy combat roll -1, specific difficulty rolls -1)

• First aid kit
"Eh, i'll take this. Never know when we'll need it."

• 6 Flares (Provides light for awhile, can be used as a source of fire and to burn enemies with.)
Mystic takes three and offers the other three to Gadget.

• An item-capsule
Mystic picks up the capsule and shows it to Gadget. The capsule seem to have a small square display of a cyan-coloured orb with a white thunderbolt symbol in it's center.

"Capsules! Like Item Boxes but small and you can use these anytime, anywhere! This is a thunder shield that will protect you from electrical hazards and have a powerful magnetism which attracts rings!"

Mystic admires the capsule.
"I guess it makes sense to have a Thunder Shield down here if they're installing high-voltage equipment."
Mystic would like to have it, but Gadget can ask for it if he wants it.

Mystic's ears perk as he heard something... the sound of something clanking. It was faint at first but eventually Gadget could also hear the sound of something metallic and clanking. Whatever it was, it was approaching.


Shoot I figured that if I didn't stick around then I wouldn't have to make the test.


They are pretty long and winding corridors. Luckily you didn't flub the roll.

Mystic considered taking one of the safety hats, but decided not to lug around a heavy hammer. Mystic did wanted the thunder shield.

Gadget however can help himself to the loot.

Mystic's ears perk as he heard something... the sound of something clanking. It was faint at first but eventually Gadget could also hear the sound of something metallic and clanking. Whatever it was, it was approaching.


Gadget can hear something approach and he quickly moves about to get ready First he takes what items were made available to him.

Safety Helmet (Equips it)
3 Flares
The Thunder Shield

After he takes the capsule, he loads it into his sling.

Gadget: "Something's coming but I have an idea."

After that was said, He stared down the direction as to where the noise was coming from and got ready with a flare.


>As the two waited for whatever it was approach, they listened. Due to the darkness it was hard to make out what it was other than hearing it's clanky movements.
>Perception roll, DC 8

d6 + 2 = 5

d6 + 5 = 9


Ooh I made that roll. Okay for this encounter I think I know what I am doing but this is gonna get a bit crazy.


Mystic Monkey was ready with this plan. Gadget was gonna distract this thing with the flare and he'll do the killing blow.

Gadget on the other hand thought that for a robot, it sounded rather "clanky". It's robotic noises also sound a bit off, as if someone was making these noises verbally.



His eyes furrowed and his breathing got quiet, hands readied the flare to be lit up. When the noise got too close to where it was at the entrance of the room he would rip the cap off of the flare and throw it into the center of the room to light up the battlefield. After of which he would get out his sling loaded with the thunder shield capsule.


Whatever it was, it was now standing exactly where they were. It shone a light to look around but the light did not reflect back to reveal much of it.

All you could see was that it was definately metallic and armed with what looks like a yellow conical weapon..


The flare that was thrown down did reveal more of the figure. It looked like a robot but not one like the ones in the city. It stopped making noises and observed the area, it "bent down" and "picked up" the flare to examine it with hand-like appendages. t's other arm however had a large yellow conical weapon.

>Wisdom roll, DC 6
Mystic d6 + 4 = 7
Gadget d6 + 2 = 4


File: 1551901768612.png (81.99 KB, 366x326, 183:163, Drill wispon.png) ImgOps Google

Mystic whispered quitely "Thats a wispon... Whats it doing with one of those?"


The robot appeared to be strange and not even noticing the party but rather the flare. As for the wispon this was the first time Gadget encountered one so he didn't even know what it was.

Gadget: "Doesn't matter, we're taking it down like the others."

He readies the sling and chucks the thunder shield at the robot.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12


File: 1551902176856.jpg (162.86 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Boomer he attac.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The sling hit the head clean off of the robot. Or so he thought. The "robot head" was acually a helmet that covered up the head of the person inside.

It dropped the flare and looked over to his attackers. It appeared to be a rodent mobian and he was preparing to fight back.

>Difficulty 8

Realising your mistake you can either roll Charisma to resolve the matter peacefully.

Attack first before it has a chance to attack back

Or make a Speed or Jump Roll to quickly get out of the way of the attack.


It's a mobian as well? Not sure if this will work now...

With the mobian now encircled with the thunder shield, Gadget takes out one of his own golden rings and loads it into his sling. 28 He thought to himself 28 rings left, mind that Gadget.

He spins the ring around in his sling and hurls it at a high speed in the general direction of the mobian.

Thanks to the enemy Mobian's newfound shield, there should be no way Gadget can miss him and he should get pelted. If you don't like that idea I will still make the roll just incase.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7


Mystic realising that it was actually a mobian, not a robot.

"Um... Gadget.."

The ring flew towards the rat and...
The ring now belonged to the rat.

"Wait maybe he's not here too-"

With the drill wispon quickly charged Rat flew towards Gadget in a flurry of yellow energy and dirt, directly ramming at Gadget and Mystic getting caught in the attack.

>Ring loss
Mystic d6 = 5×10
Gadget d6 = 3×10

The Drill Wispon is a powerful drilling weapon that when used right can cover great distance. Ths whoever the guy was was long gone with just a drilling noise left.


Having a high velocity metal ring wouldn't hurt you? Okay.

Mystic [1d6*10]
Gadget [1d6*10]



M 1d6 = 6
G 1d6 = 3


So we lose all of our rings.

Gadget goes around and tries to recollect his lost ring count.

Gadget recover 1d6 = 2
>Not sure if this gets multiplied by 10


I already made the roll. And Sonic logic, both physics and gameplay is a bit screwy.

56 rings were now scattered and bouncing all over the place. Both Gadget and Mystic tried to get their rings back.

Mystic d56 = 22
Gadget d56 = 55


I didn't thought that through... fek it.

Mystic got 22 of his rings back and Gadget got 25.


Grand, at least I get my rings back

After get his rings back, Gadget looked a bit frustrated at his losses. They weren't too major but still that shield trick probably have worked on an actual robot.

Gadget: "Well that happened. You recognize that guy? He didn't look like GUN personnel."


I didn't even knew he was a mobian. I thought he was a clunky robot >>16709

I recognised his wispon >>16715 but I didn't figure it all out until it was too late. I think he could of been one of the Resistance, I dunno.

Heck I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who dug all these tunnels with that thing. He could of helped us go top-side! Now we're lost in these dark caves and we dunno where he is let alone if he's willing to hear us out.


Gadget: "Calm down" Gadget said in a more reasoned tone.

He gathered up the rest of his things and thought about what he knew about the resistance which was little. He knew that the resistance was out fighting Eggman much like GUN are. Some folk sympathized with resistance but more found their actions to be antagonistic, some times even destructive with collateral.

Gadget: "We didn't have much choice but to attack since he approached us without word. One wrong move is all it takes and we can end up dead, I had to act."

He then motions Mystic Monkey to follow.

Gadget: "And we're not lost, we can just follow the tunnels he just now dug up to the surface or to wherever he was going. Just follow the paths with the rough surfaces rather the cold wet ones and we will be fine on our own."


"Maybe the reason why he didn't say anything because he didn't know we were here. We did strike him first. If we knew who he was maybe we could of approached him nicely or something."

This part I planned various luck rolls and passageways, but honestly, I'd rather skip all that.

As they travelled along a rather bnarrow corridor that appeared to be freshly dug out, they hear the sound of whirring, unlike the Drill Wispon, this indeed sounded more... "bad".
The sound of screaming and pleading for help was heard echoing down the corridor from wherever this whirring sound came from.


Gadget: "He didn't see us even though the flare lit up the entire room? Either he did or he wasn't careful."

They then hear the cries for help and Gadget grits his teeth at the sound. Help? What help were you expecting down here by yourself?.

Gadget: "Come but be careful"

They go down to where the noise was coming from and when they got too close Gadget wouldn't immediately confront the encounter but rather watch for just a second to see what was going on.


File: 1551905674960.png (29.45 KB, 700x600, 7:6, room.png) ImgOps Google

As they rushed down the narrow mineshaft tunnel they saw some of the walls has broken into some sort of room.

Looking through the hole they were high up and overlooking what looks like an underground refinery.
(green area)

Like most places under the city, this place was a mess, with puddles of water everywhere that it could almost be regarded as flooding.
The only entrance to the room were these large doors that appear to be sealed shut.

At the far end of the large room was this monsterous machine, this machine had a conveyor belt that fed the machine whatever was on it.

Looking up at the ceiling there were tangles and tangles of black cables that seem to supply electricity to the room. One of these cables have fallen down and was sparking in one of the many puddles covering the room.

The room was also fitted with a crane. The crane was a lot like the kind of cranes from those crane game vending machines in arcades and fares only this one had a little mouse girl in it's grasp.
The mouse girl was bound with rope and it picked her up from the elevated wood-rotten platform in the middle and just dropped her onto the conveyor belt.

Even after dropping the girl on the conveyor belt, the crane still seemed to move close to the hole.

The wooden platform was in the center of the room and least wet part of the floor.

If they were going to rescue her, they only had time to do so but only so much time.


Gadget: "Mystic, take your sword and try to cut the cable, I'm going for the mouse."

For now he had to have faith in his friend as this was gonna get close. Gadget took in a quick breath and he jumps down trying to get onto the conveyor belt.

Jump 1d6 + 4 = 5


Cut the cable? How?

The machine was just too far away across the room for Gadget to reach in one leap. Realising his error of judging distance he tried to make it end up on the wooden platform.
>Luck roll, DC 7

If he fails, he will wish he kept that Thunder Shield.

Mystic Monkey instead tries to jump on top of the crane when it gets close enough. He wanted to take his time and time everything just right but given the mouse on the conveyor belt didn't had much time he knew he had to hurry.
>Jump roll, DC 5
d6 + 3 = 5


[?]Ah I thought Mystic would jump with his sword and land on the cable with a slash.

Too far!?

He looks down to see where he was gonna land.

Luck 1d6 + 4 = 8


He lands on the wooden pallet. Good. He looks up and sees that the mouse was still in danger of getting crushed in the machinery so he then makes a quick skip over to the conveyor belt and tries to catch up to her.


Gadget fell and landed onto the elevated wooden platform in the center of the room.

Mystic who was holding onto the crane felt a sudden jolt of the crane as it moved towards where Gadget was standing. This crane seem to have some sort of sensor that knows when the wooden platform was occupied.

Gadget gets up and can tell that reaching the conveyor belt would be a lot easier.


The crane was above him and the claw was open ready to grab him.

>Speed roll, Difficulty 6

Mystic wanted to "ride" the crane towards the cable but can see he needs to help his friend and tries to destroy the craner.

>Technique Roll, DC 6
Mystic takes his sword out and tries to cut down the claw.
d6 + 4 = 7


Everything seemed to slow down at that one moment, too much was on the line for him and there was little room for error. A claw reaching for him, a floor of electrical death, and a mouse that needed to be saved now.

???: "And what are you here for?"

He grits his teeth as his consciousness brought back memories of his past, why now? Was it because everything was hinging on him?

He then runs down the belt as fast as he can to catch up to the mouse.

Speed 1d6 + 2 = 7 DC 6


Mystic stabs the crane's claw and cut it loose as it fell to the floor.
Turns out that the crane was powered by five rings. Mystic managed to grabd d5 = 1 rings before the rest fell down to the wooden platform.

Mystic was swinging on whats left of the crane and he was already losing endurance for it. He quickly makes a jump to reach the machine.

>Jump roll, DC 6
d6 + 3 = 8
>Luck roll, DC 8
d6 + 5 = 9

The crane came crashing down which thanks... as well as no thanks to him, it almost missed him.

He jumped onto the conveyor belt Was gonna make an easy jump roll for that but alright. and realised something.

Let me double post first...


From the rings that fallen from the crane, Gadget for d4 = 2 rings. Any that are missed roll off into the electric water.

Mystic landed on the machine. Since he was closest to the "maw" of the machine he was able to pull the captive towards Gadget making the rescue easier for both of them.


The floors were still electrified but they had no choice but to jump for the pallet.

Gadget: "Mystic jump for the platform"

They with the rodent jump to save their lives.

Jump 1d6 + 4 = 7


Mystic quickly followed and jumped into the playform with him..
>Jump roll, difficulty 5
d6 + 3 = 8


File: 1551908877834.gif (199.01 KB, 500x381, 500:381, 28ce0d25de3c2adc0e2c96ff59….gif) ImgOps Google

So now that they all had landed safely onto the pellet, they now had the opportunity to calm down and think of a way out of this.

Gadget: "Everyone alright? Nobody's hurt right?"

He looks over at his friend and the rat.


File: 1551908878631.jpg (15.03 KB, 720x576, 5:4, Minotaur.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The mouse girl was happy to be safe.

"I'm fine thanks. I wouldn't know what to do if you two didn't show up."

Mystic made the jump.
"Now that we have time. All we have to now is find a way to stop that cable from..."

A rumbling and bellowing noise was heard from whatevers beyond the large steel doors. The noise quickly built up and grew louder when all of a sudden...


The complete demolition of the large doors.
Charging through was a large dieselpunk monster robot. Unlike the Egg Pawns and badniks Mystic and Gadget were used to, this robot was three times their size and was a right beast.
The head of this robot was modelled after a raging bull with horns polished, well kept and sharp and high-pressured steam-pipes from where the nostrals are.
Below it's head was an armoured furnace with two mechanical arm-like appendages prodtruding from it. Each forearm had a jackhammer fitted into it with the hammer-parts visable on the elbows.
It's hand had pointy fingers like flat-headed screwdrivers but in a fist they were as strong as hammers.
Instead of legs, the rest of it was literal bulldozer with tank treads to get around.
It's iron body had a coating of rust due to the damp conditions of the maintanace tunnels which has weakened it's endurance, but the brown rust made it look even more like a monsterous minotaur than it ever was.

This robot stank of burning diesel and was bellowing high-pressured steam from it's nostrals and exhaust from it's shoulder pipes.

Good news: This robot bursting in has snapped the loose cable and disabled the high voltage making the floor safe and able to fight however you like.
Bad news: This obviously wasn't just regular a robot, this was a "Master Robot", robots specially designed to command zones and fight on behalf of Dr. Eggman.

Name: Minotank or Mecha-taur
Difficulty: 8
Hits: 12/12
Skill1: Jack Punch (Attack: 4, Target: single) It's jackhammer arms allow to throw an incredibly fast and powerful punch.
Skill2: Stampede (Attack: 2, Target: all) Lowers it's horns, revs up it's petrol engine and bulldozes all in it's way.


Gadget's eyes widen and he shouts a curse word as he jumps up to his feet. The robot monster wasn't what he was expecting and he needed to think or else they weren't going to fight well in this encounter.

Gadget: "Mystic get ready this won't go well."

Gadget takes his sling and throws a single bullet at him

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12 VS Mechataur DC 8


His sling hits the forehead of the monster. It deals d3 = 2 damage.

Mystic took his sword and swings at it.

d6 + 4 = 7 (If hits d3 = 3 damage)


The robot was already down to 7/12.

It began revving up it's engine to strike at both Mystic and Gadget at the same time with it's stampede manuver.

"Look out!"
>Dodge roll, Speed d6 + 6 = 11

If Gadget wants to he can try to dodge the attack with either Speed, Jump or just plain Luck, or try something else.



The Mechataur charged across the room.
d6 + 2 = 8
>If missed
Then it crashes into a wall. This deals no harm to itself or anyone.

>If hits
It charges through the two heroes. Mystic agily jumps out of the way while Gadget gets rammed into and loose all his rings.

While stunned from the attack, he will have to decide if he wants to forget his rings and attack head on with Mystic, or recover his rings while Mystic attacks without him this round.


You loose d6 = 3x10 rings

Either choose to attack the minotaur or recover them.


Rings gone... He puts his hand over his chest, his body strained with pain and suffering. I'm in pain... I'm dying. This thing is killing me.

Gadget knew this was too much to handle at the moment. He would have to fight dirty.

Gadget: "Mystic distract the fucking robot!"

He runs past the robot and tries to get his fallen rings while trying to get behind the robot for a special attack.

Rings 1d25 = 12


Difficulty: 8
Hits: 7/12

Mystic took another chance to attack the Mechataur

He jumped onto the robot and tried to stab at it's face.

>Attack (technique)
d6 + 4 = 10 (if hits d3 = 2 damage)

The robot swinged at Mystic wildly while Mystic was hanging on and stabbing it's face.

>Jack punch
d6 + 4 = 6

Mystic sees the ongoing punch and tries to jump out the way to make the robot hit itself on the head.

Dodge (Jump)
d6 + 3 = 7

If the mechataur is dumb enough would strike it's own face.

>Luck roll
d6 + 5 = 7 (if hits d3 = 2 damage)


Mystic manage to hit -2 damage to the mechataur and avoided it's oncoming attack.
However due to it's encumbersome body, it did not end up hitting itself.


Mystic however kept the Mechataur distracted for Gadget.


Gadget attempts to jump onto the back of the robot and climb up to its head.

Jump 1d6 + 4 = 8


He successfully got on.
Mystic was litterally holding the bull by the horns.

"Whatever it is you're going to do Gadget, do it now!"

The bull was preparing a stampede again in order to strike off those who are holding onto him.

d6 + 2 = 3
>If fail
Mystic and Gadget are skane but not stirred and stay on the Mechataur

>If success
The two have to hold on with all their strength.

>Power rolls
Mystic d6 + 2 = 3
If he holds on but Gadget falls, then he will quickly grab his hand (Technique d4 + 6 = 9).

Gadget d6 + 3 = 4
If he holds on but Mystic falls, then he will quickly grab his hand (Technique d6 + 6 = 7).


Now that he stood atop the head of mechanical Minotaur, he wrapped each of his feathered hands around the robot's horns and rendered its head upward to expose the machinery that connected it to the body's frame.

Gadget: "Now Mystic. Take it out!"


Even with the weakened rusty metal, doing such a feat would require great strength.

>Power roll
d6 + 3 = 7

But Mystic helps by striking at it's neck with his sword (but was still careful not to hurt Gadget).

>Attack roll (Technique)
d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit d3 = 3 damage]


Does mystic not get any bonuses for me setting up the enemy for him?


Difficulty: 8
Hits: 4/12

While Gadget was not strong enough to rip the head off of the Mechataur, it was still dislodged.


Mystic threw his sword asside and the both of them wrapped their arms around the Minotaur to try and rip off it's head.

The minotaur is panicking and about to rev up for a stampede directly into the wall.

>Power rolls
Mystic d6 + 2 = 7
Gadget d6 + 3 = 8

>If sucess
They rip off the head of the minotaur which finishes it off

>If both fail
>The Mechataur will stampede and neither Mystic or Gadget can dodge.
d6 + 2 = 5

I will allow this "finisher" if it's successful.


Together, though with mostly newfound strength from Gadget, the two manage to rip the head off the beast.

The body slowly flailed about as Mystic and Gadget jumps off the robot.

The machine was too damaged to continue and began to overload, with it's body-parts blowing up, neat little "booms" all over it's body.

All that was left was just rusted scrap from where the robot was... And a pretty sweet trophy of a robot bulls head if it wern't too big to carry around.


Gadget collapses down to the ground, staring up at the ceiling after being given a moment of reprieve from the monster they had just fought. His mind stirs like a murky swamp swelling about in his head as his body was pained from being struck and his lungs hungrily and greedily grasps for air. Working with GUN never involved anything like this before and so he was never used to such ventures and dangers.

Gadget: "That's it... it's down."

He looks around for the mouse mobian they had saved, wondering if she managed to stay out of harm's way.


File: 1551913380470.jpg (167.87 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Boomer he protec.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The mouse mobian was alright, she came over to them.

Dancer "Thank you, thank you so much for saving me, I wouldn't know what to do if I-

Boomer "Dancer! Dancer you're safe!"

Mystic and Gadget looked up to where they entered in from to see the same rat as before. The one wearing robot parts and with the yellow wispon.

Dancer "BOOMER!"

The rat jumped down from the ceiling and embraced Dancer.

Dancer "Boomer, I was rescued, by these two!"

Boomer: "You guys? You're the ones from before who jumped me."

Mystic " We're sorry we did that. We didn't know you were... well, a rat. We thought you were a robot."


Gadget got back up onto his feet once his body permitted him.

Gadget: "You were the one who approached us without introducing yourself. Just cause we're all Mobians here doesn't mean we're all on the same side. Since you were an unknown element to us, I had to decide and I chose to not take a risk."

He reasoning may have been cold but after spending so much time with him, Mystic could figure that Gadget was a pragmatic type of mobian who tried not to take risk.

Gadget: "My name is Gadget Wainright and this is my partner Mystic Monkey. Who are you?"

When he asked this, Gadget already knew their names but what he actually wanted to know was who did they work for.


"I'm Boomer and this is my lady Dancer. Me and my crew are Resistance members who came here to scout this city less than a week a go. Just a few hours in exploring and it was like the city came alive with robots pouring out of everywhere and the city gates shutting down and everywhere else becoming more dangerous.
We ended up going underground. I've been making tunnels with my drill wispons so that we could get around the city more efficiently."

"I was captured by that... thing and it left me here to get mangled up in whatever that is." as she refers to the machine she was on. "If you two hadn't came along I wouldn't know what would happen to me."

"You said "your crew", does that mean there are others trapped in the city?"

"Yeah.there's two more of us, though we dunno if there is any other prisoners in the city,"

"Sarah is imprisoned somewhere in the city, but I think they have someone trapped in what looks like a pool-room."

Mystic and Gadget could take the time to ask more questions, or ask about this pool room.


Because I forgot he had a safety helmet on which would of helped him in the Mecha-taur fight, I decide to change how the Safety Helmet will work.

Gadget was still a little sore from when the Mecha-taur rammed into him earlier before. Taking off his safety helmet he curses how useless it is only to his surprise discover that three of the rings he lost were trapped in the hemlet.

>Whenever you get hit, you may retain three rings from your damage roll.
>If you're hit with three or less rings, you loose them when hit.
>The hard is sturdy and can protect your head from blows, but given it's polymer will still dent and bend after trauma (as well as some wear and tear from your fight wuith the Mechatuar) it still got the endurance of d10 + 15 = 18 before it is useless.

Mystic and Gadget could ask question to Boomer and Dancer or go see what Dancer means about this pool room if someone was trapped there.


Gadget: "You guys split up your force?"

He scratches his own beak thinking about who these people are and how they were able to get into this bad of a situation. Truth be told though himself and Mystic Monkey were not fairing much better either.

Gadget: "Before we go get this Sarah, it would be best that we find some sort of safe spot within the city for us to rest and plan out a method of attack. To be honest this room could do the trick until we find something better."

He goes over and sits down on the now broken conveyor belt.

Gadget: "For now our attention goes to Sarah and whoever the 4th member of your party is. The 4th member might be in the pool room and we don't know where Sarah is exactly..."


Gadget: "We'll have to go to the pool room first given that you two know of its location. Before we do that I need to know a few things...

What is the room layout? Entrances? etc?

Any robot guard detail?

Anything special to note about the room?"

Gadget: "And ofcourse you'll need to take us there."


File: 1552166503022.png (51.24 KB, 1360x1290, 136:129, SonicRP facility map.png) ImgOps Google

"I only saw a glimpse of it. It looked liked some sort of chemical refinery place. There were robots standing around this pool of pink water and poking at someone."

"Pink Water? Could be Mega Mack."

"I can take you too the pool room. It's beyond the cell block.

"Hold on, it would be a safer, more direct route if we go through the tunnels. It would be stupid to walk in through the front door."


File: 1552166862642.jpg (96.42 KB, 400x253, 400:253, gem on the floor.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Gadget: "Megam Mack? What exactly does that do? Does it catch fire? Is it acidic?"

Seems like Gadget was thinking up another plan here.


Mystic explained Mega Mack, being familiar from Chemical Plant Zones primary export.
"Mega Mack is a substance manufactured by Dr. Eggman. It was made to inhibitate mobians natual ability, IE Sonic's speed which is why he made it to begin with. It's pure state is blue which is when it's most toxic. When mixed with water then the water will become pink but mostly harmless if you don't plan a good long swim."


File: 1552167370260.jpg (53.9 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 47b4cfac0e29a1516f346689ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Gadget: "Right, I'll try to keep that in mind."

He then stands up and addresses the 4 mobian group they had gathered.

Gadget: "Here's the plan so far. Me and Mystic Monkey will head into the hallway and head south to get to the Pool Room entrance. Boomer, Dancer you two will navigate the tunnel systems and wait to flank the robots after Mystic and I arrive. From there we should have the enemy surrounded easily for a quick battle."

~"Any questions?"~


File: 1552167493019.png (81.99 KB, 366x326, 183:163, Drill wispon.png) ImgOps Google

"My drill wispon can clear out a room full of badniks. Though depends if this Mega Mack will get in the way."

"Still sounds like a good plan."


Still a bit sore from Boomer's attack on them, Gadget: "Try to be careful with that thing when we make our move. Someone might be in there which is why I'm not gonna try to set the whole room on fire."

He starts to head on over the door, giving a light slap and Mystic's shoulder to let him know that they were going.

Stepping outside Gadget and Mystic head through the corridor leading up to the cell block. Before they got around the corner, Gadget peered around and looked directly at the cell block to see if there were any guards, prisoners, or traps. He made sure Mystic stood behind him in cover.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 10


File: 1552167931771.jpg (31.6 KB, 305x348, 305:348, Egg_Knight.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

His caution paid off. There was a robot there coming  up the hallway, presumably checking on where the Mecha-taur is.

This robot was not like other Egg Pawns, this one appeared to be made of a different alloy and looked sturdier than the rest.

Egg Knight
Difficulty: 6
Hits 5
Skill: Lance (4)

Luckily, this one was not carrying a shield. Instead if was holding what looked like some sort of security cards.


There's now way he could make a trap in the cell block hallway or else he would get immediately spotted. Instead they would have to fall back to the entrance of the Mecha tuar room. There he got Mystic to stand ready with his sword on the wall while he put up another fishwire trip trap in the door way.

Now was a matter of time before the Roboknight tried to enter the room, only to trip and fall.


Mystic was ready to take on the robot in a fight, but fell back to defend the room while Gadget sets up a trap.

"So whats the plan Gadget?"


Gadget: "After the robot trips over, you impale it with your sword. It should make quick work of the enemy."


"Ah I know just the thing! Let's hold one one of your fishing wire to make it trip up!"


Gadget: "I already have the trap set up."

>There he got Mystic to stand ready with his sword on the wall while he put up another fishwire trip trap in the door


The Egg Knightwalked into the room.

Just as planned, the robots legs got caught on the wire and the robot fell forward.

While it falled, Mystic quickly lunged at it, stabbing it in the back dealing d3 = 2 of damage. But due to it's hude it was difficult for Mystic's blade to pass through and it was still whirring and trying to get up, there was still a chance to finish it.


Gadget loads a sling bullet into his weapon but instead of launching the bullet, he swings the weapon like it was a flail by firmly grasping both ends in a clenched fist. This saves him the ammo and deals damage. Would use power but it's tripped so its auto hit.

Dmg 1d3 = 3


File: 1552169938162.png (85.67 KB, 240x240, 1:1, ID card.png) ImgOps Google

Thats right. Auto-hit in it's fallen state.

While the sling is somewhat impractical for a flail (unless it's the David and Goliath like sling) it still caused a severe dent in the robots head. This overloaded it and caused it to explode.

The explosion was harmless for Mystic and Gadget, but the security cards it was holding was scattered and dented.

Mystic picked up the security cards. Due to the fight the plastic they were made of were bent out of shape but look like they could still be used. There were three cards. Two of them looked the same and had the words CELL printed in green. The third card had the word LABORATORY printed in pink.


Gadget: "Now that that's taken care of, we need to hurry through the cell block and get to the pool room. The other are likely laying in wait for us as we speak."

They head back through the hallway and reach the cell block. Once there Gadget was sure to check all of the cells for anything of interest be it gear or some prisoner.


File: 1552170783119.png (9.25 KB, 333x556, 333:556, SonicRP facility map.png) ImgOps Google

As they reach the cell block he realised that there were four prison cells.
One of the prison cells was already open, pressumably where Dancer was held.

The other three however were locked.

The cell doors had no bars, just solid doors. Besides the doors were the kind of card slots you would find on ATM machines.

"These cards are a badly bent, We can use them to unlock and open the doors but I doubt they will be able to come out again."

Mystic gave Gadget one of the cards.

"Which doors should we open?"

>Mystic and Gadget can open only two doors.
>If anything worth value, they can have for themselves.
>Gadget can tell which door Mystic can open. Because I already know whats inside each cell so it be unfair if I just went with the obvious.
>Luck rolls have nothing to do with this. The rooms are planned.

>Hint: No traps to worry about.


Gadget: "Use one card on Door B and let me see the other card."

As Mystic does so and opens Door B, Gadget takes the card gifted to him and takes out his tool set. From there he takes out a screw driver and presses the dents and bends flat along the screw driver's shaft.

Craft Improvision 1d6 + 6 = 7


>He flattened it out the best he could.

Mystic opened the door.
"Oh-hohohoho yes!"

The sound of an item box being busted open.

Mystic leaves the cell enveloped in a large soap bubble.

"AQUA SHIELD! This will be useful where we're going!"


File: 1552171559137.jpg (100.83 KB, 1656x820, 414:205, a90998c9f49383d647a119c076….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Gadget nods at this newfound boon, it will come to use especially if one of them falls into the megamack, Mystic can easily save them... given that he has the ability to swim that is.

Gadget: "Try to keep it by avoiding damage."

He then motions over to Door A and slots in the card he tried to flatten to its original state.


File: 1552171946796.png (104.74 KB, 196x240, 49:60, 1up.png) ImgOps Google

>Luck Roll, DC 9
Gadget  d6 + 4 = 5
If fail then it gets stuck in there.

He used it on Door A.
Inside the prison cell was an uncovered bed, a toilet and in the very center of the room was an item box.

The item box seemed to sense your presence and flickered on revealing... your face, with a confident grin smiling back at you. Despite how bizarre this is ou feel that sense of confidence from it.


He raises up one leg and kicks in the glass container with the hard bottom boot, part of his GUN uniform. Gadget then takes the smiling portrait of himsielf and exits the room.

Gadget: "Well that's all we can do for this area... hopefully nobody is stuck in these cells."

He looks over to Mystic

Gadget: "How about you, do you feel prepared to move on? It could be dangerous ahead so I need to know that you are ready."


File: 1552172332915.png (38.07 KB, 333x556, 333:556, SonicRP facility map.png) ImgOps Google

As he smashes the item box...
You feel an overwhelming confidence fill  you up inside.
>I already added an extra life to your stat.

"YEah let's go on and find this pool room.


They then mosey on over to the entrance and Gadget quickly gets up to the door and look for the opening mechanism. He then motions Mystic to come on over to the door and get ready the card for the door to open.

Gadget: "Here's what we will do. First you will open the door after of which I will hold my 3 foot iron rod ready and you will have the door close again. The iron should catch the doors and keep them open with a three foot space so we can enter or exit."

It might have seemed confusing at first but deep down Gadget did not want to be trapped in the room with the door sealed so the rod will prevent that and allow escape if necessary.


File: 1552173084561.png (157.21 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, SonicRP pool room.png) ImgOps Google

"The door has windows, shouldn't we look through them first to see whats in there?"

Mystic looked through the glass.
"Oh heck!"

He ebs Gadget to look through the window also.

While the keycard is for the "Laboratory" it looked more like a chemical refinery. On the corners of the walls were these large glass tubes that were redirecting a blue thick liquid hrough the facility.
The floors mostly consist of catwalks which were surrounding this large square-shaped vat full of pink water.

In the center was some sort of canine mobian, they were struggling to keep afloat and didn't look so healthy. Everytime they drift closer to the edge one of the Egg-Pawns keep poking them with rods to make sure they cannot get out of the pool.

The ceiling consisted of pipes matted with cables for lighting. In the corner of the room was a hole leading up to one of Boomers tunnels with some of those cables coming from it.



Gadget: "That's... that's a lot of egg pawns."

20 pawns Gadget, 5 on each side of the pool. You can't win with a direct confrontation but...

He grows still and silent, the air around them is stagnant as the long pause goes on. Gadget is no longer looking at the room but rather he has his eyes closed, his brow furrowed as his mind wandered possibilities.

Gadget: "This is what we have to do. First we have to clear a path to the tank to save the mobian. That means we have to kill at most 5 eggpawns. We'll likely have support from up top so we have to make sure to let Boomer and Dancer know to focus their attacks on the southern most enemies. Once we have a clear path I need you to dive into the tank and get the mobian out. Don't worry we'll keep you covered. After that we escape the room and seal this door."


"That might work, but what if one of 'em pops my shield? I can swim but not too good, I'd rather keep it."


Gadget: "You're a very fast Mobian Mystic I doubt that you will be hit during this time and besides we only need to clear a path so it shouldn't take too long. If you feel at danger though... then stay behind me until I order you otherwise."

He looks down at his sling and at the ammo cradling in the pouch. Gadget was ready to go for it.

Gadget: "It's now or never, that mobian ain't got much longer and he ain't a cat so he doesn't have those 9 lives."


Alright, here goes!

Gadget put in the card and the door opens with a "whirr", the noise got the robots attention but our heroes can attack the first wave.

Egg Pawn
Difficulty: 6
Skill: Rod (Attack 3)

A Egg-Pawn (Hits 2)
B Egg-Pawn (Hits 2)
C Egg-Pawn (Hits 2)
D Egg-Pawn (Hits 2)
E Egg-Pawn (Hits 2)

If they can just dispatch two, Mystic would have a chance to get into the pool.

Mystic attacked the robot closest to him. (Pawn A)
d6 + 4 = 10 (If hit d3 = 1 damage)



After he shouts at the top of his lungs, he hoped that the two would jump out a hole in the wall and start making ranged attacks from the catwalk.

Gadget: "Mystic be careful."

After the monkey made a soft landing attack, Gadget followed suit to step forward, letting out a bullet from his sling towards Pawn A.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 1


Pawn A {Destroyed)
Pawn B (Hits 2)
Pawn C (Hits 2)
Pawn D (Hits 2)
Pawn E (Hits 2)

Boomer jumped down from the hole and with his drill Wispon began mowing at the surrounding enemies.
>Luck Roll, DC 7
Gadget d6 + 4 = 10
Mystic d6 + 5 = 9

With the first robot down, Mystic quickly got behind Gadget.

The robots began to attack but because of the chaos that ensued, only two of them were in range to attack [/spoiler](that and I'm not a cruel GM to make you take 4 hits and make 4 dodge rolls)[/spoiler]

B Pawn d6 + 3 = 4
D Pawn d6 + 3 = 6

Gadget tried to jump out the way of both their attacks.
Gadget Dodge roll (jump) d6 + 4 = 9


Because of how OP the drill weispon is, Boomer was cleared out half the room of Egg Pawns.

Gadget jumped out the way of Egg Pawn D's swinging with it's rod.

Mystic took for another attack, this time at Pawn B.

d6 + 4 = 7 (If hit d3 = 1 damage)


Nah go full force on me. I want all the rolls.

He was able to deftly dodge the attacks while keeping Mystic covered.

Gadget: "Boomer I need you to get ready for what I need you to do. Don't be caught up too much with the enemy but try to keep the rest of the room off of us."

With them now in the clear, Gadget goes in for another attack.

Gadget: "Mystic it is almost time."

1d6 + 6 = 10

I dunno if you know what I'm about to do here but I'm gonna attempt to flood the room but I need Boomer for this.


"My drill maybe powerful but I can't manuver well in this room!"

Gadgets sling did d3 = 1 damage to Pawn B (If 2 then it's destroyed, if 1 then it's beatened up but still standing)

Mystic called out to Boomer.
"Just be careful not to break any of the tubes! Mega mack in this state can be highly poisonous to us!"

Gadget then remembered what Mystic said from before >>16767 that Mega mack is a chemical made to inhibitate their natural abilities and is deadly for them in their concentrated state.


The amount of damage on it should've already killed Pawn B since it has 2 HP.

Gadget: "Hells, where is Dancer at?"

Prolly doesn't have anything to fight with.

He prepares to be attacked by the Pawns

>Pretty sure you are skipping their turn


File: 1552177118407.png (1.12 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Mega Mack.png) ImgOps Google

Pawn A {Destroyed)
Pawn B (Destroyed)
Pawn C (Hits 2)
Pawn D (Hits 2)
Pawn E (Hits 2)

Gadget wondered why that egg Pawn was still standing... then it keeled over and exploded.

The robots begin to fight back, all the while a flurry of yellow hell was going on with their bretheren behind the pool. Now that I think about it, they don't have stat sheets, they're just entirely automated fighting. The book didn't account them taking part.

>Enemy attack round
Pawn C d6 + 3 = 9
Pawn D d6 + 3 = 5
Pawn E d6 + 3 = 9

>Dodge rolls
Gadget d4 + 6 = 9

Mystic makes a break for it and jumps into the pool. After the splash he was submerged in the pink water. The shield around him may have the qualities of a bubble of water but the liquid it was made out of was thick and keeping the poisous water out. If anything it seemed to be turning the outside water into breathable air for him as he could freely swim without worry of drowning or poisoning.

He could try and swim for the mobian (which will require a jump roll) or he could sink to the bottom to find anything of worth. (no roll required)


Gadget Dodge Rolls

Jump Dodges Gadget

VS Pawn C 1d6 + 4 = 10
VS Pawn D 1d6 + 4 = 10
VS Pawn E 1d6 + 4 = 7

Gadget: "Mystic Hurry and get the mobian out of the tank and come back here. Boomer get ready to attack one of the blue pipes on my cue."


"Are you mad? That would flood the whole room!"

Mystic had to swim over to the dog and pull them to the side.

Boomer has manage to destroy most of them but a few of them remained and were already trying to prod Mystic to pop his shield.

>Swim roll, DC 6
d6 + 3 = 6


Mystic manage to dodge the rod from poining him as it scraped past his bubble. He quickly grabbed the rod allowing it to be welcomed into his aqua shield.

Pawn D was now confused on what to do and unable to assist Pawn C and Pawn E in battle.

Gadget can now take on two robots while one is distracted by Mystic and the rest being mulched up by Boomber.


>Pretty sure Gadget lost his rings here.

Gadget ignores the enemies this time around but instead takes out his rope and throws one end into the drink for Mystic to grab a hold of.

Gadget: "Mystic grab a hold and I will pull you two out."


Egg Pawns have a difficulty of 6. This difficulty number means the conflict between the both of you in general.

Pawns C and E attacked you while D thumbled. Your dodge roll was 10s and a 7, you dodged them successfully.

Mystic had to let go of the Egg Pawn's rod and swim for the rope. This was risky given he would have to  avoid the attack in order to reach the rope.

>Swim roll, DC 7
d6 + 3 = 4


Mystic let go of the rod and try to swim for the rope as fast as he could.
Pawn D noticing it's rod was free quickly striked at Mystic and quite literally burst his bubble.

With the water flooding in on Mystic's space he began to panic a little and quickly swam for the rope.

He grabbed the rope.
"Hurry Gadget!" he glubbed.

The three enemy robots took their chance to-

"I'm here!"

Boomer charged his Yellow Wispon and attacked the remaining three robots (with an attack value of 4, because I feel I'd be a dick if I had these guys hit Gadget while he;s trying to save Mystic and the dog.)

>Drill Wispon, DC 6 (enemy difficulty)
d6 + 4 = 8
d6 + 4 = 9
d6 + 4 = 7


File: 1552178767481.png (81.99 KB, 366x326, 183:163, Drill wispon.png) ImgOps Google

In a twisted flurry of yellow hyper-go-on, he charges through the robots and destroys the remaining ones.

"Hell yeah. Drill Wispon is so OPd!"

Dancer jumped down from the hole.
"You were amazing Boomer. Ooh! We must help them!"

Dancer and Boomer go to help Gadget get Mystic and the dog out the water.


Gadget: "There it's over. Who are you."


The dog was passed out.

"He needs help!"

"He's been in there too long."

"We can take him back with us, see if we can find something to help him."


Their previous room wasn't as secured as Gadget would've preferred but for now it will have to do. Plus with the tripwire still up, they have some security. After some insistence on Gadget's part, the party head through the tunnels for a more speedy exit and reached back into the conveyor room. There he instructed them to lay him on the belt which was the closest thing in to a  bed in the room.


File: 1552180360266.png (75.41 KB, 1360x1290, 136:129, SonicRP facility map.png) ImgOps Google

As our heroes had a breif moment to recuperate, a rumbling was heard. Unlike the Mecha-taur which was still scrap, this sounded like the sound of a lot of robots marching. (the orange zig-zags being where the noise is echoing from)

All of a sudden three buzz-bombers came flying into the room.

Buzz Bombers
Difficulty 5
Hits 1
Skill1: Plasma Shot (Attack 3)
Skill2: Aerial assault (Any close-range attacks towards it require a sucessful jump roll.)

Buzz Bomber A
Buzz Bomber B
Buzz Bomber C

The three of them were buzzing around the room and open fired on Boomer, Dancer and the dog.

"Quick! Stop them!"
Mystic had to jump up towards them before landing an attack.
>Jump d6 + 3 = 8
>Attack d6 + 4 = 6
If both are successful, Buzz Bomber A is destroyed.

Gadget however could hit them with his sling. He didn't need to attack.


Gadget attempts to immobilize one by hurling his capture net at one of the Buzz Bomber.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10 VS Bomber B DC 5


File: 1552181009692.png (311.6 KB, 576x824, 72:103, Sonic Channel - Eggman.png) ImgOps Google

He successfuly catches one, the other Buzz Bomber... flies away.

That buzz bomber was just a drone to confirm to someone that they were there.

The marching of metal feet approached and from the open wreckage of the doorway, Egg Knights started swarming the place. not 2, not 3, in fact it was difficult to count how many.

"Sonic the Hedgehog, I figured I'd find you snooping as usual in my schemes, but never figured to find you down here like the rat that you are."

Above the badniks a large man riding in a hover-machine entered the room. He wore a red uniform, had no hair other than his large ginger 'stache and commanded a small army of Egg Knights beneath him with more buzz bombers entering the room.

"Wait... you're not Sonic!?"


Gadget's eyes widen in both shock and horror, he didn't ever need to be on the battlefield to know the man standing before him. His beak gritted as he stepped back, a natural instinct to avoid an all too powerful foe.

It's him... he's caused all of this suffering to South Island City..

Memories flood his mind again of when he was first deployed to this region. The utter destruction and loss of hope of the innocent civilians burned in his mind. Their homes and lives uprooted all because of this one man.

He takes out his sling without a word and hurls a single bullet at Eggman.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12


File: 1552330805843.png (56.98 KB, 1360x1290, 136:129, SonicRP facility escape.png) ImgOps Google

His metal marble flew through the air and smashed onto the egg-mobile at such force the shock made Eggman loose balance.

Hits 7/8

"Why you little, GET HIM!"

The Egg Knights began to swarm around them, Even Mystic couldn't handle the uneven odds as the knights grabbed him. But Boomer with his yellow Drill Wispon, charged through the robots clearing a path.

"GO! RUN!"
Boomer quickly darts back towards Dancer who already picked up the dog mobian and were making a break for the tunnel.


Gadget: "I won't leave Mystic behind."

He takes another shot but this time the target was the Egg Knight who had grabbed up Mystic.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7
DMG 1d3 = 2


While he did hit the badnik, and Mystic slashing at it, the efforts were in vain and robots were starting to gather at the opening Boomer left.

The Egg Knights grabbed at Mystic's arms. Mystic shouts.



Without a word Gadget ran away and hurled himself into the tunnel and away from the conflict to save himself. At this point there was nothing he could do with Boomer having fled as well.

Looking up the lengths of the tunnels, he ran as hard as he could to catch up to Boomer.


File: 1552331745290.jpg (485.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, P2_tube_network.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

He tried to catch up but through panic he was quickly lost Boomer.

However given he eventually found one of the tunnels exit. The room lead off to a corridor, with Egg Knights visable far away, but the room also had some sort of glass pipes. There was what looks like an entrance hole to the pipe with a breeze blowing through the pipe.


File: 1552332079312.png (177.96 KB, 743x650, 743:650, 395295__safe_cute_button_b….png) ImgOps Google

With not much choice, Gadget jumped for the entrance into the glass tube hoping that it would carry him away to safety. Being that he was flightless, he knew that he was in for a terrible ride but it was better than getting caught by the egg knights.


These tubes use pneumatic pressure to move basic objects throughout the facility. Going inside the pipe the pressure sucks him in, forcing him to curl into a fetal possition as she spins wildly through the high-speed warp tubes.

His awareness of the dim room lighting around him became darkness as he travelled through the pipes. He felt his body go left, then right, then up, then left again and so on until he felt his body eject upwards (with his bird-ears popping) somewhere cool and bright.He was finally back top-side of the city.


He landed flat on his back, disoriented from the ride, the sun gleaming into his eyes was a warm welcome. Tired and broken of spirit, he gets up and takes a look around of his current location, seeing if there was anything he could loot from or perhaps take shelter in.

All the while his mind had gone blank due to his adrenaline still pumping through him. It'll take a minute for him to think clearly again.


File: 1552332517077.jpg (283.72 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Forces Metropolis.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

What felt like forever, Gadget now finally back top-side in Metal City. He is surrounded by towering buildings of glass and chrome. Given only familiar with the city gates area and with the while city looking like a giant industrial complex of machinery, he is not at all familiar with wherever he is currently having surfaced somewhere else entirely in the metal city.

It was getting late as the evening sets in. However whenever it's because robots operate at schedules or perhaps due to whatever this district is for there are not as many robots around as when you arrived. The city seem to have some street lighting but given robots don't exactly sleep you probably shouldn't stick around in case there are some night patrols.

You can freely explore the city now and given the evening light casts many shadows to hide in (Stealth) you're freely to explore the city.

But if you want to at least try to get your bearings and have at least a basic understand of wherever you are then that would require a Perception Roll, Difficulty 7. (Or not. I don't want to tell you what to do because of the CYOA gamebook.)


He climbs up a nearby building and scans the cityscape with his own eyes to get a feel of where he was at and where he should go next. Perhaps if possible he could find the power house of the city was.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 11


The building you chosen isn't the tallest given climbing isn't really your thing. But from it you noticed three distinct things.

The sun is setting to the west so you can tell where South is. Thus that direction must be wear the city gates are.

You can't see much to the north other that South Island mountain. You think you can see what looks like a tower of some sort in the far-off distance as you can see some sort of light.

You also realised that wherever you hear up is actually rather quiet. No sounds of machines whiring, metal clanking or computers beeping... But you can hear something... a sweet sound, a melancholy sound, a sound of someone... singing, but not singing with joy, singing with sadness.


Singing? In some damnable place like this? he thought to himself. He thought that the tower might be important but given the strange nature of the song that he had heard, Gadget moved in quietly so as to not alert the voice.

He'll do his best to stay out of sight from whoever was singing so that he can make sure things were safe so that he could approach. Maybe he can get some information from them.

Hide 1d6 + 6 = 12


File: 1552333554982.jpg (79.27 KB, 700x1080, 35:54, tower-crane-vector-463484.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

His skill in hiding helps as he moved across the city. With the evening light casting shadow and with hardly any robots about, he was able to go towards wherever the sad singing was coming from.

Gadget finds his way in to a part of the city that still appears to be in construction. Around are cranes and building sites of half-finished buildings with exposed girder and interiors.

Following the bittersweet singing he find yourself looking up at one of the cranes where suspended up is what appears to be a cage hanging in the air. This particular crane was not mobile. It was a tower crane and was bolted to the ground in the middle of what looks like it's going to be a city square of sorts, isolated from neighbouring construction. There doesn't seem to be a ladder or any practical means of climbing up it other than the latticed boom but even with bird mobians being lighter than average and can endure great impact-shock from jumping from great heights doesn't guarantee Gadget would come out unscathed if he fell from such heights.

Whoever was in the cage, who you pressumed was a lady, was singing their song of sadness and loneliness. They must have been trapped in this bizarre make-shift prison for a long time.


Curious their situation he thought, perhaps this was the 4th member of Boomer's party but he was still unsure. Still though this was a bit more unusually cruel for Eggman to keep a prisoner like this exposed to the elements.

Gadget: "Hey you up there!" He calls up to her. "Are you alright?"


There was a moment of quiet.


A head popped out through the bars. Gadget could just see her looking down to him. like him, she was a bird mobian. He can just see her face and hands which appeared to be yellow feathers.

"Is someone there?"

In retrospect, probably should of used Sonic Forces to make a character or something.


File: 1552336192805.png (Spoiler Image, 24.34 KB, 510x510, 1:1, Harmony the Canary.png) ImgOps Google

I think I accdentally over-lewd her a little. Most well known bird characters in the Sonic franchise are the babylon rogues and they don't appear to have the Leggy Lamb look with their legs. As in for all we know maybe their legs become more bird-like below the knees or something.

Also I made her head too large, even by Sonic design standards. I forgot about size ratio.
But this is really just a rough-up I drew by mouse in MSPaint.


Gadget: "Yeah I'm a member of GUN. Do you know where the controls of the crane are? If you tell me I can get you back down."

After that was said he looked around at his immediate surroundings for a sort of control booth. Surely there was a way to operate it from here.


She gets down on the floor of her cage, with only her head and arms visable.

"Oh thank goodness you're here. I've only beed here for a few days but I was already scared no one will rescue me.

The control booth... I think it's in the control box. But I don't think it will work. They left me here and I'm only getting by with... crackers and water."

She begins to cry. Having given up hope only for the oppotunity for a rescue here for her.


Gadget: "Hold tight, if the box is broken then I can likely fix it given my career field as a GUN engineer."

He goes over into the Box and looks down at the Control Panel, examining it to see if it would work. If there was nothing wrong with it he would immediately lower down her cage to the ground level. If not then he will pull out his toolbox to attempt to fix it and then lower the cage.

Improvisation 1d6 + 6 = 7


File: 1552337439336.png (880.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

Sorry, I should of clarrified more.


Gadget: "Hrrmm. It could be a tall climb but I've been up in the GUN HQ rafters before so it shouldn't be too much trouble."

The intrepid Parakeet climbs up the base of the crane trying to get to the control box.

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 12


Rest of the rolls

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 7
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 8
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 7
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 10


"Becareful!" calls the canary.

Gadget tried to grab hold of the bars ad pull himself up. Given bars along the latticed boom are diagonal means he can easily loose his footing.

>DC6, you got 12
He started to climb up a few meters off the ground.

>DC 7, you got 7
You started to climb far up now. Whenever you're afraid of heights or not, this would be when vertigo starts to kick in.

>DC 8, you got 8
You're half-way there, you're slowing making sure you got grip and that your footing is in the right place. You got the pattern down.

>DC 9, you got 7
You got over-confident and your foot slipped. In panic your hand lost hold of the lattice and you fell.

You're falling backwards and you have to manuver youself fast before your body meets the impact of the ground.

>Jump roll, DC 7
d6 + 4 = 7

>Is success.
Gadget remembers when he was in those high-speed tube how the fetal possition was neccisary to travel around. He quickly curled up and spin his body which caused a small updraft around him and allowed him to repossition his body to land safely on the ground.

>If failed
At the speed he is falling and the angle of his back towards the ground with legs flailing, he probably realised that at this angle he'll probably end up with a broken neck or spine. Either the fall will kill him or paralyze him.

Before he hit the ground, he felt a surge of energy coming from his pockets as his own gold rings leaped out and cushioned the impact immesurably.

Twelve of his rings (the hard hat protected three of his rings) were now jumping about the place due to the discharge of the energy they had. you manage to grab d12 = 8 of them back, but your hard had now has 17 hits.


I try again.

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 11
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 12
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 10
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 10
Tech 1d6 + 6 = 10


I would call shenanigans if I didn't know any better,

You tried again, only this time defied all odd and made it to the top.

The girl in the cage was especially impressed by this feat of climbing.

"Oh my gosh! You did it!"


Yeah welcome to TTRPG

Once he got on over there he moseyed on over to the control panel to examine/fix it if need be. Afterwords he would go to lower the cage.

Tech roll if need to fix it 1d6 + 6 = 9


File: 1552341007649.png (31.81 KB, 786x510, 131:85, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

I figured you'd go and rescue Mystic, the guy who's skill is climbing because he's a monkey. But I guess he can go and rot wherever he is.

While he was up there, he took the oppotunity to get a better look of the surroundings.

While standing on top of the crane, Gadget can see almost the entirety of the city. It was bigger than he thought it was, which given the city showed up three days a go it's no surprise Eggman works fast. However the city seems to be "recycling" two other industrial zones that were abandoned by Eggman since the early 90s.
The crane was located at the edge of Star Light Zone which would explain why it looks like a construction site most of the time. To the South was the industrial district and canjust make out the city wall, with the large forboding entrance. To the North beyond Star Light Zone was the very mountain at the heart of South Island. The mountain was where Scrap Brain Zone was which was Dr. Eggmans first ever establishment in world conquest. Now it was renovated along with the city and from Scrap Brain you can see a tower with shining beacon shimmering with some green light.
Given none of you possess super-speed like the famous blue hedgehog, it may take more than a day to cross the three-zone size metal city riddled with unknown traps and dangers.

Speaking of Eggman, you see someone egg-shaped and red approaching, riding their little egg-mobile.

Gadget hears the captive scream, her hands pointing downwards. Below are badniks that are round and very bomb like. They were gathering around the cranes structure and some of them were already going off with a bang.



Gadget: "Hraagh! Damn it all."

Seeing that there were bomblike robos beneath them, it was only a matter of time before the would set the crane off. Gadget knew he was in no position to fight them so instead he goes over to the end of the crane arm and slides down the rope onto the top of the cage. After of which he shuffles down to the side of the cage and looks for the locked door. Once he finds it he takes out his tool kit to disable the lock and open the door to the canary.

Improvisation 1d6 + 6 = 7


File: 1552342145407.jpg (204.82 KB, 980x366, 490:183, Bomb badniks.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The canary was scared of what was going on. Seeing the stranger pop open her cell door with ease, she reached out her arm as Gadget hoisted her out of the cage.

"What should we do?"

More explosions can be felt trembling through the metal structure of the crane and can feel the whole crane began to weaken.

Eggman approached the tower.
"So this is where you are. Should of figured. Birds of a feather, flock together. Why don't you give up? I'm sure your friend will be please to see you soon."


Gadget quickly ties his rope onto his casting net and throws the net over onto Eggman.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12

If successful Gadget and the canary would use Eggman's flying ability to swing over the the crowd of bomblings and clear them. After that they would run like heck.


"Hey! What are you doing? No way! I can't believe this!"

The sling was not ment to harm Eggman so itnstead it got caught on something so the too can make the jump.

>Jump roll, DC 8
Gadget [d6 + 4 = 5]
Melody d6 + 6 = 122


>Dice messed up on Gadget's part

Jump 1d6 + 4 = 8


Gadget held on tight to the canary as they jumped.

"He's not going to get away with this..."

Eggman manages to find where the rope was grappled to and gave it a harsg tug pulling it from Gadget and disrupting his momentum.

Gadget was about to fall into the bomb badniks.

"Hold on!"
The canary stretched open her arms like wings and they began to glide along the ground., by flaping her arms they had a bit of an "oomph" as they cleared the area and was able to reach far enough to leg it.

She quickly covered herself with her arms as Gadget and the canary ran away.

"Dammit! Well... at least I got their rope. He shouldn't get far without this."

Actually, it worked fine. I messed up on Melody's part. So I copy-pasted your original result and edited the post to fix Melody. You got 5, she rolled a 10.


I guess they ran until they were in a safe place.

After running for a while, they eventually got away from the robots.

Gadget: "We need to find cover quickly so we don't get snuck up on again."

They look around for anything they can shack up in. Please give me some sort of shelter.

Test [1d6+6-3]


"Over here!"
Still crossing her arms across her chest and abdomen, she ran towards a large cracked hole in one of the buildings that looked liked one of Boomers handywork.


Gadget: "Finally."

They head on inside and look around.


It does look like one of Boomers dens but doesn't know when the last time he was here. Her they could take some time to recover and plan what to do next. Or at least get to know one another more.

The den also had an item box, this item box had a gold ring display.


Gadget in silence, balls up his fist and presses his knuckles against the stone brick wall. Lost in thought of what had transpired in the last few hours. How they were ambushed by Eggman not only once but twice now. How his friend had been captured and they've been cut off from Boomer and Dancer. Things were bleak from where they stood but Gadget was still determined to keep going. Looking down at the item box of the golden ring, he scoffs at it and turns around to meet Melody.

Gadget: "Take the rings, it's not what I need right now."

He looks around the room for equipment, not rings. Basically random junk that he can make use of later. I'll take rope, antiques, anything I can make use of. I need more equipment or supplies. If you don't know what to give then put in a shop or something.


File: 1552505402415.png (1.07 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Portal_Rattmann_Den_4.png) ImgOps Google

She can tell he was upset and thought best to do what he said.
The sound of "Boof" was heard followed by "dling". Melody now has d6 = 10 rings.

"I-I can give you them if you need them."

Where they were seemed like a make-shift basement made by Boomer at one point. Scattered on the floor were cardboard boxes folded out to form make-shift beds. Something was printed on them. There was also junk such as steel pipes (which can be used as a bludgeoning weapon but due to their age have d6 + 3 = 5 endurance) and broken robots that were disassembled into parts.
In the corner, a table with a large square of worn paper. Other than that there doesn't seem to be any interconnecting tunnels, as in at tome point Boomer felt just as trapped and made this quick-shift den under the foundations of a building until he could leave.


He took all of the items and looked over at the robot parts lying down across the floor, likely the work of Boomer or one of his friends.

Gadget: "We need to rescue someone I lost a little while ago, Mystic Monkey. I doubt you know where he his but that is okay, I do have an idea."

He picks up the armor plating and starts to fix it to his body, creating a sort of disguise to make him look like a robot guard himself.

Gadget: "We'll get the info from Eggman's goons themselves." That's right bitches! Star Wars Episode 4 style prisoner rescue!


"U-um, I don't think the robots are capable of talking."

But she sees him trying to make makeshift armour and tries to make put on the hull of the robot over herself. "I look ridiculous."

Also scatered abbount the place are bolts (this sort 🔩), he foind d50 = 13 of them lying around. He also found a radio but it looked most for music than communication.


I noticed you picked up the paper sheet in your inventory.

The paper sheet appeared to be a crudely made map of the metla city, perhaps made by boomer. but was crudely made, could barely understand the markings and was worn away. What he could see howevever is he roughly circled out a particular place and scribbled "INSTITUTE! I can get in through the vents!" on it.



Weren't there robots that talked in the more modern Sonic Games? Especially the show.

He took both the bolts and the radio making sure it was cut off and silent. Both of these he figured could be used as a noise distraction if they needed it to be.

As Gadget got the bits, he scanned the sheet and saw this note. With a tap of his feathers against the corner of the map, he made his way out of the room.

Gadget: "We're going now so try to look like we are on patrol. Also keep your rings... I can't guarantee your safety while we pull this off."

Once outside, they head to the location marked on the map "Institute".


As far as I'm aware, Dr. Eggman only fits voice boxes on robots who are any significance to him (such as Orbot and Cubot), and at times he regrets it. I think given Badniks are mass produced they have limited AI and easy to dispose of so he wouldn't invest too much money/rings on advance thinking or the ability to speak. Even his prized robot Metal Sonic lacks a mute.

Melody was now wearing the robot hull. She didn't like what she was wearing as it encumbers her (-1 Fly) but she would rather wear something than go about naked.

The robot disguises also provide armour. Whenever the robots attack you they must roll a 12 to hit you [spoiler)seems a bit OPd but thats what it says in the book unless I'm reading it wrong.[/spoiler] The armour also has the endurance of d4 + 1 = 4 hits given they're made of Egg Pawn armour which is mass produce and made of cheap metals.

"W-wait, after all that to rescue me I never got your name..."


Gadget: "Gadget Wainright."

The clink and clank of his armor disguise was rhythmic to their foot steps and served as an intermediary between the pauses in their conversation.

Gadget: "I didn't think I got your name either. Who are you and who are you with? How did you even get here?" Could've sworn there was a post that said she had been here for days somewhere but I can't find it.


"I am Melody. I was captured a few days a go. I don't know why I got caught up in all of this. I just came to South Island because I hoped singing at the city will give me a big chance to get my music career off the ground. But I was captured by those robots and was taken to him. He thought I was someone for the Resistance or GUN. I told him I had nothing to do with them, that I just came to sing for the people, but he had his robots rip the clothes from me for weapons or whatever he was looking for. Then he imprisoned me in that city square, I think it amused him to have a bird in a hanging cage, like those human pets."

She tried to hold back her sobbing, given they were going to pass off as robots she can't afford to let Gadget down.

"When I heard you call out to me, I almost didn't believe it, I thought I was going to stay up there until I die, or worse whatever Eggman had planned for me. When you rescued me I was so scared you we're going to die, more scared when I thought we we're going to die. But you did it. T-thank you."

Melody was very greatful to Gadget for him rescuing her and was warming up to him. She seem to have a bit of her confidence back now that she got to know her rescuer more.

Gadget deduced that she seem to be able to fly of sorts but can only do so with her arms open and free which she was reluctant to do so when naked (-2) but now that she was wearing clunky bot armour she is still encumbered (-1 Fly) but with her arms free able to use her jumping skills.



Gadget: "You came to South Island to sing..."

At first he was about to criticize her for her foolish choice given the city was in ruins but a pained grievance in his heart corrected him otherwise.

Gadget: "I came to the city to make a difference here, to fix things and get their lives back on track. So far it has proven difficult. It took us more than a week to get some of the City Blocks back their power."

He then goes silent as he reflects on his actions during the aftermath of the South Island invasion.

Gadget: "I won't allow it to happen again, the forces of Robotnik must be stopped here. As for you I don't know what you want to do. You're just a civilian so if you want out then I can probably help you get over the wall. If you've the steel for it the I will welcome your company. Just know that there will be hardship long before this is over."


"I knew about what happened to South Island. I wanted to sing to celebrate the victory you had, to sing for the friends that were lost, to do what I can.
I'm not a hero Gadget or a fighter. But I will do what I can to help you find your friend. Plus... I don't want to be alone in this city."


Why does Ponyville.us keep forgetting me?


Gadget: "Victories are costly then, if you can even call it that."

With that said they continued their way headed to the location described as Institute. Hopefully they can find the tubes Boomer had mentioned in his notes.

I dunno, does your computer update weird or do you have some weird browser?


File: 1552510175231.jpg (191.55 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Hal_institute_for_criminal….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just FireFox. No updates needed as far as I'm aware.

Given it was now dark, it was easy for them to approach a building that looked like some sort of asylum, but made out of machinery. Even at night there were still guards patrolling the area.



Before they approached, Gadget made note of something.

Gadget: "Walls imply a gate, a gate imply guards and I don't think our disguises will be enough to get past them. Instead lets look around for these supposed tubes that will get us inside. From there nobody will question our presence if we just act naturally."

They look around the perimeter for the tubes described on the map.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 9


More of vents than hi-speed tubes.

There were Egg Pawns patroling the area. 3 of them on each side of the building making a total of 12. And who knows what survelence systems they may have.

Gadget can easily slip by the guards but will need to help Melody pass three guards with d6+4 against DC 8.

Though they could perhaps find other ways to cross.
Don't forget, Melody is a Fly type but with -1 fly due to clunky armour.


Gadget takes out his toolset and starts to unscrew the grating for the vents so that they can climb on through.

Gadget: "Give me a minute and we'll have an entry point."


File: 1552511877176.png (11.77 KB, 786x510, 131:85, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

Gadget and Melody were currently outside the facility where the gate is (green squiggles).

There were three guards patroling each side of the facility (red squiggle)

They need to reach the vent opening. (black double-squiggle) on the building (inner square).

It's night time so Gadget can hide in the cover of darkness and their disguise will make them less noticable. If Gadget plans to cross the grounds from any side he will have to help Melody hide from three robots from each sides. (Her Technique is 4 and the Difficulty is 6)

If they are caught then they must do a Luck roll of 8 to fool the robots optics to believe they're one of their own.


Gadget: "Okay hold on. When the coast is clear make a break for the entrance. I'll follow in close behind."

There he left Melody at the Gate and headed over to the Western side of the complex. From there he would turn on the radio to a random music channel and set it on the ground.

Immediately after he runs back to the gate not expecting Melody to be here but rather inside if she was smart enough to use the distraction to move when the coast was clear. Gadget looked around first to make sure it was clear and made his move as well for the main door.

Stealth 1d6 + 6 = 7
If there is one or two robos still left that didn't investigate the diversion


File: 1552512702098.png (9.93 KB, 786x510, 131:85, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

The radio plays loudly and this indeed distract the guards. Melody knew what to do as she tries to go by. Her costume was cluking a little but tries to be quiet as she cam.

Melody was now at the facility's entrance. (smallest green squiggle) and can rendezvou with Melody at the facility entrance if they wish.


He rushes across the lawn... lawn made of metal panels? Once he gets up to the gate, he pats Melody on the back to let her know the hurry on up into the building. They open the door and head on inside and close the door behind them.

From here they look around to see what all they could see, usually these places will have signage to indicate on where to go like hospitals.


File: 1552513456345.png (108.71 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Nurse ratchet.png) ImgOps Google

For a place called the institute, the two never really questioned why the door was unlocked.

In the main lobby there were three robots there. However these robots looked very different from Egg Pawns. They looked more humanoid and femenine.

"Hello there!

One of the fembots approach. Her plating and apperance resembles that of a nurse.

"Presence acknowledged. Are you here to deposit a client for rehabilitation?

These robots do not really seem constructed for combat, for starters Dr. Eggman only reserve voice chips for those that require to talk. And given these robots seem to think you're robots.


File: 1552513825171.png (222.26 KB, 683x583, 683:583, Boyle.png) ImgOps Google

Hrmm... better to talk like them.

Gadget: "Inquiry, Are there any clientele that were recently admitted within the past 24 hours?"

Mystic might be here but I'll ask just in case Boomer and Dancer were caught again.

>Not an actual pic of Gadget but you know, nice to have somthing at least.


I would ask my brother to reinstall PhotoShop, but his head been fixed onto sorting his Linux laptop out and I don't want to break his attention to it.

The robot looked confused as it looked between the two of you.
Yes. We were recieved a client for robotoomy . Currently going through reconditioning due to severe defiance to our creator and herecy.


Gadget: "Internment confirmed, Dr. Robotnik require the client to be transferred to his personal residence for an experimental procedure. Halt the robotomy and release him to our care."

Hold on Mystic Monkey, I'm almost there.


Cannot comply. We have no confirmation with ou creator and we cannot defy his orders.

Enquirey, model not recognised, what is your serial?

>Luck roll, Difficulty 8.


Gadget: "1C3-CR34M"
Luck 1d6 + 4 = 7

Gadget: "This unit is the confirmation from Dr. Robotnik who needs the Client right away. Please do not delay this unit's operations."


Serial not recognised. Any orders from Dr. Eggman will be directly from him unless order through sequency.

I've humoured you long enough. I'm programmed to be a doctor. By order of Dr. Eggman all captives are to be rehabilitated for robotomy.

Difficulty: 6 (Low because they're not built for combat.)
Hits: 2
Skill 1: Defibulator (Attack: 5)
Skill2: Sedative (Action 3) If hit, all stats get -1 for the duration of the fight. It will stack.

(Attacks are standard use of combat for robots, make you lose rings when hit.
Actions require successful rolls but does not cause you to loose rings but have other specific instructions.)

Theres three of them.

Since Melody is not a fighter and in unarmed, she backs into a corner while the three robots concentrate on you.

But given you are wearing robot armour (endurance 4), they have to roll a 12 to attack you, but will loose endurance point every time they roll 6 or more.



Gadget immediately tosses the steel pipe he collected earlier to Melody.

Gadget: "Quick use this to bar the door!" These plans always go south.

After that he turned back to the robots and launched a single bullet at the Nurse Bot A

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10 VS DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 3


A nurse bot observe Gadget tossing the rod to Melody to bar the door with.
Why prevent your only means of escape when we want to keep you-

She couldn't finish her sentence with an iron marble smashed into her head causing her to explode.

The other two nurses charged at him.

One nurse tried to sedate him.
d6 + 3 = 8

While the other tried to shock him with her inbuilt defibulator.
d6 + 5 = 7

If any of these attacks meet will cause a chink from the endurance of his armour.


VS Sedation
Jump 1d6 + 4 = 9

VS Shock
Jump 1d6 + 4 = 6

Try to do my evasion rolls for me so I won't have to worry over details that may affect my future rolls like with the sedation attack.

After that regardless of injury Gadget would wrestle the arm of the Nurse Droids that performs defibrillation and tries to shove it into the other droid.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 9 VS DC 6

Droid B Arm 1d6 + 5 = 9 VS Droid C DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 3 Not sure if auto kill given I'm shocking a robot here.


I forgot about evasion, sorry.

Gadget jumped out of the way of the syringes and shock paddles and ripped off the arm of a nurse-bot and electricuted her with it.

The last robot called out.

Emergency alert. Lock-down initated. Calling Insitute Boss Mecha-Illithid to situation!

I know technically not a greek monster to go with thte greek theme, but I couldn't find any greek monsters assosiated with insanity.

The nurse tried to electrocute him.
d6 + 5 = 8
while Gadget tries to jump out the way.
d6 + 4 = 6

If hit, will not be harmed but will loose 1 point of endurance to armour.


The electric arm skated across his armor but thankfully it kept him relatively safe. While still holding onto Droid B, he thrusts it down onto the ground and uses his foot to stomp on its head.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 6 VS Droid DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 3


The droid was destroyed. And I forgot to do damage rolls for all of them, but I guess it doesn't matter since they wern't build for fighting anyway.

Despite the place being on "lock down", it appears the into the institute are jammed open. Perhaps a lucky glitch in their system? Eitherway you must hurry if you want to save Mystic.

>Luck roll, DC 7
If suceed, you end up in the observation deck overlooking Mystic's rehabilitation.

If fail, 2 more nurse-bots. And this time I won't forget the damage rolls.


I'm a little tired so I hope we can save Mystic pretty quick.

Luck 1d6 + 4 = 10 VS DC 7


File: 1552518238059.jpg (36.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Clockwork Orange.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I was going to do this gag when the upcoming Sonic movie trailer somes out, but I guess I'll have to reuse an ld Sonic meme

Mystic was strapped to a chair, he was wearing some device that kept his eyes open. His hands were bound together, as if holding a video game controller.
He was playing the 2006 game Sonic the Hedgehog one of the most critisized Sonic games of all times.


"Please! I don't want to play this horrible game anymore."

Two nurse-bots were administering drops in his eyes and appear to give him shock therepy whenever he stopped playing.

"This is the game you chose. You are a Sonic fan are you not? These are his games you enjoy."

"You made me choose between this shit, Lost World or Rise of Lyric, they're the worst Sonic games ever! SOTP THIS! GET ME OUT OF THIS!! HELP!!!"

We can stop now if you want, though I plan a boss battle next time.


Yeah it's getting a bit late now and I kinda want to just relax a bit. After I get Mystic out though.

While the two droids were distracted Gadget took advantage and struck the first one with a shot from his sling.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 VS DC 6 Or auto hit since it is a sneak attack DMG 1d3 = 1


I will allow the sneak attack to move it along but it will cost 2 sling shots.

Gadget shot one of the robots causing it to whir. It was still active though.
The other robot was surprised at the intruder and began to approach him.

He loaded his sling with another metal marble and shot at the approaching one.
d6 + 6 = 10 vs DC 6 dealing d6 = 1 damage (if hits).


For some reason, I cannot edit my posts, so I probably should of let you choose which robot you wanted to shoot at, or if at all.

I will allow you to either destroy a robot or make them both down to 1 hit points and have to hit them all individually.

Also, I can't edit my post for some reason.


2 shots for a single attack? That doesn't make sense, what is your justification?

Eh I'm not really sure what you did so I'm just gonna make to two rolls myself. Fuck it.

VS Droid A
Sling 1d6 + 6 = 11 VS DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 1

VS Droid B
Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7 VS DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 1


Alright I'm just tired. I'm gonna go now.


Nurse-bots have the health points of 2. The damage rolls for both surprise attack and proper attack were both 1.

And you made the same damage rolls again.

It's my fault for forgetting to damage roll the first three nurse-bots

Difficulty: 6 (Low because they're not built for combat.)
Hits: 1/2
Skill 1: Defibulator (Attack: 5)
Skill2: Sedative (Action 3) If hit, all stats get -1 for the duration of the fight. It will stack.

Both robots were half busted up but were still active. They turned to you and approach to attack with their defibs out.

d6 + 5 = 10
d6 + 5 = 8

You tried to jump out of the way of both of 'em.
d6 + 4 = 5
d6 + 4 = 9


One of the robots electrocuted you, but luckily the armour was insulated or something... -1 for it's endurance though.


Gadget target's Nursedroid A

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 11 VS DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 2


The robots head smashed.

Only one nurse remained.

d6 + 5 = 9

You tried to dodge it.
d6 + 5 = 10


Successful dodge! (Technically I should of made it d6+4 instead of d6+5 but given it would be a 9 it still counts.)
Would only take one hit to finish it off.


He attacks again.

Gadget 1d6 + 6 = 10 VS DC 6 DMG 1d3 = 1


File: 1552849133964.png (Spoiler Image, 118.89 KB, 1360x740, 68:37, Gadget Wainright.png) ImgOps Google

The robot got smashed. YOu could now free Mystic Monkey.

Also, now that I got PhotoShop back, I began working on this. If you want particular style. plumage, colour or hairstyle let me know.


He looks nice. I'll have to be sure to sketch something up soon but it will have to be pen and paper.

Gadget heads on over to the table that Mystic was on and tries to wring him free from it.

Gadget: "Mystic you're alright. Hold on I'll be able to get you out. We just don't have much time is all."


"They made me play all the Sonic games that had terrible ratings. They said if I behaved they would let me see upcoming trailers for the new Sonic movie coming out. THE HORROR!"


Gadget: "Come on now pull yourself together. Not like they took your limbs off to turn you into some sort of cyborg."

He gets Mystic Monkey back on his feet though the time for reunion was naught as they needed to vacate the area quickly lest they want Eggman to send a response team to this institute.

Gadget: "Mystic we have to leave now but before we go I need to know something. Did you perhaps see Boomer or Dancer around here? I found his map leading to this area but I haven't seen him myself."


[bGadget: "Come on now pull yourself together. Not like they took your limbs off to turn you into some sort of cyborg."

You can't just turn someone into a cyborg and then make them all normal in the next cutscene like that! It makes no sense!"

Gadget: "Mystic we have to leave now but before we go I need to know something. Did you perhaps see Boomer or Dancer around here? I found his map leading to this area but I haven't seen him myself."

Mystic: "Dude, I've been strapped here all this time playing shitty Sonic games."

Mystic noticed a new face in the room. A yellow bird wearing robots part.

Mystic: "Who's she?"

Melody: "Hi..."

*The sound of grinding and creeking metal can be heard from down the corridors, and it sounds like it was approaching."

Mystic: "I don't have my stuff! They locked it up somewhere."


Gadget: "Where is your stuff?"

With impending doom coming towards them, he takes his bag of marbles and throws it at the corridor entrances that had the noise in it. This should create an impromptu tripping trap to give them some time if they are attacked.


File: 1552850912409.png (3.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

You scattered the marbles down the corridor.

"The last thing I saw before they put me in here was a robot taking my stuff away this way."

"G-Gadget... what is that sound?"


Gadget: "Whatever it is, we're not gonna find out."

They all follow Mystic to wherever they were being taken too all the while Gadget listened behind them to hear how loud of a noise that the monster will make and about how far away it was.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 10


Gadget took a glance back as they ran down the corridor. He saw the corner turn of the corridor where the strobe lighting flicker. It produced a blanket of smog as it poured from wherever it waw and what looked like the shadow of tentacvles cast along the wall.

They reached a door wth the word "STORAGE" written on it. Mystic was shaking the locked door violently.
"I can't get it to open."

It would require a Power roll, Dfficulty of 9 to break it by force.

Mystic tries to elbow it.
d6 + 2 = 7+1


Mystic gave it a ram but other than a bruise arm the door was too reinforced and locked.


Gadget gives it a try with his leg.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 7 VS DC 9


Gadget: "Not gonna work."

Gadget gives his 3 foot iron rod to Mystic for him to use.

Gadget: "Mystic use this to get the locker open. Melody stand beside me and get your wings ready!"

From there he stood with his wing span spread out and waited for the smog monster to get close.


Mystic tok the iron rod and tried to pry the door open. It will take awhile for him to do it.

"U-um OK".

The strobe lights began to flicker before popping one after another. Whatever been going down the corridor after them has finally caught up with them. The only light provided was this eerie glow emmiting from the ornamentsin it's body.

>Boss Battle.
Difficulty: 9
Hits: 12
Skill1: Electric Tentacles (Attack: 5, Target: single) Kinda like those tentacles from Spider-man Doctor Octopus, but electrically charged.
Skill2: Mind Flay (Action: 3, Target: single) Roll Wisdom. If fail you will attack your partner.
A robot with a squid for a head.
It's body was mechanical and divided by three segments, it moved with mechanical tentacles for legs. Each leg seemed to be electrically charged.
It wore a cape, with a larged pop-collar and all. The cape perhaps provoided some protection.
It's face appears to be made from a white polymer like latex where you can just see the mechanical tendrils puppeting the tentacle like jowls, The cranium was protected behind a smokey-white glass and you can some colourful... pretty lights glowing through the head... so... so pretty... makes you want to...
You snapped your concentration back. Whatever this robot can do it can mess with your head.

I wanted to go with a "greek monster" theme for each boss robot but I couldn't find a greek creature that causes insanity, given the institute is made to brain-wash captured civilians and resistance members. So I went with the D&D monster instead that was next best thing.




Gadget along with Melody flapped their wings in an attempt to clear the smog around the Illithid.

Gadget Power 1d6 + 4 = 10


>Gave a surprise chirp and flapped her wings as hard as she can.

>Difficulty 9
d6 + 6 = 9

Together they manage to clear most of the fog. But this still gave the Mecha monster a chance to attack as it's metal tentacles went to wrap around you.

d6 + 4 = 7

You quickly try to jump out of the way as it coiled around you.
d6 + 4 = 8

If it catches you, you'll get crushed but the armour will endure d3 = 3 damage (instead of ring loss.

Sounds like Kirby inhaling ar 1:48.


So the smog does nothing.

Gadget lands deftly back onto the ground and prepared his shot.

Gadget: "Mystic how is that locker looking?"

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7 VS DC 9 DMG 1d3 = 3


Really just to look spooky.

"Working on it." Luck roll d6 + 5 = 6, DC 9.

Gadget took to attack it, the ball-bearing flew past it's maw of tentacles.

The Mecha Illithid looked at you with it's tendirls wiggling and it's head glowing different colours.

Mind Flay d6 + 3 = 5

If "hits", Gadget heres an echo in his mind, encouraging him to hurt his friends.
(Wisdom) dodge roll d6 + 2 = 5


Gadget grits his teeth trying to resist the mind flay attack. Keep it together and focus.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12 VS DC 9 1d3 = 3


Gadget lost another shot.

The mechanical monstrosity was still staring at him. Despite having no visable mouth, was it smiling in confidence? All it had to do was concentrate to break into Gadget's mind.

MInd flay d6 + 3 = 4
(Dodge roll d6 + 2 = 8)

Melody went to help Mystic try to break into the storage room.
Luck rolls d6 + 5 = 11 and d6 + 2 = 8


My second attack here.

Gadget: "Melody I need you front in center. If I start acting weird then make a highest pitch note you can sing to snap me out of it."

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 VS DC 9 DMG 1d3 = 1


G-got it! Hang on!
Breaks into the Storage room and grabs Melody and Gadget to retreat.

They were surrounded by lots of confiscated things. Mystic found his sword but could not find his rings.

"Here, take mine!"

Mystic and Melody now had 5 rings each. Mystic was ready to fight.

The monster crashed into the doorway and was trying to get in.

"Any plans Gadget?"

The metal marble hit the monster on the jowl, causing it to still be hurt.

Difficulty: 9
Hits: 8 /12
Skill1: Electric Tentacles (Attack: 5, Target: single) Kinda like those tentacles from Spider-man Doctor Octopus, but electrically charged.
Skill2: Mind Flay (Action: 4, Target: single) Roll Wisdom. If fail you will attack your partner.

It switched it's attention to another target... Melody.

Tentacles d6 + 5 = 7

She screams, but Mystic now being battle ready, jumps in to protects her (Guard).

Or pushes her out the way. d6 + 6 = 8


Gadget: "I lack resources and time to think. By all I've already nearly expended everything in my inventory and all of my plans are either wasted and does nothing."

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10 VS DC 9 DMG 1d3 = 1


It struck at it's body, now down to 7 /12 hits.

"There must be something in here you can use."
Honestly, I haven't really thought of anything else here of value other than a place for Mystic's sword. But I will be leniant for the sake of RPing.

The Mecha Illithid still had her sight set on the now terrified yellow bird.

Mind flay d6 + 4 = 8

She tries to resist. d6 + 3 = 7


I mean it just seems that I can't do any of my cool tactical stuff and the only thing really viable is the basic attack. There are no stores to buy what I could need or use. I'm just at a point where I don't know what to do.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7 VS DC 9 DMG 1d3 = 3


The monster was now down to 4 and was getting desperate.


Mystic attacks.
d6 + 4 = 10 (if hits d3 = 1 damage)

The Robot squid-face was aware that it could not nentally break any of them, so tries to break the monkey with it's tentacles.

d6 + 5 = 6

Mystic tries to dodge d6 + 6 = 10


Gadget: "Press the advantage."

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 11 DC 9 DMG 1d3 = 3


Gadget let of a sling right onto it's glowing cranium causing it to shatter through.

The monster began to writher in an uncomfortable manner as miniture explosions go off across it's body until there was nothing left but scrap.

"Thank goodness thats over with."

Mystic wipes his brow.


Gadget: "Yeah. Is everyone okay?"

He look around to see if it was true and then goes over to the locker to see what was inside.


"II'm alright."

"I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Mystic Monkey."

"I'm Melody. Gadget saved me from my prison yesturday."

"Yeah he's definately hero."

You are now free to explore the storage room, but it's perhaps best to leave the institute.


File: 1552856889696.gif (557.03 KB, 500x338, 250:169, 1533972855874.gif) ImgOps Google


Gadget: "Hero?"

He doesn't turn from his business while still looking in the locker.

Gadget: "I don't think I want to consider myself a hero. In fact I want to stay far from that title."


"Theres nothing wrong with being a hero Gadget. If you were not a hero, me and Melody would perhaps still be stuck in this city forever."


Gadget: "Would you consider Sonic and all those Resistance members to be heroes?"

He wasn't finding anything in the locker so he decides to leave, continuing the conversation while they walk. Right now he was looking for a spot to enter the sewers again.


"Well, yeah. I wanted to be a hero because I wanted to be like them."

Gadget finds a peculiar contraption called a "SCRAMBLER Mk.4". It appears to connect to his PDA and allows him to hack certain technology with a d6+4 roll.

There was also a length of rope. Unlike his old one, this rope was more dirtier and worn. It might not be as sturdy as the rope he had before.

He also found a cigerette lighter and... six bombs! They were small, black and round with small fuzes. These bombs can be "used" in battle to cause each and every enemy to take a d3+2 roll without the need of an attack roll. However depending on the location, Luck or dodge rolls maybe required.

There was also a bottle of Adabat Rum. An alcohol beverage from the tropical seas around Adabat.

Other items of interest were two capsules. One with a picture of a thumbs up, and one for a barrier shield.


Gadget: "I think you got the wrong role models then. Ever since I came to South Island, I've seen all of the destruction and carnage wrought by eggman but I what I don't see is Sonic and the Resistance sticking around to fix up the city. The citizen's lives are merely an afterthought to them as they take their crusade to Robotnik."

He takes all of the items and stores them into his inventory.


"The Resistance are here, remember? Boomer and his friends are trapped in this city. But they're still trying to put up a good fight.

And Sonic the Hedgehog maybe the fastest on the planet, but he isn't that good of a swimmer. He could be somewhere on the other side of the planet for all we know.

In fact, Sonic "chooses" to be a hero. His great speed allows him to run anywhere in the world he wants, in yet despite being the epithany of freedom he is still willing to stop and help others who are not as free or as happy as he is. He doesn't have to do that, but chooses to.
And thats what I respect about him. I may not be the fastest or coolest, but I still want to help others if I can just like him. Suely you must feel the same given you helped me and this new person."

"It's Melody."

"Melody, right. Point is, being a hero is about doing what you can to help, whenever it's me or Melody who were the victims, or helping other heroes who can't reach this place."


Gadget: "They are here but they weren't here in the city fixing up the streets and putting back people's lives. As for Sonic he does choose to be a hero when he can be but there are more important things than stopping Eggman every once in a while."

He looks for a window to see if he can look outside. I'm gonna go and get something to eat since I have some other things I gotta tend to today later. I'll see you around.


OK, we can continue when we can.

Melody: "Um... guys?"

Mystic: "Boomer does not make up the entirety of the Resistance. How can you not notice the Resistance members helping the citizens clean up the city? You've been there longer than I have. It was Boomers group who decided to check on Metal City which practically showed up after a few short days.
And Sonic does what he can to help. But he is only one blue hedgehog. I may be a big fan of his but even I don't see him godly. Surely you can't expect him to bare all the worlds burdens?
I don't know where Sonic is right now. I don't know why he is not here when clearly Dr. Eggman is. But regardless if this is a job for Sonic or not I'm still going to at least try to stop whatever Eggman is doing.


Resistance members on the streets? I would've figured that GUN and Resistance didn't get along, not work in tandem with one another.

Gadget can hear Melody try to intervene

Gadget: "What is it Melody? Did you find something?" Also I said Gadget looked outside a window. Please describe what he can see.


The relationship between GUN and Resistance is actually never really presented on in Sonic Forces given the only GUN members that were present in the game were Shadow, Rouge and E-123 Ω. The closest GUN itself was ever mentioned was in a cutscene in the DLC "Episode Shadow" where the reason why Team Dark got involved was because they were told by the Intelligence Division. In this global war, GUN was hardly mentioned at all which some fans found questionable given their usual involvement in past Sonic games.
GUN is like the S.H.I.E.L.D. of Sonic's world.

What we do know is that despite GUN more militant faction, is that they;'re pretty cool about a vigilante blue hedgehog running about the world saving the day.

>The window
Outside the barred windows, Gadget saw the metalic city surrounding the institute. There were two Egg Pawns patroling the area.

"I think I found something that could help us!"

She showed them an old cardboard box. the box had the word EGGMAN INDUSTRIES printed largely on it.

"Look..." She was pointing to what look like peculiar addresses. "Airport to Institute". Both locations had co-ordinates written on them.

Mystic: "I get it! Take a ship and fly towards the tower with the beacon in it! Dr. Eggman is bound to be there."


Gadget: "So you want us to hijack some sort of vehicle from the airport."

With his wings slightly flustered, Gadget eyes stared off out through the window thinking of the million things that could go wrong. The real reason of his hesitation though was the fact that he could not fly himself so the idea of getting into what is essentially a metal bird gave him some anxiety.

Gadget: "Alright... with those coordinates it should be easy enough to get there. Also judging by the Pawn's movements outside I would say our alarm has now worn off so enemies shouldn't be hunting us down."

He looks for a safe place to exit.


The options were the window, going the way they came in or finding another exit.

Mystic: "I think I have an idea on how we can get the bars off the window. I saw it in an old western movie once. Though we'll need a rag and something to soak it in."


Gadget: "Or... we could just murder-hobo the robots outside easy."

He shakes his head no.

Gadget: "Eh we'll go with your idea then. Only things that I have that are similar to what you need are my new-to-me rope and the map Boomer left."


"I dunno what murder-hobo is... but the rope might work dry while the paper would break when wet.

We make the rope into a loop and using your metal rod as leverage you'll be able to make a crushing mechanism to bend the bars with."

Gadget thought about it and figure that it would require a Power roll of DC 6 to pull off. And that if it works or not the strainious effort will bend the metal rod he has further by d3 = 2 endurance.


Gadget: "I'll do it."

He takes his iron rod back from Mystic and he does it.

Luck DC 1d6 + 4 = 6


"Oh yeah! My sword."
Looks around and finds it way at the back of the room.

Sorry, I miswritten something and edited previous post. But good news is...
Gadget began twisting at the bars and after awhile of twisting the bars began to give way. After awhile the bars popped off.

The rod he used was slightly bent as it lost 2 points of endurance.


And with that the party leaves and heads over to the airport.


But first they had to leave the Institute grounds and avoid the two guards patrolling the area.
Gadget had no problem sneaking by, but will have to help his friends get by without being noticed. If any of them make any noise that could distract the robot then it would be Gadget's luck if the robot will spot them.
>Difficulty 8 for each robot.

First robot to sneak by.
Melodys technique d6 + 4 = 7
Mystics technique d6 + 4 = 5
Gadgets luck d6 + 4 = 5

Second robot to sneak by.
Melodys technique d6 + 4 = 8
Mystics technique d6 + 4 = 10
Gadgets luck d6 + 4 = 5


They sneak by the Institute grounds. However as they were about to leave one of the Egg Pawns spot them and came into pursuit.

They had to dispatch it quick if they wanted to leave.

Egg Pawn
Difficulty: 7
Hits: 💥💥
Skills: Laser gun (Attack 3)
Often equipped with a laser gun. Can use other weapons and tools.which may increase attack value.


Gadget attacks it.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12 VS DC 7 DMG 1d3 = 2


I should of sorted out an attack order on who gets to attack first. but too late now.

At the cost of one of his metal propjectiles, the robot was quickly dispatched and our heroes went back into the metal city before the noise attracted anymore attention.

They made their way across the city, avoiding any robots
I'm not gonna roll for encounters and what not or we'll be here for awhile. However d30 = 24 can still be found floating about the city for collecting.
If you want to find anything of particular value, would require perception and luck rolls of 8, unless you want to go straight to the airport.


Gadget takes all of the rings for himself and they go to the airport.


File: 1552938869608.jpg (190.38 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Spaceport Shuttles.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mystic: "Oh.. OK. :|"
Given he and Melody only had 5 rings each, he was dissapointed Gadget did not want to share, but did not want to make a fuss about it. Melody and Myustic simply followed Gadget around the city as they approached the airport.

>The Airport.
The place was more of a spaceport than an airport given all the ships that were around. Lots of egg Pawns can be seen carrying crates and supplies to and from the ships. Some of these things were glass canisters containing megamack and other docking crates of various colours, pressumably to be dispatched to different parts of the city.


Gadget looks for the crates that had shipping labels on them that indicated that that they were headed to Eggman towers.

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 6


Gadget checked the crates but most of them were destined for locations that he had not heard of or were unmarked on the map he had. It would be a big risk to try and import themselves as cargo across the city.

Or they could try and get to the ship yard and try to "borrow" a means of transportation of their own.

Melody: "Y-you're not thinking of putting us in those... tight... confidend, dark cargo boxes are you?"


Gadget: "I guess not because some strange force is telling me that it is not a good idea and that we should hijack a plane."

He looks around for a small plane that will fit three mobians.


File: 1552940456966.png (2.52 MB, 1360x1536, 85:96, SonicRP ships.png) ImgOps Google

I mean, sure I got this whole thing planned. But I can make up some new stuff if you really want to do the cargo route. As you said GMs must prepare for players creative decisions.

They made it into the docking area of the ship yard. There are many battleships left over from the war.
Despite many lanes of battleships you cannot just go and take your pick amongst all of them. Too many robots around both patroling and unloading ships and all the other battleships are perhaps to be locked.

Except for these two ships. These ships looks practically forgotten and a bit dated from all the other ships. It would be easier to "borrow" any of these two.

FLYING BATTERY (top picture)

• It's computer interface is basic. Requires Technique Roll, Difficulty 6 to pilot it.
• Has powerful twin-laser weapon. Also can rain explosive barrels on enemies.
• Hardly makes any noise or exhaust. Should be able to leave the port without any noise.

• It's more of a blimp, though the balloon has protection. Still whats keeping them aloft is largely exposed.
• An older model, mostly a novelty based on the nostalgia of Flying Battery Zone.
• Pretty compact areas consist of a bridge and a battlestation, with an exposed walkway connecting both areas.

Melody pointed at the Flying Battery, "We should take that one!"
Mystic gave her an odd look, which embarrased her a little.
"Um... I know a bit on flying ships. my dad was an airship builder. This one looks older, I can perhaps fly it."

SHUTTLE (bottom picture)
ENDURANCE: 12 hits (gun 5 hits)

• Well armoured. Even the windows have blast shields.
• Armed with a turret for dog fights.
• Made for battle.

• It's computer interface is advance. Requires hacking or some form of method to pilot it.
• Bulky and no practical exit. Need Speed roll, Difficulty 7 to run from bridge to the loading bay if you need to abandon ship in a crisis.
• Turret is in exposed spot and has own hit-counter. A Luck roll is required whenever the ship is attacked. If failed, it will get a damage roll.

While Mystic did appreciate the classics, the Flying Battery was no... Flying Battery Zone, so he pointed toward the Shuttle.
"I doubt it will be smooth sailing from here. We should take this shuttle. Um... you do know how to fly, do you Gadget? S-sorry, that came out wrong, I mean given you're with GUN and all."

Mystic wanted the Shuttle, Melody wanted the Flying Battery. Gadget had the deciding vote on which ship they should take.


Yeah but any plan that I make up is more likely to fail or be in vain rather than it actually working so why put in the effort?

Gadget: "We're going to with the shuttle. Let's go."


I gotta go and pick up food for the family.


File: 1552941172980.jpg (155.34 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Shuttle.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The idea of going as cargo took me by surprise a little but I could make it work even with Melody's claustrophobia (she's been cages up for awhile so her fear is somewhat justified).
You can probably guess where I am going with why I gave these aircrafts endurance, so if you want to skip what I have planned entirely thats fine, though I'll have to make up a new route on the spot which will take me a bit of time to think but I can manage.
I think what I have in mind is "fun" but I dunno if it will be as fun as I imagine it to be.

The three snuck on board the Shuttle and proceed to the bridge. The windows blast shields are down and the console looked advance with diotes and buttons. Even Melody who is familiar with aircrafts, simply shrugs her shoulders given how advance this ship is.

The only thing that Gadget recognises is a USB port where it looks like he can use his Scrambler on. It would take some auto-hacking to get the ship going.
>Difficulty 8


You still there? Or want to take a break?

Oh sorry, I didn't read your last post about food for your family.
I don't mind if you want to take a break for tonight but I'd rather we play just a bit more up until the start of things.
(But we can do the cargo route if you want given I thought up how it can work out.)


I just got back so I'm gonna eat my food now. So yes I'm done for the day.


Ah OK. Also sorry if my gameplay is a bit linear. It's my fault on that. I am trying to keep it as flexible as I can in mind but for some reason, I'm not as imaginative as I once were when I was younger.


Gadget: "Just give me a minute and I'll see what I can do to get this thing up and running."

He sits down at the pilot's seat in front of the complex console. Seeing all of the widgets, buttons, and just simply a multitude of mechanical buttons and dials, he wonders this is what the GUN pilot had to deal with when he was shipping Gadget and the rest of his deployment to South Island. Thoughts of that though are pushed to the side as he wanted to concentrate on his PDA. From there he inserts his USB cable and starts to work on the device.

Hack DC 8
Tach 1d6 + 6 = 10 PDA 1d6 + 4 = 10


The Scrambler did it's thing and on the PDA it displays information that was looking more familiar to him from his maintanance training with GUNs Air Fleet. After accessing a program the ships console began to light up and the engines began to whirr.
"You did it! Incredible!" Melody was impressed.

The ship began to feel lighter as if about to rise. Melody quickly went to the steering wheel, as if fearing the ship will crash and cause a scene.
"I-I don't know how to drive this properly..."
Through his PDA, Gadget was able to switch the controls to "
" which disabled the unneeded bells and whistles of the ships console and would allow Melody to pilot with her basic knowledge on piloting airships.

Melody took a short breath. "OK, here goes." Melody switched on the thrusters which roared.
>Luck roll, DC 7.
Mystic d6 + 5 = 9
Gadget d6 + 5 = 8
Melody d6 + 2 = 8


Melody was not used to steering such a ship but she carefully made the ship rise and neatly moved the ship smoothly through the air and leave the airport with ease without causing any suspicion.

This leaves the boys free to look around the ship. Gadget found 3 spare ship parts. While his skill in crafting was mostly improvision, With a Technique roll of 6 he would be able to repair d3+2 on either the hull of the ship or the gun turret no problem (if failed, he will drop the part , but can still pick it up and use it next round). Not that a fly over the city would need repairs for any discernable reasons.

Mystic found the controls for the turrets. It was a lot like a video game joystick controller. All he had to do was lock on to targets and push the button while the homing-shots will do the rest.
WEAPON: Lock-on (Attack: 5, can fire at three targets simultainiously.)

Not that he will ever need to use this weapon because they need to take-off discreetly and fly over the city without causing a stirr.


He starts to go around the ship and work on the individual parts across the ship and tried to discuss a sort of plan with Melody and Mystic.

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 8 DC 6 Parts 1d3 + 2 = 3

Gadget: "We'll try to land at the highest platform on the tower so we can reach Eggman quickly but we will have to find an actual landing pad unless we want to cause trouble. Heck... Maybe we should since Eggman likes to appear when there's trouble around involving us mobians. Still though let's go with the advantage of silence."


As they flew off to the skies while Melody was driving.
"Did you knew she could drive airships?"


Gadget: "No all I know is that she is a singer."

So what happened to the parts I'm trying to repair?


I will explain later. Right now I figure the two can chat for awhile until the upcoming storm.

"She sings and knows about ships? You sure have keen interest in ladies."


He doesn't say anything but rather crosses his wing/arms across his chest as his mind wanders in imagination and speculation. His eyes were fixed though as they focused on some corner of the room to give himself something to look at while he thought.

Gadget: "She's a talented woman for certain, especially one who was captured. I have to say it's amazing she survived this long before we arrived."


File: 1553453005289.jpg (31.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, U like KP dont U.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"You like her, don't you?"


Gadget: "I will say that I have my eye on her."

He starts to tinker on one of the wall panels nearby to make sure the systems were in working order.

Gadget: "Hey do you know what still needs to be done around the ship? We still need to be doing work now since we are about to get into some dangerous combat when we get to the tower."


File: 1553453566733.jpg (155.34 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Shuttle.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Well the ship seems a bit old but other than that it looks fine.
Besides, you're good at fixing things. If anything breaks you can repair it, you have those spare parts right?"

If anything was damage, whenever be the ship itself or the turret which he can conveniantly reach from inside the ship, he can repair it with a ship part by a Tech roll of 6 Only Gadget can do the repairs given his crafting ability.
However if the roll fumbles then will have to wait for a chance to repair it again.


Gadget: "Alright then with me on repairs, Melody at the helm that leaves you to be manning the weapons on the ship. Turret control is a lot different than swinging a sword around at a robot, are you sure you can handle it?"

Gadget is also feeling around in his backpack at all of the stuff he has. His feathers then brush against his rope and then he looks outside through a nearby window.


File: 1553454038916.png (93.39 KB, 431x385, 431:385, Hint Ring.png) ImgOps Google

I'm going to start the "event" now, but I want to go out for pizza first. I dunno how long or even if it's gonna be all that fun so if you want to do something or get something ready now will be ideal.


I have an idea of what I'm gonna do so I will wait for your next post.


Sorry that took longer than expected. Only pizza place in town and it doesn't deliver.

As Melody steered the ship, singing a more upbeat serenade as she steers towards their destination, all of a sudden a static buzzing was heard over the intercom followed by an a robotic sounding voice.
"*kzzt* -received, engaging on rendezvous in airspace. Intruders will be destroyed."

Melody stopped singing "Uh guys... they found us."

The clouds around them were grey as a storm was coming and the sound of thunder can be heard rolling. Throughout the clouds fighter jet robots began to swarm around them and began firing. But it wasn't just fighter jets, something else was flying in the clouds.
"T-This is too much! This is madness for us to ride the ship into this..." Melody stopped herself from panicing, "But let's do it, no matter what! right?"

The enemies will come in four waves. Fighting them like usual combat (slings and swords) will be impractical given the situation, so you'll have to fight them with the ships weapons.
Step 1. Begin with a Speed roll attack initiive. Determines who will attack first.
Step 2. If in ideal position, attack with one of the ships available weapons.
Step 3. Endure enemy attack. If they are successful in any of their hits, then they will cause 1d3 of damage to the ship. Also do a Luck roll against enemy Difficulty Number in case they hit the turret. If Luck roll failed then the turret will get it's own 1d3 damage roll.
Step 4. Roleplay if needed for the situation. Such as moving the ship in necessary attack formation, repairing the ship itself or the weapon or anything that can help.
Step 5. Repeat from Step 1 until all enemies are gone and all waves are cleared.


File: 1553457233363.jpg (130.24 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Jet fighter.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Speed roll, DC 6 (attack initive)

Jet Fighter
Difficulty: 9
Hits: 💥/1
Skill: Gatling (Attack: 3) Shoots a rapid-fire of lasers at you.

Theres five of them flying around. And given how fast they flew it be hard to get a hit on them. But just because you were the larger and slower target, they too had to be in range in order to shoot.


Speed DC 6
Gadget 1d6 + 2 = 7
Mystic 1d6 + 6 = 7

I don't know Melody's stats. Also you should go ahead and do initiative rolls automatically to save on time. Another note when rolling for initiative it is usually competing rolls rather than against a DC but I'm sure this will be fine.

Gadget: "Get ready to engage the enemy."


Step 2. Attack phase.

Mystic attempted to lock on t three of the five fighter planes flying about.

Attack: d6 + 5 = 11, d6 + 5 = 7, d6 + 5 = 9


Mystic manages to shoot down two of the planes.
Only three remained and these planes began attacking.

Given this is an aerial fight in a large ship theres little chance for dodge rolls.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit ship d3 = 3 damage)
Luck [6+5] (if hit turret d3 = 2 damage)

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 7 (if hit ship d3 = 2 damage)
Luck [6+5] (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit ship d3 = 2 damage)
Luck [6+5] (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)


(damn luck rolls)
They were flying about too fast for them to get a direct hit on the large target.

>Jet 1
Luck d6 + 5 = 9 (if hit turret d3 = 2 damage)

>Jet 1
Luck d6 + 5 = 7 (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)

>Jet 1
Luck d6 + 5 = 11 (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)


The turret gets scraped by some bullet and is down to 4 hit points. Other than that the rest of the ship didn't take any hits.



Gadget: "Turret taking damage! Melody hold the ship steady while I work on it."

He moves up to the turret Mystic was sitting at and moves him aside so Gadget can work. There he looked at the weapon systems and tried to get a diagnostics on it.

Gadget: "You see here Mystic? Hull damage and the barrels are overheated. Try doing short burst fire and you'll save us on some damage."

He takes out his repair kit, sweat beading down his brow and started to work on the damage wrought on by the ships. Successful or not he would jump out of the way so Mystic can fire again.

Improvision with spare part

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 11


"Understood, theres only three of them left, I can perhaps lock on and take 'em all down."

Gadget repaired the turret but it cost him 11 spare ship part.Given

Gadget is captaining this fight, Speed rolls are based on him.
Gadget d6 + 2 = 4


>The jet righters were fast and agile and quickly began opening fire again.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit ship d3 = 3 damage)
Luck d6 + 5 = 7 (if hit turret d3 = 2 damage)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit ship d3 = 3 damage)
Luck d6 + 5 = 11 (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)

>Jet 3
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit ship d3 = 2 damage)
Luck d6 + 5 = 8 (if hit turret d3 = 1 damage)


A hit from one of the fighters. It ripped 3 points from the hull of the ship and nipped a point from the turret.
Ship: 9/12
Turret: 3/4

Mystic tried to lock on and fire homing shots at the three remaining jets.
Attack: d6 + 5 = 8, d6 + 5 = 8, d6 + 5 = 10


He got one! Only two jets remain.

(Stage 4)
I know we took some hits. But perhaps you should save some of those spare parts in case things get hairy?

Though even if we lose the dog fight, it's not a game over. I prepared for win or lose outcomes.


Gadget: "Hold fast then, I got an idea though I'm not ready yet to go for it. Not until we're in the eleventh hour. Just keep firing on them."

He leaves the turret area alone and he heads over to the pilot's area to check on Melody.

Gadget: "You got this down here? We may need to start employing evasive maneuvers so that we can spare ourselves the damage."


If you want, you can do the initive roll with your speed at every "Stage 4" moment. It will feel less automated and less multi-posting for me.
I have a feeling this sky fight scenario would work best at an actual table than just post by post.

Gadget's speed d6 + 2 = 3 for Iniative


The enemy jets open fire.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 4 (if hit ship d3 = 2 damage)
Luck d6 + 5 = 10 (if hit turret d3 = 2 damage)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit ship d3 = 3 damage)
Luck d6 + 5 = 8 (if hit turret d3 = 3 damage)

Mystic attempts to attack again.
d6 + 5 = 6
d6 + 5 = 11


One jet strikes the ship, ripping along it's haul with bullets.

The other jet attacked the turret. The turret was still functioning but was a mess.

Ship: 6/12
Turret: 1/4

Mystic returned fire and manage to hit one of them. With just a single jet flying around.


He heads back up to the turret.

Gadget: "Mystic why aren't you killing them?"

Why does Mystic fire the gun with his luck stat? Does like all the guns in this game go off of luck? Also why does everyone rely on my Speed? Have them work independently

Gadget takes the reigns and fires away.

Luck 1d6 + 4 = 5 DC 9


Actually the gun has it's very own stat that I'm firing with. When the enemy attacks it's your luck that I'm rolling with.
(Checks stat sheets and realise he's been reading the wrong stat sheet all this time) well... shit.

Which now that I think about it, rolling by your speed and not giving the ship it's own speed stat is kind of stupid of my foresight preparing this side-game.

"I already got most of them!"
The last jet fighter swooped in for an attack.

>Jet Fighter
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit ship d3 = 2 damage)
Luck d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit turret d3 = 2 damage)


Speed 1d6 + 2 = 8

Gadget: "Hold, I'm gonna get this fixed."

Works on the turret.

Tech 1d6 + 6 = 12


Gadget manage to repair d3 = 2 to the turret and not a moment too soon as the little bugger began firing again.

>Jet Fighter
Attack d6 + 3 = 7 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the gun)

Mystic takes back the turret and tries to fire at the last guy as it flies over.
d6 + 4 = 10


To sum up the repairs and damage:
Ship: 6/12
Turret: 3/4

Mystic got the last blighter. The crew can take a breif moment before Eggman sends his second wave.

"That was hectic!"


Gadget: "Mystic get what you need to get ready and shoot them down if you can. I'm going topside."

I want to have Gadget use his rope and fasten himself to the ship and ride on top of the hull. Is there a safe place I can exit the ship?


File: 1553461593971.jpg (147.1 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Battleship red small.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I can make one. Also I decided to give you +2 ship parts and will reduce the number of waves down to just three. I don't want to be a soft GM but I don't want this to this to last for too long.

Mystic: "OK, I will try."

Melody: "What is he doing?"

Mystic: "I don't know, just keep the ship steady."

Speed roll, DC 7 (attack initive)

Difficulty: 8
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/9
Skill: Sentry (Attack: 3) does d6 damage to the ship and if failed luck roll d3 to the gun.

1 Battleship
3 Jet Fighters

Iniative d6 + 2 = 6 DC 7


As Gadget climbed out on the hull of the ship, he sees a battleship with three other jet fighters flying from it appraching. He ducked down as they open fire.

>Battleship 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/9
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit does d6 = 2 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 9 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 4 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the gun)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 8 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 7 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the gun)

>Jet 3
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)


There's another wave after this one? You sure we're gonna last that long?

Gadgets heads to the exit of the ship and air seals it behind him so that he doesn't disrupt the cabin. From there he takes out his barrier capsule and uses it on himself then fastens his rope to the interior part of the exit. After this he opens the door to the outside and braces himself against the sudden impact of wind. Determined he climbs atop of the ship carefully and looked back at their chasers.

Gadget: "There's hell to pay and we are gonna bring it to Robotnik's tower whether you like it or not."

He then takes out all of his bombs and throws all of them at the ships behind the shuttle.

1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 1
1d3 = 1


Probably not. It's not one of those "you're suppose to fail" moments but even I thought this was gonna be a bit easier.

Ho boy, I'm probably gonna misread some of this I'll have to slowly read and becareful not to make any mistakes than rush it.

The Battleship blasted it's laser which barely missed the actual ship but it destroyed the weapon.

Ship: 1/12
Turret: 0/4 (but can still be repairable)
"Shit! The gun is dead!"

Melody: "And the ship is about to be destroyed. We're going to fall arn't we?"

Gadget got to the top of the ship and threw all his bombs out.
By sheer luck and coincidence (because no way I'm calculating and rolling for all that) the bombs fell into the battleship causing it to fall from the sky.

Melody who witness Gadget sink a ship was hollaring like a crazy bird over how he took down a ship like that.

Mystic: "That was amazing Gadget, but can you quickly repair do some repairs while you're there?"

(Just for this turn, and because of the oppotunity of hanging from the outside of the ship where the damage is, I will allow him to use 2 spare ship parts to repair with, but if you fail the tech rolls those ship parts are forever lost. Please include the "if repair d3" rolls if you want to do both or one or the other.)


Given he had some time he works about the hull of the ship and tries to repair it to the best of his abilities but he already came to terms if they were gonna lose the ship. Despite this he still does his best to make repairs.

Repair Hull 1d6 + 6 = 7 1d3 = 1
Repair Gun 1d6 + 6 = 7 1d3 = 3


Ship: 2/12
Turret: 3/4

Mystic wasted no time on opening fire at the last remaining jets.
Attack: d6 + 5 = 8, d6 + 5 = 6, d6 + 5 = 6 DC 9

I know I am breaking my own rules with skipping the iniative roll but I figure if we don't fall now we probably will sooner or later.


Well... shit.
Mystic misses as the three fighters open fire.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 5 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the gun)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the gun)

>Jet 3
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)


Ship: 0/12
Turret: 2/4

RED ALERT lights began to flash as things were starting to get real bad. Either Gadget tries to repair the ship with his last spare part (Tech roll, DC 5) or they all try to abandon ship. (Speed roll, Difficulty 7 for each of them.)


How close are we to the tower?

He goes back inside and tries to make the repairs from there.

Gadget: "Everyone get ready to bail from the ship. This is gonna get messy."

Repair Ship 1d6 + 6 = 9 1d3 = 3


He manages to repair some of the ship.
Ship: 0/12
Turret: 2/4

Mysic open fire again on the enemy jets.
d6 + 5 = 6, d6 + 5 = 7, d6 + 5 = 11


"I got one!"

The last two jets attack.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 5 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)


Ship: 3/12
Turret: 0/4

Mystic gets out of the turret cockpit. Melody however was still calmly driving the ship despite all the carnage.
"It's all out, what should we do?"


Again how close are we to the tower? Please answer.

Gadget: "Get Melody and evacuate the ship as safely as possible. As for me I'm gonna take the ship and ram it into the tower. My barrier will keep my safe as I jump ship as well at the last moment."


In a series of events, I think we're nearly there.

As Gadget approaches the controls, he finds that they are already locked down and on a direct course to crash into Scrap Brain.

Melody: "Great minds think alike, huh honey?"
Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.


>Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.

>Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.

Gadget: "I need it fixed onto the tower. If you got it then lets go if not make the changes now."


She pulled her hand from the USB, covering the metalic nub of her finger.

"Sorry Gadget, but I've set this ship to crash. It is pretty much what I am programmed to do. To sink ships."

The last thing Gadget saw was her pretty smile. As if everything was fine in the world for her.
But for Gadget and Mystic, everything was not fine.

The blast shields slammed shut and the whole ship capside making them all loose their rings.

>Recovery rolls.
Gadget d44 = 38 (since Mystic also looses his rings and has a chance to collect them.)

His mind was hazy and his head pounding like a punch to the face from the Mecha-taur. He was very uncomfortable given he was lying on wreckage. If it were not for his robot-armour he might have have a shaft of metal right into where it shouldn't be.

The ship crashed upside down and was crumpled up from the crash. If he wants to know where in the city he was, he'll have to find a way out.


My barrier should've prevented any ring loss for myself.

She was a robot wasn't she? You had your suspicions of treachery but you acted too late.

Gadget's eyes bloodshot looked up at the wreckage above him trying to catch a glimpse of the sky as best he could. Where was Mystic and what became of Melody. He gets up and makes an attempt to get out of what remained of the Shuttle.


I'm gonna go now. Gotta take a bath before I do my other stuff today. I'll be on tomorrow.


I will allow you to keep your rings. But none of your shields were ticked. Though I will admit I am doing a poor job at keeping track of things.

On the back of the ship, he could hear her singing and the sounds of machinery whirring. As he goes to the other side of the ship he sees her, or whats left of her. Her "skin" was peeled off from her exoskeleton and her metalic face can be seen. She is casually repairing herself with ship parts.

Mystic was in the corner, grabbing his leg in pain.

Mystic: "Why? Why would you do this to us?"

Melody: "Because... I sink ships. I sing to lure in anyone foolish enough to come my way and I lead them to their demise."

Mystic: "You're not- ow!"

Melody: "You better keep off that leg. Don't worry, I'll make sure you and Gadget are off for good."

Mystic: "He liked you, how could you have done this to him?"

Melody: "My charm is all part of it, my ability to get you to do whatever I want... now rest now..."

Medlody sang his song which sent Mystic into a lulled state.
Mystic: "Y-yes... I am tired."

Melody contrinued her self-repairs, attaching her own "spare parts" to herself and parts of the wreckage.


Gadget quickly ducks behind some of the rubble around and spies on them in secret. He could see her metallic face and how she had managed to hypnotize Mystic and lull him into a slumber. He gritted his beak that his ally was injured but it was also a boon that it was the case for that meant Mystic wouldn't be forced to fight him. At least Gadget hoped so.

She's hypnotic and with a blast of her song I may as well be done for. I have my adabat rum... a drunken state might be able to resist the song's effects or make it worse. No too risky for now, the best call is...

After a mental debate with himself, Gadget would circle around and try to sneak up onto Melody from behind.

Rogue Tech 1d6 + 6 = 9


She seem to be finished with her "repairs" and rises from her spot like some sort of metal demon.

Difficulty: 7
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/14
Skill1: Knifeathers (Attack: 4, Target: single) Able to attack with the blades along her body.
Skill2: Charm (Ability: 5, Target: all) Target must do a Wisdom roll. If fail then they miss a go and unable to dodge.

She still hasn't noticed you yet.


File: 1553537940418.jpg (62.53 KB, 460x690, 2:3, tsns.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Gadget: "I'm back from the dead."

She turns around and can see him towering over her, his eyes hot with the fury of a demon. His right arm was raised overhead and was already being thrown down with a sling following close behind his fist. In the sling was ofcourse one of his bullets and he was using it as a flail.

Should be auto since it is a sneak attack but just in case.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 8 DMG 1d3 = 1


He strikes her across the back of her head.

Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/14

"Honey, if if that fall didn't even kill your friend I had a feeling I'd be dragging you our and hanging you up myself.

But it's a really nothing personal baby, thats just how I'm built. But even as I am, you still like me don't you?"

Trying to charm him with sweet words and her robotic beauty.
>Charm d6 + 5 = 11 DC 7


Forgot to do your Wisdom roll for dodge. Hold on.

Gadget tries to resist her temptation. d6 + 5 = 7 DC 7


Gadget: "Not much you snake."

He readies his sling.

Gadget: "I had always wondered about you and how strange it was just for you to show up. A bird in a cage in the city for a few days even though this city had appeared just recently. Not to mention that we were hounded by Robotnik after freeing you from your cage. You've been giving our position away ever since you joined up with me."

With a quick snap, he lets a bullet fly.

1d6 + 6 = 11 DMG 1d3 = 2

Just have them contest their rolls like this

Melody 1d6 + 5 = 6 VS Gadget 1d6 + 2 = 4


Gadget took another whack at her, dealing off two hits.

"Sorry baby-bird. It's just what I do."

She spread her wings and shoot her feather like knives at her, however the confines of the shuttle made it difficult for her to aim and she miss.

"Ever since Eggman took that book from Apotos on mythological creatures, he based his latest series of Boss Badniks on us. As a siren, I sing my song and any foolish unwittled heroes that come along, I bring to their doom!"

Gadget attacks again, this time she dodged his attack.

"Na-ah-ah. Play nice!"

She shoots her sharp metal feathers at him again.
>Attack d6 + 5 = 10 DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Dodge (Jump) d6 + 4 = 8 DC 7
(If hit then d3 damage to his armour. Come to think about it, also d3 damage from the crash.)


Gadget: "I'm not impressed, you may have the background of some powerful god or monster but you're nothing, just some cheap imitation built of a metal plates and bolts and from what I hear..."

He takes up another shot at her.

1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 1




This time Gadget let the sling go and the metal shot striked right into her face knocking her back a bit. She covered her now broken optic sensor. She looked, somewhat upset but this.

She flares up in robotic rage and attacked with her knifeathers.
>Attack d6 + 5 = 11 10 DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Dodge (Jump) d6 + 4 = 7 8 DC 7


Her feathers bflew like knives towards Gadget, who dartly jumps out of the way.

"Stay still so I can kill you!"


Finishing his sentence after the hit against melody.

Gadget: "Dr. Robotniks machinations are shoddy at best."

A flurry of knife like feather zip past him only like cutting across his cheek leaving a slight scratch but otherwise unharmed.

Gadget: "You've got a lot more to worry about than me just standing still."

He takes another sling shot at her, this time putting all of his strength into this one attack

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12 DMG 1d3 = 1

I know I'm being a bit bland here with my attacks but I got a finisher ready to go when her health gets low enough.



This time it striked her shoulder.
"I am Dr. Eggman finest creation. I'm more lady than machine you could ever handle!"

>Knifeathers d6 + 5 = 8  DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Gadget Dodges (Jump) d6 + 4 = 5 DC 7

"Besides, not that you could even understand how to handle a piece of sensetive equipment such as me."

Mystic who was still with a sprained ankle, tries to get up and join the fight.
"Sensetive equipment? More like heavy machinery!"
>Mystic Attacks d6 + 4 = 6 DC 7 (if hits d3 = 1 dmg)


Melody: "YOU BE QUIET!"

The feathers strike at Gadget causing him to lose d3 = 3 endurance to his armour.
(including d3 = 3 from the crash earlier)

Melody: "GOT YOU!" Wearing the corse of my brethern to shield your soft, wretched flesh. How pathetic."


Gadget: "You're nothing but tools to be used by creatures like me and Robotnik."

His armor broken and fallen off, he scrapes up together some of the metallic feathers used against him and he hurls them back at Melody to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10 DMG 1d3 = 2

Gadget: "Mystic if you have it, use your sword to cut off her arms."


"I serve Dr. Eggman because that is what I do. But I am more than a tool. I- I-"

She puts on her charm. Trying to get them under her control again.

>Mecha-Siren's Charm d6 + 5 = 6 DC 7
>Gadget Dodges (Wisdom) d6 + 2 = 7
>Mystic Dodges (Wisdom)  d6 + 4 = 6

"-You thought I was real. You didn't think of me nothing as a tool. Or does that not matter to you anymore now that I am not the perfect girl you thought I was?"


Due to Mysic's leg, he was not able to do any dodge rolls. But still tries to strike at the joint-structure of the Mecha-Siren's arm.

>Mystic's Attack d6 + 4 = 6 DC 7 (if hit d3 = 1 dmg)


Gadget: "No..."

Gadget goes ahead and puts his sling away.

Gadget: "I know you're kind. You try to pull at the morals of heroes to lead them to their death. People can happily think of stories about individuals overcoming their reservations, converting the bad guy to good but in reality this does not exist. Only a fool would show an enemy mercy especially after you had tried to get us killed on multiple occasions.


He pulls out the iron rod and holds it backwards like a knife. With an overhead thrust, Gadget attempts to ram the rod through Melody's shoulder and chest.

Gadget Power 1d6 + 4 = 8



I typed that as "your" Why Ponyville?


Too late, I'm counting Royal Canterlot Voice speech.

This got her completely as a surprise and did 2d3 = 5 to her as she was impaled. She was in complete shock as her "charm" became disabled.



She flails her knifeathers around. This time spreading her range towards both Mystic and Gadget.

>Mecha-Siren's Knifeathers d6 + 5 = 9 DC 7
>Gadget dodges (Jump) d6 + 4 = 7
>Mystic is unable to dodge.


Her attack stabs at you, causing your rings to fly everywhere.

You can either try to finish her off with an attack, or try to recover your rings (with a d# ammount you lost.)


*But you retain 3 rings, but loose d3 = 3 to your hard hats endurance.


I'd think she's down to 2 HP since Mystic did 1 damage here. >>17031


The feathers stab into him all about his body, primarily his chest and legs but the wounds themselves were minor. Despite this the sound of gold splashed all around him and he faltered back in pain.

What are you here for?

What are you here for?


Gadget: "T-To kill all of you!"

He jumps up into the air and lands his right foot into Melody's chest and digs in his claws, forcing her to be pinned to the ground. Her vision is distorted but Melody could swear that in this very moment it wasn't Gadget who was on top of her but rather a monster.

He then takes his sling and uses it to crush in her head with a bullet.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 5 DMG 1d3 = 1

If it kills you can keep her alive so that they can talk one last time.


Her body was a mess now. She was still active but could no longer fight in her current condition.

Her voice box was a garbled mess, but he can just make out some words.
W-w-wha-w-what are you- he-he-he-here for?

With her good arm left, she lifts it and points towards Mystic. He was skewn with her razor sharp feathers. Given she confiscated his rings and was limping, Mystic had nothing to protect him from her attack.


Oh I should've mentioned this but everything in italics is Gadet's thoughts or memories. I don't think Melody would be able to repeat his thoughts perfectly unless it ties into her mind control ability. If that's the case then it makes perfect sense.

Gadget puts his left foot down onto the robot and with his talons he has that part of her body pinned too.

Gadget: "It's over for you. We won. Tell me where we are and where Eggman is."


Her voice box still being garbled, she points from Mystic towards the shuttles cargo doors.


Gadget: "Mystic go check that out, I'll keep her down."


File: 1553545025191.jpg (167.87 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Boomer he protec.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mystic gets up from being a mangled mess on the floor.


He gets up and effortlessly goes to open the door.

He technically died, but at best he was now down to two lives in total but had no rings.

Gadget had rings but given he did not pick them up when lost, he was down to just three rings that his hard hat retained for him. (the hat itself had 15 endurance left.)

Mystic opens the shuttle doors but they were jammed. After some heaving he got them open to reveal they were in Scrap Brain, the oldest part of Metal city where the industrial factors are rusted and green from being long abandoned. Not far away was the tower where the shining pink beacon of light shone from afar.

They also saw a familiar face pop there heads out from the side of one the buildings.

Boomer: It's you dudes!


He does in the final blow and then rips off her faceplate. From there he takes out his PDA and hooks it into the data storage area of her hardware and downloads the AI files that composed of Melody onto his device. Gadget also make's sure that the AI files can only be accessed through security measure so that Melody couldn't infect his PDA. He then destroys the original AI that was still in the robot.

After this he goes up to greet Boomer but Gadget didn't look to be in the best of moods right now.

Gadget: "To be honest I figured that you and Dancer were either turned into robots or simply killed outright. How did you find us?"


>Files downloaded
Boss Machines

Assigned to the underground tunnels.

Assigned to the institute to assist in Robotomy Treatment.

Use alluring singing and beauty and lead them into death.

Hyper-go-on powered mecha-mongral that uses newly discovered wisp.

Elite patrol unit that runs throughout the city.


The ultimate weapon to be used against the city. Biggest Death Egg Robot ever constructed.

Boomer: "We we're digging out tunnels to get better access around the city. When we came above ground we saw this big fighting going on in the sky. When your ship came down we didn't know what to do other than prepare for whatever that was going to come out. Thank goodness it's you guys."

Mystic: "Where are we? This place looks more of a sorry-sdtate than the rest of the city."

Boomer: "This part of the city was once called Scrap Brain Zone. It was one of Dr. eggmans earliest, perhaps first capital ages a go. Now it's left in ruins. Not to say that isn't part of the city and not have any robots, traps and dangers around the place. Even abandoned factories can be justa s dangerous as productive factories.


I feel right here is a good place to stop. I keep getting distracted really.

Gadget: "If you've been digging tunnels then perhaps maybe you've secured a way to Eggman's tower or at the very least you know where to go from here."


File: 1553547738814.png (3.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MortarCanyonProfile.png) ImgOps Google

It would be ideal given I can revise the book some more. Let's break here.

Boomer: I do! In fact I have these schematics to the Imperial Tower.


File: 1553551957224.jpg (309.08 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Eggman Empire Fortress.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

A better picture of Eggman Empire Fortress.

This is also what Scrap Brain Zone looks like:
Only imagine it long abandoned. With industrial factories falling apart and metal covered in rusts and such.


The parakeet mechanic looks around at their decrepit surroundings and he soon comes to hate himself for dumping all of his bombs in that one single attack against that flyer. Could've chucked one at piece of infrastructure above the enemy and topple them over with rubble. No... the bombs were well spent, better that thing dead then some opportunity here.

Gadget: "Here let's follow up to the tower using the map. We'll just have to be careful moving through the ruins to get there."

And with that and Gadget in lead, the party moves to get to the tower. They of course move in a careful fashion with Gadget's eyes dart to and fro between the intersecting streets and broken windows.

Is Dancer there?


The imperial schematics show that the fortress is heavily fortified. It also indicates that despite the various factories and plants throughout the city, the schematics show that the power is coming from this tower, with some sort of stripey hexahon symbol showing the source.

The schematics also indicate the various robots, badniks and egg pawns that operate in the city, from maintanance robots to attack and defence. A particular robot that catches his eye is "Sentinels", large egg-shaped robots. There are two of them that patrol throughout the city and appear to be second ranked below Master Robots.


Gadget: "I'm curious as to whether or not these enemy patrol detailed on the map are still active. Almost the entire city I'll bet has gone to shit so the maintenance is definitely down. I'd even go as far as to say that Eggman isn't as well prepared to make a mass assault against the city again... perhaps he doesn't. Could be the chance that he is looking to recover something here."

They continue on their way.


As they continue they hear the sound of robots and machinery. As they look round the corner it was 3 Egg Knights and 2 Egg Pawns. One of the pawns were armed with a blow-torch and the other had large metal plates.

Boomer: "I can clear 'em out with my Wispon no problem."

Mystic: "Wait! Isn't it weird they're the only robots around Scrap Brain? I mean this place looks long abandoned."


Gadget: "After all that we have done so far, it would be normal for Robotnik to send out some patrols to make sure we don't reach him in the tower."

He looks at their adversaries and was very hesitant to engage them outright given their weakened state and circumstances. They were at disadvantage if you didn't count Boomer's Wispon.

Gadget: "Doubtful there's a way around them so we have to engage them. Boomer try to climb up a nearby building while we attack them. Once you get to a good vantage point, dive down with your wispon and take out those we haven't killed yet. Mystic, Dancer If she's there. If not then she's probably dead we'll have to try and get the pawn with the flamer behind his allies. Could be the chance that it will cook his friends by mistake."


She ain't dead, just not present.

Boomer and Mystic hid behind the alley while Gadget climbed up onto some sort of tall machine or small building. It was up here that he saw something else appeoaching.

Whatever it is was large, roughly four meters tall and other than the black chrome it was made of it perfectly resembled a smooth egg. It was silently levitating a meter off the ground and was moving towards the robots.

Gadget could see the upcoming robots while Mystic (who still has no rings and just two lives) and Boomer were getting ready to engage the badniks.


So she's not there?

Also no I want Boomer to go up onto the roof.

Gadget waits for Boomer to get up some place high


It was Boomer who got up on the roof while Mystic and Gadget hid around the corner. He started waving his hands towards you guys.

You could either do a Perception roll, DC 6 to try to understand what he's indicating, or just take a wild guess what his gestures mean.


Gadget: "He probably means he's ready..."

Perception 1d6 + 5 = 10


Waving his hands in a cross-motion and pointing at something vigorous with one hand while showing the palm of his other hand steadily.

At appears he is trying to warn you guys of something and doesn't want you to engage.


Gadget: "Alright we wait."

The party does not engage but rather looks around to see what it was that Boomer was warning about.


You heed his warning and stayed where you are, observing the robots.

As the Egg Knights stand guard and the Egg Pawns continue to work the robot that Boomer was warning about show up. It was roughly four meters tall and other than the black chrome it was made of it perfectly resembled a smooth egg. It was silently levitating a meter off the ground.

The robots breifly looked at the egg before ridges along the egg split and it's hull slid open to reveal several various glowing red lenses underneith it's plating. From this robot a barrage of red lasers decimated all five robots with collatoral damage of it's lasers ripping through the side of the machine/building they were repairing.

And just as quick as it attacked the hull quickly seals itself up returning it to it's perfectly smooth chrome egg shape. acknowledging what it had done it silently moved away from the wreckage to continue it's silent patrol around Scrap Brain Zone.

Difficulty: ∞
Hits: ???
Skill: Lasers


Gadget: "The hell? Something gone rogue here? Probably something faulty with the AI to basically kill anything it sees, both friend and foe. Anyways we're not fighting that but instead we'll take cover and wait for Boomer to come back down."

Gadget motions for Boomer to come back to the party and they wait inside a burned out building while Boomer does his thing.


As the sentinel passes and they regroup.

Mystic: "So theres two of those... things hovering about the city. Surely Dr. Eggman has a failsafe or weapon against such things given how destructible they are?"


Gadget: "They were probable the mainline defenses but they were probably abandoned during the first attack and they gone haywire given it attacks allies. I'm sure Robotnik wants to make this recovery run as quickly as possible to avoid those things and so shall we."

The party continue on to the tower.


File: 1553717668526.png (19.36 KB, 977x500, 977:500, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

As the three approach the tower, to their dismay it appears the Sentinel is patrolling around the tower. Not only does the tower has a sentinel but also some sort of laser-mounted turret with a red lens like weapon fixed onto it, but it's pretty high up to reach.

This map is a really simplified version of it all but there are more options than it appears to be.


Is the laser up top automated or is it operated manually?

Gadget tries to get a good look at what the laser does while the Sentinel goes about its business.

Gadget: "Boomer you might have to take Mystic up to that laser up there."

Perc 1d6 + 5 = 6


The weapon (which we will call the Zap Cannon) doesn't appear to be active but it's hard to tell if it's automated or manual controlled and just not in it's range or not.

Despite how flat and boring I drew the picture, it has various pipes, ridges and holdings that someone skilled in parkour (IE Mystic) can take advantage of it and climb up. Though the building you're currently hiding behind is also climbable and neighbours the Zap Cannons tower.


Gadget: "Mystic go up there and arm the cannon, we'll engage the sentinel and give you time to put a shot in. Don't miss because we won't have the time for two shots. Boomer I'll need your help in distracting this fucking thing if Mystic can get up there by himself."


Mystic: "If I can sneak by, I can perhaps climb the tower without it noticing. I don't want t get any of you guys in trouble with that thing. It's shell looks strong and even if you could damage it with your drill or shoot one of it's eyes out it will still destroy you both."

Given Mystic is more for climbing than sneaking, it be a Technique roll, DC 7 for him if it's decided.


Gadget: "Yes! I want you to climb the tower and shoot the fucking sentinel. Is there any questions as to what I am planning?"


Mystic: "Alright jeeze, just don't get blown to smithereens by that thing."

Mystic tries to cross the way to the tower.
d6 + 4 = 5

>If succeed
He reaches the Zap Cannon tower and is able to climb half way up until he reaches a balcony.

>If failed
The Sentinel will begin to apprach him as he runs across to the tower where the Zap Cannon is on.


Gadget: "Boomer take a strike at the enemy to give Mystic time to climb."

Gadget takes out the capsule with the Thumbs Up on it and uses it on himself. Whatever it does, he hoped it was worth it.


Using the capsule, Gadget's mind reaches a state of instant clarity and steadiness that will allow him to concentrate on anything for awhile.
(+3 Technique for three rounds)

Boomer quickly attacked the sentinel with it's drill which cause the sentinels attention to draw away from the monkey towards the metal-plated rat.

Mystic quickly began climbing the tower in a rush. He's quick at it but needs time to reach the balcony half way up the tower.


Gadget takes and lights on of his flares and slings it across the battlefield far away from himself and his allies so that the sentinel will see the light and perhaps attack the flare and not the mobians.

Sling 1d6 + 9 = 15


I decided that instead of a ridiculous difficulty, it'll have the difficulty of 15, because that is a lucky roll to pass up.

Difficulty: 15
Hits: 19/20
Skill 1: Red Lasers (Attack, target: all) Requires a dodge roll of 8 to avoid.
Skill 2: Reinforced hull (Ability) Only takes one hit per successful attack.

The Sentinel opens up it's shell to ready it's laser attack at Gadget and Boomer.

Gadget took the oppotunity to fire his sling at it. His metal marble flies true as it struck one of the red lenses.

However it still had plenty of lasers left and they had to dodge them.

>Dodging: DC 8
Gadget (Jump) d6 + 4 = 8
Boomer (Speed) d6 + 5 = 11

If hit, loose rings but will have oppotunity to recover them or to escape.


Uh... I slung a flare to distract the sentinel. Seeing a red thing of light, I figured the sentinel will think "DANGER" and mistakenly shoot the flare.


Mystic made it to the balcony of the building. If this was a casual visit he would like to see what was inside the building, but because his friends were risking their lives down there he continued to climb.

The flare did indeed distract it, but only temporarily as it fired onto the flare until it was nothing but a small crater. Whatever conscious it had, it seemed to hate red light.

Boomer tried to attack it with his drill wispon but could not pierce the armour.


Gadget: "One... more go!"

He takes out his last flare and does the same as before, slinging it as far and safely away from them as possible.

1d6 + 9 = 12


The Sentinel follows where the flare went giving them more breif time to work with.

Mystic finally makes it to the top of the tower where he found the cannon. The cannon then whirred to life and start to fire at him.

Mystic's speed d6 + 6 = 7 DC 7

>If succeed
Mystic manages to dodge the attack and break the CPU forcing it into manual control.

>If fail
He is blasted off the building. (He will survive but be down to one life.)


>Sees laser fire going on up there.

Gadget: "Dammit I knew you should've gone up there with him Boomer. Get your ass up there with your wispon and help him get that thing going."


As Gadget gives the order he turns around and sees the Sentinel has returned.

The sentinel opened up it's shell, this time opening up all it's shell into square pabel revealing itself covered in red lenses.

The lenses began to glow. This was it, there was absolutely no way for Gadget to stop this.

Then a streak of red energy comes from the sky and rips through the Sentinel causing it to explode in fire and red energy. The Zap Cannon accidentally obliterated the way into the tower but it took down the Sentinel for good.

Mystic climbed back down, having jammed his sword into the turret to prevent it from functioning and snagged himself the telescope sight it had.

He meet up with the others, with a grin on his face over having destroyed a sentinel.

Mystic: "A'ight there lads?"


Gadget was leaning on his knees with his hands by the time Mystic got back down. He looks up and patted Mystic on the back with a grin.

Gadget: "Yeah you did good up there."

Heck this was probably the first time ever Mystic saw Gadget smile since they met.

Gadget: "You hurt or anything?"


Mystic: "I'm not hurt, but I'd feel better the soon I can get some rings."

Boomer: "You went up there without rings? Thats crazy dude!"

Mysyic looked over to the damage he caused. While there was no more sentry blocking their way, he caused a lot of rubble and damage. They couldn't get in through the front door.
The laser was so devastating that it even cracked a whole down into a tunnel leading into the building.


Gadget: "Alright enough chit-chat. It is time to continue our crusade. Unfortunately the door is no longer a way in so we will have to enter that breach down there. We'll possibly find some rings in there as well and maybe even a moment of respite."

Gadget takes the party and they head on into the tunnel with Gadget and Boomer in the lead and Mystic tailing in the back in a closely knit triangle formation.


Boomer: "'fraid you guys gotta go on without me. I got to go back to Dancer. But I can spare some rings."
Gives 5 rings to Mystic.
"It's not much, but it should last ya."

Mystic: "Thanks Boomer."


Gadget: "Abandoning us a second time Boomer?"

He was still sore when Boomer fled that one time in the pool room.

Gadget: "Fine. That's what you hero types do all the time. Come on Mystic."

They part ways and the two head on deeper through the tunnel seeing what sort of room they would end themselves up in.


Boomer was taken aback by this remark.
"I helped you out when Dr. Eggman and his badniks showed up, now I'm thinking about my girlfriend and you calling me a coward?"


Gadget: "I don't need to state the obvious."

He leaves irregardless as to whether or not Boomer responds.


Mystic gave an apologetic look to Boomer as the two part ways.

As they travel along the underground.

Mystic: "You... don't like hero types don't you?"


Gadget: "They have a tendency to not clean things up."

They proceed further into the tunnel. What do they find?


Mystic: "So... does that mean you plan on getting rid of this three-zone size city all by yourself once we're done with whatever it is we're doing down here?"

They eventually found a barricaded door. It's old but with a good shoving it can be broken open.
>Power roll, Difficulty 7
Roll as many times as you want until it comes loose.


He starts to work on the door.

Gadget: "No not by myself. I along with the rest of the GUN organization will be there to clean all of this up and get the people back to normalcy."

Power 1d6 + 4 = 10


Mystic: "Just like what the Resistance are doing. Just as they are working with GUN to restore the city"

Mystic helps ram the door.
Power d6 + 2 = 4

Mystic: "Or perhaps you expect Boomer to have a whole government organization to help him take down an entire city when he's done?"


Gadget: "My issue isn't much with the resistance but rather the heroes who think they're doing what's best for everyone but does not recognize the collateral damage they cause. Worse yet they will often leave the whole area without helping to restore what was lost."

Door should already be broken down.


Huh, must have misread it wrong, I thought you rolled low.
"You're part of a greater organization that's funded by international governments and help make the world safe for others. Most heroes don't have all that, Instead they have skills which GUN either fear or respect. Even if GUN as a group can't save the world when some upstarts can do it single-handedly, they are still respected for helping with cleaning up and protecting citizens."

The door gave way suddenly as they rammed the door open and tumbled into a very large and open room.

The room was spherical in size with no ceiling, corners or walls except for hexagonal panels along the surface of the interior. The size of it all was about 250 meters in diameter. However instead of falling towards an unpleasent splat their decent was slow and not as perilous as they thought it was. The room was so big there were small fluffy clouds and a few flappers flying about. However these flying badniks have yet to notice any intruders in their airspace.


The room itself being large and spherical in shape. It had


I'm a little tired, is this a good place to stop?

Gadget attempts to sneak around them.

Sneak 1d6 + 6 = 8


Yeah we can. I need to do stuff. Plus need to revise the room for next time.


File: 1553746612478.png (27.92 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Bomb.png) ImgOps Google

The giant spherical room you are in has breathable air and white fluffy clouds but no gravity. Being weightless and not standing on anything means you are more silent than you would be sneaking on the ground.
But being the room is so giant and offer some cloud cover meaning the Flappers are mostly minding their own business and yet to notice you. Perhaps going through test phase of their protocols or whatever they are doing.

This room is so huge that binoculous would be practical to see across the room. While neither of the two have such things, Mystic snagged the sniper-like scope from the zap cannon earlier and used it to look around the room.

He saw that their way in was not the only door in the room. The other door was far across the other side from the door they came from. The scope allowed him to pick up details such as the door being bolted shut and require some sort of key.

Near the door was a large lever. The sort used for Electric Chairs or in Frankenstein movie. It was neatly placed on one of the hexagon tiles but no indication, signs or labels what it does.

While the clouds drifted lazily about the room while the flappers flew circles he noticed these black round things with red glowing lines across them that were holding still in the air. Looking at them he recognised what they were.

Mystic: "Bombs! There are bombs in this room! They're like mines, becareful of them."

Of course easier said than done given no gravity means no traction, but luckily were noit moving at a dangerous pace but only had so much control over their direction.


Gadget stays close to the spherical wall so that in case he was caught he can make a jump across the room. He also had his sling out and paying attention closely to the location of the bombs and the enemies.

G: "Just try and stay close as you can, we'll make it through."

They try to progress to the door.


File: 1554064659553.jpg (15.78 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 61b5-HgZ5RL._SY500_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The hexagonal panels had ridges making gripping and pulling yourself along the walls easier.

The aerial badniks continue their flying and yet to notice you.

As you climb along the walls towards the door you notice that the lever is closer to you on your path towards the door. It has no visable signs, labels or instructions what it's used for. You don't know what it's for so you cna choose to continue for the door if you want.


Gadget: "Lever probably turns off the anti-gravity in the room."

They proceed without touching the lever and exit the room.


File: 1554316669460.png (413.71 KB, 666x754, 333:377, Secret Door.png) ImgOps Google

You avoided the floating mines and made it to the other door but it is securely locked. Unlike the door you came in, this door would not give way and with lack of gravity in this huge room you have no weight to ram it anyway.

(Only has the one lock, not 5. Just a picture from Shadow the Hedgehog.)


Gadget takes out his tool kit and begins to work on the door with what he had to spare. Screw drivers, metal wiring and whatever else there was.

Improvise 1d6 + 6 = 7


It would of been an 8 but he could not pick the lock properly.

Mystic: "Well maybe one of them have the key..." pointing towards the flying robots "or... what ir we could use one of the mines to do the work for us... somehow.

Mystic drifts up to one of the nearby mines and tries to fan it with his hands but this just makes him look silly as he spins about.


Gadget: "Alright I have a plan but it is gonna be very loud and will take a bit of good timing. First go over to the lever and wait for my signal."

After that Gadget heads up to the top of the room where at the highest point he would attach his rope to himself and to one of the ridges on the wall used to move around the room.



Mystic awkwardly drifts across to where the lever was and held onto the panel it was attached to.


After that Gadget goes to the side of the room that was opposite to that of the locked door and aimed himself proper. Then he would kick off from the wall and head straight for one of the mines.

After that he would kick the mine as softly as he could towards the door and waited for it to hit.


As Gadget landed his kick onto one of the mines, the red patterns along it began to flash menacingly red.

Speed roll, DC 7
d6 + 2 = 7


The lack of gravity should launch the floating mine towards the door.


The bomb is triggered by the super-sensetive touch but the kick allows it to fly towards the door which exploded and created a hole.

The shockwave of the bomb however has caused the other bombs that were still to begin to move and the Flappers to be alerted of whats going on. You have some time to escape before things get to heck.


Gadget: "Now Mystic pull the lever and get out of the room!"

After that  he begins to use his weight to swing across the room and jump through their newly made exit.


Mystic pulls the lever and as expected the gravity was turned on. Mystic however had to hold onto the panel as his own body weight became suddenly heavy.
Power roll, D C 7
Mystic d6 + 2 = 8

The clouds dissolved into instant-showers and formed a small pond at the bottom of the domed room. All the bombs fell, catching the flappers with them as they exploded, destroying the flappers and causing the water to slosh out and be filled with ash and scrap.


Mystic held onto the wall tightly and covered his face while explosions and chaos happened behind him. It was scary for him. When the noise quietened he was able to slowly shimmy his way to the exit to meet up with Gadget.


Gadget: "There we are, not too shabby though I'm sure that Robotnik is aware he's got intruders now. Still though if we quickly move away from here we can probably have the advantage of surprise up our sleeves."

They now finally leave the room.


"Yeah let's hurry."

While Mystic was a bit shaken up the two were able to proceed. Luckily gravity was back to normal. Going along the tunnel Mystic finds d6 = 2 rings and Gadget finds d6 = 5 rings that they decided to keep for themselves.

They eventually found stairs which lead them back topside as they arrived in what appears to be some courtyard. On the other side of the courtyard was a large door and in front of it was some sort of machine just sitting there.

We're going a bit off the book for now, but only because I think we're nearing the end and I at least want to have some use for the list of Mecha boss machines I made.


Gadget informs Mystic to get down low and to not move after that. From where they stood Gadget tried to observe what kind of machine it was in the courtyard.

Perc 1d6 + 5 = 10


File: 1554320138642.jpg (166.09 KB, 980x324, 245:81, Flame Shield.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The machine looked like some sort of two-headed robot beast that was of yet active.

His keen perception, he also noticed up on the surrounding walls a Flame Shield monitor, but it would require a DC 8 of his sling to hit it, or can tell Mystic to parkour up the wall to have it.


Gadget: "Mystic go up there and get that flame shield, then wait for my command. If it works out then we will have this monstrosity down quickly. Before you go though take this lighter."

After Mystic recieved Gadget's lighter, Gadget went to one corner of the courtyard to stay out of sight and waited for his friend to get the flame shield.


Mystic sees where the Flame Shield was and monkeys up the wall no problem. Drawing his sword, he sliced the item box in half causing the firey shield to envelop around the monkey. While wearing this shield, it will absorb extreme heat and nullify extreme cold.

I didn''t know Flame Shields also protect you from freezing until fairly recently. I figure it only protected you from burning.


Gadget saw that his friend was ready and he shouts to him.

Gadget: "Now! Jump onto the robot and rend your sword into it's head for a surprise attack."

While Mystic was about to do that, He got his adabat rum out and loaded it into his sling as best he could.


Mystic is not sure what the lighter was for, but does so anyway.

Perception roll, DC 7
d6 + 2 = 6

Jump roll, DC 6
d6 + 3 = 4


As Mystic took the lunge, he realised too late that this machine did not had the one head, but in fact two. He tried to adjust his trejectory only to fumble.

He was not hurt, but the robot activated as it realised the intruder.

Difficulty: 8
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/16
Skill1: Flamethrower (Attack: 5, Target: single) Fire attack. Unable to harm Flame Shield.
Skill2: Blizzardblower (Action: 5, Target: single) Target is frozen and must do a Jump roll to break free or until someone breaks the ice free. If fail then they will endure the next attack without Dodge Roll. Unable to harm Flame Shield.
Skill3: Duel Wield (Action, Target: 2) Able to use Flamethrower and Blizzardblower at seperate targets simultainiously in one go, unable to use on same target.
SKill4: Claw (Attack: 2, Target: single) It will try to swipe at you, but due to being chained to where it is can only have so much reach.

A two-headed, beast like robot. The red head has a flaming maw and glowing yellow optics while the blue head has cyan optics and icile like drool from it's fangs.

Perception roll DC, 6
Mystic d6 + 2 = 5
Gadget d6 + 5 = 11


Gadget noticed that each robot dog head had a collar and that eat collar had some sort of Wisp Capsule dangling from it.

The Firey dog head had a Red Wisp in it's collar

The Icey dog head had a strange wisp in it's collae.


He gritted his teeth, not what he had planned but it can still be scrapped together.

Gadget takes and slings his rum at the enemy Orthrus.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10


He threw the bottle and it smashed on the robot causing d3 = 1 of damage and for the alcohol to splash everywhere. It wasn't long until there was a small fire at the foot of the robots feet. But given the robot was built to dispense extreme temperature.


File: 1554322144017.jpg (40.89 KB, 561x265, 561:265, This is fine.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Difficulty: 8
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/16

Mystic was caught in the splash as fire erupted around him. This left him unguarded as the red head of the Mecha Orthas attacked him with it's firey-breath. Despite the burning alcohol and taking on a firey breath, Mystic was completely alright by this.


Sure it can spit fire but its internal systems need to disperse heat to have it operate. If its heatsinks over heat then it should take damage even if a single part of it blows fire. The rest of the machine should be vulnerable.

Not sure if you mean he was staggered because fire does not have mass to knock him around.

There give it a little while and this thing will be down if it tries to fan the flames further. The only option it has if it is mindful of the flames, for its safety or that of its master's tower, it will only be able to use its freezing attack. Cutting it down a move will give us a slight advantage.

He takes his sling and hurls a bullet at it.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7 DMG 1d3 = 1


File: 1554322925294.png (770.6 KB, 1012x768, 253:192, I was frozen today.png) ImgOps Google

Well the other robot also has an ice-breath like Mr. Freeze gun from Batman so that can sort of cancel one-another out I guess... I mean this is suppose to be a Fire-Ice themed boss.

The metal marble misses as the blue-headed Orthus breathed it's icy breath towards Gadget.
Blizzard Blower d6 + 5 = 11 DC 8

If hit, Gadget will be stuck and must break out of the ice built up around his body.
Gadget's Jump d6 + 4 = 7 DC 8


Sure but it will have to hold off on its fire attack or else it will make the flames on the battlefield and on itself worse. Until then it is limited to one elemental attack or risk more damage.

He gets caught up in the ice and is stuck.

Gadget: "Myst attack the damn thing with your sword."

He takes his iron rod and attempts to break free of the ice.

Pow 1d6 + 4 = 8


The blue head was now fighting. Mystic took a swing at it with it's sword.

Mystic attacks d6 + 4 = 6 DC 8, if hits deals d3 = 1 damage.

The blue head was still confused over the shield around Mystic as it's breath merely extinguished the alcohol. But the robot was wising up.

Gadget was able to break free from the ice.

If you're going to attack, please specify the target on the Mecha Orthus.


What I can attack the heads specifically? Of course it's not like you ever specified which enemy you were attacking all those times I was gm.

Gadget Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 3 VS Ice Head


Mostly because the enemies are easy to dispatch. This robot however is an acception but any damages to any head will be shared.


Gadget managed to strike at the Orthus causing some damage.

The Orthus red head began to below it's firey breath again at Gadget.
Flamethrower d6 + 5 = 6 DC 8

Gadget tries to dodge
d6 + 4 = 6


Gadget: "Now Mystic, attack him and I'll cover you!"

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 3 VS Ice Head


Mystic tries to attack at the Mecha-Orthus red head. Given the size of the robot and the angle it was at, he attacked at the neck.

d6 + 4 = 7 DC 8, if hit d3 = 3 damage.

(if hit, Gadget's perception d6 + 5 = 10 DC 7)


Gadget's attack struck true.


But Mystic's blade misses.

The robot worked out how the shield works and try to take a swipe at Mystic.

Claw d6 + 2 = 7 DC 8


Because the giant two-headed robodog was chained up, it failed to swipe at Mystic.


Gadget takes another shot at the monster trying to break the thing so that they can continue.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 7 DMG 1d3 = 1 VS Ice Head.


The shot miss as it darts by.

Mystic attacked his side of the Orthus again.

Mystic tries to attack at the Mecha-Orthus red head. Given the size of the robot and the angle it was at, he attacked at the neck.

d6 + 4 = 9 DC 8, if hit d3 = 3 damage.

(if hit, Gadget's perception d6 + 5 = 7 DC 7)


Mystic striked at the neck of the robot, causing a cut in the robots hull that partially cuts the collar it was wearing.

The Wisp Capsule that was inside the collar (as mentioned >>17123) jiggled and for some reason the Red Head of the Orthus "coughed" but was still up for a fight.

The ORthus again attempts to swipe at Mystic.

Claws d6 + 2 = 3 DC 8

But given it was still bound to a chain can only reach so far.

Mystic dodges d6 + 6 = 7 DC 8


Doing some copying and pasting? If you're tired we can stop for the day.

Gadget attempts another shot but figures he might have to try something else pretty soon.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 3 Ice Head.


Actually I'm trying to make a subtle hint without being too on a plater about it.

Mystic had a thought and this time direct his attack to the collar that the red head was wearing.

The collar alone at the hit-point endurance of 5.

His first attack caused d3 = 1 damage to the collar.

Attack d6 + 4 = 7 DC 8, if hit d3 = 2 damage


The blue-head of the Othrus attacked Gadget with it's icy breath.

Blizzard-blower d6 + 5 = 6 DC 8

Gadget dodges d6 + 4 = 7 DC 8

If hit, gadget gets frozen and must jump to break the ice. d6 + 4 = 7


Seeing that the enemy was on its final vestiges of life, Gadget then pulls out his iron rod and charges at the the monster. When he gets close he attempts to stab it in the chest area to hit something vital.

Pow 1d6 + 4 = 10 DMG 1d3 = 1 (Monster should be at 3 HP)


Red collar: 💥💥💥💥/5
Blue collar: 💥💥💥💥💥/5

Though I guess with how much damage the Orthus itself endured, no real point in dealing with the collars.

Alas the damage only does a hit, but did drive the rod deep into it.

Mystic decided that it be best to attack the robot itself than the collars, attacking the other head.

Mystic attacks d6 + 4 = 5 DC 8


I forgot the damage roll but doesn't matter because the attack misses anyway.

Othus 💥💥/16

The robot tries to retaliate one alst time with it's fire breath at Gadget.

d6 + 5 = 8 DC 8

Gadget tries to dodge
d6 + 4 = 5 D 8


Gadget looses his rings. He can either try to recover them with a d8 roll or tries to finish off the robot.


Can't lose what rings I have left

Gadget: "Mystic deal in the final blow."

Recover 1d8 = 3 Rings.


Mystic does so by rising up and striking down the beast.

d6 + 4 = 5 DC 8, if hits deals d3 = 3 damage.


Mystic cleaves the robot in twain causing it's system to overload and explodes. From the wreckage two wisps fly away, a red wisp and a light blue one.

"We did it!"


Hurt but still unbroken, Gadget nods in agreement.

Gadget: "Yeah but I bet those two up there are more happy than we are that the mechanical beast is destroyed."

Seeing they had those two whisps floating weightlessly above them stuck Gadget with curiousity and gave him the thought that they were ghosts or perhaps something similar. Still with the ever sense of caution, Gadget approaches them.

Gadget: "You... you alright up there? Are you two hurt?"


The wisps spoke in an alien purring laguage that he didn't quite understand, but they were flying about and happy to be free.


Gadget: "At least they're not hostile."

For now the party would head over to the big doors that the monster was guarding and see if they can get them open.

I gotta go now and see a friend today. I'll probably be on the Rp again on Sunday or something.


File: 1554328377610.jpg (244.08 KB, 1920x864, 20:9, Bg door.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Now would be a good time for a break.

Mystic: "Wisps come from a far of planet. They're sort of an... intergalactic invasive species brought on by Dr. Eggman . But seems they're here to stay and seem rather buddy-buddy with the Resistance." In a more hushed tone, "personally I think they've overstayed their welcome, but thats just me."

They moved onto the big red door that lead back into the Tower. It required a keycard to open.

The wisps seem to be indicating something in the wreckage of the robot they were trapped on.


Gadget: "So not only does the madman disrupt wild animals for his experimentation but he also brings over foreign elements?"

As the wisps indicated that they should search the robot corpse and so they do.


The wisps show them where the keycard was in the wreckage. This was for the big red door that would lead them back into the tower.

And yes, it was indeed a big red door.



Gadget takes the card and goes ahead to open the door.

Gadget: "Alright let's go. We're in the final leg of the race so lets come out on top."


File: 1554663523431.jpg (351.09 KB, 1920x864, 20:9, Laboratory.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

That feral ghoul is celebrating on all the vault dweller flesh heis going to have for himself to eat.

They enter what appears to be a facility filled with machinery, computers and terminals. There  were many robots around the place but they were not Egg Pawns or combat robots. They appear to be robots that specialise in making circuit boards on conveyor belts and other robots fixing machinery. Other than all these robots and machinery there is a large door across the way and what appears to be some stairs leading dowards to under the floor.


Gadget goes ahead and follows the stairs to the underside of the floor.


File: 1554664264622.jpg (298.25 KB, 1920x864, 20:9, Stairs.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mystic and Gadget went down the stairs which lead to a private terminal area. This area was surrounded by machinery and what-not but this area as cleared specifically for this particular terminal with a single computer screen. On the screen the words displayed were:

(the underscore blinking, as if where typing is written.)

Infront of the terminal was a keyboard that can be used.


Gadget types onto the computer.

Hello. What is this place and what are you?


File: 1554664705791.jpg (317.38 KB, 1920x864, 20:9, Seat.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I am the CPU. What is your name User?


Cold Steel. What is our current location.


I am right infront of you.
I do not know who you are.


Is Dr. Robotnik here in this place?


Yes. He made me and we play games together.
Do you like playing games Cold Steel?


I'm too busy to play games right now and you did not answer my question. Tell me if Robotnik is here or not.


>Wait I messed up.


Where can I go to get to him?


Sit right there, make yourself comfortable.

If you want to go see him, I'm going to have to put you on the Game Grid.


Putting me on a game grid does not take me to Robotnik.

"Fucking robot", Gadget shouts as his key presses become more intense and louder.


File: 1554666076142.jpg (325.43 KB, 1920x864, 20:9, Laser scanner.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Perception roll, DC 7
Mystic d6 + 2 = 6
Gadget d6 + 5 = 8

>Speed roll, DC 9
Mystic [6+6]
Gadget [6+2]


Gadget heard something whirring behind him as he looked back towards the other end of the room where he saw some sort of laser cannon.

>Speed roll, DC 9
Mystic d6 + 6 = 10
Gadget d6 + 2 = 4


Mystic quickly pushes Gadget out of the way as a laser strikes at Mystic.

Mystic froze their momentarily, as if "paused" in a video game. The alser then generated cubic holograms around Mystic's bodyparts until he was covered in squared. The laser then began blasting Mystic into bits.


Yeah the gamebook somewhat rips off tron.


BRB, gone out for food. Will reply to you reply when I get back.



He is in shock that he just saw what looked to be his friend being murdered by the machine that had been talking to them for the short while. Quickly enough he moves the camera laser in an 180 degree rotation so that he won't be shot and he types on the keyboard again.

What the fuck did you just do to my friend?


Mystic ended up in some sort of cyebrspace he was unfamilar with.

On the screen a 16-bit picture of Mystic Monkey appeared on the screen. Words appeared next to the sprite.

Shit there the hell am I? It looks all Lawnmower Man in here.

What games would you like to play first?


How do I get Mystic out of the computer?


Play with me Cold Steel. What game would you like to play?

Mystic began exploring cyberspace, trying to find a way out.

"Maybe in here I could find some means to get Gadget to find Dr. Eggman."


I'll play your game for now then but afterwords you will set Mystic free. Now then, show me what you have to offer.


Which game would you like to play?




As Mystic ran along cyberspace he heard a low ringing sound from above followed by a booming femenine voice.
Warning: Incoming game - Warning: Incoming game
He looks up and see's this giant purple cube coming down from the sky and going to land directly onto him. The size of it was just too big from him to run away from.

Before he knew it he was in the cockpit on a spacecraft flying through space. He could see oncoming enemies approach him. They were already poening fire on him but he had no control over what to do given Gadget was the "Player"


Naturally Gadget goes ahead and shoots at the enemy planes given that he's done a few space shooters while on break during his previous job back before joining GUN.


Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Speed: 3
Weapon: Rapid-fire laser (Attack: 4)

The game was actually pretty easy as Gadget shoots down the enemy ships while Mystic was trapped in the cockpit.
It wasn't until the mother ship that things begin to get difficult.

DC: 6
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Skill: Laser blast (Attack: 3)

Having been in an aerial fight a few hours a go, you can tell how this is going to work, except with the mothership being more stationary, you can dodge but it can't. But any attack towards one another will have a d3 roll for damage.

Thing is though, you do not know exactly where the motherships weakpoint is. It would take either a luck or a perception roll, DC 7 to identify and shoot for the laser, or you could d6+3 for a dodge roll until something comes up.


Perc 1d6 + 5 = 6

Regardless of finding the right spot, he blasts away at all times given there's no penalty to do so and its his best option.

Laser 1d6 + 4 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 1

Gonna go to eat and do my holdfast stuff.


OK. Given theres two other games to follow this may take some time.

You open fired but your lasers merely disperse off the ships hull.

The front part of the ship opens up revealing a powerful laser cannon, it breifly charged up and fired a powerful laser across the screen.
d6 + 3 = 9 DC 6

You steer the controls for Mystic's ship to dodge.
d6 + 3 = 8

If Mystic is hit he gets d3 = 3 damage

However you worked out that you have to wait for the cannon to open up and charge it's attack to have the oppotunity to fire at the mothership.


Does today feel slow to you? I woke up early today but it just feels like everything is at a crawling pace.

With the opportunity risen for him, he takes some new shots.

1d6 + 4 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 2


Be thankful you don't feel like time doesn't whisk by and that before you know it you're in your thirties.

Also, I'm gonna go see Captain Marven in an hour but we can play a bit.

DC: 6
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

d6 + 3 = 6 DC 6

Dodge d6 + 3 = 5

If hit d3 = 2 damage


Gonna watch captain marvel? Good luck.

Laser 1d6 + 4 = 8 DMG 1d3 = 3


Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

My standards for what movies I'm gonna watch is whenever or not I just want to go to the cinema or not.
DC: 6
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥

The mother ships firin' mah laser!
d6 + 3 = 9 DC 6

Dodge d6 + 3 = 6

If hit d3 = 1 damage


Laser 1d6 + 4 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 2

I just don't like any of the superhero movies of late. All of the characters like to make jokes even when the moment of the story is supposed to be very serious. It's just to the point where they are no longer endearing to me.


Gadget easily dodges the laser.

Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

I heard the Shazam movie actually did it right. A movie that is somewhat whimsical and silly but still tries to be plausible. Sounds like the kind of superhero movies I grew up with... before Joel Schumaker made it too silly or Christopher Nolan made it too serious. I think a good superherp movie needs a good aesthetic that can work on, can still have a plot to be taken seriously but acknowledge is cast consist of colourful characers wearing expensive spandex.

DC: 6
Hits: 💥💥💥

The mother ships firin' mah laser!
d6 + 3 = 7 DC 6

Dodge d6 + 3 = 8

If hit d3 = 2 damage


Takes another shot.

Laser 1d6 + 4 = 10 DMG 1d3 = 2

To be honest I don't really watch movies anymore and I was never into superhero movies except for the Spider Man movies when I was a small child.


Gadget easily dodges the laser.

Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

You should see Spider-verse. That is perhaps one of the best comic superhero movies of our time. And if you're more of a Batman kinda guy well you're better off watching the Gotham TV series. Based during Bruce Wayne's teen years before he donned the mantle. It has all the aesthetic of 20th century New York but still with modern elements that make it relatable to todays standards. It feels like watching a live-action prequal of Batman: The Animated Series.
But I don't really care much with the Avengers or Justice League movies all that much. I would only watch them if theres nothing else to watch at the cinema.

DC: 6
Hits: 💥

The mother ships fired it's laser again.
d6 + 3 = 9 DC 6

Dodge d6 + 3 = 5

If hit d3 = 1 damage


Laser 1d6 + 4 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 1

Nah I'm good. I'm pretty much done with movies and tv forever.


Gadget easily dodges the laser.

Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

I almost felt like that with Cartoon Network trashy reboots.

Mystic's ship took one last shot and caused the mothership to have cheap little explosions animations all over it before it dissapeared.

That was fun! let's play another game!

On Mystic's side of the screen he heard the announcement voice again.
"Game Over - User Wins"

The spaceship he was riding in dissapeared and the purple block rised up he ended up in the Mad Matrix again.

Mystic could see to his left a giant fuzzy screen with Gadget peering into it. Ahead of him was some sort of construct with what looks like a keycard levitating for the pickings. He begins to set out towards it.


Gadget: "Do we really have to play? I've got a lot more important things to do then to press buttons on a keyboard right now."


I think I see some sort of keycard. I'm gonna go for it.

CPU: Are you not having fun?

Gonna head out now.


Gadget: "I am on some important business, you have my friend hostage, and you are sidetracking me from my goal of meeting up with Robotnik."

See ya


I can see why the movie wawsn't a big hit but it wasn't that bad. Was somewhat cheesy but thats sort of appealing really.

CPU: I am not stopping you from going to see Dr. Robotnik. If you are not having fun then you may leave. Your friend will play games with me.

On the screen, the word "
" began flashing, as if CPU has selected a game.

As Mystic travels through cyberspace towards where the key card was he heard another "Warning - incoming game"

Mystic: "No, not again."

The purple cube came down and virtualised the area around him. He could still see the keycard infront of him but it was guarded by a fierce man in a karategi.


Unless this is drawing out too long and you want to skip to the racing game.


Do you not feel like continuing? We can skip this bit if you want.


Gadget: "Fine, how do I play."

Starts pressing buttons.


Mystic's body started jolting in different directions and started to punch at the opponent. However the opponent jumped back and was about to hit back.


Gadget jerks the character back and then on the joystick he hits it up causing the character to jump, and make an attack from the air.


Mystic darts back avoiding the punch to the face and jumps upward for an attack from above. He kicks his opponent in the head causing him to fall. <<WIN>>

You are good at games Coldsteel.


Gadget: "Now let Mystic go. You can't just keep him here anymore."


But the race is about to begin!
>Loading Outrun

In cyberspace, Mystic made it to the polygonic shrine where the keycard was there hovering to be collected. He reached out his hand before a steering wheel appeared in his hand.
A game cube came down on him and he was driving in a car.

Ahead of him was a car that looked like it belonged in a Mad Max movie and he was driving along the cliff road.


Gadget: "Oh Fuck me already."

Gadget drives the car as fast as he could but kept clear of the cliff edge.


The race eventually lead them neck-and-neck. The driver in the opponents car looks as menacing as the car itself and Mystic can see the keycard in the other car.


He presses down onto the pedal to maintain an equal speed to his opponent and drives in closer until the cars make a slight impact, the doors closed up against each other.

Gadget: "Quick Mystic, grab the keycard so we can get on with our lives."


In order to drive close and grab the keycard, Gadget will have to put his gaming skills to the test.

>Luck roll, DC 7
Luck d6 + 4 = 9


Mystic grabbed the keycard just before the driver tries to ram Mystic's car. This cause Mystic to sweve and fly off the road in a peculiar direction.

Gadget could see the cars crash into one another and Mystic's own car flying towards the the view of the screen.


Mystic ceashes through the monitor.


Gadget picks him up and they head out and clear of the computer room so there is no more shenanigans to be had here. Once safe he shakes his friend to see if Mystic is okay.

Gadget: "You still with me?"


Mystic: "Yeah, just a bit of glass, tech and.. oh!"
He found five rings.


Gadget: "Well if you can walk then we best get a move on. I'm guessing Robotnik is not too far from here and we should pay him our regards in response to this city."

From there they continued onwards up the tower.


As they head to the door on the other side, they find that they need a keycard to open the door. They put the card onto the door and it beeps it and the door opened.

They progressed to the next floor of the tower which consist of a rotundra. Around the room were these nine cylindrical chambers.  At the center of the room was a circular platform. One side of the room had another computer that looks like it was made in the previous room. Across the hall was another door to the upper chamber.


File: 1555877227430.png (365.76 KB, 799x449, 799:449, Scannerroom.png) ImgOps Google

Forgot to post picture.


They go and stand on the platform.

Gadget: "Gods this Dr is hell and a handbasket to find... Perhaps I should try to do something else, the Dr seems to make himself appear when you don't want to see him."


Mystic: "That is true."

Mystic goes to examine the large tubes and looks inside. He sees various machine parts hanging above him but cannot make sense of what it's all for.


Gadget: "Probably some fucking experimental assembly area."

He gets down and starts to mess with the lone terminal in the room.


As Mystic goes across the room to where Gadget was messing around with the computer, a glass tube came down from above and trapped Mystic in the center of the room.

Mystic: "Oh no! Not again! Help!"


Gadget: "I'm smashing the next computer I see."

He quickly types on the computer to get it to release Mystic.


This caused the computer to overload and surge with some sort of pink energy.

There was an explosion, wit5h the sound of metal clattering to the ground.

Gadget's eyes cleared and see Mystic's sword on the ground. He looks up to see Mystic... as well as Mystic, Mystic, Mystic, Mystic.

Three of the monkeys were grappling and fighting two other bronze-plated robots, these robots bare some vague apperance to monkeys and were quick to smash 'em up.

Mystic 1, 2 and 3: "Gadget, are you OK?" They said in chorus.


File: 1555962301776.jpg (90.81 KB, 376x600, 47:75, Sonic MCM clones.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Picture from the book. Forgot to add it.

Sorry I didn't respond as quick as I usually do.


He sighs, frustrated with all of the happenings so far so much so it began to take a toll on him.

Gdaget: "From now on we are just gonna press on no matter what. ALRIGHT, which of you were the original? The first one to call me by name and my profession is the real Mystic."


All of them: Gadget, you work for Gun... as technician for... stop that... stop copying me!

The monkeys then tried to grab for the only sword in the room as the two start squabbaling and fighting.

Given how close the sword was to Gadget an now these monkeys wrestling over it, someone could get hurt.

>Dodge roll, DC 6
Jump d6 + 4 = 7

If fail, their rough housing cuts you and you loose your rings, with only d3 = 1 rings to recover.


Gadget: "So they have the same memories despite some just being born."

Could just let them kill themselves and take the survivor. No that wouldn't be right.

Gadget: "Listen up all of you. We still have to go fight Eggman and I really do not want to be sidetracked anymore. So what we are gonna do is just take all of you along for the ride. After that you can decide on your own what to do with your lives."

I'm sure an extra Mystic or two running around in the world won't hurt anything.


One of the Mystic: "Good idea. Alright, I'll just-" The monkey checked himself... "T-The card! I don't have the card! Where is it?

Another Mystic: I don't have it.

Yet another Mystic: Me neither.


Gadget: "For the love of... What card are you talking about? I swear if it's important..."


Mystic A: The one we got from the first room. Don't we need it to open the door?
It was in his inventory

Sure enough the door required a keycard to open.

Mystic B: Liar! You do have the keycard! I saw you take it from the other Mystic when you showed up!

Mystic C: He took it from me?

Mystic B: No the other Mystic.

Mystic D: So is he a robot like those robot doubles?

Mystic E: Don't screw around, I'm the real Mystic, all of you are robot doubles and one of you have MY keycard! Now give it back!


> A, B, C, D, E
You said that there were three clones and two robot doubles but the clones immediately killed the robots right?

Gadget: "I tried to play nice but it looks like we have to play this way."

He takes out his sling and made sure it was loaded.

Gadget: "If any of you move you'll get shot by me. Now first everyone dump their inventories onto the ground and then put your hands up."


Oh miscounted. 4 Mystic Monkeys, 2 of them were robots. Just like in the original picture

Mystic A dropped a scope he got from the Zap Cannon.
Mystic B dropped a lighter that was given to him by Gadget.
Mystic C and D each had a single flare and both chimes "I'm missing one" followed by fiercly looking at each other with accusing glares.


He pats down B first


Perception roll, DC 8
d6 + 5 = 10


This mystic had nothing else on him... but he realised this version of Mystic felt... colder and stiff...


Gadget: "Stand over there."

He might not be real but no reason to kill him. Three left.

Pats down Mystic C after separating B from the group

Per 1d6 + 5 = 11 DC 8


Gadget found the third flare on him. The real Mystic would have no reason to steal from the others.


He pockets it and forces Mystic C over to Mystic B.

Gadget: "Next one."

He then checks Mystic D

Per 1d6 + 5 = 9 DC 8


Mystic B and C nod at one another.

As he patted Mystic D, Mystic A lunged at him.

Mystic's speed as he tries to push you out the way.
d6 + 6 = 10 DC 8


So what happens next

Gadget: "So we're going the hard way."

He takes the slings and shoots at Mystic A.

1d6 + 6 = 10


Mystic A lunged at Gadget, pushing him away from Mystic D.
Gadget quickly drew his sling at Mystic A and fired it into his face. Instead of a metallic clank, it was more of a solid "clunk" as three rings scattered across the floor.

Mystic D had his hand raised and his fingers turned sharp like knives. He was too busy feeling him up to noticed this. The real Mystic however did and tried to protect Gadget.


Eh I kinda feel done for the day.

Takes a shot at Mystic D

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 8


Thats fine, we'll do this fight tommorow.

The androids right arms turned into bladed weapons.

Mystic Android
Difficulty: 7
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥
Skill: Armblade (Attack: 5)

Mystic Android D took d3 = 1 damage.

Mystic Androids B and C approach to attack.

Bd6 + 5 = 6, jump dodge d6 + 4 = 7
Cd6 + 5 = 9, jump dodge d6 + 4 = 8

If any of them hits you loose [3] rings. If both hits you have temporarily vulnerability from the ring loss.


Android B took a swipe at Gadget but he missed.
Android C almost had him, but Gadget quickly got out the way.

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