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File: 1551313602246.png (1.34 MB, 652x1059, 652:1059, SonicGamebook MetalCityMay….png) ImgOps Google

A Sonic the Hedgehog RP set in the (Sega games) world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our adventure begins in the coastal city on South Island, a mobian town neighbouring the Springyard Zone and not far off from Green Hill Zone.

A stranger is visiting the city, a monkey carrying around a sword. He has been around South Island before but it's been awhile since he returned to South Island.
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Gadget easily dodges the laser.

Mystic's ship
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

I almost felt like that with Cartoon Network trashy reboots.

Mystic's ship took one last shot and caused the mothership to have cheap little explosions animations all over it before it dissapeared.

That was fun! let's play another game!

On Mystic's side of the screen he heard the announcement voice again.
"Game Over - User Wins"

The spaceship he was riding in dissapeared and the purple block rised up he ended up in the Mad Matrix again.

Mystic could see to his left a giant fuzzy screen with Gadget peering into it. Ahead of him was some sort of construct with what looks like a keycard levitating for the pickings. He begins to set out towards it.


Gadget: "Do we really have to play? I've got a lot more important things to do then to press buttons on a keyboard right now."


I think I see some sort of keycard. I'm gonna go for it.

CPU: Are you not having fun?

Gonna head out now.


Gadget: "I am on some important business, you have my friend hostage, and you are sidetracking me from my goal of meeting up with Robotnik."

See ya


I can see why the movie wawsn't a big hit but it wasn't that bad. Was somewhat cheesy but thats sort of appealing really.

CPU: I am not stopping you from going to see Dr. Robotnik. If you are not having fun then you may leave. Your friend will play games with me.

On the screen, the word "
" began flashing, as if CPU has selected a game.

As Mystic travels through cyberspace towards where the key card was he heard another "Warning - incoming game"

Mystic: "No, not again."

The purple cube came down and virtualised the area around him. He could still see the keycard infront of him but it was guarded by a fierce man in a karategi.


Unless this is drawing out too long and you want to skip to the racing game.


Do you not feel like continuing? We can skip this bit if you want.


Gadget: "Fine, how do I play."

Starts pressing buttons.


Mystic's body started jolting in different directions and started to punch at the opponent. However the opponent jumped back and was about to hit back.


Gadget jerks the character back and then on the joystick he hits it up causing the character to jump, and make an attack from the air.


Mystic darts back avoiding the punch to the face and jumps upward for an attack from above. He kicks his opponent in the head causing him to fall. <<WIN>>

You are good at games Coldsteel.


Gadget: "Now let Mystic go. You can't just keep him here anymore."


But the race is about to begin!
>Loading Outrun

In cyberspace, Mystic made it to the polygonic shrine where the keycard was there hovering to be collected. He reached out his hand before a steering wheel appeared in his hand.
A game cube came down on him and he was driving in a car.

Ahead of him was a car that looked like it belonged in a Mad Max movie and he was driving along the cliff road.


Gadget: "Oh Fuck me already."

Gadget drives the car as fast as he could but kept clear of the cliff edge.


The race eventually lead them neck-and-neck. The driver in the opponents car looks as menacing as the car itself and Mystic can see the keycard in the other car.


He presses down onto the pedal to maintain an equal speed to his opponent and drives in closer until the cars make a slight impact, the doors closed up against each other.

Gadget: "Quick Mystic, grab the keycard so we can get on with our lives."


In order to drive close and grab the keycard, Gadget will have to put his gaming skills to the test.

>Luck roll, DC 7
Luck d6 + 4 = 9


Mystic grabbed the keycard just before the driver tries to ram Mystic's car. This cause Mystic to sweve and fly off the road in a peculiar direction.

Gadget could see the cars crash into one another and Mystic's own car flying towards the the view of the screen.


Mystic ceashes through the monitor.


Gadget picks him up and they head out and clear of the computer room so there is no more shenanigans to be had here. Once safe he shakes his friend to see if Mystic is okay.

Gadget: "You still with me?"


Mystic: "Yeah, just a bit of glass, tech and.. oh!"
He found five rings.


Gadget: "Well if you can walk then we best get a move on. I'm guessing Robotnik is not too far from here and we should pay him our regards in response to this city."

From there they continued onwards up the tower.


As they head to the door on the other side, they find that they need a keycard to open the door. They put the card onto the door and it beeps it and the door opened.

They progressed to the next floor of the tower which consist of a rotundra. Around the room were these nine cylindrical chambers.  At the center of the room was a circular platform. One side of the room had another computer that looks like it was made in the previous room. Across the hall was another door to the upper chamber.


File: 1555877227430.png (365.76 KB, 799x449, 799:449, Scannerroom.png) ImgOps Google

Forgot to post picture.


They go and stand on the platform.

Gadget: "Gods this Dr is hell and a handbasket to find... Perhaps I should try to do something else, the Dr seems to make himself appear when you don't want to see him."


Mystic: "That is true."

Mystic goes to examine the large tubes and looks inside. He sees various machine parts hanging above him but cannot make sense of what it's all for.


Gadget: "Probably some fucking experimental assembly area."

He gets down and starts to mess with the lone terminal in the room.


As Mystic goes across the room to where Gadget was messing around with the computer, a glass tube came down from above and trapped Mystic in the center of the room.

Mystic: "Oh no! Not again! Help!"


Gadget: "I'm smashing the next computer I see."

He quickly types on the computer to get it to release Mystic.


This caused the computer to overload and surge with some sort of pink energy.

There was an explosion, wit5h the sound of metal clattering to the ground.

Gadget's eyes cleared and see Mystic's sword on the ground. He looks up to see Mystic... as well as Mystic, Mystic, Mystic, Mystic.

Three of the monkeys were grappling and fighting two other bronze-plated robots, these robots bare some vague apperance to monkeys and were quick to smash 'em up.

Mystic 1, 2 and 3: "Gadget, are you OK?" They said in chorus.


File: 1555962301776.jpg (90.81 KB, 376x600, 47:75, Sonic MCM clones.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Picture from the book. Forgot to add it.

Sorry I didn't respond as quick as I usually do.


He sighs, frustrated with all of the happenings so far so much so it began to take a toll on him.

Gdaget: "From now on we are just gonna press on no matter what. ALRIGHT, which of you were the original? The first one to call me by name and my profession is the real Mystic."


All of them: Gadget, you work for Gun... as technician for... stop that... stop copying me!

The monkeys then tried to grab for the only sword in the room as the two start squabbaling and fighting.

Given how close the sword was to Gadget an now these monkeys wrestling over it, someone could get hurt.

>Dodge roll, DC 6
Jump d6 + 4 = 7

If fail, their rough housing cuts you and you loose your rings, with only d3 = 1 rings to recover.


Gadget: "So they have the same memories despite some just being born."

Could just let them kill themselves and take the survivor. No that wouldn't be right.

Gadget: "Listen up all of you. We still have to go fight Eggman and I really do not want to be sidetracked anymore. So what we are gonna do is just take all of you along for the ride. After that you can decide on your own what to do with your lives."

I'm sure an extra Mystic or two running around in the world won't hurt anything.


One of the Mystic: "Good idea. Alright, I'll just-" The monkey checked himself... "T-The card! I don't have the card! Where is it?

Another Mystic: I don't have it.

Yet another Mystic: Me neither.


Gadget: "For the love of... What card are you talking about? I swear if it's important..."


Mystic A: The one we got from the first room. Don't we need it to open the door?
It was in his inventory

Sure enough the door required a keycard to open.

Mystic B: Liar! You do have the keycard! I saw you take it from the other Mystic when you showed up!

Mystic C: He took it from me?

Mystic B: No the other Mystic.

Mystic D: So is he a robot like those robot doubles?

Mystic E: Don't screw around, I'm the real Mystic, all of you are robot doubles and one of you have MY keycard! Now give it back!


> A, B, C, D, E
You said that there were three clones and two robot doubles but the clones immediately killed the robots right?

Gadget: "I tried to play nice but it looks like we have to play this way."

He takes out his sling and made sure it was loaded.

Gadget: "If any of you move you'll get shot by me. Now first everyone dump their inventories onto the ground and then put your hands up."


Oh miscounted. 4 Mystic Monkeys, 2 of them were robots. Just like in the original picture

Mystic A dropped a scope he got from the Zap Cannon.
Mystic B dropped a lighter that was given to him by Gadget.
Mystic C and D each had a single flare and both chimes "I'm missing one" followed by fiercly looking at each other with accusing glares.


He pats down B first


Perception roll, DC 8
d6 + 5 = 10


This mystic had nothing else on him... but he realised this version of Mystic felt... colder and stiff...


Gadget: "Stand over there."

He might not be real but no reason to kill him. Three left.

Pats down Mystic C after separating B from the group

Per 1d6 + 5 = 11 DC 8


Gadget found the third flare on him. The real Mystic would have no reason to steal from the others.


He pockets it and forces Mystic C over to Mystic B.

Gadget: "Next one."

He then checks Mystic D

Per 1d6 + 5 = 9 DC 8


Mystic B and C nod at one another.

As he patted Mystic D, Mystic A lunged at him.

Mystic's speed as he tries to push you out the way.
d6 + 6 = 10 DC 8


So what happens next

Gadget: "So we're going the hard way."

He takes the slings and shoots at Mystic A.

1d6 + 6 = 10


Mystic A lunged at Gadget, pushing him away from Mystic D.
Gadget quickly drew his sling at Mystic A and fired it into his face. Instead of a metallic clank, it was more of a solid "clunk" as three rings scattered across the floor.

Mystic D had his hand raised and his fingers turned sharp like knives. He was too busy feeling him up to noticed this. The real Mystic however did and tried to protect Gadget.


Eh I kinda feel done for the day.

Takes a shot at Mystic D

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 8


Thats fine, we'll do this fight tommorow.

The androids right arms turned into bladed weapons.

Mystic Android
Difficulty: 7
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥
Skill: Armblade (Attack: 5)

Mystic Android D took d3 = 1 damage.

Mystic Androids B and C approach to attack.

Bd6 + 5 = 6, jump dodge d6 + 4 = 7
Cd6 + 5 = 9, jump dodge d6 + 4 = 8

If any of them hits you loose [3] rings. If both hits you have temporarily vulnerability from the ring loss.


Android B took a swipe at Gadget but he missed.
Android C almost had him, but Gadget quickly got out the way.

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