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Did you know Sonic had a gamebook series from 1993-'96? Gamebooks were like like TTRPs only made for one player, had a very simple character sheet where a six-sided die was all thats needed and the GM was the book itself.

So I made my own TTRP thats more of an adaption of the book that blends traditional TTRP elements and modern Sonic gameplay into something simple and easy accessable to play.

Keep in mind that there is no "leveling". Character progression is decided on the player and the GM but all players have a standard set of strengths, weaknesses and abilities that mix-and-match us to our various challenges. This allows the RP to be more story driven than being under powered for situations while still presenting challenges when needed.

Also know that these rules are still WIP. Unlike usual TTRPGs I made them extremely simple just like they were in the gamebooks but still extremey flexible. If there is still inbalances or flaws that will upset gameplay then we can work it out.

Still given I'm perhaps the only Sonic fan on Ponyville.us /rp/ and still waiting for my SOnic gamebooks to arrive in the mail I doubt this RP will flourish much.

Name: (Someone the Something)
Skills: _, _ & _
Inventory: (default equipment)
Rings: (roll d50 for starting health/money)
Lives: ★★★


File: 1549853765027.jpg (231.4 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Mystic_Monkey.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

My OC and character example.

Name: Mystic Monkey
Gender: ♂
       Speed: 3
       Power: 4
       Fly: 5
       Technique: 2
       Charisma: 3
       Wisdom: 2
       Perception: 5
       Luck: 4
Skills: En garde, Dodge/Defend (technique) & Climb (Technique)
Backstory: Hailing from the Forest Zone from some anglic land, Mystic Monkey is a nowhere man who goes to various places and helps out where he can to be the hero he always wanted to be.
Inventory: Sword
Rings: d50 = 18
Lives: ★★★

I'll admit filling out a balanced stat sheet with the point system I implimented is a bit hassle (Normally Mystic is a speed-type) given making a stat with all six makes it useless.
I wonder how the gamebook dealt with such a problem? Perhaps I can fix it with that.

Anyway I think I got a more stable stat sheet making system. It's not perfect but it'll do.


File: 1550079643648.png (1.34 MB, 652x1059, 652:1059, SonicGamebook MetalCityMay….png) ImgOps Google

OK so no one signed up yet. Can't really be surprised given I know I'm perhaps the only Sonic fan here.

But ironically I see it as a good thing no one signed up because the Sonic Adventure Gamebook I've been waiting for arrived. I once had this book ages a go and vaguely remembered how to play it. Turns out I've been wrong on how it's played and able to correct the gameplay in mind for this here RP.

I've also resorted my characetr stat-sheet given it makes more sense to have more points on a stat than less.

Name: Mystic Monkey
Class: Speed
       Speed: A (6)
       Power: E (2)
       Jump: D (3)
       Technique: C (4)
       Charisma: D (3)
       Wisdom: C (4)
       Perception: E (2)
       Luck: B (5)
Skills: En garde, Dodge/Defend (Speed) & Climb (Technique)
Backstory: Hailing from the Forest Zone from some anglic land, Mystic Monkey is a nowhere man who goes to various places and helps out where he can to be the hero he always wanted to be.
Inventory: Sword, Custom Shoes
Rings: 18
Lives: ★★★

Also while not a TTRP Adventure Guidebook, I may use this gamebook as a guidebook for this RP.


File: 1551312793676.gif (7.25 MB, 636x411, 212:137, 1513194046017241742.gif) ImgOps Google

Name: Gadget Wainright
Gender: Male
Race: Bird (Parakeet)
Backstory: An engineer for working for the GUN organization in their fight against Eggman/Robotinik, Gadget has a fairly unimposing role in the resistance. He is handy and resourceful in most situations but isn't as flashy as Sonic and his peers.
Inventory: Sling
Ring: 1d50 = 46
Lives: 3

>I don't have a pic for him but I put something up that I like.



Heres what I be doing.
I'm going to read through Metal City Mayhem as if it was an adventure book. It's not really, it's a Gamebook with predetermined set of options to choose from but I'll try to exaggerate and expand it out more for it all to feel like more of a RP campaign.


Cool do you think we can rp now? At least get our characters and premise ready.


Yes, just gimme a mo to write it out. (I sorta gave up hope anyone wanting to join and now I'm stumped what to write in this RP thread)

But before we get right into the adventure I'd like to see if I can make a practice adventure before I open the book.


You don't have to rush it if you aren't prepared. I just figured you had a book all ready to go.


I do have the book prepared, I just want to see how well the ruleset I prepared goes.

Also, we do need some sort of portable computer along for the adventure so I'll need to make up an excuse on how we can get one.

Heres the RP.  >>16605


Hm if the computer is important then have Gadget be carrying it around as it was issed to him by GUN.


Alright. I'll give you a PDA.


File: 1551617530253.jpg (174.1 KB, 1000x833, 1000:833, board game.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I think I have a brand new idea to add to my Sonic TTRPG.

However I dunno if it is practical to impliment into our current RP given I still don't have PhotoShop and that it's more suited for actual tabletop playing than over /rp/. And given I'm following the gamebooks which don't have them I may not bother with them, or see if I can add them in when I get photoshop back.

Stage Act
Similar to TTRPG dungeon maps but are actually more in common to traditional board games. If players need to travel from one point to another on foot and it's quite the distance then Stage Acts can serve as both intervals between locations and can offer challenges and rewards.

Think of it like a side-game where a montage of travel would usually be.

For example. A good oppotunity for a Stage Act would of been between Red Gate Bridge to Green Hill Zone. Or very least from where they are now to where next I plan.
Either we share a playing piece or have two seperate ones as we play through a homebrew board game to reach our destination.

Unlike dungeon maps that are used for navigation and storytelling, Stage Acts can still be used as dungeons of sorts. And Game Master may still impliment some roleplaying while playing through a Stage Act.

I updated my Sonic TTRPG manuscript that details more on Stage Acts at the bottom.

Making a board game like setup on /rp/ wouldn't be difficult but I'd imagine still a hassle to play through. I'd much rather have PhotoShop on hand if we're gonna do it.


I don't have much ideas for what the next adventure could be. But I figured after we finish Metal City Mayhem I'll take a break to plan one.

But given the hiatuses we've been having, might as well come up with something.

Also, we're nearly finished with MCM.

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