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This is the ToE roleplay thread where players who have created their own pony character can come on in and adventure with others in the world of MLP. If you want to join the thread then please check out the OOC thread and submit a character sheet and await for approval.

All of the rules stated in the ToE core rule book is applied here with the exception of a few house rules.  First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have two quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

Final Word
The last thing to note is that if you have any questions or suggestions then you may contact me in the OOC thread or in the discord chat if you want to make a voice call. I hope you sign up and join us for these adventures

Signed, Critical Hit


File: 1521907039600.png (59.88 KB, 974x820, 487:410, tartarus_by_boneswolbach-d….png) ImgOps Google

Darkness, still cold darkness was what the party had found themselves in. Looking around they seem to find themselves in some deep cavernous hellscape and they themselves were sitting upon a mountain with no bottom in sight. Getting up for any of them seemed near impossible, this place put a drain on their souls which made their chests feel as they it had the weight of the sun. A voice call out to them in a quiet and low rumbling noise which would strike fear into the hearts of average ponies but maybe not the party.

Voice: "Finally I have found you after all this time. You've been consumed by ancient magics, your bodies destroyed and you were brought here as a result. Instead of going to the keeper however I brought you here to me so that we may talk."


W-where am I? Critical? Rye? SIr Claymore? Anypony!

Where is everypony? I-I don't want to be alone.


File: 1521908066557.png (129.81 KB, 992x805, 992:805, hooded_tirek_shrugging_by_….png) ImgOps Google

He can see both Critical and Rye were laying around on the platform close to him. He wasn't alone but nobody could do much.

Soon a dark figure approaches them looking old and weak but clearly not a pony himself. He steps closer to them to them where they can see his face which was dark and ape like.

Voice: "It has been such a long time since I last saw you, to think that you once slipped from my grasp only to be caught once again is poetic."

Critical wasn't having any of this and he tried to pick himself up but to no avail. The figure sees this and picks him up with the others with his evil looking magic.

Voice: "If I am to leave this place then I will need all of your magics. Your history and ancestry, the blood you each carry makes your powers potent enough to allow me to leave."


>Epic tries to back away.


File: 1521908583270.png (59.88 KB, 974x820, 487:410, tartarus_by_boneswolbach-d….png) ImgOps Google

It was too late, he was already caught up in Tirek's telekinesis and could not move, even if he wasn't he wouldn't be able to back away due to the fatigue. Tirek just smiles at Epic's caution, this smile then opens up to a gaping maw in which Tireks breathing was a chilling low roaring noise.

As he did this each pony could feel his heart being pulled as the magic their cutie marks provided were ripped from them. Their flanks became bare and they could not feel or see anything after that. Tirek drops them to the floor and leaves them with their stolen powers and this was the last thing they can remember.


Eventually they do reawaken and find themselves still on the platform. Their forced rest garnered them enough strength to get up in which they do.


T-Tirek...Still alive. I told them, I told them they should of killed him.


File: 1521908891857.png (101.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit Seathing.png) ImgOps Google


Critical was trying to focus his vision until things came clear for him. He looks around and notices that his flank was bare and blank.

Crit: "My Cutie Mark! My talent its gone!"

He quickly pulls out his deck of cards and tries to use it but it did not work and his cards spill everywhere.

This was true for all of them, their special talents have been stolen and they can not use them...

>Your special talent is gone and you can not use them for now.


>Epic broke down and cry, having had some bad history with Tirek and did not expect it all to end up like this.


Critical sits down and tired to cope with what had happened, he heard of Tirek before but he never met him before even with time he invaded.

Crit: "I don't... I can't..."

He looks up at Epic with a disturbed stare and wide eyes.

Crit: "We need to get out of here. We need to leave NOW!"


File: 1521909479442.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

How? We're stuck here.

Heck for all we know we could be dead and this is some sort of hell.


File: 1521909878597.png (59.88 KB, 974x820, 487:410, tartarus_by_boneswolbach-d….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "That Tirek guy, he mentioned something right? That Keeper, maybe he can help us get back home. We have to try at least, I'm not gonna be stuck down here."

He picks Epic Mount and Summer Rye and pulled them along to the edge of the platform where they saw a path leading down into what looked to be some much larger platform in the center of Tartarus.

Crit: "There we start on that thing. If we walk around long enough we might learn something."

The central platform had expansive rocky terrain all on it but there was what looked to be a cathedral in the center.


I didn't see the steps there, I thought we were stuck up here.
>Goes down te stairs with him.

I hope... I hope they bury me in Everfree Forest, whats left of me.


File: 1521910465180.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "I don't know, maybe we were just teleported here or something."

The party all hold onto each other while Critical took the lead until they got on the central platform. The cathedral was far away from them and they would have to trek across the inhospitable landscape to get to it.

Crit: "If you guys need a break let me know but stay on your guard. I don't know what's down here..."

He looked around having to make sure the rest of his friends were okay. Looking around, his expression was crossed but not with anger but with caution and stress.


My guard up? I-I do not know if I can do that. I've never felt this sense of dread before...


Crit: "Just... see if you can keep a look out."

They go ahead and start to make their way to the cathedral, their hoof steps clacking about randomly along each other. As they walked they left a small cloud of dirt behind them since the ground was so arid and dead guaranteeing that nothing will ever grow here. Eventually they have to go through a rocky passage that was narrow but still wide enough to keep their formation. Eventaully the passage widens and they find a room that had three small ooze things that were moving about. They would have to figure a way past them or fight.


What are those?


BRB, gonna see if any all-day breakfast burritos are available.


>Sorry I had to get food.

Crit: "They're just called oozes, small nonliving bouts of slime that crawl around and consume everything they touch. I don't know if you guys are feeling up for some combat or not but we can try to stay behind some of the large rocks and avoid them."


Couldn't get breakfast wraps, but brought ingrediants to make breakfast wraps which why I took so long.

>Let's not confront them.
>Stays behind rock.


>Just watched Darling in the Franxx
>Was shit episode and I hate it
>Still gonna watch the next episode cause I'm a masochist apparently

They go ahead and move along the rocks to avoid the oozes which would hopefully work out for them...

Stealth DC 4

Crit Body 1d6 = 2
Epic Body 1d12 = 9
Rye Body 1d12 = 6


Suddenly an ooze that had been hanging on to the wall of the rocks had dropped down and landed on Critical's back which caused an acidic burn that would spread out to the rest of the party. They had to quickly jerk about and broke formation. After that they were all hurt some and were back on the ground all weak again...

Damage 4

Crit HP 22
Epic HP 16
Rye Hp 16


This place is hell... I mean... figuratively, though litterally can apply to.


Crit: Come on, we have to keep moving."

He gets himself and helps the others up so that they can continue. Critical once again puts his hooves around Epic and Rye and started to have them walk again and they all got past the crevasse. Eventually they make it to the Cathedral after an hour of walking and the party was met tall black gothic walls and a large double doors that would lead inside


File: 1521915220880.jpg (97.59 KB, 448x700, 16:25, Cathedral.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Is it...safe in there?:shy3:


File: 1521915437167.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google

There's no way then can tell but as they get closer to the castle structure they get a sense of dread at first but then peace and fulfillment. It was as if they can feel that they are a single droplet in a river flowing through the passages of time.

Crit: "We should probably head on inside. If there's a place for the Keeper to be then this must be it. Here Epic Mount can you help me with the door?"


Uh yes.
>Goes to the door to knock.


They open the large door and entered a cylindrical shaped hall. One the walls were dug in the shelves that held a number of bottle that held cutie marks that ebbed and flowed, the emblems changing into something new.

Attending these bottles of talents, there floated about a dark shade that had the head of a jackolantern with an eerie smile. He didn't notice the party at first as he seemed very busy with all the talent marks.


Where are we? It looks like, a hall where cutie marks are kept!

Is this where cutie marks of the dead go? Or is this where foals get their cutie marks from?


As he spoke the shade noticed the party's presence and floated down to them.

Keeper: "Well there you three are, I was expecting you but you did not come when at your time and I could not find you. I am the keeper... eh you shouldn't actually have a physical form like you have now, you should just be your cutie marks like the rest. What happened?"

>I gotta go to work and all and don't worry your characters aren't perma dead. Just keep flowing with the story I promise.


Wait... you sound familiar... like a dream I once had.
If it's the same voice from that dream. Remember that dream he and Crit shared?

Wait... Physical Forms? So we are dead!


I will confirm that the voice that the party heard in Manehattan was Tirek's

Keeper: "Well yes and no. When you died your cutie mark was sent her as usual so that it can be reformed and your talent be reincarnated as some variation of yourself. The problem is though is that your cutiemarks did not come to my castle but instead it seems that your bodies rematerialized. I never seen anything like that before but... your cutie marks are gone."

Crit: "The monster Tirek pulled our cutie marks to him and was able to use them to make an escape. That's why we came here, so that we can get some help."

Keeper: "He escaped again! Still though three cutie marks should not be enough to make such an escape possible. Not unless of course your cutie marks... are special in a sense."


I remember now! You sound like Tony Jay! So thats what happened to his voice after he died!

They should of executed him. I should of killed him when I had the chance. And now he is escaping again, just as I told them.


Keeper: "The problem is that if you do that all that would happen is he would be reincarnated once again and set out somewhere in the world. This isn't the first form of Tirek to do this so the solution was to imprison him indefinitely so that he could not leave this place and terrorize the current world."

He then clears his throat as he goes to explain to Epic Mount how things worked.

Keeper: "You see tiny mortal, when a living thing dies its natural magic energy is sent here to be recycled and reused. A tree that is burned up will come back as an apple seed, A master architect will come back as a filly who's interested in building things. Your magic energy comes from generations of past users so that your talents can help the future generations. In a sense you do die but you eventually come back once again for good or ill."

Crit: "So what about the other races like Griffons?"

Keeper: "They work in the same way but they do not need my guidance since their magic energies are not focused like a pony's cutie mark. The pony race on the other hoof needs help to make sure their reincarnation process runs smoothly since their energies are much more profound then others."

He then goes to a desk and pulls off a book and skims through its many pages, reading aloud the many names in it until finally he stops.

Keeper: "Ah here you are Epic Mount, Critical Hit, and Summer Rye. Now I'm not supposed to do this but your situation calls for certain action on both our parts. Since you do not have your cutie marks to process I can not reincarnate you but your bodies did rematerialize since Tirek intervened in your reincarnation. Due to this he was able to escape out from Tartarus and is now back in Equestria so here's the deal. I'll let you three leave this place to go reclaim your cutie marks and send Tirek back to Tartarus. I'll even sweeten the deal by letting you guys continue your lives as normal after getting the job done and you can pass on in some other way like old age. I can't really get you processed anyways in your current condition anyways so we should make best of our opportunities."


You'll help us return to Equestria for us to fight Tirek? I'm for that.

But if Tirek will reincarnate, whats the best way to stop him once and for all?

If this place is truely is where the dead go, then if you recall this may not be the first time I knocked on your door... figuratively. If Tirek didn't...
>Rubs his chest.
I could of finished him for good last time!

I know this is a degree impossible, especially given he may return in Season 9.


Keeper: "I understand that sounds like a good idea and all but it is not. All he would do is reincarnate as some other Tirek or perhaps a new monster and all. The best thing we can do is seal him and make sure he can't escape which admittedly he was able to do so because of you three. I'm not blaming, not blaming at all really I'm just stating what happened. Anyways I'll send word down to Cerberus to let you through the portal, where you end up though is the place that you'll tell him to send you. Mind you that leaving Tartarus will have your bodies nearly drained of everything so I recommend that you pick a friendly town that you can rest up at. Also some time has passed since you died so if you have any questions on current events then you should ask me."

>especially if you want to know what the Mane 6 are doing or if Claymore made it.


What exactly happened to us? How did we "died"? And what happened to Sir Claymore? Did he return home?


Keeper: "Whoa one at a time please. Anyways I'll answer all that in order for you.

You three destroyed the throne to Stratus and released a strong surge of magic energy that caused the city to fall apart and destroy your bodies once caught in the blast. Once that happened your Cutie Marks were sent here but I never got them as Tirek was able to pull them from the void, he must have some special connection to you three to do that your your cutie marks are really powerful. He didn't bother with Red Winter's Cutie Mark though, her's got reincarnated very easily and should be now with a new born foal.

As for Claymore I did not see his cutie mark nor is he here with you so what that could imply is that he survived but I am not entirely sure."


Well, I hope he's reunited with his father.

When we return to Equestria, how long would we be of absence?


Keeper: "Time flows normally here so it would've been... I say a week now. Not much time has passed really but it will still be a considerable jump for you three. Try to not get ptsd from seeing some of the differences in your absence, I still need Tirek to be recaptured. As for your re-entry no time will pass on except for maybe a second or two."


A weeks not much. What can happen in a week?
We can return and this time we will get Tirek back.

Preferably through a more permanant means. Such evil should have no place in the existance of Equestria.


File: 1521996860009.png (47.52 KB, 262x255, 262:255, Jack_o_lantern.png) ImgOps Google

Keeper: "Well best of luck to you, I hope you succeed in getting your cutie marks back. If you head south of here then you should make it to where Cerberus stands guard, he should already be expecting you. By the way do not pet my dog, he is a service animal to me and needs to stay on watch at all times, there are more horrors locked in Tartarus than just Tirek and all."

>This is what he should look like but without the body and arms as his body is just a mist.


No petting the dog? Aww...
But alright.

Before I leave, I have one more question.
>Points to the jars containing cutie marks.
These jars, they contain cutie marks, the "essence" of a pony. Can they be used in a sense to contain the essence of Tirek? As in if he is destroyed but his very evil is contained forever, is that possible? Evill cannot escape f it has no mind to fathom.


Keeper: "It would be very very difficult to do so. The only reason why this works with ponies is that their magic energies are so profound and specific rather than any other creature that does not have special talents. Now that is not to say it is impossible it would be very difficult to pinpoint where his magic would end up for me to get it but if you can one day think of a plan then I will surely be open to the idea. Just keep in mind that if we can't get his magic energy locked down then he will either reincarnate or re materialize like you three did."


File: 1521997592722.png (59.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is not amused.png) ImgOps Google

I will find a way.
From all known beings in Equestria, Tirek deserves to be erased.

>For somepony who is usually against killing, this was unlike Epic to want somepony to go as far as being erased entirely than just be murdered.

Twilight and Celestia chose to imprison him over execution and I warned them no matter what he'll find ways to escape and doom Equestria.

Heck even if he is reincarnated, if he's in a weaker state then that could still stop him for good.


Keeper: "We'll have to see how it all goes but times now a wasting and you three should go ahead and get started. Surely now Tirek is working in the shadows to regain his power."

Crit: "Keeper's right Epic,  I really do want to get out of here and head home once again. Even though I didn't experience it I am still a week without food and alcohol."


File: 1521998120585.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

Yes. Let's go. No time to waste.

Thank you Keeper.
We will find someway to recapture Tirek, if his permamantly destruction is not found.


The keeper waves them out as they left his cathedral and looked about. To the south was where Cerberus would be and it looked like it wouldn't be too long of a trip to get there.

Crit: "Hey Epic talk with me while we walk. What's up with you and Tirek, you seem to already know him personally."


Know him? I would say he knew me before I even knew him, but I doubt he cared at all what ponies he stole for himself to feed on at the time.

No, he knew not to take ponies for Equestria. He stole ponies from other pony countries or so far away.

However I did not learn he was the one who instignate my kidnapping until years later when Discord manipulated me into serving him as his agent.

Twilight and her friends freed me from his control. They don't blame me for my actions, felt sorry that I've been exposed to such evil. But I still blame myself for what I did just as much as I hate him for what he did to me.

And of course there when he tried to take over Equestria and he killed me.


>Eh I didn't know anything about that, which part of the whole control thing is in your wiki? Like which paragraph?

Crit: "Sounds like a lot to deal with really. My life isn't too eventful really to that degree... well it wasn't eventful until now. Hopefully we can get our stuff back, I need my talent... it's who I am."

They get on up to a hill they can see below is Cerberus looking out into the void all stalwart like.


File: 1522000478465.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

> http://bronies.wikia.com/wiki/Epic_Mount#Absence_during_Season_2
Basically during "The Return of Harmony" Epic went into the maze not long after the Mane Six does and like the Mane Six, Discord made Epic Mount reflect his own personality. So instead of being heroic, Discord made him villainous. Tirek scoped Epic during this period and turned him into a minion, perhaps ina  similar fashion how Luna became Nightmare Moon.

I've had rough ideas for an Epic Mount game that consist of three levels but never got round to making it, on how Epic was involved in "The Return of Harmony".

You never met Tirek before? For soem reason it was the three of us he targeted for his escape and the three of us was enough to do so.

Eitherway, Tirek should die. He needs to be destroyed. I failed to convince Twilight and Princess Celestia that when he returned to Equestria. Twilight's Kingdom part 1
I got the ponies of Apploosa to stand to stop Tirek. I fought with him and... I think he killed me, or at least I was going to die... I should of died after he impaled me on his horn... but I did not die... I think for some reason Discord physically restored me.

For some reason, yet to update Epic Mount's article on this.

But you have to understand why such a devil needs to be destroyed once and for all! I'm not the only pony who's life he's ruined, not the only one he has tormented throughout his life. If we simply imprisoned him again who's to say he won't find away t be freed? How long will Equestria tolerate a monster as depicable and evil as TIREK!
>In his frustration at all Tirek has done to him, he smashes a nearby rock.

Ponytale fact: I never figured MLP would bring Tirek into FiM canon. I made him purely as Epic Mounts personal villain at the time I was planning Ponytale around MLP:FiM Season 2. So I pretty much had to re-adapt a lot of things around the pseudo-canon rule of Ponytale.


File: 1522001111393.png (217.54 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Too much coffee, not enoug….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Well I really don't know much about this Tirek fellow or what he has done, I just want my cutie mark back. Still though if you think what needs to be done is best then I'll make sure you get it done all well and good with most of your body still intact. For now though lets go down and try to get this giant looking dog to get us back to Equestria."


You're right. Sooner we kill- to stop Tirek the better.

>They approach the gate of Tartarus.

Good doggy, we can't pet you, but can you please let us back to Equestria?

More on my version of Tirek if you wanna know.
> http://bronies.wikia.com/wiki/Tirek#Ponytale


The dog looks at them all playfully and gave them a bark of agreement. All it would need to know now is where the party would want to be sent to.

Crit: "We might want to go back to Canterlot so we can talk to the knights and let them know we're okay. Then again you might want to have us go to Ponyville and talk with the mane 6 as Fluttershy would want to see you again... Other than that there are plenty of places to go but we will surely need medical treatment when we go back so please pick a nice town."


Ponyville would perhaps be a better location. The Keeper suggested a village where we can recover in peace.
Plus Twilight will need to be the one to know of Tireks return.


The dog gives a nod at their request and it takes it paw and scratches at the air and rips a portal open that would take them to Ponyville.

Crit: "There you go, good doggie. I wish we had a treat for you but we don't have any sort of food to give you. Anyways Epic Mount are you ready to go?"


Yeah... such a good doggie... pity we can't pet him.
Let's go.


They enter in the portal and they are faced with a massive blinding white light. Before they can refocus their eyes they all can feel that  they were laying down on the on a field of grass and flowers with birds chirping around them. The air was also a very welcome as it was warm and gentle which contrasted the still air of Tartarus. The sudden change of atmosphere was so great that they could not stand or see what was around them. They did hear a sort of voice though however.

Voice: "Hey look at these three I know them they're friends with Pinkie Pie... Hon they don't look so good."

Voice 2: "We should get them to the hospital, they need help."

To be continued.

>Gotta go now.


>Epic shields his eyes from the blinding sunlight and felt weak and giddy in his knees, as if somewhere between dream and reality.


File: 1522064397422.png (105.41 KB, 364x449, 364:449, Doctor_Horse_ID_S2E16.png) ImgOps Google

The next things they hear when they come to was the three out of sync beep noises that came from their own heart monitors. Then they realized that they had been laid up in a hospital with them being in green bed sheets and their noses filled with the scent of medicine and pure alcohol. Some pony approaches them holding a clipboard while he was wearing a doctor's coat, had a brown mane, and a orangish coat.

Doctor: "Well then it seems like you are awake again, go ahead and see if you can tell me how you are feeling?"

>Clarity hasn't been on in a while. Does he realize that the story is still going?


He's not online at the mo.

I feel like manure.


I do realize it but I rarely if ever have time to play on weekends. I'm either hosting or playing in my own "real life" RPG sessions or I'm out with friends.


Do you need a catch up?


File: 1522081755585.png (249.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac43.png) ImgOps Google

Summer Rye stared at the ceiling, the last thing he clearly remembered was Epic destroying the throne...

"I... feel utterly exhausted... weak... as if all my strength has been drained. I don't want to get up again, ever..."


(That'd be great.)


I believe that would of been the case if that Keeper guy did not want us to come back, though could of been a dream now that I think about it.


Basically we ended up in Hell Tartarus but we wern't bad ponies, Tirek simply wanted to strip us of our cutie marks which allowed him to leave Tartarus. The Keeper who I imagine is a cross between Saint Peter and King Midas only voiced by Tony Jay, he was suprised to find corporeal ponies instead of the spiritual embodiment of our cutie marks which he collects and pass on to other ponies. (I imagine a sort of semi-reincarnation process) He told us we can leave Tartarus if we can capture and return Tirek back to his prison.

Epic Mount has some bad history with Tirek and despite his non-killing morality, he really wants to kill Tirek, however Keeper says that this is pointless as Tirek can ressurect himself anyway.

As we left the gates of Tartarus we respawned outside of Ponyville where the locals found us and now we're in hospital.


A nightmarish dream!


Or a dream about a nightmare.

>Epic explained the dream he had. >>11783


"I... had a similar dream."


Are we playing today?


>We are but I gotta go take my bro to work soon so expect a short absence but I'll be back.

Crit: "Urgh I still feel pretty bad but at least we are back."

Doctor: "Fever dreams eh? Well you will be glad to know that most of your injuries have been healed up but you guys should take things easy. It was a good thing too that they Cake family found you like they did, sleeping on the ground could have made things worse so you should probably thank them."

Suddenly Spike the dragon rushes into the room in a panicked frenzy and the doctor tried to calm him down but to no avail.

Spike: "Epic, Rye, Crit! Twilight and her friends they're in trouble, they need you!"


Summer Rye looked up, seeing Spike... "Oh... Spike, how are you? What's going on?"


Spike: "The statues, the mane 6 went to the badlands but they haven't come back!"

Doctor: "Er yes I think I can explain this. You see about 5 days ago this strange occurrence was going on where ponies would instantaneously become statues for no reason. This petrification has become more and more serious to the point we have our own impromptu ward to try to find a treatment for them. If you feel up to it I can take you to the ward."

Spike: "B-but Twilight needs help!"

The party should be well enough to get up and leave the hospital and it really does seem that Spike needs help.


I'm rarely ever time for a breakfast wrap. The hot cabinet was bare.

We'll see what Twilight wants, then we'll go to Everfree Forest and ask Zecora to comne back to examine the petrified patience.

Given me and zecora live in a forest inhabited by cockatri, we know a depetrification remedy when needed.


File: 1522167748620.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

Spike: "That's just it though Epic Mount she and her friends went down to the badlands and they never came back. I-I'm afraid that they may have got turned into statues too."


Critical got on up out of his bed and took off his patient gown. He seemed that he wasn't going to let poor Spike worry like this.

Crit: "Don't worry Spike, we'll go down there and bring her back. I promise you this."

Doctor: "Are you sure? You probably need some rest."

Crit: "I'm sure, I'm not gonna let Spike stay here all alone like this while his friends are in danger. Epic Mount I need your help in this, Fluttershy is likely to be down in the badlands with Twilight."


Let's all go. I bet Tirek is behind all this...
... wait, why would I think it's him? Thats just a dream wasn't it?
>Noticed he and his friends were blank flanks.
Our cutie marks are gone! Just like what happened in the dream!


Crit: "Epic Mount that wasn't a dream we really did die at Stratus but now we are instantly back in Ponyville. The only way for that to have happened was for the Keeper to let us go to get Tirek."

Doctor: "What? you aren't making any sense."

Crit: "Long story and we don't have the time to explain. Anyways Spike we could be gone for some time so go on ahead and go to Zecora and start to work on something that would cure this statue condition."

Doctor: "Another thing for a moment if you will. It would seem that the condition is not permanent. Victims often revert back into their normal selves but they turn back so often that they hardly ever leave the petrification ward."


A stone sickness? It sounds familiar

>To Crit
Isn't Zecora with Twilight where we are going?


File: 1522168689190.png (1.8 MB, 1323x780, 441:260, blogentry-11226-0-91228400….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "No Twilight and her friends are stuck in the Badlands far to the south. Zecora's probably in the Everfree. Anyways we should start to get moving, lets get to our..."

He then remembers how crashed the balloon had gotten and they now have no means of air travel.

Crit: "Er, perhaps we should catch a train out of here. We'll have to go to Dodge City first and then head on out to the badlands on hoof or by cart."


File: 1522168772436.png (211.67 KB, 1600x1432, 200:179, mac52.png) ImgOps Google

"Can we at least grab a bite before we head off? I don't know if the trains serve anything on board."


Crit: "Oh yeah we should go out and get something to eat first. Are you guys ready?|"


"As ready as I can be with an empty stomach and just having gotten out of a hospital bed."


File: 1522168984978.jpg (151.23 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, Train trolly.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Alright. Spike, go to Zecora and ask her to help with investigating a cure for the ponies with stone sickness.

Yeah, let's get a train to Dodge. Good thing we still have our money to pay for tickets.

Sometimes they do but it's mostly little snacks that are hardly filling. Like tiny bottles of alcohol or snack bars.

Yeah. Let's go.


"Stone sickness... sure does sound like a cockatrice. I don't know any other critters who could do that. Though, maybe it's magic.

Do you know any spells who could turn someone into a statue, Crit?"


Im just calling it that becase "Temporary spells of petrification" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Though how it is described does sound familiar from somewhere but I'm not sure.


They all head on out of the hospital and get on to the market area of Ponyville. There were plenty of food places to go, one serving pasta's, one a Hayburger, and lastly a place called Sugar Cube Corner. The Cakes did rescue them so perhaps dropping by would be a nice thing to do.

Crit: "Er... not really. There is the cockatrice gaze and the one time the elements froze Discord. Other than that I do not know."


"Let's say thanks to the Cakes and buy some food!"


There are a few monsters out there known for their petrification gaze. Cockatri being common to Everfree Forest, but theres also gorgons, certain cyclopsi and so on.

These cases are usually a permamant state of petrification until the sxpell is broken by the monster that did so, usually by convincing, death or they can't. Varies to the monster.

Discords case however was unique. He was turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony indefinately until the elements freed him.

What we're dealing with here currently resembles some form of ailment. Non-permanant petrification but still acting like some sort of sickness.

I feel like it's familiar from somewhere At least to me it does, Epic could simply be entirely wrong. But I'm just gonna call the problem "stone sickness" for conveniance.

Good idea. We can also ask them any news of what else has been happening. Catch up on our week absence.


File: 1522169724303.jpeg (137.82 KB, 1500x552, 125:46, scc.jpeg) ImgOps Google

They head on inside with a bell chiming their entrance and the cakes turn around to greet them. The inside was a mass of bright colors with a counter ready to invite them to peruse the pastries. The sweet smell in the air was also intense and was slightly dizzying even.

Mr Cake: "Oh you three are back and about again, that's good to see."

Mrs. Cake: "Yes my darling found you while we were out for a picnic and we got help as soon as we could. Is there anything we can help you with?"


Crit: "I haven't gotten to see any of the patients yet but I'm not sure what could be causing it but it would seem that the origin point is the Badlands. Perhaps if we ask around we can learn more about this condition."


File: 1522169844753.png (284.07 KB, 497x795, 497:795, mac14.png) ImgOps Google

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cake, thanks a lot for saving us back there. We owe you. If there's ever anything we can do for you, just let us know.

Also, your biggest cake, please!"


>Looked around at the decorations.
I take it Pinkie Pie prepared for our "Congratulations you're not dead!" party but Twilight called her away?

Yes. Thank you for helping us after coming back from Tartarus.


Mr. Cake: "Oh no this is what the store always looks like. Pinkie Pie and her friends have been gone about 5 days now so they don't even know you are all back. Anyways I'll go get you a cake to eat..."

He leaves and Mrs. Cake stayed behind to watch the kids who were playing around behind the counter and keep the party company while they waited.

Mrs. Cake. "Now the cake will cost you about 10 bits please. Do you have the money?"


I just want a slice. I'm not that hungry for a whole cake...
>Looks over to Rye.
You really gonna eat all that? We just came back to life, don't want to die from cholesterol.


"Unless someone has taken my wallet..."

Rye looks for his bits.


They all still had their equipment and items they had when they were blown up in Stratus, seems that the Keeper pulled a few strings so that they can still be prepared for the trials ahead.

Crit Bits 409
Epic Bits 330
Rye Bits 396

Crit: "Well aside from our Cutie Marks we still at least have all of our junk. Nice to still have my Tindercrest Deck."


File: 1522170593590.jpg (8.18 KB, 245x276, 245:276, mac47.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Rye pays.

"Maybe we could see the Cutie Mark Crusaders to help us get back our cutie marks?"


We don't need helping finding our cutie marks, we already know who taken them. Whgat we need to figure out is how to destroy him for good.

So, Mr and Mrs. Cake. What happened after the fall of Stratus? We know of the stone sickness thats been happening but why did Twilight and her friends go to the badlands?



Crit: "I've only heard of them in passing but they might be able to help us out in this problem."

Eventually Mr Cake comes back with a multi layer cake for the party to enjoy while they talked about what had happened.

Mrs Cake: "Shortly after the fall there was a report that a bright and glowing light emerged from the badlands that faded away almost instantly. No pony took it seriosuly but ponies in Dodge City and Appleloosa started turning into statues randomly. The epidemic had spread since then and has now reached Ponyville. Twilight believes that the statue condition is magic related and even her map was showing that she needed to go down to the Badlands area. So about 5 days ago she and her friends go there and we never heard from them again."


File: 1522171186453.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

I hope it wasn't the destruction of Stratus that caused it in some way.


"We could look for them when we're done helping our friends."

"But maybe I rather get a new one than being a pawn!"


File: 1522171419290.png (217.54 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Too much coffee, not enoug….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "A bit far away don't you think?"

Critical takes another bite of his second slice of cake until he gets a sick looking expression on his face. Perhaps too much sugar so early in the morning.

Crit: "Anyways I've had my fill of this cake. We should go on down to the train station and get some tickets to Dodge City. We got plenty of money to make the trip, we just have to be careful to not become statues."


File: 1522171431016.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

A pawn?
I don't want to capture Tirek! I WANT TO DESTROY HIM! I want to remove all trace of him from Equestria, every disgraced fibre of his being to be burned away so that nopony should have to suffer.

But given the "Keeper" claims thats not on the table, all we can do is prevent Tirek from destroying Equestria yet again.

I'm no pawn and neither are you. But I'm not gonna let Tirek destroy more lives.


File: 1522171680040.jpg (42.71 KB, 604x565, 604:565, mac4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Calm down, I don't feel like destroying anyone, not even him. Imprisoning him is good enough."

>reminds me, I haven't upgraded my skills yet


It's not good enough for me.
>Shovels the rest of his cake into his mouth, not caring how much of a moodkiller he is.


Crit: "Easy there Epic Mount, there's no need to go and sperg out. First we gotta focus on the task at hand and save the Mane 6. If you can't concentrate then who else will save Fluttershy?"

Critical would have gotten up but he was too full with cake to do so at the moment.

Crit: "Lets first focus on the Mane 6, then our Cutie Marks, then lastly Tirek."


Rye picked up Crit and carried him on his back to the train station after saying goodbye to the Cakes.


Yeah,w e should save Fluttershy and her friends. They usually have a sure-fire way of stopping Tirek. It's likely they'll be ideal to contain him.

>They all head to the station and paid for their tickets to the Badlands.


File: 1522172164541.png (187.7 KB, 900x1169, 900:1169, Conductor.png) ImgOps Google

They get on up to the train station and find the conductor wearing his uniform and nice looking hat, you wish you had a hat like that. Anyways you explain to him that you need a ride down to Dodge City and he states that a train is about to leave for that place pretty soon.

Conductor: "So those tickets will be bits per pony and seeing that you got 3... is he fine?"

Points at Crit but decides to not push the issue further.

Conductor: "Anyways 5 bits per ticket and you got 3 ponies with you so that will be a total of 15 bits for the trip."

Crit: "We can divide up the price among ourselves."


Rye paid 5 bits and boarded the train after asking how long the trip to Dodge City would take.


He's alright.

And yeah, we can pay for ourselves. (Did you see that guys hat?)


File: 1522172715869.png (361.76 KB, 1024x554, 512:277, mlp_train_car_background_2….png) ImgOps Google

It was a really well designed hat, the reds and blues with a yellow button was to die for. Honestly this hat is a sign of pure craftsmanship and fashion. No other place will they find a better hat!


Anyways they all pay for their tickets and load on up into the train and they stay in the regular passenger car with the other ponies. The train lets out a loud squeal and it starts to make its journey to Dodge City. The expected wait time would be that of about an hour worth of traveling so the party had some time to themselves if they wished.


Looking out the window they can see the whole landscape pass by them with the chunking noise of the wheels on the track.


We should all get matching hats like it. It be like a team uniform but for our heads.


File: 1522172816110.png (136.8 KB, 627x342, 11:6, mac20.png) ImgOps Google

"I think it was pretty nice hat. Anyway, what's the deal about Dodge City? Anypone been there before?"


I've been around many places so I'm not entirely sure. I do know Dodge Junction has beautiful cherry orchards. They should be blossoming pink flowers by now. Very pretty.


File: 1522173031123.png (488.66 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1507768497677.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Anyways Dodge City is another cowbuck town down south."

Crit: "Right. Anways it shouldn't take too long so I say we should get some sleep in while we are on the train."


It be hard to sleep with all thats been going on.


Sorry, got to stop for today.


File: 1522173498853.png (560.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dodge_Junction_Station_S2E….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Well we need as much rest as we can get so I'm gonna take a nap..."

He lays down on his side of the booth and goes to sleep. The other either do the same or stay awake for the whole trip until they finally make it to Dodge City. They get out of the car and find that they were standing before a western feeling town filled with cowponies and rangers who were moving about as they were getting petrified ponies to the hospital. Things were much worse here then it was in Ponyville. From here they would have to get to the badlands to the south and at the edge of town they can see a number of wagon ponies who they can use to get to the badlands with the right words or the right price.


>Critical had to wake Epic up.
.zZ .zZ Why yes Fluttershy, you can wear my new hat...

O-oh we're here?


File: 1522174030886.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

>I guess we can keep going and see if we can't hitch ride real quick.

Crit: "Yeah and things don't look so good. We best hurry down to the Badlands and see if we can't find the Mane 6 and find a way to put a stop to all this."

He points over to the wagon ponies.

Crit: "They could make the trip much easier for us and should be able to give us more info."


Great! Let's try it.


They get on up to the wagons and see that they were all organized into specific lots that were named by a sign as to where they were going. Eventually they find the wagon crew that was going to the Badlands who was lead by mare named Sunny Saddle. They could also notice that there were several crates already in the wagon that had words stamped onto them saying Dig Site Supplies. It would seem that this wagon was going to a dig site in the Badlands but before they could ponder this the caravan leader Sunny Saddles approaches them.

Sunny: "Howdy there, the name's Sunny Saddles and this is my wagon team. You don't seem to belong here at this lot so I gotta ask yall what are you doing here?"


Perhcnace have you seen six ponies come by here? One of them Princess Twilight Sparkle.


Sunny Saddles: "A couple of days ago there was the Princess coming through here with her friends yes. Later on another group of archeologists went into the badlands as well but they were followed by a rough looking sort. Twilight said she was investigating the statue disease and that archeologist group wanted to investigate something called the Umberfoal I think."


Can you please take us to where Twilight is? We're friends of hers.


Sunny Saddles: "You're friends of hers? I dunno I don't know you and I'm not about to give you all a free ride but..."

Charm Test DC 5

Epic Mount Charm 1d10 = 4
Crit Charm 1d6 = 2
Rye Charm 1d8 = 7


She takes a moment and looks at the party and tries to get a feel for them. Eventually she nods her head in agreement.

Sunny: "You all seem like the good sort of ponies even though you are all armed to the teeth. Anyways if you're here fro Twilight then that means you are also here to stop this whole statue business. In that case you can ride in back for free if you like."


Thank you.

>As they ride
Has ponies out here also been turning to statues?


>Last post before I go.

Sunny: "Little Colt the whole statue disease started here. Ever since that bright light happened ponies had been turning into statues and it wasn't long until the Princess of Friendship came along. A day or two later some bucks by the names of Caballeron and Gully Trotter came and hired us on to help get supplies to their dig site which is where we are headed now. I don't know where Twilight or her friends are, we never seen em down at our camp but we'll keep an eye out for them."

The wagon being pulled by two stallions while Sunny and the other rode in with the supplies. Sunny had to keep a hold of the reigns to make sure they were going in the right direction.

Sunny: "Still though once we get there my wagon team will be pulling out and head back to town again so you might be at the camp for a while."


Thats fine. We'll stay for as long as Twilight needs us.
>Remembers their primary objective to find Tirek.
Or at least until we find her.

See you later.


File: 1522211878466.png (590.23 KB, 602x452, 301:226, main-qimg-49eddae80f6b8b4d….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "So we got a Caballeron and a Gully Trotter down there as well? I don't know Gully Trotter but this Caballeron... I think I've heard the name before but I don't remember what it was from."

Sunny: "I don't know either but I think some pony mentioned the name before. He must be important in some way."

They start to get into the more rocky areas until finally they reach the cliffside that would lead down into the canyon of the Badlands. The trail would go down several switchbacks that would lead into the desert. Speaking of desert, the temperature around them had become unforgiving in the terms of heat as the sun beat down on the party and the rest of the caravan. The air was especially dry and it seemed that the landscape around here was void of water but thankfully they wouldn't have to worry about that since they got so much supply.


"Gully Trotter? Doesn't ring a bell at all. Who is that Caballeron fellow, Crit?"


Sorry I'm late. A few things happened today. But mostly 'cus I forgot.

Maybe somepony you know way back and when you see them you'll be like "Oh no! Not you again!"

>Epic began sweating buckets.
Maybe "hot weather" could be another quirk to add.


He dismisses the two at their guessing as he would've remembered better if he had ever met this Caballeron.

Crit: "Nah I don't know  this guy. I only ever heard his name in passing or I might have read it somewhere."

They start to go down the trail all calm like and normal. Nopony was really willing to speed things since the land around them was probably unstable. The wagon ponies chattered among themselves talking about current events, the best food place they've been to this week, and whatever else wagon ponies talk about.

Suddenly there was a bright beam of light, a bolt, come down to hit near the wagon. One of the wagon ponies immediately disappear after being struck with the bolt. Where he went was quickly answered as the party saw a small statuette version of the stallion land inside of their cart mirroring the statue condition they saw earlier today.

This causes the other stallion to panic and tried to run away. The sudden jerk of movement caused the party to fall out and the cart didn't go too dar as it just rammed into the wall causing the rocks to rumble up above them.


>Can see those rocks were about to fall and tries to push Critical and Rye out of harms way.


As the rocks fall all around them, one giant boulder threatens to crush them and the rest of the party though the cart was well away. Epic Mount pushed his friends aside to hopefully save them but this could prove to endanger him even more...

Body Test DC 4 Damage 2

Epic Mount Body 1d12 - 1 = 7 Def 1d20 + 1d4 - 1 = 2
Crit Body 1d6 + 1 = 6
Rye Body 1d12 + 1 = 3


File: 1522265149150.png (101.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit Seathing.png) ImgOps Google

Everypony was able to dodge out of the way but Rye had caught some of the rock splinters in his hide as the boulder crashed and broke up on the ground.

Crit: "Quick, everyone get on back to the cart, hurry!"


Clarity is set "Away" on Steam at the mo.
Rye, you alright?

You Crit?


>That's fine.

Crit: "I'm okay, just only scrapped myself but we need to get back to the cart."

They rush on over to the cart as the rocks fell around them. Sunny Saddles had helped get the stallion out of his holdings and they were trying to push the cart free of the wall as it was stuck up on it. It looks like they could use some help.


>To Sunny
Is everypony alright?

>Notice the cart was stuck and contributes his strength to help.



Sunny: "Quick I need this cart freed up or else we'll lose all the supply!"

Epic and the rest try to get the cart loose, Crit got on up to steer it but a whole other shower of rocks started to pelt the area near the cart and rain over top of them...

Cart Navigation DC 4 Cart HP 3

Epic Body 1d12 = 1
Crit Mind 1d20 = 19
Rye Body 1d12 = 8


They manage to get the cart free of the rock wall but as it rolls they hear the unfortunate sound of a crunching noise that could not be ignored. Looking around they saw that one of the rear axles was broken and it would need to be fixed now or else they will lose control of the cart and it will roll down unsafely the switchbacks.


>Epic got on the cart and started bucking and spin-kicking at the rocks that came directly towards them.
YOu replace the wheel, I'll hold them off for as long as I can!


Critical gave a nod and pulled out a spare from inside the cart and hopped on down. He then used his telekinesis on the cart to keep it steady as he did the job. It was nerve racking to make sure that Sunny and her wagon was safe as well as to do the procedure like this.

Three more boulders fall on down to where the cart was and was a major threat if Epic could not fend them off...

Boulder DC 1d8 = 5
Boulder DC 1d8 = 7
Boulder DC 1d8 = 5

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 3 1d20 + 1d4 = 12

Critical tried to put in the new wheel after tossing the old one down below into the canyon.

Mind Test DC 8

Crit Mind 1d20 = 8
Crit Mind 1d20 = 13

>If both fail the wheel can not be fixed.


Epic Mount kicks the rocks away and Critical was able to get the wheel back on safely which allowed a much smoother ride for the wagon. After this was done the party frantically loaded up and they got on down the switchbacks quickly as they could until they got on to the bottom and well away from the rocks. Sunny Saddles got on away from the cart trying to catch her breath. She looks down along the only path through the badlands and turns to the party.

Sunny: "Ah mighty thanks to ya's, we wouldn't have gotten out of that with you two. We should be getting on down to the digsite as soon as we can and see what we can do for our petrified wagon driver."

She takes the tiny statue out of the cart and tucks it into her saddle bag for safe keeping.


File: 1522266577318.png (80.32 KB, 498x309, 166:103, Wet mane.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic was now sweatinb buckets due to the exersize of beating off rocks and that being a forest pony he was not suited for arid climates.

I don't understand, why did he turn so small? It's as if he was turned into a collectible than just into stone.


File: 1522266641344.png (Spoiler Image, 949.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac57.png) ImgOps Google

"Must be magic!"




File: 1522266795210.gif (157.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Laser-Shot.gif) ImgOps Google

Crit: "I agree, this is quite the strange spell and I've never really seen anything like this before but that bolt of light definitely confirms this theory.  Still though the cart is fairly battered up and we best try to make it to the digsite or else we'll get caught up again with whatever the badlands wants to throw at us."


"Do we know which way to go?"


Yeah. The sooner we find cool shade and cold water the better.


Sunny: "Well there is the one and only path right here that we can take. I've been down this way before plenty of times but to be honest I've never been attacked like that before."

Crit: "I'm sure the site will have that or we are simply bringing that stuff over with our supply cart."

The group heads on out and along the path to where they needed to go. It took some time and the heat was daunting but they eventually come across something. The ground here was flat like the rest of the land but on the road part were patches of burned scorch marks. These marks pocked the area  and in the center looked to be another tiny pony statue.

>Gotta go now.


Summer Rye walked on over to the scorch marks, examining them.

"Hm..." He peeked into the distance, wondering if there was some higher ground anywhere nearby.


Maybe on our next "Level Up", we can add "Heat intolerance" to my list of quirks. I myself like to believe myself a strong guy but I hate sweating, I find it distracting. That and I hate hot days. Give me cool balmy spring weather or partially cloudy autumn weather any day.

>Epic also examined the scorch marks.
Doesn't look like lightning.


Oh I didn't think that we would be doing that. Anyways the next level up is quite the ways away.

They all examine the scorch marks whi8le Sunny Saddles picks up the statuette and puts it into her saddle bag.

Sunny: "Hey I knew this pony, its one of the excavation workers that Caballeron had on for hire. Poor thing I remember he cooked me up some stew back at camp. He really was nice to me so I hope he turns back to normal soon."

Mind Test DC 6

Epic Mind 1d8 = 6
Rye Mind 1d8 = 2
Crit Mind 1d20 = 14


"That doesn't bode well... I hope the other ponies are alright!"


I wonder if all these ponies that are turning into statues have something in common? If only we checked the hospital ward while we had the chance. Maybe I would of seen a pattern.

Such as maybe they were all involved in where we are going to the Badlands or maybe they're all Earth Ponies or something.


You can tell that the burn marks came from a powerful magic source and it is likely the same magic you saw earlier going into the badlands. Around you there wasn't any high ground but the burn marks indicate that there was quite the angle to them from the caster meaning whoever or whatever did it was on the same ground level as the excavation worker.

Lastly they notice a small camp in the distance with 6 distinct tents of them that reminded Epic Mount of the Mane 6 because of their number and coloration.


File: 1522339306116.png (211.67 KB, 1600x1432, 200:179, mac52.png) ImgOps Google

"Hmmm... magic from above... either a pony did that, or an artifact I suppose. Anyway, we better hurry to the camp."


It looks like is was cast from roughly over there.
>Points to where someone would "cast" such an attack.
But let's learn more about this before we jump to conclusions.

Look! That must be where the girls are!


Crit: "It must be, we should head on over there right now."

Sunny: "I'm gonna keep the cart over here and wait for yall to come back. Just don't take too long, I don't want to stay out in the open when we need to be getting to the dig site."


"Yeah, you be careful! Shout if you see anything unusual - especially from above!"


Alright. We'll be down there ourselves.
>Points to the colourful campsite.


They head on over to the camp and it was confirmed that this was where the mane 6 stayed as the tents each displayed the owner's iconic cutie marks but unfortunately the place was in disarray and there was nopony here. They found a small cache of supplies that included these items

3 Desert Scarf (Immunity to wind based weather)
The desert scarves are made up of a red scarf that would wrap around the mouth and a pair of goggles to go over the eyes. This allows seeing and breathing in the case of a dust or snow storm or other wind based weather.
2 Potions

Around the camp they can also notice a rock ridge above the camp that the mane 6 probably used as a shield against the bad land weather. If they wanted to learn more they would have to stay longer and examine the camp site.


Summer Rye picked up one of the scarfs - probably made by Rarity.

"Do you guys want to take the potions?"

He tried examining the place more closely, especially for tracks.


Critical takes one of the desert scarves and puts it on, making him look a little like a bug with insect looking eyes. He also takes one of the potions.

Crit: "Yeah we should keep looking around for now and see what else we can find."

Search DC 6 or DC 12

Epic Mind 1d8 = 4
Rye Mind 1d8 = 1
Crit Mind 1d20 = 12


Gimme a mo, talking to my brother.


Eventually the party finds two things, one was some tattered fabric from a brown cloak that was not from any sort of clothing the Mane 6 took along, Epic would know that as Rarity wouldn't allow such a bland color on her friends. The other thing they spot is a golden bangle with distinctive markings on it that were made swirling patterns

Criticfal also found strands of navy blue hair that did not belong to any of the mane 6


"Oh boy... somepony else was here - or more than one pony."

Rye gave a glance over to Sunny, hoping to still see her.


>Tries to find any clues on where they went.

Why would there be three scarfs and not six?
>Also takes one of the scarfs.

>Examines the golden swirly thing.

It's alright, it doesn't look like there was much of a scuffle. Knowing them they made a new friend.


"Hopefully... or they are tiny statues!"

"What's golden thingy?"


>Shows him the golden bangle with distinctive markings on it that were made swirling patterns.
Is it enchanted with any protection?


Critical takes a look at it and shook his head.

Crit: "No it's not, just a bit of jewelry."

Sunny was still on the road over there waiting for the party to come back. At least she's nice enough to not leave them behind in the desert.

Critical's ears twitch and he starts to look around as if he heard something.

Crit: "Do you guys feel that? As if we're being watched?"


File: 1522342478784.gif (842.08 KB, 596x470, 298:235, mac44.gif) ImgOps Google

Rye put on his goggles and glanced through them without turning his head, trying to act all unsuspicious.



>Epic's ears twitche as he carefully looks around. Growing up in Everfree Forest, he learned that he could be pounced on practically anywehere in the middle of a forest so he is always keen to observe his surroundings for any possible attack.


Looking around they can see some shadowy figure move behind a small stack of stones away from the camp. The figure does not want to be seen by the party but whoever it is could be the person to know about the Mane 6.


File: 1522342894496.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

Hold on! Who's there?
>Epic had a suspicious it could be somepony particularly shy.
It's me, Epic Mount!


Rye took of the goggles again, wondering if there was a reaction to Epic's call.


They all get up to where the figure was and saw that it was a pony wearing a brown cloak over their body. Immediately upon sight the pony shoots forth the magical beams they saw earlier at the party as she tried to make her escape. The magic did not hit anyone but she was getting away.




File: 1522343203745.png (342.43 KB, 499x701, 499:701, mac39.png) ImgOps Google

"Stop... come back! We don't mean you any harm!" Summer Rye shout!


Speak for yourself.
>Goes after them.


They go into chase and it was easy to tell the pony was not ready for such an encounter as their magic bolts were aimed very poorly. As they got in close to tackle, the figure's horn let out a bright magic and they disappeared in the blink of an eye. Looking around they could not see where they had went or any clue that would point them in a direction.

Crit: "Damnit he teleported. I don't see where he went!"


Summer Rye looked around, scanning the area.



Well, I don't think we can learn anymore here. I;'m sure Sunny waited long enough for us too.


Crit: "Yeah I think so too but I'm worried what has happened to the mane 6. It is likely they have been captured by being turned into statues."

They head on back to the wagon where Sunny Saddles was waiting for them. She looked a bit worried but relieved when she saw them.

Sunny: "Ah good you're back. We heard some shouting and some lights in the distance. I was worried that I would have to go in and collect your statues as well."


"Well, we're glad you're alright, too. We saw a pony..." Rye described him. "Does he ring any bell to you?"


No, we know that Princess Twilight and her friends were here but we do not know where they have gone. There was little sign of fighting so wherever they gone they went on their own accord. That doesn't mean they surrendered but could of went with someone nice.


Sunny: "Here load on up and we'll talk while on the way to the digsite."

They do so and they start to make the last stretch to the digsite. After hearing the description she just shakes her head.

Sunny: "No that doesn't remind me of any pony that was with us. He sounds like some 3rd party in this matter."

>I meant for the camp to look like it was attacked, sorry.

Crit: "If we can find this pony then it is likely that we can find the Mane 6. First we have to get to the digsite though..."

They continue on for maybe ten more minute until they finally reached the digsite camp where the excavation team had set up large and numerous tents to help them bare against the heat. Carts pushed around with supplies and rocks that needed to be investigated. Sunny stopped the cart at the edge of camp and got ready to unload the supplies.

Sunny: "Here we are. I gotta get this stuff done, you guys can go ahead and take a look around if you want. Maybe somepony here can help you out."


Calling it for now, thanks for the fun.


Some of your things look heavy. Need any help with them?


Okay, me and Epic can atleast get what we need to do next ready.

Sunny: "Son I've been doing this work for a very long time so I got it unless you want to make some spare money. Other than that I need you to go to the main tent to go see Caballeron and talk with him. He's gonna need to know that there's three new mouths to feed. He'll also want to hear about what you encountered back in the campsite."


You've been kind to us, I figured you would like some help. But OK I will go let you be.

>He and Crit go find Caballeron.


I need to go out, BRB.


They go to the main tent which was the largest one in the center of the camp. They enter in the tent and notice the lavish furniture, comfy pillows, and a music box playing music. The atmosphere is comforting and calm but when they saw Caballeron and who he was with. Caballeron was sitting down at his desk with a map of the site and his guards were the same ponies they met in Manehattan who was pretending to be them.

Heretic Hook: "Well well look who it is. We didn't think we would ever cross paths again."


All this place needs ia harem mares.

>Heretic Hook.
Hey... you! Give me a roll whenever I remember him or not.


He laughs as his two other brothers Rally Call and Deception stares at the party coldly. I know his name is supposed to be Neigh Sayer but I decided to change it

Heretic Hook: "I didn't think I'd see Epic Mount's merry band out here after our battle in Manehattan. You did Rally Call a number you did but we managed to pull through."

Rally: "I still need to be paying you back for that, in fact right here right now..."

Caballoron the pony with a black mane and brown coat stops his subordinate from acting out of any sort of violence.

Caballeron: "You three seem to know the new ponies in my camp but remember that I hired you on to protect the excavation and help me out with my search for the Umberfoal."

Rally Call ceases his hostilities and just whispers to his brother Deception.

Caballeron: "I wonder though if I may ask what is it that brings you here? The badlands is not a hospitable place to wander around unless there is something you are looking for."

His voice is smooth and charming, a very welcome change to the more brutish figures they met the past like Jairo the Monkey.


File: 1522348259888.png (101.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic likes Strawberry Ribe….png) ImgOps Google

>Epic seemed a bit confused.
Guys, we take down a lot of badguys, heck we took down a whole army along with the flying city of Stratus. You all do look vaguely familiar... Wait were you the guys that posed as us and we had that "Whos the real deal" contest?

Hey Crit, do we know these guys?


>Epic Mount should remember them. He isn't dumb right?

Crit: "Yeah this is Heretic Hook, Rally Call, and Deception. They posed as us as a means to get money."

Caballeron coughs loudly as his question was outright ignored.

Caballeron: "I ask again, what are you doing here in my camp."

Crit: "Ah we were looking for a small group of ponies who were looking into stopping this statue disease thats been spreading about."

Caballeron: "Ah I see, unfortunately I have not seen the sort here but we've had our workers here been turned into statues or outright go missing. In fact my dear friend Gully Trotter has gone missing as well. He was last seen at our old digsite, Site A. We lost him after some large monstrous worm erupted from the earth causing us to flee though Gully Trotter was separated from the group. If you could go over there then I would be glad for your services."


File: 1522349073050.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

I vaguely do. In all honesty I remember a pony by both name and apperance than just by name. Given we mostly know these ponies by written name than apperance I can't remember every NPC we've met along the road.

Ooh I remember now. Yeah that was awhile back.
>Epic shrugs this off as if this was just no big deal. Either he was trying to be rude to the three posers or it really was just not worth his respect.

>At Caballeron's request.
Yeah alright. I don't see any repercussion of this request.


>Fair enough

Cabelleron: "The old digsite is located in the dustmane ridge, a rocky set of mountain that overlook the site. The Gully had a specific harness that allowed the ease and climb of mountains so if I had to guess, he would be up there. Climbing up the ridge my prove difficult for you but there are some climbing kits located in the center of Site A but you would have to be careful to not disturb the Tatzlwurm."

Crit: "Got it. First we leave Site B, head to Site A, go to the center and get the gear, then climb up the Dustmane ridge. Sounds easy enough if we're careful."

Caballeron: "If you need supplies then go to the quarter master who should be near my tent. Also some of the workers here have been having trouble digging to the site here so if you want to make friends and money then it is a good idea to help them."

Crit: "And learn a good bit of information here if we get on their goodside."


>Indentify (Monsters)
Tatzlwurms. Understand.

>Epic nods at Critical.

Alright, see you later Caballeron.
>To Herectic Hook (Banter)
Bye not-me... Oh wait was it you (Rally Call) who was suppose to be me? Eh I dunno.


File: 1522350227151.png (67.78 KB, 1129x707, 1129:707, tatzlwurm__shadow__by_godo….png) ImgOps Google

Epic Mount has been living his life mostly in the forest but he has heard descriptions of the worm who's maw would split into three from Twilight after they went on their trip to heal Discord of some blue affliction.

They then left the tent and were now in the center of Site B. They could see the quartermaster's tent and remembered that this is where they could buy supply. A short walk from the camp would be the digging area which was a large pit in the ground that had dug up some ancient looking temple most likely related to this Umberfoal. In the distance to the south east would be Site A where the Tatzylwurm would be as well as Gully Trotter allegedly.

>Gonna call it here.


On the following days I won't be able to roleplay as much:

Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

I won't be entirely absent, but may not spend much time given I'll be out of town most of these days, pretty much staying the night in London on Monday.

Hey Crit. We best be on our guard around here. Just because I can put it in the past doesn't mean they will.

Though I am hoping if they try to pull something we can intimidate them. Hm... they must have some dynamite around here.

See you later.


Crit: "Dynamite... some of the quarry workers will likely have something like that. If you don't feel like talking to them though we can always try to buy some off of the quartermaster instead."

The workers are very likely to have some explosives here to help with the digging but it is likely they will not give it up without the party having to work for it which would be working in the dug out temple.


I'm home now.

I'll see what they got. We might need a firework show if these guys decide to turn against us.


"I'll come along too, maybe they will be able to give us some of those fire crackers."


Cool. I need some explody ones, preferably of the same colour of when Stratus fell down.
(whispers) Let's just say I may need to bluff if they ever decide to turn on the ponies that took down a whole flying citadel.


They go to the digging area where they could see a series platforms that would raise and lower into the dug out temple via ropes. While they were there they met with the foreman of the excavation team...

Foreman: "Hello there, I didn't know we got some new ponies here at Site B. I'm the foreman here, are you looking for some work?"


Yeah and no. We're mostly here to snoop. Trying to find our friends as well as do some research.

But we can help out and pull our weight if you want.


Foreman: "Well I won't keep you, especially if your looking for your friends and all. This whole statue business has gotten everyone on edge and it has all of us worried. Caballeron though assures us that he's working on it but we got plenty anxiety about us. Anyways mostly the work around here is moving the unyielding earth around here and help clear out some of the rocks. If you do help I'll give you rewards in Bits or Items of your choosing."


I am good at smashing rocks. I can help with that.



Working in the site was tough back breaking work that was made difficult as the heat beat down on them and orders from the from the foreman Hardhoof echoed into the temple where they worked. An hour or so passes and the party heads on up to get a break from the work by getting some food and water, all the while they can hear a group of laborers talking and laughing among one another.


>As he helped smash boulders.
Hey Crit, maybe you should make some new friends and see what they know? If you share a card game with them, they may get to like you more.


>Oh they should be up and resting now. Also this is better music

Crit: "Sounds like a good idea... ah but... my talent. I don't exactly have my edge but I can still try."

He was still pretty happy to get the chance to play some poker with the workers while Epic came along to watch. Before they get to the group, they get close enough to hear what the workers were discussing. Turns out they were a bunch of dragon related jokes...

Worker A: "What do you get when a dragon sneezes?... Out of the way!"

Worker B: "Why are dragons so good at storytelling?... Because they have such long tails!"

Worker A: "What do you call a dragon in Manehattan?... Lost!"

They were corny but Epic Mount can recognize that these jokes were told to him once by Spike the Dragon. If they heard these jokes from him then it is likely that these workers have also seen the Mane 6.

They see the party approach and they make room for them to sit down with them.

Worker A: "Come in from the hole to rest up some? Well you can sit here for a while but we'll need to get back to work soon or else Hardhoof will have our hides."


File: 1522438342164.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

Were you telling dragon jokes?


Worker A: "Yeah but unfortunately those are the only jokes that dragon told us. We met this youngin with all the way back in town seeing off his friends."

Crit: "Those friends of his... do you know where they went to? Did they ever stop by this digsite?"

Worker B: "Sounds pretty important for you to know... how about you make it worth our time? Lets say we tell you something for a price of 100bits"

Paying for the info could prove useful in getting what they wanted. Then again they could try their hand at persuading them into giving up the information or perhaps they can let Critical try to gamble his way through them. Of course without his cutie mark, this could prove much more difficult.

Charm DC 8

Gamble DC 12
>If fail the price goes up to 150bits


Oh that be Spike, he tends to dragon with his jokes.

>Turns to Critical.
What do you want to do. Do you want to play 'em?


Crit: "Let's try talking to them first, at least that way we won't suffer anything if we mess up."

He then turns back to the workers...

Crit: "Listen those friends of Spike are in real danger and we need to find out what happened to them and where they were going."

Charm DC 8

Crit Charm 1d6 = 5
Epic Charm 1d10 - 1 = 9
Rye Charm 1d8 = 1


After hearing their plight, the workers silently agreed that they should give up what they know, especially with how cool that dragon was with his jokes.

Worker A: "Well alright we'll talk. We didn't converse with Spike's friends but he mentioned that they were on a mission to stop the Statue disease. I ask em why they're here then and he says that this Twilight believes that the disease is somehow related to the ancient city of Umberfoal. Of course that's an old Mare's Tail so I don't think that they'll be finding anything like that so they'll probably out wandering the desert aimlessly. Don't worry though they should know about the digsite and will be coming back to it if they run out of rations or water or something."

Of course the party knew that this wouldn't be the case as they know that the Mane 6 was attacked by some magic user that turns pony's into statues. Knowing though that the magic is related to the Umberfoal the party can now assume that where ever it is then that's where the Mane 6 would be but they don't have any leads to that. Instead their best bet would be to find this missing Gully Trotter and find out what he knows, it would seem that he has some knowledge about the city and perhaps a way to cure the statue condition.


So the girls could be out somewhere in the desert.

Now, I know that your employers have had some "bad history", that is if you know of it. But has there been any actual other trouble happening around this digsite?

Say... I dunno magical disturbances or bandits? Or Bandits that use magic or the like?


Worker B: "Oh you must mean Caballeron, well we don't really know too much about him other than he likes to collect things and sell them off. Must've been where he got all that coin to give us for our services which is why we are signed on with him. As for the bandits or magic stuff well there's isn't much of that here bar that of the statue disease and those body guards of Caballeron. Other than that there isn't much to be had here..."

Their conversation is disrupted by Hardhoof who had entered in the area.

Hardhoof: "Alright lads that's enough chit chat to be had here. We still go a job to do and the employer has already paid up front so I don't want any complaints of lazy workers."

He dismisses the crew and they go back below to do some work. Hardhoof then speaks to the party.

Hardhoof: "Thanks again for helping us out. Due to your work we are actually back on schedule so I wanted to reward you. Would you like 50 bits each or perhaps some items or equipment?"


I was thinking dynamite or more controlled and carriable explosives could be handy... but I'm starting to think maybe I don't need it.

If I may ask, what do you think about your employer Caballeron and his assosiates? Are you familiar with their history or is it just business?


HardHoof: "Ah well I'm sure that you'll think of something.  Anyways I was also meant to send you a message that a tent was prepared for you and your friends to stay and rest at if you want, Sunny Saddles was sure to get that arranged for you. As for this Caballeron fellow I think I heard some passing word about how greedy he's been but honestly though his coin is good and my boys stay employed so I don't really have much cause to argue against it. Is he evil? I don't think so, just some opportunist really though I'm sure Gully Trotter didn't like it all that much. Gully was more of a It belongs in a museum type"


This Gully Trotter fellow sounds nice, thank you.

>To Crit
Shall we go see him?


HardHoof: "Well since you aren't taking anything right now then consider that you have a favor with the excavation team in the future if you need it."

HardHoof leaves to oversee the crew and make sure everything goes smoothly. This left up the party to leave the camp on hoof.

Crit: "Yeah I think we should head on out now and get on over to Dig Site A. If we want to climb up that Dustmane Ridge then we will need the climbing gear stowed away in the center of the site."


Sorry for suddenly being quiet. Mum wanted to give trim my beard.

>To Crit
Yeah. Though there maybe other ways up to Dustmane Ridge. We've done sime climbing before and I'm used to rugged terrain.


File: 1522551493720.png (71.17 KB, 900x384, 75:32, quarry_eel_by_megadriveson….png) ImgOps Google


So a heads up guys I can imagine everyone will be busy with the Easter Celebration tomorrow... unless you're in Europe because I don't know what they do over there. Anyways I don't expect anyone to be on at the time but I will have this post here for you to reply to just in case.

Irregardless the party sets out to get to the Site A where this supposed Tatzylwurm was as well as the supplies they would need to make the climb. An hour or so goes by as they make their trek and along the way they are surprised as two quarry eels emerge from a nearby rock wall and attacks the party. Last time they fought something like this Epic Mount was almost swallowed whole as a result. Perhaps he wants a shot at redemption?

Combat Encounter

Quarry Eel A B
Body: 1d20 Mind: 1d4 Charm: 1d4
Stamina 24/24
Bite: 1d10
Hide: 1d12

Quirks: (Unknown) DC 1d4
>Epic can use Identify Monster here!


File: 1522551703328.png (451.6 KB, 1890x2155, 378:431, Epic Mount herpa-derp by N….png) ImgOps Google

Other than preparing for my London trip on Monday, I got nothing else to do on Sunday.

On Monday I'll be staying in London for a night and return somewhen midday on Tueday so I maybe absent the day after until tuesday evening. Though my brother said there will be internet.

>Epic who is normally cautious around Quarry Eel holes was taken by complete suprised, possibly due to his lack of cutie mark which usually has him defend himself more efficiently.


>Sorry but it was a random encounter I got off of the RE Table of our campaign. I know it seems very sudden.

Epic Mount Mind 1d8 = 4 IM 1d8 = 5 VS Charm DC 1d4 = 3


Epic Mount could very well tell that the quarry eel can not leave its eel pit home in the rock wall. If the party wanted to they can escape very easily or perhaps attack the eels from a safe distance if they're cruel like that.


>Perhaps the complete suprise could be reguarded as Epic lack of ability to defend himself than just others.

Manure! That suprised me.
>After calming down and realising the situation.
Phew! It can't reach us. Let's just avoid it. OK? It won't bother us if we don't go near it.


[Short Fuse]
Crit: "I say we out them right now! Jumping out and trying to eat us up like that."

It was kind of funny to watch such a tiny unicorn to go after some massive eels but Epic would have to put aside the hilarity and keep his friend back.

Crit: "Well then, I guess we can continue on our way... the Site A shouldn't be too far off."


File: 1522552740119.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

It's how it hunts around it's territory. It's my fault for not recognising it's borrow.

Let's save our strength for the real monster who deserves to die.

>Continues to Site A.


They eventually make it to the site and they can see what looks to be a makeshift town made up of hastily made buildings and tents. They can notice this site is built up much better than the last on they were at and they are certain the workers were sad to leave this place. To the left of the town is a high hill which rises up into a steep rock face. The sheer cliff circles around the opposite side of the town from where the party was standing.

There wasn't much going on and all round them the place was very quiet... too quiet in fact. The only thing disturbing to them that they might see was some of the massive holes in the ground that dot the area, much larger than the eel homes.

In the center of the town they can see what looks to be a stack of wooden crates which they can conclude where the climbing gear is. They would have to be extremely quiet if they wanted to reach the center without setting off the worm.

I know it's pretty late for you, if you want you can head off.


Looks like these ponies settled their camp rght over Eels nexting grounds. Poor sods.

>Tried to remember (identify: monsters) if Qurrey Eels even dig upwards for openings, mostly familiar with eels making cliif side holes for hunting.

Yeah I am about to head off soon.


File: 1522553704558.png (67.78 KB, 1129x707, 1129:707, tatzlwurm__shadow__by_godo….png) ImgOps Google

He would remember that they would only burrow horizontal and not vertical so then these holes do not belong to the eels. Instead these pits must belong to the Tatzylwurm as it had attacked the site before.

See you some other time.


Let's hang by these cliffs for a moment and think carefully how we're gonna do this.

See you in the morning.


The cliffs were very far off and they would have to cross through the entire town in order to get to it. Instead they just stood there and observed the area and see what they can do about this...

Mind DC 16
Crit Mind 1d20 = 14
Epic Mind 1d8 = 2
Rye 1d8 = 8

Monster Knowledge 5
Epic Mind 1d8 = 6 IM 1d8 = 8


Thinking for a very long time, Epic Mount remembers one time Zecora told him about these kinds of monsters before. Apparently these Tatzylwurms will burrow down below the ground and wait for prey to trek across their territory. To detect the prey the Wurms can detect subtle noises and vibrations in the ground to find its food.

TLDR you have to sneak across the area, if you fail the wurm will attack.


I have an idea!

First we need to reach and climb onto one of those bolders and then we used the rocks as stepping stones to get around. Maybe need to pole vault or use a way to get around.


>Huh I could've sworn that my character had a pole on him.

Looking around there was plenty of rocks to do this with but they must be very careful about how they do this. In order for Epic's plan to work though they must fin what they need which is at least one pole that they can toss about one another.

Search DC 12


>Doesn't have to be a pole, but pole vaulting maybe needed. They could probably jump to the rocks or use other methods.

Most children played "The Floor is Lava" growing up. When me and my brothers played the game we didn't pretend the floor is lava but to watch out for graboids. I remember when we played the game on Bryher beach given it had large rocks to play on just like in the movie.

Incidentally I was probably way too young at the time to had watched such a movie, but it was still a great movie.


Critical looked nervously around at the area. He wasn't as physically capable as Epic Mount so they might have some trouble doing this... Still though they look around to see if they can't find what they need, even if it had to be makeshift.

Search DC 12
Crit Mind 1d20 = 15
Epic Mind 1d8 = 2
Rye Mind 1d8 = 1


Crit: "Epic look over there!"

Critical points at what looked to be a small wagon that had been abandoned a while back when the workers fled. In the wagon looked to be a scarce amount of supplies that they can scrounge up.


Can we reach it?
>Observes whats between them and the cart.


There was nothing in between them and the wagon but the dusty hot air. It wasn't such a long distance either and they can just make a short trot without disturbing the area.

Inside the wagon they found stuff like carpets and curtains that would probably make up another tent. More importantly they found a long pole that was sturdy enough to hold their weight.


Yes! This will work!
>Takes the pole and the curtains in case it needs to be ripped up for cloth.
What else we got here?


That was it, the cart was likely abandoned as it had nothing important in it like food or water which was probably why it was abandoned in the first place. The pole and fabrics was all that they had but if they were strong of will and body then they will surely succeed but not without strife.

Good Luck to you.


File: 1522601424709.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

A'ight Crit we can use these pole to vault over to the rocks.


We could try to get across the rocks and hold onto the pole together or we can go one by one. Each has its own risk for what could happen...

One by One: Epic will get across fine but Crit might have some trouble and may drop the pole when it is tossed to him which will make noise. Even if he drops it though he can levitate it back to him.

All together: Even if Crit fails his body test, they will all make it across so long as one of them passes the test. The problem is though that the pole may break under the weight of two ponies.


Let's go one by one. The addoitional weight on the pole may make more of a noise for the wurms to pick up and if it breaks we're both screwed.


They get themselves set up on the first set of rocks. Epic Took up the pole and tries to vault across, toss it to Crit and he would do the same...

Vault DC 4
Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 9
>If succeed

Crit Body 1d6 = 5


They get over the first rock and onto the next. Seeing how successful, Crit gained a sense of assurance in their efforts.

Crit: "Hey this is actually working..."

They only had one more set of rocks to cross before they get to the makeshift town. Once they get to there the pole wouldn't be much use unless they get onto the roofs of the houses.


File: 1522602383654.jpg (61.93 KB, 625x468, 625:468, Everything.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Of course, when have my ideas ever steered us wrong?


They get ready to cross again but will they make it?

Vault DC 4
Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 7
>If Succeed

Crit Body 1d6 = 2


Epic Mount makes it across but Crit misses the rock and falls down straight into the dirt. Once he did fall the ground rumbled below them but it then calmed down while Crit looked stressed.

If they made another disturbance like that again then things could get very bad.


DON'T MOVE! Just- just stay very still!
>Can Epic reach the pole?


>He can't right now but...

Critical goes ahead and levitates the pole up to Epic which he uses to pull Critical back up onto the rock. Crit then gave a sigh of relief seeing how he had such a close call.

Crit: "Thanks for that. We shouldn't be too far off from the crates now. All we gotta do is cross the roof tops and get to the crates in the center."


Just require some parkour skills. Up for it?


Crit: "Yeah you're right we just have to be careful."

They climb up onto a nearby building and start hopping across roof to roof all ninja like. Will they make it nicely though?

Roof Jump DC 3
Epic Body 1d12 = 4
Crit Body 1d6 = 2


On one of the jumps Critical slips up and nearly falls off but is now hanging onto the ledge of the building.

Crit: "Ah shit! Epic help!"

Any second they wait could mean that Critical could fall down into one of the small alleys.


>Epic quickly goes to help Crit.


He manages to get Critical back on up the roof safely but not without injury as Crit banged up his belly upon impact.

Crit HP: 25

Crit: "By Celestia, Luna, and whoever because I can't keep up with all the royalty now. I need some sort of form of transport. I mean you got your strong legs and and pegasi got their wings."

He kicks at the dirt in a fit of frustration but calms down when the party sees that they are now in the center of town with the crates below them. On the roof they can notice a ladder that would go down inside of the building they were on. Then again they could try to vault onto the crates or perhaps try something else.


Arn't some unicorns able to use a teleportation spell called "winking"


Crit: "Yeah but I don't know that spell so I can't do that... Anyways how do you want to get down there?"

I gotta go now, Family obligations related to the holiday.


Alright. If you're not back this evening or I'm not here then we can continue on Tuesday.

Or ask Clarity to play with you. You guys might want catch-up time while I'm away.


Sorry guys, hosting my own RPG again tomorrow so I'll only have time again on Tuesday.


Seems like nobody will be on today which is fine cause I got both school and work.

The crates we're clear and out in the open and ready for them to scavange. Whateveray be their plan they must do it carefully for the Warm will not take another disturbance lightly.


>Rye checked if it was possible to open the crates or if they were nailed shut


Standing up on the roof made this kind of difficult but he could see that the crates had a lid on each of them that would open on a set of hinges like a door. If he would like to get to the crates then he would either have to pole vault onto it or go downstairs and sneak across the ground to the crate pile.

Hey guys my bro's got work soon so I'll be away for some time but I will be back.


Rye wondered if he could pole vault onto the crates and figured he'd try.


He takes the pole and tries to jump on down on to the crates and attempts a safe landing while his friends watched.

Vault DC 4

Rye Body 1d8 = 7


He lands onto the pile with a hefty and hollow thud. Now that he was down there he could get open one of the crates and see if it was the crate holding the climbing equipment.


Rye wiped his brow and waved at his friends to show them he was alright before opening the crates carefully.


He would then go through the crates and sifts through useless junk after useless junk trying to find what they needed. Eventually he finds the crate with the climbing equipment which was a leather bound case that inside held a bunch of ropes and harnesses inside it. This will be surely enough to get them up the Dust Mane Ridge.


Rye looked for a way to get back to his friends.


File: 1522772873239.png (488.66 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1507768497677.png) ImgOps Google

Critical talks down to him and tries to get an idea across.

Crit: "Rye you'll have to get across the dirt and back up onto the roof here. If that doesn't sound good I can try to pick you up with my magic."


File: 1522773118440.png (211.67 KB, 1600x1432, 200:179, mac52.png) ImgOps Google

"Alright, I'll give it a try." Rye sets out across the dirt and tries to use his climbing skills to get back up onto the roof.


He would have to be very careful as to not knock into anything that would cause minute tremors in the ground. Once he gets up to the building he could go inside and safely go up to the roof.

Stealth DC 4
Rye Body 1d8 = 1


>can I use my Stout Heart skill to boost that?


File: 1522773561549.png (67.78 KB, 1129x707, 1129:707, tatzlwurm__shadow__by_godo….png) ImgOps Google

Unfortunately he did not pay so much attention to himself as he had one of his hind legs snagged to some rope which caused him to trip up. He falls down with like a heavy stone and the ground started to shake like an earth quake. In the distance they can see a sudden dust cloud boom from out of the buildings and they can see this monstrosity emerge and started to move to them with a loud roar.

Rye was stuck at the moment and he would have to free himself of the rope that held him to the crates.

>Too late for that, the roll is made. You gotta tell me you want to use Stout Heart if you want to tack it on to a body roll.


Rye took out his hand saw and cut the rope with it.


The saw quickly cuts through the rope and he is then freed. Rye then runs up to the rest of the party who was still on the roof waiting for him.

The Wurm got on close to them and its maw split into three with its roar. The teeth looked sharp and was millions in its mouth, tentacles seeped out and threatened to grab them if they got too close...

Combat Encounter
Body:1d20 Mind:1d4 Charm:1d4
Stamina 24/24
Tremor Sense 1d8


"Go away, stupid wurm!" Rye shouted while brandishing his pitchfork and getting as much away from the beast as possible while staying on the roof.



The monster proved unyielding to his threats of violence but instead the Wurm hack and coughs on something... Suddenly it spits out this vile green liquid all over the nearby area and onto the party...

Tatzl Flu DC 5
Epic Body 1d12 = 1
Rye Body 1d12 = 1 >Sorry I forgot it was this.
Crit Body 1d6 = 4

If they failed to resist then all of their dice rolls will be downgraded as they become sick with Tatzl Flu.


Everyone in the party starts to cough up as well as the spit in their mouths turned into a green color similar to that of the Tatzlwurm. Their throats were searing as well as soar, their bodies felt much weaker, and their minds were dizzied and delirious.

Crit: "Ah fuck, that's not good. I feel horrid..."

Never the less he goes in to attack the wurm by shooting up a single bolt of chaotic magic energy.

Crit Mind 1d12 = 10 Cha 1d6 = 3 VS Wurm Body 1d20 = 6


File: 1522775008004.jpg (13.69 KB, 300x168, 25:14, mac2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

(Wow, that was a roll.)

Rye felt sick but bravely attacked with his pitchfork.


The Wurm was well hit despite Critical's condition.

Wurm HP 14

Rye attacks but without his cutie mark he felt like he had no drive to his farming. Coupled that with his newfound disease this would surely be a Hail Mary.

Rye Body 1d10 = 3 VS Wurm Body 1d20 = 13


File: 1522775200229.png (533.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac49.png) ImgOps Google


"I... that didn't go well..."


He couldn't exactly land the attack as he slipped up and the shaft of the Wheatfield Pitchfork missed. The Tatzlwurm raged at them and struck at the building they were all on and tried to level it.

Destroy Building DC 10
Wurm Body 1d20 = 11


File: 1522775317740.png (211.67 KB, 1600x1432, 200:179, mac52.png) ImgOps Google

Rye tried to jump off just in time.


The small wooden structure collapsed and the party was caught on the wurm's tail which made them fall down onto the street below all taking serious damage.

Damage Done 5

Crit HP 20
Rye HP 11
Epic HP 11

Even if you jump its still on heck of a fall for an earth pony.

The wurm roared loudly at its prey as they were now extremely vulnerable until a metal hook grabs a hold of its teeth and pulls it back for our heroes. They look to see who it was and they saw that it was Heretic Hook, Deception, and Rally Call that has come to their rescue.

Heretic Hook: "Don't worry we got this beastie, go ahead and see what damage you can do to it!"


File: 1522775873251.jpg (128.98 KB, 792x727, 792:727, mac31.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Rye again swung his pitchfork!

>using Stout Heart this time


Rye put all of his energy behind this one attack trying to deal whatever he could against this monster. His disease wanted to hold him back but he ignored the pains and aches as his Pitchfork struck true!

Rye Body 1d10 = 8 SH 1d8 = 7 VS Wurm (Can't Move)

Critical does the same thing as he tries to send another chaos bolt at it.

Crit Mind 1d12 = 10 Cha 1d6 = 6 VS Wurm (Can't Move)


"Oh yes! That hit well!"


The last two attacks caused the monster to violent flail about until it spat out something onto the ground. It then burrowed into the earth and away from the group of ponies. This thing that it coughed out looked to be some sort blue gem that was smaller than a snow ball, really it was the size of a marble.

Heretic Hook and his friends comes up to the party with Hook having a dirty grin on him while Deception and Rally Cry looked at them with some contempt.

Hook: "Yes it did, glad to see you three safe. Caballeron had us sent out to look around and see if we couldn't learn anything new about the Umberfoal. We saw all the dust in the air from the distance so we came by to help you out."

He extends his hoof out to the party and hoped that they would accept his friendship.

Hook: "I know we got off on the wrong hoof with us pretending to be you. Now though since we're working together for the same pony perhaps we can put our differences aside."


File: 1522776551811.jpg (8.18 KB, 245x276, 245:276, mac47.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Summer Rye wasn't one to hold a grudge so he shook hooves with Hook.

"Well, we might as well... I hope we can work together well, just like right now. Thanks for the help."


Hook: "Nice to see you'll be reasonable then. Anyways we need to get back to going on our rounds and see what we can find. You three be careful now though as this place can be dangerous."

The group all leaves and the party was left alone in the wrecked up town. They still had to go take a look at the blue gem the wurm coughed up.


(Gotta stop, thanks for the fun.)


I'm back! What I miss?

>Still on the roof
Anything in there of interest?

Oh manure!

Get up on some high ground!
We got to do-
>Coughs up and passes out.

>Epic came too, he wasn't foaming green as he was and seemed his antibodies were doing a good job in recovfery.
What happened?


"We made new friends!"


File: 1522870566177.png (217.54 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Too much coffee, not enoug….png) ImgOps Google

>his antibodies
What Anitbodies are you talking about?

Critical went ahead and lifted this blue gem and shook the muck off of it with his magic.

Crit: "We also got this... thing that the monster had in its throat. I'll hold on to it for now. Anyways we should head on out and start to climbing the Dust Mane Ridge."


Y'know antibodies, natual immune system. The stuff inside us that prevents us from getting too sick. Just making an excuse why Epic was quiet and absent all this time.

Looks like a sapphire.


File: 1522943292513.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Oh no he's sick now. He failed his Body test against the disease.

Crit: "Looks something like that now eh? Anyways are you guys ready to go up the ridge? It may take a while but with the climbing gear we got we should make it to the top now."


File: 1522943394666.png (521.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac34.png) ImgOps Google

"I'm ready... hopefully we'll find a cure to that wurm pox at some point."

Rye shouldered the climbing gear.


Oh, I thought we all got mildly poisoned and got over it. OK, I guess I'm bed ridden for awhile.
>Epic coughs up some phlem.
Y-yeah, let's go.


Sorry for late post but my bro surprised me with the fact that he had work today.

They get on over to the edge of the town where the Ridge overshadowed the buildings and tents. The ridge had no paths for them to walk up but instead the rock went upright almost immediately though the top of it would be flat so it should be easy traveling if they get up.


So I be illin' but Epic can still acompany the group?
As long as no more worms and eels bother us, should be a straight climb.


"I guess I'll be climbing up first... as I'm the only one who has a little skill in it. Once I have secured the ropes it'll be easier for you."


I'm more used to climbing large rocks and the occasional tree.


Its not a disease that cripples you. Its just an illness that downgrades all your dice rolls. Yeah you're gonna feel like shit but you are still able to continue on.

Crit: "So long as we stay together and make sure our ropes fasten together then we should be fine."

They all get the gear out of the Rye's new climbing gear and they put on the harnesses and readies their ropes and all climb up together...

Climb DC 6
Rye Body 1d10 = 2 Clim 1d4 = 3-1d4 = 3
Epic Body 1d10 = 8
Crit Body 1d4 = 3

So long as one passes they all get to the top


"Well... up we go."


It takes some time but eventually they get on top of the ridge and see the flat area that trails off in the distance as far as the eye can see. There was little cover here against the sun and thus the temperature was much worse. There wasn't much to go on here but the only way to go was the ridge that lead off to the east.


>If it wasn't bad enough for Epic to be poisoned, but he was not very good when it came to hot weather. (Though maybe he can sweat the poison out?)
It's so hooot.


Rye huffed and puffed as he had reached the top, looking into the distance.

"Those badlands sure are an uncomfortable place."


>No disease, virus, not poison but don't worry you'll have an opportunity to be cured up some.


Crit: "C'mon guys we gotta keep moving if we want to find that Gully Trotter."

Critical seemed least affected by the heat even though he was covered in sweat from both heat and illness. This can probably be chalked up to how little he is. Anyways they continue on across the rocky top of the ridge.

Random Encounter Roll
1d20 = 6
>Just for you guys to know that these are random


As they make their way, the flat area was soon cut up with more ridges above them. They must be getting close if Gully Trotter wanted to make a shelter among the rock. Unfortunately as they ponder this some of the rock slips and a good amount of rocks fell over them from above. What will they do!?


File: 1522945659931.jpg (9.92 KB, 300x168, 25:14, mac15.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Summer Rye called out in surprise and tried to bolt to avoid the rocks.


>Epic tried to evade and push his friends to safety!
If you want to count "Heat Intolerance" for a brand new quirk and feel fit as a GM to do a "QTE roll" for it I will understand.


An ATE roll? I'm not sure what that is. Anyways I wouldn't count it as a new quirk, just an inside joke among us to roleplay off of. Like how short Critical is.

They all dodge but Epic took the time to shove his friends away at the expense of his own safety.

Dodge Rock DC 4 DMG 2
Epic Body 1d10 - 1 = 2
Rye Body 1d10 + 1 = 7
Crit Body 1d4 + 1 = 5


Sorry, I ment QTE. As in "Quick Time Event". When a game plays an interactive cutscene where the outcome depends on what button you need to press on the screen.


Epic Mount got beat up by a rock or two while trying to escape though the wounds are minor. However all of his injuries are starting to tack on no doubt.

Epic HP: 9

Oh I see. Well I guess my stance on this matter is still the same. Don't worry though I'll make sure to do some forest based RP soon so Epic can flourish.


Yay for homefield advantage.
Guys, I think I need to take a break soon.


Summer Rye looked up, wondering if this was an accident or if someone had caused a slide on purpose.

"Yeah... let's take a break, and maybe eat something."


Crit: "We can try to set up a camp here and rest for a bit though that may prove difficult in this terrain."

Critical was not wrong, there was very little they could go off of from here with no food or water. Epic could however utilize his survival skills and see what he could scrounge together.

Then again they could try to keep on moving and hopefully find Gully Trotter...

Camp DC (Land: Harsh) 8 (Rest Uncomfortable) HP 1d4
>If someone succeeds a body roll then they make a more comfortable camp with HP 1d6


>I just wanted a quick rest, but I am tired.


File: 1522946462276.png (410.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac24.png) ImgOps Google

Summer Rye gave it a try, hoping to make a more comfortable camp.


>Epic set up a small fire and whatever he could scrounge that he figures won't poison him or his friends.


>Eh it will be one of those you rest for one hour D&D things. Will just take a post or two.

The party scrounges around to set up some camp to rest for an hour or so...

Camp DC (Land: Harsh) 8 (Rest Uncomfortable) HP 1d4

Epic Body 1d10 = 8 Survival 1d4 = 4-1d4 = 2
Rye Body 1d10 = 3 Cooking 1d8 = 3
Crit Body 1d4 = 1


Everyone restores much more health than what they should on a normal rest as they tried to get comfortable

HP Restore 1d6 = 3


File: 1522946681488.jpg (35.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac29.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"I feel much better now."


File: 1522946718798.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, me too.


Epic HP 12
Rye HP 14
Crit HP 23

Crit: "There we got some modicum of rest but we best start to move on now..."

Suddenly they start to hear a a loud cawing noise in the distance. It sounds stressed and like it is in pain.

{Identify Monster}
Epic can realize the sound is coming from a large bird but he does not know what kind. The sound though is chilling to him as if the bird was in danger or in pain.


>Epics ears perked. "Defenders" cute mark or no he still wanted to investigate and help if needed.


"What's that noise?"


(Sorry, AFK for a while)


They leave their little nook to go investigate, coming up to the edge of a small rise they can see at there is a large bird creature below them a short ways. What was wierd about it though that it had feathers made of grey stone rather something that is typical of fowl. They can also see that one of its wings is stuck underneath a pile of rubble and it was a victim like they were about an hour ago.

[Identify Monster]
Epic soon realized that this creature was called a Roc, a large bird that has wings made of stone that allows it to fly in any weather. Rocs are not violent towards strangers but very cautious. It will not attack them unless provoked but Roc's are also very nice to ponies who help them. Roc's are also somewhat intelligent and can understand the Common Language though the birds do not speak any language themselves


I actually imagined that Holders Boulder on Pinkie Pie's homestead is actually a Roc egg. And that fully grown roc's have a wing span that can cover the sun.

H-hey, are you alright?
>Investigates the Roc's distress.


Summer Rye took out his spade. "Maybe we can free it? Do you think it's safe, Epic?"


We should help it. Help me reomove these rocks.
>Begins lifting and moving rocks.
We'll get you out...


The party goes down to try to free up the rock that's wing was under a pile of rubble. The Roc was initially cautious of the party but it put its fear aside so it could be free. Upon closer inspection they can notice this Roc is much smaller than what it should be and they concluded that it was only a baby Roc.

Move Rubble DC 3
Epic Body 1d10 = 10
Rye Body 1d10 + 1 = 4 Because of Spade
Crit Body 1d4 = 2


File: 1522947800631.png (63.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sincere.png) ImgOps Google

Hey little guy, wheres your mum?


Eventually they clear all of the rock that was not a part of the birds wing and now it was free again. The Roc was very grateful for the party's efforts as it flapped its wings in joy.

Crit: "No problem rock thing."

The bird squawks and looks to the distance but then starts to move about as if playing. The Roc wasn't really lost and will go back to its nest pretty soon on its own. It then starts to motion to the party as if it were asking for them if they needed any help.


(how big was the roc?)


>A little large than Epic Mount. Note Epic Mount is still my unit of measurement.


File: 1522948275779.png (136.8 KB, 627x342, 11:6, mac20.png) ImgOps Google

>well, that is pertty tall


Fully grown Roc's can cast shadows big enough to cover a town.


Crit: "Well we should get going now, we still need to find Gully Trotter..."

The Roc takes notice of the name and starts to get all excited. It would seem that the bird knows about Gully Trotter.


You wanna come with us friend?

For now, I'll name you.... Dwayne Johnson.


"Can you help us, boy?"


Crit: "Dwayne Johnson? Is that some sort of foreign name?"

DJ opens up its wings and offers the party a ride on its back. It would seem that the bird will take them to where Gully Trotter was. This could prove useful.


Are you sure you can carry us Dwayne? It's still debatable who's heavier. Me or Rye.


File: 1522949127957.jpg (8.25 KB, 155x190, 31:38, mac26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"He must be super strong to be able to carry us all."


The Rocs wings are made of stone designed to help keep it in flight even during tornadoes that is inconsequential to the bird itself. Carrying around three puny adventurers who are on the best days intrepid will be nothing for the Roc.


You should see what he'll be like when fully grown.

>Gets up on Dwaynes back.


Rye carefully climbs onto the back of the huge bird.


They get up onto the back of the Roc and it takes flight. The view of the ridge below them passing by was a great sight and the winds at this height was a welcome change from the hot still air. The only bad thing about it was how uncomfortable stone feathers proved to be.

Eventually the rock lands now near a cave that was sitting atop on the ridge. This must be where Gully Trotter was. The party aproaches and they see this green pegasus stallion with a grey mane and aged visage.

Gully: "Hey who are you three?! I told you all that I would not give up the tablets!"


Tablets? We were looking for you. And we helped this roc from a rockslide and he took us here to see you.


Rye waved at him. "Hello Sir, we did not come for your tablets! But we have been looking for you!"


Gully: "Who sent you!? Was it Caballeron? You can go back to your boss and tell him that I won't be going back to that camp and these artifacts will be put in a museum for all."

It would seem that this Gully Trotter was incredibly wary of the party's presence as he stood behind a nearby rock inside his cave. Perhaps they needed to use some persuasion here to calm him down.


"No, not at all! We are searching for friends! Six ponies, maybe you have seen them?"


We're not here on behalf of Caballeron, we're looking for Princess Twqilight, her friends and to find any connections with all the ponies turning to stone of late.

If I may ask, is this your friend?
>Pets the Roc.


He pokes his head out and sees the Roc.

Gully: "Eh sort of, I met him while I was staying here. Uh, you guys say you are looking for six ponies?"

He steps on out of the cave to meet with the party. He was rugged and old and his time in the badlands has taken a toll on him much like it had on the party.

Gully: "Sorry I don't think I've seen six ponies roaming around here. I do think though that the statue curse is somewhat related to this Umberfoal business but I am not entirely sure my self. If you head on inside you guys can look at this stone tablet I found during our dig."



>As he enters.
Want to come inside Dwayne Johnson?
>To Gully
Thats what I named the roc.


Gully: "Eh right. Anyways here is the stone tablet..."

He points to this square rock that has many writings on it as well as some swirly looking patterns on it that matches the bangle they had found at the Mane 6's camp. Perhaps they are related?

Gully: "Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable I suppose. I still gotta do some research over here but if you have any questions go ahead and ask."

The camp that Gully had made was well stocked and furnished. He had plenty of blankets for the party to rest on, a campfire that was cooking food, and plenty of lighting. Gully went over to his desk that he had brought with him and started to write down some stuff that was likely related to the excavation.


File: 1522951012733.jpg (53.25 KB, 676x960, 169:240, Gully.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Forgot pic


>Epic looked at the squiggles and pictures on the tablet.


They matched the same design as the tablet itself so that would mean that the two are related in some way. He eventually reads the engravings on the tablets as well though some of the bits are missing and worn away due to weathering

[i]Equestria... is troubled... built a new home... deep below... Sanctuary... Safety... City... Umberfoal

Powerful spells... and enchantment of protection... Created the Umber Orb... with transform us... form that can not be harmed... long sleep.

Find the door... Magic Seal... Only those who complete the trials of the Badlands will be shown the path to the Umberfoal. Seek out the Guardians of Fire, Wind, and Earth. Recieve their blessings and bring them together with this Tablet. The... revealed... beware...... harmony..... awake.

Seek our the Wind Guardian, Proud Shining protector of the snow capped mountains and gain her respect.

Seek out the Earth Guardian, the great and fearsome tunneler of the west. Face him with courage.

Seek out the Fire Guardian atop his southern spire. Share in his joy.


Hm... nothing on "Water", though the seaponies and hippogriffs come to mind.


Critical just gives Epic Mount a funny look at his water comment.

Crit: "Eh there probably isn't a water trial for us to take because its all desert here. I do admit though I would enjoy taking a dive in a pool now and then."

Gully Trotter then goes up with them to the tablet to talk to the party.

Gully: "You guys thinking of doing those trials? I'd go with you but I'm too tired and old for that sort of thing."

Crit: "I think we may have already done one."

He pulls out the blue gem that the Tatzlwurm coughed up and Gully's eyes widened.

Gully: "By all so then these trials are the real deal. If you went and completed the other two then you would have passage to the Umberfoal. Go ahead and see what you can do, hopefully we'll be out of here soon enough. Also you all look pretty ill, I got some supplies here that can fix you up and cure that disease if you want.

The party can rest here and fully restore their HP and cure any status effects.


Wait... if that gem is from the earth trial, why is is it blue?

Isn't the elemental colours are:
fire = red
water = blue
earth = green or yellow
wind = white or green


>Because I wanted to have all three be the primary colors. I nice little secret and I wanted to see if you were going to notice. Oh well.

Gully: "The colors probably don't relate to the trial itself but rather they were the gifts of the Umberfoalans who gave each one out to the guardians."


>Magenta, cyan and yellow?

What exactly is Umberfoal?


>Red blue and yellow. Its just supposed to be a cute little nod to the color wheel.

Gully: "The Umberfoal is supposed to be an ancient refuge for ponies who were escaping the time of Discord's reign. It is likely such a place is holding a vast wealth of information and history that was lost during that time. If Caballeron gets a hold of this tablet or any of those gems then... the Umberfoal may never be opened."


>I suppose just as traditional.

It sounds like an underground version of Stratus or Circumulus. Only instead of advance cities in the sky they were underground.

Perchance was it an Earth Pony thing?


File: 1522953307103.png (488.66 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1507768497677.png) ImgOps Google

Gully: "I'm not sure... I've never heard of this Stratus or Cumulonimbus before. However it was likely earth ponies I imagine but there could've been some Pegasi and Unicorns that went below as well."

Crit: "We should probably go and do these trials. That bangle we found is related to the Umberfoal and we found that in the Mane 6 camp. It is likely that your friends Epic Mount are located near the Umberfoal. We don't know where the Umberfoal is but if we do the trials then the tablet will point the way."


And once we find our friends, the sooner we can stop Tirek before he returns to power.


File: 1522953677243.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

I gotta go out now and pick up some stuff for the family. Since Clarity isn't here anymore you can call it a day if you don't want to wait for me.

Crit: "Well we got the first trial done so now we can head off and do the trial of Fire to the south or the trial of Wind to the mountains. Either one will work but we should go do that as soon as possible."


Sorry, real life interfered as usual.


I gotta pick up some drinks myself.
If we're gonna do wind, we may as well ask Dwayne to give us a lift!


I'm back

Crit: "Sounds like a good idea, lets head on out and consult with the rocky bird."

They head on out and explain the idea of going off to its mother to complete the Wind Trial. The DJ agrees with the idea though it is reluctant to head back home as it still wants to play. Irregardless it lowers itself down so that the party can climb up on him.


Well we could take you to the fire place... but it might be no place for you.


Crit: "Nah we should get this baby back to his mother before something bad happens to it again."


Good point. And we have no time for sight seeing given who knows when Tirek will do his thing.

Let's go.


It feels like I've watched this before.

They all climb back on again and they take off into the sky, the winds crashed against their faces as the baby Roc sailed the blue of the atmosphere.

Eventually they go to a large wooden tree that sat on the edge of the Dustmane Ridge. DJ takes them all the way to the top where the largest nest that they had ever seen laid. They were high above the ground while standing on the tree but the nest gave them a sense of comfort and safety.

Around them were pony sized bird eggs made of stone but only one has been hatched so for which they can assume was Dj's. There wasn't much except for a small trail that would lead down to the base of the tree for them. In the distance in the sea of clouds however they can hear the thunderous sounds of wing flapping.


File: 1522957694524.png (57.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is shocked.png) ImgOps Google

>Looks over to where the sound of thundering wings were.
Here comes mama.
>Hoping Mummy bird knows when her chick brings home friends, not food.


Suddenly a vast shadow eclipses the entire mountainside as a silhouette emerges from the clouds. The dark figure turns into a massive Roc that was 30 times the size of DJ. It was a large bird of stony wings that wore a jewel atop its own head.

The mother Roc lands on the next carefully and lets out a loud bird screech that almost deafens the party.


>Covers his ears.
H-Hello Mrs. Johnson.


DJ goes up to his mother and nestles up in her feathers to get comfortable. The mother roc stares at the party.

Remember the roc can understand you but can not speak. Try to reason with it.


>With the bird not attacking, Epic could get a good look at it.

>Monster (identify)
Wow! You're beautiful!


The Roc gave Epic Mount a curious stare as to what he was doing...

Charm DC 4
Epic Mount Charm 1d10 - 1 = 1
Crit Charm 1d6 = 3

>I'd say the party rested and healed up at the camp while thy studied the tablet.


I never thought I get to se such a wonderous creature so up close!


File: 1522959579186.png (3.33 KB, 258x258, 1:1, Crit Foe spare.png) ImgOps Google

It really just scoffed at Epic's attempt to woo the bird seeing that he was just some puny pony like all the rest. It didn't seem like it was interested...

Crit: "Any other ways to try to impress this thing?"

From flirtation to outright flattery, lets see if this works.

Charm DC 4
Epic Charm 1d10 - 1 = 3
Crit Charm 1d6 = 6


File: 1522959690197.png (125.75 KB, 325x525, 13:21, Bigbirdnewversion.png) ImgOps Google

>Not trying to in a sexual way, just never seen such a big bird before.


File: 1522959713245.png (106.9 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit Seathing Meme.png) ImgOps Google

Finally they made a break through though it was pretty weird. The bird took a liking to Critical and picked him up with her beak and nestled him lovingly next to DJ.

[Short Fuse]
Crit: "Hey Hey I'm not one of your babies or something! Unhand me you stony bird!"

The mother ignored him seeing that all he needed as a nap but at least the party got her attention.


D'aww! It thinks you're one of it's hatchlings! Your size and body colour must resemble that of a hatchling.

At least it's not trying to kill us.


File: 1522960159132.png (471.07 KB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, Critpipbucksketch.png) ImgOps Google

Critical just blushes in frustration and was not able to look at Epic Mount.

Crit: "Look just get the damn bird to give you them gem..."

The mother gives a light tap on his head for cursing.

Crit: "Ow geez its not like I'm your child or anything. Hurry up and let me go!"

I remember way back we had a joke that Crit would be picked up by a large bird as prey so I thought to bring that up as a joke.


Why don't you ask Mummy for the pretty rock? Sounds like she'll listen to you more than me.


He eventually wrestles away from the bird and got all serious which the bird could understand. Critical stands before the bird and DJ and tried to be stern in his request.

Crit: "I'm not your child and I can't be stuck here. Look I need your gem so I can help save my friend's allies Twilight, Raindbow Dash, AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy."

The bird gives a nod to him and gives him the a yellow gem which was the blessing to the Umberfoal seal. The bird was sad that he was going to go but she understood that he had business to tend to.


I know when it comes to text-based RPs, concept of singing is reduntant, but I remember when Epic had a song for himself. I wonder if Crit and Rye will have musical moments?

Ms. Roc, have you perchance last seen such ponies across these lands?
>Regrets asking given how would they know what they would look like or even describe them to her?


Critical being both chaotic and hot blooded makes it very hard for him to burst into song, I would think that the only way for him to go off and sing about something it would have to be something serious and emotional.

The Roc shakes her head at his question, she had been isolated from what has been going on in the world and she wasn't about to go meet ponies while she stood vigil over the badlands.

Crit: "We at least got the gem now and we can start to journey over to the trial of Fire to the south. Apparently we should be looking for some sort of spire."


Either a spire of fire, or the smoke of a volcano.

>Looks over to the birds
Uh... guess asking for another lift would be too much?


File: 1522961664697.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

DJ started to make his way to the party but was stopped by his mother as she did not want DJ getting into anymore trouble. It seems like they'll have to go it alone now without Dwayne.

Crit: "Heh don't worry we got this, we've been to hell and back and it's not like some desert is gonna stop us when we gotten this far."


Good bye Dwayne. Take care of your mother.
>Gives the bird a goodbye hug.


They have a hearty goodbye and the party goes down the walkway of the ancient tree. Finally they get down the tree as well as the Dustmane ridge and were now on the desert flats. If they wanted to reach the Trial of Fire then they would have to go south of here and find a tall rock spire.


File: 1522962187996.png (80.32 KB, 498x309, 166:103, Wet mane.png) ImgOps Google

I would also imagine him starting to sing if he won the jackpot of a lottery, especially with [short fuse] to make him gloat.

Well manure. If it's not hot in the canyons before, we're gonna boil when we get there.


Not even for that though the gloating would be true for his chaotic Trait. The problem is that ponies sing in society in harmony or to express emotion but Critical is anything but harmonious due to things in the past that has not been revealed yet about him though I have hinted at it a little in the threads.

Crit: "Ha c'mon Epic mount it's just another lovely stroll as usual."

They head on off in the distance and try to make their way to the ridge. It would take them quite a while with Crit tugging at Epic to make sure his overheated friend kept up.

1d20 = 9


As they made their way, Critical jumps back with a loud yelp noise as he suddenly sees a nest a snakes they had stumbled upon. The snakes were not happy to have the party get so close and they looked angered.


>Epic was sweaty and not in the mood.


Epic Mount stares at them, mimicking how Fluttershy would do this with disobedient animals... and sometimes himself if he ever got on her bad side.

Epic Charm 1d10 = 4 Stare 1d6 = 6 VS Snakes Mind 1d4 = 2


The snakes lurch back and scurried back into their nests. This allowed the party to continue on their journey to the Spire.

Crit: "H-how did you do that? Those snake... eh... I hate such monsters, really I do."


I grew up in Everfree Forest. To intimidate monsters is a neccessity of surviving without a fight. Of course most Everfree monsters are intimidated by me because I defeated them more than once.

Snakes arn't so bad really, they're quick and can be deadly but just want to be left alone.


Crit: "I see, I'll be sure to keep you around if we face any other monsters like that again."

They continue on their way and they eventually see a large spire in the distance with a billow of smoke coming up from off the top. They can conclude that this must be where the Trial of Fire is held but who will they share joy in with?


File: 1522963572717.jpg (44.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ahgg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Monsters? Snakes arn't monsters.

Spiders on the other hand, they're the second worst monsters out there. What kind of creature needs that many legs and eyeballs? And some of them are poisonous. Some poisons are lethal and quick, tohers just to mess with you. Such as that kind of spider that make you have a hard-on so hard that you die of it.
I forgotten the name of the spider thats poison functions like a viagra so powerful you can die from it. And don't get me started on the cyclops spider Aagh.


Crit: "Sounds like that's more of a gift then a punishment."

They see the giant spire that could not be ignored, it was tall and almost reached the clouds themselves. There was conveniently a walkway that spiraled around the spire but it was narrow and the party would be forced to move in single file formation to get up it.

Crit: "Well then we should start to get to climbing I guess."


File: 1522964001568.gif (3.26 MB, 400x296, 50:37, Spider bus.gif) ImgOps Google

I wouldn't want to find out. All spiders are evil... thought npt as evil as..

>The spire.
I guess. But be careful, I doubt the "Trial by Fire" got it's name for nice, cool breezes and chilled, refreshing water.


They all start to go up the spire, circling around its base in a neat row which takes an incredibly long time to get to the top. The air became much thinner and looking down made them dizzy. The absolute mental strain on them while trying to concentrate so that they don't fall was unbearable.

Mental Strain DC 6 DMG 2
Epic Mind 1d8 = 3
Crit Mind 1d20 = 8


Maybe Rye has to stay behind 'cus he's too portly?


Epic Mount could hardly hold on and his head was well pained as a result but luckily he stayed on the spire.

Epic HP 18

Eventually they get to the top where they found the entrance inside a large and naturally carved room. They soon can hear the laughter and booming voice telling jokes coming inside of the Spire Room. Looking inside they can see the room was lit by natural sunlight, was well decorated with carpets and paintings on the wall. They also saw a large pile of gold and other treasures but what sat upon it was a midsized blue dragon who looked to have just now escaped his youth.

What will the party do?

>Eh I'm not even gonna bother with his character for now.


>Epic was hot, exhausted and light headed.
A dragon!

>Sat down.


Crit: "That would seem the case. How do you want to go about this?"


He'll probably want us to answer a riddle or maybe go through some sort of death trap for the prize.

>Calls to the dragon.
Is that it? A riddle or something?


The dragon stops laughing and ponders the question after realizing he had guests.

B Dragon: "A riddle no but I am glad to have guests, it has been eons since I last saw a pony up this close. Here come inside."

They do so, it was strange for them to see such a welcoming dragon that wasn't Spike.

B Dragon: "Ooh I haven't used this in a while. What do you call a pony with a sore throat?... A little horse!"

He laughs even more now that he had guests to share his jokes with.

B Dragon: "Anyways you are here for the Trial of Fire and so I will give it to you. If you can make me laugh little ponies then I shall confer my blessing onto you so that you may have another piece of what the Umberfoalans left behind."

In order to make this dragon laugh, the party would have to pull out their best jokes.


You want comedy? I'm more of a pun kinda guy.

But OK, but thirst things first, how about we have a drink? Water we waiting for?


The dragon gives a smile at Epic's little pun but hasn't laughed yet.

B Dragon: "That's a good start but lets see more of what you got. Come on now I want to be laughing here."

Crit: "Eh... What's a pony's favorite shampoo?... Mane n' Tail!"

The dragon smiles but doesn't laugh. Still though he encourages them to keep going.


I wasn't kidding about the drink thing...

Alright, so what have I got to work with...

Shampoo eh? What is a sasquatch's favourate shampoo?


File: 1522965895520.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit looks at Epic funny

Crit: "I don't think I know the answer, what is it? I would imagine it is some heavy duty stuff though."


They prefer Head, Shoulders Knee's and Toes, Knees and Toes.
OK, so thats more of a brand-based joke if you dunno what Head and Shoulders is.

So Critical, hows your bottle collecton coming along?

>To the dragon.
Yeah he collects bottles which sounds so much better than alchoholism.


Okay that last one made me smile

[Short Fuse]
Crit: "Hey I don't have a problem."

The dragon laughs at them and their jokes seeing how funny they had gotten. He then reaches into a distant part of his treasure pile and conjured up the blessing which took form as a red gem. The blue dragon then gave them the last blessing.

B Dragon: "Here you go that was pretty funny. Just remember that no matter how dark things may get for you, a good laugh is all that you may need."

Critical takes the gem seeing that he already has the other two.

Crit: "There that's the last one. All we gotta go do now is get this to Gully Trotter's tablet and see what happens."


File: 1522966536954.png (61.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount grin.png) ImgOps Google

Pretty funny? I thought this was the trial of fire because I was just warming up.


File: 1522966757665.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Yeah yeah..."

He gives Epic a light punch though this time it was a bit harder for his last joke.

Crit: "We better head on out soon lest we lose the Mane 6 to the mercy of time and the desert."

Gonna call it here since we don't have Clarity. I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss the ending of this.



Alright, good bye dragon.

I'm usually better with jokes, preferably through actual live conversation than just by text. I find tone of voice and expression important for comedy.

And yeah. G'night.


File: 1523026841866.jpg (53.25 KB, 676x960, 169:240, Gully.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The party heads back down to the bottom of the spire and head on out to the camp that Gully Trotter had made. Once they got there they were able to meet back up with Gully Trotter himself who had not left the area.

Gully: "You're back! Does that mean that you were able to get the other blessings from the guardians?"

Sorry this is the only post I can make today, really busy.


File: 1523038168826.png (147.26 KB, 1024x1233, 1024:1233, mac50.png) ImgOps Google

"We have indeed, Epic and Crit really outdid themself during those trials."


We couldn't have done it without you.
You did the thing, remember? The thing! Yeah. It was crucial.


"We agreed to never talk about 'the thing'!"


Oh no, we will all remember the thing. We will never forget the thing you did.


File: 1523068790291.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google

Gully: "Well good then, we should go ahead and get those gems to the tablet and see what happens. If I recall the path to the Umberfoal will reveal itself once the gems are brought to the tablet."

Crit: "We best not waste time then. Come on we need to head on inside this cave."


Is there an order to put in the gems in the tablet?


Gully: "Well the tablet writings did not mention any sort of order the gems need to be put together, just they need to be close."

They got inside the camp and there laid the tablet thick with stone and writings from hundreds of years ago. It was this stone that would show them the way to the ancient city where hopefully they would find the Mane 6.


>Epic put the stones down close to the tablet.
Do yo' thing please.


They all take a deep breath and sat the gems near the tablet. Suddenly they all floated up with the three blessings hovering over the stone tablet growing brighter and brighter by the second. Suddenly in a flash of light the gems appeared to be fused on what looked to be a golden dousing rod. These things are said to find water but you can assume that when you hold onto it, the rod will lead you to the Umberfoal. The tablet's text also changed to read something else and new.

The staff of Umberfoal is presented to you who have faced the trials of the Badlands. It will guide you, if you allow it, to the great stone door of Umberfoal itself. The door is a magic seal keeping the enchantment from spreading. The staff will act as a key, but only through the true power of Harmony can the door be opened and the enchantment be lifted.


File: 1523070886916.png (63.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount pokerface.png) ImgOps Google

Hm.. sounds like we will need to find Twilight and her friends to open the door.

>Looks over to his two friends and wonder if at least amongst the three of them each represent at least two of each of the Elements of Harmony.
>That or they need three more ponies to quickly become BBFs with, which Epic is reluctant to the thought of.


File: 1523071123023.png (61.46 KB, 460x562, 230:281, whatimworkingonnow.png) ImgOps Google

He looks at his friends and sees Critical and wonders if he would be up to the task to do some harmony stuff. His hopes were lessened however when Crit started to scratch at his hair like a dog would with his right front hoof.

Crit: "Harmony? What kind of foolery is that? I say we take the staff and ram it into the door like a key lock!"

Crit seems to get a bit excited at this idea though it should worry Epic that this is what he has to deal with to break the seal and the enchantment turning ponies into stone.


File: 1523071311502.jpeg (149.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jam it in.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Really? Just jam it in?
Well perhaps. Sounds like this inscription is being dramatic for the cause and just putting it in will work.


File: 1523071722973.jpg (53.25 KB, 676x960, 169:240, Gully.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Crit: "Eh I never had any sort of this friendship harmony stuff like Twilight does. Still though my idea sounds the most sane out of what the old tablet says."

Gully then interrupts the hotheaded gambling pony.

Gully: "You should show much more respect to this. This tablet was likely made by ancient scholars who's intellect makes our own pale in comparison. Also the power of Harmony and Friendship has done well to protect this land from the dangers of the outside world as well as given us a flourishing society."

Critical goes silent but Gully's words should remind him as to the reasoning of why some of the Knights betrayed their order, especially Claymore. This lack of trust in Friendship led them to seek out a new power which led to their downfall.

Crit: "Whatever. We need to get a move on now and save the Princess of Friendship. Are you ready to leave Epic Mount?"

Gonna let this be last post for tonight.


File: 1523072102440.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic decides to speak up for his friend.
Well the ancient scholars didn't forsee three bad@$$ ponies as us on the way. We may not be the most harmonious of ponies but what we fight for and what we do assures harmony for others.


"Do we have any sort of clue where to find them?"


I think this rod will serve as a dousing rod that will guide us to Umberfoal. At least thats what I think the inscription says.


File: 1523114723278.png (278.67 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Crit HiDef.png) ImgOps Google

Gully: "Hold that comradeship close to you and the Umberfoal should surely yield to you."

Crit: "Yeah so long as we have the staff then we can reach the Umberfoal so long as we let it guide us. Are you guys ready to go?"


I'm ready, y'all ready?


>Clarity prolly isn't on.

They all head out of the cave with Epic Mount in the lead, even Gully Trotter followed along as he felt he must see the Umberfoal. As they stepped out though they heard a voice and saw a group of ponies in front of them.

Caballeron: "Thank you doing all the hard work my friends..."

There he stood with his hired guard Heretic Hook, Deception, and Rally Call. The looked armed and ready for battle.

Caballeron: "But I'm afraid that what was yours is now mine. Hand over the treasure and we can all go home, especially me being significantly richer."

Hook: "Sorry ponies I know we made nice and all but it seems that fate put us on opposite sides again. I suggest you do what he says or else things might get violent."


>Epic decided to troll these guys. Though in a sense he does have a plan.
Who are you guys?


File: 1523115899306.jpg (53.25 KB, 676x960, 169:240, Gully.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Caballeron: "I don't have time for your silly games. This is your last warning before I send my hench ponies on you. Hand over the tablet and that staff thing."

Gully: "Caballeron these artifacts belong in a museum not on some rich pony's mantle. Don't you care about the advancement in the archeology field?"

Caballeron: "No I don't, what I want is to retire wealthy and I'll go to any means necessary."


File: 1523117038305.png (520.54 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic meme.png) ImgOps Google

May need a Banter roll or intimidation roll for this.
Or very least the "Stare" to intimidate them.

Hehe yeah I know who you guys are.

The question is though... do you know who "I" am, who "we" are?

Do you know how Stratus fell? Did the news tell you all who stopped the destruction of Equestria by a foreign threat that seized an ancient and powerful MEGA weapon that was hell-bent on destroying all of Equestria?

It was us. Me, Critical, Summer Rye and this.
>Takes out his thunder hammer.
This hammer is what I used to bring down all of Stratus. No I didn't just so happen to pull the plug, it wasn't some fluke, I used this very weapon to bring down an entire flying citadel that was powerful ruin Equestria in it's deathly light.

>Approaches Caballeron all cool like.
Of course you're probably wondering how we survived given theres no accounts of any survivors at ground zero.

The truth is we didn't.
We were destroyed by the blast, we did die and we've seen what lies beyond death, and do you know where we've ended at?

We've ended up in Tartarus... When ponies die we ended up in Hell itself. And let me tell you something from VERY personal experiance, I've seen the face of the devil, heck I fought him! And we three ponies alone were awesome enough to return to the land of the living because from all the manure we've been through, the trials we've gone through the literal hell we paid for, that is how POWERFUL we have become from all this!

So tell me, "who are you?" You're nothing to us but dirt we have to pick out of our hooves from all the bad ponies, monsters and evils we have to deal with on a regular fortnightly basis by now.

If you and your motley crew really think they can take on three ponies who brought down a flying city of destruction and crawled back from the dregs of Hell then by all means.

>Holds the very same hammer that brought down Stratus, ready for a fight.
Who's first?


He tries to intimidate him with a speech that would bring the bravest to their knees but will he be able to keep himself composed to deliver the message and the mood?

Epic Charm 1d10 - 1 = 8 Stare 1d6 - 1 = 2 VS Caballeron Mind 1d6 = 4


File: 1523117586291.jpeg (48.58 KB, 886x1024, 443:512, MB.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Caballeron: "C-Cripes that was you three?! Look just... keep it then. This isn't worth it. Body guard follow in suit, lets get out of here and return to Site B."

Hook looked disappointed but he didn't want to fight if it didn't have any reward or benefit in the end.

Hook: "That easy eh Cabby? That's fine I still get paid the same anyways."

They go ahead and start to leave the party in a normal sense and the party started to follow the staff. When they turn around though to part ways, they hear some bolts of magic and see them fly overhead past them. When the party turns around they can see that Caballeron and his crew had been turned into statues. Atop the cave structure stood a mare gave a scowling look at the party.


File: 1523117725720.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

See Critical? Intimidation helps in surv-

>The flash of lightning and Caballeron and his crew turned to lighting.
>Jumps and hides.


File: 1523117983935.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

I'm not being mean or anything but this is a part of the campaign, this is supposed to happen.

She hops on down when the party ducks for cover and she runs over to where the statues were and scooped them up and put them into her saddle bags. All of those magic attacks must've been done by her, the wagon pony, excavation workers, and even the Mane 6 were abducted by this mystery mare.

[Short Fuse]
Crit: "Hey stop right there!"

He jumps right up and starts to make a run for it to her.


I know, just a bit of humour that Epic Mount scared the balls of these guys and got super-startled like a kitten.

>Tries to stop him from becoming a lawn ornament.


Epic gets up but he is too late to reach his friend as the Mystery Mare sends a bolt flying at Critical. Crit stops looking surprised but instead of getting hit by the bolt, Gully Trotter pushed him out of the way and was turned into a statue instead.

The Mare then levitated the Gully Trotter Statue and started to make a run for it down the southern part of the Dust Mane Ridge.


Who the Tartarus are you?

(Forgot to press "Post".)


She doesn't answer as the goes down the sharp crags of the ridge. Strangely enough the Umberfoal Staff points in the same direction as she is going which would imply that she is headed to the Umberfoal entrance as well.

Critical gets up and was confused as to why Gully Trotter would sacrifice himself to save a stranger. Only a true act of harmony can release the enchantment, did Gully really believe that Crit and the rest of his friends were capable of such a feat?

The idea passes his mind however as they try to focus on the task at hand.

Crit: "We better hurry up and go where the staff points us. That mare has to have the Mane 6 and I gotta pay back Gully Trotter for him saving me like that."


Yeah. We also gotta stop her. Maybe once we destroy whatever power she has the statues wil be cured!


Crit: "You're right."


They head on down the southern path in the ridge and followed it for several hours on hoof. Eventually a dust storm pick up which prompts them to put on their face masks and goggles. The storm was violent and made it impossible to see more then short distance in front of them. Normally they would be worried about losing the trail but with the Umberfoal Staff they had the exact directions on where to go.

Random Encounter
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 1


A heat wave passes through in the storm and made things more difficult for the party as well as they spot a rock cluster containing two valuable gems in it that they can easily remove for their own profit.

Resist Heat DC 5 DMG 3
Crit Body 1d6 = 4
Epic Body 1d12 = 11


>Dat get.

Critical couldn't beat the heat and got slightly sunburned...

Crit HP 23

2 Gems: 20 bits each


Nah I don't thnk we should mess with it.

I remember Stone Talus from Zelda:BotW.


File: 1523119870076.png (1.15 MB, 1102x854, 551:427, Critical Hit weather resis….png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "No? Alright then I shall take it then."

After speaking in muffled voices he goes up and pries the gems out of the rocks and puts them into his saddle bags.

Crit: "Are you ready to head on out now? It shouldn't take us too long now, we must be close!"


Alright, let's go.


File: 1523120254360.jpg (79.17 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ea1833ec69cd527fc8177c56ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They get to the southern most part of the ridge and they find a cave that they go ahead and enter. They were now safe once more from the storm but now they had a complex cave system to go through that may take some time to navigate.

Passages ebbed and flowed all strange like with stone brick bridges spanning over dark pits that lead into the abyss. The ponies still had their staff to navigate them but they would have to be careful to not fall.


PErhaps ponies along time ago came long here to enter Umberfoal?


File: 1523120712643.jpg (10.18 KB, 236x281, 236:281, 83037e2b6540b550040c2afd54….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Crit: "More like they had to make the passage easy to travel so that they can get a large amount of ponies to safety."

They continue through the dark corridors until finally reached a chamber. There laid before them was the massive door that would lead down into the Umberfoal. Bright lights emanated from the door as it held back the enchantment but something looks wrong.

On the floor they notice a small miniature town playset. There they can see a wide range of statue ponies in the mini town as well as the Mane 6 huddle together in the center of the mini town. There was also what looked to be a journal next to it.


This is... creepy... Did she turn ponies into statues just to play with them as toys?


File: 1523121098511.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Or perhaps some form of trophies for herself. Here take a look around the room and see what we can find. Do you want to look at the door and its seal or did you want to check out that playset? That book might have some info too."


Who would do something so creepy? Just get little tiny statues of ponies and put them in make believe worlds like some sort of roleplaying game, but for tables. Just not right, somewhat disturbing behavior.

>Noticed the book.
Yeah let's see what it says.


Critical stops and ponders on what Epic had said and then looked at his own dice Cutie Mark, thinking about his past.

Crit: "Y-yeah I don't know why either. Here I'll take a look at the door."

Epic searches through the book and soon finds out that it is a diary of a pony named Moonbeam. The diary then goes into detail about the writer's lonely childhood with not friendships. Apparently Moonbeam kept to herself the only companionship she had were small little toys. Eventually he gets to her more recent entries where it tells her finding the door and accidentally breaking the seal partly when trying to obtain its power. This must be what is causing the Statue Disease that is not permanent but spreading across Equestria and how Moonbeam got her petrification power.


I see.
>Goes to take the mane six statues.
We better secure these.


File: 1523122385253.jpeg (48.58 KB, 886x1024, 443:512, MB.jpeg) ImgOps Google

As they kept looking around they hear a voice come from behind them.

MoonBeam: "Not another step! You ponies have been meddling with me since you arrived. Well you won't take my friends from me!"

She then points at the playset as she steps through another doorway that had two pony statues on each side.

MoonBeam: "Since no pony has ever chosen to be my friend, I have to make my own friends. You can't take them away."

MoonBeam looks visible shaken and the magic that spills from the door seems to have an affect on her after long exposure. She's glowing and crackling with energy and her eyes shine with the same power. The chamber begins to shake from the intense magical energy and rocks fall from the ceiling.

MoonBeam: "How about you join in too? Here are some toys to play with!"

As she finishes her sentence, two beams of magic from her horn activates the statues and they come to life as golems. The golems then approach the party.


Boss Encounter
Golem A B
B:12 M:6 C:6

Stout Heart:12
Sound Burst:8 (BodyVS Mind to reduce Mind -1per party halfdmg)
Reastablish:8 (Uprgrades all Golems Body DC3+1per party)

>scratch the cutie mark, I keep messing that up.


File: 1523122538058.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic wonders if the reflective surface of his mirror armour could protect him from her magic, though do not know if it will reflect.

Well... turning ponies into statues is not a way to make them your friend.
These ponies are not your friends, they're hostages. You need to let them go.


>Only pure magic energy like magic missiles. You are still vulnerable to the statue curse however and other magics like fireballs and the such.

She ignores Epic Mount, it would seem that there is such a concentration of magic in the area that it is somewhat making her inner struggles more pronounced. They will have to take out the magic golems first before they can reason with her.

The golems go in to make their moves to attack the party.

Golem A Body 1d12 = 10 Sound Burst 1d8 = 4 VS
Epic Mind 1d8 = 5
Crit Mind 1d20 = 20

Golem B Charm 1d6 = 1 Reestablish 1d8 = 3 DC6


>Epic fights back, while stradegizing a way to steal the mane six statues if he can.


Epic Mount was hit with a deafening sound burst that hurt his ears though the damage was not that bad. The unfortunate thing though was that he would suffer -1 to his mind rolls until the end of his turn.

Epic HP 13

He goes in to strike the first Golem Statue with a karate move...

Epic Body 1d12 = 5 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 2 VS Golem A Body 1d12 = 4

Critical goes in to shouts at the second statue, telling Epic Mount where its weak spots are and assuring that it would suffer.

Crit Charm 1d6 = 6 Mark 1d4 = 2 VS Golem Mind 1d6 = 6


>Epic was disorientated but tries to follow Criticals shouted advice to fight back, striking at the weakpoints.


Epic Mount takes off the golems head and causes it to tumble out of the room and into the darkness. Unfortunately this did nothing to stop it from keeping on going.

Golem A HP 13
Golem B Marked

The golems and MoonBeam attacks the party.

Golem A Body 1d12 = 9 Bash 1d12 = 7 VS Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 6

Golem B Charm 1d6 = 1 Reestablish 1d8 = 4 DC 6


>Epic keeps up the fight. If things get hairy, he'll need to summon his own Golem friend. Though a distraction may still be needed in order to steal the mane six from her.


Epic Mount was struck pretty badly and blood started to flow down his forehead in a small trickle. He was taking some damage and wouldn't last long at this rate.

Epic HP 6

He then switches his focus on the second golem and attacks it since it is now vulnerable.

Epic Body 1d12 = 7 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 9 VS Golem Body 1d12 - 6 = 5

Critical then uses his healing touch ability on Epic Mount.

Crit Healing Touch 1d6 = 6

>Hang on I need some time to make the post results.


Epic Mount was healed up some and he took the time to put his attack which landed soundly on the enemy.

Epic HP 12
Golem B HP 9

The enemies then go on to make their attacks.

Golem A Body 1d12 = 10 SB 1d8 = 6 VS
Epic Mind 1d8 = 7
Crit Mind 1d20 = 6

Golem B Body 1d12 = 10 Bash 1d12 = 3 VS Crit Body 1d6 = 2

Moon Beam Shield 1d10 = 9 To Golem A


>Epic decides to go for a kick to split the foe through.


Both of them were hit pretty badly and suffered as a result.

Epic HP 7
Crit HP 10

The Golem was protected by a forcefield DC 9

Epic Mount jumps through the air like in the karate instruction manuals he read. Hopefully his attack will prove true.

Epic Body 1d12 = 7 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 12 VS Golem B Body 1d12 = 5

Critical goes and uses a potion to heal his friend.

Epic HP 17


The attack was enough to break it but it did not split in half. Instead Epic broke through its body and he destroyed its core after he pulled his hind leg out.

Golem B HP 0

The room shakes as there was less of a magical presence here but they still needed to take out the last golem.

Golem A Body 1d12 = 11 Bash 1d12 = 1 VS Crit Body 1d6 = 2

Moon Beam Mind 1d12 = 1 Stun Ray 1d10 = 5 VS Epic Immune (Mirror Armor)


Crit was sent back by the violent golem. He was battered and bruised up with blood going into his eyes but he could not stay up any longer and fell to the ground.

Crit HP 0

Epic Mount found that the armor really did reflect pure magic energy.


>Epic quickly got his own Golem Rod out and used it to summon Pillar.

>After the summoning ritual, Epic quickly goes to help Critical, giving him one of his potions.


As he does this, Pillar the friendly golem materialized to help the party out in their battle.

Pillar: "I heed your call Epic Mount and as your friend I shall fight by your side for as long as you carry my token, the control rod."

Pillar Joins the Battle.

He then uses on his on Critical who now got back up on his hooves though his legs were still a bit shakey.

Crit: "T-thanks. That really did hurt though..."

Crit HP 13

The last golem though did not hesitate to go in and make its attack against pillar.

Golem Body 1d12 = 2 Bash 1d12 = 3 VS Pillar Body 1d12 = 4

Moon Beam Mind 1d12 = 6 Stun Ray 1d10 = 8 VS Pillar Body 1d12 = 2


Pillar was hit hard upon his entry, bits of rock flied off of his body when he fought his bretheren. The party needed to act fast and destroy the last golem.

Pillar HP 7


>While Pillar fought the Golem, Epic quickly went for the mane six statues. He wanted to take and secure them for himself before returning to the fight.



>Decides to forego >>12252 to help him.
Pillar stand down, protect Critical!

>Returns to the fight.


Epic Mount attacks the last golem trying to save Pillar. Will he get there on time to save him?

Epic Body 1d12 = 10 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 11 VS golem Body 1d12 = 2

Crit Mind 1d20 = 19 Cha 1d8 = 3 VS Golem A body 1d12 = 11


File: 1523125278604.jpeg (48.58 KB, 886x1024, 443:512, MB.jpeg) ImgOps Google

The last golem breaks apart and dies with Pillar being saved. Moonbeam stops as her powers now wanes. Perhaps she can be reasoned with now.


>Right now, Epic is more concerned for his friends.

Pillar are you alright?
>PRests his hoof on his fractures.
I'm sorry for putting you through that. I panicked and wanted to help Critical only to endanger you.


Pillar: "Do not worry about me, the wounds are not permanent, I can fix this."

Critical gets up from the corner of the room where he had hunkered down in. They were not well posed to face Moon Beam and resolve this.


Are you alright too Critical? I'm sorry for it getting like that.

And if Rye was here, well we'd be all brosky about it.

(Hoping Moon Beam will learn something from Epic's concern over his friends.)


>Last post before work

Moonbeam sees how they are acting and find it strange and weird even.

MB: "How is it... that you can get ponies to care about you like that?"


Because I care about them more than I care for myself.

I don't turn them to stone or hoard them as toys. I trust them to be themselves just as they trust me to be me.

Don't matter if wings, horns or even regarded no more as stone sentinels, they're still my friends.


File: 1523202175420.jpeg (48.58 KB, 886x1024, 443:512, MB.jpeg) ImgOps Google

She seems hesitant to the idea, as if she didn't really understand why he was doing this.

MoonBeam: "But I... no pony has ever tried to be my friend. I've always been alone, I don't know."

When she said that, Epic Mount could remember that he was in a similar situation living alone in the Everfree. Then he remembered how Fluttershy found him and was nice to him first before he could flee. Perhaps he should extend the same kindness.


File: 1523202785550.png (78.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is embarrased.png) ImgOps Google

Wasn't exactly like that in my Ponytale fan-scripts but close enough.

>Epic carefully picked his words. Stuttering a bit as he tried to put his thoughts and feelings on the matter of "friendship" into words.

I was like you, I lived a secluded life away from toher ponies. The only difference was that I chose to live alone and did not want to care about other ponies.

Then other ponies suddenly came into my life who, for some abstract reason I could not understand at the time, they took effort to care about me.

>Picks up Twilights statue.
This pony taught me that "friendship is magic". I found her philosophy a bit hooey but I wouldn't of got so far and achieved so much if it wern't for the help of my friends. So while the "magic of friendship" isn't spells and sparkles it still allows ponies to acomplish just as great things beyond most powerful spells without the need of usual magic.

>Pick's up Fluttershy's statue.
And this one, Fluttershy, At first I was concerned for her well being that day, but she was always kind to me regardless, always thinking about others more than herself, I care a lot for her because.. well I like to think she cares about me.
>Starts to blush a little.
I mean, as much as she cares about everyone else which I'm sure it's fairly.

AS-anyway what I am trying to say is that you want ponies to care about you, that you demand their attention and company when really... you don't care about any of these ponies. You turned them into mere playthings to collect, and thats not friendship at all. Half of friendship is when you satop thinking about the attention you should have and put attention to others. The other half of friendship is when they give you just as much attention towards you in return... if that makes sense.

I care about my friends and they take care of me.


MoonBeam: "I think that... okay I'll try to be nicer and open to ponies from here on out. I think that I understand."

Crit: "And hey me and Epic Mount will get you you're friendship circle started and be your friends."

MoonBeam: "R-Really! You'll be my friends!?"

She smiled with teary eyes and rushes over to the two and give them a big hug. This act of selfless forgiveness was something unique, something that none in the party had felt before. They can look back at the door and they can see the magic glow quickly dissipate.

Soon after that the statue curse was lifted and everyone soon became their regular fleshy normal sized selves. The Mane 6, Caballeron, Gully Trotter, Heretic Hook, Rally Call, and Deception.

Caballeron: "Eh what happened?"

Pinkie Pie: "I don't know, feels like somepony did some great friendship thing."

Twilight: "Is everypony okay?"


File: 1523203890483.png (78.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is embarrased.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic was still holding the Fluttershy statue at the time. She rematerialized in his forehooves.


File: 1523204397985.png (173.54 KB, 1024x939, 1024:939, Sad_Fluttershy.png) ImgOps Google

She looked up at Epic Mount, she was in shock and disbelief as to whom here gaze was upon.

Flutter: "E-Epic Mount... but I..."

She couldn't speak anymore and started to cry, nuzzling herself against his chest. The fresh grief of her loss had now been replaced with a bittersweet joy of knowing that he was still alive and well. Not only that but he had come back to life just to save her.

Flutter: "Epic Mount I missed you so badly, I thought I would never see you again!"

I guess Moon Beam is only hugging Crit in this scene. Also I need to go pick up some food. BRB



File: 1523204734674.png (216.52 KB, 1900x1916, 475:479, EpicShy hug.png) ImgOps Google

>Hugs her close.
Shhhh-shhh-shh It's alright Fluttershy, I'm back now.
Everything is going to be alright now Fluttershy.


She stays in his arms now smiling knowing that her knight had come for her... well he's still a squire that is but it's the thought that counts.

Crit and Moonbeam had been talking with Gully Trotter on what had happened and what to do next. Eventually Critical goes up to Epic Mount to talk.

Crit: "Epic, the others had been talking and Gully thinks that the city below had been freed up of the enchantment as well. That means that it is likely that there is a city of ponies who had just woken up from a 1,000 year sleep. We have the key and we can open the door and go down below if you are ready for such an adventure."


I didn't know there were ponies down there. We may need an ambassador pony to diligate with them.

>Looks over to Twilight.
I know you just woken up from being a statue Twilight, but I think there is some Equestrian princess work to be done. Are you up for it?

>Then "remembers" that Caballeron was there.
Caballeron: "Eh what happened?"
Epic: You were turned into statues, but we saved your life, not long after you threaten ours again... So yeah, you're welcome for that.


File: 1523206836788.jpeg (48.58 KB, 886x1024, 443:512, MB.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Twilight: "Yes though we may need some rest when we get down there, still though if they are going to reintegrate with Equestria then they should meet with one of its Princesses. They may be in distress so I need to go down there and help out if I can."

Caballeron: "I suppose that I can thank you... but I will not be going down there. I've had enough of these dangerous affairs for one day.

Gully: "I'll be going down with you all, I know a lot about Umberfoal through ancient relics of the past."

Moon Beam: "I'll go too... I don't have anywhere else to go to and I want to spend some time with my new friends."

She sees that Epic Mount has her bangle and points it out.

MoonBeam: "Oh the bangle I found! It's actually a magic item really, if you say the word shimmer to it while wearing it will cause it to glow a bright light."

Moon Bangle: (Lights up dark areas when the word shimmer is spoken while wearing it.)


>Talking to Twilight.
I had an idea... what if you, Gully and Moon Beam be the... oh whats that word, when a group of political ponies to go another country to talk to them... like an ambassador party thing.

Eitherway if it was not for Moon Beams interfering then we would of never opened the gate, so there are bound to be lots of Earth Poneis down there who would be willing to meet her. She really needs to learn more on friendship.

And Gully could come along because he knows a lot on Umberfoal so he understands their ways.

>Looks at all the other NPCs that are bound to be a bit of a struggle to account for.
I dunno if we'll be too large of a group to go down with.

>Mane 6
>Gully and Moon Beam
>Out three heroes.
>11 characters in total to roleplay between.
What I'm saying Crit is can you DM that large of a group? Do you want some to be sent away or so?


Well Caballeron and Hertic Hook's gang won't be there so there's that. Other than that I should be fine to do that once they make a stop in the town, don't want to spoil but the you should be getting busy with quests once you get there.

Crit: "We should be fine, if we have a large group then it'll be safer from any monsters that may try to attack us."

Rainbow Dash: "Yeah because they'll see me in the group and high tail it."

Twilight: "It's decided then, we will all make the descent into the Umberfoal if Critical and Epic Mount are ready and willing to do so."


I'm willing to go. I want to put my mind off something more pressing... but... Twilight there really is something of great and dire importance that I should talk to you about.

In all honesty I kinda like the idea of the Mane 6 being more involved with our adventure, that is if you can handle that many NPCs.


Nigga please, I got this.

Twilight: "Epic Mount you are my friend and I will always put time in for you if you need it go ahead and tell me about it."

Crit: "Yeah Epic you can talk about stuff with Twilight. I wanted to take some time to talk to MoonBeam and see if she can teach me how to do those teleportations and shields magics."

MoonBeam: "I... I can do that I think."

Gully Trotter: "Perhaps this could wait though until we actually get into Umberfoal? I am eager to see the city."

Rarity: "I am too, such a culture would have surely made a unique fashion sense that I would like to pull inspiration from."


>Epic wanted a more quiet conversation with Twilight and especially did not want to talk about it with Fluttershy so happy to see him return.
Hey Fluttershy, why don't you talk to Moon Beam? she's somewhat shy herself a little.


Flutter: "Yeah I can do that."

She leaves to join Crit and MoonBeam who were talking about certain magics and other regular talk.

Twilight: "Is there something wrong Epic Mount? I've noticed that you and Critical do not have your cutie marks. Is that related to what had happened in Stratus?"


Yeah... We didn't loose our cutie marks, they were taken from us... by Tirek.

>Gives her the full story as quietly as he can. How they "died", was ressurected in Tartarus, meeting this "Keeper" character, how they returned and how they went looking for Twilight.


Twilight: "By Celestia... he's here again? This isn't good. He could regain his strength and take over Equestria again."

She tries to think of something to fix this but she couldn't think of anything.

Twilight: "I don't know... I think though that you may have to fight Tirek but without your cutie mark... you will not be strong enough. What we need to do for yourselves is to regain your former strength but I wouldn't know how to do that."


This Keeper guy said we must take our cutie marks back from him and to... imprison him... again.

You know what I said the last time we had to deal with Tirek? That we should destroy him? That he will find someway to break free again?


Twilight: "That's not our way Epic Mount, you know we don't kill. Besides this Keeper specifically said to not do that as he would be reincarnated. If there is a chance that he can be can be reformed then we must take the time to be patient with him but with caution."


>Realise that his raised voice echoed and had head turned towards him.

What he had done to us is inforgivable. He's evil to the very core and that evil has no place in Equestria.


She didn't really liked Epic tone and refusal to extend friendship but could understand at least why.

Twilight: "Epic... I hope one day you can see past the your enemy's guise and see deep into who they are. IF at the very least one day forgive them and press on."

She starts to walk away to rejoin the rest of the group.

Twilgiht: "We'll be going down soon, you might want to get ready."


File: 1523210511023.png (59.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is not amused.png) ImgOps Google

Maybe I will. Perhaps I'll forgive him for taking me away from my family.
Maybe I'll forgive him for brainwashing me into becoming his servant and making me do all those terrible things under his name.
Maybe I'll forgive him for murdering me the first time when we tried to stop him from absorbing all magic for all ponies.


He was alone now though, brewing in his hatred with nopony to hear him. All he saw though was the rest of the group talking to one another about how they were going to do this. Eventually Critical takes hold of the Umber Staff.

Crit: "If this is supposed to work then all I would have to do is use it as a key to open the door."

He goes and does that and the door opens slowly, receding back to reveal a tunnel deeper into the mountain. The walls had crystals that lit the way in a cold blue light and the air from the tunnel was actually warm and welcoming.


>Epic was somewhat sour about this. If theres one thing worse than not getting a point across with heated sarcasm is that to be ignored by it.

Oh wow... it... goes in deeper...


File: 1523211330649.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google


They all go down the tunnel together, going down to the depths that had laid dormant for so long. Our heroes took to the front to make sure everypony was safe from any danger seeing that the Mane 6 is too weak to fight right now and the others are not combat trained in any way except for maybe MoonBeam. Critical was able to also rejoin Epic Mount as they made their walk.

Crit: "You know it's strange, going up high into the to explore one ancient city to go off to the underground to explore another. I wonder how we keep getting roped into situations like this."


I dunno...
>Trying to stop being angry about something and grins.
Hopefully we'll leave this one in tact for a change.

>As they travel down.
Look! Stone tiles!


Eventually they get to a large stone staircase that leads into a vast cavern that is dark and hard to see the walls of such a structure. At the bottom of the cavern was a sparkling blue lake that shimmered with the crystal lights. Rising from the lake was a large rock spire that on the top was wide and flat that had a city atop it. This was the City of Umberfoal, long forgotten but now reawakened. The staircase made of stone would lead them to the platform the city was on and will allow them access.

Gully: "In all my years... I never thought I'd see something like this."


File: 1523211966634.png (314.92 KB, 560x648, 70:81, Epic Mount whut face by Bl….png) ImgOps Google

I wonder how those Umberfoals are sleeping? Like... are they in their beds in their homes? Or was there a special hall or various chambers made for them to sleep through?

And why, let alone how was it decided they should just hide away and sleep it through? Was it announced somehow and they were like "Oh well, g'night guys!"


File: 1523212324515.jpg (74.58 KB, 640x479, 640:479, The_City_of_Umberfoal.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Crit: "I dunno but I guess we'll be going off to go find out now won't we?"

They proceed down to the city and notice that all of the streets are empty but still lit by street lamps containing magic crystals in glass part. Eventually they make it to the center of the town square where hundreds of tiny pony statues all circled around what looked to be a pedestal with a blue orb in the center. It pulsated with magic light and it lit up bright with a blinding light. When their vision came clear the statues had turned back into their normal selves and the party was now witness to the now awaken ponies of Umberfoal that were groggy and tired from their 1,000 year sleep.

>And I gotta go now to work.


I didn't realise how oddly specific this quest is to have a map of Umberfoal.

Woah! So they turned to statues... just like Moon Beams spell... That... makes sense I guess.


File: 1523288906825.png (949.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac57.png) ImgOps Google

"Look at all those ponies..." Rye wandered to a few, helping them if they staggered or stumbled about.


Do any of them even speak english/equestrian/equin/common?


"I would think so... Princess Luna apparently spoke our curent language too after she spent 1,000 years in the moon - so did the Crystal Ponies upon their return."


Good point.

>Tries talking to one of the Umbra ponies.
Hello? Are you alright?


They go up to a stallion who had just fallen over. They help him up back to his hooves and he thanked them. Turns out they do in fact speak common as the modern ponies do.

Umber Citizen: "Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I need to get on home though, my house is probably dirty from our 3 month sleep... You should go see EvenLight though, she's a part of the Wisenry Community who leads Umberfoal."

He picks up and leaves before the party can tell him anything or vice versa. Instead as they look around they can see one mare in particular who has a white coat and a grey mane. She looked aged but not so much but that did not stop her from helping out the other citizens.

Right now she was standing in the center of town with the orb.


Good thing none of them have brain damage. I heard long extended sleep can do that.

>Old pony looked worried.
Nah I'm sure you'll be fine.

>To his team.
We should find this Even Light pony.


When he said that name aloud the old Mare's ears sprang up and she came on down to them. There they could see that she was well dressed in Umberfoalan jewelry and looked pretty official.

EvenLight: "Did you just say that you were looking for me? Why... you don't look around from here do you. You must be from the outside, where is Sir Squire? He was supposed to be here to release the seal, has the battle with the chaotic forces kept him at bay?"


File: 1523303047168.png (59.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is excited.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic's face lit up a bit.
You knew of Sir Squire! Sir Squire was real!?


EvenLight: "Was Real? Of course he's real little colt. Whom else is leading the knights against Discord's forces? Who are you anyways and why isn't Sir Squire here?"

It would seem that the plan for the Umberfoalans was to wait for Sir Squire but that has not happened. Instead they have slept for a 1,000+ years well past their schedule.


File: 1523303572615.png (1.45 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Squire.png) ImgOps Google

Um... Ms. Light, it was the Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna who imprisoned Discord and ended his era of chaos.

That was over a thousand years a go, you have been asleep for over a millenia.

Honestly Sir Squire is mere legend, only a few ponies today believe him to had been real.

My inspiration for Sir Squire (other than from MLPTales) is the Legend of King Arthur. It's debatable to this day whenever he was real or not. Some believe the King Arthur in legend was based after a warrior or various warriors while others say they were just stories.


Oh yeah I'm not trying to disrupt lore here but I do say that Squire here led the knight against Discord's forces who tried to overtake Equestria. Will explain more soon in post.

EvenLight: "Sir Squire...did you die when you went after him with Arc Light?"

She looks off in disbelief, her citizens whom she swore to protect are all here and accounted for but at what cost? Her eyes look past that then as she remembers the last time she saw Sir Squire.

EvenLight: "He was supposed to come back but he didn't. If you and your group is here though then that would mean that Celestia and Luna had found the Elements of Harmony and stopped Discord. That is good to know."

Even though she said that, she looked deeply pained at the news. She then refocuses herself as now the citizens of Umberfoal needed help to get re-situated.

EvenLight: "I must help my kin here, if it has truly been 1,000 years then they will need help to resettle. I need you to go down the spiral staircase and check on our blacksmith shop, the Founder's Forge and see if it can be reclaimed. I'm also sure the journey here has been arduous, if you wish to rest then you may have free lodging in the Umber Inn at the top level of the city."

Twilight: "Thank you, I'll be sure to take our group there so we can recuperate. If you three need us then we will most likely be there."


While Sir Squires adventures have been past down in history, they have always remained unconclusive of how he ended. Some say he departed Equestria to pursuit his long rival, the dragon Bazil.
The "Z" makes him sound tougher while still retaining his MLPTales name.

Also Twilight here is a princess herself. Especially of friendship. She along with Moon Light and Gully would be ideal ambassadors to the Equestria we have today.


EvenLight: "I'm sorry but I can't worry about foreign affairs while my city is in half disrepair. We can talk more though I promise but only after you check on the forge down below, it shouldn't be too hard. The city should still be protected by magic wards to keep monsters at bay. The only adversary you'll face there is perhaps your own allergies. As for me I need to check with the town guard and see Captain FlashHoof."

She then leaves the party to explore the city on their own which should be safe. The city itself will have staircases, tunnels, and rooms going down the rock spire. Going down the spire should lead them to the founder's forge.

Don't worry this isn't some dungeon quest, just something to get you introduced with Umberfoal.


>Turns to his crew.
So guys, shall we go to this forge?

>To the MAne Six
You can all come with if you want.


Apple Jack: "Sorry Sugar Cube but we need to be getting some rest now before we get to some adventuring but given and hour or so and one of us can come help you. The rest of us I imagine will be busy helping around town to get these Umberfoal ponies back on their hooves."

Pinkie: "Yeah they've been asleep for so long and what they need is a great big ole party! It's what I do when I wake up every morning."

Critical: "We can head over to the forge right now Epic Mount though... we can also go around and look at what this town has to offer. You know, sniff the roses and all that."

Twilight: "Don't forget that Even Light asked you for help now."

Crit: "Don't worry Twilight, I don't disappoint those who give me a quest even as mundane as this."


Yeah you're right.

>To Fluttershy
Um, Fluttershy, you want to.. come with? Though if you'd rather stay up here I understand, I'm sure what you've been through has been difficult.


File: 1523305713979.jpg (30.12 KB, 1024x530, 512:265, 786a66ae4477e89a58b5b42229….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

FlutterShy: "I'll go with you Epic Mount though I need to go to the Inn first and get some rest first. When you're done though checking on the forge I'll come with you since you probably need some pony to look after you three but... just please keep the monsters away from me."

I'll allow one Mane 6 pony to join the party as a guest but they need to rest first. Also you can only take one because if all 6 go then the combat dice would be hellish for me.

Crit: "Come on Epic we got busy work to do, Fluttershy isn't gonna go anywhere if we turn our backs for a few minutes."

He was teasing of course but the party should start to get a move on. Sure the forge will be instrumental in the repairs Umberfoal will need.


A'ight, see you later.
>Heads down with Crit and Rye.


The party heads on out to the edge of the city area and finds one of those staircases that would lead on down. The do so and they reach the B1 level of the spire where the founder's forge was located. What they found was a large workshop with tables meant to beat and straighten metal for weapons and armor.  At the very center was the forge where it was a large fire pit that would melt the iron and help shapen it. At this forge was an old but incredibly buff looking stallion who was just recovering from the statue effect.

???: "Ah the forge... the forge has gone cold... Ah what to do?"


We light that foo' up!
>Gets his flint and starts sparking.


He rushes over without speaking to the forge master and tires to light up the massive forge with a simple flint and steel. This doesn't work however as there is no source of fuel for the fire.

???: "Hey what are ya doin with my forge?"

The forge master gets Epic away after the party catches up.

Molten Metal: "My name be Molten Metal and I run the Founder's Forge here but as you can see it isn't looking too good right now. I can see however you are eager to help me out here and I would be glad and able to pay you all for it. In the store room just over there should be some special coal that lights easy and burns hot. I need a lot of it though so be careful to not throw your back out."

He points over to a wall where there was a wooden door reinforced with metal was close shut.


Sure, how hard can it be?
>Goes to it.


They go on over and open the door where they can see ingots of varies metals as well as numerous bags of coal. They were all well preserved but the room was rank with the smell of aged air and dust. Carrying the bags though can prove difficult if they just pull one over their shoulder.


Aw jeeze.
Wish Rye was here to help me lug 'em.


Eh, I'll at least get us to the point for the set up of our first quest.

They start to lug the bags of coal and tries to get them over to the forge. Epic Mount tried by pulling one by force while Critical readied his telekinesis.

Coal Carry DC 8

Epic Body 1d12 = 9
Crit Mind 1d20 = 11 Tele 1d20 = 20


They get plenty of coal over and into the forge. By now Molten Metal had cleaned it and had it ready to be set a light.

Molten: "There, see if you can get that thing on fire with your flint now. Be careful though to not burn yourself."


Don't worry, we had worse than some minor burns.
>Starts to flint it up.


With a strike of the flint, the coal erupted into a tower of flames that sent the entire party except for the forge master reeling back. The fire did die back down to something more manageable.

Molten: "Thanks for that, after all this time she still runs good. You should go and tell EvenLight about this, tell her the forge is working but it should take some time for my workers to get back into working condition."

He then rewards the party with 60 bits each.

Epic Bits 390
Crit Bits 469
Rye Bits 446


Yay! We did it!
>Takes a look at ancient Umbran bits.


File: 1523308388059.png (249.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Aww.png) ImgOps Google

They were old and well preserved but they were just like the bits that they use today... and only has the same value. Still though it's good money.

Crit: "Here we better go and check up on the Mane 6 and see how everyone is holding up given their surroundings."


OK. Be interesting to see more of this place.



They leave the forge and head back up to the top of the City where all the houses and shops were at. The party then head on over and enter in the Umber Inn which was interior still dusty but has been hastily cleaned up. In the main room they can see the entire group sitting around enjoying food and drinks. The bartender was also at her counter serving drinks as well.

Crit: "Ah drinks, music, and foods in a relaxing atmosphere. A much more welcome change from that of the desert."


I bet this Inn has a great reputation, given all the sleeping that had happened last thousand years.

Then again I don't wanna see the bill for whoever checked in before the thousand year sleep.


Critical wasn't too sure on what Epic Mount was trying to get at but he let is slide. Instead he looks out to the Mane 6 and pondered on who to bring along.

Crit: "I prolly don't need to ask who you want to bring along. Instead you should go on ahead and go talk to Fluttershy. By now she should be ready to go."


File: 1523309561727.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

She... might not be the ideal choice. However with how Fluttershy reacted when she... un-statued herself, I have a feeling that may wanna talk to me about stuff.

Twilight would perhaps be ideal but she may need to stay with Gully and Moon Light to sort things out with Light on their new relations to the outside world.

Eitherway if not all of them can come with us, perhaps best to select practical over personal.

But then again if we find any local wildlife down here, Fluttershy maybe of help, though I imagine blind cave creatures and monsters who had not seen other ponies in years for Fluttershy's methods to work.


File: 1523310025803.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Hmm... it seems that your mind is a bit more confused on the subject then. Anyways we've gotten this far by ourselves so I'm not really partial to any of them. The help is good though so I'm not going to be picky as to who you want... or to who you don't pick if you don't pick anyone at all."


Hm, I think I have a more ideal sollution..

>Goes over to the mane six, asks bluntly.
Anypony wanna come with us?


You can't decide? Take some agency man, its okay.

They all think between themselves.


Though be practical if it's just a small party of four, we understand if the resat of you are busy.

I would like Fluttershy to come along, but honestly mostly because I just like Fluttershy. She might help us with certain wildlife but dunno what else other than that.

If you wanna make it EpicShy that would be cool if you're cool with it.

If you like Fluttershy you can join me- us to see what this place is like.


Fluttershy: "I said I'd go with you and I still will."

She goes up and joins the party.

That's fine but you know the rules. If you want a romantic relationship then you gotta control your romantic partner.


File: 1523310902555.png (59.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is excited.png) ImgOps Google

Alright, but it's not like they;re straight up dating right now.

Great! May even find cave dwelling creatures.


Okay I gotta go so I'm gonna call it in for the day.

They headed on out of the inn and now they were back in town once more. They would have to go find Evenlight if they wanted to help out Umberfoal more.


>As they trotted along
Hey Fluttershy... you alright? You were rather... um... flustered to see me. Have I really been gone that long?
This convo for next time.


File: 1523374983234.png (3.33 KB, 258x258, 1:1, Crit Foe spare.png) ImgOps Google

I'm here but may need to take bro to work.

Crit: "Well we'll need to find Even Light now... but we don't where she had gone off too. I think if we go to the center of town and start asking around then we can get a good idea as to where she is."

He look around and finds the street that would take them to the center.

Crit: "There if we go down this street then we should end up at the center of town."


File: 1523375635948.jpg (9.92 KB, 300x168, 25:14, mac15.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

(I'm totally lost by now, sorry.)

"Alright, let's get a move on."


We're in the underground cirty opf Umberfoal. We just lit the forge so that weapons can be made for peace or something and now we're going to find Even Light who runs the place.

>Fluttershy didn't seem want to talk.
OK maybe later.

Let's head over to the town center and get our barings.

Hey Rye.


File: 1523376371113.png (346.67 KB, 520x600, 13:15, mac58.png) ImgOps Google

"Oh, Fluttershy is here too? Well, the more the marrier I guess."


Oh yeah, just gonna be the four of us.

She's better with animals thanh I am, plus we got along on our adventures without a pegasus. Given all the times we've been in an airballoon or falling to our deaths from a flying citadel, somepony who could foly would of been very practical in our click.


File: 1523376574945.jpg (71.15 KB, 820x803, 820:803, mac27.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Rye whispers. "But I heard when startled she forgets she can even fly.."


Nah. Fluttershy's the bravest. Right Fluttershy?
>Gives her a pat on the back.


"If you say so..."


I'm back.

The party heads on to the center of town where ponies were moving about in a very slow pace. They could notice a little shoppe that was now open with a pony or two going in and out. They also saw Evenlight talking to 4 ponies wearing armor, one of which had a fancy red cape.


Crit... why exactly is Even Light talking to such armoured ponies? I'm starting to wonder if lighting their forge was a good idea.
It's as if these ponies are just getting out of bed and putting on their armour for war.


File: 1523378173466.png (136.8 KB, 627x342, 11:6, mac20.png) ImgOps Google

"Well, we can just ask her, can't we?"


If you asked me if I was about to kill you, you'd think I'd be hnest about it?

But I guess we can see what she has to say first.

>Goes up to Even Light.
Them quite some ponies you got around here. Must have had quiet the warriors during the era of Chaos.


"You should be more trusting towards ponies."


Call me crazy but after given what Red Winter put us through I should have the right to be sceptical of other ponies if they could mean harm to us or Equestia. Until I know what they're doing is legit.


As they approached her, they can hear the last bit she was saying to them.

Evenlight: "The Capstone fort may be dangerous to explore but we need to make sure we are secured from the rest of the cave complex."

FlashHoof: "Don't worry, we'll be right back after we survey the area."

The guard ponies leave and heads out west through the city. Evenlight notices the party and turns around to talk to them.

EvenLight: "Ah you're back! Was the forge still okay? We'll need it if we have any hopes of repairing some of the buildings around here."


Yes, repairing.
>Looks over to the armoured ponies who were just leaving.
Though it looks like you're keen to take up arms again.

You do know that Equestria is at peace. No more war or chaos out there.


File: 1523378617504.png (454.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac17.png) ImgOps Google

"Yes, it's decent enough condition but still needs some time to be up to optimum performance."


Evenlight: "I don't know much about the outside world but down here in the depths there are some monsters that dwell here and the Capstone fort is outside our protection."

Evenlight: "Anyways I wanted you three to meet with me down in the Tome Vault at the bottom of the spire. There I can tell you more about our city and how we get our protection. Other than that you go around and look at what you wish."


File: 1523379046074.png (133.48 KB, 436x340, 109:85, mac46.png) ImgOps Google

"Capstone fort... makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. What kind of critters dwell further down in the caves?"


>Epic doesn't know if his vast wisdom on monsters would be much experiance down here.

It's gonna be the four of us. I asked Fluttershy to come with. She's good with animals. Is that OK.
Did you say you needed me to RP as Fluttershy also?

Also, what is "Cap stone Forte" and the "Tomb Vault"did you say?


File: 1523379505486.jpg (74.58 KB, 640x479, 640:479, The_City_of_Umberfoal.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yes, remember?

Evenlight: "A wide variety, oozes, mushroom, dust butterflies, giant spiders and much more. Really Capstone fort acts as a watch area for our guards so that none of the monsters get into Umberfoal."

Evenlight: "The Capstone Fort is a small fortification to the west of here that acts as a guard station between the Umberfoal cavern and the rest of the cave complex. The Tome Vault is where we our Crucible which is a cradle for our city's knowledge and defense. I can explain more when we meet there though. As for now though if you wished to look around before meeting there then that would be a good idea so you can get a lay of the land."

>Every number is a place you can go.


"That sounds like a good idea. Caves give me the shivers so I wouldn't like to see any giant spiders marching out... or... did you say mushrooms?"


File: 1523379629906.png (57.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is shocked.png) ImgOps Google

Fluttershy: Butterflies!?:shy3:

Epic: G-giant... spiders?

Fluttershy: Oh dear...

Epic: You mean mean... spiders... n-no bigger than a... I dunno a pebble maybe? A small rock?


Evenlight: "Giant mushrooms that walk around yes."

Evenlight: "Well I best be off, I need to meet with some pony who is likely down in the Tome Vault right now and I best not keep her waiting."

She leaves and the party was freed up to go where they would like. This sense of freedom gave them and opportunity to choose but They will have to decide on where to go.


File: 1523379837270.jpg (8.25 KB, 155x190, 31:38, mac26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Wow... that is odd. Have you ever heard of something like that, Fluttershy?"

Rye nods at Evenlight.

"Sorry for keeping you, see you later!"


File: 1523379849574.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

She must mean tarantula's right? ... Oh heck even Tarantuals are too big!


>Make a post telling party must decide where to go.
>They don't do that.


Number 5 looks interesting.


File: 1523379984534.png (451.6 KB, 1890x2155, 378:431, Epic Mount herpa-derp by N….png) ImgOps Google

Fluttershy: Um... there are some creatures who are not made out of flesh like us, such as timberwolves. So.. maybe other such creatures could exist.

DId she say the giant spiders were not at that Tome place?
We should go there. Let the Umberfoals handle the giant spiders. Thats right.


"The fort protects us from the spiders. We'll be fine here."

Rye nods at Fluttershy.

"That makes sense. Still, quite odd."


Fluttershy: What is?

Epic: But there will certainly be no spiders in that Tome place. So let's go there.



Crit: "No the spiders are outside of Umberfoal so we won't see them here. Anyways I do like the idea of looking around but I can understand going to the vault immediately."

He then lets out a yawn and realizing it was now night time. Being underground though it was hard to tell that but they noticed it was getting dark before they made their descent.


"Walking shrooms, that's odd to me."

Summer Rye shrugs. "I'd like to see more of this place, but alright, let's head to that vault."


In the RP book, did it say something about the Festival of Light? If so does that mean there are glowing cave crystals?


Will be explained later.

They head down into the rocks spire's base and got to the very bottom where they were in a cage like platform made of stone. Surrounding them were the sounds of water crashing up on the rock surface. In the center they noticed Evenlight standing next to a pillar with a metal bowl. The other members of the Wisery were standing there and debating on what needs to be done. Up against a wall they can notice a glass case filled with these sort of crystals of different shapes and sizes.


>Epic and the group approaches them and listened in a bit.


Summer Rye examines the pillar and the glass case.


They were mostly talking about how long it has been and what kind of state the city was in. Some wanted to make an immediate expedition out of the Umberfoal while others wanted to isolate themselves in case there is something dangerous above. He can also hear some bits and pieces of something called the Festival of Lights.

The pillar was about half the height of a regular pony and the bowl that sat atop it was made up of metallic rings like the early stages of a basket. Evenlight noticed the party and went over to them with a friend of hers who was a much older mare with a light pink mane and red coat.

Evenlight: "I see you all came, that is good. This is Lady Alethea, our chief librarian."

Alethea didn't seem to eager to meet the party but she still acted with politeness.

Alethea: "Charmed to make your acquaintance. Even Light has told me you are responsible for freeing us from our slumber. For that I do thank you but I do not think we need your help any further."

Evenlight: "Hush now Alethea, these are our guests and we need their help around town. They are quite the competent sort."

Alethea makes no remark knowing this was true but she did not wish it to be.


If anything Ms. Alethea we're hoping you can help me with a sensetive matter, if the records of Umberfoal has what I wish to know.


Summer Rye smiled at both of them. "It is nice to meet you, Lady Alethea. A library, huh? A friend of ours would really love to see the books in it."


Oh yeah, Twilight is a huge book nerd. But she's also very practical and very idea ambassador to help Umberfoal to be reintroduced to modern Equestria. A lot has happened after a thousand years and things are very different now. Such as radios and... electricity and... um... OK so not that different.


Alethea: "Well..." She looks at Evenlight, "I suppose I can let you into the library records but you will not be allowed to take any of the books out."

Evenlight: "I imagine so but before you go would you like to learn more about our Crucible and the arcasts?"

Alethea: "Surely they don't need such..."

Evenlight: "Do not worry Alethea, they deserve to see it since they saved us after all."


"Don't worry, Lady, we will not cause a mess in the library."


What is the Crucible?


Evenlight: "The Crucible is a vessel for Arcasts that do two functions. 1 store information onto crystals that are later called Arcasts. 2 retrieve information from an Arcast and instill it into the mind of the user. This is where we keep our most important knowledges about our society but our Library is just important as well."

Alethea: "Hmmph."

EvenLihgt: "The Arcast can also hold the memories of events and emotions as well which can be quite potent at times. Why we can even show you with our Festival of Lights Arcast if you want."

Alethea: "I know you won't because I'll be there to watch you."


So it's kinda like that bowl from the Harry Potter books that Dumbledore used to store his memories?

Does it have any memories of Sir Squire?


File: 1523381931878.png (92.17 KB, 900x675, 4:3, mac54.png) ImgOps Google

"Wow, that sounds fascinating! That way nothing can ever be forgotten. Pretty crafty. And better than writing it down in a book if you ask me!"


File: 1523382008637.png (61.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount grin.png) ImgOps Google

Don't tell that to Fluttershy.

But yeah, pretty revolutionary stuff for it's time.


"I didn't know Fluttershy was a bookworm."


Fluttershy: I'm not, Twilights the one who likes the books. Epic, are you feeling alright?:shy2:

Epic: Yeah I'm fine, I guess I need a  crucible to get my head in order.


I guess so, I never read the Harry Potter series.

Even Lights gives some pause to think about Sir Squire but shakes her head no.

Evenlight: "No sorry but I knew Sir Squire so if you have any questions about him I will be able to answer as best I can."

Alethea: "There is a problem though, you need to have a strong mind to actually take in an Arcast's knowledge... but I guess that can be said for books as well."

Evenlight: "Anyways we do have the Festival of Lights Arcast ready for you if you wish to try. Just place your hoof onto the Crucible and try to focus.

Mind Test DC 8


Summer Rye sighed. "Ah well, there goes that idea... What about you, Crit? You're pretty brainy."


File: 1523382489650.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

Wait there is still one thing I really want to know!

If your ponies have taken part in the ancient war of chaos, have developed methods and weapons on taking on creatures of great evil and power, what I want to know is, has Umberfoal ever developed anything that is powerful enough to destroy powerful enemies for good? A weapon for an enemy so pwoerful, so evil that even death is just an inconveniance to him?

Fluttershy: Epic... why on- in Earth would you need such a thing?:shy2:


Crit: "Well... yeah I can think around with the best of them. I can try it."

Even Light: "If we had such a weapon do you think we would've went down to sleep for over a thousand years? No this was the only option we had left."

They head on up to the Crucible and Critical goes on up to it. He focuses himself, looking deep into the light of the Light's Arcast. He then takes a deep breath and places his hoof onto it, merging his mind with the knowledge within the rock...

DC 8
Crit Mind 1d20 = 19


>Epic didn't really have anything else to ask, if anything he felt somewhat defeated by this logic.

>He let Critical look into the pensieve.


File: 1523383080326.png (471.07 KB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, Critpipbucksketch.png) ImgOps Google

Suddenly emotions of joy and prosperity overflowed him, fireworks setting off within the cavern above happy ponies. Everyone was united together. He learns that it is the magic of frienship that binds the city up together and keeps the entire structure sound.

Though he did not feel these emotions himself, instead the harmony and camaraderie was alien to him, almost vile even. When he let go he had a dizzy and sick looking expression.

Crit: "By all... that was not what I had expected"

EvenLight: "That's strange, most ponies are often left being happy after experiencing the Arcast."

Crit: "It's just that... I understand the Festival and felt all of the powers that came with it but... it didn't sit right with me."


File: 1523383205964.png (135.33 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, mac35.png) ImgOps Google

"You're just too much of a sour puss. I bet you'd have enjoyed that harmony if it had come with some booze."


The Festival? Whats so important about this Festival to show us?

His ideal harmony is usually at the bottom of the bottle.

Fs: Epic thats not very nice.


Evenlight: "It shows that with the power of Friendship is what keeps the town protected and the Rock Spire to keep standing upright and support our city."

Crit: "You're right, it could've at least come with popcorn."

Suddenly one of the Duskloaks comes rushing down, he looked worried in his dusty armor as he spoke in a panicked voice.

Duskloak: "Ms.Evenlight, FlashHoof still has not come back from his expedition into the Capstone fort. We fear the worst!"


"Is that one of your guards?"



Capstone Forte? The place keeping the monsters out?
Given it's been a thousand years it's likely they may have gotten a bit more confident in your territory.

We will go up and help get your ponies back if we can.


EvenLight: "Yes that is the name given to our City Guard. FlashHoof is the Captain of our Duskloaks."

Evenlight: "I know you still may be tired from your journey but I promise you that you will be well rewarded for your efforts if you can retrieve FlashHoof for me. He's a brave fool and will often get himself into danger no matter the risk if it is to protect the town."


File: 1523383917597.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

"We will help. Point us to the fort and we'll be heading there right away!"


EvenLight: "The fort is off to the East Sorry not West, I'm terrible with directions you'll have to cross the High Bridges that will lead to the fort."

Duskloak: "We also may have some supplies at our barracks you can borrow as well. That is if you feel you have to time to come on over here."


Sounds like a pony after my own heart.

As long as.. we don't encouter them spiders we should be fine right?

Fs: Epic you really shouldn't have to be so afraid over spiders. BEsides I am coming with you.:shy5:
Epic: You are? Fluttershy yhis could be dangerous, you really shouldn't have to-
Fs: I thought I already lost you before, I don't want you to go away again.
>Both of them blush.
Fs: B-besides, if there were any spiders, I can ask them nicely to excuse you so they won't go near.

If you were RPing as Fluttershy I would of asked her if anything else happened in Equestria during their week absence.

If your barracks have any maps and supplies ideal for navigating and spelunking the tunnels it might be wise we accept any help we can. We're more used to top-sided terrains after all.


File: 1523384399774.jpg (35.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac29.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Even if we saw any spiders, Fluttershy could talk to them."


Evenlight: "You really shouldn't need to go down into the depths though if you need maps we should have something in the Library but time is of the essence here."

Crit: "That's right, we got the nature pegasus with us. Anyways are you all ready to go out to the fort?"


Fs: Yep. I bet they're harmless little things. Epic really shouldn't be scared over such teensy little things. They're more scared of him than anypony else.:shy1:

Epic: In Everfree Forest there are spiders almost as big as me, and certainly bigger than you. And they're definately not scared of me.

Yes, let's go.


I have to call it a day. Thanks for the fun.


It's OK. I'm hoping I'm RPing as FLuttershy well. I'm more used to you doing all the other NPCs.


The party heads on up through the spire and were now at the City level once more. To the East would be the bridges that would lead to the the Capstone Fort. To the Western Edge would be the Duskloak barracks where they may be able to get some supplies if they feel like they needed it.

That's fine and thanks for playing. I'm gonna get some food.

You're doing alright.


If th barracks don't have a cave map,I hope we'd fine something that won't get us lost.


File: 1523473006201.png (471.07 KB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, Critpipbucksketch.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "The Capstone Fort should just be outside of the City really. We just need to head on over to head over to there and check up on Flash Hoof's detachment."

You shouldn't need a map for now but if you really feel like you need one then there should be one in the Duskloaks barracks.


I know we must hurry, but we don't know the layout of these caves very well.
I think we should go to the Duskloaks barracks and pick up a map in case we get lost.

I know as GM you know we may not need it, but a part of me rather be safe than sorry.


Crit: "Well I understand. I just thought it would be funner if we go into the caves without knowing where to go. We'll head on over to the Barracks right now."

They go over to the east direction and make it to the bridge they crossed to get into the city. To the left was the barracks where black and yellow flags draped over the buildings. They head on inside and see several guards getting fitted up with their traditional looking armor and taking stock of what supplies they had. One of them spots them and goes up to greet them.

Duskloak: Hello there, I don't think I recognize you all, you must be some of the new ponies who just came on in. Sorry we can't help you with any problems you may have, our Captain has gone missing and we need to get ready to set up and ready to return to our patrols."


File: 1523473669876.png (26.34 KB, 300x169, 300:169, mac51.png) ImgOps Google

"Shall we get going?"


Duskloaks: "You're the one farmer right? We don't have too many of those but we do have some artificial fields."


Rye nods "Yes, farming in my trade. It's hard but honest work. You have artificial fields underground? What do you grow there, shrooms?"


Duskloaks: "Well we got the common sort of fruits really, we have to use special crystals for photosynthesis. Of course I doubt you all came here for an agriculture lesson, what did you need?"


>To Crit
We're not here to look at pretty rocks. We need to help somepony out there and having a map will help us find our way.

>To the Duskloak.
Yes, we understand that your captain Flash Hoof is lost somewhere in the caves. Even Light sent for us to assist in finding him. We're here for supplies but if you cannot spare any a map of the caves will be most appreciated so that we can find our way around.


"Can you show us the way to the fort outside? Is it far?"


Duskloak: "He's stuck and you're gonna help him? Well alright we can spare some things for you, just hang tight."

He goes into a nearby trunk and pulls out some items for them...

Duskloak*1 (Upgrades Stealth rolls.)
This dark grey cloak has an almost shadowy look to it. It fastens with a silver binding around the neck.

Torches*3 (Lights up dark areas for 1 hour)

Healing Potion*1 (Heals half of the user's HP)

Duskloak: "Aye that we can. It's not hard to find."


Nice! But is there any maps of the caves you can spare also?


>Summer Rye thanks Duskloak and takes one of those torches

"That's going to be helpful in the dark, spooky caves... which we hopefully won't have to explore cause the fort is close!"


Shit sorry, I had to write that down from the book.

He also pulls out a map that details directions and notes of the caves system. This will keep this from getting lost.

>I'll get a pic later.


Ah! This is what we need.
Thank you. We can help find your captain much efficiently... without you ending up having to look for us also.


Duskloaks: "Thanks, we'll be sure to bring you to the fort when you are ready."

Crit: "So how would you like to divvy up they items here, the cloak surely looks nice."


"I'm fine with just the torch, you two take the other items."


I already got my cloak from Canterlot. If you like it you should have it. I'm sure it'll look cool on you.


"I have my invisibility cloak. I think Crit could use a cloak, right?"


They each get a torch and Critical got the cloak and the potion as keepsakes. He took off the plain weather cloak he was wearing and put on the duskloak. It really did look nice on him.

Crit: "Thanks, this will keep me safe in the dark."

>I gotta go.



Now let's head to Capstone Keep and find that lost pony.


Take care, almost bed time for me anyway.


They head on over across the entire city and reaches the western edge to face a series of bridges that would lead into the cavern wall. At the other side was a large tunnel with a fort set upon in the mouth of the tunnel. They head on over after the guards leave them and the party had to cross the large expanse.

Once they got up to the Capstone Fort and they see two large metal doors that would lead inside the structure. They will need a way to open the metal doors.


>Looks for a door handle, or at least a service entrance.


Epic Mount goes up to the door and found that it had no handle but it was set upon hinges. He learned that he would have to push the door open but that could prove difficult if he does it alone.

Open Door DC 12
>It will be downgraded for every extra pony pushing it open regardless of Body.


OK, let's open the door.
Get on the floor.
Everybody walk the dinosaur!


Epic Mount starts to push the door and Critical and Fluttershy start to help out with the effort.

Open DC 8

Epic Body 1d12 = 7
Crit Body 1d6 = 1
FlutterShy Body 1d10 = 2

>When Fluttershy has a higher body trait than you.


:shy3:I eat my veggies.


They manage to open the door but with great difficulty. It was such a struggle that they lost some energy as they pushed it open.

Epic Mount HP 16
Critical HP 1
Fluttershy HP 19

Crit: "Oof I guess I hadn't healed up since that battle. Don't worry I can still hold on."

The doors were now open and they entered a hallway that went in two directions, east and west, The The party was facing the south and the way to the west was blocked off by rubble, leaving only the east way to go.

The east hallway turned with a corner and they would face south if they go down that way.


F: Are you sure you'll be alright?:shy2:


Crit: "I just need to..."

He pulls out one of his potions and drinks it, restoring a good amount of HP.

Crit HP 17

Crit: "There better, I should be fine here on out. Lets go and see if we can find those missing Guard Ponies."


Fs: Yay!:shy1: Where to Epic?

>Epic checks the map.



File: 1523549659391.jpg (3.67 MB, 1800x2357, 1800:2357, a5705a8a862bacd153897437c0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They saw a map of the fort with it but that was all they had to go off of from here.

>Current Locale is 2


This isn't a map of the caverns! Just the fortress!

Fs: Is that bad?:shy4:

It means that we will not know our way around the caves to find that lost captain.
Maybe if we search the center rooms we'll find something we can use.


>They got a book of maps that has the fort and some of the caves that they could chart. There are parts of the caves too dangerous for Umberfoalans to travel to.

They go into the center room from the door and they find out that is was some sort of hearth hall. They immediately felt a blast of heat as a fire had broken out before they got here. The fire should be put out before it causes any serious structural damage.

Every Turn spent here is 1 Stamina lost due to the fire.

The hearth room didn't have too much in it to put the fire out but they knew that there was a kitchen and the Captain's quarters just down to the south. The fire was also not in the way to those rooms.


Manure! We got to act fast!
>Uses his blanket he had in inventory to smother the fire with.


Epic Mount tries to beat the fire out with his blanket but it is unlikely to work and just get him hurt. Still though there was a chance it could work. Meanwhile Critical rushes down and enters the kitchen frantically.

-1 HP Due to Heat.
Epic Mount HP 15
Crit HP 16
Fluttershy HP 18

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 10 VS Fire DC 1d12 = 11

Irregardless of what happens, Epic Mount loses his blanket to the fire.


As he smacked down the fire with his blanket, all it did was set the fabric on fire and burn him.

Epic HP 9

Crit came back into the room and gave Epic Mount a pale of water to throw onto the fire. He'd do it himself but Critical felt like all he would do was miss it.


File: 1523550747037.png (510.68 KB, 1255x1038, 1255:1038, mac12.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1523550770121.png (664.6 KB, 1268x1576, 317:394, The Fluttershy incident.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic begans to panic a little.

Fs: :shy4: Only certain blankets can do that Epic!


>Epic quickly took the bucket and threw it at the fire.


>oh you're here. We are inside the fort trying to put out a fire.

Epic Had the pale of water in his hooves but for some reason he stalled and didn't throw it into the base of the fire.

-1 HP Due to Heat.

Epic Mount HP 14
Crit HP 15
Fluttershy HP 17
Rye HP 13

Emotional Strain (Critical Hit) DC 11
Crit Mind 1d20 = 10

Effect 1d2 = 1 1= Short Fuse 2= Chaotic


File: 1523551236069.png (101.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit Seathing.png) ImgOps Google

[Short Fuse]
Critical reared an angry face at Epic Mount and his other friends.

Critical: "For fuck's sake Epic Mount will please throw the Celestia Damned bucket of water into the fire!?"


File: 1523551294566.png (510.68 KB, 1255x1038, 1255:1038, mac12.png) ImgOps Google

"How did that fire start?!"

Summer Rye tried to shovel earth onto the fire (if there was any) or find water - or find gravel or similar stuff to douse the flames with.


I did >>12447

>Epic throws the bucket of water AGAIN at the fire.
Though considers throwing it at the short fuse.


Sorry the post was very small with hard to see green text.

The water splashed into the base of the fire and it was quickly put out as the bucket tumbled around across the floor. Even though things had calmed down, the party was still on edge for the time being but atleast they can look around at their own leisure.

On the floor they can notice one of the Duskloak helmets that they typically wear as well as numerous scuff marks on the floor that was not from the fire. Perhaps it should be investigate with?


No way did that fire happened natually.

Fs: Y-you mean... somepony purposely started the fire?:shy2:

Everypony has been asleep for thousands of years and only woke up a few hours a go. No way I'll believe somepony left the stove on and only now caused a problem.
Let's all be careful, we might not be the only ponies here in this fortress.


Rye decided to examine those scuff marks.


Looking at the scuff marks, he can see that they were deep cuts into the floor that was be caused by a weapon or sharp implement swung quickly! You can also tell that the fire originated from a small fireplace on the wall, upon the cielings away from the fire you can also notice a large amount of webbing up there but no spiders.

Crit: "Let's press on and see what else we can find in here. We can check out the kitchen or perhaps the Captain's Quarters. We can even split up if you want."

>I know I'm adamantly against it but I think you guys can do it from here on out to explore dungeons faster.


Summer Rye took the time to take out his spade and scrape down some of the webbing, showing it to Fluttershy.

"Do you know which spiders make such threads?"


File: 1523552245680.jpg (65.72 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 705fef16f275598481190ca3eb….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

He got some of it off and the individual strands were big enough to be thin rope!

FlutterShy concludes that it must be a variant of the large Cave Spider. A common denizen of Equestria's expansive cave systems.


We could split into teams of two. I'll go with Fluttershy and explore the east side,, you and Rye explore the rest of this forte and we'll meet before these doors to this rotundra like area.

Cave spider?
>Does not want to deal with spiders.


"Hmmm, makes sense. Thanks, Fluttershy. I hope they aren't dangerous."

Rye looks at Crit. "Want to team up?"


Fs: I-I'm not certain if the spiders down here are or not. I never been so deep within the Earth before.:shy2:


Crit: "Yeah I'll team up..."

They head on down and enter in the Captain's Quarters. In the room they could see that it was nicely furnished with an idealistic ship in the bottle on one of the desks. On the bed they can also notice a small slip of paper with faded text on it.

Fluttershy and Epic head on inside the kitchen to the right. Inside they can see decrepit kitchen ware and the sorts. They can also notice the floor has a puddle on it and this must've been from when Critical got the pale of water. They can also spot a few unopened crates that they can loot.


Summer Rye gave the slip of paper a glance, hoping it wasn't a love letter or something.


>Fluttershy looks into the crates.

Epic: Carefully Fluttershy, we dunno whats down here.

Fs: I'm not worried, I've got you to protect me... right? I-is that why you wanted to go with me?

Epic: Yeah I care about you, though I haven't been much help to anypony.

Fs: Thats not true, you put out that fire.

Epic: After feeding it a blanket and fumbling with the bucket.

Fs: But you put out the fire.
>Attennds to his burns.
Fs: Does it hurt?
Epic: Nah.

>After awhile they head to the area with the flower.

Fs: Oh! :Look! Epic what kind of plant is that!?


(Shit, forgot to loot those crates. I'm not used to self-RPing.


They approach the plant in the small rocky aclove where they found the plant. Epic never seen anything like it in the Everfree and before he could look further into it they can sense a presence lingering over them. When they turn around they can see two floating jelly fish monsters that had stalk eyes on their tops. They looked incredibly angry, almost on par with some of Critical's episodes of frustration. Epic recognized them as...

Combat Encounter
Flumphs A B
Body: 1d4 Mind 1d8 Charm 1d6
Stamina 12
Telepathy 1d6
Shock 1d6
Quirks: Unknown
>Will need an Identify monster roll to find out their quirks

He read the message... Beats any Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, or Spades. The name holds the Key.

Rye then can hear Critical behind him as the little stallion looked at the ship in the bottle.

Crit: "Hey this little ship reminds me of one that my dad had back when I was little. Looks like this one was called the SS Trump Card."


>Epic tries to identify them. Fluttershy goes ahead and tries to befriend them, despite Epic telling her to wait.


File: 1523553507133.jpg (8.18 KB, 245x276, 245:276, mac47.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Rye scratched his head and read the note aloud to Crit.

"I think this paper and the ship are connected... trump card. A trump beats any of those cards. Maybe there's a literal key hidden in that model. Can you see one?"



Epic Mount goes in to Identify the Monsters in front of them...

Epic Mind 1d8 = 6 IM 1d8 = 2 VS Flumph A Charm 1d6 = 1

Fluttershy tries to befriend them but her efforts are in vain, something is not right with them. Their anger and frustration are not their own but instead it's like a sick feeling to them.

Critical gave a good look at the ship in the bottle after picking it up. He then threw it onto the ground which caused it to break apart and scatter across the floor. Rye then gets the feeling that The Father of Critical had a similar experience with his own Ship in a Bottle.

On the floor they soon spotted a key with a small tag tied to the head that read, Storage Locker

Crit: "That reminds me of some old time right there."


>Epic goes to defend Fluttershy and to fight if neccisary.



Rye frowned. "You mean you always broke your dad's bottle ships?"

Rye picked up the key.


Epic Mount soon learned that those things are not balanced properly.

Quirks: Topsy Turvy (Once it goes upside down, the Flumph can not get rightside back up without help. It's a bit cruel but an easy way to pacify them.)

The flumphs go in to attack

Flumph A Mind 1d8 = 7 Telepathy 1d6 = 4 VS Epic Mind 1d8 = 4

Flumph B Body 1d4 = 1 Shock 1d6 = 4 VS Flutter Body 1d10 = 8

Crit: "I mean he only had the one and it was an accident.. still got pretty mad at me though but that was a long time ago. I only smashed it now as we would need to if we wanted to get to the key after all."


>Epic goes for a sweep-kick to knick them down.


"Well, true enough. Storage... I wonder where that is."


File: 1523554259843.jpg (3.67 MB, 1800x2357, 1800:2357, a5705a8a862bacd153897437c0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Epic Mount felt that he was literally mind fucked by one of the flumphs, Fluttershy was able to get out of the way quickly enough.

Epic HP 7

Things weren't looking good for Epic.

Here's Flutter's Stats.

Flutter Shy
Body 1d10 Mind 1d10 Charm 1d20
Stamina 20/20
Speak To animals 1d20
Fly 1d6
Sing 1d12
Stare 1d20
Fashion 1d12
Animal Care 1d20

He goes to flip them over with a kick...

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 8 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 11 VS Flumph Body 1d4 = 1

Fluttershy tries to handle one of them as to get them upside down.

Fluttershy Charm 1d20 = 3 AC 1d20 = 20 VS Flumph Mind 1d8 = 1

Crit: "It's gotta be around here somewhere, lets take a look."


>can we hear anything of that fight going on there?


Epic Mount and Fluttershy were able to get the flumphs both upside down with their efforts but they were still pretty angry. In fact Epic Mount and Fluttershy both started to get frustrated too for no reason. The anger inside them was mild but they dizzily focused on the plant as the center of their frustration.


>too far away unless you go into the hallway again.


Great, I'm gonna have to RP a whole mild-argument between the two.

Unless you wanna RP as Fluttershy now or something.


It's nothing serious and you still have your senses about you. It's just that the focus of your anger is the strange plant so I would suggest you do something about it quickly or get away while you can.


Well, I guess we could head over to #5. That looks like a sturdy door there.


File: 1523554680673.png (59.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is not amused.png) ImgOps Google

Oh so the Flumpths and now Epic and Fluttershy will be angry at the plant?

If the plant is causing this, kind of a wierd defence mechanism for a plant to have to direct anger at itself.

I think this... this plant is whats causing those creatures to be like that... We should destroy it, it's not a good plant.


Imagine it as a sort of drug that causes the user of a specific high. Once you get the full effect you become unself aware and unable to escape which creates the plants it's own guardians to protect it. I just try to word it so that you can know that it's the plant causing your anger.

Fluttershy disagrees with Epic Mount as she does not want to hurt any sort of life form. She would rather go ahead and get out of the aclove with the flumphs instead.

They go on through and they enter in the kitchen. There was the assortment of kitchen implements as usual but the food stores were empty. Instead though they find some crates that had been unopened.

Crit: "This is where I got the pale of water from, you can tell by the large puddle on the floor as I hurried with it."


Rye looked around, eagerly opening every door and box to see if there were any edibles atall.


>Epic feels somewhat confused about whats going on and agitated.
You're right. Let's just pick these things up and leave this place.


Unfortunately he did not find any food stuff in the kitchen as it had all rotted away after 1,000 years. Instead though they found a special looking cooking skewer that was hot to the touch. This was some sort of magical item but would need some examination to learn its affects.

Hot Skewer: (Unknown)

They get the flumphs away from the plants and they and the monsters were calmed down and reverted back to their normal selves. Fluttershy got them back upright and seemed happy. Then then heard a voice in their heads.

Flip: "Thank you for freeing us. I am Flip and this is my brother Flap."

The flumphs were using their telepathy to speak to them.


You can speak? With telepathy? How very... pokémonish.

What exactly happened back there then? Was it that flower?


Rye smiled and picked up the skewer, deciding to take it along but hoped it would not burn his saddle bags.

"See any doors that need a key?"


Flap: "Yes it is called a Rageleaf, it causes the victim to undergo a sense of anger and dread. We accidentally stumbled upon it but thankfully you two came along."

Epic was now well posed to ask the two flumphs questions. As he would do so, he could probably be thankful that Critical wasn't with them as the Rageleaf's affects on him would be more profound.

Critical: "No I don't see anything like that. We should probably check the hallyway to see if there's anything there."


"Alright, let's head there. Maybe Epic and Fluttershy have found something."


Do you know who started the fire? Was it you two?

They probably didn't start the fire. It has always been burning since the world was turning.

OK that was last 80s pop song reference I'm sure.


Crit and Rye heads on out of the room and they rejoin Epic Mount and Fluttershy who were talking to the flumphs.

Flip: "Oh new comers and the short one has quite the mind on him. We could learn a thing or two from him if his thoughts weren't clouded with such profanities right now. Anyways we did not set the fire no but we saw that it was some Guard ponies who started in in the hearth. They were attacked by spiders though and dragged off after the fight. The encounter left some of the embers on the ground and that is how the fire was started."



Fs: :shy5:


File: 1523556460792.jpg (8.25 KB, 155x190, 31:38, mac26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Spiders? How odd... especially why now? If the spiders had wanted something here, why come now that all the ponies are awake?"


Flap: "We can point out to where they were taken but... you would have to allow us to look into the mind of the short one over there who is angry all the time."

Crit: "Why the fuck do you want to look into my mind?"

Flip: "We like to increase the amount of knowledge we have and  you have quite the store of intelligence. Don't worry you won't be hurt or lose any of your Mind to us. It will just take a short while."


Why do you want to probe his mind of all of us?

Am I not a smart pony?


"Try to calm down, Crit, I'm sure it won't take them too long."


Flip: "I suppose so but the short one has the strongest mind out of all of you."

Crit: "I dunno... what do you guys think?"


File: 1523557070621.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

Why ask us? It's your mind.

Though in all honest I dunno what they could possibly be looking for in there.


Crit: "Well I guess I don't see any problem with it."

The flumphs focus their attention while Critical stood there feeling nothing.

[Chaotic][Short Fuse]
Something didn't right though and the Flumphs just looked straight up disturbed after they had got done. The monsters recoiled after going through the hellscape that was crit's mind, it was as if reading the worst thing you have ever read and then multiply it by ten because it was accompanied by a slew of curse words and evil thoughts.

Flap: "Oh... well let's never read his mind again. Anyways we last saw the guard be dragged off through that door right there."

It points to a door that would lead to an overlook outside.


>Epic didn't understand what was going on.
What was all that about?


Need to stop, sorry. See you later!


Critical shrugs his head but at least the flumphs got what they wanted and they learned where the guard ponies were taken. Beyond that door was the fort's look out and there was no other place to go. The party got a sense that there was going to be quite a battle ahead and they should prepare.

They also still had the storage key and can notice a locker near the bathrooms at the end of the hall.

That's fine.


Anything you found Crit?


File: 1523557991275.png (197.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Explainen.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Well Rye got this cooking skewer that is hot to the touch all the time and I found this key that's supposed to unlock a storage locker. After that, not much."

Looks down the hall and sees the locker.

Crit: "That must be it, I suggest we go through that and heal up afterwords before pressing on."

I gotta go now and do work


Hm... so if we put raw veggies and meat on this skewer... it'll cook and we get shish-kebabs?

R-right-right. Let's check this locker.

See you later.


File: 1523633585666.jpg (8.18 KB, 245x276, 245:276, mac47.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Maybe there's some magical food in teh locker."


Come to think of it, when was the last time we all ate?

Fs: Have you all been eating properly?:shy5:


"It's been way too long, Fluttershy, way too long..."


Sorry, just been too into the story to keep track.

Crit: "I'm pretty hungry too but I think that we should wait a second before we settle down to eat. We do after all need to find those guard ponies and they are likely close by with the spiders that took them. Perhaps when we get back to Umberfoal we'll go to the inn to eat."

He goes on over to the end of the hallway and found the old locker. Sure enough the key fit the lock and the contents was their's for the taking...

Telescopic Pole: (This pole can be reduced in size to one foot and with one swing can be extended to 10 feet)


>Epic thought of those spiders and quickly lost his appetite.
You're right. Let's go save the captain.


"That's one fancy staff, could be practical."


Critical takes the pole and returns back to the party. They then get on up to the door to the outlook and opens it to get to the other side. They can see the outlook is this circular structure where it had a great view that was the dark oblivion of the deeper tunnels.

On the rotund platform they can see Captain Flash Hoof and his allies who had been spun up in web cocoons and stuck to the ground. They were still breathing and all but were unconscious.


"Oh no, look what those spiders have done!"

Summer Rye rushed on over and tried to free them.


File: 1523646932124.png (57.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is shocked.png) ImgOps Google


When he got up close enough, this long spindly and segmented leg of black smacked down in front of him crushing the stone below it. It came from behind the edge of the outlook and what climbed up was one of t he giant spiders that chittered horribly. Another one as well climbed up from their right and they both looked pretty aggressive to the party's presence.

Epic Mount had a hard time seeing them and was a little sickened...

Epic Mind 1d8 = 4 DC 4

>If fail
Epic Body 1d12 = 11 DC 8

Combat Encounter
Giant Spider A B
Body 1d6 Mind 1d6 Charm 1d4
Stamina 12/12
Climb 1d8
Web Sling 1d6
WebSense 1d6
Quirks Unknown


Even though his stomach was a bit upset at the sight, he was able to keep it in and not get sick. Now all they had to do was fight them!



>It helped that his stomach was empty.

Guys, will it be alright if we take a dinner break? Normally I can do both RPing and eat dinner, but this means a bit of a handful.


File: 1523647182482.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

"Fluttershy, are cave spiders afraid of fire?"

Rye called out while attacking Spider B.


That's fine, I gotta go to work pretty soon.

Fluttershy: "I'm not sure, I only know how to take care of animals, Epic Mount knows a lot about different monsters though!"

[Short Fuse]{Chaotic]
Critical steps on up in front of the party to face the monsters.

Crit: "We don't need to know every detail about these things, all we gotta do is smash them to pieces!"

He attacks but due to his mental stress, the attack is random...

1d3 = 2


He sends a chaos bolt at the first spider...

Crit Mind 1d20 = 12 Chao 1d8 = 2 VS Spider A Body 1d6 = 1



File: 1523647577631.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

He concentrates a fierce and potent magical attack and sends it to the spider. This causes the spider to be hit so hard that it is knocked off of the overlook. Green Blood had been splattered across the floor of the overlook and one of the spider's legs had fallen short in front of Critical who was still a force to be reckoned with.


"Alright... still, would be helpful to know."

Rye tried to defeat Spider B.


Rye attacks the second spider among the violence of battle but it has become much more one sided against the spiders.

Rye Body 1d12 = 1 VS Spider B Body 1d6 = 5


It's jet black legs deflect the attack from Rye's pitchfork and this prompts the spider to attack...

Spider Body 1d6 = 5 Web Sling 1d6 = 3 VS Crit Body 1d6 = 6


File: 1523647853971.png (101.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit Seathing.png) ImgOps Google

[Short Fuse]
Crit: "Aw come on now, attack the damned thing!"

Critical narrowly dodges the ball of webbing and was still able to move freely about.

Time for me to go.


Take care!


[phobia: spiders]
>Epic was too terrified to help.


Epic Mount stood still from attacking, not wanting to get any closer to the spiders at all due to his fears.
You can still make attacks and all that, your fear will just incur a penalty to your rolls. But if you don't that's fine too.

Critical went in to attack the last spider though nobody knew how he would attack.

1d3 = 3


He points at the spider and shouts at it.

Crit: "Your end is here and now and I will make sure you will not escape!"

Crit Charm 1d6 = 2 Mark 1d4 = 2 VS Spider Mind 1d6 = 3


Fs: Epic! Your friends are in trouble! You have to help!

>Epic was scqared, but goes in to try and stomp the spider.

>Fluttershy tries to stare at the spiders in order to make the listen to her.


File: 1523717485016.jpg (18.83 KB, 350x350, 1:1, chalandria_by_artpox-d3byw….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The spider was able to deflect Critical's words and can still dodge attacks properly.

Epic Mount goes in to attack the spider even though reluctant to the task. Well he still be able to make the hit count?

Epic Mount Body 1d10 = 2 Mart 1d10 + 1 = 3 VS Spider Body 1d6 = 4

Flutter Charm 1d20 = 20 Stare 1d20 = 20 VS Spider Mind 1d6 = 1


Epic Mount misses but that doesn't matter as the Spider is quickly stopped in its tracks within the gaze of Fluttershy. It staggers back with fear and then climbs off of the overlook and flees into the tunnels below.

The party was now safe to free the guard ponies from their cocoons, hopefully Flash Hoof was alright. Critical walks over to the edge of the overlook by himself and drinks one of his own potions to cure up his wounds.

Crit HP: 26
>Short Fuse Effect Removed


Fs: Oh my, they really were more afraid of me than they were of Epic.

>Epic was still whimpering, having to deal with spiders.

Fs: There-there Epic.


They soon hear one of the guards mumbling to himself, it was Flash Hoof. He didn't look so good so perhaps Epic Mount or somebody free him.


>Epic composes himself and tries to help, though was still rather shaken up from the ordeal.


After some time they manage to get all of the guard ponies free which was just a company of four. They thanked them and started to talk with the party.

Flash Hoof: "Thanks for that, Even Light must've sent you. Anyways we need to get back to the City and warn them that our wards of have faded away, the city is in danger! That's why those spiders have managed to get so close to us like this."


Spiders, why does it have to be spiders?
Why not giant butterflies or something.


Crit: "Why would the wards be down right now? I thought it was all good."

Flash Hoof: "I dunno, it's just that they up and disappeared for little reason. I fear as to what has happened to the city in our short absence so we need to get back to do the Festival of Lights and revive our shields."

Crit: "Epic I know we're pretty tired but this can not be ignored, we need to head back as soon as possible."


It could be possible the wards are down because nopony attended them for over a thousand years.

But yeah, lets head back.


They all quickly head back and they managed to get up to the high bridges again. There they saw the city was under attack! Masses of webs were clustered up on the ceiling and waves of spiders lowered down into Umberfoal. The Spiders were tying up the civilians up and capturing but not without resistance. The city's Golem Defenses were engaged but the rock ponies were heavily out numbered. Down below on the stairwell to the Tome Vault they can see Even Light fighting a giant spider that was twice the size of the others. She looked to be on the losing side as they kept descending further and further.

Flash Hoof: "The city is under attack! We must go and save those ponies, you all see if you can help Even Light!"

The guards charge across the bridge and join in the fray of the battle.


>All them spiders.



File: 1523719547101.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google


Critical smacks his hoof onto Epic's back as a way of reassurance. It would seem that he has gotten in a better mood but will Epic?

Crit: "Don't worry Epic everything will be fine if we act now. Lets go save the day one more time, and then again, and then again until we stop Tirek and get our Cutie Marks back."

He seemed brave in the face of danger or was it lack of caution that his talent wrought him? Time will tell.


Can't we just set the webbing on fire? Webbing is flammable.

Fs: No! Thats a terible idea!:shy4: ?Whatever reasons these spiders are attacking, we can ask them to stop! They're just creatures.


Crit: "I don't want to set the whole damn city of fire but we need to hurry on down to help Even Light. Are you ready?"


Fs: Epic, I know you can dop this! I-I'm scared too, but I'll be right by your side through this.:shy2:

Epic: O-OK, but... let's avoid the spiders if we can and help Evan Light and ehr ponies best we can.


They rush into the city and they try to get to the stair case. Everything had gone to chaos as ponies fled to their houses and the guards and golems made battle with the spiders. The party was well and able to keep away from them and make it to the stair case and head on down. Eventually they got on down and found Even Light laying down on the rugged edges of the steps. She sees the party and weakly gets back on up.

Even Light: "You're back... the city... it was attacked."


Epic: Yeah, we gathered. How do we stop this?


Even Light: "The Festival of Lights, it will banish them but..."

She looks down into the entrance into the vault.

Even Light: "Their queen, Insidiria has entered the vault and wishes to lay claim to the Festival Arcast. You must go in their and get it away from her or else is all lost."


Epic: Queen spider... brill. ¬_¬ Alright, we'll stop her.


Even Light: "Get the arcast and bring it to me and we will make an escape and hide away so that we can plan our next move. Be careful."

The party heads on into the Vault where it had been emptied of the Wisenry except for the giant spider who stood over the Arcast and the Crucible. Below Insidiria was Alethea who was guiding the queen's leg across the arcast...

Alethea: "And if you focus here the knowledge will be rendered to you."

The queen then looks shocked as a wave of information flows into her mind. Her greed for the Arcast's power soon flowed back into the vessel and it turned from a bright blue to a dark red and the city was casted into darkness as all the light crystals shut off.

Alethea: "You surface worlders are a bit too late now aren't you? Soon enough Equestria will remember the Umberfoal just like how they are going to remember the poor spiders they had forgotten as well."

Insidiria then leaves the arcast alone and confronts the party...


Epic: Wait... what just happened? Did Althea betrayed Umberfoal?


File: 1523721158225.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "I don't..."

He was cut off of Insidiria smacked down her leg into the floor which knocked the party apart across the floor in different directions. The queen let out this horrid hissing noise and wanted to attack them more.

Crit: "Quick we need to get the arcast!"


Fs: These ponies been asleep here for thousands of years and you have been at peace. Why not to attack these ponies? Because they're smaller than you! For shame!:shy6:


Insidiria ignores Fluttershy as it would seem the queen is a cut above the rest of her subjects. They would have to act fast in order to get the the arcast from the Crucible.

Crit Mind 1d20 = 13 Tele 1d20 = 14 VS DC 12


The arcast floats across the battle area and it lands into Critical's hooves but he was sure to not focus and read it by accident.

Crit: "I have the arcast, let's get back to Even Light."

The queen did not look pleased at this and started to charge them.


U-Um! Crit, try and get the thing! I-I'll fight it! I'lll fight you!

>Stands to fight against the giant spider queen, absolutely terrified.

Fs: No Epic, we can reason with her.:shy2:
>Tries again.
Fs: Please your majesty you don't need to do this!


Oops, ment for Epic to ask Critical, not himself. I edited.


They stood to still and the queen got up close. Fluttershy tries to speak to her but again the spider ignores her, possible reason is that it speaks a different language. Insidiria uses its mandibles and strikes Fluttershy and is sent across the ground unconscious.

Crit: "Celestia all, Epic Mount do something!"


>Epic's fear of the spider was quickly replaced with hatred towards it.

>Epic took out his thunder hammer and leaped up high to attack from above.


Before he could act the queen spider jumped at him and with her stinger, Epic Mount was stabbed at and likely poisoned. Things were getting bad as he felt the world daze away. He then feels magic be put around his body and then jerked away from the clutches of Insidiria. Things then go black for him.


Eventually he wakes up with a fever and he finds himself in a bed covered up in bedsheets. To his right was another bed that Fluttershy was asleep in as well.

Twilight: "You're awake, you had us all worried. I'm glad that you're okay and the others will be as well."


Wha- What happened? Fluttershy! Is she alright?


Twilight: "She's been knocked unconscious and hasn't woken up yet."

She looks at her injured friend who was in this angelic state of deep slumber.

Twilight: "She might need to stay out of harms way for a while but she should be fine soon. It was Critical who pulled the both of you out of the vault, thank Celestia he practiced his telekinesis spell."


File: 1523722750589.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

I shouldn't of let Fluttershy come with me.
I'm sorry Twilight.


Twilight: "This is nopony's fault, the only one to blame is Insidiria."

She turned around and pulled out a green glowing vial from a nearby table.

Twilight: "Speaking of which, you were poisoned by her stinger and we had to get you treated with some antidotes. This should be the last of your medication and afterwords the rest of the poison should be expelled from your body. I do have to warn you that it is bitter."


Can't be as bitter as my defeat, nor have I forgotten why I'm down here to begin with.

But what happened to Critical and Rye? What happened to Umberfoal?


Twilight: "Critical is downstairs speaking with Even Light about what to do next. They have this dark looking thing that Critical brought in as well called an Arcast, apparently it can save Umberfoal. As for the city itself, the streets have become a nesting ground for the spiders so all the residents have locked themselves away. We're in the Umber Inn currently."

[High Body Trait 1d12]
Epic Mount takes a swig of the antidote and it was much more worse than Twilight had put it. He was still able to keep it down though and drink it.

Twilight: "They're gonna need your help if they want to save Umberfoal."


>Shudders from the taste.

I dunno if I can be much help. I..
ahred oh shpurdersh...


Twilight looks at him and saw how bad this really hurt him. She then leans in and hugs him, feeling like he could use one right now. This is why she was the Princess of Friendship.

Twilight: "I know things got pretty bad but I know you can save the day in the end. You along with Critical and Rye have done great things and this won't stop. Now head on back down there and show those spiders what you are made of."


File: 1523723792951.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

>Epic blushes (platonically) He didn't want to confess his fears to her but didn't really see much choice but to go down there and deal with the spider problem.
OK. Hopefully the antidote will provide at least some immunity before I bungle up again.

And please... look after Fluttershy, and tell her I'm sorry when she wakes up. It's bad enough she was so worried about me the last time, I don't want to bring pain and sadness to her again.


Twilight: "Don't worry, I'll assure her that everything will be fine."

He gets on up and heads downstairs to where the whole group of ponies were sitting about discussing and debating with each other on what to do.

Even Light: "... So the Arcast will need to uncorrupted for the Festival of Lights to take place."

Crit: "And how do we go on to do that?"

Even Light: "There are two other Crucibles deep below the Umberfoal cavern past the Capstone Fort. There's one in the Agaricus Forest and the other was lost and I do not know where it is."

Gully Trotter: "The Agaricus Forest?"

Even Light: "Yes the home of the Mushroom People known as Agari. They are a peaceful bunch when not provoked but we haven't spoken with them since we were sealed away."


>Epic stands by his friends, not interuptting the meeting.


Crit: "So a Crucible that can purify the arcast is down in the Agaricus Forest eh? Well it sounds simple enough."

Even Light: "There is a problem though, the only way to reach it is to swim down this underground lake and then go into a small tunnel that has a pocket of air in it. You would likely not reach it if you do not have a means to breath underwater but I have a solution."

She pulls out a small case of vials of crystal clear liquid inside.

Even Light: "These are potions of waterbreathing and will let you do what the name suggests for an hour so use it wisely."

Moon Beam: "Before you all go though what about the other ponies in Umberfoal?"

Even Light: "I'm sure the ponies in the burrows could use some help but the best thing to do is to get the arcast purified. Then again if you help the ponies in the burrows they might lend you some supplies."


I'll go and take the Arcast to the forest. It might be best to go alone.
A resistance group will be needed here to protect and help the ponies here in Umberfoal.


Critical: "Out of the question Epic Mount, after that stunt we pulled in the vault we would need to stick close together or else suffer a fate far worse. If you were alone in there with the spider, you wouldn't be held up here sipping on a cure for poison."

RainbowDash: "Yeah besides we can hold down the area and help ponies around here while you two go into the caves."

AppleJack: "Yep, we'll show them some of the Ponyville Hospitality."


Well, OK. Me and Crit.

And Rye if he is around and wants to come with.


Crit: "Right but first we need to decide, do we want to check up on the burrows or do we want to go to the Capstone Fort again? Going to the burrows will leave us more open to attack but we can get supplies from the ponies we help. Going to the fort will leave us to less attacks but we may not be prepared enough to delve into the depths."

AppleJack: "Before yall even go ya need to gets some eatins. I've prepared some meals for you in the kitchens so help yourselves."

Crit: "Thanks Apple Jack."


I think we should check on the borrows. Not for supplies, but for the ponies who may need some helpo getting to safety. We are heroes after all.

>The prospect of food.
I dunno if I can eat from all thats going on.

>His tummy grumbles.


Crit: "We better eat something, I got the feeling that we won't be back here in a while until we are ready to face the queen again."

They head on into the kitchen and see an array of sandwiches and dried rations the Mane 6 had stockpiled for their journey into the badlands. It's not some grand feast mind you but it will be enough to carry them through the day and their upcoming trials.


>Epic ate a sandwich. He didn't feel like force-eatting.


It was enough for now. The time for resting and planning was now over, now was the time for action and the party felt propelled to journey off to save the Umberfoal. The first step would be to go outside and head on over to the burrows and see if the residents there needed help. The burrows as told to them by Even Light was a set of houses on the underside of Umberfoal and was where most residents make home. The burrows consist of winding stone hallways with houses set into the walls like as if they were just rooms in a large building.


>As they head on over.
We need to find refugees and get them to safety. Saving a whole city is pointless if everypony in it is dead.


They reach the burrows and go inside. Most ponies had stayed up inside of their homes but they can hear some sort of commotion going on deeper into the hallways. Will they follow it?


>They went to investigate.


As they make their way through the maze like corridors, they are soon enough hit with a wave of water that had crashed out of a nearby office. This surprised the party and would keep them on their hooves.

Dodge DC 3
Epic Body 1d12 = 12
Crit Body 1d6 = 4


The both manage to get away from the lone torrent of water and the looked to see what caused it. Inside the office was a half crazed alchemist pony wearing a lab coat.

???: "My apologies, usually my potion making skills are more on point."


Were you trying to make a source of drinking water for this time of crisis?


???: "Sort of ish. My name is Fizz Bang."

He puts away his instruments.

FizzBang: "I was trying to make another case of potions of Waterbreathing."

Crit: "Ah we forgot to get those from Even Light!"

FizzBang: "Not too worry really, I can brew up some potions for you but I just forgot the exact recipe. If you could just help me figure out what I'm doing wrong..."

Recipe Help DC 10


We can pick up the potions from Evans later.

Sorry Mr. Bang but given the city is in crisis with spiders everywhere we're more concerned with safety of the ponies.


FizzBang: "Oh is that why you are here? Well I do basically represent the folks in the burrows so I can point you in the right direction if you wanted to help out. Anyways we got some injured ponies and duskloaks in the common room but they need medical attention and you don't seem the doctoring sort..."

Crit: "I do know a little bit about healing actually. I can probably take a look at them but I don't know how much I can help."

Fizzbang: "Don't overdo it then, if you feel like you can't fix something then let me know and I'll have a look."


As mcuhas  I hate spiders, I can raid some nearby stores for medicines if needed.

And if there are any ponies out there you know of I can escourt them here if it's safe.


FizzBang: "Right now take a look at the sick and injured for me first. Then go raid the store houses if you feel it necessary."

Crit: "We best move on now."


Alright. You check on the sick and injured, I'll go to town and see if theres any pharmacies, store houses or survivors.


They separate and Epic heads back to the street level. There are some stores that are up in the plaza area where they first saw Even Light. If he is careful then he can make it to there without raising any awareness to him from the spiders.


>Of course Epic will be extra careful and take precautions not to be seen by any giant spiders. If he could help it, will take extra precautions not to see any spiders himself. He tries to avoid and keep away from the spiders like a timberwolf from flames.
>But still tries to sneak around, be evasive and do his objective of collecting medicines and helping stuck ponies.


He does this sticking close to the shadows but the shadows holds many an unsavory type including the spiders and their webs as well.

Stealth DC 8
Epic Body 1d12 = 12


Oooh just you describing it makes me cringe.

Does Epic get a panic attack?


He makes it up to the plaza just fine and he found what looked to be the remnants of a pharmacy. Typically these will hold some medicals supplies but are not home to the most advanced medical treatment the world has to offer. Still though he was sure to find a number of pain killers, antidotes, and other concoctions to cure house hold humors and maladies. The building was decrepit though but Epic did not know if it was due to the 1,000 years it sat or Insidiria's devices and corruption of the city that did this. The windows were cloaked in spider web and impossible to see through but the door was open for safe passage inside.

I'm trying to get my narration on par with the Ancestor from Darkest Dungeon. As for Epic he makes it safe and soundly. So  long as he doesn't see spiders or touch his web, his fears will not be so effective.


>Epic creeps into the door. Hopefully they didn't have burglar alarms a thousand years a go.
>He planned to take as much bandages, medicines and healing potions that he can horde and bring it back to the burrow.


He sees that the insides still contained what little bits of medicine it had before the spider strike but it was now all covered in webs.

[Identify Monster]
If he was to so much as try to touch the webs then there would be the chance the nearby keepers of such abominations will take notice and race to devour their prey. He would have to be extremely careful to not alarm them.

Looking around the store front he noticed a lot of the stuff on the shelves was just common allergy pills or cough syrup. There was however a door that led in back behind the clerk's counter but the door had a sizeable pad lock on it to bar thieves and drug addicts from the "Good Stuff".


>As long as it wasn't covered in webs, Epic will try and bash the lock if he could.

>Epic also had another idea, a more risky idea, which if things go awry he will attempt. But for now he will try to break that lock.

I just hope whats in here isn't hallucinagenics and nothing healing.


The best implement he had to do this with was his Thunder Hammer but he was sure to not concentrate on its magic abilities for safety reasons. He rears it above his head and then swings it down with full force.

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 5 VS DC Door Lock Hardiness 4

Mind 1d6 = 2 Spider's Web Sense 1d6 = 4 VS DC Epic Body Roll-4


He swings the lock off with ease but with the heavy thud against the door causes the nearby webs to be shooken up with the attack. Epic could hear the chittering noises of spiders approach him quickly. Their mandibles stabbed into the ground and the sides of the pharmacy, they would soon be upon him.


>Hides under the desk and pray they will believe it's just a false alarm.


He goes and hides under the clerks counter where he sat next to a number of books and store records from thousands of years ago. He could also notice a small bronze key that was taped up to the underside of the of the counter.

Before he could reflect on it though the spiders had entered the room and were scurrying about. Epic would then see two spider legs hang over and twitch about in front of him. Quietness is key here...

[Fear of Spider]
Epic Body 1d10 = 1 VS Spider Mind 1d6 = 4


He couldn't keep quiet with his breathing and the spider leapt down in front of him and gave him one hellish his as an infinite number of eyes stared at him with anger. He was caught and would need a way to get out of this.



>Absolutely panics and tries to escape.


He manages to scurry to the right after tumbling over a number of books and getting several paper cuts. Now he was behind the counter with the spider blocking the walkway out. There was also another one standing out on the center of the store floor waiting for him.

I gotta go now.


>Epic had a small moment of time to calm and think.
>He took the flint and the torch he's been carrying all this time and tried to spark it.

OK, see you next time.


I slept in a little today.

Epic Mount pulls out his things and tries to set a light his torch. It takes some effort and the spiders get closer and closer, they hissed as they wanted to catpured him.

As they were inches away the torch finally became set on fire and the spiders saw the flames. Theirs eyes widened and they fled away from the light and fled away from him, escaping through the doors and windows.


>Becareful not to accidentally burn the web.
Thats right! Just try it! Even if you can stop me, dare me to drop it!

>Epic didn't care about the webbing around the shelves anymore. If anything due to the sticky properties of webbing, used it to wrap up all the content of the shelves (medicines, bandages and healing supplies) as a conveniant mass to carry around. Fizz Bang and the Duskloaks can remove the webbing and get at the supplies easily at their own conveniance.

>Epic takes whatevers practical and leacves, still carrying the flame as a form of defence from the spiders.

>But of course not stupid enough to burn down anything or set the webs on fire.


He goes into the once locked room and found many a usefull pills and medicines. He picks up a small wooden crate and loads it up as best he could and left the pharmacy. He then makes the trek back to the burrows and enters the complex. Now he would either have to go to Fizz Bang or meet with Critical in the Common Room.


>First, Epic extonguishes his torch. He doesn't want to let it burn entirely out, though probably wraps webbing around it to extend it's... uh "lifespan"? "burnspan"? whatever...

>Epic goes to the common room to meet with Critical.
Critical! Look what I got!
>Plonks a huge mass of web, with small glass bottles and aged cardboard containers poking out of it.
Give it out to the medics... Once you- um picked through the webbing.


File: 1523809410039.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

[Healing Touch]
He finds Critical working with a patient, focusing his magic on the patients body and trying his best to heal the sickness in him. It wasn't much but he was doing his best.

Crit: "Good, good. I've been working with some of the nurses here but I'm not too much help."

He gets up and picks up the small wooden crate and takes it over to the nurses who thanked the both of them for bringing enough supplies that will save all of the patients here. They made quiet the difference in the Burrows and they should tell Fizz Bang the good news.

Crit: "There, I think we've helped as much as we can."


>After picking out boxes and bottles from the pile of webbing and distributing them out to the nurses.
Let's go see Fizz Bang. Also we should probably asks one of the duskloaks if theres any ponies out there that needs help.

I'm aware we're stalling for going to the forest to pourify that bowl we have to do, but I'd rather make sure Umberfoal ponies are safe and secured before we head out.


Critical nods and they head on back to Fizz Bang's office after going through the halls and such.

Fizz Bang: "Ah there you all are, were you three able to help out around the Common Room?"


Yep. Got them enough medicines to start a small hospital in there.


Fizz Bang takes off his glasses and put them down on the table with a smile on his face. The party had let off a great weight off of his shoulders and for that he was grateful to them.

Fizz Bang: "Thank you, I am glad to know our sick and wounded can be properly tended to. Please I don't have much but you deserve it... In that chest over there I have a number of potions that can help you out in a pinch, take them."

They do so and they found these potions.

Dark Vision Potion: (Allows you to see in the dark for 10 minutes)

Uproot Potion: (When thrown to the ground it causes a mass of entangling vines to pop up.)

Potion of Water Breathing: (Allows user to breath under water for an hour)


Nice. This can help on our journey to do the thing for the Festival of Light.

But before we do that, I've noticed the streets were bare. Have all Umberfoal civilians being taken accounted for? Are they all safe?


Fizz Bang: "Yes, most have fled to their homes in the Burrows where we stand now, some others were in or close enough to the inn to hold up in there. As for us being safe well... we're as safe as a conquered people yes."

Crit: "What potions do you want to take Epic? We have one Water Breathing but we will need more so we will still need to go back to the Inn."


We'll each take a water breather. I'll have the Uproot potion, you the night-vision potion.

But we can trade 'em later if you want.

>To Fiz Bang.
So any of those ponies holl'ed up at their homes need saving?


There was only one water breather here so Epic Mount took it.

Fizz Bang: "No not really, we have enough supplies to keep ourselves fed and med now and we got plenty of Duskloaks around too. Really we just need to get these spiders out of the topside part of our city."


Alright. So it's time to do the next thing we gotta do!


Critical, what were we suppose to do? Something about an underground forest that we have to get to underwater?

And I'm sure Evan Light has a spare breathing potion she offered us. We can get it from her so that we can both go.


Crit: "The idea is that we need to go into the depths and find two different Crucibles the Umberfoalans gifted to the communities below. One was gifted to the Agari in the Agaricus Forest but the other was lost and all records of it was gone. To get to the forest we have to swim down a lake called the Deep Well and enter in the forest from there."


Ah, OK. Let's do that then. BUt we'll need the other breathing potion from Evan Light.
She did offer us such potion?


Crit: "Yeah we'll head on over there now..."

They head on out of into the streets once more, shifting themselves through the shadows and the small streets and alley ways. The streets are still quiet and empty except for maybe the distant hissing and chittering noise. The only evidence of spiders that they can see of spider were the amass of webs on the buidlings and street lights hoping to catch prey and ponies alike.

Stealth DC 6
Epic Body 1d12 = 8
Crit Body 1d6 = 6 [Duskloak]:Stealth 1d4 = 2
>If one just passes then they don't set off the spiders.


Oh! We need to tell the duskloaks something... I'll tell them when we get to Evans place.

>Notice the spiders and gets stealthy.



They make it back to the inn safely even though they saw a spider or two crawling on the roofs of houses and stores. Still though they enter in through the door and found that everyone was sitting in the main area of the inn either dining on some quickly prepared food or having a drink of coffee to calm their nerves.


Hey, you all OK? I mean... nopony hurt or anypony out there needs rescuing?


Even Light: "No everyone here is fine but you all forgot to take a water breathing potion from me."

Twilight: "Fluttershy is still asleep but she is looking much better."


>To Twilight
Thank goodness.

>To Evan
We're sorry. We wanted to make sure your ponies are safe. I've raided a pharmacy for the ponies in the burrows. It should help them through this crisis. But I couldn't find any ponies out there.
But I've found out that the spiders are just as afraid of fire. And given how flamable spiderwebs are it's logical.

If your duskloaks use fire to frighten away the spiders, maybe burn webs that won't cause any colaltoral damage to any buildings then maybe you can take back some grounds from your city and keep the spiders at bay until me and Crit can get back with the crucible?

Also, not to be mean to Clarity or anything, but shallw e just say Summer Rye stays back to help the ponies at the Inn? Such as distribute food and medicine etc. He's not on Steam at the moment so I can't ask him about it, but I imagine it'll save a lot of "catch up" if we pressume he just follows us around.


We'll just see how it goes

Even Light: "Thank you for the information, I'll be sure to pass the word to Flash Hoof so that we can start to make some progress."

They each take a water breathing potion for their journey ahead. If they are to traverse the deep well then they will need the concoctions.

Crit: "We should be ready to head on off now."


Hoo boy, I'm not afraid of going underwater as much as spiders, but still a bit nerve-wrecking doing so.


File: 1523813604133.png (488.66 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1507768497677.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Yeah though I admit that the idea of breathing under water is kind of odd to me. Anyways I think you should take lead and get us on over there, you seem to be on point lately."


Me? First?
W-well OK.
>Consumes his water breathing potion.
>Leans over the well.
So do I need to wait until it kicks in or do I have to... get in the well now?

>If Critical wanted to, he could give his friend a gentle "nudge" of encouragement to his dear friend.


File: 1523814397945.png (533.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac49.png) ImgOps Google

(What happened since last time?)


We haven't left the inn yet? I was hoping you would be like, "I leave the inn and head to the lake"

They head on out to the fort first and go beyond it to the depth. It was a long trek to the deep well but they eventually reach this rotunda form of a cavern where the reflections of the deep well danced across the walls, ceilings, and even themselves. The deep well glowed a light blue and was somewhat inviting to them but it would be safe to assume that this water will be cold.

Critical thought about shoving Epic into the water as a joke but decided against it since that would just be wrong really.

Crit: "It should just be an immediate effect."

He jumps into the water, not wanting to wait out the cold shock. He then gets back up to the surface with his whole entire being cold.

Crit: "Ah this water is damnably cold."


(We helped out the Burrows and we are now at the Deep Well and about to enter the Agaricus Forest.)


[spoiler]Oh yeah, lake. I thought wefast travelled a little. Sorry.

>Gets somewhat splashed.
>Epic eeps his way into the water like a sky kitten.

(Yeah, a bit happened but mostly skippable for you. Welcome back.)


File: 1523814633265.png (521.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac34.png) ImgOps Google

"Agaricus Forest... there's a forest down here?"


I think theres some sort of underwater tunnel that leads to a cavern that has a forest.


"Ah, maybe that's where those shroom people live."


The water was very cold as he made baby steps into the water but he eventually joins Critical.

Crit: "Yeah there should be a tunnel that has a pocket of air in it that will lead to the forest."


"We have to wade through the water? Brrrr!"

He steps inside.


Yeahl, I hope they're just as friendly as the Umberfoal ponies said they were a thousand years a go.

>The shock of how cold the water is made Epic nearly drown. BUt given he took that potion he realised he was alright. Though had trouble swimming. But weas able to walk along the bottom.


Crit: "We've drank our water breathing potions and we are ready for a dive, you guys ready to go?"


>Ah, breathing potion, that's good

"Ready as I can ever get. But won't it be too dark in the water to even see where we are going?"


Y-yeah... For forest sake this water is freezing my acorns off!


They all together dive into the water and what they see first would answer Rye's question. A bunch of blue angelic looking fish occupied the deep well that gave of their own light and mad the entire Deep Well this pristine blue water color that they would think of in vacation brochures. The Well would get darker though as they went deeper but they can see a large hole in the wall that they can presume would lead to the forest. It was just a matter of getting there now.


>Epic gently touched ne of the fishies to pet.


File: 1523815551509.png (211.67 KB, 1600x1432, 200:179, mac52.png) ImgOps Google

>Summer Rye slowly follows the others, hoping he won't be losing the way




Epic Mount was able to touch the fish and he can feel its sleek scales brush up against his hoof. He can feel a sense of tranquility here that he has never felt before, that being under water and swimming with the fishes of course.

The party stuck close to each other but would it be enough. The fish then suddenly flee as they are attacked from above them as a large crab jumped down from a rock on the wall and went for the party.


File: 1523815964528.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

"Oh no, a crab!!"

>is Fluttershy still here?


Maybe it's friendly?

>To the crab.
May we pass through?

She got KOd and recovering back in the Inn. It's just the three of us.


No she was injured and had to stay back at the inn.

Water combat was awkward for the party and this crab was giant, like twice the size of Epic Mount. Critical spins around and tries to attack it and get it away from them.

Crit Mind 1d20 = 15 Chao 1d8 = 1 VS Carcinus Body 1d20 = 19


The chaos bolt hits the large crab but its natural plating just reflects it and sends it astray.


Critical, we don't need to fight it I don't think it wants to-

Oh bother.


Summer Rye tried to remember something about taking care of animals... or animals in general...

"Hey big guy, what do you want from us! We don't mean you no harm."

He said to the crab.


Crabs may have pincers, they maybew related to spiders... but they're not spiders. So technically not monsters.

If it's not going to attack us, lets not provoke it.


It doesn't pay attention to it but eventually it just sinks past the party and is unable to continue its assault.

Crit: "Cripes we have to be careful down here. The place looks nice but it is gilded with danger."


No different from above. Let's keep going.


"Yeah, we better keep our eyes and ears open."


They make it to the mouth of the tunnel and they swim up into. Eventually they make it to a pocket of air. The tunnel keeps winding but at the end they can hear many a different wild life like the Everfree.


Hwy how long will these breathing potions last?


"Are we there yet?"


That dive was about 10 minutes but it will likely wear off by the time they leave the forest. Don't worry they will be fine.

Crit: "Almost, we just need to get through this tunnel first."


Devils trips, don't jinks it!

>Epic goes under to continue on.


Summer Rye kept close to the others, always looking around to see if there are any other threats.


>Thanks satan.

They pick themselves through the tunnel and when they see the expansive forest ahead of them.

>Shit I gotta go


Woah! It is a forest! An underground forest!


"Oh boy... I wonder what grows down here..."

Summer Rye examined the soil those plants were growing on - if any.


Sorry this post was too short and pretty shitty, will make another one that is better.

The ground they saw and felt was much softer than the rock floor that they had gotten used to while traveling around in the UmberFoal. The trees were mostly pine and coniferous, extremely few bore any fruit but they could see that there was a plentiful food source of cave fungi.

They could see three different paths. The one to the left curved and twirled down deeper into a thicker part of the forest where they can see a soft glow in the distance through the leaves.

The center path was largely wide and was the biggest of the three. They could also notice large depressions in the ground along this path indicating large creatures use this path.

Lastly to the right was a path that was small and was hardly tended to, in fact it was almost overgrown.


>Epic looked upwards. Curious where these trees get their source of sunlight from.


File: 1523899368819.png (346.67 KB, 520x600, 13:15, mac58.png) ImgOps Google

"I wonder what that glow is down there to the left."


Maybe it's a fissure to the surface, which would explain where the trees get their sunlight from.
Though depends if it's obviously sunlight or not.


There was no chance of any sunlight being down here but they can see what looked to be a night sky filled with only stars. If they focused on it long enough they can see it was actually tiny crystal fissures in the rock the gave off a dim light. Then suddenly the glow from the left most path rose up from the forest and they saw that it was a large butterfly that would occasionally fly over the forest and spill out some sort of dust as well as give the trees this artificial orange glow sunlight.

Eventually the butterfly lands back to its origin point at the end of the left most path.


File: 1523979094996.png (249.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac43.png) ImgOps Google

"I bet Fluttershy would have loved to talk to that butterfly."


File: 1523979200225.png (471.07 KB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, Critpipbucksketch.png) ImgOps Google

He felt uncomfortable.

Crit: "Eh yeah... I'm sure that can be said. Anyways which path did you guys want to check out first?">>12672


Summer Rye curiously looked at that path that was almost grown over. He points at it.

"That's where adventure's call is coming from!"



>I'm back

Crit: "Sounds like a good idea to me..."

They head down the long and winding path to the right, plants choked the small walk way they were on but they eventually come up to this old looking campsite abandoned long ago.

There was a brown and tattered tent, a campfire with a pot that was laying on its side, and a few cut down logs that would've served as seating if they hadn't rotted away long ago.


Summer Rye examined the pot and tent, wondering if it was made by ponies based on the craftsmanship.


The pot was very small, no larger than a big bowl really meaning that this was a one pony encampment. It had no special markings on it though as it was just the regular black kettle material. The tent yielded something though, inside was a book that had numerous texts in it and each line was paralleled by another. What was stranger was that one line was Common and the other was some strange language that he could no read at the moment.

wtlk asdl nmpoixn cvl uiop vncxl
He sits there at the tree

The strange language is a bunch of random letters as I can't go learn a new language or make one up right now. Take as the letters and words making no sense as if you were illiterate.


Summer Rye showed Critical the book. "Do you think it's a translation of that odd looking language?"


Crit: "I don't know, I was never good at learning or reading languages outside of common but let me take a look..."

Mind DC 5
Crit Mind 1d20 = 8
Rye Mind 1d8 = 6


After looking at it together, they both come to the conclusion that this is a translation book for some sort of different language that they can presume is the Agarian language. The book was also hoof written but it should be enough to help the party to translate any mushroom person speaker but they would have to be very smart to match up the speaker's voice to the words and get the grammar and punctuation right.

Agarian Translation: (Allows Mind test rolls to understand and read Agarian.)


Summer Rye checks if there was a name of an author in the book.


Unfortunately the author has not left their name probably because they weren't expecting to leave it behind. You wonder who wrote it and why they left the camp abandoned long ago but that will forever be lost to history and the identity of this translator will never be known. Still though their book will prove useful in speaking with the Agaricans which should point them in the direction of the Agarian Crucible


File: 1523982942831.png (164.13 KB, 808x988, 202:247, mac53.png) ImgOps Google

"Well, that book sure will come in helpful!" Rye smiled.

"What do you say? Shall we check out the left path with the butterfly or head straight?"


File: 1523983112589.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "Well we do have to find that Crucible down here as quick as we can but that Butterfly sure is interesting to look at. I guess it just depends on how we feel about it and what demands our immediate attention."

Critical seemed much more wizened than what he was like when he first joined the group. It was most likely due to all the trials and hardships they faced together that has made him like this, a nice change when his hot blood or chaotic nature isn't invoked.


"Well, I suppose we won't find the crucible with the butterfly. But those tracks look weird, have you seen any like that before?"

Summer Rye examined the big tracks on the middle path, wondering what might have caused them.


They look at the small pot holes in the ground as they got back to the area they started in. There wasn't much to go off of from here but they can presume that this was left behind by the Agaricans. It wasn't like the dirt was the softest in the world so that would mean that these Agaricans can be pretty large but Even Light said they were peaceful so long as not provoked.


File: 1523983846794.jpg (8.25 KB, 155x190, 31:38, mac26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Well, let's head down this way. No need to worry, we just have to be careful."


File: 1523984296901.jpg (7.64 KB, 236x272, 59:68, agari.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They go down the path until they spot this hulking humanoid figure who was a giant mushroom walk in the same direction as they. It was calm looking and quiet but it was also large and pretty intimidating. The Agari had not spotted the party yet as they have approached from behind it.


File: 1523984505422.gif (217.35 KB, 342x324, 19:18, mac37.gif) ImgOps Google