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So then who is President and that i get to keep my medical care is forbidden on /pony/?

Fix the lying Constitution or apologize to me and put my thread back on /pony.  

Moony, this is a direct ruling i ask of you.  Pick a path and make the rules match.  

Truth is i just wanted to put this song where i can loop play it so f u silly ponies im putting it here.  I can still play it if you ban me so idc.  Happy day silly ponies x 72hrs or so its catchy

If its fuck off lost pony whos pres is totes banned from /pony then mayb u just 2 gud 4 me here anyway so why dontcha killme luv u Moons silly pony frikkin Apple Jack appple jack apple jack aaaaaa yr welcome

edit:  like, whatev, brah.  And Biden's still prez so damn get to acceptance and relax, k.

Edit:  in conclusion, thank you for considering my request Moony.  I am very sorry to have burdened everyone.  Dont forget my perma moons.


File: 1605313606864.gif (1.42 MB, 725x657, 725:657, 1117421__safe_solo_screenc….gif) ImgOps Google

What's the problem, exactly?


I think he is complaining that his thread got moved to https://ponyville.us/townhall/res/8046.html


File: 1605316135099.png (295.74 KB, 1125x907, 1125:907, 2020-11-13-2001.png) ImgOps Google

<= this thread that he made on /pony/
(but apparently it is deleted now)


Im just whining that i cant say im happy the new court didnt strike down my m
aca medical last week and the new president isnt going to attack what he built so maybe my fears wont come true.

Thats politics i guess.  Of course people will be mad that i didnt get my medical care cut off.  See my assumption that some want me to suffer less was wrong.  It offends people for me to have something to be hopeful about and i'll fucking never learn.

Fuck townhall.  It makes my brain swirl in circles, so confusing.  Fuck me, bragging im worth a filling or an xray here and there.  Maybe im not ecen worth the bullet.


File: 1605327227485.jpg (150.67 KB, 900x1080, 5:6, 154283.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The severability analysis would probably be okay for /pony/ since it is a technical legal issue, not a political issue.  (And there is widespread agreement among both Democratic-leaning and Republican-leaning legal scholars that the mandate is severable, further indicating that it isn't politically divisive.)  And talking about how it affects you personally would also be okay.  So, if you had omitted the contentious references to the election and remarks about the outgoing and incoming presidents, your thread probably would have been okay.


Ah so the problem is still i mentioned that we have a president.

Like whether the sky is blue or whether it is raining (to be clear things that a court could take "judicial notice" of like an intake worker on a 5150 psyche hold might ask you: what year is it, who is the President, etc.

See those are called facts.  Theres a word for it. Facts cannot be political.  That takes sentences.  This is basic language.  I know it just sounds like clicks and whistles to you people.

If you see me post here again if you are my friend you will tell me to fuck the hell off of this place where i only fuck shit up every time i post.  I cant stop.  Im a loser.  


File: 1605329712359.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1442017603097.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Ah so the problem is still i mentioned that we have a president.
No, the problem is the opinion you expressed:
>We have a new President who cares if i and people i care about live or die and even if we live well or suffer.
Do you really not see how such a statement might be seen as a partisan political comment?

And then, in the context of having earlier mentioned the election of a new president, you went on to say:
>What good thing do recent events mean to you?
And this was after two threads were moved off /pony/ for celebrating the results of the election.


Your sword is always sharp.

Im beginning to realize that you don't like me very much at all.


File: 1605385557281.png (270.48 KB, 1600x1138, 800:569, Sad_twilight.png) ImgOps Google

>Im beginning to realize that you don't like me very much at all.
I apologize for giving that impression.  Although I do sometimes get a bit irked by some of your posts, nevertheless I do like you, and I would be saddened if you left the site.

>Your sword is always sharp.
Probably sharper than I intended.  I've always been rather weak in regards to social skills, probably due to my Asperger's.  I will endeavor to improve in this regard, but I will most likely come up short like usual, so I must beg your indulgence in regard to this.


>Probably sharper than I intended.

You and me both.  It means a lot that you reassured me my friend.  Forgiven and i beg forgiveness too.

Pic unrelated i swear hahaha


> i beg forgiveness too.
Of course, no worries.  And lol @ that video (but probably best to keep such things in /townhall/ at least for the time being).


File: 1605567557212.png (235.2 KB, 919x899, 919:899, Screenshots_2020-11-16-14-….png) ImgOps Google

Did you get any ice cream?  I didn't get any ice cream.  I think we deserve some ice cream too, no fair.


File: 1606192810047.png (1.25 MB, 1280x989, 1280:989, 080a57fc836aafededd720e80e….png) ImgOps Google


Does this mean
1) my stated joy in something isn't an impied statement that everyone else must suffer therefore subject to censure, and
2) that i may say "yay" that we got my candidate elected without that being automatically provocative of those fragile trump qanon followers that we apparently wish to coddle here?  Who think we elected that orange stain again.  Or whatever made it "political" to mention that sleepy democrat with the sunglasses.

Asked in my own thread to not derail the official one.  I would like an answer, but only a genuine one. not a Rudy Guliani one.

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