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Welcome to /townhall/! This is an anonymous-only board for debates, dialectics, and discussions of a serious nature.

As the topics discussed on this board may deal with sensitive or controversial subject matter, we expect a higher standard of conduct than elsewhere on the site, and will enforce the board's rules with a greater degree of strictness. Inability or unwillingness to follow the rules will result in a /townhall/-only ban.


1) All posts in a given thread must contribute constructively to the conversation, whether agreeing or disagreeing. Off-topic, contentless, inflammatory, or hostile posts will be deleted and result in a ban.

1a) Derails that occur as a natural result of discussion progressing from the original subject will generally not be interfered with; however, if these hinder discussion of the original topic, making a new thread is preferred.

1b) Part of contributing constructively is understanding and addressing the reasoning behind an opposing view. While this can be a tedious task and will generally not be officially enforced, please make an effort to at the very least avoid "talking past" someone when presented with a counterargument. Simply doubling down on your initial point does not advance a discussion.

1c) Be as willing to "lose" as you are to "win", and above all else, be willing to learn and understand. You will not get the most out of this board if your only goal is to persuade, and you will not even be effective at that unless you understand what you are arguing against.

2) Ad hominems and other uncivil behavior will not be tolerated. You may have a significant personal stake in some subjects discussed here, and it is normal to be frustrated when someone cannot relate; however, lashing out is not an effective way to engender sympathy for your position, and will not advance the conversation in a constructive way. Even if you find someone's argument morally abhorrent, there are constructive ways to express this.

2a) Attempting to deliberately provoke an uncivil reaction is prohibited, even if it is done within the letter of the law.

2b) Snark and other forms of mockery are strongly discouraged and may result in warnings or bans.

2c) "Strawmanning" an "opponent" deliberately will be regarded as uncivil conduct and will be dealt with accordingly. This will not apply to genuine misunderstandings.

3) While we do not claim to be arbiters of absolute moral or empirical truth and aim to moderate this board in a fair and even-handed, politically agnostic manner, the following extreme positions are considered "off-limits" regardless of how they are put forward, including attempts to "hint" or dogwhistle:

  • genocide or ethnic cleansing of any kind
  • calls to violence
  • dehumanizing rhetoric

  • Controversial, "politically incorrect", or unpopular opinions aside from the aforementioned are allowed, provided they are presented in good faith, and not in violation of any other rules.

    4) While we do not expect you to have a PhD-level understanding of everything discussed here, we do encourage a modicum of rigor in fact checking. Mistakes happen, but habitually making uncorroborated claims, spreading false information, or misrepresenting facts may result in warnings followed by bans. Blatant bad-faith misrepresentation will be dealt with more harshly than honest mistakes.

    5) Unless otherwise stated, assume that all rules outlined in >>>/rules/2 apply here as well, but with stronger enforcement.

    6) As the standards on this board are very high, enforcement measures taken here will not be considered part of your "record" elsewhere on the site, except in the case of First Degree violations.

    Hopefully standards like these can keep all topics open to the Ponyville community and we can continue providing space for all the diverse needs of our community.

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