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"A New York jury on Thursday found former President Donald Trump guilty of all 34 felony charges of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels by his then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen before the 2016 election. Trump... [has become] the first U.S. president to be convicted of any crime. He faces three other pending criminal cases."

< https://www.cnbc.com/2024/05/30/trump-trial-verdict-hush-money.html >

My personal reaction is to find this conclusion to be utterly and completely meaningless. Like past messianic claimants who've assembled a ironclad movement of acolytes that no brute force could ever stop such as the Prophet Mohammed, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, and so on, any social, legal, and/or economic action at this level to harm the holy Savior figure of Trump is inherently futile and weak. He cannot be resisted in such a fashion. It's like trying to tear down a stone monument by just hitting it with your hands and feet. You don't stop a Messiah who genuinely acts on behalf of God's will this way.

What do you think, personally? Does this actually mean a lot? Could it down the line? Should it?


It's an obvious sham trial, that'll completely fall apart on appeal.

The judge has an open personal bias, just in the court case alone, to say nothing of the conflict of interest that is his daughter actively taking money campaigning for Trump's opponents.
The core testimony that was used to convict was from a known liar, who's before been found guilty of perjury, and whom was caught in multiple lies on the stand, to say nothing of his admission of crimes including stealing directly from Trump during his employ.

It's clear that this whole fare was rushed out for the sake of the election, as another example of the ongoing endeavor since 2016 to throw whatever legal hurdles they can find at him.
Unfortunately plenty of democrat cultists and empty-headed sycophants will ignore this alongside the history of abuses, and insist that this shoddy verdict means anything.



The money appears to be pouring in. I'm not sure if Trump is actually expected to get 34$ million specifically or if that's an estimate from one guy looking at Trump's situation (who's not an idiot or anything, to be clear, but guesses are guesses). I can see it happening personally.


>What do you think, personally? Does this actually mean a lot? Could it down the line? Should it?
I don't think it means a lot unless there's like some sort of house arrest or prison time, honestly. Guess would have to see what the charges are going to be for that.


There isn't a single politician I'd feel bad if they went to prison so the whole thing is pretty funny to me. A Manhattan landlord gets the clamps because he was  trying to write off a hooker as a business expense? No way it's too funny. And then it's also funny that people think Cuomo and his lackies got enough neurons between them to cook up something so fun.

I guess the Manhattan Classic of pissing off the judge and jury as much as humanly possible while fielding no real defense isn't as bulletproof a defense as conventional wisdom dictates.


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>this thread
And y'all say it's not a cult


Why do you say that? OP's comments seem at best anti-Trump. And his is the only ones that label Trump as something 'greater'.

Or do you think that anyone who dares question a court case with a myriad of problems is a cultist?
If so, why is mere disagreement worthy of labeling others 'cultists'?


File: 1717184455472.jpg (315.95 KB, 959x1688, 959:1688, Screenshot_20210129-095719….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


OP compares Trump toba messiah, in denial of how very unpopular he is with everyone other than commited Christian Nationalist facsist.

It literally says
>You don't stop a Messiah who genuinely acts on behalf of God's will this way.

This attempt to play dumb about it is really fucking pathetic

Y'all are in a cult


And this will still be the US in december, huh?


File: 1717186856518.jpg (288.29 KB, 1306x1228, 653:614, Screenshot_20210412-192221….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Trump lost the popular vote in both elections he ran in. And despite his endorsement of Republican candidates in the lead up to the 2022 midterms, the GOP wasn't able to take the senate and only a slim majority in the house. Trump was obviously not going to win votes from dedicated democrats, but he's also driving away the independents.

That won't necessarily effect his chances of winning the election, afterall, he lost the popular vote but won the electoral college and that's always possible again, so the results of the election aren't necessarily a reflection of a presidential candidates popularity and approval, by virtue of the logic of the electoral college.

Christian Nationalists and QAnoners, in addition to being anything other than Christian revering Trump above Jesus, are cowards in the face of the facts.


It's been like this since Vietnam, buddy.


Huh, I guess I read it completely the opposite way. OP also used the term "messianic claimant" which I took to mean that Trump claims to be a messiah, not the OP - and that social and legal things like that won't stop someone who acts like they are the messiah.

I guess OP would have to clarify themselves, but that's the way I read it at least.


Sure. But OP is that one regular guy with some wild views who certainly isn't a trump supporter. Even his own post doesn't seem to be in support, besides, given his comparison to figures like Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan, and suggesting that any legal action regardless of validity would be meaningless.

>y-y-yur dum ur pathetic
Go fuck yourself, you dickhead.
Genuinely. The fuck did I say that was so warranting of suck assholishness?
Nothing at all. I had the audacity to disagree with you and that;'s the extent,.

And you call others cultists. You can't even maintain basic fucking decorum if people dare disagree with you.
The moment anyone says anthing counter to you, you start pissing your pants and screeching like an autistic child.
How the hell am I the cultist, when you're the one who cannot even bear the most mild of disagreement?

You're a joke.


> cowards in the face of the facts.
None of this stuff was even disputed. Everyone knows that popular vote and elector college are two different things. It's almost like we aren't under mob rule or something, and that there were systems and balances for the sake of a republic.

Seriously, do you have anything other than seething insults here?
Why're you even bothering to post? You're not going to convince anyone by sperging out here.

I'm pretty sure OP is that usual fellow with the odd beliefs around the state, and things like this more generally. He's more apathetic to the matter, if anything, I'd say.

His prior posts saying similar types of things definitely didn't give the vibe of a "trump supporter", that's for sure. Nor would I consider anyone comparing someone to Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan to be "pro" that figure.


I want more politicians on trial please.
I want everyone in all branches and at all levels to shut themselves in fear constantly.
And by more I do mean all, no one should be above the law.


The problem is, some clearly are. No charges're being brought against Biden, yet meanwhile, Trump's being brought up on, if you'll pardon the term, trumped up charges.

This fellow did a solid breakdown of this, I think; There's others out there of course, and this is only a breakdown really of the prosecutorial aspect, really, but it does give a solid grasp.


Oh by no means am I disagreeing with that notion. The post was more a viscéral reaction to many taking a one side approach.

It is frustrating watching people who purport they agree with me only to do Olympic level mental gymnastics to explain why the courts are fine as they are on this one.

I'll be open and say I'm not a fan of nor did I/will I vote for him, but for Christ sake I wish the Dems weren't horse shit.


It was obviously a politically motivated prosecution by Bragg.  No reasonable, informed person can deny this.

Trump is obviously guilty of the misdemeanor of falsifying business records (which wasn't charged, because the statute of limitations had run out).  But I question whether he meets the additional element required for the felony version.  The predicate crime being improper campaign financing seems pretty ridiculous.  I suspect the guilty verdict will be overturned on appeal if Trump mounts a competent appeal (which is a big "if").


Reminder: https://unherd.com/2023/01/vietnam-still-haunts-america/

At a cost of 58,000 American lives and some $140 billion, not to mention more than two million Vietnamese lives lost, all mashed together... not a single American politician was ever prosecuted.

Of course, me pointing out this is going to result in the threads' posters attacking me at the same level as if they witnessed me barbecuing a kitten in public or molesting a lamb in public, but I don't care what they think over that issue, honestly.

I could also go into how horrible the Afghan and Iraqi wars were and how leaders ought to have to gone to jail over those fiascos but like the posters here insist that they will never let that form of justice happen either. So. Eh. That's life. I've spent the past twenty years of my life warning you fucking retards that the Afghan and Iraqi wars wouldn't work out well for anybody, and not a single one of you did anything but blindly cheerlead bloodshed. Not a one listened.

To be honest, almost all Americans are such pathetic dumbass cavemen who blindly obey both Democratic and Republican leaders no matter what that I kind of wish this shitstain territory ruled by hundreds of politicians who ethically belong in prisons was glassed and the project of Constitutional classical liberalism started over.

Never forget that you fucking retards wanted this government. You wanted the debt. The deficits. The regulations. The crushing of personal freedoms. The wars. The dead soldiers. The dead civilians. You all voted for this. You all got what you wanted. Congratulations, assholes.


You're obviously correct, but I feel obliged to claim that you're a child molester and state that you should kill yourself anyways.

Since you and I are not allowed to believe these things (not allowed to believe that U.S. politicians shouldn't be allowed to lie, cheat, steal, et al) currently.


Don't you have a synagogue to burn down or something?


I'm not left wing, so no.


Okay, so you're waiting your turn. Gotcha.


File: 1717234289322.png (39.27 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, GO8Mv02W0AEweCE.png) ImgOps Google

Left, right, is there really a difference?
We all support Israel.


I tried. All I got was medical debt.


File: 1717286402892.jpg (88.33 KB, 960x768, 5:4, i want to come inside rain….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I don't. Israel is evil


Do you pay taxes?


File: 1717287068731.gif (172.67 KB, 640x360, 16:9, puppet laugh.gif) ImgOps Google

>Do you pay your taxes


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