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Should fraudulently adulterating food be punishable by death?


Probably not, no.  We could probably do with just some license revoking and maybe some fines.


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I think the punishment needs to be at least prison sentences.  Otherwise, what's to stop to the criminals from spinning up a new shell corporation and getting new licenses?  It's not a capital-intensive business.



Mmm, valid point.  I can't argue against that one.


Sure. Why not? Honestly, it'd stop a lot of things, if that were the risk


Did the adulteration results in harm, injury or death?
Was the adulteration done with intent regardless of it it was malicious?

If both are true it should result in the same level as a medical malpractice of gross negligence.


Capitalism being capitalism, I expect that wealthy aristocratic families hunting poorer individuals for sport in public will soon be legal.

It's kind of futile to advocate for laws preventing capitalists from deliberately selling poison to diners looking for decent food.

Capitalism is the most powerful force in modern life and any resistance to its inevitable strength will be exterminated down to the last child, or so trends have been going, so maybe it's best never to fight it.


I see the "lay down and rot" crowd is still here.


Capitalism is more powerful than God and basically anybody who goes in public to critique it in the slightest gets wiped out, so it's hard to begin to ask what somebody like me or you could do against its omnipotent and omniscient ability.


Right so all the socialist that exist globally don't exist?
Calling a economic system made by man, controlled by man both omnipotent and omniscient is childish and defeatist propaganda.

If you have nothing more, than people like you usually have, then I suggest removing yourself from the conversation. Abandoning the hope that things can improve betrays everything we have done to grow.

If you truly hold this notion that you should "lay down and rot" seek professional help.


Fraud is a NAP violation.  In capitalism, the state is expected to punish fraud.


The NAP is not an inherent part of capitalism at all. Capitalists taking people's private properly for their own and otherwise using the authority of the state to crush rivals while also forcing consumers to purchase their products via state edicts is a routine part of modern life. And that's capitalism in action. A Big Brother government funneling power into the pockets of capitalists is capitalism behaving in a routine way.

If you advocate for a mixed economy that abandons pure capitalism such that fraud is banned and other ethical rules are established and strictly enforced, then that's fine, but you should accept that you're either a socialist or somebody who wants a halfway point involving diluted socialism. Be honest. NAP ethics and other moral standards being applied at gunpoint to hurt capitalists doing capitalism is going to be a rough battle if you want to fight it.


Alright so, one we aren't the same person.
Two, I made no claims how a system should be structured or what I want.
Three, my point was your notion of capitalism, or I suppose "pure capitalism" in your words, being impossible or I guess now "a rough battle," nice motte and bailey btw, is a defeatist notion that only further entrench the current power structures.
Four, no where did I mention the use of violence or force. I am not naive enough to purport that violence is not often the only tool that people are left, or feel left with, in the face of our current structure. That said we have the tools and means to make meaningful change and to downplay the work of the people that are fighting for what I would assume is a would you want to live in is repugnant.
My issue with your statement is I've heard it a million times from people, but anyone that holds that notion is just some theory drunk regurgitation.

If you think all hope is lost you lack a spine. If you think things can't change you lack a spine. I hope you advocate for the change you want irl. I really do, because normally those that accept your proposition cloister themselves away and try and drag others into the bog you are in.

Final response to this as the thread is completely derailed.


>Capitalists taking people's private properly for their own and otherwise using the authority of the state to crush rivals
Uh, no. Not at all. What?

Capitalism is an economic system of trade between individuals.
It's purely an economic system.
It can, and has, existed inside most any state. Hell, even communism, despite their claims, had capitalism running through. Some stuff was nationalized, but there were always private enterprises still trading some items.

State authority is not required for capitalism.


Fraud corrects for false demand created by marketing and hype in production chains that are strained by lopsided demand pressures. Producers cannot sustain producing *only* extra virgin top quality oil but that is the only thing that their customers are interested in, despite the fact that 99% of their consumers cannot tell the difference and they want it for applications where the "inferior" oil is in fact better suited and cheaper.

Fraud is so rampant because the vast majority of consumers care more about the label on the side of the bottle than the contents, as evidenced by the overwhelming lack of passion the topic incites.

Fraud is a market force, like any other, that corrects for disparities between real and apparent demand, as well as for excessive regulation.

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