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I believe that it's incredibly helpful when looking at violent conflict to just sit down and listen to what a given solider "on leave" claims, letting them advocate even if you don't necessarily agree with or even understand that person!

Does anybody else agree? If so, would they be willing to post here similar videos interviewing soldiers from China, France, Germany, Russia, or any counties known for big armies? I'm looking to learn! Please share even if you personally dislike the soldiers' opinions!

Any other media covering the question of "What is my life as a solider, really?" is welcome too!


I would have exceptional doubt as to that individual's credibility.

As a general rule, soldiers aren't allowed to just speak willy nilly about a conflict, after all.
At bear minimum, they'd risk repercussions when they return to duty.
If not being branded a traitor and incarcerated, should their dialogue not reflect the state's position.

This type of thing reaks of propaganda, to me.

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