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So, a 14 year old girl is taken by her "boyfriend" to a secluded place and is repeatedly gangraped by a group of his friends, where ages go from 11 to 16.
The culprits recorded the rape and were bold enough to share videos over social media.

I have to wonder, what drives people to do this?
Why is it that young people are so eager to share or even rent out their girlfriend to their mates?
Or be so unabashed to share offensive material over social media?

I don't get young people anymore.

> image unrelated, because I don't want to put a silly image on this


That isn't anything new. People have been violent since the dawn of mankind


>I don't get young people anymore.
I'm guessing the perps are Muslim immigrants from low-human-capital countries.  So I'd say it's not *young people* that you don't get, but rather young people *from a foreign culture* that is worse than European culture on the whole.



i suppose one might say problems with some aspect of the culture. different cultures have different problems, due to various factors.

from a religious studies perspective, belgium is 44% catholic, 41% no religion, and 1% protestant (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Belgium). looking into the culture of the area more could lead to clues as to why this would be more likely to occur in one country rather than another.


i wouldn't necessarily say it's a worse culture. one would have to define and then place a weight on all the various social problems unique to each culture, and then come to a mathematically-influenced answer.


>one would have to define and then place a weight on all the various social problems unique to each culture, and then come to a mathematically-influenced answer.
Or you can just eyeball it...


>I have to wonder, what drives people to do this?

It's the sex.  People really want to have sex.  Like just a lot of sex, all the time.  Some people want to have so much sex that they do this, which is kinda fucked up, but that's really what it comes down to as a reason, is some people are just born kinda fucked up.

And this isn't really new.  In fact, if anything it's probably gone down in occurance, while reporting has gone up due to how easy it is so spread and share news now.  It's not that young people now want to do this, but that they're getting caught and people are finding out about it.



yeah, but a lot of people are pretty bad at that. they need to gain experience first, and mathematics would help to objectify the measurements



>people want to have sex

i always hear this but i question how true it is. do people really want to have sex? highly questionable.

as for your second point, possibly somewhat or mostly true, but would need citations and data to make the point clearer


In almost all circumstances of minors exercising extreme behavior, even to the point of what seems like sociopathy, I think that scientific analysis has generally shown that the young criminals have tended to be mirroring physical and/or psychological abuse that they've been victims of. And what happens is basically a kind of evolution. Or perhaps even literally exact reenactments of what has happened to them previously (only with somebody else chosen to be the victim instead of themselves). This is, however, difficult to explain as an abstract concept.

To pick a specific example that's concrete, look at German dictator and one of the influential figures in modern history: let's talk about Adolf Hitler.

As a child, Hitler received constant maltreatment from a strict, callous, and domineering father in the context of growing up in a very regimented and authoritarian society in which the personal morals that we in 21st Century America view as positive (such as universal health care and freedom of speech) were back then negatives. Being told over and over again that you're a worthless piece of flesh by family took its toll. However, young Hitler had his caring, compassionate mother who totally believed in moral idealism in the Catholic Christian sense as a counterweight.

And then his mother died in an extremely painful and nightmarish fashion of cancer, again with him being a small child unable to rationally comprehend the situation.

It's been documented by historians that adult Hitler actively modeled his life as the opposite of his mother. She was soft-spoken and reflective. He was loud and dominant. She put others before herself and had a religious philosophy based on moral tradition. Hitler thought that he was a demi-god with spiritual abilities and a special destiny, requiring others to serve him. She wasn't focused on her appearance and such. He was focused on machismo and being tough. And so on.

As profoundly weird as it is to express sympathy for Hitler, of all people, it appears pretty clear-cut to historians that the psychological break-up of his mind at directly witnessing the torture and death of his mother caused him in later years to relive and reenact that exact situation by personally causing torture and death of others that he knew. He was a victim. And then he became a bully. The circle closed, so to speak.

While I don't know if this specific criminal case parallels Hitler's journey, the historical tale is important food for thought. Still.

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