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Do you ever think we're going to see a time where birth control will be banned?

I have to wonder how many people are currently in favor of it, together with porn lately there seems to be a vocal push to get rid of both.

(also divorce)

(twitter source for OP https://twitter.com/LizzieMarbach/status/1775882953790230666)


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>Do you ever think we're going to see a time where birth control will be banned?
All forms of birth control (including condoms, IUDs, etc.)?  No.
Hormonal birth control?  Maybe --- based on what is now known about its side effects, if it weren't already FDA-approved, it would probably be an uphill climb to get it approved by the FDA.


People have been talking about the potential risks.
I do wonder are those as dramazic to request the medecin to be pulled from the shelves, even though hormonal pills also come with quite a few benefits managing the menstrual cycle?

As for immediate side effects, that unfortunately hits all hormonal anticonception methods, including implants, IUDs, ...
At that point, using condoms may be the only "safe" method to use and I know there's also a growing backlash to condoms going on out there lately.


Right-wing ideology has been rapidly growing inside of the U.S. to where I expect possibly for gay marriage to be banned again, contraception to get far more restricted, regulations about people being being discriminated at their jobs due to being Jewish, transgender, bisexual, Muslim, disabled, etc winding up repealed, and so on.

There's already a rapid movement underway to criminalize women who have abortions to where those who have miscarriages have to flee their locations in order to avoid police action due to suspicion. This is in tandem with increasing book bans and other restrictions on free expression such as films and video games. Christian fundamentalism also is rising as those of other faith backgrounds are widely bashed in public.

It's depressing, but it's the poison chalice that the American people chose to drink.


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Most polling data I've seen in recent years is that banning of any sort of birth control is very unpopular amongst most Americans. But you're not going to see that reflected on X/Twitter, it's not even a representative slice of America anymore, nor was it ever. What's going on is a process by the far right to try and use the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench by passing stated laws practically designed to be challenged as unconstitutional and heard before the supreme court.


The point, though, is not just whether it's popular with the masses, but whether action would be taken in spite of the "will" of the masses.


I'm not sure, despite my clear pessimism and previous comments, whether or not the current move to far right social and culture beliefs is sustainable or not.

This all could burst dramatically in a balloon type fashion. Like the end of the housing bubble. Or the end of the Cold War shaping the U.S. with the Soviets suddenly disappearing.

The more people are bluntly subject to simple questions about whether or not the government should literally throw women into prison if they're suspected of having abortions... I think the more people understand the consequences of Big Brother government the less they like it.


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Banning birth control is just another means for desperate women to attempt to trap a man. What they don't realize is that all this is going to do is leave a lot more single mothers across the population.

Thank God I don't ever give away my real information when I get laid by females.

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