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Why did Muslim terrorists attack *Russia* of all places?


They didn't, they just claimed credit for it.  It was almost certainly some other group.  Possibly even a group who wanted it to look like it was done by ISIS.


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Why not? You think Muslims don't have beef with Russia?


Haven't they been doing that for decades?


Who cares? Russians are assholes and muslims terrible people. Hopefully they kill each other off


With the current anti Western sentiment, Russia would have paid ISIS to carry out an attack in Europe.

On the flipside, as much as ISIS likes to claim terrorist attacks, it would make more sense for them to have the West take the blame for it to stoke the fires of conflict even more.

As much as I am not a fan of Russia right now, knowing that a whole bunch of civilians got killed makes me sad.


Civilians are not combatants.

Seek help.


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>With the current anti Western sentiment, Russia would have paid ISIS to carry out an attack in Europe.

ISIS and Russia aren't friends. The enemy of my enemy is my friend does not apply here. The Russian Empire, Soviet Union, right up through the current Federation have engaged in the same behavior as the rest of the West in terms of their treatment of the Middle East.

As much as ISIS likes to take credit for stuff, it's also entirely possible they did have some involvement and the concert attack was just an opportunity that presented itself. It could also have been Chechens. It's not impossible to imagine a man who's dad was killed might have grown up thinking Russians are evil.

There's plenty of possibilities.




The fact that large numbers of Americans and Europeans are so incredibly ignorant of reality that they don't know about major historical events going on over the past two decades or so, not even knowing about the 9/11 attacks or the Beslan school siege, genuinely makes me want to die.

I'm not joking in the slightest. This is not hyperbole. I genuinely want to die. Why are standard human intelligence levels so extremely low?

And what level of amoral sociopathy makes somebody look at a group of innocent families getting machine-gunned by militant extremists and feel glad that those victims died? Why is this a popular sentiment in America and Europe? How does this work? Why do people not look at the victims the way that I do and other abnormal freaks with an apparently unusually high sense of empathy do, feeling terrible about what happened? Do Americans and Europeans just have a mental wiring with their brain chemistry that they can't biologically feel compassion to somebody of another nationality?

I wish I wasn't a human being. I'm ashamed to be a human being. Or, at least, I wish I didn't live in this backwards century. I was made for the 2100s at least.

tl ; dr - this terrorist attack is another example of how human beings are basically walking and talking piles of sh*t


I'm not cheering for people getting killed.
Nor do I see local celebrations of it.


File: 1711291622639.png (147.87 KB, 350x349, 350:349, Horse Heresy.png) ImgOps Google

It's because many Europeans and Americans side with Ukraine in the current war. Many people outside of those regions also side with Ukraine. It's not a uniquely western thing. There is a certain level of tacit approval of Russia's actions in Ukraine by the Russians. Therefore all Russians not actively opposing the Putin regime are seen as complicit and/or an enemy.

Same reason people were giddy at dead Israelis on October 7th and others currently laughing at dead Palestinians as Gaza is flattened. They're the enemy. They're not worthy of consideration.

Do you extend your empathy only to victims, or also the perpetrators? Do you empathize with someone who has killed? Will kill again? Will you put yourself in the mindspace of someone willing to open fire into a crowd? What's driven them to that point? Are these acts simply too inhuman to contemplate?

Is the temptation to dehumanize these militants not oh so succulent? To revel in your righteous indignation, swaddled and safe in your comfortable morality. Their failings so obvious, they are beneath beasts.

Would it not feel, so right, for them to die?


Then die.

This defeatist notion that humanity is irredeemable is part of the problem.


>the temptation to dehumanize
That's absolutely a fair point. Feelings are an extremely powerful motivation. And while they can blind, at the same time they can bring about the sensations of being able to "revel in" something happy. As you put it.

I suppose I'm still idealistic and optimistic about humanity even though I don't really know how the human condition as such can be changed as much as it needs to be.

I suppose it can be compared how to, say, smoking cigarettes and drinking dangerous mixed alcohols are hard to argue against from a broad social viewpoint. As an individual, you want to just feel happy. It's difficult to condemn positive feelings.


Arigato, it seems I was rather ignorant of tensions between Muslims and Russia.

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