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Do you drive an electric car or some other type of vehicle regarded as advanced and cutting-edge in today's automobile markets?

Do you follow the business and science of automobiles enough to have any opinions given the chaotic environment happening now?


Researching it the rust issue is probably just dirt. The base line models with no clear coat or wrap are susceptible to foreign particles getting embedded in the metal, though they advise buffing out dirt and cleaning away oil, salt, and other corrosive materials that can affect stainless steel immediately.

Which I mean... your truck being susceptible to dirt seems like a big problem all on it's own...


It does indeed seem like a dramatic problem.


304 SS is corrosion-resistant even when exposed to plain water. However, it is less resistant to corrosion when exposed to salty water compared to 316 SS.

316 SS includes molybdenum, which gives it a higher resistance to corrosion, especially against chlorides and salty environments.


No, it's miles out of my budget, as most every car that doesn't break in a matter of miles.
Thanks EPA and import bullshit.

> the chaotic environment happening now?
I didn't know there was one.


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If only they'd tell us what grade of steel they were using.

Which they have. They say that they're using a proprietary steel blend in the 300 series range. Which two problems come to mind. One I am not aware of Tesla owning a steel foundry. Secondly I'm not sure how you get an ambiguous SAE rating. That feels like those meats that say "USDA INSPECTED" without saying what grade the inspectors gave it.


>proprietary steel blend in the 300 series range.
>I'm not sure how you get an ambiguous SAE rating.
I'd interpret "300 series" as just "austenitic, alloyed with nickel and chromium".


Seems like a problem with all modern stuff nowadays.

Things don't seem to be built to last anymore.


Just because something is expensive, that doesn't mean it was designed intelligently or that it was made to last a long time. The best item for general purposes is generally the middle-tier item.



I don't understand why human beings consider vehicles such as (particularly the the one in the OP) these to be emotionally attractive such that owning one makes people more likely to date you and have sex with you, but this appears to be the case.

{This is probably related to me being on the autism spectrum and simply not understanding how most people emotionally feel desire in a lot of ways, if I'm really honest.}



I think it first has to do with the vehicle being aesthetically-pleasing, which is a natural human attraction. In our culture, lower and even moderately-priced items won't be particularly aesthetically-pleasing, with quality and functionality being the most important. As you go up in price, aesthetics gradually become more important, while quality and functionality become less so. There is a medium to medium-high price-point where something is both good quality with good aesthetics. But even then, aesthetic choice is limited due to the market not particularly valuing aesthetics to begin with. Only at the highest price points can the aesthetic of something be truly customized for a person. If you own an object such as this, you implicitly have a lot of money. Many people think money gives status. The emotional component comes in, due to people's greed, anger, and delusion, thinking that money and status are important and need to be attained. Sexual appeal intermingles with this, as a means to strengthen and promote the illusion.

[See: MLP razzle dazzle glitz and glam episode]

(In addition, the rust aspect is funny because it reveals the superficiality of it all, as a lack of regard for quality (and possibly functionality) is apparent almost directly within the aesthetic (just give it a few days) (i.e.: rust ruins quality, functionality (over time - most believe rust leads to holes), and aesthetic all at once.)


I'm already bitter enough about effectively having no choice but own a car in an un-walkable city, why would I waste money on an industry that has a long history of suppressing public transportation and which has led America into this ponzi scheme where we pay for the upkeep of older suburban housing developments with new suburban housing development revenues while increasing future cost of upkeeping an increasingly inefficient infrastructure?

Obviously cars and trucks and such are very useful for people in certain areas (like rural communities) but not necessary everywhere (like a city), yet are still effectively forced on everyone by the very design of the infrastructure.

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