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What do you think about the Roswell crash?  The US Gov't now claims it was the top-secret Project Mogul Flight #4, but the records indicate that Flight #4 was cancelled due to weather conditions.



If we're willing to believe a government organization is lying, which I think is neither farfetched nor particularly conspiratorial, then I don't think it's too crazy to say that they were lying about the flight being cancelled due to weather conditions.


Does intelligent life exist on other Milky Way planets? This appears to be the case, logically, given the nature of evolution and the extremely large number of locations that scientifically support life extremely well.

Have they visited Earth before? This is far more tricky given that, yes, on the one hand a large number of credible witnesses from American commercial pilots to Navy personnel in the U.S. have not just seen strange craft but engaged with them (such as have had unusual objects jam our radar systems). I'm inclined to see this as credible evidence although so much more research is needed.

Did this one really specific incident in Roswell involve aliens? That's a far more spurious claim. The lack of eyewitness evidence either way makes me think both that the U.S. government is lying and also that extraterrestrial escapes cannot be at all proven.

This interview is neat in that, while, yes, Rogan is always a goofball as a literal stand-up comedian, his guest is extremely credible to me:




I think that if extraterrestrials wanted to visit an uncivilized and technologically-primitive planet like Earth for whatever reason, they could do so easily without us knowing, and UFO conspiracy theories are more a product of our species, rather than reality. Furthermore, if extraterrestrials could visit Earth without anyone knowing, it must follow that they are good because for technology to advance that far in a society would require the perfection of compassion.

...and if extraterrestrials were present, then the proof would be indisputable by now, given nearly everyone on Earth has a cellphone with a high-quality camera now, yet no troves of pictures are coming in. Lastly, the military can't keep secrets, either. So, in conclusion, there are either no aliens visiting Earth, or there are and we don't need to concern ourselves with it.

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