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Has AI gone too far?


In the context of people getting AI Boyfriends or Girlfriends, probably not.

In the context of it being used to impersonate someone using all sorts of data stored on them, that is something we'll definitely need to look out for.


>all sorts of data stored on them,
Indeed, that is a major concern:


I mean, aso all the past stuff, youtube videos you shared, images posted on Facebook or just collected from your school's yearbook.

Not a big deal 20 years ago, but imagine some AI now training themselves on those, making a videocall with your managers /... and doing some illegal stuff on your behalf.


While this is admittedly a highly cynical thing to say, the fact that about one in three American women and also one in six American men in their life report having been sexually assaulted means that Americans craving as a matter of basic safety a romantic partner mentally incapable of hurting them (or so the media claims go: these AI lovers are supposedly incapable of doing wrong, which as a claim could just be lying via advertising) makes sense.


This is just an example technology addiction. Also, it's another reason to ban all corporate marketing.


I think an issue though, is that trauma like that can be healed (at least somewhat). Various types of therapy and support can help ease that type of pain and help get someone towards healthy human connection.

This type of technology - if used for the purpose of finding "someone safe" - isn't going to help them heal or grow. It's going to just suppress that as something to be dealt with later.


Yes. The exact word "craving" is important here. Generally speaking, having a "craving" is understandable but can work out pretty badly in the long-run, such as somebody constantly eating fatty fast food meals due to their personal habits. What instead should happen is a more complex and nuanced form of healing.


No. Because I've been turning to AI as well


Not like its actually hurting you. There isn't a cooperate agent waiting outside of your door.

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