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How did we end up with two elderly people in cognitive decline as the frontrunners for the 2024 presidential election???

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Politicians are usually elderly here. Mostly it's because of connections, as well as a more comfortable predictability.
It's also typically when you have the largest abundance of assets, by large. Both in terms of financial ones, and in less tangible ones of relation, be it family or favors owed.

As to cognitive decline, well, I've not heard much beyond speculation on Trump's, but for Biden, it seems rather clear he was ignored because he was a convenient piece.
Perhaps even preferred, as it makes him more of a controllable puppet.


The U.S. Democratic Party is rather very strictly run based on seniority. It's not just that legislators get more and more money, power, and fame as they get older. Positions within the Party's more grassroots organizations outside of the government (including those that do things as conceptually simple as manage transportation to shuffle people from city 'A' to city 'B') also have highly hieratical structures with leadership being based mostly on direct career experience (and thus your age, basically).

To what extent this is positive or negative (and for whom) is a matter of opinion, but as a factual observation this is pretty well-documented by journalists and others.


I wonder what Democrats there were that could be viable for presidency who aren't Biden.

I know the Republicans had a few contenders, but Democrats remained more unremarkable to the outside media.

Obama can't run a third term.


Maybe Dean Phillips?


It should be said that a hypothetical alternative universe out in spacetime someplace probably has a U.S. Democratic Party with lots and lots of candidates for President out there, many of them having a loud voice in popular culture.

The U.S. Democratic Party right now tends to have a clear-cut sense of lines. As in that Person B is next in line after Person A. And then Person C comes in. Hence how Hillary Clinton basically had to be put out there as Presidential material when it was her supposed turn for the job in the 2010s, regardless of her broad unpopularity as well as her disconnect from the policies and proclamations of the Obama administration.


All of our voters are also elderly people in cognitive decline.



Or at least those who have easiest access to voting.

There are plenty of places in America where voting comes at the sacrifice of being able to earn enough to eat for the day, and if not that, then a threat to one's continued employment given how much free time the process eats up, and how many employers in those states will not allow many of their lower class employees to take the day off to stand in line for hours just to vote. It gives an enormous amount of power to a smaller upper middle to upper class elite to determine the party nominees.


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Because things changing isn't in the interests of those in political power.


People don't like hearing this, but a large part of various popular religious and political beliefs in America are based on mental illness. Not just dementia. But depression. Anxiety. Paranoia. Schizophrenia. And so on.

If you're a normal straight person going about your life in some standard American town being paralyzed with sincere fear that, say, gay men are out to get you and your family, such as gay dudes hiding in public places to molest your children everyplace potentially, well, that's textbook mental illness. You can label it as a political statement. Yet it's a clear-cut medical case of somebody's brain chemistry being diseased and past psychological events having impacts now.

You don't need to go vote. You need therapy. And pills.

[The exact principle much applies if you're psychologically deranged about Catholics, people with red hair, Jews, Hispanic people, bisexual people, left-handed people, or any other random small group of whomever.]

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