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I leave this here for people to draw their own implications.


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That Republicans are fear mongering to the point of brain rot?


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This guy is trying so hard to reach for something that isn't there.


Mr. Cotton comes across as quite an idiot or at least ill-prepared.


I thought that criticizing big business made you an evil godless socialist who's soul is going to burn in a lake of fire like Jesus Christ intended?

Or, at least, that's what conservatives and/or Republicans have aways said?

And now apparently attacking big businesses for possibly stealing peoples data for hidden agendas is a good thing?

So Marxism-Leninism was right all along?


>Or, at least, that's what conservatives and/or Republicans have aways said?
It neither is, nor was, no.
You would be mistaken in this presupposition.


>It neither is, nor was, no.
>You would be mistaken in this presupposition.

It certainly applies to businesses based in the US though.

And even in this case the only reason they have any concern over TikTok is because Trump hates it because a bunch of teen girls used it to humiliate him in 2020.


Certainly not. Plenty of companies have been called in by congress, especially in more recent years. Didn't they have Zuckerberg in no too long ago?


I suppose the most annoying aspect of all of this is that U.S. corporations have done a lot of unethical things over the past decade that should be intellectually investigated.

Of course, intellectually investigating a entity means studying obscure financial documents. It means looking at the physical set-ups of various real buildings. It means analyzing tax related claims in the legal record. And so on.

Mindlessly screaming at somebody wealthy a set of partisan political buzzwords in front of a group of cameras doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with intellectual processes, even if such yelling can make you more famous given the meme-heavy era that we live in.

A toddler loudly clanging a set of spoons against a metal refrigerator isn't the same thing at all as a professional drummer for a jazz band starting a public performance.

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