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What should be done to secure America's borders against illegal immigration?


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ChatGPT thinks that breeding dinosaurs to patrol the border is "a fictional idea more suited to a science fiction scenario".


Improve the channels where illegal immigrants can apply for citizenship.
Proper return policy for when an immigrant is turned down.
Strict action against people employing illegal immigrants to work for below cheap labour.


The obvious answer is to fix legal immigration, except that it's broken on purpose.


Fixing legal immigration via proper funding and staffing. Which would also benefit the constituents of border states with steady, well paying jobs.

But having good jobs doesn't energize a voter base like fear of losing bad jobs.


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>Improve the channels where illegal immigrants can apply for citizenship.
How do?

There are lots of issues with our immigration system, but how would fixing those problems keep out the millions of people who are trying to enter the country over the southern border?


File: 1706292170192.jpeg (90.78 KB, 1141x1388, 1141:1388, Fq-VAouXsAch5gk.jpeg) ImgOps Google

1) Try to work with and ally with south american countries to stabilize them politically and economically to hopefully lessen the amount of people who want to immigrate to the US specifically.

2) Just... make legal migration easier? Would need to increase funding to properly process all of the migrants properly, but I feel like that's a better use of funding than just militarizing the border.

>how would fixing those problems keep out the millions of people who are trying to enter the country over the southern border?
It wouldn't keep them out  It would let them in in a way that isn't a chaotic and dangerous mess.


File: 1706329878379.jpeg (8.84 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-4.jpeg) ImgOps Google

>It wouldn't keep them out
Don't most voters want to reduce the amount of migrants from less-developed countries?


No, most voters do not think that.


I'm not convinced there's much of a "crisis" going on and I don't think securing the border is worth any amount of our limited resources.  Almost certainly something more useful we could be doing with that money.


File: 1706374324362.png (126.6 KB, 867x488, 867:488, borderimmigrantssociety.png) ImgOps Google

Well, I guess what I really meant was  not "most voters" but rather how the issue would play out in electoral college.

45% think that it is a crisis, and an additional 30% think it is "very serious".



So the statement is actually:
>IF held to a vote in the electoral college, wouldn't the results of the vote to resolve to hold the opinion to want to reduce the amount of migrants from less-developed countries?

Sorry I worded that awkwardly. Parsing this is hard. I can see why you said the wrong thing the first time when I try to make it sound like something a normal person would say, but I think I got the sentiment.


Stricter punishments for illegal immigrants caught other than just being send back.

Prison would help deter that.


I'm not sure about prison. Prison in the US is often a better life than a lot of living situations in central and south American countries.

Especially for immigrants who are coming here to escape danger, poverty, and so on, prison would likely be a blessing to them.


Texas is apparently looking for a solution to round them up and just execute them. That's kind of why they want to get out of their obligations to the US.


Fuck it. Why shouldn't we just kill them when other countries would do the same? Don't like it, then don't fucking come here.

I don't know why America is trying to larp as some high horse of morality.

Look at Salvador.  They basically broke all human rights laws and banished all people with gang tattoos to prison (which are death camps there) and their crime rate dropped like 98 percent, no shit. Unfortunately trying to be these utopian societies where we bury our heads in the sand just doesn't work.


One of the best ways is to punish people who hire those here illegally.
When there's no work, there's significantly less reason to enter a nation illegally, after all.

Else, mostly it's just making sure your boarder's got means to prevent movement. While it is difficult to do so for a large stretch of land, there are certainly ways, especially in this modern era. Drones make monitoring significant stretches easy, for example.


This "crisis" is totally manufactured for right-wing politicians' convenience.

When you got the president trying to pass a bill that gives Republicans what they want and Republicans refusing to pass it cause they think it might help the president in the general election, then you know it's an insincere political stunt. They will never solve this "problem" so long as it's useful for demagoguery.

Y'all are gullible as shit


File: 1706677436978.jpeg (173.88 KB, 1284x1572, 107:131, FaH_YbaUcAA5Pe0.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Just because Trump doesn't want Biden to get credit for helping solve the crisis doesn't mean that it isn't a crisis.  Trump is certainly the type of person who would inflict pain on the rest of the country if it benefits him.



Never said there wasn't a crisis, just that it's manufactured


File: 1706795463388.png (300.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Lord Acado.png) ImgOps Google

>Y'all are gullible as shit


Literally doesn't affect me


File: 1706860056750.jpg (189.23 KB, 1280x1008, 80:63, 1280px-Trebuchet_Castelnau….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

send the illegals flying back to Mexico  :dash3:


"Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore
Send these the homeless tempest-tost to me
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I'm an American. I believe in the ideal to strive for. I don't want to keep these people out. I do want them to come through the proper channels. I want there to be no valid reason for people who share my ideals to be unable come in a timely manner. This doesn't have to come at the cost of no border security, which is also important. There are criminals who want to do their dirty business, but an efficient border crossing would also defang their efforts to exploit desperation.

If the people coming believe in republicanism, believe in upholding our systems, will uphold the constitution, believe in working towards the dream, then they are people I want as my countrymen.


I think a lot of times that we just need an Israel-x-Palestine style division in America, becoming two states for two people that cannot coexist.

Let Republicans create a New Dixie whereby anybody living there (or attempting to immigrate there) who happens to be not white, not straight, not Christian, not cisgender, not productively able-bodied, and so on is quickly expelled a great distance away under the punishment of being immediately shot by the Government Action Against Vice And For Virtue Squad (the same squad that beats you up if you smoke weed, look at internet pornography, kiss a member of the same sex, or otherwise violate Christian family values in New Dixie).

And then let the rest of what is still America have a standard legal immigration process whereby anybody either reasonably skilled or willing to become skilled can become citizens through a rational application and checking process with fairly administered borders, with a lot of Border Patrol agents and temporary holding facilities all about... applying a centrist and moderate policy that we'd have had under President Mitt Romney or President John McCain.


File: 1707111473492.jpg (47.44 KB, 202x315, 202:315, I brought these from home.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nah. The Neo Dixiecrats can go to Putin's little Potemkin villages he's making for them. The Union shall not surrender an inch of soil.  


If American conservatives want to live in neighborhoods without any blacks or any Jews or whatever so incredibly badly that they've thrown a decades long temper tantrum about this, then I get tempted to just let them have that NGL


File: 1707239996505.jpg (45.95 KB, 540x605, 108:121, goat demon.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I think we should just start eating them. Think about it, immigrants come here with their juicy fat and muscle ready to commit crimes and send money back from America to their home countries. How many people would really want to come to America if they ran the risk of being tossed into a stew? We could finally have authentic Mexican Taco Bell. With the little demand of human meat and the abundance of immigrant-cattle we have at our disposal, the prices of pork, chicken, beef, lamb, ect would drop dramatically, stabilizing our economy further.


One of the simplest methods to curbing large amounts of illegal immigration is to ensure there's no work for them

Harsh punishments to employers who willfully hire them, fines and restrictions for those who do so claiming ignorance, and routine investigation into taxation and sales records for these businesses would make for a massive decrease.
It won't solve things fully, but that would significantly dampen it, and require less effort on the boarder itself.

As to that boarder; Barbed wire is probably one of the better methods. Wire isn't as troublesome as a wall, and yet is quite difficult to pass through. Even if you do, it makes for obvious entry points, and also functions to bottleneck that access to those breaches.
A cheap, but effective method.


I do, but that's because I don't like increased land and house prices, or lower wages for labor jobs.


Of course the current questions are:
Should we hold current federal politicians politically and criminally responsible for failing to protect the border?

Should Texas be allowed to set up a militia with the rights to detain, deport or even outright execute anyone they deem an "illegal immigrant"?


File: 1707311181510.png (345.71 KB, 1080x981, 120:109, Screenshot_20240206-215033.png) ImgOps Google

I think that Trump was on the right
track with building the wall.


>ensure there's no work for them
The U.S. Republican Party, the U.S. conservative movement, and the U.S. big business community all combined would rather see America die via thermonuclear civil war than have corporations prevented from hiring illegal aliens.

My God, like, even Donald Trump of all people deliberately has had his business organizations employ illegal aliens.

I personally would like to go after greedy law-breaking uber-capitalists as well, indeed, but I don't know how you could do that in modern day American short of Congress and the Presidency being overthrown by a military dictatorship imposing socialism through utter force. This legal change would be about as difficult as abolishing slavery in the 1800s in terms of extremely radical social change. I don't know how you'd even begin. At the same time, I'm not even going to pretend to argue against your idea of cracking down on illegal labor practices because it seems as clearly correct as saying that 2+2=4 to me.


Well, you've hit the nail on the head, in many respects. It's the reason this crisis exists, as you point out. Business connections to politics is disastrous. Ironically Trump is about the only one I trust that way, if only because his net worth went down.

As to solutions, I'll admit I'm biased on this but secession does seem the best solution.
Big business owns the federal government, and the aparatuses of the state enforces the will of the not of the people but instead the elite.
The will of the people is in active opposition to those wills. So, abandoning the rule by those aparati is the necessary solution.


Yes, the clear-cut solution at a conceptual level is to make big business own less and less of the government such that over time this shrinking of power becomes dramatic.

I won't say that Americans are doomed, because we really aren't, but I'll admit that personally I don't know what would be the first several steps to making this happen. As in what has to happen first to give big business less ownership of the federal government. I'd say that, at least in theory, this problem is indeed solvable.



1. Pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here
2. Make immigration easier
3. Most people with serious criminal records can't come over
4. If you come over illegally anyway and have no serious criminal record you get treated nicely
5. Build a fence, if property owners agree
6. Advertise new immigration process to potential illegal immigrants so they don't come over illegally, anymore

1. Illegal immigration decreases by 90%
2. Legal immigration increases
3. Illegal immigrants easily caught due to being fewer in number
4. Everybody happy


All of those things are bad for me if I'm a wealthy capitalist who wants to destroy workers through endless waves of illegal aliens coming in, though.

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