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This is a thread for ponies who have no political opinions.  Ponies that just respect and obey the state without getting upset over anything related to state power or government.

We can talk about how nice it is to be apolitical.  Or maybe just say hi to each other.  The topic can be whatever you like other than political discussion.


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> The topic can be whatever you like other than political discussion.
How about muffin farming?


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Whats wrong with politics.


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I am not well acquainted with this topic.   Are you a muffin farmer, C. Gecko?

>Whats wrong with politics.
Politics seems to strain social connections.

Perhaps we could dispassionately list facts related to politics, but even then whether we list facts or alternative facts would be a political choice.  There are few options available to discuss politics in an inclusive way.


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>Are you a muffin farmer, C. Gecko?
No, but I hope to be, one day.  But first I need to genetically engineer muffins to grow on trees.

Nice fives!


Youtubers can get "cancelled", when they get outed for sexually assaulting someone or grooming minors, or being involved in physical assaulting their partners.
There tends to be an outrage if that happens and some people refuse to support such individuals anymore.

I wonder how people feel about "cancelling" someone over marital infidelity with consenting side pieces.
Is that really worth cancelling someone over?


File: 1694939100090.jpg (85.83 KB, 836x1024, 209:256, large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>But first I need to genetically engineer muffins to grow on trees.
Sounds like an interesting project.  What plant do they grown on now?

Thank you.

Hello, Kind Octopus.  Urban dictionary says "side piece: a guy that does anything you want that isn't your boyfriend and you can still get with other guys. the best thing a girl can ever have."

Personally, I don't see knowing the precise contract present in another's marriage or relationship, or enforcing that contract, to be any of my business in general.  On the other hand, it's not impossible for someone to do something sufficiently clear cut and insensitive that I would avoid their channel.  I'm guessing there's a news story I'm not aware of yet.


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>What plant do they grown on now?
They don't; they have to get baked!


Then you will need something for baking.


Well, does any pony or other animal have anything non-confidential to discuss about how they use their freedoms after their duty to respect and obey the state is complete?


I guess it's just me.

I've adapted my science recorder to save raw GNSS data so I can potentially apply augmented gps corrections in the future.


Hamas launched 5000 rocket propelled explosives from Gaza into Israel on Oct 7 and took hostages.  Israel used precision missiles to hit combatant targets and the Israel military is preparing ground personnel to recover the hostages and maintain order.  Hamas is not a state agent.  Gaza is part of Palestine, which is the state that controls Gaza, but does not appear to be involved in the attack.  Similar events have occured before at a smaller scale.  As always, I have no political opinions, but am following the news.


"Palestine is a state" is itself a political opinion.


Hmm...obedience and respect for all state force is apolitical.  If what is and is not a state is political, we are in trouble.


If "Palestine is a state" is too political, I take it back.  The important thing is that Israel is a state and its use of force is appropriate in this case.  I don't know what Israel's plan is for the land that they call Palestine.  Probably Gaza will be occupied and West Bank will continue to be annexed as demographics shift.


File: 1697756539526.png (367.74 KB, 918x1648, 459:824, Screenshot_20231019-185956.png) ImgOps Google

Hamas, a terrorist organization, is effectively the government of the Gaza Strip.  You do not, under any circumstances, need to respect Hamas or its use of force, especially when that force takes the form of murdering innocent babies and raping women.


States engage in war and have the prerogative to use violence.  War is sometimes regulated by international laws and standards, but it is not my role to enforce those standards.


OK, so Palestine is not a state.  Anyone can designate something a terrorist organization, but that is inappropriate if the organization is a state.  But if Palestine is not a state, then it is appropriate to judge how Hamas...exerts control.  I don't think the word governs is correct there.


This line of thinking across multiple past comments seems fundamentally unhelpful to me.

Nazi Germany was a nation-state that was organized as a specific type of government in which those in charge had a de jure monopoly of the legal use of force. Same as Napoleonic France. Same as Stalinist Russia.

Whether or not an entity is an efficiently run nation-state with an economically effective governing ability is completely different than the morality of that entity. The Stalinists being, to an extent, determined and innovative intellectuals didn't change the fact that the Soviet Empire was an unethical abomination undertaking the genocide of millions. And it goes on. Lawfulness is not goodness. Goodness is not lawfulness.


Your comment appears to express skepticism of the superiority of state power.  Or perhaps you mean it is not for individuals to pass too much judgement; state order and ethics being different topics.


>state order and ethics being different topics

Yes. The questions "Is it raining outside?" and "Should I eat some bacon?" are both worthwhile things to ask in the morning, but they're not inherently logically related. Saying "I just ate some bacon a minute ago, therefore it's started to rain" is silly.


Got it.  We are to respect and obey state power.  But if state power is used to undertake the genocide of millions or anything else, it need not be considered ethical.  State force is simply something that would not be appropriate to resist or disrespect.


I did not know a boot could be shoved so far down one's throat.


I'm glad I am able to expand your knowledge of possibilities.  I find nuanced perspectives on state power don't go well with me.  I can not hold them stably in my mind.  And I can't be an anarchist, so I have to stick with a simple philosophy.

The boot represents oppression by state power, I believe.  I mean, if I admit states can be oppressive, the whole thing collapses.


So you choose to ignore when states are oppressive because you are febbleminded? Got it.
Or maybe this is the most unfunny infuriating state violence apologia bit and the egg is on my face.


>So you choose to ignore when states are oppressive because you are febbleminded? Got it.

You're on the right track, but I guess it's not my place to make psychological assertions about my mind, as I have no licence for that.  The important thing is I've found a way to get the answer people need me to have: respect for state force.


Then choke on the boot I guess.  


If that is how you think of it, may you also choke on the boot of state power.


Or, you know, however you get to the right answer with your differently able mind.


i just wanna grill, for Celestia's sake!


I keep feeling that gas is better than charcoal.


File: 1705719320969.jpg (7.16 KB, 311x162, 311:162, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Why can't we just grill in peace?


There's no such thing as apolitical, yanno. If you don't have a problem following the state it just means you agree with what its doing (or maybe youre just unaware) (whether you actually do believe/agree is not important, you are essentially just saying youre fine with it, regardless)

and hey. thats okay.


I also wish to just grill in peace.

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