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Would you like to discuss ideologies and political theory broadly or more current events?

Would you like to talk about issues of social and environmental justice or more business and economics?

Futurism?  Tech? More about elections?  Wars?  Less of something?

Or do you want to discuss the politics in the MLP universe?


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I personally think discussing/debating political topics is pointless, especially in this political atmosphere where tribalism rules everything and ideology and/or philosophy is mostly just a means to justify one's tribal identity after the fact.




Also fewer weird baiting threads would be nice.


So just the removal of the board?


OK.  Are there topics that are not political that you have in mind instead?

Hmm...I take it none of the threads are acceptable.  That is unfortunate.

I guess less of everything is an answer to the question.  But you'll have to recommend site changes to staff.

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