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What is your opinion on suicide?

Personally i think the only time it is condoneable is if you are suffering from a terminal illness that will cause you extreme pain before death over a long period or cause you to enter a vegetable state.

Outside of that there really is no excuse to be honest.  There is always solutions to any problem, be it financial, emotional or first world millenial, and honestly if your solution is just to throw away the one life you were gifted with, then you did'nt deserve to be born in the first place.

Which i suppose would have the same outcome for you but suicide generally causes harm or trouble for other people too, making it also selfish and also hypocritical if your reason was no one cared about you, because you obviously didnt care about the feelings of whoever has to clear up your mess after either.


My body, my choice.  If you can't even control whether you're allowed to exist, you can't really be called free.


I'm of the opinion everyone has the right to decide that they no longer wish to continue living. Circumstances are quite irrelevant.


One should be an ultimate authority over their own life. Ideally external matters should be settled beforehand, as well it would be polite to do so in such a way that doesn't leave a task for someone else to deal with.

I'd rather it in fact be normalized for people to have some control over how they end their life. If there is no duty of care in place, I don't think anyone has a right to someone else's continued existence.

Furthermore in the case of elderly people, I actually find it disgusting how their often adult children essentially force them to stay alive because their own emotional resilience is subpar. Everyone should have the right to die.


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So, suicide is obviously a sensitive topic, and one that some folks may personally struggle with, or have struggled with in the past.

I do think this a topic worthy of discussion, however I just want people to know that I'm going to be keeping a fairly close eye on this thread. No matter what or how strongly you feel about this, let's make sure it stays about the ideas and not attacking each other.


Ultimately, if you can be said to be free, to have rights, suicide is your choice alone.
Whatever your reasons for it, that's your choice to make.

If we do not have that option, we cannot say we 'own' ourselves. We are not free. Another has ultimate authority over us, even if they allow us to do as we wish beyond that.


Well as i said im all for ending it if you are going to suffer and die regardless, and i do kind of agree with the elderly thing, especially because no one wants to lose all thier dignity and just spend the last years of thier lives fading away into nothing.


Fair. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to talk someone out of it. Especially in the case of a younger person, I think it's totally justified to try and pull them back from the edge if they're in that state due to some sort of distress. I've done my fair share of just that and likely will again.

But you can only do so much. And sometimes the anguish is so horrific that it is almost cruel to force someone to continue in that state. As hard as it is, sometimes there's no solution. Not some terminal disease, but the demons some people wrestle with.


>What is your opinion on suicide?
The only authorized opinion is that suicide is FORBIDDEN, and so that's the only one I will appropriately express.


>Personally i think the only time it is condoneable is if you are suffering from a terminal illness that will cause you extreme pain before death over a long period

What if it causes extreme pain until death but isn't terminal?


Yes, if theres no cure or effective medicine


At least in the case of America, I feel like every suicide case is essentially a murder.

If we didn't have widespread pain, hatred, and misery in this country due to the average person abandoning basic human niceness and most people treating each other in public like insufferable douche-bags, then depressed individuals wouldn't live like statues being eaten away into lumps by acid rain, the gradual pain of living itself due to the abuse and harassment of others being so tough.

I've little clue how to actually make things better, though, other than countless individual small efforts to raise the sanity waterline.

I would argue that a lot of it does come from the top, though, and a country that moves from having icons such as Donald Trump to icons such as Fred Rogers is getting better.


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Honestly, let it happen. Talk to someone if you care, but don't pull that guilt-trip BS. That's just selfish. Forcing someone to live in a world that they can't stand is one of the most cruel things you can do to someone.

I've had a friend who killed theirs self. I'm not mad at them. I'm sad, but I'm also glad they aren't suffering anymore.


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It's really terrible.

But everyone should be able to do what they want with their own body, even killing themselves.

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