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Are you concerned about the proliferation of the H5N1 disease known as "bird influenza"?

Context: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/highly-contagious-bird-flu-detected-person-first-time-us-health-offici-rcna26581

Health experts in the U.S. state that the danger to humans from the afflictions rapidly spreading among avian species is minimal. Are they right? Maybe they're too cautious?


No, and near as I can tell, there's no real cause to be.
We've had such flus many times before. No major issue.
Covid has caused an insane panic over incredibly minor matters, and I'm not quite sure why.
Perhaps it's something to do with the acquisition of the media by large pharmaceutical industries.


My family lost all of their chickens to the disease recently.


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> Covid has caused an insane panic over incredibly minor matters, and I'm not quite sure why.
> Perhaps it's something to do with the acquisition of the media by large pharmaceutical industries.


This has been a well known fact for years.


Were you in some kind of a coma for the past few years such that not any of the objective news about the coronavirus pandemic failed to reach you?

This is some of the most brazen denialism that I've ever seen.

I'm tempted to ask if you think that the Earth is flat, Donald Trump won the 2020 election, dinosaurs coexisted with humans, and the Holocaust didn't happen, honestly.


Your resorting to petty insults and absurdism rather betrays your lack of argument here.

You declare the news of the virus to be "objective".
What's your evidence for that claim?

I've provided clear evidence of a major conflict of interest in the mainstream media's financial ties to big pharma, something that's been well known and documented for decades.
Rather than even engage with that, you feign some cheap hysteria.
Do you have an argument? Or is your goal here just simply to mock and dismiss anyone who'd disagree with your worldview?


The sun exists even if the man in the darkened cave screams otherwise.


I agree.
Which is why the statement "The Mainstream Media has direct financial ties to big pharma, representing a major bias" is objectively true, regardless of your meme pictures or your petty insults you've deigned to throw around.

Then again, I'm not sure why I'm bothering to engage with someone who resorts to such practices as a response to the slightest contrary viewpoint.
Still, I would've hoped you could at least maintain some semblance of maturity enough to at least avoid posting, if you can't discuss such matters without such behavior..


The mainstream media has a bias in favor of a lot of things. In support of Israel. In support of capitalism. In support of the Democratic Party. In support of the military-industrial complex. In support of space exploration. And so on.

That this exists doesn't therefore mean that we should live in a paranoid conspiracy denialist world in which the Earth is flat, communism must destroy all free enterprise, the Republicans must set up a one party dictatorship, Israel must be exterminated off the map, and so on.

I don't really know, though, if I should waste my time with an extremist such as you who apparently thinks that several hundred thousand of innocent victims dying of the coronavirus means nothing due to your insane ideological views.


Nobody said we should. This is what is commonly referred to as a strawman.

I am not responsible for the unreasonable leaps of logic you take.
They are not my arguments.

Nobody ever said the deaths mean nothing.
I'm not an extremist because you want to pin beliefs on me.
If you disagree, fine, you're welcome to disagree.
But acting like everyone who thinks slightly different from you is some insane psychopath believing inane nonsense that you come up with is absolutely unreasonable.


I hope that reality can break into your bubble someday.


The same to you.
Pointing out the objective reality that is media has a major bias where pharmaceutical interests are involved due to their major financial ties should not be a matter of contention.


And the objective reality is that the bias of the media doesn't prove a grand denialist conspiracy shouldn't be a matter of contention either.

It's quite a shame that people as deranged as you exist, to be honest, but I do hope that your ilk start to calm down sooner or later.


OK, nobody said that.

So maybe stop making shit up


Maybe stop living in an insane bubble world and start accepting objective factual reality.


Considering this is coming from the person attacking arguments that don't exist and were never made, I'll take that with a copious amount of salt.


Someday, though, the penetration to break into your bubble world may come. I really hope so. It'll not just be better for you, of course, but for the world in general.


Again I would echo the same to you. Maybe one day you'll be able to argue against what people have actually said, instead of the arguments that you've made up in your own head


Maybe someday you'll accept actual reporting instead of wallowing in denialism.


Actual reporting, sure. Never said anything against that. No idea why you think I would.


I mean. Actual, actual reporting. Not things that you choose to spoonfeed yourself.


Who said I spoon feed myself?
You keep just making up things.


Please, though, seriously. Look at objective reporting on science at some point in your life. It will help you. He'll, the OP link is even a start.


Again who says I haven't?
I have. I've seen the data that the media screeches about, and it doesn't say what they insist it does.


Reality exists even if you don't like it.


I agree. Shame you take such strong issue with it.
Pointing out the objective fact that the MSM has significant bias in pharmaceutical interests shouldn't be controversial.


Pointing out the objective fact that scientific reporting still exists that educates shouldn't be controversial.

Again, I hope to God you wake up at some point and put down the kool-aid.


I agree. It's a good thing I never said it didn't exist. You keep trying to make these gotcha's out of stuff I've never said nor ever stood against.

There's no Kool aid beam drunk here, you are jumping at ghosts

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