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Will got banned for 10 years


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>>10815  that's a real slap in the face


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I mean, well, it unambiguously was assault and battery, so the punishment feels a tad weak. Still, it's justified. Also, I like the shirt.


It was assault. He should be tried for assault. He should go to prison for assault. The blatant elitism of the legal system just astounds me. If you're rich and famous, cops just let you do whatever. If you're poor, they'll break into your house and shoot you. It's honestly disgusting, and police officers should feel ashamed of themselves.


I mean, Chris would have to press charges for that, right? He probably doesn't want to?


I mean, I don't think what Will did was okay.
But it's not like Chris needed urgent medical care or Will kept assaulting him until they had to pull him away.


Ethically, Rock clearly deserved to have pressed charges if he wanted to.

Really, if he had, there's no way Smith would've gotten off free.

Seriously, in a just world Smith should serve at least some jail time.


In a just world, it would be up to Chris.


The wealthy rarely do anyway. In a practical sense, this may well be a stronger punishment.
Assuming he remains banned for the set time, anyway.


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