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Suppose for a moment you're unemployed or you're searching for a job.
Suppose you're called with a so called lucrative job offer, but it's to help run a shady business.

* Calling people to sign up for a scam
* run code for malicious programs / designing phishing pages
* design algorhythms for bitcoin mining operations or malware to turn other systems into mining servers
* building up hype on social media for shady businesses

If they promise you good deals, would you consider going for it?






Depends. If it's no big deal waiting for a better opportunity than no. If there's a chance I might not make rent then I'm not gonna be homeless for my morality. The shit job can always be a stepping stone to a better one.


If only there were a system in place to protect against having to pick between doing harm to other people or losing access to shelter.

But that is silly to think.


I feel like taking a job that would either lead to suicidal depression or would make your own underlying conditions far worse would ultimately really not be worth it.


I'd certainly do things that other people might consider unethical, but I wouldn't go against my personal ethics for a job.  Definitely wouldn't try to scam or exploit anyone.


I believe in...survival, I guess.  And that most businesses have a shady side.  But things I consider especially shady would be my last options and only until I could find something else.


oh I have a good one for you. selling drugs.


File: 1649253168762.jpeg (82.29 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, E_u_KhRVIAcV5HG.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Probably. I dunno. Depends on the level of desperation, likely.

I mean, if the country I'm living in has a "you either work or you starve, get no health coverage, or become homeless" but also doesn't provide an easy means to have an ethical and sufficient job, then I dunno.

Ethics fall to the wayside during desperation.


I'm unlikely to do anything regardless of money that goes against my personal code.
Though there's plenty of stuff I suppose that might be outside the 'norm' of ethical conduct. Hard to say.

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