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As per discussion on /pony/, and subsequent discussion on /canterlot/, the following clarification is being issued, pertaining to Rules 1 and 8.

Ponyville adopts the Cambridge English Dictionary definition of the word "slur", defined as follows:

SLUR noun: words intended to insult someone or injure someone's reputation.

He apologized for shouting an ethnic slur at a fan.

Slurs are prohibited on Ponyville, as per Rules 1 and 8.

Rule 1 pertains to use of slurs that is merely disrespectful (i.e., invocation of a slur outside of its generally understood offensive context for a non-scholarly purpose [newfag, oldfag] or variations on slurs used for comedic effect [nibba]).

Rule 8 pertains to use of slurs for the purpose of insulting or provoking another user.

Please note, the degree system applies as is typical to each of these rule violations.

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