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The locomotive steamed north, passing mountainous ravines and forest lined gorges, moving up towards the snow covered areas of what was the Unikon territories. Snow covered each rock and tree, the rivers below roaring with shards of ice tumbling in the torrents. Usually, it was the charge of the Weather Bureau in other parts of Equestria to handle such matters, with Pegasi scheduling these things in advanced, telling ponies in the area to be wary of what storms were to come, what was a perfect day to go out fishing and the like. That wasn't the case out in the Unikon territories; the storms were constant, and the result of a very angry tribe of Thunderbirds that made flight and viable crop growing an impossibility outdoors. Not to mention, forcing most food, water, and supplies to be transported by rail from the southern areas of Equestria.

The train sped on, chugging uphill, the headlamp brilliantly lighting the frozen bands of iron that served as its guides. The familiar timbers bound together and standing upright were soon seen, the glistening lights like stars in the skies coming into view. The mournful cry of the whistle was heard as the donkey at the controls bit and tugged at the pull. Those upon the wall began to open those massive doors bearing the symbol of Celestia and Luna upon them. The locomotive let out another cry as it chuffed through the gates, hauling a heavy load of freight and passengers, the caboose's lanterns swinging as the train soon passed the gates. The ponies upon the wall soon closed the gates as quickly as they could, the loud clang ringing in the air as the lock was soon heard. This was the mining town of Celestia.

The locomotive soon pulled into the station, various trains already at the platforms waiting. The many ponies, mules, and donkeys scurried about, moving crates, equipment, and luggage with them. They crowded the busy station, moving about their way. Several waited until the first train was empty to begin loading into it while the locomotive was detached, turned around, and put back at the front of the other end of the train. Many others moved onto the other platforms for the narrow gauge trains headed for the other two mining towns of Luna and Twilight, as well as the mining company train headed for the gold mine just up the mountain.

A map at the platform showed the only viable saloon and inn to stay at was The Rail Spike, which seemed to sit in the center of Mane Street. Just next to the station was the Celestia Mining Company office joined up with their Railroad office, and north of that sat the Militia's main office and armory, as well as the bank. Homes dotted around behind Mane through winding little streets every other shop.

Seemed most anything anypony needed was here: Grocers, General Goods, Blacksmith, Gunsmith, Pharmacy, Doctor and Barber's office, even a book store. Other than that, there wasn't much to this town other than the slick black mud, slush, and snow covered wooden boards serving as walks.

Those wishing to live will find that signing up for the militia is almost a requirement if they don't plan on working with the shop-owners, railroad, or mining company.

Welcome to the frozen north lands known only as the Unikon territories.


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I think I remember seeing something like this back a few years ago on Ponychan I think.


Yeah, figured I'd leave it a bit more… open ended?


(Hmm, I'm gonna give this a go and try out a new character I've been jumbling around)

The newest wayward soul to arrive in the Unikon. Will he find a new life or perhaps his end in the frozen hells of the north?

Name: Grim Weather
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Description: A grey Pegasus with snow white hair and a cutie mark with a white cloud shooting a bolt of lightning enshrouded by rain.
Occupation: Hired Gun (Will probably join the local militia)
History: Grim Weather is from the city of Cloudsdale where he used to be the common weather pony. His main area of expertise was to create large scale forces of nature such as blizzards, thunder storms, and even sometimes tornadoes. This of course relates to his name Grim Weather. Up until recently however there has been a very lack of interest in using the kind of weather he was good at creating so he was eventually laid off, causing him to head on down to the Unikon to make a new life for himself there in the much more harsher environment as an mercenary.
Personality: Grim is stern and often serious, having no time for jokes but instead focusing on completing any mission or task set before him. If you wanted something done then it would be best to keep him around as he is sure to the job completed. He still is moral though in his beliefs of protecting the weak and is generally good, despite his cold exterior, and will not harm any innocents.
Inventory: A Weather Cloak, Bolt Action Rifle, A Set of Rations, A Lantern, 1 Can of Oil, and Rope.

Down below is only notes for the GM and any players who may be reading may not want to go any further or else they will spoil this character's story.
Almost everything about Grim's history is true except for the reasons as to why he is down in the Unikon. Way back Grim was never laid off but instead he left to join up as one of Royal Guard, he did so well he even so much as to rise in rank so far that he was one of Celestia's personal guard ponies. Now with the Unikon being founded upon Equestrian values and the troubles being spurred with the local tribes against the settlers, Celestia has become worried that the local leaders in the Unikon are not acting with Equestria's interests in mind so she has sent Grim undercover as some lone mercenary to join up with the main military force either directly or just work under their pay. Grim's ultimate mission here is to relay information back to Celestia about the Unikon's current events and perhaps even bring an end to all the hostilities

If this isn't okay then just ignore all of the spoilered text.


The array of wanted posters, job offers, and advertisements plastered the station wall.

"Don't delay! Enlist today in the Militia!"

"The freshest fruits guaranteed!"

"WANTED! The Galavant Gang for Grand Larsony of the Unikon-Ponyville Railway. See CMDR Bottlecap in the main office!"

Signs nearby pointed to the offices many would be directed to. Several Equestrians freshly packed with things moving to the territory seemed to begin to file out of the station in unison, heading for the railroad, mining, and militia offices.


Grim walked along his way…

"The Galavant Gang huh? Hmm I'll have to keep note of that."

He looked on down at his travel papers. It said [i]Grim Weather, independent contractor[/?] all along with date of birth and other menial information. Grim smirked at his title though, it was a more polite way of saying Unikon's newest killer for hire.

He puts his papers away for now and checks on his equipment, making sure everything is there and not left behind on the train. Once done he went on down to the main office, seems to be a great place to get some work done.

Once he got on up to the main building, he took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and got his papers out to be ready just in case. He wasn't sure what to expect in such a rural area.


The main building of the station seemed to funnel in and out ponies, mules, donkeys, and gryphons like no one's business. Each were heavy with equipment for the mines they were bound for, a scant few standing at the doors wore the battered heavy wool brown uniforms of the Militia, a variety of rifles strapped across their backs.

Many looked to be in misfitting outfits, and were shuddering in the cold draft that came in from the open door. With the massive variety of the weapons they carried, these colts and stallions clearly weren't well trained, nor were they much of a police presence within the region. Though they did the job well enough, if they could.

The line of booths ahead had branching lines, a testament to the madness of bureaucracy that controlled most everypony in the world in this day and age. The Railroad office had three lines: Tickets, Arrivals, and Employment. The Mining company had two: Pay and Employment/Housing. And finally, sat the Militia window, offering Pay, Recruitment, Boarding, and equipment.


Grim looked around, being in the main area he had quite a few options to take from here on out. He remembered that he was interested in the Gallavant Gang terrorizing the train tracks. With them raiding the trade lines, a flow of income and resources into such a desolate could kill the town, even if the Gang itself is unaware of this. So Grim decided to stand in line for however long it took to get up to the Attendant that ran the Rail Office's "Employment" desk.

Once he gets up there, he inquire about the Galavant Gang.-"Excuse me, I was hoping to look for work as a mercenary and I was interested in taking a job that related to the troubles the rail lines have been having with a local gang."

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