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This is the ToE roleplay thread where players who have created their own pony character can come on in and adventure with others in the world of MLP. If you want to join the thread then please check out the OOC thread and submit a character sheet and await for approval.

All of the rules stated in the ToE core rule book is applied here with the exception of a few house rules.  First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have two quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

Final Word
The last thing to note is that if you have any questions or suggestions then you may contact me in the OOC thread or in the discord chat if you want to make a voice call. I hope you sign up and join us for these adventures

Signed, Critical Hit
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"Well... up we go. I'm as ready as I can be."


File: 1521821434469.jpg (315.72 KB, 1912x1013, 1912:1013, boyd-mckenzie-2-rcthronero….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The party climbs up the scaffolding by scaling the ladders and the wooden platforms provided. After 10 minutes or so they reach the top where they entered a small room that would have a pair of double doors that would lead into the throne room. Epic Mount bucks the doors open and they pour into the room to find Claymore accompanying Red Winter.

Claymore stood on the ground below her and Red Winter sat on the throne with a forcefield protecting her. She looks on at the party with an expression of superiority and speaks out to them.

Red Winter: "It would seem that Claymore was right when he predicted the crash was caused by you three. No other ponies would be able to get past those Fell Knights"

Claymore draws his sword at the party, ready to fight them.

Claymore: "If this is how it is going to be, if we have to fight in order to change Equestria for the better then I am content."


We're not here to fight.
We're here to ask you to stop this and turn yourself in.

Claymore, you of all ponies should know your father would not want this, he wants you back.


File: 1521821686919.png (148.01 KB, 845x946, 845:946, mac32.png) ImgOps Google

"For the better, is it? How strange that ponies like you never see the evil they unleash or wield themselves. And never take responsibility. It is always the others who have to pay for 'the better' while the likes of you sit on their comfortable throne.

But it is not too late. You can still make the right choice and stop this and help protect Equestria like so many others do. With good deeds and hard work."



Claymore: "I'm sorry Epic Mount, I know Gold Grail would want me back but this is how it was meant to be. Long ago I was discovered as a small child among a wreckage with nopony around. It was a foreign ambassador who found me, Red Winter's father. On that day I met Red Winter and she felt so sorry for me and promised one day she would make this place safe once more. I was then taken to Canterlot and I vowed the same promise and joined the Knights of Equestria. Years upon years we had planned to make this a better world while the knights failed to keep Equestria safe with this power of Friendship. Now after all this time we have the answer to keep everypony safe and to overthrow our useless overlords..."

He points his sword at Epic Mount.

Claymore: "You of all people should know this and what potential this could bring. You had your family struck from you as well. Just think if we had the power of strength rather frienship? Us both could still be with our families but we know now that is too late. Instead I do this for everypony out there so that they will never lose another loved one..."

Red Winter laughs at Summer Rye, seeing his words as foolish and empty

Red Winter: "You'll understand soon enough what we are going to bring, Claymore knows it already. It is you holding back Equestria, not us!"


Rye shook his head. "Maybe the knights failed, but the power of friendship was what saved Equestria over and over. It was saved by those with a bright, shining heart, not those with weapons."


File: 1521822464156.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

You're right, I was taken from my family. It could of been provented. But that doesn't mean it's right for us to take that power away from others just as we were taken away from our families.

And just as sad things has happened to us, so have good things! You were adopted by Gold Grail, he wants me to bring you home, he's putting his duties as a father first before as a knight. You are surrounded by knights who respect you.

I myself chose to be alone in Everfree Forest until friendship was forced onj to me by a purple unicorn and her friends. Now I'm surrounded by many good friends who contribute their strength onto mine. I've done what I can to make Equestria a better place for others, not by might, but what is right.

And I bet deep down you know that war is not the right answer for Equestria, it's never the right answer. Imagine how many foals will end up just like us due to Red Winters lust for power.


File: 1521823012767.jpg (7.99 KB, 204x247, 204:247, pony knight.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Claymore: "I'm sad Epic Mount, sad that you don't see what needs to be done."

He pulls over the mask on his armored helm and ready his sword.

Claymore: "We are on the verge of the new world all that is standing in the way is my student. This will be my last lesson to impart upon you, the importance of strength."

Critical: "He won't face you alone. I don't know much about this friendship stuff but I know that I won't abandon Epic Mount or Summer Rye in their time of need. We are going to face the end of Equestria together whether or not you like it."


Boss Encounter
LVL: 7
B:20 M:8 C:6
Sword Play:20 6
Telekinesis:20 6

Quirks: ?

After that Claymore reaches for his necklace and tugs on it, causing it to glow a blinding light that revealed that there was now two Claymore.

>Claymore used a mirror enchantment on himself. During this time the party can attack Claymore but have a 1d2 chance of hitting the clone. The clone has the same stats but has half of the users current HP.


File: 1521823200445.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

"Such wasted power..."

Rye takes his pitchfork and attacks Claymore - or at least tries to.


I'd rather die protecting the Harmony of Equestria than see it in ruin by war.

>Prepares to fight.
We may not have the Elements of Harmony, but you're with just another tyrant that needs to be taken down.


Rye goes in for the first attack and the Claymore's look ready for a long and hard battle.

Rye Body 1d12 = 7 Farm 1d20 + 1d4 = 15 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 17

On hit 1d2 = 2 2=Clone

Epic Mount goes in for a strike at his master, the two ready to fight. Not only did their hooves clash but this was as well a battle of ideologies for the future.

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 9 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 12 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 9
1d2 = 1

Critical attacks as well.

Crit Mind 1d20 = 4 Gamb 1d20 + 1d4 = 8 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 9
1d2 = 2


"Did... I get him?!"


Only Epic Mount was able to land a hit onto Claymore and he managed to actually hit the real one...

Claymore HP: 16

The two Claymores go in to attack...

Claymore Body 1d20 = 11 SP 1d20 + 1d6 = 15 VS Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 8 Def 1d20 + 1d4 = 22

Crit: "Urgh, not yet the fucker's fast!"

The Clone goes in to attack Rye...

Clone: Mind 1d8 = 1 Energy Beam 1d20 = 13 Vs Rye Body 1d12 = 8


>Epic defended himself while trying to keep his concentration on the Claymore he previously struck. When he could, he will strike the same one again.


Rye groans but goes at it again, hoping to hit the right one this time.




Claymore locks his blade itno Epic Mounts armor but thankfully it does not cut through and only leaves a gaping hole.

Claymore: "I would like to take credit I taught you well but we both know it was time in the Everfree that made you strong like this. Time alone and away from friendship."

Rye was hit pretty badly by a burning energy beam that burnt a patch into his hide.

Rye HP: 9

Epic Mount goes for a retaliatory strike

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 2 Mart 1d12 + 1 = 7 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 5 1d2 = 2

Rye goes in for another attack as he ignores the pains he felt.

Rye Body 1d12 = 9 Farm 1d20 + 1d4 + 1 = 20 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 5 1d2 = 1

Critical goes ahead and uses a healing potion on Rye...

Rye HP 19.


"Thanks, Crit!"


Both the Clone and Claymore was hit. Rye hit Claymore so hard that his armor shattered into pieces when he fell to the ground...

Clone HP: 7
Claymore HP: 0

The clone keeps moving and uses its healing potion on Claymore who now got back up with his forehead bleeding badly. So much so that a stream of crimson covered one of his eyes.

Claymore HP: 14


File: 1521824305008.png (555.33 KB, 930x941, 930:941, Epic Mount is a big pony b….png) ImgOps Google

>Keeps fighting

You only tutored me for barely a week and I'm already besting you with my natual skills.
But you did taught me one thing, theres more to being a knight than shiny armour, chivalry and legacy.
It's about protecting toher ponies, fighting for whats right and for the protection of others no matter how impossible the challenge. Qualities that I've grown up with!


File: 1521824403159.png (249.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac43.png) ImgOps Google

"Please, surrender. There is no need for you to get more hurt!"


He's right. We're not here to kill you, I was a son taken away from a family, I won't take you away from Grail.


Epic Mount tries to mentally damage him.

Quirks Discovered on Claymore: Pained Past, Oath to Order.
>Meaning he responds to honor as well as his troubled past.

Epic Mount Charm 1d10 - 1 = 7 Bant 1d4 - 1 = 0 VS

[Oath to Order]
Claymore Mind 1d8 - 1 = 2

Claymore is now leaning against his sword as he coughed up blood that splattered below him as tiny droplets. Red Winter watches the battle from her throne but she does not show any pity for her supposed childhood friend.

Claymore: "I will not stop... I will keep fighting you. I will avenge my parents against the world that took them away."


Hearing Epic's words threw off Claymore and this would affect his clone too. Still though they go in to attack.

Claymore Body 1d20 - 7 = 10 SP 1d20 + 1d6 - 7 = 16 VS Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 12 Def 1d20 + 1d4 = 21

Clone Mind 1d8 - 7 = -1 Beam 1d20 - 7 = 7 VS Crit Body 1d6 = 1


File: 1521824844887.png (949.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mac57.png) ImgOps Google

"What would they say... seeing you like this...."

Rye tries to throw himself in front of Crit to take the hit.


Claymore tries to attack Epic Mount but his target dodges quickly which causes Claymore to stumble to the ground. He is once again forced to pick himself back up and seeing the party wonders how many times he had to do this in his life metaphorically and literally.

The Clone does manage to make its attack land on Critical but the damage is minimal.

Crit HP: 17

The attack already lands but Claymore still responds.

Claymore: "It doesn't matter what... Golden Grail would think.:

He turns around to face them with his battered visage.

Claymore: "When this is all said and done they'll know the truth and that Red Winter was right..."


>Epic doesn't want to fight Claymore anymore (but will defend himself if he must). He hopes he can break-through and reason with him.
What about the parent that took you in? Gold Grail? Does he mean nothing to you?

Your parents maybe gone, but you still have a father. Thats one difference between us that I don't have.

Talk about striking a chord IRL, given I too never had a Dad.


Rye waits whether Epic had success, attacking only if he failed.


Hey if things get too hard for you, let me know. I always want to make sure my players are emotionally invested in my RP but I don't want to make you really sad.


Claymore limps over to Epic Mount without saying anything. He dragged his left hoof across the floor to which the party will realize that he was fighting with a broken limb. Despite that he keeps his sword gripped in his mouth and swings it.

Claymore Body 1d20 = 15 SP 1d20 + 1d6 = 19 VS Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 5 Def 1d20 + 1d6 = 12

Rye attacks seeing that Claymore's only response was more violence.

Rye Body 1d12 = 6 Farm 1d20 + 1d4 + 1 = 23 VS Claymore Body 1d20 = 15


Epic wasn't ready for the sudden attack and Claymore's sword lodges itself into Epic Mount's shoulder which caused him insufferable pain. The blue of his jacket was now darkened to a red color and he could barely stand as it is.

Rye sees this and knocks Claymore clear across the room. Claymore gets back up and starts to limp towards the party until he finally dropped down and was unable to move anymore. The Clone also vanished

Red Winter: "Hmph, even as a high ranking knight Claymore has still proven useless to me."


It's OK, I'm not emotionally invested in my dad either given he never emotionally invested in me.


>Epic motions Rye to stop. He can take a hit from Claymore and willing to carry him if needed.
Even if it's not a cause I believe in, you still fought for what you believe in and thats great honour. No doubt about that.
I am sorry for your loss, the pain of being an orphan is something that never leaves you. But you are not alone. Gold Grail really wants you back. Not as your commander, but as your father. Please do not take that away from him.

>Epic winced in pain, but still ment what he said. Despite the attack he let Claymore rest on him.


He may have been a knight that turned against us, but he is still a knight who fought with honour.
>Winced in pain and grabbed his wound.
And some friend you turned out to be. You don't care for the well being of Equestria or a greater-power for it, you just want power.


Summer Rye sadly shook his head as he looked at Claymore.

"How can you call someone who just gave everything for you as 'useless'... have you no heart?"


Claymore was still awake and holing on as best he could. His breathing was heavy and he couldn't focus his eyes on anypony. Red Winter laughs at the sight of the war torn party who pitied the traitorous knight.

Red Winter: "You're right I have no heart and I only wanted power. Growing up I later realized that having a friend in the order of knights was a good foothold to start an insurrection so I started to implant the idea in Claymore that Equestria needed to be saved and he fell for it hook line and sinker. The poor thing probably felt like he owed me for saving him from the wilderness."

Hearing this Claymore's eyes widened as he learned that he was only used for his entire life. The one friend he had turned out to be a manipulator hungry for power and that he had abandoned his order and his father for nothing but a tyrant. Knowing this tears welled in his eyes as he figured out the gravity of his mistake and how it was hopeless for him to fix it.

Red Winter: "But this has surely gone on long enough. You ponies have quite overstayed your welcome in my castle and my soon to be kingdom."


>Epic took out one of his potions, drank most of it and splashed the rest on his wound. Whenever splashing it on wounds actually applies the healing effect or not, he was sure he looked like a badass doing it.

>Epic took out his other potion and gave it to Rye.
Here, please give this to Claymore.

No, no I don't think it will be.
I'm here, I'm still standing and I'm still ready to fight.


Rye hesitated for a moment before giving the potion to Claymore, hoping an act of kindness might make him realize the error of his ways.


She laughs at him and starts to use the throne to stir up a storm inside the throne room. The storm and winds get so bad that they are swept up into the air and pressed against the walls.

Red Winter: "Ah ha ha! I'll kill you all and take this land for myself."

The walls and floors started to crack apart and the throne surged a with a magic glow


>Epic then realised something.
>Fluttershy gave him mirrored armour for Hearth's Warming. Usually enchanted to ward off spells but can protect the wearer from pure unfiltered magic. He could probably push through the thrones magical surge and use his thunderous hammer to smash it!

>However Red Winter will need to be distracted.

>To Critical and Rye
G-guys! You need to fight her! You need to distract her for me!


File: 1521827043826.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

Rye moved in the direction of Red Winter, then suddenly stopped and pulled the invisbility cloak around him, standing perfectly still - hoping he could get a free hit on her in as she passed by.


Crit: "Right I got you, just try not to get hit by some lightning bolt."

Both Rye and Critical climb up the room by pulling themselves up by the stone pillars. Critical starts to hit force field with his cards and she started to try to hit Critical and Rye with hail to stop them.


>In order to help Critical and Rye distract her, he too will need to partially distract her.

Gonna be a real shame! Since we met in the barracks been checkin' your flank out. Be all the more sweet to spank it!

>Hopes this distracts her long enough for Rye and Critical to >>11690


They have to climb up there and he puts on the invisibility cloak. Red Winter does not move though because she sits on the throne.

The party was well in place and all that was left now was for Epic Mount to use his Hammer's lighting bolt.


"Well, there goes that idea..." Rye muttered and attacked her head on.


File: 1521827341595.png (143.47 KB, 591x700, 591:700, EPIC PAWNCH by Silver.png) ImgOps Google

>Grabs his thunderous hammer out and charges towards Red Winter. However his true target was behind RW, the very throne that controls the storm.


Time seems to slow down as the bolt of lightning jumps across the room and smacks into the throne. The storm stops and Red Winter looked confused as the magic energy built up in the throne. Suddenly it explodes causing a massive green energy wave to envelope her and the party as the entire throne room and the City of Stratus to fall apart. Once the magic wave hits the party everything goes black for them and they see nothing after that...


Equestria was saved.

>Will post end results in next post.


File: 1521827795274.png (284.07 KB, 497x795, 497:795, mac14.png) ImgOps Google

Well done!




The surviving Equestria fleet got to witness the city of Stratus crash down into the shoreline of the of the Bug Bear Territory. After several days of searching through out the rubble, they were not able to find any pony who among the ruins. Eventually the knights left without the heroes that saved the day and had to return to Canterlot after a week's worth of searching. After the threat was now over the land had collectively gave a sigh of relief as now they were no longer under any threat.

After the traitorous behaviour of some of their kin, most ponies did not have a high opinion of the knights. This caused them to go deeper into hiding and less out in the public eye. Golden Grail was devestated at what had become of his order but more so when he was given word that his son could not be found. Things got more difficult for the knights but perhaps one day some pony can change that for them.

After the incident Stalliongrad denied any invlovement with Red Winter and even helped with the investigation of Stratus City with the knights. Ultimately this helped relations with Stalliongrad and Equestria.

Galloping Horse Outpost
After the party had saved the farms in the Galloping Horse, the village quickly grew into its own independent town. Life here got much better and there's been stories of a young colt who got his cutie mark because the party showed him how to be brave.

Fell Knights and Stalliongrad Soldiers
Those that worked for Red Winter found themselves without leadership and went into hiding where they would quietly integrate with society. Many of the fell knights that survived were either caught and banished out of Equestria for treason or started their lives as regular ponies who got married and raised families without any desire to do anything like that again.

After the incident Canterlot became much more safe than what it was previously and it was all thanks to the party. Blazen Path started to begin a new series of research to hopefully get his name into the Canterlot archives which he eventaully does. He chalks up his success on planar movement due to getting inspiration of the adventurous behavior of the party.

The Mane 6
After hearing the news that the party was not coming back home, the Mane 6 mourned their loss and would never forget Epic Mount, Critical Hit, and Summer Rye. One particular shy pony was especially sadden by the loss of Epic Mount. Unfortunately for the Mane 6, the map had called them into a dangerous region to go fix a friendship problem so once again their duties were called upon.

Rye's Farm
With the money Rye had been saving up to help the farm, his parents were able to  fix up the place and make it flourishing once more. This was of course no replacement for the son they had lost.

The End
With all that Equestria was made into a better place thanks to the sacrifice of the party. Many could sleep well at night knowing that there wasn't any agents in the darkness to undermine their nation. This was not though the end as forces in the background were well at work to regain his control and once again attempt to conquer Equestria.

To Be Continued in Tails of Equestria Part 2


From watching lots of superhero cartoons and comics, I've learned of one thing:
If the body cannot be found, that doesn't mean they're dead.


I do gotta go now but I put an update in the OOC



File: 1521829259673.gif (821.76 KB, 250x246, 125:123, bg140.gif) ImgOps Google

So ends the tale of Summer Rye.

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