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[Open] [Free Form RP] [Cross-over] [Adventure/Survival] [Simple Dice Rolls]

    Interdimensional dungeon crawling is the favored pastime of the delusional and unwilling where the "crawl" is taken literally more often than not. Here, anyone can enter, if they so happen to walk through the wrong door at the wrong time. You can leave anytime you like, but you'll find that the door you used to enter will not necessarily lead back to the world you knew, if not simply to the broom closet. Seeking out your exit door is the goal of many who inhabit this place. That is not a grammatical error either, there WILL be others who are looking for YOUR door to hold it hostage and prevent you from ever leaving, at least not without being asked to sacrifice something in return. It is also unpredictable where any given individuals exit door may spawn and you may find yourself a longstanding resident if it spawned on a dangerous floor or one controlled by a not so friendly organization. Friends and allies are a necessity for survival, so whether you like it or not, you're stuck in here with these people, so you had better learn to cooperate or none of you will ever see home again.

    The rules are simple, each pocket universe, more commonly referred to as "floors" have their own unique set of rules. Now you might be asking "What if I break the rules" to which i would respond, these aren't the kind of rules you can break, they are laws that dictate the very function of these floors. If on a given floor it was commonplace for powerful individuals to fly at will, then it is done, but if that same individual were to enter a floor where that is not possible according to that floors rules, then they will be forced to walk like the rest of us. This can be applied to any number of abilities ranging from magic/super powers, enhanced items, physical ability, to even accessible knowledge in some cases. That being said, if you want an advantage in this world then you will need Objects of Power (often called "OP Items") from floor bosses.

    Floor bosses are either beings who the floors created for the purpose of containing objects of power brought in by unexpected visitors over the eons, or visitors who became permanent residents and took over one or more floors. Oh right I forgot to mention that didn't I? If you came in with any particularly powerful objects, they will be restricted to their lowest power denominator. Super sword designed for absorbing the power of gods? It's just a sword now. A copy now exists and is in the hands of a floor boss. If you wish for your  item to be restored, then you will need to take the copy from it's new owner. Though you should be careful, I doubt any of them will let go of their newfound power willingly. This can also apply to some powerful abilities of visitors.

    In the end of course, none of this will matter if you can find your exit door. Upon returning to your world, you will be restored as you were before you entered, but once that door closes, you can never come back. Unless you just so happen to stumble upon the right door, at the right time.


File: 1715303312458.png (126.92 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ot4svfvBDn1t0km12o1_400.png) ImgOps Google

>Somewhere on Ground Floor, a strange man in a rooster mask argues with a market merchant, though it would be more accurate to describe it as a pawn shop than anything else.

What do you mean this is only good for a weeks worth of rations??? You know how many floors I had to speedrun just to get these? This is primo stuff pal! I can guarantee this is the best there is this side of the Mississippi! You won't find anybody else who can provide what I do and that's a fact! Is this because I still owe you for before?

>He leans onto the counter, his expressive hand waving about with every word.

What's it gonna take to make this work huh? C'mon Maggie, you know me! I'll have that whole thing paid off in no time, but for now, I really need a fair exchange rate for these.

>The lights in the pawn shop flicker before fully lighting up, revealing a robotic humanoid standing behind the counter, fully indifferent to her customers please. Totally emotionless.

Current Market Price for soul crystals is 50 xp each, Non-Negotiable

>The man sighs and droops his head, defeated. With a dismissive wave of his hand, he continues, fully dropping his upper body onto the counter.

FINE fine, I'll just trade. Gimmie eight spell scrolls, five food ration slips, and uhhhhhh I'll try my luck with the ducky lottery this time.

>The robot woman retrieves his requested items and places them in a bag before handing them over, printing out a duck shaped lottery ticket from the palm of her hand. Begrudgingly, he takes his order and immediately starts rummaging for his duck lotto ticket

Thank you for your patronage Dr Naus

Yeah yeah, whatever Maggie, see you tomorrow.

>The robot Maggie, leans over and retrieves the leather bags left on the counter, a few gold coins spilling out

There you are!

>The man retrieves his duck lotto ticket, scratching off the film to reveal... a duck expressing a rude gesture


>He crumples up the ticket and throws it aside.

I really need some new friends.


File: 1715316846049.png (148.19 KB, 291x337, 291:337, Hey Pandora I saw those ma….png) ImgOps Google

>Two figures would be wandering about the Ground Floor. One was an older weathered man, middle aged from the looks of it. He wore fairly plain clothed, pants, sneakers with the shoelaces untied, a shirt, and a dark poncho. His hair was black with white peppered on the strands of  hair, with two brown bear ears poking out from the shagginess. His eyes red, and his expression seemed fairly excited although lost in a way. An emotion fit for someone who is exploring uncharted territory. Although he seemed raring to go and had a bit of a pep in his step, his step also seemed a bit limp.

>Meanwhile the companion of his was a much younger blonde girl, locks down to her thighs, purple eyes, wearing boots and a brown leather jacket. She on the other hand seemed less thrilled about their current predicament. Her eyes were focused on a screwdriver in one hand, and strange box like device on the other, screwing, fiddling, jamming, doing all sorts of odd maintenance on it. Eventually with a heavy sigh, she'd toss the device over her shoulder and pockets the screwdriver.

You know, I've said it like 5 times in the last 9 hours. But I'm not happy about this. You sure we can't ask Abuelita to get us out of here?

Ahhhh, come on! We've only been here for 9 hours! Where's your sense of adventure! Come on! I remember you were brimming at the thought of exploring somewhere unknown! Hell, it was like you were somewhere else every other hour! Atleast give it another....3 ....6 hours. Before I try that....not that I think that'd even work...

>The blonde haired girl deflated, her ahoge on the top of her head falling limp as she gave the older man a tired look. Before closing her eyes and inhaling, the gesture causing her to inflate in a way as she pushed her mucky mood away

Alright, alright, fine. We'll scope it out around here a bit more, but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. All the people we've talked to are treating this like a weird game with XP, and video game terms, and yadadah.  Oh! For the record! I'm not excited about being trapped here with nothing but the scarf around my neck. It's like being thrown in the middle of the ocean!

>as the girl spoke that last sentence, she spun around to face the older man to make sure they made eye contact. Though, once turning around the older man chuckles a bit, still finding amusement in it all. Leaning over to the side to speak to a random passer by

Kids, am I right?

>The random passerby only turned their heads to face them, but paid him no mind and continued on their way.



>The blonde made her way to the defeated man, waving a bit to make sure his attention is fully on her

Do you know how to get outta here? Please don't give me that song and dance that I've heard before about this place. I know. "something something gotta find your door" "Something something gotta dungeon" "Something something -" you get my point.


File: 1715317860873.jpg (158.02 KB, 732x974, 366:487, ss (2022-01-09 at 06.02.25….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Another young girl had been passing by as the blonde shouted at the strangely dressed man with the chicken head, turning her head to look in their direction, taking a few moments to stare curiously.

>She had also heard a little bit of the womans conversation with her male companion, hearing her liken the dungeons strange systems to some kind of video game.

>Certainly not horribly inaccurate, but..

>Before the chicken man has a chance to respond, the young woman chimes in.

Well, I hate to say it, but you haven't really been lied to.

We're all in the same situation as you. can't get back unless you find the door that leads you there. Seems to be something stopping us from leaving.

>She exhales, closing her eyes for a moment.

Not much we can do about it from what I can tell. Just have to play by the dungeons rules.

I'm Alyssa. What's your name?


File: 1715320331465.jpg (47.13 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 343620009f97fa6adfca56af39….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Dr. Naus whips his head around as his attention is called.

Eh? What? Me blondie?


>He stares blankly at the new face joining in before giving an approving thumbs up.

What she said. Sorry, fresh meat, you're never getting home without getting to your exit door!


Good luck finding it!

>He looks back to the one who introduced herself as Alyssa

You look familiar... you been here long?


File: 1715323949152.jpg (20.99 KB, 312x388, 78:97, tumblr_78d60d706dc2f0b48a6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>A loud yell came from an open doorway from which the bottom half of a cat person could be seen standing, while their upper half was leaning through. With their upper half obscured by whatever was on the other side of the door, the only reason anyone would be able to tell that it was a cat person was the black-furred tail, tipped in white, that lashed the air, as well as the  full right leg covered in black fur. The left leg only had some black fur, the lower half was flesh like a humans, implying there was something unusual about this cat person. Whatever it was would not be anyone witnessing the scene's main concern, rather more likely they would be more focused on the insult being hurled at whoever "Kabru" was.

>The other half of the conversation, whoever this cat was yelling at, was muffled and unintelligible through the doorway.


>More angry yelling coming from said cat person, echoing out through the door. Their voice was feminine, though perhaps slightly lower in register than most, and they had the vocal sound of someone who was not quite fully an adult, though certainly not a kid anymore, either. And the fact that they were seeming to be yelling about particular people really gave the whole thing an impression that she was probably a teenager.


>It seemed that this particular catgirl was familiar, at least somewhat, with the interdimensional dungeon in which her bottom half was currently located. Not only familiar but, as her words implied, she had not only been there before, but she had escaped back to her reality at one point... and was not about to subject herself to this one again. What that said about the state of her sanity or mental health was certainly up for debate. But what others listening wouldn't know is that her own reality and the life she was living, was actually quite similar to this dungeon. It lacked the interdimensional aspect of it, as well as the inability to go back and forth easily, but in essence it was the same. This young woman was an adventurer who was used to dungeons, and the trials and tribulations that this interdimensional one imposed didn't seem to phase her.

>In fact, it almost certainly seemed she was happy to use it as a way to throw a tantrum and remove herself from the company of what were probably very friendly people who were worried about her. But, such is the way with teenagers, especially moody half-catfolk.


>It seemed she did still hold some of them in high esteem, though.


>Perhaps she had not meant to be so sentimental, as she was now attempting to cover her mistake. The movement of her tail was the only thing that belied the truth.

>And then she pulled her upper body through the door into the "Ground Floor" of the interdimensional dungeon, turning on her heel with a huff.

>This girl's upper half further showed that she was not, indeed, fully beastkin. Her entirely bared midriff was mostly flesh, with some black fur going partially down her back. Her right arm was similarly fleshy, like her left leg. Her hands did end in particularly pointy fingers on both hands, though, neither of which were covered in fur. She was wearing red arm guards so it was not certain where the fur on her left arm ended, but it covered most of it, all the way up to her shoulders.

>However much fur she had on her chest and upper back was not on display, as she was quite well covered up by an odd leather armor vest. It was two pieces of leather armor strapped together by eight clasps, each one designed to be easily unbuckled to remove it. The vest only covered her chest and upper back, leaving her shoulders bare, and much of the middle of her torso, stomach and all. To cover her waist, all she wore was a quite simply looking leather skirt, two leather pieces tied together at the hips, leaving the majority of her legs quite visible, all the way up to beyond her thighs.

>Overall it was very clear her outfit was designed to maximize dexterity, not protection, and left her a fair bit exposed to both attacks and people looking at her. But she was lanky, extremely so, thin and lithe. She was quite cute, being a catgirl and all, but she was not a busty, curvaceous babe that would draw lecherous looks from onlookers, so it was likely she didn't concern herself with such things.

>To fully complete her look, she had a very nice red scarf wrapped around her neck, tied in a nice big bow at her back. Her short-cut and fairly wild black hair framed her face and looked not entirely unlike fur. She had yellow eyes with slightly slitted pupils, and a slightly angular, catlike human face. Atop her head were two big cat ears, the right one topped with a white spot. Anyone who looked at her would think she was cute, unless they didn't like cats.

>But looks aside, when she turned around she had a clearly frustrated expression.


>She expressed her frustration, but in a much quieter exclamation than the insults and arguments she had been sending through the door.

>She brought her hands up to her face and rubbed them up and down across her features a few times, head tilted back slightly.

>As she was doing this, the door behind her was slowly, ever. So. Slowly. Swinging closed.

So annoying!

>She huffed, slowly drawing her hands back down her face, dragging her skin along with them on the way so her eyes were pulled down.

>The door continued to slowly swing closed. An inch. Another. It was halfway closed now.

>Finally, she dropped her hands to her sides and then lowered her head similarly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

>The door was now just a quarter of the way open. It was getting closer to shutting.

>The young feline lifted her head once more and turned on her heel to face the door.


>Only for it to close in her face, slightly bumping her nose.

>She gave a shriek and jumped back for a moment, one hand going to rub her nose. She looked at the door with wide eyes.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck-

>She said, not quietly, over and over again. She jumped towards the door, hand flying from her nose to the handle.


>She tugged the handle. The door didn't budge. She tugged it again. Still, it didn't budge.


>She yelled at herself and then pushed the door instead, turning the knob at the same time.

>The door swung open inwards, her eyes went wide, hopeful. Maybe she was lucky? Maybe it would open up to her friends, her home?!


>She screamed in utter despair as the door opened and revealed a small, ancient looking broom closet, full of broom handles. They didn't even have bristles.

>The catgirl slowly sank down to her knees, her upper body leaning back and her arms lifting to the sky.


>She shouted into the air, at nothing and nobody in particular. Maybe the dungeon itself. It was like that scene from that movie. Except she had never seen that movie. She didn't even know what a movie was.

>She slowly lowered her arms, and arched herself forward. She sat there on her knees, torso hanging limply, bent at the waist.

Six weeks... it took six weeks to find it last time...

>She said softly, to herself.

And then we make it back... and within two days, another door leading here.

>Her voice caught in her throat. She sniffled.

And then... I go...

>She slowly lifted her head again, looking back up into the air.


>She yelled out, cursing aimlessly.

>And then she went silent and closed her eyes. After a moment she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She leveled out her head so she was 'looking' at the door again with her eyes close. She slowly opened them and then picked herself up off the ground. She dusted off the fur of her knees, ran a hand through her hair and over her ears, which gave a little flick.

Okay. I'm cool, I'm cool. This is fine. I'm fine.

>And then she turned around, hands on her hips, and looked out at the street that lay in front of her.

>Full of people. Going about their business.

>Who had been witness to everything.

>The whole time.

>She had certainly attracted some attention, it was hard not to have, after all that.

>If there was one thing Izutsumi did not like, it was being in the center of attention. Or, like, being given basically any attention at all. Especially not from strangers.

Fuck my life.

>She breathed out, ears flattening to her head.


File: 1715397880532.jpg (59.39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Hey now.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>The girls hair deflated slightly as the two spoke, simply saying what she had already figured. She should have expected that, really, but there was just a bit of hope in her that they'd be a general direction of where to go.

Bleh. Not the best lead to take but....eh...

>She hung her head down, looking at Alyssa and thinking

Nice to meet you I guess, not a 'fine whatever' I guess by the way, more of a 'Yeah. Alright.' Kind of way. Yeah, you been here long? Chicken head man looks like he's grown roots here...

>The blonde neglected to give her own name. Either because her mind was racing with other thoughts and questions, or because she wanted to ignore giving an introduction right at that moment. Before that could be questioned, her male companion answered from across the way, poking his head from around the corner

Her names Ary! She's not rude she just forgets to give her name!

>Ary puffed her cheeks slightly before craning her head to the side again, turning to look at the loud, disheveled, cat girl. With how the cat was screaming about taking six weeks, doors, and being trapped, it seemed like a lead. She'd quickly wave her hands slightly to gain her attention

Hey-HEY! Do you know how to get outta here catto?


File: 1715402607133.jpg (118.55 KB, 688x762, 344:381, ss (2022-01-09 at 05.58.26….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>The girl grows a bit of a cheeky smirk as chickenhead asks if she's been here awhile.

Ooh, am I famous already~?

>She asks in a bit of a sassy tone.

Well, I've been here long enough. About 6 months, I think. I've learned a decent amount while living here if you want some kind of guide. I'm I think I'm one of the better guides around if I do say so myself!

>She says so proudly, though not completely without reason.

>She looks over to the man poking his head around the corner though as he mentions the womans name.

And what's yours?

>She looks back to chickenman for a moment.

And what about you? Been here very long?

>Alyssa just kind of stops what she's doing and watches as this all unfolds in front of them, not knowing exactly how to respond to the strange cat person who had been yelling in the middle of the street.


>As she's about to ask the others if they should do something to help, Ary seems to completely ignore any kind of awkwardness the situation had created and shouts to the catgirl the same question she had already given her the answer to.


File: 1715407115365.jpg (45.82 KB, 564x763, 564:763, 894390bc6af92607b284d62d71….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Though not reacting to the strangers clamorous chorus, he does let out a small chuckle the moment he hears her door click shut.



Grown roots? Do i look like a tree?


Famous? I dunno, maybe, i don't really pay attention to that unless it gets me more xp to work with. I've been here for, uh...

>He holds up his hands and starts performing some strange form of calculations with his fingers before giving up.

I don't even know how to count it anymore, I've ended up on floors where time flows at a totally different rate so lets just say, a really long time.

Wait, did you say you're a guide? You're not one of the street corner scammers are you?

>He says as he clutches his plastic bag of goodies.

Because I've been scammed enough by pretty faces to not really trust em anymore


File: 1715496764668.png (20.35 KB, 169x175, 169:175, cvgb.png) ImgOps Google

>Understandably, Izutsumi's outburst- her... extended, teenage outburst- drew attention. Most, however, chose to ignore the yowling catgirl after giving her an odd look or two. Not all, though.

>No, of course, the type of person to witness such a scene and get into all that business would be someone who was new to the dungeon. No dungeon veteran would think twice about what happened, beyond "yet another person wailing about being trapped here".

>The blonde human girl successfully gained Izutsumi's attention, the girl's head flicking around to look in her direction, eyes wide in surprise at being yelled at.


>She asked, quietly, to herself, puzzled. That was a new one.

>Izutsumi didn't like strangers. But she was also smart, and pragmatic. She was here alone, all her comrades from before weren't there this time. She had to swallow her distrust and dislike of the spotlight in order to survive.

>However, Izutsumi looked from the blonde haired girl to the orange haired girl. Izutsumi had really good hearing, and a very strong memory for faces. She had seen Alyssa during her original six week stint in the dungeon, and she had heard her answer the blonde girl's question just a moment before she was asked the same thing. The three strangers were close enough to the place she had entered the dungeon that she didn't have to move from her position where she stood to talk to them.

>Izutsumi pointed to Alyssa.

She just told you.

>She pointed out, deadpan.

You have to find your door.

>Her eyes drifted towards the chicken-headed man, at which point she blinked twice in her version of a double take. Now that was weird. She knew better than to comment on things like that, though. Well, she knew better now.


File: 1715574626017.png (466.53 KB, 745x745, 1:1, Gimme a moment to think of….png) ImgOps Google

>At this point hearing the two sorta give the same answer of simply saying "you gotta find your door" instead of a lead, Arys hair deflates even more so. To the point where her ahoge was flat on the top of her head. The bear-like companion of hers would come around and try to push the hair curl of hers back upright, with no success though.

Oh me? Little ol oldie me? I'm Dominic Alistar! or just Dom. This is my daughter, Aryadne Alistar. Pretty sure you can guess the song and dance on why we're here, though that's not really a question I think.

>Dom put his hand to his chin, looking upright slightly. Before shrugging at his own thought. Ary shook her head, her hair bouncing back into it's fulliness before nodding her head

Yeah? You're a guide huh? ANd one of the better ones??

That's great! Surely you'll beable to help us find our door back, right? I guess I didn't really ask you three the right question. Not how we get back, but how we find out door to get back. ya know?


File: 1715603562447.jpg (57.88 KB, 386x555, 386:555, ss (2022-01-09 at 05.49.39….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well.. not actually, no. But I can help! ..A little.

>She puts her hand on the back of her head as she laughs a bit sheepishly to herself.

I can't tell you exactly where your door is, but I can at least give you a vague idea. And if you have any questions about what it's like in here, I can certainly do my best.

Unfortunately there isn't even a guarantee your door is on a floor we have access to right now, and even in the months I've been here, not a ton of progress has been made in getting into deeper floors.

>She sighs.

But I can give you a super quick rundown, if you like.

>Alyssa waves to Dom with a smile after he's done introducing himself and Ary.

Well, it's nice to meet you as well, Dom!

>And then turns to the newly arrived cat friend.

What about you? What's your name?


File: 1715754129935.jpg (73.22 KB, 564x1033, 564:1033, cb2e9fda3765dca549c5123ad2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Oi, don't you know better than to bug the screamers? You're lucky you didn't get your face ripped off!


There, ya see? You've already got somebody to help! Don't really get how you could find this newbies door after just meeting them though


File: 1716375264542.jpg (61.84 KB, 351x539, 351:539, who me.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Izutsumi blinked in surprise when the red-head girl turned to her and addressed her directly, asking for her name.

>Her ears went up and she looked back at her.

Uh, me?

>She asked, pointing to herself. She had sort of expected these people to move on from her pretty quickly, not ask about it. She blinked a couple more times before shrugging and dropping her hand.

My name's Izutsumi.

>She finally answered, ears giving a little flick. She had heard Alyssa's name before when the other girl had been talking to Ary, but she hadn't expected to get involved, so she forgot it immediately.

Sorry, what was your name again?

>She asked, prolonging the introduction phase.


File: 1716593366083.jpg (159.56 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __yang_xiao_long_rwby_draw….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Scammer or not, this is a better lead than just, "Find your door" Thank you! please! even if it's just a vauge direction and point, I'd take it over a half hearted shrug

>Ary, suddenly, was on her knees with a pray hands pointed at Alyssa, head down as if praying for her to give her a point. Dom blinks a few times, going to pat Arys head gently from behind, before giving Alyssa a shrug

Yeah, I'm not in a rush myself. My wife might get mad, but you know.

>Dom says as if Alyssa might know what he was talking about, being with a wife and all.

>Dom, the big burly bear man standing by the blondes side, gives Ary a nudge! Ary looking up at the cat from her position and quickly getting onto her feet, dusting off her knees as she said

Oh, My names Aryadne Alistar, Ary, the Inventor, Blondie....Yeah,

>Ary looked her up and down, seeing that she was a different kind of beastkin than her dad was. Mostly fur than skin.

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