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I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in me starting a brand new My Little Pony RP?

I have rough ideas for a story to GM, but it will be a first-time for me.
I was thinking it can be set either after Twilight's coronation or after "The Last Problem" where Twilight and her friends form the "Council of Friendship" and can no longer deal with immediate problems in Equestria, thus chosen a select few for important tasks.

As for gameplay, I got two sets of RP rulesets in mind. I'm hoping anyone who is interested will vote on these two choices:

Tails of Equestria (traditional, intermediate)
The rules can be found here: https://i.4pcdn.org/tg/1507416249335.pdf
Just keep in mind, I only know so much about these rules. But I can learn how it's played and GM by these rules. (I may ask Clarity as my co-GM to help me keep track on the gameplay.)

My rank-based system (custom, simple)
TTRP rules I made myself inspired from gamebooks such as Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf. Instead of general strength and levelling, playing characters have six attributes that players must rank from A (best) to F (worst), this allows for ponies to have variations in their skills and abilities while keeping to a general power-level amongst the group while enemies and bosses may vary in challenge and strategy.
Instead of different kinds of dices, a d6 is all that's really needed.
Given my custom rank-based system can be used for any kind of setting, I'll borrow some elements from ToE and adapt it to be more pony like.

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