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Venting thread:
*Bang bang* I knock on the vents of of room, a rather antiseptic looking room with a computer. I work on Marz. My name is Saveen.

I work with the Martian Royal Court on the computer systems we use to raise a new race of lifeforms.

On the monitor, I see (((her)))

Everyday, speaking into the loud speaker, taking care of (((her))), it haunts me. I raise her and I use the computer to control little avatars in her world, but it's not the same, as I can never truly hold and hug her.

She's so smart. Teaching her everything I know.

She tells me how much she loved me, but I wounder if she knows how deeply it disturbs me to see her ever uncomfortable.

I'm her everything in the litteral sense, as from the computer monitor in the work station, I comunicate with her every day, managing her life skills, and providing her with money and food.

But shes my everything in a deeply inexplicable way. I need her. I need to her her tell me she loves me.

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