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Was wondering if theres any plans for campaigns on /rp/ anytime soon. Maybe MLP:ToE, D&D or TDE?

Truth be told I only know as much on The Dark Eye as Clarity told me and looking forward for Vinifera Grapevine and Nåzom Ishëmvîr to continue their adventure. That is if ⛵ ever wants to play again anytime soon.

As for Dungeons & Dragons, I never played it before or read any of the editions but does look fun. I may not be a fan of maths or writing out statistics (that and wouldn't know how) but I do read The Forgotten Realms wiki and can perhaps make a character befitting of the setting while a GM helps me with the character sheet.
I don't want Vinifera to be my only go-to TTRPG character and thinking maybe making a forest barbarian with similar story to Epic.

I can probably make up my own TTRPG like I did with my Sonic TTRPG, While I never played TTRPGs growing up I was a big fan of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and can perhaps make a very simple homebrew in same manner.

All in all, I don't have any IRL TTRPG friends and I want to be invested into another adventure again.


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I haven't given up the idea of hosting TDE again but real life has been pretty busy. I hope I'll find some time but don't think I can make it earlier than December.


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I hope so. I've been coming up with ideas for new characters but nothing to use them on.

For example, my brother drinks this beer called "Grolsch" and I figured, that be a great name for a goblin character.

Plus I am proud of Epic Mounts backstory that I might adapt his story to another character... though I dunno what Aventuria's equivilent of Everfree Forest is.

Another character in mind is "Zonek", a parody/version of Sonic the Hedgehog that's redesigned to belong in the Forgotten Realm lore. So far I considered Zonek some sort of hybrid creation of a hedgehog and an air genasi.
I did consider him being a Raesokeran Edentatus but I do not know if they're a non-canon homebrew race to D&D.
But Zonek will have the bulk of his stats on speed, be a monk and if not related to air genasi will have some limited wind abilities to allow him to moveeven faster or perform acrobatic spins.

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