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This is an RP about ponies and the other races of Equestria, anyone is welcome to join. Post a general character sheet and we can begin.


Is this the first time you've done arpee? Anyways I'll be glad to do something here relaxed and not rule intensive.


Name Grim Weather
Gender Male
Talent Control Weather
Occupation Cloudsdale Guard Pony
Description Is a pegasus pony who has a light grey coat, a white mane with a light blue tinge, yellow eyes, and a  cutie mark with a cumulonimbus cloud.

Also if you feel up for it you can also join up in my RP.


As a guard pony it was your duty to protect Cloudsdale from threats, today would be no different as you are sent to patrol the skies near the city. With dragons to the east and griffons to the west, you had your choice of which to patrol for.




What is the story or very least direction in mind for this RP?



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