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File: 1616440998816.gif (186.51 KB, 358x258, 179:129, Volume Down.gif) ImgOps Google

I'm having trouble getting notification sounds to play!
I like to be able to hear the thread since I'm not always looking at the window while casually posting.

Any common reasons/solutions for this problem?


What OS and browser are you using?  If you disable auto-playing sounds, it may prevent the notification sounds.  Try copying the below code and pasting into your browser's JavaScript console.  Does it play a sound?  If not, scroll to the bottom of the window and try clicking the play button.  (Side note: As a matter of general cyber hygiene, you should generally read code before pasting it into the console, looking for anything potentially malicious.)

   var playSound = function(url) {
       if (window.activeSound) {
       var url = '/static/sounds/' + url;
       window.activeSound = $("<audio autoplay='autoplay' controls='controls'><source src='" + url + "' /></audio>").appendTo($("body"));


File: 1616466699325.png (263.42 KB, 500x607, 500:607, Main Brain Game Frame.png) ImgOps Google

So strange, pasting that into the console it sure plays a sound.

I'm running windows and using chrome.
I was using the Magic 1 sound and that might be just a faulty sound?

Running the same script but replacing ping with magic 1, magic1 and magic_1 all return a 404.

In fact, I can run any sound that doesn't have a space in the name, but a couple I tried with a space in the name failed.
Mainly because I don't know how the name looks on the page, but I'm also thinking that there might be an issue there.


Either way, while I can hear the sound when doing it from the console, replies still seem not to trigger it :/


Oooh. They work now. I had to allow the desktop messages even if I wasn't going to use them. Weird!


Hmm, that's odd.  Well, I'm glad it's working for you now!

>Running the same script but replacing ping with magic 1, magic1 and magic_1 all return a 404.
Here is the list of filenames, from https://ponyville.us/main.js :

    var sounds = {
       'message-1.mp3': 'Message 1',
       'message-2.mp3': 'Message 2',
       'message-3.mp3': 'Message 3',
       'incoming-1.mp3': 'Incoming 1',
       'incoming-2.mp3': 'Incoming 2',
       'attention.mp3': 'Attention',
       'ping.mp3': 'Ping',
       'alert.mp3': 'Alert',
       'bwong.mp3': 'Bwong',
       'chord.mp3': 'Windows Chord',
       'magic-1.mp3': 'Magic 1',
       'magic-2.mp3': 'Magic 2',
       'magic-3.mp3': 'Magic 3',
       'ta-da.mp3': 'Ta-Da',
       'flutteryay.mp3': 'Yay',
       'louder.mp3': 'LOUDER',
       'eeyup.mp3': 'Eeyup',
       'squee.mp3': 'Squee',
       'pinkie-giggle.mp3': 'Pinkie Giggle',
       'thwomp.mp3': 'Thwomp',
       'books.mp3': 'Books!',
       'yeehaw.mp3': 'Yeehaw!',
       'royal-alert.mp3': 'Your Majesty',
       'eh.mp3': 'Eh',
       'airhorn.mp3': 'Airhorn',
       'zelda-getitem.mp3': 'Treasure',
       'hello-b0ss.mp3': 'Hello b0ss!',
       'phonevib.mp3': 'Bzz bzz!',
       'typing.mp3': 'Typing',
       'typing.mp3': 'Typing',
       'alert-mystery.mp3': 'Mystery',
       'alert-tribal.mp3': 'Tribal',
       'alert-whatsthis.mp3': 'What\'s this?',
       'alert-ding.mp3': 'Ding!'


File: 1616599920842.png (1021.92 KB, 1080x1650, 36:55, Nic Nac Hop (Scarletts Fev….png) ImgOps Google

That would explain it, it was dashes, not spaces or underscores.

Also, yeah, it's working. I didn't think Chrome blocking the visual notification would also block the sound from playing. Well, now I know.

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