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Considering "disputed" is an element of "politics" i would like to know if the fact of the next President is still "politics" here or if i am allowed to discuss reality here with my friends yet.

Its a serious question.  Dont go projecting nonexistent imaginary hostility onto a fair and crucial question.

If the answer is "still no" then please just say so and please spare me any drama lectures.  If i need to go find friends in a First Amendment environment i will do so without complaint i promise.  I am not looking for an argument.  Just Yes or No.

So please lets keep the answer direct, nonaccusatory and under 100 words please.  Thank you.




Is that a yes to “the next President is still "politics" here” or a yes to “i am allowed to discuss”?


While posting a meme on Trump can be lighthearted, there are plenty of posts or observations to make that are political in nature. Any political fact can potentially cause a political discussion. And if those can be made politely, /pony/ is a place for that. However, this will more than likely not be the case.
Political facts don't exist in a vacuum.


Talking about the election and politicians is still considered political here. That hasn't changed.


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What about being allowed to have names on townhall?

Im not sure if moons was serious about that.  If so then perhaps a thread with a names checkmark and then names would be allowed within that thread only and people could use a name or anon for themselves like on /pony.  That way, other threads would be animals so it doesnt change anything for people who like it the way it is there.

I'd appreciate if you check with Moons on this to be sure your answer is correct.  If hes not going to let me have names on that board then i will stop asking, and if he will then i'd patiently wait for Max to implement it if he ever has time.  Thats a fair bargain, yes?  I hope you agree.  It seems i really dont know if i am being rude so i probably am.  Sorry.

Please take as long as needed for a confirmed answer and then let me know.  If that seems like what you want to do.  Or not.  I guess.  Whatever you think.  Thanks.


Why are names necessary in discussing politics?


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Such a question makes my brain explode.  Its its i just dont have words.  Anyone?

edit.  a lost pony will make only 1 attempt to explain as follows.  i have zero interest in discussing politics.  i just want to seek validation and share support with my friends about things that matter without fear of being lightning bolted if my life is out of control amidst current events that actually exist like whether i will have my DentiCal cut off by a supreme court decision or something.  I cannot be validated by nameless posts.  I need friendship.  

I know.  That fantasy imagines anyone here is my friend.  Sadly, not among the deciders.  Whatever.

Followup:  for example this happened today and i would discuss it with friends it directly impacts but cannot be posted on /pony. https://youtu.be/7h9zKFIhkS0


I can understand the desire for validation and support from friends, but you realize the nature of politics is that it cuts both ways, right?
It's not all black and white.
There's things that you might cheer for that might give me that "fear of being lightning bolted if my life is out of control amidst current events that actually exist", as you put it. Likewise, I'm sure there are things I might cheer for, that will equally give you the same feeling.
Validation and support are something everyone wants, but I hope you understand, politics does not only give you validation and support. Sometimes it gives rejection, and the feeling of being alone in the world.
People very often ascribe morality of people based on presumptions of their political stances. Getting labeled "evil" by your friends certainly doesn't feel very good. Especially when talking about politics rarely results in empathetic understanding between parties, or for that matter even understanding of the actual positions. More likely to get hidden, but that just makes it worse really, because then the thinking is just what they'd think of the "real" you.

I'm not really against names per say, but personally I think it does more harm than good. I am definitely alright with politics being segregated if not outright forbidden, though, as I don't think I've seen it ever benefit any community to have it be a regular occurrence.

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