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File: 1590692208999.png (290.11 KB, 1491x1328, 1491:1328, POnyville OC outline.png) ImgOps Google

Hello everypony!! Your Ponyville staff thought it might be fun to commission some OC's to represent the site, from our different resident Ponyville artists.

In this way, our team hopes to give back to the  community by supporting your art, while also having being able to do something cool for everypony!

Here is our first Ponyville OC, drawn by our dear friend, the talented Cookie Crumbs.

What should her name be?? Please offer a suggestion below! We will then host a poll, and pick together!! Isn't that fun?

Please also keep an eye out for her sister, who i think shall be drawn by our friend Hispanon!


File: 1590692239774.png (280.4 KB, 1491x1328, 1491:1328, Ponyville OC.png) ImgOps Google

here she is again, without the dark outline! Perhaps Cookie Crumbs can tell us more about her personality!


Unity Sower?


File: 1590694519255.gif (396.81 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 1117728__safe_screencap_an….gif) ImgOps Google

Dat look good!


File: 1590694734026.png (481.95 KB, 1280x752, 80:47, a04e0bf3e61f6b4f7887baeccb….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1590695285964.gif (46.92 KB, 1154x950, 577:475, shiny eyes fluttershy.gif) ImgOps Google

Horseshoe is a cute name! i was also thinking like, a beach or ocean theme named

Sandy Horsehoe?

isn't she cute??

sower, like a sower of seeds?


File: 1590695311102.png (915.08 KB, 1116x1601, 1116:1601, Cookie cookie! from beauti….png) ImgOps Google

hi Moony! hi everyone! thanks for commissioning me for this fun project! <3

When I was thinking about what kind of OC ponyville would be I tried to focus on aspects of the community/site that I thought best represent us! I wanted the colours to be warm and kind, and I tried to make her as cute and positive as possible! I also like to imagine she's a little bit mischievous and can get a little silly sometimes! Ultimately, though, I wanted her to be someone you would like to hangout with! open and kind and ready and willing to lend an ear! Or have some fun!

Ooo, that's a fun one!
oh this is good! Like her cutie mark!




File: 1590695940149.jpg (1.26 MB, 1808x1752, 226:219, downloadfile.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Horseshoe Beach?


File: 1590696149949.png (220.13 KB, 487x543, 487:543, pineapple mobile.png) ImgOps Google

Horseshoe beach sounds good! Reminds me of "Horsehoe Bay," which is were one of the ferries from Vancouver island goes to Vancouver city!


File: 1590696351470.png (219.04 KB, 425x425, 1:1, all the things.png) ImgOps Google

Horseshoe Bi*ch

I dunno, Horseshoes alone could suffice.


File: 1590696392639.png (211.9 KB, 425x422, 425:422, ah erh.png) ImgOps Google

By the way, would she be Cookies project for Ponyville only?
Or is she community property?


File: 1590697948018.png (1.77 MB, 5100x6600, 17:22, from above.png) ImgOps Google

oh, that's a good question! I don't know! I get the impression she's not my project exclusively, though! But Moony and the Ponyville staff would have the final say on that, I think


File: 1590698047461.png (360.83 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, ponies of the ponychans.png) ImgOps Google

Triple post, but I've had my thoughts on the ponies of the ponychans before. Well, it's not really a secret or anything.

Penny / Apple Bumpkin / Ponyville pony / Off Topic / Ticket

For Ponyville pony, I always imagined her as kind and optimistic, but a bit naive and too serious on some things.


File: 1590698296966.png (25.26 KB, 267x222, 89:74, 1706.png) ImgOps Google

Are names still being considered?

Cause if so, I'd like to drop a few ideas.

>Aureolin Soar
>Icterine Pop
>Baby Blue Dreams
>Lucky Skies


File: 1590698466434.png (168.94 KB, 507x454, 507:454, shrug 3.png) ImgOps Google

Lucky Skies is one I can get totes behind.

If it's public property, I assume it's fair game to take her design to use for recolours and other fan artwork.

If she's your creation only, I'd assume that it's expected not to copy it.


File: 1590698926977.png (298.48 KB, 563x602, 563:602, happy shy 6.png) ImgOps Google

Absolutely!! please share some names, Z!!

It is wonderful, what you have made <# she really feels Ponyville

Horseshoe Crab? Horseshoe sounds good, but also a little short

Horseshoe Beach sounds... like a location

but then, so does sapphire shores, right?

i was imagining that all kinds of artists could draw her! A community figurehead we can use on and off site

i do like the idea of kind and optimistic, but a bit naive and serious

Horseshoe Wave?


File: 1590698976401.png (821.95 KB, 2779x2643, 2779:2643, mew with bubbles.png) ImgOps Google

I think she's public property! I mean, from my end I drew her for the community so I don't hold her as my creation only! But it was Moony/the ponyville staff who commissioned her so they would have a bigger say than I, I think!
oh, I didn't know the other chans had their own ponies! What are their names?
Ooh, those are good, Z!


File: 1590699064386.png (38.81 KB, 170x189, 170:189, Thinking Fluttershy.png) ImgOps Google

i like lucky skies a lot

Baby Blue Dreams is a cool idea too!

Blue Daydreams? Is that a good name?

she looks like she is daydreaming  


File: 1590699246265.png (25.97 KB, 224x185, 224:185, 1388.png) ImgOps Google

Just thinking about how to incorporate the horseshoe mark. Plus the whole pegasus thing.
The Baby Blue is based on the mane/tail color

Same as the Icterine and Aureolin which are close to the body color, in terms of color names.


File: 1590699664574.png (195.77 KB, 446x454, 223:227, lookie here.png) ImgOps Google

[Blue] Bay Dreams?
Sounds cool, but like a coctail you pick up in the bar.

Neat, I'll go set up the porn!!

Icterine/Aureolin sound a bit too complicated for me.

Left to Right
Ticket (old Ponychan meme)
Penny (Ponychan)
Canon Burst (/anon/)
Apple Bumpkin (MLPchan)
Off Topic / Oatie (old /oat/)
Unnamed Ponyville mascot template (Ponyville)


File: 1590699822140.png (21.73 KB, 190x187, 190:187, 1343.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, it's a tad snobbish.


File: 1590699924365.png (282.97 KB, 526x353, 526:353, Shy Fluttersmile.png) ImgOps Google

oh wow, i did not even know those were real colors!

baby blue... hm...i do like these color based names!

the what


File: 1590700887522.png (240.17 KB, 1617x2250, 539:750, Nic Nac by RareSlime - Tou….png) ImgOps Google

Oh, what a cute new pony!

I like the Horseshoe theme coming on here.
But, I think I agree with it just being "Horseshoes"
Or, Horseshoes can be the second word.

>Sunny Horseshoes
>Lucky Horseshoes


File: 1590701029017.png (164.22 KB, 376x400, 47:50, huh 2.png) ImgOps Google

While I absolutely, definitely, positively like Cookie crumbs' artstyle, I do wonder what she'd look like when tacked on a show vector.

I don't know how to vector, though.


File: 1590701366932.png (397.91 KB, 786x732, 131:122, 3. Dulset Tarn 3.png) ImgOps Google

Peevil "Dot" Undershoe


File: 1590701652867.png (245.39 KB, 425x422, 425:422, is this another interventi….png) ImgOps Google

She's evil and she pees?


File: 1590701743343.png (545.67 KB, 989x886, 989:886, 3. Dulset Tarn 2.png) ImgOps Google

Do you not?


File: 1590701744769.png (426.4 KB, 900x993, 300:331, Surprised Shy 2.png) ImgOps Google



Sunbeam Dream

Sunny horseshoe sounds cute!


File: 1590701752866.png (4.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, horseshoe pone.PNG) ImgOps Google

Also, this is what I got out of Ponytown.


File: 1590701793652.png (118.44 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1. Dulset laugh.png) ImgOps Google

You know, like P'ville?


Oh, that's great! She looks cute in that style!!


File: 1590704639787.png (30.68 KB, 700x700, 1:1, horseshoe pone 2.png) ImgOps Google

Could be something like this


ooo, very cute!


File: 1590717659337.png (231.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 130815502384.png) ImgOps Google

Sky Serenade!
Serenade drinks pink lemonade!


File: 1590717899509.jpg (30.63 KB, 474x476, 237:238, 6a0427fddb81a683100162934a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I like this post. This is a good post.


File: 1590719813230.png (943.32 KB, 915x921, 305:307, Carrying Dashie dirt 2.png) ImgOps Google

Sky Serenade!! i really like this name!! that's so pretty!

do you like unity sower, Ella?


File: 1590721976708.jpg (7.15 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 3a7a19b72dc76277388de33c08….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I do. It sounds like they are sowing seeds of friendship.



What the hell? Lol


File: 1590730881305.png (181.7 KB, 900x327, 300:109, EY6S8hXWsAEWNVA.png) ImgOps Google

aww <3 she's so cute, cookie!

also this sounds neat! i didn't know there was an artist OC thingie goin on ^^


File: 1590741378397.gif (743.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, it's a metaphor for yaknow.gif) ImgOps Google

Well, I don't want this to be a dud.

At somepoint, Moony can throw up (eww) a strawpoll with all reasonable names suggested, so the 6 of us can vote for the name we like best.
Which is, of course, whatever one I dished up in a sleepdrunk stupor last night.


I think Dot is great as a nickname and Dulset is right about the name and we should name her dot


File: 1590770612802.png (223.5 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, Happy shy 7.png) ImgOps Google

dot undershoe, i guess, could be a name

i will definitely put up a poll so we can vote ^^



No, you're not understanding! The Peeville Undershoe part is the reason she goes by "Dot". It's Ponyville.us, as a name, and dot is the cute part of the name, for a cute mare! Dot Undershoe would be silly


File: 1590775298683.png (223.19 KB, 446x454, 223:227, ah yes.png) ImgOps Google

While I appreciate and honestly understood the reference, I feel like the name Peeville Undershoe requires giving her a redesign where she gets a broken horn and a desire to team up with a jerkish sorceror to set out on a quest to destroy Equestria.


File: 1590776014417.png (171.91 KB, 692x640, 173:160, 3. Dulset Tarn 5.png) ImgOps Google

That's why she goes by Dot.


Oh my.

I was summoned.


File: 1590783202578.png (168.85 KB, 335x347, 335:347, Filly Flutterjoy.png) ImgOps Google

Hispers!! you are in charge of designing her sister!


File: 1590783279628.jpg (51.95 KB, 964x808, 241:202, eh heh 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

but pony names are always based on real things, right? i do not think there is such a thing as... a peevil

the closest thing is a weevil. the fingly bug thingy



Ah, sure. It will an honor.


File: 1590792920404.png (185.2 KB, 911x719, 911:719, mewmoji.png) ImgOps Google

I like Sky Serenade, too! It's a very pretty name! (I also am partial to drinking pink lemonade, too!)
Hi Noelle! Thank you!
>Hugs and Kajis
how're you??


File: 1590793116683.png (685.39 KB, 816x894, 136:149, 435476768865.png) ImgOps Google

Sky Serenade sounds pretty good, yeah



You are a very skillful pokemon when comes to drawing.


File: 1590793480649.gif (280.43 KB, 560x420, 4:3, heart grab.gif) ImgOps Google

Thank you Hisp! I like your drawings too! I'm very excited to see our unnamed OC's sister!


File: 1590799337612.png (943.32 KB, 915x921, 305:307, Carrying Dashie dirt 2.png) ImgOps Google

i too am quite partial to the name!


I don't get it. What does the name come from?


File: 1590801399215.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

she flies, has sky colored hair, and serenades are blue feeling


File: 1590803654341.jpg (8.46 KB, 216x234, 12:13, ah.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

To be fair, when it comes to multiple OC, I find it harder to mascotize Ponyville.


Hm... I'm thinking she should have a thick american accent despite being from ponyville.


File: 1590870672546.png (195.57 KB, 452x431, 452:431, heheheyeah.png) ImgOps Google

But I'm down to see Hispanon's work, still


File: 1590870989631.jpg (42.8 KB, 640x450, 64:45, EMZPQMYTChawfgc-800x450-no….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I nominate the name "Permaban Surprise"


File: 1590871481907.gif (984.68 KB, 343x301, 49:43, yes i agree.gif) ImgOps Google

which kind of accent? c:

a hey ya'll yee haw Applejack one?

or like, a yous-guys babs seed?

maybe a classic Californian Rainbow Dash?


I dunno, where in the US is Ponyville.us servers at?


File: 1590872980490.png (95.73 KB, 240x380, 12:19, eh heh 2.png) ImgOps Google

...i... don't know

...wait... is... is it minnesota??


I dunno... what does a Minnesota accent sound like?


File: 1590873361823.png (252.9 KB, 237x363, 79:121, afraid.png) ImgOps Google


PERFECT! That can be her voice then.



File: 1590873476654.jpg (57.59 KB, 1190x729, 1190:729, oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Know what?


File: 1590874391116.png (747.57 KB, 3272x3194, 1636:1597, sassy butt.png) ImgOps Google

Oooo! I like it! Sounds pretty good!
....donchaknow, there now!


File: 1590884585411.png (1 MB, 1280x719, 1280:719, oh you 4.png) ImgOps Google

ope, just gonna scoot right past ya'


File: 1590891034432.png (232.1 KB, 782x537, 782:537, banned.png) ImgOps Google

How about Livelong June? Taken from a poem by Emily Dickinson, which I've seen quoted by Moony before:

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you--nobody--too?
Then there's a pair of us!
Don't tell! they'd advertise--you know!

How dreary--to be--Somebody!
How public--like a frog--
To tell one's name--the livelong June--
To an admiring Bog!

You've got the wrong chan!


File: 1590892911988.png (207.97 KB, 1208x1035, 1208:1035, Cutest fluttershy point ev….png) ImgOps Google

Livelong June is super cute, i like that too

i especially like the connotation. Ponyville is a home for self-feeling nobodies where you can be somebody who is loved.

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