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Good evening, my little ponies! As part of a staff initiative to be more transparent and accessible to users, we are publishing our Ponyville Transparency Report!


We will try to do this monthly! The thread will be open here for a week, and then moved to Canterlot for further commenting.

This month, we welcome the return of !!Trixie, Zeke Roa, who is helping us develop gochan.ponyville.us, as well as assisting us in moderating!

We are also seeing the departure of Savvy, Brazie, Abby, and Peppermint... whom shall be dearly missed. They are all taking a break from administration.

This month, we are also sharing the results of our poll, as well!

Please take a look, dear ponies: what we do, we do for all of you. <3


File: 1576424850004.jpg (11.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, disappointed sad flutters.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Celestia is still smiling... but i am not. It is frustrating to watch users essentially ignore the report, and then go directly into fighting.

i've moved the old thread to /rock/. And i've made a new thread. i'm going to put up a Canterlot thread link soon, where you can take further meta discussion.

My friends, we have Rule 1. Civility and Respect towards other users. We have a tiny group here that cannot seem to do that, in spite of one in thread gentle warning to settle, and then one hard warning under mod tag.

Do i like having to lock threads like this, to deal with fighting? No. i would much rather allow you to talk it out amongst yourselves.

But the issue is, as the poll shows, MANY users hate all the fighting, and your fighting is ruining the site for everyone. Please do not make me choose between your fighting, and yourselves.

at the end of the day... Ponyville is just not the place for long fights about white supremacy, or supremacists. You need to take this elsewhere, please. please!! PLEASE don't bring it to the site. i beg of you, please. i love all of you, and do not want to resort to thread locks and bans.


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